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    Dec 19, 2005
    The scientists stepped back into the lab and continued work. A shipment had been sent to the laboratory, and was top secret. Only about three people knew what it was. The scientists were working on a vaccine for a strange virus...Or so they thought. They were on to something, until...
    The lights go out and the power in the lab is gone, except for emergency lighting.

    All right, in this RPG, a laboratory loses power and contact with the outside. They are on an asteroid and the next ship off isn't due for 3 days. You can be scientists or maybe a few soldiers or guards.

    1. If it comes to combat, no god-moding.
    2. What I say goes, but you can suggest things.
    3. Keep the swearing down.
    4. Be nice/obey the TOS.
    5. I can and will cancel your posts if they don't fit.
    6. Only one character apiece, if at all possible.
    7. Any more questions, ask me.

    Weapons (if any):
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    Dec 19, 2005
    Come on, people!

    Name: Dr. Benjamin Fox
    Gender: Male
    Age: 34
    Nationality: American
    Job/Rank: Lead Researcher
    Weapons (if any): Ben carries a vial of corrosive acid and a pocketknife.
    Hair: Ben has black hair.
    Eyes: Ben has green eyes.
    Clothes: Ben wears slacks and a polo shirt underneath his lab coat.
    Build: Ben has an average build; he works out a bit.
    Bio: Ben grew up in Denver, Colorado, and graduated from his high school with honors. He ended up going to Harvard and studying biology and other sciences. Upon getting his doctorates in biology and chemistry, he joined a prestigous research firm.
    After working with this firm for several years, he got a call to come work on something for a corporation called Emtech. They had an asteroid lab, and he would be sworn to secrecy. The payoff would be at least 6 figures, so Ben agreed. He was appointed one of the head researchers, and work was going well. However, a shipment came in, and Ben wasn't told what was in it. This bothered him greatly, but he continued work. Then the power went out, and Ben was stranded in his lab with some other scientists.
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    Dec 19, 2005
    [face_tired] All right, you win. Lock this thread, please.
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