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LACWAC Member Interviews (★☆★ SpecialOpsUnit & Fives_Says_No_To_Sixes ★☆★)

Discussion in 'Star Wars TV' started by AkashKedavra_93, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. AkashKedavra_93

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    Jan 8, 2011
    The interviews will be posted together for all of the interviewees so far. After that they will follow the temporary board format.

    Member Name: @K'Krukh:

    #1. First, lets talk about your username. Why did you pick a name like that @K'Kruhk?

    I wanted a good sounding name, and the K'K bit edged it over Tyvokka. The character is also a favourite of mine: old, fierce, big, strong, invincible... all these traits have the opposite effect on me Oh and having a freakin' sweet hat also helps.

    #2. Then you would say your avatar reminds you of yourself @K'Kruhk and the hat is cooler than Embo's or Dave's?

    I meant that the traits that K'Kruhk has are somewhat different that the traits I have. When I look at my avatar, I see the hat, and yes, it reminds me that I'm also freakin' sweet... from a certain point of view. And about who has the coolest hat... K'Kruhk's is the most established, has the most fandom, looks better, etc. There's no question about it. One hat to rule them all.

    #3. What are your favorite movies and where does Star Wars fit, does the TCW movie rank anywhere in your top 30 or so movies @K'Kruhk? I don't mean list 30 movies.

    The Star Wars saga would definitely fit inside a top ten list of my favourite movies. TCW, however, wouldn't even have an outside chance of ranking anywhere within a top 50 list. I felt it was poor and would have worked better as four seperate episodes as part of the animated series. My favourite animal is the crocodile, so I tend to like films that star them. Two films based on crocodiles that stand out for me are Rogue and Primeval. Both have a great storyline with great death scenes. The former, Rogue is my favourite Australian film. Other animal horror films that I enjoy watching are Piranha 3D, Deep Blue Sea and Snakes on a Plane.
    Although I enjoy the Harry Potter films, I feel they are a dissapointment compared to the books, and that is a reason why I don't rate them as high as I should. My favourite British film is probably The Tournament, which I feel has a brilliant plot. In case no one here has heard of it, here is the general outline: 'In an unsespecting British city, The Tournament takes place - a secret hitman competition between 30 of the world's deadliest assassins; with the last man standing receiving a £10million cash prize. The Tournament is set up by a syndicate of high stake billionaire gamblers, watching the mayhem unfold via CCTV cameras, betting on its outcome... Only one will survive'.
    Horror is my favourite drama, and my favourite films from this genre include the Hatchet duology, the Final Destination pentalogy, the Scream tetralogy and the Friday the 13th franchise along the cross-over film with A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy vs Jason. I guess the animal movies from above also count as horror films. Plenty of spectacular death scenes and beautiful naked women.
    Classics such as the Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park and Batman franchises are also favourites. In terms of comedy, none come closer than the Jackass trilogy, it's just a shame that Ryan Dunn passed away. My favourite romantic films include Adventureland, Growing Up Brady and anything else that Kaley Cuoco, Kristen Stewart (except Twilight) or Emma Roberts star in. King Kong (2005 version) is in my top ten.

    #4. How do you like to watch @K'Kruhk?

    I prefer watching films at the cinema with the big screen and loud sound. When it comes to football (soccer) matches, I tend to watch them downstairs on our larger television, other than that I hardly watch television, and if I do, I tend to watch it in my room. I use my laptop to watch DVDs, I find it easier to use than on televisions. Not that I find it hard to work out a DVD on the television, I just prefer watching them on my laptop. I've only been to an IMAX theatre once, it was ok I guess.

    #5 What are your 5 favorite TCW episodes @K'Kruhk?

    The Umbaran quodrilogy take places 5 to 2 in no particular order. It was great to see an evil Jedi, and to have a double-double-bladed lightsaber wielding Besalisk fill that role was a joy to behold. The sacrifice of Hardcase, the beginnings of Rex's doubts and the non-stop action helped this become the best arc in TCW.
    My favourite episode goes to Revenge. Even though I don't count Maul's return as part of my SW continuity, as a television episode I thought it was excellent. The ritual to bring him back, although a bit odd, looked and sounded brilliant. Of course, the rematch between bisected and bisector was visually entertaining and I'm sure most fans would liked to have seen a Darth Maul vs Obi-Wan rematch of some sorts. Although the sarcastic and smart-ass remarks might have been out-of-place, I found them humorous. I liked that they used the design from the Infinities comic for Maul's robotic legs. Maul being my favourite character might have made this a bit biased, but oh well.
    Episodes that narrowly missed out on the top five are Lair of Grievous and Massacre.

    #6. This ones a long one! List your 10 favorite male characters in Star Wars and Wwy are they your favorites? Actually I'll let you include up to 15 if 5 of them are characters from The Clone Wars.

    10. Jabba Desilijic Tiure
    There's just something about this large greasy slug that appeals to me. Maybe it's just the fact that he sits around all day doing nothing while he gets near-naked females to dance for him and sit on him. Hmmm.

    9. General Grievous
    It's a shame he was shown very little and seen as a coward in ROTS, this character had a lot of potential. In terms of image, Grievous is a visually stunning villain. Skeleton-like mask, long yet skinny metal coverings, organs, the cape and the four arms in which he can wield four lightsabers at a time. To be a non-Force sensitive Jedi killer is quite an accomplishment.

    8. Oppo Rancisis
    Snake body with a chicken's head. How did the concept team think of that? Nevertheless, Oppo is still one of the best-looking Jedi, and his starring role in the Siege of Saleucami comic arc sprang him onto my list of favourite characters. Can't wait to see him in the future on TCW.

    7. Embo
    Although not as freakin' sweet as K'Kruhk's, Embo has a badass hat, for a badass character. Unique language, skilled bounty hunter, surviver of the Box and has a pet anooba? How can he not be one of my favourite characters. TCW Season Five trailer shows fim fighting Savage and snowboarding on his hat. Epic.

    6. Tsui Choi
    The Aleena are one of my favourite species in Star Wars, and Tsui Choi is a big reason why. Small, yet powerful, Choi is a survivor of Order 66 and went down fighting 'til the end against Darth Vader and the members of the 501st. Was supposed to appear as a Council Member in ROTS until Shaak Ti's death at the hands of Grievous got scrapped, Choi can still be seen in the film riding a can-cell on Kashyyyk, making him one of the very few EU elements to be included in the films. Also has a unique writing style when he speaks in comics: his sentences are written in lower case letters as opposed to capital letters used for every other character.

    5. Pong Krell
    A Besalisk Dark Jedi who wields two double-bladed lightsabers? WIN. Great voice-acting, and the animation used for him was superb.

    4. A'Sharad Hett/Darth Krayt
    It's not just the appearance of this character that I like, but also his story: born to a Jedi, raised as a Tusken, father killed at a young age, taken to the Jedi Temple to be raised as a Jedi, survives Order 66, falls to the dark side and becomes a Sith, lives to around 180 years and becomes Emperor.

    3. K'Kruhk
    FREAKIN' SWEET HAT. Dies several times, survives, is invincible, and is the last surviving Jedi of the old Jedi Order. The appearance also interests me, with those tusks, big muscular body and menacing face.

    2. Kit Fisto
    My favourite Jedi. Has a weird name, but has a good appearance with those tentacles and orb-like eyes. Of course the smile in the arena is a winner. Given the most screen-time for a Jedi in the arena outside the main characters, and is given two episodes all to himself in both of the Clone Wars television series. Obviously a fan-favourite. Jedi Council Member and chosen to accompany Mace Windu to confront Palpatine. Unfortunate that he went down quite easily, at least he bowed out with that famous smile on his face.

    1. Darth Maul
    Quiet, menacing, evil. The horns, tattoos and that double-bladed lightsaber. Played by Ray Park, voiced by Peter Serafinowicz, expert duelist. Epic WIN WIN WIN.

    #7. What is your favorite season premiere of The Clone Wars and are there
    any you found lacking? What are the improvements and changes you would
    have made to them @K'Kruhk?

    I'm going to have to go with Ambush. Didn't include any of the big three and had only four characters that we were already familiar with, and even then one of them only appeared via hologram. I liked that Yoda was the main character, as we hadn't been given a lot of stories of him in the Clone War. To my knowledge, Ambush is the only TCW episode which doesn't contradict or mess up any previous Star Wars material.
    The season premiere which I found the most lacking/dissapointing was the Mon Calamari arc for Season Four. Although it featured my favourite Jedi, Kit Fisto, I felt it was... silly. The Council knows of Anakin's and Padme's relationship, yet they decide to send them on this kind of errand together? Anakin loses his helmet, yet instead of using the Force to get it back he decides to squirm around holding his neck? Jar Jar's spitting abilities? Bah. We already had a battle on Mon Calamari, did we really need another one? They could have had an underwater battle on a new world, with a new species. I also didn't appreciate the lack of respect for previously established continuity that lightsabers couldn't operate underwater. There were just too many things wrong with this arc/season premiere.

    8. Many fans consider season 3 to be the worse season of TCW made so far @K'Kruhk. If you could go back in time and make improvements. What would you do to make that season better and more interesting?

    I also consider Season 3 to be worst in terms of ridiculous stories and canon steamrolling.
    I would never have had these episodes produced or released:
    ARC Troopers (Just how many battles on Kamino do we need in the Clone War?)
    Supply Lines (Jar Jar ruined anything good with this episode)
    Assassin (I would have removed the Boba Fett trilogy from Season 2 as well, so this episode goes with it)
    Evil Plans (How ridiculous)
    Hunt for Ziro (Gardulla coming back from the dead and Quinlan Vos' different personality from the comics)
    Ventress/Savage trilogy (Why change Ventress' and Maul's backstory? Completely unnecessary)
    Mortis trilogy ()
    Citadel trilogy (Magical clones appearing from nowhere and of course, Even Piell)
    Padawan Lost/Wookiee Hunt (Another battle on Felucia, really?
    Improvements I would make:
    Most important of all, NO CANON STEAMROLLING.
    Have more original worlds created, or have battles on already established worlds which haven't appeared in any Clone Wars source yet, such as Glee Anselm.
    Create more original Jedi, and instead of killing them off soon after being introduced, keep them for a season or two.
    Have the Jedi Council scenes filled with all the Jedi that should be there, such as Oppo Rancisis.
    I would have made episodes showing how Poggle and Wat Tambor got released from prison.
    Concentrate less on the big three, and more on the background characters (look at Lair of Grievous).
    Show Darth Sidious in full.
    Have Grievous killing Jedi.
    In fact, these improvements should be made for the whole of TCW.

    #9. If you could team up five characters in The Clone Wars who would you team up? We'll call it your dream team @K'Kruht.

    Grievous, Embo, Pong Krell, Kit Fisto and Darth Maul

    #10. If you put those 5 characters into a razer wire Cage of Death who would win @K'Kruhk?

    Darth Maul.

    #11. Are you serious? J/k... How would you have brought Darth Maul back? Yes, @K'Kruhk you have to bring him back.

    If I HAD to bring him back, I would have done it somewhat like they did on TCW, save for a few changes. From the short story Restraint in the 2012 re-release of Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter, Talzin collects Maul's blood in the necklace that she everntaully gave to Savage in Witches of the Mist. I would instead, after Maul's bisection and relocation to Lotho Minor, have Talzin use the necklace to locate him, and look after him until the time was right for her, then heal him back by taking him back to Dathomir.

    #12 @K'Kruhk, Do you like Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars or TCW Better and why?

    Hmm, I like and dislike certain aspects from both, but if I had to go for one of them, I prefer Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars better. For one, it fits around the movies much better than TCW does. In Genndy's series we see, or are told, how C-3PO gets his gold coverings, Anakin's Knighthood, how Anakin gets an 'upgraded arm' in between AOTC and ROTS, how Palpatine gets kidnapped, Luke and Leia's conception ) and Grievous' introduction to the Jedi among others. While TCW tends to center around the 'big three', Genddy's series had episodes centered around many different Jedi and other characters.
    The only two problems I have with Genddy's series is the exaggerated powers of certain characters (Mace Windu, Grievous, etc.) and the difference of the Battle of Coruscant compared to the novel Labyrinth of Evil. With TCW, I have problems with nearly everything they do.

    #13. We know what other movies you like, but how about what other TV shows @K'Kruhk?

    Apart from TCW, the only still-running show that I watch on a regular basis once an episode is released is The Big Bang Theory. Brilliant, funny cast with good storylines, jokes, one-liners and what-not. I think that Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny on the show, is the hottest woman on the earth along with Natalie Portman.

    Aside from that, I occasionally rewatch episodes of 8 Simple Rules online. Also starring Kaley Cuoco, I find it to be as funny as The Big Bang Theory. It's just a shame that John Ritter died, the show wasn't as successful after that.

    Old shows that I loved as a kid include Pokemon, Digimon, Power Rangers, Takeshi's Castle and pretty much anything that was shown on Cartoon Network, Fox Kids and Boomerang.

    #14. Do you like the Original Trilogy or the Prequel Trilogy better @K'Kruhk and why?
    At first I liked the Prequel Trilogy better, but now I enjoy the Original Trilogy more. I guess that the OT is a lot more believable, I love all the intricate sound details and real-life sets that we just don't get as much in the PT. Sometimes all the paintings and CGI among others makes the Prequels look a bit... fake, especially when it's overdone, as we saw in the droid factory scene with C-3PO. The characters are much more likeable in the OT and you tend to get more attached to them as apposed to the main cast in the Prequels. I think the lines in the OT are much better compared to those in the PT (I wish I could just wish my feelings away), and the best scene in the saga is in the OT (celebration at the end of ROTJ).

    I love both trilogies, but the OT edges it for me.

    #15. Do any of the characters in your top 10 list really remind you of yourself @K'Khurk?
    10. Jabba: Fat, slimy slug = no
    9. Grievous: Cowardly, four-armed alien-machine cyborg = no
    8. Oppo: Serpentine, four-armed chicken = no
    7. Embo: Samurai boomerang-wielding hat = no
    6. Tsui: Small and blue = no
    5. Pong: Four-armed, cold-blooded traitor = no
    4. A'Sharad/Krayt: Centuries old Emperor obsessed with immortality = no
    3. K'Kruhk: Centuries old, furry beast with tusks and a freakin' sweet hat = no
    2. Kit: Green-skinned tentacled amphibian = no
    1. Maul: Evil, horned and tattooed animal = no

    I think that answers the question easily.

    #16. Do you want to be like any of those characters @K'Kruhk?
    Like Jabba, I want to have my own gang and have near-naked females dancing for me and sitting on me.
    Like Kit, I would like a badass smile that can attract the likes of Aayla.
    Like Maul, I would like to be a skilled martial-artist lightsaber-wielding duelist.

    #17. Who do you think the most successful villain is in The Clone Wars @K'Kruhk?
    Fan appreciation:
    I guess Cad Bane might be the most successful villain in terms of fan appreciation, however, since I do not know the opinions and thoughts of all the fans, this is just an assumption. His appearance, voice and characterisation when he made his debut at the end of Season One took to the fans quickly I think, and since then I feel that he has become quite a 'favourite'. Of course, the storylines he has been involved in and the situations he has been put in has helped a lot. Hiring Aurra Sing et al to break out an inmate on Coruscant and nearly blowing up numerous Senators and Anakin Skywalker in the process was a great debut for him to the show, and that stuck firmly in the minds of his fans, who would later see him torture the (quite) annoying C-3PO, survive the obstacles of The Box and then save Obi-Wan Kenobi from instant death.

    Story progression:
    I think the only character who can win this category is Asajj Ventress. Dooku's apprentice deemed too powerful, she survives execution and ends up on her (retconned) homeworld of Dathomir, where we are shown the troubles that she has had in her past. From there, we see her fail in an assassination attempt on Dooku, is betrayed by her apprentice, and is proclaimed a Nightsister. When things start to look better for her again, her 'sisters' are all wiped out on the orders of the man she once served. A lone survivor of the massacre, she painfully makes her journey across the galaxy, eventually ending up on Tatooine. By killing somebody who is pestering her, she unwittingly becomes a bounty hunter caught up in a dangerous mission, surviving it, and making a lot of money in the process. The last we see of her is coming to the aid of her nemesis, Kenobi, saving him from certain death to fight against her former apprentice and his brother, the presumed-dead Darth Maul. We will probably see more of her in Season Five and beyond. If anybody else in this show has had a more successful story progression than her, then you can run me through the chest with a lightsaber.

    Palpatine/Sidious, perhaps. This is still his war, orchestrated by him and only him. Everything is still going as planned for Palpatine, including his quest to turn Anakin to the dark side of the Force, as we have seen at the end of Season Four. He's the puppeteer, and the rest of the cast are his puppets. Although, Maul's survival is an accomplishment in itself, and we're still to see what will happen to him in the future.

    #18. What's you favorite Star Wars video game @K'Kruhk?
    I've only played five Star Wars video games: LEGO Star Wars I + II, Bounty Hunter, ROTS and Battlefront II. Out of those five my favourite is Battlefront II. I love the multiple storylines, characters, locations and weapons, among others. I enjoyed killing Apailana and Gizor Dellso. I enjoyed re-enacting Operation: Knightfall. I enjoyed and love everything about the game, so it was a shame that Battlefront III got cancelled.

    #19. What appeals to you the most about the LACWAC community @K'Kruhk?
    That's simple: the users. Without the users, there is no LACWAC community. Without the users, we wouldn't have as much fun as we do. Of course, there are some annoying members, but the interesting, funny, and liekable ones outnumber them in a landslide.

    #20. How LACWACy are you @K'Kruhk?
    People around here know full well how LACWACy I am: VERY.

    #21. Create an episode @K'Kruhk.

    Episode Title: The Dream
    Anakin and Ahsoka are in the Jedi Temple Archives when Ahsoka ponders if she's ready for the Jedi Knighthood Trials yet. Anakin, feeling very emotional, wakes up from a long sleep, and it turns out that TCW was a dream of his all along. There never was an Ahsoka Tano, Even Piell is still alive, Darth Maul is still dead, and we can gladly read Obsession again.

    Now a more serious episode idea:

    Episode Title: Show of Force
    I would convert the Republic comic storyline 'Show of Force' in to a two-episode arc, exactly how it is done in the comic. This means that we don't see or hear about Anakin, Ahsoka or Obi-Wan. I like the idea that the Jedi team assembled by Mace Windu that we see in ROTS have been on other missions together during the Clone Wars.

    Member Name: @True_Zandalorian.

    #1. First, let’s talk about your username. What is the origin of your username and why did you choose to use that as your username?

    When I first joined the JCF, it was around 2009, and I'd gotten into the Republic Commando novel series after playing the game. Karen Traviss's portrayal of the Mandalorians was a nice change of pace from the post Return of the Jedi expanded universe. I also have a great appreciation for Timothy Zahn's works, so I decided to combine them into the totally original and not at all contrived name Darth_Zandalor.

    When we got to the Temp boards, I decided it was time for a change. I'd been here for a few years, and figured I'd like to drop the Darth title and go for something a little more individual. So, I became super original, and just named myself after the True Mandalorians from the comic book Open Seasons.

    2. Then you would say your avatar reminds you of yourself @True_Zandalorian and you like to lurk in the shadows?

    ot really. While I admittedly had lurked for about a year before joining, I've always picked my avatars to reflect what I'm interested in at the moment. This particular avatar is a picture from the film Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, which I recently watched and was very impressed by. Alternate universe Japan where Germany won World War 2 and occupied the country instead of the United States. Really enthralling film that uses what if scenarios based off real world events to paint a plausible backdrop against which the main plot is set.

    3. What are your favorite movies and where does Star Wars fit, does the TCW movie rank anywhere in your top 30 or so movies @True_Zandalorian? I don't mean list 30 movies.

    Argh, this is a tricky one for me. My tastes have changed a lot over the years, but a few films stay constant.

    If I had to pick favorites, Star Wars is definitely in the top 5. The first time I saw it, I was maybe two, but I remember. It was the 1994 rerelease on VHS with the Leonard Maltin interview. Stuck with me ever since. So, other films... Starship Troopers has got to be up there. I saw that as a kid, and hey, boobies and horrific insect carnage in the same film. Might have had an effect on me. As I've grown older, I really started to appreciate the satire of the film a lot more, especially after I read Heinlein's original novel. The film is a laugh riot where the fascists are the good guys fighting communist bugs. And those Federation News Reports. It is so dumb, and yet so scathingly brilliant at the same time.

    As for other films. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is definitely up there. Extended Editions running from early morning until sundown, full twelve hours nonstop. It's the only way to watch them. The Lion King is another long runner for me. Watched it every day of the week when I was younger for a whole year. Other films would be Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, and 28 Days later. Also, Aliens, Terminator and the Evil Dead Films.

    See what I meant about Starship Troopers having an effect on me? I think I became a gore junkie.

    4. Are you within the U.S.A and how do you like to watch TCW @True_Zandalorian, do you have a fancy mancave you watch Star Wars in?

    I'm in Canada, living in the basement room of a nice house in Guelph, Ontario. Student living is rough, especially when unemployed. At home, we have a nice widescreen tv that I occasionally got to use to watch TCW, but I've been without television for months. Nowadays, I just watch episodes from my laptop, either from iTunes or Teletoon Online.

    So, not in the U.S.A, and no real mancave unless you count an untidy bedroom.

    #5. What are your 5 favorite TCW episodes @True_Zandalorian and why are they your favorites? Are there improvements you would make to them?

    #5 is probably Cargo of Doom.
    This was a great example of just how much further the TCW team was able to push the boundaries of what the show was capable of. It moved at a breakneck pace, had some really good characterization thrown in for the main cast, and was a brilliant middle part of the Cad Bane trilogy. I think what I liked the most about it was the dynamic between Anakin and Ahsoka. Anakin is the inspiring leader with the outlandish tactics, while Ahsoka is the hot headed apprentice still coming into maturity. What was really great about this relationship was how they played off each other. You could see Anakin's lone wolf tendencies wear off on Ahsoka, and how it gets them both into trouble when she runs off. Her overconfidence was her weakness, and she fell for Bane's tricks. It was a really well played scene to show both Anakin's positive and negative influences, and how Ahsoka was still learning.

    And all this still allowed time for the supporting cast to get their own moments to shine. Denal got a few speaking lines which was great to see, Rex was still being the badass, and Yularen and Cad Bane both got to play off of Skywalker, either reacting to his tactics, or using them to their advantage.

    Cargo of Doom probably more than any other episode in the series used it's 22 minutes to their fullest extent. The pacing was perfect, never dragging, and still managing to pack in the little details that gave it more flavor than just a bare bones rescue mission.

    #4 is Landing at Point Rain.
    Again, this was an episode that really pushed TCW's boundaries, this time in both scale and animation. We'd seen large scale combat before with the excellent Ryloth Trilogy, but round two of Geonosis really put those episodes to shame for sheer spectacle. It isn't the strongest written episode, but in terms of scope, it succeeded in it's goals of showing a planet wide invasion. The jumps between the different units and generals, each with their own unconnected escapades that finally coincide for the final push was a unique concept that the show sadly hasn't come back to. Telling a number of smaller, interconnected stories to form a greater whole really is what sold me on this episode.

    That, and the gunship assault, which still floors me whenever I watch it.

    #3 is Wookiee Hunt.
    This one goes up because of my love for Republic Commando. It was great watching Tarful's warriors dropping from the sky to trash the Trandoshans. Ahsoka's understanding of Wookiee languages didn't bother me that much, since the episode didn't fall into the crutch of making her super efficient at everything like a lot of the series' weaker episodes do. Ahsoka had to work at it to get things done. She got beaten, bruised, and thrown about by the Trandoshan leader, and had to use her wits instead of godmode powers to win. It was a nice change from the infallible Ahsoka we'd seen for the entire season up to that point.

    This I think was the best season finale we've had so far. The episode before was somewhat of a slow burner, but this one upped the ante, pretty much turning into Predator meets The Most Dangerous Game meets Star Wars. I loved the redneck like Trandos and their trophy racks. The respect of EU lore was also greatly appreciated, with the trando shotguns and the Neo Crusader helmets. The ending was a little saccharine with Anakin's motherly "I'll never leave you again, Snips!" attitude, but on the whole, this was a great ending to an otherwise exceedingly mediocre season.

    #2 is Rookies.
    At the start of the series, I was rather hesitant with Baker's performance for the clone troopers. I'm a big fan of Temuera Morrison's voice, and it baffled me that they wouldn't just bring Tem to do the voices. It isn't like he gets so much work that he couldn't do recordings. So, I met Baker with some disdain, viewing him as inferior to Morrison's work. That changed with Rookies. Baker did a great job of differentiating the clones based on verbal ticks and gestures. But what I liked was how subtle it was. They were the same, yet different, and Rookies was his first real chance to sell his talents to me.

    And boy howdy did it work. I really enjoyed the squad's banter and their differing approaches to the situation. They were up against a new opponent that actually posed a threat, they were outgunned, and outsmarted, but they pulled through. It was a strong episode that really proved that Baker was a good choice for the Clones voices.

    Just not for Boss, Sev, Fixer, Scorch, or the Geonosian Queen.

    #1 is Duchess of Mandalore.

    This is my go to example for a political episode done right on The Clone Wars. No bullcrap arguments about a Naboo housemaid not having running water, no Count Chocula murder mystery, and no Rush Clovis. This was a situation on the brink of tipping into a full scale invasion. A group of political terrorists that vastly outgunned the pacifist government are vying for power and preparing to launch a coup, and the only thing stopping them is the word of the New Mandalorian's representative.

    What we get then is a great character piece for both Obi Wan and Satine, further developing their relationship as they reaffirm their friendship as they try to outrun the assassin. The Assassin was another nice character. He was smart and dangerous, but not so overpowered that he stretched out disbelief. Once Obi Wan was on his feet, the assassin didn't stand a chance. He fought dirty, but in a fair fight, the guy with the laser sword and telekinesis wins.

    The episode is also bloody gorgeous. Setting aside the Ithorian ghetto of recycled character models, I loved the street shots of Coruscant, and the park around the planet's tallest mountain. Some great use of Ralph McQuarrie's artwork and then dipped in some beautiful color compositions. It showed Coruscant on both a large and small scale, how even the largest towering spires had their ground views instead of panning air shots.

    It's a fantastic episode with an open ended conclusion that raises more questions than it answers, but I'm not complaining. It left the door wide open for new opportunities for both the New Mandalorians and the Death Watch, setting up some great antagonists and one of the series more intriguing unexplored concepts.

    And then the poisoned tea and complete waste of the Death Watch for two seasons.

    #6. @True_Zandalorian. This ones a long one! List your 10 favorite male characters in Star Wars and Why are they your favorites? Actually I'll let you include up to 15 if 5 of them are characters from The Clone Wars.

    This could take a while.

    #15 is Hondo Onhaka. God I love this character. He's Lando Calrissian crossed with Jim Cummings. Cummings does an absolutely fantastic job as the pirate Hondo, at once charming and threatening. More than anyone, he seems to be truly in it for himself and his monkey lizard. It's just great to see a neutral character who can be both hero and villain, but never adhering to either side permanently. He can be dangerous, but also kind. He can be shallow, but also insightful. He's just an immensely enjoyable rogue and you never know what to expect from him. He also has a kickass character design, one of the best TCW has ever done. Dem goggles.

    #14 is Kal Skirata, from the Republic Commando series. In any other series, Kal would be a monster. He kills without remorse, he is morally bankrupt, and he will do anything for his sons, even if it isn't the thing they need. What Kal is truly, is a horribly broken individual with such a warped sense of reality that even he realizes in any other person's eyes, he is the villain. Desperate to have a family after his own abandoned him, his act of kindness towards the Null Arc Troopers developed more into an obsession. He fights for the rights of Clone Troopers to choose for themselves, failing to notice that in reality, all he is doing is supplanting the Republic's ideals with his own Mandalorian traditions. He's trading one form of slavery for another, except his own skewed perception keeps him from truly seeing this until another rogue clone named Maze calls him out on it.

    I love Kal Skirata because of this conundrum. He is his own worst enemy, but he cannot see it.

    #13 is Lando Calrissian. It's Lando, you can figure this one out for yourself.

    #12 is Wedge Antilles. The Redshirt who never dies. I find Star Wars is at it's best when it remembers that there is more to the galaxy than just the big characters. Wedge played a bit part in the Original Trilogy, but his inclusion really lent a sense that each rebel had a name. They were individuals, even if they weren't the focus. Wedge is just a guy who happened to survive through each film, and he did it all without plot armor. Just some fancy flying skills and a cool name kept him coming back. And then he got his chance to shine in the EU with Stackpole and Alliston's X-Wing books. Just a great bit character to get a glimpse into a larger world.

    #11 is also from the X-Wing series: Corran Horn. I just really like him. He's a hotshot pilot, but he's got some nice quirks to him. When I first read the X-Wing books, they were like the Republic Commando series, a breath of fresh air compared to the Jedi focused stories and dark side uber villains. Corran was just a regular dude fighting the good fight. He was much more down to earth, showing the war from a different perspective. Well characterized, low key but likeable dude who became more important as time went on. Now if only the EU knew what to do with him.

    #10 is Kyle Katarn. The manly man's response to Luke Skywalker. A farmer who wants to run off to the Academy but gets thrust into the Rebellion when his parents are killed and goes on to discover their latent force powers? I'll take the one with the beard please. Where Luke was a bit more emotionally driven, following the path of the Campbellian Hero, Katarn was the more practical. He met his challenges with sarcasm and a bryar pistol. He's more of a brute force than finesse kinda guy. He'll punch you before he'll swing his saber. I just love him. Good sense of humor, great fighter, and was so awesome he survived getting a lung destroyed by a lightsaber.

    #9 is Atton Rand. The anti Han Solo. He's a fascinating look at how the regular folk of the galaxy perceive Force Users. To them, it doesn't really matter whether a force user is a Jedi or a Sith, they always seem to drag everyone else into conflict any time they start a fight, and usually it's the working class bums who suffer the most. He's a world weary scoundrel with more than a few skeletons in the closet. Just a very unique take on the scoundrel idea, and a great character.

    #8 is Obi Wan Kenobi. He's another really great and central contribution to the franchise. He's at once the adventurous hothead, the wise old sage, the pessimist, and the optimist. Bleeding with dry wit, wisdom and more than a few bad puns, I just can't bring myself to dislike him. Maybe his glass jaw however.

    #7 is Pre Viszla.He was the only good thing in the episode A Friend in Need, and a sorely underused villain with some great potential. He's pretty much Mandalorian Hitler (Godwinned!), but I found his descent into more of a butcher than a political foe a great development. He is a nutjob obsessed with returning the Mandalorians to the dominant warriors in the galaxy, and he really comes off as a vicious bastard.

    #6 is Rex. He is a great example of a free thinking Clone who is becoming more and more disillusioned with his role in life. After his experiences with Cut, and the revelation he received on Umbara, he really shows character growth, something that really needs to be seen more in the series. He's actually changed over time, instead of being reset every other episode like Ahsoka.

    #5 is Palpatine. He's a cackling psychopath who pulled off the most convoluted and incomprehensible scheme ever, and yet I can't help but love him for his over the top nature and the fact that whoever plays him always sounds like they are having the time of their life. It is a great joy to see someone absolutely revel in being evil for the hell of it. Who cares if it's stupid, I'm having too much fun!

    #4 is Willhuff Tarkin. On the opposite end of Palpatine, we have this guy. Unlike Palpatine, you don't get the sense that Tarkin is having fun being evil, but he is just downright despicable. Palpatine ordered a godfather like assassination onscreen. Tarkin committed genocide without batting an eyelid. He is just so uncaring, callous, and cold that you can only hate his guts. He is just pure evil.

    #3 is Darth Vader. One of the best film villains of all time, and open to so much interpretation that he is always fun to have around. I could go into so much detail on why I like Darth Vader, but anything I write has already been said a thousand times, and I'm too lazy to bring up those points. This is going on way too long anyways. But think of reasons why you like Darth Vader. Chances are, I share the same ideas.

    #2 is Qui-Gon Jinn. One of the few undeniably good parts of The Phantom Menace. Liam Neeson gives a spectacular performance as Qui-Gon, easily the best one in the film. He is just so complex. He's a rogue Jedi, but he still has knows the tenets. He is wise but can still make mistakes. He seems to understand balancing your emotions with your mind. You want to learn more about him, you want to see more of him. I really think that it was a mistake to kill him in Phantom Menace. I feel that he could have just as easily taken Mace Windu's place, given how their characters serve the same role. Except Neeson seems far more comfortable in his role as a wise sage who can also kick ass than Jackson. Samuel L. Jackson is at his best giving intense, in your face performances, not as a quiet, knowledgeable mentor. I love Qui-Gon for the mystery he poses. He isn't like other Jedi.

    #1 is Yoda. I love Yoda. I like everything about him. His philosophies on the Force are just fascinating, even if they don't make sense in our world. Like Qui-Gon, Yoda presents a mystery to the viewers, and his performance makes you want to see him more. Luckily for us, Yoda did get more screen time, and more reason for us to like him. Admittedly I like him more as the mentor than the fighter, but his duel with Sidious is one of the best parts of the franchise, bar none. He is representative of all that is the light, flawed as it may be, using all his resolve to push back darkness. Even if he lost the fight, the final moments leading up to his fall were excellent. The look of pure determination in his eyes as he actually beat Sidious's full power and blasted it back at him is so awesome it is difficult to put into words.

    That took longer than I expected. Yeah, there's only two who actually began in The Clone Wars, but you're asking a lot. So I gave a lot.

    #7. What is your favorite season premiere of The Clone Wars and are there
    any you found lacking? What are the improvements and changes you would
    have made to them @True_Zandalorian?

    The best season premiere was easily the double header for Season 2 with Holocron Heist and Cargo of Doom back to back. Season 3's first episode was excellent, but Arc Troopers failed to live up to the standard set by Clone Cadets.

    Season 2 on the other hand, started out strong with Holocron Heist, and the surpassed it with Cargo of Doom. You've got a great spy thriller episode to start with, Cad Bane having some great chemistry with TODO 360. It was definitely a little more bare bones, but for the story it was trying to tell, it told it well and was very solid. If I had to improve the premiere, I'd have a bit more tension with Bane and the Jedi playing cat and mouse with each other. It's hard to fault the episode for lacking, because everything that needs to be there is there. It's just adding fluff.

    The other season openers however... they need a lot of work. I don't try to be too hard on season one episodes, since Ambush was the pilot for the entire series, so it's obviously still got some growing pains. It just felt a little too small. This is the Clone Wars, not the Clone Skirmishes. As a series pilot, it's okay, but it is nowhere near as good as the series has been at it's highest. If I had the chance, I'd go back and update the episode visually, because that is where it is suffering the most. It's script is alright, but stuffed with lame droid humor. It just needs a tuneup.

    Clone Cadets was a great episode, but like I said, it was let down by Arc Troopers. In this case, what I would have done is gone with an hour and a half special, instead of the two episodes. Arc Troopers biggest problem is that it's pacing is too fast for the story it is trying to tell. Landing at Point Rain showed a number of smaller stories around one central event. Arc Troopers is a story about Echo and Fives at it's core, but it also has to cram all those other smaller stories in as well. So your A plot is hamstrung by the half baked and underdeveloped B, C and D plots, and all of them come out the worse for it.

    I would have done the episode in flashpoints, showing Domino Squad's training, a glimpse of the Rishi outpost attack, various moments from Echo and Fives time as 501st regulars, and then moved into the Kamino battle. I'd have made it far more character focused, since that has been the biggest problem with post Rookies episodes for the Domino Squad members. Fives could have been given some much needed development during this time, showing his relationship with Echo. It would have made Echo's death more poignant, as well as give much more context for Fives' bitterness during the Umbara Campaign.

    Season 4's premiere I would have just scrapped altogether. It's a retread of something the Genndy series did better in three minutes than they could do in three episodes.

    8. Many fans consider season 3 to be the worse season of TCW made so far @True_Zandalorian. If you could go back in time and make improvements. What would you do to make that season better and more interesting?

    Count me among those who really felt let down by Season 3. We had high concept plots ruined by poor execution, and a massive downgrade in writing quality. If I was to go back, I would refocus the season to work off a central theme. Season 2, despite it's title Rise of the Bounty Hunters, was really more about pushing into the harder aspects of war and the galaxy that they either couldn't do in season 1 or hadn't the confidence to do. It was really about making the show grow up a little and find it's feet.

    Season 3's title was Secrets Revealed, which is almost as big a load of crap as Rise of the Bounty Hunters. I would have scrapped a lot of the episodes that we did get, and rewrite even more. The departure of Henry Gilroy and the lack of input from Paul Dini really shows in the episodes. Sharp wit is replaced with the blindingly obvious, or the ludicrously exaggerated. The scripts just weren't up to par with what we had. Episodes like Clone Cadets still had problems with dialogue, with moronic lines like "Domino Squad is the finest unit I have ever seen!" being spouted only a day after the same character said that unless they stand together, they will fall.

    I look back and really wonder just what Season 3 was about. It is so scatterbrained that I cannot really find rhyme or reason between episodes. Here's an episode about what happened to Ventress. Here's the gods of the Force. Here is poisoned tea. It really didn't seem to have a goal in mind, and any secrets it revealed were buried under the questions they raised and never answered. The animation was moving faster than the writers were, so we got lots of filler.

    If I were to change something, I would have kept the Season 2 writers. They really brought the dialogue to life, and I never felt embarrassed listening to characters. Compare Anakin and Ahsoka's banter in Landing at Point Rain to something like the Citadel trilogy. It feels much more natural and better timed in LAPR than any scene I can remember from the Citadel episodes. Pretty much all I do remember is the bad stuff, like Taylor's horrific Christopher Walken impersonation.

    I don't know how you would fix it without cutting most of the episodes we did get and just starting from the ground up.

    #9. If you could team up five characters in The Clone Wars who would you team up? We'll call it your dream team @True_Zandalorian.

    Hondo, Tan Divo, Rex, Pre Viszla and Sugi.

    A pirate, a cop, a soldier, a nazi and a merc. So, the usual.

    10. If you put those 5 characters into a razer wire Cage of Death who would win @True_Zandalorian? (Poor Tan Divo...)

    Rex would win in a straight up fight, but Hondo would bribe his way out first to avoid death.

    11. Hold up. You think Rex would kill Pre Vizsla in the staight up fight @True_Zandalorian? Lets delve deeper and ask...Why?

    The Death Watch are Mandalorians, but they are thugs. As much as they boast about how they are the greatest warriors in the galaxy, they forget that the Mandalorians only truly became a galactic threat when organized leadership was established by Mandalore the Ultimate and Cassus Fett. Rex is a soldier, who just happens to be cloned from THE Mandalorian, Jango Fett. Viszla might have a darksaber, but he doesn't really know how to use it effectively. Much of his fighting with it involves crude swings and stabs. I doubt he could block a blaster bolt.

    Rex has the blood of Mandalore in him, as well as an entire life of training. He is built to be a killing machine. Pre might be a butcher, but we've seen that as soon as he is on the back foot, he'll cower out and sic his lackeys on you. In a cage match, he doesn't have that option.

    Lol, that would be a really cool fight. Make it happen Dave!

    Would you rather have the real number 11 or number 12 @True_Zandalorian? Nah this doesn't count as a number.

    ill take 11

    You asked for it...

    #11 as #12.How would you have brought Darth Maul back? Yes, @True_Zandalorian you have to bring him back.

    If I had to bring him back, I would first need to go all the way back to Phantom Menace. Instead of focusing Jar Jar as the breakout character, work on emphasizing the importance of Maul. He is the first sith seen publicly in hundreds of years. He outclassed two experienced swordsmen at the same time. He was a new threat. Work with that concept. Instead of the very final bisection, have him die more ambiguously. His survival through sheer hatred can still work, but losing your major arteries doesn't. Stab him, blow him up as you escape, but make his death less final.

    Then, continue laying hints throughout attack of the clones regarding him. Draw parallels between Anakin and Maul through Obi Wan's teachings. Have him cast a shadow over things. Nobody knows about Tyrannus yet, and Maul's master hasn't revealed himself. Weave more mystery into it.

    Then, we reach TCW. Throw out the Savage plotline and focus that trilogy entirely on Ventress's power play with Dooku. When she fails, then Talzin sends her to find Maul. Maul is still alive, but not insane. Rather, he's begun his own plotting for revenge against Sidious for abandoning him. Ventress discovers that Maul has been using the Clone Wars to cover his tracks as he slaughters planets, blaming the atrocities on the CIS. He's out for revenge against Sidious, Ventress is out for revenge against Dooku. They share a mutual goal to usurp the title of the Sith and overthrow the current Rule of Two.

    13. We know what other movies you like, but how about what other TV shows @True_Zandalorian?

    Right now, my current project is Deep Space Nine. I love this show for the way it both embraces the Star Trek ideals while also challenging them. In The Next Generation, we saw the best of humanity, the model example that the Federation sought to achieve. In DS9, we see the reality, the limitations their ideals have, the pressures the Federation must endure to reach it's goal. It's fascinating to see the true face of the Utopia, just what the Federation has to put up with on a daily basis. Benjamin Sisko is a much more down to earth captain than Picard. He believes in the ideals of the Federation, but he never preaches them, or talks down to anyone. He wants people to get along, and he realizes that forcing one ideology over another isn't always the best course of action.

    And then there is the Dominion War. It was awesome to see how Starfleet acted in a wartime scenario, swiftly needing to upgrade explorer and science ships into battleships to take on the Dominion. Plus it gave us a chance to see more Klingons actually fighting instead of boasting.

    I really don't get to watch much TV anymore, so that's about all I've watched lately. Other shows I have liked include the Game of Thrones and Clash of Kings HBO series, Two and a Half Men, Futurama, and the DC Animated Universe.

    14. Do you like the Original Trilogy or the Prequel Trilogy better @True_Zandalorian and why?

    In terms of execution, the original films just work better, as both standalones and as a whole. The Prequel trilogy has got the same thing going on as the Lord of the Rings trilogy. They are more connected to each other, with questions raised in one being answered in another. However, while this helps the Lord of the Rings flow like one seamless narrative, for the Prequels, it just introduces new hiccups. Since so much of the EU is dedicated to filling over potholes, you don't get the same seamless narrative, unless you happen to be reading the book that explains why example B was used at part D.

    I also really love the set designs from the Original Trilogy. What a lot of science fiction fails to do is make their world seem like a place where people would actually live. It's always so clean and sterile. Star Wars, Alien and Blade Runner all worked with the concept of a used future. This is a place where people live their lives normally. It just also happens to have space samurai monks with laser swords fighting giant battleships. The Millennium Falcon is a great example of what I mean. It looks rundown, but on the inside, it really feels like someone's home.There's a game table, a living room, closets, comfy chairs. It's like a guy's rec room.

    I never really get that feel with the Prequels. It's supposed to be the elegant designs clashing with the rough and tumble designs of the OT, but it makes one big mistake. Perspective. Everything we see from the Prequels is through the big picture, viewing all the splendor and pomp. This is a sophisticated society. But it's like looking into Ancient Rome. You see all the big, towering monuments and grand sculptures, and you have this very romanticized view of the past. But all that was built on the backs of millions who lived in squalor, eking life out of the dirt just to stay alive.

    It's a big shift, since that latter form of living is what we saw in the OT. We still saw the grand scale stuff, like the glory of Cloud City, but the focus was always on the ground eye view of the people who actually worked there. The people were the focus, not the setting. The reversal of this in the Prequels minimizes the impact of the human element while the films try to sweep you up in their pretty visuals, never stopping to make you wonder just how it was all built.

    15. Do any of the characters in your top 10 list really remind you of yourself @True_Zandalorian?

    Really only two, Wedge and Atton. Not because I really share personality traits with either of them, but just with their presence. Wedge and Atton are just sort of there, never the center of attention, always a little distant, but still very much involved. They have their place, and I have mine. It's just not the focus.

    16. Do you want to be like any of those characters @True_Zandalorian?

    If I wanted to be like any of those characters, I'd want to be one of the scoundrels. Hondo, Lando, Atton, I love these guys for their charm. And that I could get away with being insufferable in real life

    17. What's you favorite Star Wars video game @True_Zandalorian?

    Definitely Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords. When I first played the game, I had completed the first Knights of the Old Republic, and being an adolescent, I thought it was the greatest thing in the history of everything. So when I first played The Sith Lords in it's horribly broken initial state, I was let down. When I discovered that this was actually the result of Lucasarts deadline meddling, I decided to take another look back at The Sith Lords with a different perspective. That led me to a let's play by a guy named Scorchy from the LP Archive. It really changed how I looked at the game.

    I was used to Bioware's bombastic approach, lacking in subtlety but making up in charm. I had to invert that sense of expectation for The Sith Lords, and only then did I really begin to appreciate the complexity of the story. Nothing is said in certain terms. Everything people tell you is either a lie or is colored by their own perceptions. You are forced to figure it out for yourself rather than having it shoved down your throat. It turned from a tediously plodding story into a game of deception, trying to catch characters in their lies and trying to disover just what the truth is.

    And once the Restored Content Mod was completed, I could finally go back once again and see a glimpse into what the game could have truly been. It is a flawed masterpiece, and one of my all time favorite contributions to the Star Wars universe.

    18. @True_Zandalorian, what would the perfect SW game be about?

    Personally, my ideal Star Wars game would be an Empire focused game set after the Battle of Endor. So little media focuses on the Empire's perspective in the post Return of the Jedi fallout, so I would love to see that change. Perhaps taking the role of an Imperial Officer who has to complete a dangerous mission as the Empire falls apart around him. Full of intrigue, mystery and shaky alliances. It would be fascinating to play through.

    19. What is it about the LACWAC community that appeals to you @True_Zandalorian?

    The people. Maybe. Maybe it's just because I don't have many avid Star Wars fans to talk to around my home.

    20. @True_Zandalorian how LACWACy are you?

    Not as LACWACy as I should be. But I manage.

    Ready for the bonus round?

    21. true Zandalore, post one of your epic rant reviews of an episode.

    I don't think I have any on the Temp boards. My last one was for the episode Brothers, which I think was the last episode to air before we made the move. If you have a way to access the old boards, I'd go grab one of my rants, but I don't have any on the Temp board at the moment.

    Of the ones I did, I think that my favorite rants would have to be Water War, Kidnapped, or Brothers. I got some nice zingers in there. I don't usually do play by play commentary unless the episode really starts to irritate me, then I go back and make a concentrated effort to pick apart every last thing I can find.

    Hmm... ok then... Create an episode @True_Zandalorian.

    The Death Watch have made their move. Sundari is under siege, and Pre Viszla holds Duchess Satine at saber point, daring the Jedi to come after him. So, the council sends in a strike team on a rescue mission. A frontal assault would be too costly and risk the lives of innocents, so infiltration is the proper route.

    Delta Squad, Rex, Fives and Obi Wan and Anakin steal a Mandalorian shuttle and use the Republic Commando's knowledge of Mandalorian warrior customs and language to fool the Death Watch guards. They break into the palace and split into two groups. Anakin, Rex and Fives move to free the hostage security forces while Obi-Wan and Delta Squad head for Satine. Delta Squad gets into trouble fighting Bo-Katan, while Obi Wan fights through Pre Viszla's guards and eventually fights him head on. However, he doesn't fight fair, and when Obi Wan has him down and begging for mercy, he takes them by surprise and murders Satine before running.

    The episode ends with Satine dying in Obi Wan's arms, and the fate of the New Mandalorians uncertain. The Republic failed to save their leader, and the Death Watch is still out there, despite their defeat.
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    When's my interview?????
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    We're working on it.

    Member Name: Anonymous

    #1. First, let’s talk about your username. What is the origin of your username and why did you choose to use that as your username?

    The reason I chose this name is that it makes me chuckle. I snicker mischievously and twirl my 'stache whenever I see someone say "Oh yeah, that's what anonymous said!" because if not for the tag system that could basically be referencing anyone. The resulting ambiguity could immediately derail a thread and systematically throw the involved users into a frenzy, and from the ashes of what was once a great discussion would rise a mindless set of spam the likes of which this board has never witnessed. Slowly but surely I will infect every discussion, every profile page with my oh-so-subtle doomsday device of a monicker, and soon these boards will be teeming with the most mundane identity quests imaginable!

    You need to understand: some men just want to watch the world burn.

    I think it sounds nice, ya know.

    #2. Would you tell us more about yourself and be less @Anonymous?

    I'm not sure what there is to say... Well, I'm nineteen and live in NYC, for starters. My name's eric, just in case you guys ever get tired of calling me anon. I'm currently out of school, but I'm transferring to a new college in the fall where I'll be majoring in electrical engineering, so that's good I suppose. Right now I live in my garage because my mom's allergic to my pit bull, so it'll be a big change to have human roommates again, which I'm not really looking forward to. In terms of what I do for fun, I swim competitively and practice some graphic design.

    Oh! Also, sort of relevant: I have a severe phobia of mirrors. Catching my own gaze scares the crap out of me and makes me think extremely existential/nihilistic thoughts, which never turns out all that well. Photos of myself aren't quite as frightening to me, but I still dislike seeing my own eyes which is why if you look to your left you'll find a black bar censoring my face.

    That's pretty much all I can think of...
    PS- I got bitten by a mosquito five times while typing this and am now on a search and destroy mission.

    #3. What are your favorite movies and where do the Star Wars movies rank in there @Anonymous ?

    Well, I'm not really much of a movie buff, so I think I'll just list a handful that come to mind...
    • The Matrix
    • Alien + Aliens (I prefer the first)
    • Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus
    • It's a pillar of the monster movie genre and truly a masterwork in the "so bad it's funny" class of films. The plane scene is undoubtedly one of the defining moments of modern cinema.
    • The Incredibles
    • Jaws
    • X-2: United, and I also really liked First Class
    • Inception, but mostly for its visuals
    • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    • Taxi Driver
    • When Harry Met Sally (single most adorable movie I've ever seen)
    Anyway, Star Wars falls very high up there on my list as Empire is quite possibly my all time favorite movie. My dad had me watch the OT when I was about six years old (just before TPM was released in theaters so that I would know what was happening), and at that point in time I was not aware of the Vader reveal, so I was completely blown away by the twist. I have a deep, deep love for the three original films, whereas the only film of the PT I actually enjoy is RoTS. The difference for me was that with the OT I really felt as if I were in the room with the characters, like I was right there beside them despite the fantasy element, whereas the PT made me feel life I was watching a documentary about the characters and historical happenings. I enjoy RoTS mostly because of Ewan McGregor's prominence (I think he's a fantastic actor) and the last 45 minutes connect so directly to the OT, but it still doesn't quite measure up to the original films for me.

    Hopefully I'm not stealing a question that Seerow was going to ask: Why electrical engineering, @Anonymous?

    'Cause it really turns me on.

    #4. What are your fives favorite TCW episodes @Anonymous?


    5) A Friend in Need
    This one only makes the list because I absolutely love the visuals of the planet that Death Watch is on. The snowy backdrop mixed with those beautiful cherry blossoms was gorgeous to begin with, but throw in a blizzard and burning buildings on top of that and suddenly you have a visual marvel. The colors were all so vivid throughout the episode and I really enjoyed the icy feel of it. The plot was pretty much irrelevant to me- that setting made me remember why I love the animation of this series.
    4) Padawan Lost
    This episode cracks my top 5 simply because Kalifa's death scene (as I have said repeatedly on this site) is my all time favorite moment of the series. That glorious lighting combined with the stellar voice acting really makes the moment memorable.
    3) Rookies
    Rookies was the episode that convinced me that this show had some potential. It was engaging and had a very nice balance of action and drama, not to mention it was the first time I actually cared about the clones in the series. The characters were pretty relatable and overall it was just a completely enjoyable episode.
    1 & 2) The Duchess of Mandalore and Bounty
    I couldn't choose between the two if I tried. With regard to Duchess, I honestly can't say anything that @True_Zandalorian hasn't already said, because that's pretty much exactly how I feel about it.

    Bounty, on the other hand, was stellar in a different way: It's the single best filler episode this series has aired. It was a character piece- the entire episode was dedicated to Ventress and for once they actually took the time to develop her in a meaningful way. Nika Futterman is a fantastic voice actress and her performance is the main reason Ventress has become my favorite character on the show. She took the character to new heights and made the former assassin into a strangely relatable, almost sympathetic figure. The action was fun and all the bounty hunters got to show off with some flashy displays, but none of it really mattered because at the end of the day it was Ventress who really won for once. Not a single other episode has so thoroughly looked at a character, and because of it Ventress now stands out from all the others in this series because she is so much more developed than the rest.

    #5 . What is your favorite season premiere of The Clone Wars. Are there
    any you found lacking @Anonymous? What are the improvements and changes you would
    have made to them?

    Personally, I feel that TCW suffers from very lackluster openers. No one particular pair of episodes stands out gloriously among the rest for me, but if I had to choose I'd go with Clone Cadets/ARC Troopers. Though I am not really a fan of either episode, I think that compared to the others listed they did indeed start off the season they were introducing with a (misleading) bang and showcased the evolution of the show fairly well.
    As for improvements/changes, I would have tried to open with more character-driven stories. I feel that all the premieres have been so heavily focused on large set pieces and otherwise "cool" battles that they fail to achieve any meaningful progression for the primary characters. The skirmishes are all well and good, but if I'm not invested in the people fighting then they're really no more interesting than the Transformers movie (or rather, the Transformers movie without Megan Fox in it).

    #6. The killer!
    List your 10 favorite male characters in Star Wars. Why are they your favorites @Anonymous? Actually I'll let you include up to 15 if 5 of them are characters from The Clone Wars.

    I'm going to assume droids can be programed as male or female? I'm going to try to keep these short because I don't want to bore you guys:
    10) Jolee Bindo: He's pretty snarky, which I enjoyed, but I really loved his general philosophy and outlook on the force. Enjoyable companion.

    9) Proxy: I loved him. I loved everything about him. His voice, his design, his nonchalant tone when discussing his unyielding desire to murder his own master... he was awesome, especially because he had the nuts and bolts to take on Vader. Lovable in a strangely dorky way.

    8) Han Solo: He was the one character that really anchored the OT for me. He started out a scruffy loser, but eventually romanced a princess and got his way. It was hard
    not to root for him, and I loved his development over the three films. Needless to say, he shot first.

    7) Tarkin: He single handedly eradicated an entire planet's population without batting an eye. Tough, tough bastard.

    6) Rahm Kota: Probably the best character to be come out of TFU. I'm not entirely sure why I like him so much, but every now and then I can still hear him saying "Pull it outta the sky!" and I'm suddenly filled with the nostalgic urge to chuck my controller at the screen. He was a fun character and really made TFU more enjoyable for me.

    5) Revan: I really like KOTOR, and while it's hard to pin down what exactly it is about him that I like so much (because you could make him anything you wanted), I still remember being fairly surprised when it came time for his reveal in the original game. I don't appreciate what he's become since then, but back in the original game he seemed so cool and mysterious, plus I just loved his design.

    4) HK-47: Hands down the funniest character to come out of Star Wars. His overly violent nature and hatred of organic life is just fantastic.

    3) Darth Vader: One sexy, sexy guy. He's Vader. He has a freaking sweet black leather suit and the Imperial March plays during his every action. If I had even one of those things going for me I don't think I'd have to spend a single night alone.

    2) Obi-Wan Kenobi: He's a saint. He's the wise old grandpa with a laser sword I never had, and I think he is the only character done justice in both trilogies.

    1) Luke Skywalker: Okay in all seriousness, he was my childhood hero. I dressed up as him for Halloween and I would constantly swing sticks around pretending that I was him. He's probably not the most compelling character on the list, but all the same I love him and his story because I always felt it could have happened to anyone, including my younger self. Everything about him screams Star Wars, and I'll never forget the time of my life when he was my one and only idol.

    #7. Which five characters would be your dream team to appear together in TCW @Anonymous?

    Well ignoring any story constraints:

    Ventress, Highsinger, Shaak Ti, Rex, and Aurra Sing.
    Two femme fatales, two kickass shots, and the most interesting jedi council member that isn't a main character in the films. I'm good with that.
    #8. If you put all those 5 characters in 'The Box' which ones would get out alive @Anonymous?

    Hmm... Well seeing as The Box was more of a lethal obstacle course than it was a death-match, I'm trying to consider more than just raw strength...

    I think Highsinger would be the first to go, seeing as he just seems like a powerhouse, and then probably Rex and Aurra Sing would be knocked out at about the same time because of their comparatively limited athletic capabilities. Shaak Ti and Ventress are both powerful force adepts so they could probably last through until the end the same way Obi-Wan did, but if it the competition culminated in some kind of battle between the two of them I'd probably give it to Shaak Ti. Considering she managed to take out an entire squad of magnaguards single-handedly and also hold her own against the single most over-powered being in the history of Star Wars (Starkiller), I think she could take Ventress. However, if it instead came down to some kind of final race or other non-confrontational challenge I would probably give it to Ventress- I get the feeling she is far more intelligent, not to mention a better strategist, than Shaak Ti is and could more rapidly adapt to the situation at hand.

    So yeah, Ventress or Shaak Ti- it could go either way depending on the scenario.

    #9. If you put those five characters into a cage match rather than "The Box" who would win @Anonymous?

    In an all-out bloodbath... hmm...
    I think all present would realize Shaak Ti could overcome any one of them alone with ease, so the four others would probably move to take her out first. With her gone I think it would then devolve into a free-for-all, in which Highsinger would fail first, followed awhile later by Rex. With just the two bald chicks going at it, Ventress would eventually come out on top.

    #10. @Anonymous, what do you think was TCW's best portrayal of a Jedi?

    And the academy award for best Jedi in an animated series goes to...

    Luminara Unduli! She was the perfect foil to Anakin on geonosis, and her reaction to Barriss' death was extremely spot-on. She was obviously upset, but unlike Anakin she was willing to let go and remain calm. Though I am still conflicted about Ahsoka's random partnership with her in season one, I have to say Luminara's involvement did bring out a lot of fun banter and interesting character developments. I love how her voice sounds both regal and soothing, and I sincerely hope that we haven't seen the last of her in TCW.

    Close runner-up was Shaak Ti, but I don't think we've seen enough of her yet to say that she is "the best"

    #11. What do you think the worse season made so far was? If you could go back in time and make improvements. What would you do to make that season better and more interesting @Anonymous?

    Well then, @Seerow, I think season one is by far and away the worst season of TCW.

    The thing about it is that there are some great episodes in it (Trespass, Rookies, and Cloak of Darkness are probably my favorites), but the ones that aren't great are just flat-out terrible. It's so horrendously inconsistent that I just fail to understand how people enjoy it more than the third season. I know season three was somewhat lackluster throughout its first half, but the only episodes I would have gotten rid of are Corruption and Evil Plans, and for that I can tolerate the somewhat lacking others. With season one I would have scrapped quite a few episodes, that's for sure.

    Ambush (tied with Brothers and Corruption for my least favorite episode), Bombad Jedi, The Gungan General, and the Blue Shadow Virus duology would never have been aired because I honestly can't stand any of them- they're just that awful. For the remaining episodes my biggest complaint (and yes, it is petty) is the droid humor. Such stupid shenanigans from supposed death-machines never felt right to me. I'm absolutely fine with comic relief (Jar Jar can, at rare times, be genuinely funny, [sans Hughes]), but deciding to make un-feeling killers into child-friendly stooges is to this day the single dumbest decision the series has made, Maul included. It bothered me to the point that I actually could not focus on any other aspect of the plot, so if I could go back I would change their personalities to more closely resemble HK-47's- so evil and despicable that they're actually funny.

    #12. Which villain in do you think has been the most successful in TCW @Anonymous?

    Ventress. In every way imaginable, she takes the cake. I've said it before and I'll say it again: she is the only villain on the show I find compelling, and as far as I'm concerned her story is currently the show's greatest triumph. She's gone from a cardboard cutout villainess to a nuanced walking tragedy, and I've loved every minute of it.

    #12. How would you have brought back Maul @Anonymous? You have to bring him back.
    Gravity assumes control as the last vestiges of consciousness escape the failing mind. All is dark. With a mutilated form and broken spirit, the withering remains of the once great Sith lord come crashing into the debris heap that lines the bottom of the reactor pit. A mighty BANG sounds as the body smashes to a halt and is ensnared by the claustrophobic warmth of the decaying waste.

    All is quiet. Minutes turn to hours, hours to days, before the being at last stirs. Hatred manifests itself in a way like never before, and with a burning, primal lust for revenge the dying soul is compelled to action. Muscles move without guidance, driven by the fire of hell itself. Slowly, ever so slowly, movement is achieved and the surface of the pile is breached.

    Driven with a fury the world has never known, they rise, and the legs of the Sith take their first steps towards their uncertain destiny.

    [A preview of my upcoming novel, The Brotherhood of the Traveling Slacks.]

    #13. Do you like the the Microseries or TCW better @Anonymous?
    Oh, that's really hard. Overall I think the microseries is far more thematically sound and has a much more linear narrative, which in a way is inherently more appealing to me, but at the same time I do sometimes really enjoy the campiness of TCW. All in all I'm gonna have to give it the microseries, but I still think TCW has some quality stories to tell.

    #14. @Anonymous. What other TV shows do you like to watch?
    Sorry for the delay! I actually don't watch that much television- though I can say that my absolute favorite TV show of all time is Avatar: The Last Airbender. Other than that I'm a pretty big fan of the first three seasons of Spongebob (before it sucked), and I also really enjoy Arrested Development. I don't watch too many "serious" TV shows because they almost all seem really over-dramatic or just flat out stupid to me.

    #15. how do you like to watch TV @Anonymous? do you have a fancy mancave you watch Star Wars in?
    Well I recently renovated my parents' garage to accommodate my darling pit bull and I, so yes, I now have quite the mancave. It's pretty cozy- I have a futon that doubles as a couch and my bed, a fridge filled with his carrots and my soda, and a portable air conditioner that cools off the otherwise stuffy environment. I set the entire thing up myself over the course of the past few months, and now it's the only place I'll watch television. I happened to win an HD TV in a raffle (I was shocked), so I'm fully equipped down here with my ps3

    16. What is your favorite Star Wars video game @Anonymous?
    KOTOR. Holy hell I love that game. It's my favorite Star Wars experience outside of the original trilogy- it just feels so fresh and engaging, and it was the first time in a Star Wars video game that I felt fully immersed in the GFFA because of it's wide variety of choices. I felt like I was crafting my own story and I loved how fleshed out the characters were and just how complex the worlds were. Perfection.

    17. What would your ideal Star Wars game be like @Anonymous ?
    It would be an RPG in the same vein of KOTOR set during the dark times between the two trilogies. The story would focus on the exploits of one surviving Jedi [the player] who has to decide what they wish to do/become during the early days of the Empire. S/he would put together a small team and lead them in a handful of early campaigns against the Empire, but would eventually abandon his/her team in order to operate undercover within the empire itself. Moral conundrums and drama ensue as the player has to maintain their cover while still trying to abide by the Jedi code (or flat-out abandon it), all while the remainder of the team begin to aid the rebel alliance. At this point the player takes control of a secondary, non-force sensitive protagonist that was a former member of the team (two co-linear plots emerge). The game ends with the team and the player being reunited, at which point the player can choose to remain loyal to the empire after seeing the benefits of its strong government and take them down (in which case you would play as the secondary protagonist during the final act), or aid them in the rebel attack they're about to perform (and remain playing as the jedi character). Regardless, the rebels fail, and in a final battle against/alongside imperial forces the player's jedi character is killed- thereby grounding the game with the very real idea that the journey is far more important than the destination. The secondary protagonist survives to fight another day, leaving room for a sequel.

    Re-reading that it's not exactly ideal, but that's the best I can come up with. Obviously I just pulled that out of my ass so it would hopefully be more complex/subtle, but you get the general idea.
    Lol, this is why I'm glad I'm not on the receiving end.

    #18. Which Star Wars character would you most like to be like @ Anonymous?
    I think I would want to be like Yoda from the OT. He just seemed so light-hearted and happy with his life despite all the tragedies that he'd witnessed, and I really wish I could be the same way. I can be a really morbid individual at times, but if a 900 y/o dying man can be happy with life and appreciate the world around him then it really can't all be that bad, right?

    19. What is it about the LACWAC community that most appeals to you @Anonymous?
    It's you, Seerow- always has been. I saw your Butters icon and I just felt a connection with you, and your optimism and continued passion has kept me here these past few months. I've spent too many nights staring at your profile page trying to think of something to say, and that's the only reason I signed up for this interview- so that I could talk to you some more. I know I've been joking around this entire time but I want you to truly understand that I think you're a fantastic human being. Now that it's out in the open I think I can freely say that you are my ray of florida sunshine. I love everything about you.

    Message me, I think you'll want to talk in private.

    ...(Yeah no, I honestly just don't have an answer for this one. Sorry Seerow, but you're not my one true love )
    I'm speechless! =b

    #20. How LACWACy are you @Anonymous.
    Not not LACWACy? Maybe?

    #21 (Bonus). How many seasons to you think TCW will run? Write your own ending for the show @Anonymous.
    Oh jeez.... my ending would basically entail Ahsoka dying way before ROTS, so that her non-mention is more plausible. I'm not sure about the specifics, but I do hope it comes down to something Anakin couldn't prevent. Ventress is really the only character I care about whose fate isn't determined yet ( long obsession), so I'm hoping she either dies heroically or else escapes into the galaxy and abandons all those who have made her life a veritable hell.

    I think the show will go on for 8+ seasons, though personally I would prefer it to end at 6 or 7.
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    Nice! Lastly I think me and TaradosGon were gonna be interviewed back at the Temp. ;)
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    Why is this thread stickied and the disco is not?
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    Wow Akash-Koon, you're really on top of things! Great idea reposting the old interviews!:)

    (although now I can't just go back and steal someone else's response off the temp boards when it's my turn... curses! I'll have to actually be like, creative...)
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    I concur with Drew, this thread doesn't get as much traffic as the Disco. Since people are tagged in it if they are being interviewed.. is there a real big reason for it to be stickied?
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    Something about why did you defect to CCC
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    JediMaster_1977: #21: Bonus Question: What about Star Wars has struck you as the most odd, amazing, bad, and intriguing?

    Member Name: Dark Lord Tarkas:

    #1. First, let’s talk about your username. What is the origin of your username @Dark Lord Tarkas and why did you choose to use that as your username?

    I have this bad habit of going into message boards telling myself I'm only going to post once, so I don't care about my screen-name, and then I'm stuck with a screen-name I hate. I won't even mention a couple I hated the most. My first name on the Jedi Council forums was Darth_Tarkus. The Darth is obvious, and Tarkus is an awesome song by the band Emerson, Lake & Palmer. I wish @H_J was still here, he was the only one who would know what a 10/4 time signature is. I think.

    But for once I decided to just start over with a new s/n I liked better instead of sticking it out. I didn't like the name because I found there were a million Darth's on the boards, and I wanted a sci-fi reference rather than a music reference. It wasn't hard to come up with "Dark Lord" to replace "Darth," and obviously Tarkas and Tarkus are virtually identical and pronounced the same way.

    But I do like this spelling better, and I prefer a name that's a reference to a giant, four-armed green martian man from a groundbreaking work of science-fiction adventure. I was just reading a George Lucas interview from 1977 that I've never read before, and he refers to Star Wars as not being cerebral/technological sci-fi like what was more prevalent at the time, but rather a throwback to "Edgar Rice Burroughs" science-fiction, the author who wrote the Mars novel series Tars Tarkas is from. When I first joined, my signature was basically me telling people to read the trilogy that starts the series because it launched science-fiction itself. Which is basically true, from a science-fiction adventure viewpoint. Before that there was stuff like The Time Machine and Frankenstein that you could easily classify as science-fiction, but Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Princess of Mars first came out in 1911, well over a decade before Buck Rogers and decades before Flash Gordon, and it was the first story I've come across in my research that blended the creative outlandishness of the science-fiction genre with the swashbuckling adventure of the pirate or western genre.

    Sorry for answering by writing a book.

    2. What are your favorite movies and where does Star Wars fit, does the TCW movie rank anywhere in your top 30 or so movies @Dark Lord Tarkas? I don't mean list 30 movies.

    @Seerow My two favorite films of all-time are Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Star Wars (the movie now known as A New Hope). It really just depends on whether I'm in the mood for something more serious and closer to real life or whether I'm in the mood for pure escapism. All of the OT and Ep. III would definitely be in my top 30 films, and it's very likely Ep. I would be there as well, but no chance of Ep. II and probably little chance of the TCW film being there. I think TCW is much better than Ep. II on the whole, but the TCW film is of fairly low quality compared to my favorite episodes of the series. There are much better films.

    #3. How do you like to watch your TV shows and movies? Do you have a cool mancave @Dark Lord Tarkas?

    @Seerow I'm not a big movie guy, I'm very selective about watching movies and I don't often. I also watch 90+% news and C-SPAN/PCN (basically PA's C-SPAN), I watch very little fiction in general. But I always watch the news on my laptop while playing video games on the TV. I consume hours of news and public affairs every single day, and I'm pretty selective about what I watch that way. I've been playing Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords for a week or two. It's freaking amazing.

    I suppose my man cave is my room. I have way more stuff than I can fit on my shelves, so I just have stacks of books (of all kinds), comics, video games from the 80's through the mid-2000's, records (yes, records), VHS tapes and DVD's all over the place. The walls are covered with posters of bands that are mostly 80's thrash metal and movie posters of mostly movies from the 50's and 60's. Oh, and instruments. Guitar(s), bass, clarinet(s), flute, and viola(s).

    On top of my television is this Return of the Jedi toy that is action figures of the Force-ghosts of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Anakin Skywalker (Sebastian Shaw!!!) with their feet screwed into this plank made to look like Ewok-village-floor, a ManOwaR mug I got when I saw them in New Jersey last year, and the first action figure I've bought in years: Savage Opress wielding an ax (he has a stand).

    Moving right into some TCW.
    #4. What are your 5 favorite TCW episodes @Dark Lord Tarkas and why are they your favorites? Are there improvements you would make to them?

    @Seerow that is really tough. I started making my list of top 10 TCW moments for that thread you recently made, and found that really tough as well.

    Here goes.

    6. (forgot about Kidnapped at first) Lair of Grievous - I love how the story of Nahdar Vebb plays out over the course of this episode. He is a really believable and sympathetic character. He means well and you want him to succeed but he's too impatient and gets ahead of himself. It's an important statement about where the Jedi Order is during the Clone Wars that they knighted someone like that. I also love environments that seem behind-the-scenes, and seeing a villain's hideout for the first time is one of the best ways to do that. Even though I love how Grievous kills Vebb because I've always wondered why he doesn't just shoot Jedi with a free-hand while dueling, I kinda wish that wasn't in there, because it makes it that much more stupid all the times he doesn't do that - as if he could be killing them but chooses not to. I also would have liked Nahdar Vebb to be built up over previous episodes to make his death more dramatic, rather than dying in his first and only episode.

    5. Kidnapped - This episode has pacing and a plot outline closer to a Flash Gordon serial than anything else in TCW. It's really fast and they just go from one challenge to the next. And it does that while still touching on some of the ancient history of the Jedi, and throwing in a dark side moment for Anakin at the end. The thing about this episode I really wanted to change was how absurd General Kenobi's beat-down was. It was like he was Rocky or something, just way,way overdone. It's not believable when set next to the more realistic films.

    4. Brothers - This makes the list despite the first third being filler. So there's the big thing I'd change about it - do something else with the first third instead of nearly pure filler. I love this episode because I think it does the best job TCW has done so far of bringing the viewer on an exploration of a new alien world. Lotho Minor is fleshed out brilliantly with all the creatures and situations that arise. And then there are all the comparisons between Savage Opress' role in this episode and Luke's role in the original Star Wars film, but I've gone on for paragraphs about that before. Put simply, it's a mythological journey through a series of trials with a guide-character. But the main character is the bad guy. Gotta love it.

    3. Children of the Force - There are two reasons why this episode has to be on my list, both of which had my jaw dropping when I first saw this episode. The triple-Jedi-mind-trick is something never-before-seen on-screen in Star Wars, and I love seeing new Force powers in this series. And Darth Sidious performing experiments on Force-sensitive children while musing to himself about having dark side users doing his bidding across the galaxy, how could I possibly not love that? This was one of the first episodes of TCW I saw that told me the series was willing to push boundaries. One thing I wish they expanded on is when all the Jedi want to stop the triple-mind-trick on Bane before destroying his mind and Anakin wants to keep going.

    2. Brain Invaders - Again, two big reasons I love this one. My all-time favorite SW environment is from the first scene in the first film, Ep. IV: the Tantive IV. The ship Ahsoka and Barriss are on in this episode looks just like it. So that accomplishes a certain mystic SW vibe for me right there. Then of course we have Anakin's first major dark side moment in the series, Force-choking Poggle the Lesser to get the whereabouts of Ahsoka, complete with John Williams' Imperial March motif. That was another literal jaw-dropping moment for me. One thing that disappointed me was how little the Jedi Council members pressed Anakin about how he got Poggle to talk when none of the others could. Or, if they weren't going to challenge him face-to-face, they could have been show discussing the possibility that he went dark side among themselves.

    1. Overlords - It's really hard for me to articulate why and how much I love this episode. This is an outrageously new idea for something to do with the Force that I never would have guessed this series would have the ambition to do. I love learning new things about the Force and seeing new Force powers for the first time, and this single episode introduces more ways of looking at the Force than perhaps all the films combined. The rest of the arc was not executed as flawlessly as its beginning, but I really can't think of anything in Overlords I wanted to change. Its ambiguity is its biggest strength.

    EDIT: 5 and 4 might be switched or called a tie.

    #5. What is your favorite season premiere of The Clone Wars and are there any you found lacking? What are the improvements and changes you would have made to them @Dark Lord Tarkas?

    @Seerow Favorite is harder, least favorite is definitely Water War.

    All the others work on multiple levels. Ambush has tons action and Yoda's talks with the clones. Holocron Heist introduces Jedi lore and features a Sith's attempt to steal something from them. Clone Cadets showed some of what it was like to go through clone training which included action but also inevitably touched on thoughtful subject matter regarding the existence of a clone army.

    Water War, and really pretty much all three of the Mon Cala episodes, are all about visual stimulation and action, with a plot as paper-thin as possible. It's just not as fulfilling entertainment-wise or in terms of further expanding on the Star Wars universe. So Water War definitely needed a fuller and more believable plot.

    My favorite is probably Holocron Heist, with the same reasoning, it expands on the Star Wars universe in a way that I think is cooler than the other season debuts.

    As far as changes to the other debuts...

    Ambush: I wasn't sure why Yoda got through to the planet in his escape pod since he was under attack and in Ep. IV they can detect life-forms in the escape pods. It's not entirely implausible but they could have explained it.

    Holocron Heist: I HATE how the changeling looks like the same species as the changeling in Ep. II, but while the Ep. II changeling actually shape-shifted, the TCW changeling has some hologram device. Having an actual changeling is way cooler, and this is the only thing I ever caught in TCW that I thought contradicted something in the Star Wars films.

    Clone Cadets: This episode is good for what it is, a back-story episode. There's nothing that sticks out in my mind that I wanted to change.

    Water War: No "I'll teach him a lesson in manners" from Captain Ackbar, please!! That one hurts my feelings a little.

    #6. @Dark Lord Tarkas, which season of TCW is your least favorite and how would you improve that season?

    @Seerow That is really tough. My least favorite overall is probably S1, other than having a greater variety of main characters it is limited in many ways seasons after it weren't (and I mean limits they put on themselves story-wise, not graphics). Leaving overall critiques of the series like cardboard beards and lack of Jedi robes, the thing I would take out first would be all the "droid humor," including verbal and physical. That would be really important to me.

    Ambush: I wasn't sure why Yoda got through to the planet in his escape pod since he was under attack and in Ep. IV they can detect life-forms in the escape pods. It's not entirely implausible but they could have explained it.

    Malevolence arc: I'd make the fight in the beginning Rising Malevolence a little longer and take out the Ep. II droid-factory scene copy in Destroy Malevolence.

    Rookies: Can't think of anything I wanted to change.

    Droids arc: These episodes are okay, but kind of a waste, I'd scrap them altogether and do different, better stories - still give Grievous a win in one.

    Nute Gunray arc: I'd take out Bombad Jedi altogether and start the arc in a different way with less (or no) Jar Jar.

    Count Dooku arc: There are so many things to fix with this arc but a couple are spending way too much time with Obi-Wan and Anakin trapped in the cave, the way the end of the first episode seems inconsistent with the beginning of the next, bounty hunters capturing a freaking Sith Lord way too easily, and again, too much Jar Jar.

    Blue Shadow Virus arc: I'd leave most of the first episode, but the second needs some tweaks. I like going to Iego (sp?) and getting to see one of the angels referred to in Ep. I and fleshing out the idea of its "moons," but it doesn't make sense to me that they knew the exact compound they needed and had to cross the galaxy to get it. If they already knew the solution, there had to be a better way to get it. They should have went to Iego to find an old scientist who had done research on the Blue Shadow Virus to give him the resources to figure out the cure. The old, good-natured, quirky scientist would be a great counterpart to Nuvo Vindi, and Anakin and Obi-Wan traveling with him through space would be reminiscent of Luke and Han traveling with Obi-Wan in Ep. IV.

    Ryloth arc: I love this arc, can't think of anything I'd tweak. Maybe add in the idea of Ryloth not rotating and being half always day and half always night from the EU to satisfy other fans.

    Hostage Crisis: Love this one too, can't think of any critiques I had. Although I really hate Ziro. Maybe Cad Bane could have been sent to kill instead of rescue him.

    My second least favorite season is probably S3 even though it has some of my favorite episodes. They could have made Supply Lines a lot better if Bail Organa's part in it was more serious, Sphere of Influence could have been taken out altogether and replaced with an episode that includes Ahsoka starting to learn to use two lightsabers, and I don't like how they lumped all the episodes featuring "the big three" together.

    My biggest critique of S2 would be that it didn't have any episodes without one of the big three, and my biggest critique of S4 is the arcs got less side-tracked they could have been shorter and there could have been another arc or two.

    Sorry, gave you a bit more than you asked for there.

    #7. Here is the big one. Who are your 10 favorite male Star Wars characters and why are they your favorites? Actually I'll let you list up to 15 if five of them are from TCW @Dark Lord Tarkas.

    @Seerow Here goes.

    10. Naga Sadow - The most ancient Sith Lord who there is EU about, appears in Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith with great Sith back-story.

    9. Exar Kun - Fallen/Dark Jedi who manipulates Ulic Qel-Droma in comics and reappears as a Force-ghost 1000's of years later to tempt Luke in books.

    8. Vodo Siosk-Baas - Jedi Master of some of the Tales of the Jedi comics from Dark Horse; great, wise character with an awesome alien species design.

    7. Ulic Qel-Droma - This may just be for now because I'm still just getting into him, his character arc is great so far and I know there's still more I need to get.

    6. Darth Bane - His novels flesh out what the biography of a legendary Sith Lord could be and make the Rule of Two work in ways you have to read to believe.

    5. Qui-Gon Jinn - The rebellious, wise Jedi who makes Ep. I worthwhile (with Palpatine), would definitely be higher on the list if he was in more than one film.

    4. Luke Skywalker - The Flash Gordon of Star Wars, the centerpiece around which the rest of the universe evolves, the lynch-pin.

    3. Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker - Coolest looking bad guy of all-time. Sorry, but it kinda is that simple to a point. The father Luke never really knew.

    2. Obi-Wan Kenobi - Luke Skywalker's wizard-mentor who adventured with his "dead" father in his youth holds the second most mystique for me.

    1. Darth Sidious/Supreme Chancellor Palpatine - The "devil" of the Star Wars saga holds the most mystique for me.

    The lesson is that mystique of certain elements of the SW saga hold great appeal for me.

    I'm actually really surprised I didn't get 5 TCW characters. There is some great EU out there, though, with more fully developed characters generally speaking.

    #8. Which 5 characters would be your dream team on TCW @Dark Lord Tarkas?

    @Seerow Okay, I'm just going to go into full-on fantasy mode and pretend there's an episode where a Jedi Council member starts telling Ahsoka a story at the very beginning and the whole thing is a flashback episode that could either be a linear story about Ulic Qel-Droma, Cay Qel-Droma, Tot Doneeta, Master Arca, and Exar Kun or a story that jumps around to different mini-stories featuring Naga Sadow, Exar Kun, Freedon Nadd, Darth Revan, and Darth Bane.

    #9. If we put those guys into "The Box" which ones would make it out alive?

    @Seerow The first group of characters are in comics together, so that would have been a good linear story, and the second group of characters are miscellaneous Sith Lords from different eras before the films IU, so the idea would be there could be a very short story for each with montages and whatnot.
    In answer to the next question, I'd say Darth Bane, especially if he had his orbalisk armor.

    #10. If you put your fab five TCW dream team into a death match against each other which one would end @Dark Lord Tarkas?

    @Seerow I totally misunderstood the previous question. My answer to 9 is really for 10. Sorry about that.
    My real answer for 9 is they'd all survive The Box, they're all powerful Force-users.

    I shall punish you with this question, J/k
    #11 .How would you have brought Darth Maul back? Yes, @Dark Lord Tarkas you have to bring him back.

    @Seerow Wow, that is freaking tough, especially since when I saw it I said that I couldn't have come up with a better way to bring him back if I tried. Having him barely survive as a shell of his former self at best who needed to be revived by arcane Force-witch powers only one of the most powerful Force-witches possessed was a great way to go, it adds thick extra layers of believe-ability instead of relying entirely on the fact that Anakin Skywalker survives having three limbs cut off and being burned alive through his hatred and the dark side of the Force and Luke Skywalker survives a fall down a seemingly-bottomless pit without it giving him an extra scratch in the films.

    So I'll just share things I would tweak about those two episodes, such as: don't make the first third of Brothers almost entirely filler, don't use "brother" so often, don't use "sinister" so often, don't have Darth Maul say "of course I survived" it's needlessly smacking the people who are outraged but watching anyway in the face, don't have radar dots in the Force-witch-spell-thing Mother Talzin is tracking Savage and Maul with, make Mother Talzin's voice more like S3 which means less cartoony, have Darth Maul talk at least a little bit more about what he remembers but definitely don't have him remember everything either, and probably most importantly, explain where the hell the lightsaber Savage Opress gives him came from.

    #12. Do you like the PT or OT better @Dark Lord Tarkas?

    @Seerow OT

    #13. Care to elaborate on why @Dark Lord Tarkas?

    @Seerow Only one of the films has a lot elements that are mostly or entirely just for little kids in the OT, at least 2 in the PT fit that description. Luke's character arc over the course of the OT is fleshed out way better than Anakin in the PT. Luke is a hero the whole time. Anakin is a little kid who doesn't matter that much for the first third, a whiny teen in the next third, and a good guy for a few minutes before becoming the villain in the last third. Having one character who pulls through the whole story like Luke is really important imo, the only one in the PT who might compare is Obi-Wan, but his story is much less compelling without taking the OT into account, whereas Luke's whole story is in the OT.

    #14. Do any SW characters remind you of yourself @Dark Lord Tarkas?

    @Seerow Not really, pretty much all Star Wars characters are reverse-engineered to fit mythological roles. I identified with Han Solo most as a kid but now I just see him as a smuggler who happened to go good because that's where GL wanted the story to go, and I'm much more interested in the Force and the more mystical aspects of Star Wars. I like Star Wars for the escapism and franchises that fully accomplish that create characters and settings and situations so alien to your own that you almost forget the real world for a little bit, that's the point. Flash Gordon serials GL based SW on were legendary for this and I highly recommend all three (each serial is a set of 10+ 10-to-20-minute episodes that make one story arc each) to anyone who loves that aspect of Star Wars because I guarantee you will see countless structural similarities that provide that sense of being swept along in the adventure.

    #15. If you lived in the Star Wars universe what occupation would you most like to have @Dark Lord Tarkas?
    @Seerow I can answer that as quickly now as I would have when I was four years old: Jedi Knight.
    In video games it's funner to be Sith usually, but IRL I would definitely pick Jedi instead.
    And, of course, if I had no Force-sensitivity, I'd try to become a politician, like I'm doing IRL right now.

    #16. What are you favorite TV shows @Dark Lord Tarkas?
    @Seerow Uh...okay......

    In no particular order:

    Countdown with Keith Olbermann
    Democracy Now!
    The Rachel Maddow Show
    Up with Chris Hayes
    The Young Turks
    The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd
    A&E Biographies (FDR, LBJ, etc.)
    Frontline (great documentaries)
    C-SPAN (House and Senate Committee hearings, floor debates, votes on legislation, interviews with policy-makers, and coverage of speeches)
    PCN (all the stuff C-SPAN does but for Pennsylvania state government instead of the U.S. federal government)
    Star Trek (the original series)
    Star Trek: The Animated Series
    Star Trek: The Next Generation
    Star Trek: Enterprise
    Battlestar Galactica (original series)
    Conan the Adventurer (the great cartoon series, not the **** live-action series)
    The Clone Wars
    Clone Wars (micro series)
    Thundarr of Barbaria
    Avatar: The Last Airbender
    Avatar: The Legend of Korra
    Thundercats (new and old)
    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (new and old)
    Darkwing Duck
    Mighty Max
    Batman Beyond
    Batman: The Animated Series
    Superman: The Animated Series
    Marvel Action Hour (half-hour of Iron Man followed by half-hour of Fantastic Four)
    X-Men (mid-90's one)
    Spider-Man (mid-90's one)
    Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
    The Mighty Thor (1960's)
    Popeye (any)
    Outlaw Star (the only anime I like, mostly thanks to you)

    #17. What is your favorite Star Wars video game @Dark Lord Tarkas and why?
    @Seerow Dude... Impossible.
    If I seriously had to pick, right now I'd say Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords just because I'm playing it for the first time right now and have been completely engrossed with it for a couple weeks at this point.

    Pretty much all my favorite video games are Star Wars, so this would be impossible in the abstract. I still love 90's SW games like Rebel Assault II, Dark Forces, Shadows of the Empire, and Jedi Power Battles. I'm huge into 80's and 90's video games so really there are at least 20 years of SW video games out there that I'm more or less equally interested in.

    Before I got the second KotOR I was mastering the Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back NES games. Even though they're both considered extremely difficult at this point I can run through them both only losing a couple continues whenever I feel like it, no problem.

    They never made an RotJ for NES. That's okay though, at the end of TESB when Boba Fett takes Han away, you chase him, blow up the Slave I in your X-Wing, somehow that "rescues" Han, then you go rescue Leia too, then you defeat Darth Vader and he says nothing about being your father. For serious.

    I'll stop now before I endlessly gush about how I love SW video games of all eras.

    Nothing is impossible! Improbably maybe. xD
    #18. What would be the perfect Star Wars video game @Dark Lord Tarkas?
    @Seerow I've actually thought about that a little, and I'm going to say something that may sound weird.

    It's a total fantasy scenario.

    It would be an 8-bit NES game all about the Clone Wars. This would be an alternate universe game where you're Anakin Skywalker on some levels and his friend Obi-Wan Kenobi on others (Obi-Wan has this very young boy student named Darth Vader, a separate character as their relationships were described in the original STAR WARS film), and on some levels you can pick between the two Jedi Knights, but never the Jedi apprentice Darth Vader. Maybe it goes with the concept of the Clone Wars that GL eventually went with in the PT or maybe it's based on his notes about what it could have been from before then. At the end of the game there's an NES-story-montage (what they did before they could animate full videos to tell stories in video games) where Darth Vader betrays and murders Anakin Skywalker. Then in the last level you're Obi-Wan Kenobi and you defeat the young boy Darth Vader. Then another montage about the Emperor secretly having Galactic Senators who opposed his title-change killed and Darth Vader killing Jedi for him, end of video game.

    But I also have specific ideas for what the game-play would be like. There are a number of NES games that use different modes of game-play throughout and these tend to be my favorites for the variety in them. I'll share a couple really good examples where it's obvious how The Clone Wars NES game could use the same idea.

    This one has all kinds of stuff. The whole idea is to win all the territories.

    As you can tell from the options menu, there are quite a few ways to go about winning the different territories. Sometimes you can win one without having to fight at all if you buy a big enough army first (but that takes money, which you win in fights).

    In the NES The Clone Wars game, there could be an 8-bit star map with each star being its own territory. There could be tiny 8-bit spaceships to represent the armies. The option menu could be pretty much the same, although the terminology would be different.

    Sometimes you end up in one-on-one fights with whoever runs the territory:

    The whole Rule of Two thing wasn't made up till 1999 when Ep. I came out. The Clone Wars NES game could have you as Anakin or Obi-Wan fighting various Sith Lords as the leaders of different territories, or other leaders depending on what Clone Wars back-story you went with. That way it could be lightsaber-versus-lightsaber without having more Sith, though GL found his own way around that anyway.

    Other times, in order to win a territory, you actually get to joust. On horseback. In first-person. I'll post the video for everyone to see because it's REALLY fun. First-person jousting in NES? Yes, please! But that's not all, after either you or the computer lose the joust, then you fight on foot swinging maces around.

    Check it out, the jousting sequence starts at 1:10, it's only about 40 seconds.

    Now obviously there would be no jousting since it's Star Wars. How I think this could translate to The Clone Wars NES game is instead of the first-person jousting, you could start out with a first-person spaceship dogfight in outer space, like in NES Star Wars:

    Then you both land or crash-land depending on who won, and duke it out on foot, still using the idea from Defenders of the Crown. The outfits would be different just like Defenders of the Crown because you could be in a pilot's outfit instead of Jedi robes (no PT yet), and your opponent could have a blaster instead of a lightsaber so they wouldn't have to be a Force-user, and maybe instead of a lightsaber you have a selection of Force-powers like in NES The Empire Strikes Back:

    That video is just posted so you can see the selection of Force-powers menu in the very beginning.

    Lastly in Defenders of the Crown, if you invade a territory that has a castle built on it but no real army to fight, you get to use a catapult!

    This could be another first-person spaceship level, but instead of fighting a bunch of one-man fighters you'd be fighting a big structure that you have to hit in the right spots with limited tries (this is what you have to do with the catapult to the castle walls in Defenders of the Crown, they could be limited because they're photon torpedoes).


    This is taking longer than I thought, so I'll just do one more, simpler example.

    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is pretty linear in the way you progress unlike all the strategy and choice in Defenders of the Crown, but there are still a few different types of fights which keeps it interesting, and it has some innovative RPG components that are still used to this day.

    There are different items, weapons, armor, etc., and a menu that still looks quite modern in my opinion for you to use and equip items as necessary:

    There's a little glitch in the picture there, but it's the best I can find and you can see what I mean.

    The majority of the game is from an over-head view and all the fights are hack-and-slash:

    But when you get attacked by a ton of people at once, and I mean A TON, the hack-and-slash fighting is different (and your options in how you fight and your buttons change):

    And a lot of the boss fights are of still another hack-and-slash style altogether:

    And then occasionally there are these parts that are really easy but still fun for the variety where you're in a horse-chase scene:

    The Clone Wars NES version of this would be easy to make. You're either Anakin or Obi-Wan and sometimes get to pick, like I already explained, and you go through all these massive hack-and-slash fights of different types with different options, and once in awhile do a spaceship-chase sequence. There are tons of spaceship games for NES that could provide the foundation.

    #19. What about the LACWAC community most appeals to you @Dark Lord Tarkas?
    I hate you all with each and every fiber of my being, my very existence is solely dedicated to your demise, has that not been clear to every single LACWACer since my very first post? Next question.

    #20. Are you LACWACy @Dark Lord Tarkas?
    @Seerow I'm here, aren't I? :p

    #21 (BONUS!). How many seasons do you think TCW will go? Write an ending for the series.
    Sorry about that.

    I think I've talked about how I want Ahsoka to be written out of the series quite a bit. I think it's really important in order to sell her not being mentioned in Ep. III that she be written out of the story in such a way that Anakin doesn't know what became of her. I would prefer for the audience to know, but not Anakin. I don't really care if she dies or not because I'm not invested in her as a character, she's valuable only as a way of telling the story of the Clone Wars in greater depth than the films did, the same way R2-D2 and C-3PO kind of hosting Ep. IV makes it more digestible to deal with weighty stuff. I never cared about them much either. Though I do find PT 3PO more annoying than OT 3PO, and TCW 3PO even worse, unfortunately. Maybe I'm just becoming a cranky old man.
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    It's annoying if there are too many stickies. I hate going to forums where half the first page is stickies and it makes it suck having to dig for relatively new posts that quickly get pushed off the front page. But new topics don't arise at that quickly of a rate here, and there aren't that many pre-existing stickies. Any combination of those three threads being stickied would be fine IMO, though the social thread seems like it definitely should.
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    Member Name: @Lady_Skywalker87

    1. First, let’s talk about your username. What is the origin of your username and why did you choose to use that as your @Lady_Skywalker87?

    @Seerow: First I wanna thank you for the Avatar compliment...John was a Jedi of sorts & shares similarities with Anakin imo,so when I saw it, I had to make it mine. As for my Username, one day, was hit with the sad realization that neither Leia or Padmè who defines herself first and foremost as Anakin's wife in the ROTS Novel, never get to carry their real surname and therefore forced to remain a secret of sorts forever, including their relation...While freaking MARA gets to use it and if the TCW crew had its way, ASHOKA TOO!!!... so its in honor to them and true identities. As @GARTH_MAUL rightly guessed '87 is the year I was born.

    #2. What are your favorite movies @Lady_Skywalker87?

    @Seerow: um...I don't have one in particular..I love movies! It usually has to do the director, actor ect. but here's few !could watch again and again.

    Shadow of a Doubt.
    China Town( Polanski may be a pig but a genius none the less)
    Ghost Writer
    The Departed
    Good Will hunting
    Fight Club
    Leaves of Grass
    Repo Man
    Seven Pounds
    The age innocence
    TLOR Triloy
    POTC Trilogy
    HP & TCOS
    Finding Nerverland
    Revolutionary Road
    Benni & June
    What Women Want
    Notting Hill
    Peter Pan

    #2. @Lady_Skywalker87, where does Star Wars fit in? What about SW draws you in?

    ...See my list is so expansive that I forgot to include the Saga! The PT definitely is one of the top list and I watch it more often than the whole Saga. There are alot more murky, a lot more human despite its flaws and they make the OT a lot richer...never been a fan of really straight forward stories and without them, I probably would not be here. Out of the OT Love ANH because of its "English" feel...As for ESB and ROTJ are still good just don't see them as much. I hope the next Q allows me to expand on this cuz I got to go.

    #3.Sure, can expand on why you don't enjoye ESB and ROTJ as much at ANH @Lady_Skywalker87?

    @Seerow: I don't know. I guess it is because only Luke, Obi, Yoda Vader and Palps feel like actual characters in those than the rest of them....with the PT more so. For example, the reason I prefer Padmè over Leia is because Padmè is much more rounder on paper even if her execution is far from perfect in the eyes many... if anything Leia is as openended as her mother; everyone else is "what you see is what you get" which doesn't appeal to me very much very much. Perhaps that is why I don't like TCW....I wish it would be more like ATALB.

    #4 @Lady_Skywalker87, List your 10 favorite male characters in Star Wars. Why are they your favorites?


    In no particular order:

    Anakn/Vader: its usually the kind of character or person as you can see by my avatar I'm in a sense attracted to not because they a primitive fashion, but because they are aspects of them I see in myself and in the case of Anakin, I enjoy greatly his dry humor. That said, I would marry him or John in a heartbeat!

    Yoda: One of my great mentors and so cute! Also, Imo the true redeemer of the order.

    QGJ: Another mentor & and what the Jedi should have been.

    Snubie: Everything Yoda is x100!

    King Manchucho: BIGGEST SWEETHEART EVER!!!!

    Tee Watt katta:Finally someone with the guts to stand up to the corrupt Jedi!

    OW : a perfect Jedi cording to the standards of the Order therefore reflects its flaws and love Ewan.

    Ferus Olin: HOT!

    Palpatine: From Noah Cross to mad with power - BRILLIANT!

    Jar-Jar: because he's the innocence that misplaces trust.

    3PO: Tries so hard despite being under appreciated at times.

    R2: Just Awesome!

    Wrenga Jixton: Coolest agent Vader ever had!

    #5. If you could put these characters into a deathmatch, who would win @Lady_Skywalker87?

    @Seerow: Oh how did I forget Luke & Dooku on that List!

    In a deathmatch of everybody? I don't know... Could would be Luke, Yoda, Sinube, QGJ and Dooku because of their cool heads. R2 because...well he's R2. Anakin/Vader as long a cool head, and King Manchucho who can overwhelm everyone with kindness.

    #6. Then if I asked you to enclude five more favorites from TCW on your list of favorite characters, who would they be @Lady_Skywalker87?

    Senator Chuchi: More backbone than TCW Padmè for sure.
    Krell: Interesting concept.
    Ventress: Always interesting though I feel "The Nightsisters" Trilogy ruined her.
    Trench & Tuuk: Best new villians of the show ever!

    #7 Which Star Wars soundtrack songs inspire you the most @Lady_Skywalker87?

    Duel of Fates.
    Anakin's Theme.
    Across the Stars.
    Love Pledge And arena.
    Padmè's Ruminations.
    Hologram/Binary Sunset.
    Leia's News/Light of the Force.
    Princess Leia's Theme
    Luke and Leia's theme
    Yoda's Theme.
    The Asteroid Field.

    #8. What planet in the SW Universe would you most like to live on @Lady_Skywalker87?

    Easy! I would live on Naboo...the lush, body of water, seemly warm climate...just seems very Spring like, very alive. Rodia and Endor for the same reasons and Aleen...I just love the Aleena!

    #9. Which Jedi do you think got the best Order 66 scene @Lady_Skywalker87?

    @Seerow: Yala and Mundi...get chocked up every time I see it. It really brings home the gravity of what's happening.

    #10. What are you five favorite episodes of TCW and why are they your favorite @Lady_Skywalker87?

    In no perticuar order:

    Jedi Crash duo: Great Character development all around. It was also nice to see the Oder and Republic being question by Neutrals.
    Ambush: Most balanced portrayal of Yoda in the show EVER.
    Trespass: Nice to see the Jedi be peace keepers for once and Riyo Chuchi was awesome.
    Mercy Mission: Cutest episode ever!
    Corruption: Even though some plot points are not the greatest, it really illustrates how difficult it may be for a person who believes in the diplomacy to hold their ideals or a planet to remain neutral when they are being affected by the war directly.
    One of best political episodes IMO.

    #11. @Lady_Skywalker87. What season premiere of TCW do you find the best? If you could go back in a time and change it what improvements would you make?

    @Seerow I thought the Kamino arc was great but having 99 dying was a huge cornball. it would have worked better had he lived imo.

    12. @Lady_Skywalker87, Many fans consider season 3 and season 4 to be the worse seasons made so far. If you could go back in time and make improvements. What would you do to make those seasons better and more interesting?

    Seerow : It would have been better to ask what I would not improve upon. The main issue that I have is the writing. But in order for that to occur the whole structure has to change. I would make it a character driven story; tide up loose ends and make it about the characters that really do matter and keep a more linear approach to this… Also I would try to respect the EU of these era as the PT movies much as possible by building on what was already established …I’m not a big EU fan but it makes me upset that the crew has such a disregard of the people who in part had hand in devoping the SW world and keeping the franchise alive as well as its fans…plus the CW era I find quite good. I always said the show seems to be about pleasing the people who disliked the PT and a sometimes seemly desperate attempt to keep alive for the younger generation, who btw is overly under estimated by the crew, then to tell the story of the war and all involved. Don’t me wrong, the show has had some great ideas ,but they are often stupidly developed or dropped altogether; Also I would spread the character development around…Why in the freaking world new characters more often than not get actual development over those of the SAGA??? Makes no sense whatsoever!!!! Not only that but the Saga cast gets a complete rewrite to the point of portayed in such a genetic manner it makes me sick…This is still PT era…Give me food for thought through and through! Some people might say this a kids show but that’s no excuse....ATLAB is a great example of this…I stopped watching because the show just lacks substance in my opinion…but it does have potential to be great which is what makes me sad about all this.

    #13. Who is your favorite PT or OT in The Clone Wars? What do you like about that character in The Clone Wars @Lady_Skywalker87?
    PT: Obi-Wan is still the most solid of solid of the bunch despite mishaps...I like how the show paint him as quite a ladies man, really enjoy his banter with Ventress and Satine.
    OT: Tarkan - Even though the episode he was featured was terrible, I liked how through his conversation with Anakin and what not we got a peek into his psyche. Probably the only OT "guest" that has been handled with actual decency imo.

    Thanks for giving me both. =)
    #14. If you lived in the Star Wars Universe, what occupation would you most like to have @Lady_Skywalker87?
    @Seerow: Your welcome!
    Do Jedi healers get to travel? I assume would be pretty awesome to me a peace keeper of that sort; help beings physically as well as otherwise...I dreamed of being doctor when little, but circumstances lead me down another path, and I always liked learning about as well as understanding different cultures and what not. I desire greatly to travel. Also I always been intrigued by political science, which I assume all Jedi are taught to some degree.

    14. @Lady_Skywalker87 do you like the Geonosis arc or the Umbara arc better? Why? What would you change in the one you like less.
    If you mean the Geonosis arc of Season 2, then I must say Iike that one had character growth, action and with a cast and I really enjoyed seeing Luminara and Barriss as well as their interaction. One of the things that struck me home at the end of the episode was how Luminara, just like Yala at the end of the Crash Duology is able to recognize Anakin as capable Jedi despite being unorthodox; something the Council doesn’t see since they seem to be more focus on his flaws and how he’s not the “ideal Jedi” to notice; It brings a lot more weight to the tension of the Council scene in ROTS. This along with a few things in the episodes made Ashoka’s off screen training a lot easier to sallow because it showed gradual growth in her and her bond with Anakin to some extent, therefore you see growth in Anakin as well to some extent.

    Now Umbrara: I would make it more about the ethics issue that the existence of the clones creates within the Order. Its funny because when I saw the first episode I thought that’s what we were getting; For starters I don’t really Krell’s views wrong and I find it disgusting that they were twisted to make him the villain of the week. He’s right to some extent, the clones were created seemly to be the muscle and serve the republic; so no massacre or stupid confession. A heated confrontation with Anakin or the Council initiated by the clones would’ve been amazing, specially with Anakin do to his slavery issues resulting in Krell being suspended from his duties would have been great. I would also limit the Clones reactions to not being use to someone other than Anakin. As it stands along with Deserter the Clones are portrayed as too “free thinkers” which greatly undermines their purpose imo. I would make them seek help by bringing the issue to Anakin or the Order.

    15. How would you bring back Maul @Lady_Skywalker87? You have to bring him back.
    @Seerow: I don't know...I like the idea of Palpatine unknowingly bring back to life while experimenting with the force...I honestly believe palpy could've done some experiments in order to learn how to cheat death until he figured Anakin's potential was key to accomplish it. Don't know how it would ply out tho.

    16. If you could bring any character back who would it be @Lady_Skywalker87?
    Marr Tuuk/Trench ...wasn't happy when they died..Best Sepis yet, and Tarplas, he's death shouldn't of happen.

    17. What other TV shows do you like to watch @Lady_Skywalker87?
    1. @Seerow :
    2. Game of Thrones.
    3. Boardwalk Empire.
    4. True Blood.
    5. The walking Dead.
    6. Family Guy.
    7. 90's Simpsoms.
    8. 90's and older toons. Anime somewhat.
    9. ATLAB
    10. Smash.
    11. The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
    #18. What animes are your favorite @Lady_Skywalker87?
    @Seerow Well I grew up on Salor Moon, Dragon Ball & Zodiac they have a special place in my heart. A new favorite would have to be Blood. I always found demons & Vamparies interesting...scared me to death when little..go figure lol. Amazing storyline to match. But in general I find anime a bit more wholesome then current western toons...they appeal to the reader/writer in me lol.

    A fellow Moonie!: #19. What about the LACWAC community do you most enjoy @Lady_Skywalker87?
    @Seerow: Yay another Moonie! Everybody's sense of humor...makes my day!

    20. How LACWACy are you @Lady_Skywalker87?
    @Seerow: It depends on day....I could get VERYLACWACy...Specially if it involves discussion plot, Characterization and the Saga...anyone who has seen my posts on Padmè's the could vouch to that. I live here for weeks!

    Awesome, ready for the Bonus Round?
    21. How many seasons do you think TCW will last, and how would you like to see it end @Lady_Skywalker87?

    @Seerow: I'm paying Season 5 will be the last...but I'm sure it go to a 7th. As long as it doesn't overstep Order 66 & Ashoka is out of the picture by the end, I no longer care how it ends...just want it over with lol.

    Member Name: Coric
    Member Name: Coric

    1. First, let’s talk about your username @Coric. What is the origin of your username and why did you choose to use that as your username?

    My username is based off Karen Traviss's character "Coric"
    When I first joined TF.N, I was known as "rexter-fangirl" I lost my password. (fail)
    I had lurked the Television forum since the end of season 1.. it was obvious that I was a clone lover then. Me being 13/14 at the time, I was deathly afraid of conflict. People like GG scared me! xD After I lost my pass I made a new account named "CoricBrennett" my Clone Wars Adventures name. I was lucky though, because some time after that you were not able to make new accounts. I soon met Fanboy, and he quickly became my friend in LACWAC. When we moved I shortened myself to "Coric"

    2. You have always talked alot about clones @Coric. What about the clones troopers makes them so compelling to you and what about Coric makes him worthy to be your namesake?

    They're sexy CGI men!
    As I matured from the "OMG CLONEZ!!1!!" phase.. I began to appreciate the characters that came from a cloned copy.

    I don't know how to really answer the question.. Coric is a clone.. I like clones. So I chose one with a cool name and personality.

    #3. What are your favorite movies @Coric and where do the SW movies fit in on your favorites list?

    I love war movies. The Hurt Locker and Letters to Iwo Jima being two of my favorites.
    Star Wars is in my top ten. I grew up with the prequels.. so the following information might cause an outcry..
    My favorite Star Wars Movies.. 1 being my favorite (I love them all, mind you)
    1. The Phantom Menace (The first Star Wars movie I watched all the way through)
    2. Empire Strikes Back (I vaguely remember Hoth when I was younger, but I never watched the whole movie)
    3. Revenge of the Sith
    4. Return of the Jedi
    5. Attack of the Clones
    6. A New Hope
    7. TCW movie

    #4. What's your favorite way to watch your favorite movies, do you have a really cool man cave (Or woman cave!) @Coric?

    @Seerow I don't watch a lot of movies.. or tv for that matter... Umm.. I guess.. laying down on a couch?

    Fair enough. #5. What are your five favorite episodes of TCW @Coric and why are they your favorites?

    1. Darkness on Umbara-Lots of drama and clones...
    2. Rookies- Where the Dominos start to fall
    3. Clone Cadets- Before the Dominos were even set up
    5. Hidden Enemy- Jester and his addiction to cleaning his blaster (OH THE INNUENDOS) Chopper was great. Clones.
    Reason: Clones. Lots and lots of clooones!
    Did I mention clones?

    #6. What is your favorite season premiere of The Clone Wars. Are there any you found lacking? What are the improvements and changes you would have made to them @Coric?

    Clone Cadets/ARC Troopers
    The Mon Cala arc bored me.. so I guess that means it lacked something. I would have had less Padme. Always less Padme.

    7. List your 10 favorite male characters in Star Wars. Why are they your favorites? Actually I'll let you include up to 15 if 5 of them are not clones or female @Coric.

    1. Rex
    2. Scorch
    3. Denal
    4. Waxer
    5. Alpha
    6. Coric
    7. Mereel
    8. Cody
    9. Fives
    10. Boba

    8. Many fans consider season 3 and season 4 to be the worse seasons made so far. If you could go back in time and make improvements. What would you do to make those seasons better and more interesting @Coric?

    I didn't find Season 4 weak, it had its moments, but it was.. okay. Season 3 on the other hand sucked. I lost a lot of my interest in TCW when S3 rolled through. I felt it needed more action.. it bored me. I would have had moar space battles and moar battles...
    ...and moar clones!

    9. Do you like the Geonosis arc or Umbara arc better and why @Coric?

    @Seerow: That's easy.. Umbara. As much as I loved the Geonosis action, Umbara was unique, a new idea. Geonosis part 2 was just part 1 but with more clone action and battle strategy.

    10. @Coric, which 5 characters would you most like to see team up?

    1. Fives
    2. Ventress
    3. Obi-wan
    4. Rex
    5. Tup

    11. If you put these characters into "The Box", who would survive besides Obi-wan @Coric?


    The clones would team up against Ventress, first of all.
    Tup would be taken out in the process.
    Ventress would be killed.
    That leaves Fives and Rex.
    Rex and Fives would have a stare-down.
    Rex would apologize and shoot Fives point blank.

    Rex would be victorious.

    I guess that means I can skip the death match question, lol.

    12. How would you have brought Darth Maul back? Yes, you have to bring him back @Coric.

    I would have had Savage find him in a very weakened state, with no legs what so ever.
    I don't care much for Maul/Savage so I really have no interest in this question.. hope that was good enough xD

    Ok. 13. Which Star Wars soundtrack songs have inspired them the most @Coric?

    You mean 13? And inspired who? Me?
    @Seerow: Always loved Duel of the Fates.

    Yeah my bad, 13 and you. Copy and paste fail.

    14 (for real). What planet would you most like to live on and why @Coric?
    @Seerow: Naboo. I like pretty scenery and nice weather. if seems that planet has all of that.

    15. @Coric which Jedi do you think got the best Order 66 scene?
    Ahsoka being shot by Wolffe
    Aayla Secura
    I liked her scene the best. In that moment, though, I wish Bly had hesitated, because Aayla had saved his life many times.. in the comics and in TCW. But I guess that's the droid-like behavior showing in the ROTS clones.
    Sorry, my fanon slipped out there

    We'll come back to that at Coric. =b 16. What other TV Shows do you like to watch @Coric?
    I liked House M.D. when it was airing.
    Family Guy
    Robot Chicken
    Pawn Stars
    Duck Dynasties
    America's Funniest Home Videos
    American Dad

    Those are the only ones I follow

    17. Do you like TCW for the Genndy Series better and why @Coric?
    I have not seen the Genndy series since.. 2009. I love the stories better in the Genndy series, but I love the characters in TCW. I'll have to go with TCW for that reason, but the Genndy series still holds a big place in my heart.

    18. Which character in the Star Wars Universe most inspired you @Coric?
    Obi-wan Kenobi!
    He was my favorite from the start

    18. @Coric Who do you think the most successful villain is in The Clone Wars?
    Darth Sidious, of course.

    #19. What is it about this community that draws you here @Coric?
    I hardly posted on the old boards.. but when we moved here, I felt more welcomed by the smaller crowd of people. In my first day here, I posted more than I did in my 2-3 years on the older boards. Sad huh?
    When LACWAC went to "war" with SWC/CCC, I made a lot of friends, and I noticed the community wind tighter together. For about a month, life on this board was good. Everyone was socializing and conversing about topics, TCW or not. After we got our own LACWAC board, we had a few weeks of normalcy.

    And then the fire nation attacked.

    Home is where the Wack is..

    #20. How LACWACy are you anyways @Coric?
    Me? Oh I think you know the answer to that one..

    #21. @Coric, I know your artistically inclined so here we go. Illustrate a final scene for TCW.


    Member Name: anakinfansince1983

    #1. @anakinfansince1983, I'll assume you picked your username because your an Anakin fan. What do you like about Anakin so much?


    The sound bite version: he allowed himself to be loved into full being. He came back from the depths of hell to save the son who had loved him and believed in him unconditionally. In real life such an idealistic ending is very rare; it's always refreshing to see it on screen.

    Now grab a beer and some nachos, kids, I'm about to tell you a story.

    I went into the theater in 1983 expecting two things: that Darth Vader the ***hole's below-the-belt lie about being Luke's father would be revealed as such, and that Luke would kick his ass. Obviously I got the surprise that Vader was telling the truth, and my opinion of him changed some right away. When Luke said, "Then my father is truly dead" and Vader leaned over the railing, I thought I saw something behind the mask--regret? Sadness? I wanted to know more. But the biggest surprise of all was the ending. Vader's looking back and forth from his mentor and friend to his son being electrocuted by that mentor is still suspenseful even after almost 30 years--because I wasn't anticipating the ending, which to this day leaves me cheering "Yes! HE DID IT!". (And I prefer Silent!Vader to the Blu-Ray version but that's another topic.)

    From the moment I first saw that scene, I wanted to know who Anakin Skywalker was and what had caused him to make such horrible choices in the first place. I imagined him being a strong and powerful Jedi who was respected for his skill but was philosophically at odds with the rest of the Jedi. I imagined him being loyal to his loved ones and willing to risk anything to save them, per the final scene of ROTJ. I also imagined him as a feisty smartass like his daughter, who is my favorite OT character other than Han. I wasn't disappointed when the prequels came around. Of course his attitude in a few scenes left me wondering whether he needed to be slapped upside the head or downside it, but generally speaking, I saw a guy who really wanted to do the right thing and just had a really wrong way of going about it. I also saw a guy who did not quite fit into the constricts of the society in which he was growing up, and that is something I could understand.

    And even if I couldn't--the speeder chase scene and the meadow scene in AOTC and the opening scene in ROTS would leave me liking him. When I first saw the dialogue for the speeder chase scene, I thought, "Yes! The Anakin I imagined has arrived!". TCW Anakin has reinforced that element of his personality and I'm very happy about that.

    #2. Who are your other 9 favorite characters in the Star Wars Universe @anakinfansince1983?

    It's not a popular opinion, I thought it deserved a hell of an answer.

    @Seerow, in no particular order:

    1. Leia. Because ever since I was five years old, I wanted to be her when I grew up. I still do.

    2. Han. My first Star Wars crush. And unlike the other Star Wars characters, all of his lines are memorable and awesome.

    3. Obi-Wan. Poor, sad, tragic, wise man. Lived 20 years of his life in regret, finally able to have peace knowing that he would be able to help Anakin's son.

    4. Qui-Gon. The only prequel Jedi wise enough to be in tune with the Living Force. And the Journal of the Whills.

    5. Shmi. I'm a mother and her choice resonates with me for better and for worse. I feel for her in that she was stuck in such a horrible situation that she felt that the best option for her son was to send him away from her. She also seemed to be doing well raising Anakin alone under the circumstances. I'm glad she found freedom and happiness in her last few years, and the sheer brutality and senselessness of her death angers me to no end.

    6. Yoda. His wisdom, his courage to survive, and the fact that he reached a level of Zen that few if any of us mere mortals will ever achieve.

    7. Mace. Sheer badassery with a heart underneath.

    8. Padme. We initially saw her as a Queen willing to defend her planet, at blaster point if necessary. But we also saw Luke Skywalker's mother: forgiveness, unconditional love, "there is still good in him."

    9. Dooku. A villain, but a gentleman, a sad villain who seemed tired if the whole game. I felt for him when he died, and I rarely say that about movie villains.

    10. Owen. Under that gruff exterior was a heart of gold.

    And he was the first character to tell 3PO to shut up. That's enough to make me like him right there.

    #3. What are your favorite movies @anakinfansince1983 and where do the Star Wars movies fit into that?

    Seerow: Whenever I get asked about my favorite movies, I almost always list the Star Wars saga first.

    Other favorites:

    The Back to the Future trilogy. Time travel and a young Michael J. Fox. Win-win.

    Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Last Crusade, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. No Temple of Doom, as Willie Scott makes me want to gouge out my eardrums with a spork.

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off. This was the one we watched over and over when I was in high school. "Life moves by pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you might miss it."

    City Slickers. "You know what the secret of life is. One thing. Once you figure that out, the rest don't mean ****."

    American Pie, the first three, haven't seen Reunion. Because there was this one time, at band camp... (kidding there; the movies are just hilarious)

    When Harry Met Sally. Why, yes, men and women can be friends. And a real friend still calls you after you fake an orgasm in a restaurant.

    Home Alone 1 and 2. Good slapstick, and I enjoy seeing criminals get pwned by an 8-year-old kid at Christmastime.

    Avatar. *sigh*. Pandora...

    4. @anakinfansince1983, did you see the TCW movie in theaters? What was your first thoughts after you saw that movie?

    @Seerow: I didn't. I was on a fandom hiatus of sorts from early 2005 to early 2009, didn't do much of anything related to Star Wars. I actually got interested in TCW series after reading some info on these boards, and I started with Season 1 rather than the movie.

    I ended up buying the movie DVD and I enjoyed it. Starting with Season 1 left me with the question "Who the hell decided to give Anakin a Padawan and what was he or she smoking at the time?". The movie answered that, sort of. And I liked that Obi-Wan seemed to enjoy teaching whereas Anakin just thought Ahsoka would get in his way; that seemed realistic.

    I also liked the theme of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," and the political aspect of a government doing business with those they'd rather not, simply because an inordinate amount of power is in the hands of one of the galaxy's more disgusting creatures. I liked Anakin's being forced to confront his past by returning to Tatooine. The novelization for the movie goes a lot into his guilt over the Tusken slaughter, and then of course there was Ahsoka's line about old sins casting long shadows.

    There is a bit of irony with Padme uncovering the Hutt double-cross as well, Jabba owing a Republic Senator a debt of sorts.

    The movie is not on par with the saga itself but I enjoyed it.

    5. @anakinfansince1983 What's your favorite way to watch T.V. and movies. On the computer or in your mancave (Ladies can have these as well. =b)? @Seerow: We just got a new TV for Christmas; it's my first flat screen, Internet accessible, with a Blu-Ray player. So...yeah; in my living room on the couch with a glass of wine. I'll stream on the PC once in awhile, including TCW episodes, but it's not nearly as comfortable.

    6. Which Star Wars movie is your favorite and why @anakinfansince1983?

    @Seerow: Return of the Jedi. If Lucas had stopped after ESB, I'd probably only be a casual fan today. My favorite aspect of ROTJ is Anakin's return to the light side, the fact that Luke and his mother before him had been right all along about there still being good in him. Even before his return to the light, I enjoyed the fact that Vader seemed more complex and not quite so villainous in this movie.

    The movie has other great aspects as well: Luke and Leia discovering that they are siblings, Yoda's commentary in his own death, Luke confronting Obi-Wan about his "certain point of view," Lando redeeming himself as a friend to Han, Han and Leia romance, a legion of the Emperor's "best men" getting their asses handed to them by a group of flesh-eating 3PO-worshipping teddy bears.

    #7. What are your 5 favorite episodes of TCW and why @anakinfansince1983?


    In no particular order:

    1. Padawan Lost. I liked seeing how Anakin reacted to Ahsoka's disappearance and I liked his conversation with Plo Kloon, in which Plo had him consider how he (Anakin) trained Ahsoka to get herself out of the mess.

    2. Brain Invaders. Anakin choking Poggle and the grey moral area that that act falls under (IMO). It was wrong, and not the Jedi way, but in doing so, Anakin saved Ahsoka and Barriss' lives.

    3. Evil Plans. Anakin and Padme in a domestic scene. "Droid spa" LMAO. The reality of political ass-kissing.

    4. Destroy Malevolence.

    "Oh, the things you do to get me alone..."
    "Stop. Talking."

    'Nuff said.

    5. Cargo of Doom. Anakin opening the holocron and endangering the lives of thousands of Force-sensitive children in order to save Ahsoka's life was wrong on multiple levels but it was also in character for him, showed his attachment to Ahsoka and foreshadowed what is to come.

    Honorable mention would be Senate Spy. I enjoy the beginning and the end of it both for the domestic scenes and the politics, but Sir Creeps-A-Lot ruined the rest of it.

    Another honorable mention: Pursuit of Peace. I found the politics interesting and sadly, a bit relevant.

    Third honorable mention: Jedi Crash. Injured Anakin, worried Ahsoka, and Aayla Secura lecturing on attachment.

    #8. Which season of TCW is your least favorite and why @anakinfansince1983 . If you could go back in a time machine and make the season better how would you do it?

    @Seerow: I'd probably have to go with Season 4, even though I haven't watched every episode. Ahsoka, whom I really liked in Seasons 1 and 2, went from a fun feisty smartass who was Anakin's match in defiance, to Wonder Girl Padawan who had to save everyone's ass all the time. Obi-Wan, on the other hand, now seems incapable of brushing his teeth without getting pwned by the toothbrush. And of course there's the resurrection of Darth Kenny from SouthPark Maul, a scenario probably concocted by Filoni while writing a sonnet beginning with "How can I pwn Obi-Wan? Let me count the ways."

    Season 3 had Craptis (thanks @GGrievous for that one) but I've been more disappointed with Season 4.

    How would I change it? Let's see...

    1. Let sleeping Zabrak Sith Lords lie.

    2. No Randy either. Instead of playing the Count the Villains game, I say focus on Dooku plus one acolyte--Ventress. What they've done with her so far has been interesting even if retconned from earlier comics, and I would like to see more of her rather than the brothers.

    3. Obi-Wan would kick someone's ass. (No, not Anakin's. Shut up.). Maybe one of the bounty hunters. Boba looks like he could use a good ass-kicking.

    4. Ahsoka would get pwned, in a way that Plo Kloon could not stand up for her.

    5. Anakin would retrieve his own damn scuba mask in Water War.

    That's all I can think of; as much as I disliked the Jedi ****ing around with Anakin's emotions in the Hardeen arc, it made sense in the larger story that they would do that.

    Lol, think I should as anakinfan the Maul question gang?
    9. What characters would you like to team up in TCW @anakinfansince1983?


    I'm a big fan of Karen Miller's Clone Wars books, and because of that, I'd like to see a show in which Anakin, Obi-Wan, Padme and Bail team up, with Padme and Bail doing all the political meandering and the Jedi handling the action. In Stealth and Siege, Bail got information via a colleague of his on a mission that Dooku and Lok Durd were planning, Padme did some legwork based on some information she had, and Anakin and Obi-Wan did the pursuit. I'd like to see an arc on the show based on a similar premise.

    10. Which of these characters you want to team up besides Obi-wan would survive "The Box" @anakinfansince1983?

    @Seerow: Tough one. Bail would get pwned within the first few minutes; Padme would try to save him but it wouldn't work. So it's between Anakin and Padme and it could go two ways there: either Anakin would die trying to protect Padme, or Padme would die and Anakin in his anger would turn to the Dark Side early. The latter scenario may be more likely.

    Either way, I've just ****ed up established canon worse than TCW writers.

    11. @anakinfansince1983, who do you think wins the arguments that come with marriage? Anakin or Padme? =b

    @Seerow: I'm sure it depends on what they're arguing about, but I'm going to go with Padme having better odds. Anakin is an emotional person and while I don't want to say that emotional people never win arguments, it's hard to adequately defend one's POV when your main focus is (loudly) convincing the other person that he or she is "wrong" as opposed to trying to have a meeting of the minds. Padme, OTOH, is rational; up until Mustafar (which I refuse to count because Anakin was bats), she was always able to make him see reason, set him straight, or both. In the series, Senate Spy was a good example of her setting him straight.

    If they were arguing battle strategy or how to fix a droid, I think Anakin would win; otherwise my money is on Padme.

    12. Do you have any favorite SW video games @anakinfansince1983?

    @Seerow: That one is easy. Nope. I'm not familiar with them enough to pick one. My eyes glaze over when I read the gaming posts here. *waves cane*. "Where are the people who play Pac-Man?".

    The information that can be pulled from the KOTOR games looks interesting but yeah, I'm way too ignorant to pick one.

    13. @anakinfansince1983, which characters would you most like to bring back from the dead in SW?


    Qui-Gon: there is an ongoing debate on whether Anakin would have turned had he survived, and I don't want to get into that one, I can see both arguments. I do think, however, that he "got" Anakin better than the other Jedi did in spite of the best efforts of the other Jedi. I also think that he was the only PT-era Jedi with a balanced focus on the Living Force, whereas the others were focused on the Unifying Force.

    And just his telling off Plagueis in that novel made me wish he had lived.

    Shmi: no Anakin nightmares in AOTC, or none that came to fruition. No Tusken slaughter. And when the nightmares came in ROTS, Anakin does not have the failure to save his mother haunting him, and therefore his desperation to save Padme might not have been so intense.

    Plus her death was cruel and senseless. No one deserves to die so horrifically, least of all Shmi.

    The people of Alderaan. Because Tarkin should have just looked for a base on Dantooine instead.

    #13. Ok, I'ma do it. How would you bring Maul back @anakinfansince1983? You have to bring him back.
    Since his tattoos are red, can I bring him back and drop him in Kenan Stadium for the Tar Heels to use for tackling practice before they play the Wolfpack?
    ...kidding. I won't bring him back as a really bad fan fic.

    I'd probably bring him back via Palpatine and a Venamis-like experiment. Palpatine really wants to learn the secret of immortality so Maul becomes his practice dummy. And when he does reappear, he is no longer a "Darth". He's a mere assassin and he must answer to Ventress at all times.

    #14. What other TV shows do you enjoy watching @anakinfansince1983?

    I dropped most TV during my last year of grad school just because it was so intense, but...

    Warning, guilty pleasure below...

    I was really into Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice their first few seasons.

    Other than that I like to watch the late-night comedy talk show stuff--Letterman, SNL, the Daily Show--and I like a couple of MSNBC regulars, Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz.

    I miss the sitcoms of the 90s: Dharma and Greg, Michael J. Fox's Spin City, the Drew Carey Show, the Hughleys; and the 80s sitcoms, Family Ties and the early Cosby Show seasons.

    #15. Do you line the Genndy Clone Wars or TCW better and why @anakinfansince1983?

    @Seerow: TCW. I just couldn't get into the Genndy series for some reason although a few parts were good, like Anakin's Knighting ceremony and the scene with Anakin in the cave (sorry, I don't remember the episode).

    And one thing that might seem picky: the animation. Much better in this series, it threw me off in the Genndy series.

    16. Which songs on the SW sound track inspire you the most @anakinfansince1983?


    Across the Stars
    Anakin's Theme
    Luke and Leia's Theme
    The Return of the Jedi
    Ewok Celebration and Finale
    The Imperial March

    17. @anakinfansince1987, what planet would you most like to live on? (I hope I'm not reasking questions, lol. )

    @Seerow: with the weather being what is right now, my first instinct is to say Hoth. Hoth is really appealing at the moment.

    My avatar is Endor, which I really like because one of my favorite places to be is the middle of the woods, but I won't make Endor my chosen planet due to the possibility if getting kidnapped and eaten by stormtrooper-ass-kicking teddy bears.

    I'm going with Alderaan before Tarkin got hold of it. It was a peaceful planet with no weapons, it was lush and green with lots of mountains and natural areas. Its people seemed to really value intellectual pursuits as well as social justice. And Bail Organa, a politician better than any we have in our world, was in charge.

    #18: Which planet would you destroy if you were Grand Moff Tarkin in A New Hope? And you have to destroy one.

    Ugh, I hate destroying planets. I'm a lover, not a fighter.

    Probably Hoth, since it's uninhabited, at least at that time, and it would also keep the Rebels from using it as a base--it was a very convenient base with its location along major trade routes.

    #19: Which TCW character would be your best friend?

    Anakin. He's not so whiny and seems fun to be around in TCW, with his sarcastic wit at its best.

    #20: What about the LACWAC community draws you in?

    @AkashKedavra_93: You all are hilarious. If I'm having a bad day, it's almost guaranteed that I can log in here, read through a couple of threads and end up laughing. And that's in the absence of amusing trolls named after planetary satellites.

    Aside from the entertainment value, this is also the best place for good commentary on the episodes and characters. I've learned a lot here about different perspectives on the show.

    I didn't participate as much on the old boards; I lurked a lot in the Disco but you all seemed to know each other and I wasn't sure about jumping in. (Don't know if this will surprise anyone or not but I'm painfully shy in real life.). When the temp boards started I figured, hell, I know about half of you from the Movie forums anyway. Now I kind of wish I had jumped in sooner.

    I did participate some in a certain 200-page-long thread in which the majority of opinions fell under two extremes: one, Ahsoka deserves to be beaten to death by a thousand rabid monkey lizards, and two, if you don't like Ahsoka, you probably worship Satan and eat kittens for breakfast. Barriss_Coffee and GARTH_MAUL deserved a paycheck just for that one.

    I also really liked the episode discussion threads and I'm looking forward to those in the fall.

    #21: How would you have Ahsoka find about Anakin and Padmé? And she has to find out.

    @AkashKedavra_93: I'm actually cool with the idea of her finding out but I think the Council rule is dumb anyway. And Obi-Wan knew something, he just wasn't discussing it. Ahsoka is a little more blunt.

    Anyway, in the absence of anything more creative, I say she just walks around a pillar in the Senate building and catches them playing tonsil hockey, with Anakin being so engrossed that he doesn't sense her coming (or doesn't care).

    "Um, Master?"
    "Snips! What are you doing?"
    "Shouldn't I be asking you that?"
    "No! I mean...let's talk about you and Bonteri! You have no room to say anything!"
    "Um, yeah, Master, we need to talk..."
    "Later, alright? I'm kind of in the middle of something."

    Member Name: darthboba

    #1. @darthboba, lets talk about your username. What is the origin of your username and why did you choose to use that as your username?

    Well, from what I remember in the briny depths of time, I mainly picked my username because my 19-year-old self thought it sounded cool. I've thought about changing it because it is quite corny, but my wife convinced me not to.

    2. @darthboba, Then Darth Vader and Boba Fett are not your favorite characters?

    No, actually. Darth Vader is one of my faves, but Boba...not so much

    Shocking!: 3. Who are your 9 other favorite male characters in Star Wars then @darthboba?

    9. Borsk Fey'la. Who does not love to hate Borsk? Also, his last name sounds like "failure"

    8. Nute Gunray. Pretty much the same category-dumb and greedy. His incompetence is amusing.

    7. Dash Rendar. Because..why not? He has funky shoulder pads. And a cool ship.

    6. Mace Windu. Ah, Mace. If only you hadn't gone with the OT-esque baseball lightsabre slash, but rather a PT-esque thrust. (YOU SHOULD KNOW FROM WATCHING THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK THAT BASEBALL SLASHES DO NOT WORK.) About as close to Batman as we'll ever get in the Star Wars galaxy, too.

    5. Admiral Piett. Always wished Vader's little band of Most Favored Imperials got more attention. I wonder if they share "don't get the boss mad" tips.

    4. Yoda. I like that Lucas had the balls to not make him omniscient in the prequels.

    3. Captain Tarpals. Always liked the competent, quiet Gungan.

    2. Luke. Classical hero..

    1. Vader....And his evil doppelganger.

    4. What tracks from the SW soundtracks inspire you the most @darthboba?

    The Dark Side Beckons. Also Clash Of Lightsabres and Boys Into Battle.

    5. What planet in the Star Wars Universe would you move like to live on @darthboba?

    Coruscant after the Vong.

    6. Which Jedi do you think go the best order 66 scene @darthboba?

    Ki-Adi, totally. There's just something about his scene that evokes the Red Army's officer purges of the 1930s, with a splash of the Cultural Revolution thrown in.

    7. @darthboba, what are your five favorite episodes of TCW?

    @Seerow: The Umbara and Geonosis arcs.

    8. Do you like the Umbara or Geonosis arc better and why @darthboba?

    @Seerow: The Umbara arc by far. The Geonosis arc takes a turn from gritty warfare to a goof plot about mind-controlling worm zombies. And the Queen is a sad travesty of the Alien Queen from Aliens. Which, in and of herself wasn't as horrifying as the full life cycle originally seen in Alien, but was still deserving of more than a high-pitched two-packs-a-day voice.

    Umbara gets horrifying fast and never lets go, by contrast.

    Edit, again: Star Wars is sorely crying out for an Infinities conflict where a platoon of clones and go find a colony full of xenomorphs. Burke could work for KDY.

    9. @darthboba, if we put your favorite characters into "The Box" who would get out alive?

    Darth Vader and Luke. Because the empire always strikes back!

    #10. Which season premiere of TCW was your favorite @darthboba and how would you have improved it?

    Oh, man. This is tough. From what I remember...season 1. Yoda casually punking Ventress was great.

    Cant really think of how I'd improve it, though.

    #11. Which season is your least favorite @darthboba. If you could go back in a time machine and fix it what would you do?

    Mmm...probably season two. Just missed the spectacle that is integral to star wars. There's an element of showmanship to this universe that season two just didn't have.

    12. Which dead characters would you most like to bring back @darthboba?

    In the EU in general, or specifically Clone Wars?

    EU in general-people are going to hate me for this, but Palpatine. We've had three series of consistently more lame villains-bugs, Darth Whiner, and FREAKING DAALA- and it's high time they acknowledge they can't top Palpatine as a villain.

    The Clone Wars-General Tarpaals.

    13. Your turn, how would you bring back Maul? You have to bring him back @darthboba?

    Ever read Resurrection-the Tales comic about that? Exactly that.

    14. Do you play any SW video games? What are/were you favorites @darthboba?

    @ Seerow: Yeah, I do. Republic Commando is the best SW game out of the ones that interest me.

    14. @darthboba, what would the perfect SW game be for you?

    @Seerow: A longer Republic Commando sequel.

    #15: How would you have Ahsoka live at the end of the series? And yes, she has to live...

    First, and short-lived, Emperor's Hand. Vader gets to watch the last thing he might've been able to care about die.

    #16: Which Star Wars characters have inspired you the most?

    For sheer will-no question, it's Luke. Dude does not take 'impossible' for an answe.

    #17: Which original TCW villain has been your favorite addition to the Star Wars universe?

    Probably the mad scientist dude from Blue Shadow Virus. Can't remember his name, but it was nice to see the EU theme of Sep bioweapons continued.

    His name was Nuvo Vindi: #18: Which planet would you destroy if you were in Grand Moff Tarkin's place in A New Hope?

    Roche. So we could prevent LOTF from happening.

    #19: Which new TCW original species have you found the most intriguing?

    Don't really have one, sorry. Maybe the ground squid/sarlaac thingy from the Umbara arc.

    All right, vixus it is then. #20: What about the LACWAC community draws you in?

    You guys keep a lively debate up.

    Bonus Question: #21: Name five events in order that would cause a serious breach between Anakin and Ahsoka

    Well, I can't really think of five, but I could easily see a split between them if Ahsoka became more like a traditionalist Jedi. Which is the lazy answer.

    Okay, you have to give me at least one.

    But-Let Ahsoka be more openly critical of attachments, or act like TPM Obi-Wan; all upright and THE CODE MASTER!!

    Member Name: Sith Star Slayer

    1. First @Sith Star Slayer: let’s talk about your username. What is the origin of your username and why did you choose to use that as your username?

    You mean this sock?
    Sith Star Slayer was my bright idea for a codename for Luke Sky Walker.
    I didn't want to look like anybody else and I didn't care if anyone got the reference but me.
    So, I guess I've been rather-wac from the jump.

    #2: Which Jedi got the worst Order 66 scene?

    -Aayla Secura.
    As one of my favorite EU characters, it was hard to watch when the clones continued to fire upon her, after she fell. @AkashKedavra_93

    @Sith Star Slayer: #3: What are your favorite films and where does Star Wars fit in?

    Goodfellas, Godfather I&II, Eastern Promises, Snatch, Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels, Shawshank, Terms of Endearment, Jaws, Fast Times, Underworld, Drive, Saving Private Ryan, U-571, Slingblade, The Program, Transformers, Training Day, the Bourne series, Bond movies, Indiana Jones, Christmas Story, Clark Griswald, King Kong original B&W, Gone with the Wind, Misery, Casablanca, Reign of Fire, Ninja-Assassin, Enter the Dragon, Terminator, If only, Black Stallion, Secretariat, I could go on and on.

    My tastes are quite varied, but Star Wars sits atop my list.

    #4: How would you have improved TCW movie?

    The first thing I would have done was make it a true, stand alone event, because I think using episodes was lazy way to begin. Star Wars was an adventure, new faces, new places and none of it made real sense at the time, but that didn’t matter because the journey was fun to get lost in! TCW movie captured none of that. The first half was overloaded and the second half limped to the finish line. I decided to list the changes as they come to me instead of trying to re-weave the entire movie.

    1.) The Conflict.
    For the lead-in, I would have liked to see much less of Anakin/ Tano and more of the Galaxy at War. If there are heroes on both sides, then show us. Introduce us to the major players and let them provide the character POV’s to support the claims of the CIS; show us glimpses of REAL corruption inside the Republic or guys like Bail struggling with the Jedi’s willingness to deal in shades of grey.

    Its war.
    Emotionally involve us.

    2.) The Teams.
    I would have preferred to see more of a preview of who is involved; a re-introduction to the teams, if you will. We should have been presented with reasons to root for the different factions. The pilot could have set the table for each group, CIS, Republic, Jedi, Sith, Clones, Bounty-Hunters and the Senate.

    3.) The Players.
    Less is more and more is less. I think the biggest mistake was made when Tano just dropped in out of nowhere. Anakin’s character arc deserved more than that and without any kind of setup, accepting Tano was made harder than it needed to be. If the main purpose of TCW movie was to follow Anakin, then he should have been made to struggle with attachment issues, with the climax of the film being the Padawan-introduction. This would have lead us right into the show….

    4.) The Writing.
    I remember being annoyed by “Skyguy”… every time I heard it. I felt that they tried a little too hard, to make one-liners, funny. The story wasn’t all that exciting, and where they traveled didn’t motivate me either. I’ve been to Tatooine so many times, I can’t count. lol I wanted more of everything Clone Wars, not a feature presentation on how Father Skywalker once did business with Jabba the Hutt.

    5.) The Music.
    It wasn’t bad at all, but…

    No John Williams.

    6.) Overall.
    The Clone Wars was entertaining, if unspectacular. But it was good enough for me to want to see more of the show. So in the end, it did the job.

    @Sith Star Slayer: Possible one of the best answers yet! Great job!
    #5: List the Star Wars films you liked, from least to best.

    6.) AOTC

    5.) ROTJ

    4.) TPM

    3.) Star Wars

    2.) Revenge of the Sith

    1.) The Empire Strikes Back


    ((This is the order I have them in, on my shelf))

    #6: What was the most endearing moment of The Phantom Menace for you? In other words, what did it do the best?

    @AkashKedavra_93: I don't have an endearing moment from TPM to cite, but do I have Qui Gon Jinn throughout.

    That works fine!: @Sith Star Slayer: #7: What are your Top 5 favorite episodes of TCW so far and why?

    5.) Rookies
    Clone centered episode, enough said.

    4.)The Deserter
    Rex, got injured and look at what he found?
    A brother!

    3.)Clone Cadets
    Domino Squad was cool, and I was really pleased to see Clone-training.
    The movies never had time for this sort of thing.

    2.)Slaves of the Republic
    Anakin dealing with the emotions of his past?
    I thought this was the best of the best, of all Anakin-centered, episodes.

    1.)The Umbara Arc
    Aside from cardboard-Krell, I loved everything else about Umbara.

    Nice picks!: @Sith Star Slayer: #8: Which 5 episodes of TCW were your least favorite?

    I don't have five that I can name, like my favorites. I don't simply don't care for any droid-centered episodes of The Clone Wars. I mean, I watched them, but... I just can't get into the toon versions of 3PO and R2. Those episodes always feel so out of place to me, like they don't even belong in the show.

    Works fine.: @Sith Star Slayer: #9: Which one word describes you the best and why?

    I'm a perfectionist; motivated the most, by my own flaws.
    I strive every single day, to be a better man than I was the day before.

    #10: Which quality do you find the most attractive in other people, besides perfectionism?

    Passion. I admire internal fires.

    #11: If you were a dictator, how would you like other people to view you: with love, respect, or fear?

    Respect. Can't honestly get ANY of that; without at least having one of the others.

    #12: If you could make your own country out of the U. S., which states would you include?

    Washington State, specifically Lake Sammamish.
    Next to Israel, there isn't a place on earth that I'd rather be.

    #13: What soundtracks from the Star Wars Saga do you like the most?

    My first vinyl purchase was the soundtrack to TESB. And I wore out the needle.
    I enjoy all of the character themes and have always loved the Imperial March, but my favorite piece of music in all the saga is (before, during and after) when Obi-Wan asks Padme if Anakin is the father. I whistle that tune all the time. ("Anakin's Dark Deeds")

    I whistle that piece while I workout at home, my female chow loves it. She comes down stairs and sits right by the dumbell rack n wags her tail. When my boy hears it, that means its time to

    #14: Which is your favorite Padmé moment in the prequels?

    I have two of them.
    2.) on Geonosis: "No. I call it aggressive negotiations."
    1.) on Tatooine: When she decides to go rescue Obi-Wan.

    #15: How would you show the suffering of the Nabooian people in The Phantom Menace?

    I would have unleashed Darth Maul upon one of the prison camps.
    I never understood how the Naboo were starving in less than a week, or what kind of suffering that they had to endure?
    Send Maul in there...
    Nothing further, yer honor.

    Great answer!: #16: What Star Wars character has inspired you the most? The least?

    The best that I can give you is, who I relate to the most and the most uninspiring, major characters. Bad before good, means the droid moron gets picked apart first. I cannot fathom the rationale behind the creation of a Sith training droid, equipped with an organic brain. Don't tell me about anything, nothing OOU can ever justify ignoring IU history. This is Star Wars. Jedi kick *** with the force. But not against grievous. How dumb does he look with mechno-Maul running around, force-palming people's faces? But enough with the venom, it's time to switch gears.

    If I were a Star Wars character from the movies, it would have to be Qui Gon Jinn.
    There isn't anyone else; other than Quinlan Vos, in the discussion.

    No need to explain Qui Gon, right?

    #17: Which TCW villains would you want to see together in a Box-like situation, and who would win?

    Maul & Grievous. Maul wins because when the droid moron's usefulness is at an end, so is he.

    #18: Which other TV shows do you enjoy watching?

    To be honest, I don't watch much TV these days. There are only 3 other shows that I actively Tivo and they are: Game of Thrones, Men at Work & Anger Management. I used to enjoy NCIS, but not all the CSI-spinoffs. I'm more into movies, having converted a massive video library I tend to dial up one of those, instead the ad-fest that is television. Once Football season kicks in, I have tons of games to watch from Aug to Jan. Believe it or not, in the spring and summer, I go days without turning on my TV. Life is too short to sit around watching commercials.

    #19: Which books have you enjoyed/are enjoying the most?

    Anything that challenges my mind: Torah, Bible, Book of Jasher, Lost books of Khanokh, Kolbrin texts, etc. I love eschatology. I study ley-lines, polarity, magnetism, metaphysics and hieroglyphics. If it has an "ology" at the end, I might be into it.

    Nice, you have a very inquisitive mind I take it.: @Sith Star Slayer: #20: What about the LACWAC community draws you in?

    Yes, my mind is a thousand miles a minute, all the time. ***
    Diversity and enthusiasm, are my two main draws...
    LACWAC is the closest thing to the ol spoiler days, as we'll ever get.

    Bonus Question @Sith Star Slayer!: #21: If you could write your own Star Wars film, regardless of continuity issues, what would it be?

    I would tell the tale of Father Skywalker, who succumbed to the teachings of Lord, Darth Vader, the former apprentice of Jedi Grand Master Oben Kenobi...

    Member Name: Darth_Foo

    #1. @Darth_Foo. Tell us more about your username. What is a Darth foo?

    #1.@Seerow. The name comes from my favorite band the Foo Fighters. When I joined back in '02 the username was going to be FighterofFoo but because TFN is obviously a Star Wars site I went with DarthFoo.
    Or I'm just too much of a UFO nut....

    That's awesome, I love the Foo Fighters.

    #2. Whats Foo Fighters song would me make a theme song for Star Wars and TCW @Darth_Foo?

    @Seerow Well the end of New Way Home would be great for the end of ROTJ, but as a whole I'd have to say My Hero for TCW as a send up to Anakin the "Hero Without Fear". For the SW films perhaps A320 because the mix of orchestra with the band would complement the saga.

    #3. @Darth_Foo what are your favorite movies and where do the Star Wars movies fit into this list?

    Favorite film of all time is Aliens. In my younger years I had tapes of the OT tapped from tv, so by 3rd grade they were gone and SW only a memory until my older brothers got 1st editions of The Thrawn Trilogy novels which I was told I was too young for cuz I was 9. I didn't actually watch them again until the Digital Remasters which came out when I was in 7th grade I think (remember the ad "Own the last time" and we thought it was just marketing). Aliens was there to fill that void. I'm still hoping for an Aliens vs Jedi comic!!!

    For the rest I'll just list to save time:
    The Day the Earth Stood Still (original)
    Return of the Jedi
    Run Lola Run
    Night of the Living Dead (original)

    from here on no particular order
    Cannibal the Musical
    The Man Who Fell To Earth
    Revenge of the Sith
    Fight Club
    Pulp Fiction
    The Bicycle Thief
    Edward Scissorhands
    The Black Cauldron
    Reservoir Dogs
    American Werewolf In London
    Lord of the Rings series
    Man With No Name series

    that should be sufficient I think...

    #4 @Darth_Foo, what were your first throughts after you saw the TCW movie?

    I loved how the ships were movie realistic but the characters were slightly cartoony. Overall I didn't think it was too bad but the worst thing is that it seemed the writers figured no one over 5 would watch it. Every scene they had to restate the plot: "if we don't rescue Jabba's son, we won't have easy access to the Outer Rim!" "If we are to continue fighting in the Outer Rim we have to save Jabba's son" and on and on. The plot stays stagnant through the whole thing.

    Oh and Ashoka. Don't know if I spelled her name wrong and I don't particularly care. I can put up with her in the show but the movie is her worst moments. to Rex- "I'm going to need more experience to make decisions" but the next scene with Anakin "I know what I'm dooooing!!!" I wanted to yell at the screen 'You just said you don't know anything but now you.....aarrgggg!!!!' *head esplode*

    But really other than those three things I did dig it. The battles made up for the negatives.

    #5. What are your five favorite TCW episodes and why are they your favorites @Darth_Foo?

    5. @Seerow
    Had to take some time to think about this one and slim my list. Some of my favorites might cause a stir...

    Shadow of Malevolence- I'm a fleet junkie so a whole episode of Y-wings going to take on a battleship was awesome. The scene in the nebula blew me away like a proton torpedo. We've always heard that Anakin was a good pilot so its nice to actually see that.

    Storm Over Ryloth- The whole trilogy is great but the first is the best imo. I love how Ashoka loses half her squad, showing kids that charging in thinking your always right can add badly. Also this is one of the few times characters really take time to plan a strategy, making full use of the fact they are flying in space and spin ships.

    Death Trap- As a die-hard Boba Fett fan its hard to not love this one. Sure someone should have noticed him sneaking away three times but I can overlook that. I had a nerdgasm when he shot up the ship's reactor. Another interesting aspect is how Boba fits in perfectly with the other kids but can't actually be a part of the group. Poor kid.

    Citadel Arc- Hope I'm not cheating but I'd like to count the arc as one. Whereas Ryloth and the Boba Fett arcs have their bad episodes I thought the Citadel was as close to perfect as TCW gets. Shoot-out jail breaks, using lightsabers as cutting tools to escape (Zahn would be proud), and a space battle! Count me in. Tarkin was very well executed and I was worried at first but this time I wasn't disappointed. How often do we get OT characters that don't seem completely shoehorned in? Its really unfortunate there will never be another reference to the space routes that were supposedly so important.

    Umbara Arc- I have a friend who hasn't seen the OT in more than a decade and hasn't seen any of the PT. After a short Galactic History lesson we watched this arc and he loved it. I feel that besides maybe the Mortis Arc these are the most adult episodes, in this instance because the whole "horror of war" aspect with the indigenous peoples guerrilla fighting the clones on and off for three episodes. I hope we get to see more locals fighting against clones and droids because it makes the war seem more widespread and destructive. Which it should be. This is like the WW1 in the SW galaxy which few corners left untouched.

    6. Who are your10 favorite male characters in Star Wars, I'll let you include 15 if 5 of them are TCW characters @Darth_Foo?

    6. I hope a list is ok because I really don't have anything deep or meaningful to say
    Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett are on the top of the list. After that I'd have to go with:
    Anakin (before Vader)
    If I'm allowed to take from the EU then Ulic Qel-Droma

    I'm not a huge fan of any of the male characters from TCW. The ladies at least get Satine but the guys are pretty bland imo.

    Not to get off on a tangent but I just needed to say that I've been a mostly lurker here since '02, I've posted more in the past week than in the past 2 months

    #7: Which Jedi Masters would you like to see coordinate in a battle together, where would the battle be, and why?

    7. I'd like to see Vos and an original master or tow go to a Sep. homeworld like Cato Neimoidia or maybe a new planet on a stealthy infiltration mission. Some place where they have to find out about Sep. troop movement or something like that but can't be noticed or arrested. They'd be deep in their territory so no backup or hope of escape if caught. We never get to see the GAR's intelligence doing anything so this would be both new and exciting without a ton of explosions and gunfire.

    #8: Which concepts from TCW would you like for the show to explore more?

    8. I squee at space battles so I'd love to see more full fledged battles in space. Ryloth had the best idea with a three-parter: first in space, second the landing, third the end.

    But as far as themes and concepts they need to show more of the 'futility of war' that was touched on in Umbara and Pursuit of Peace. If you want a TCW fortune cookie style answer it'd be IN WAR THERE ARE NO WINNERS or something like that. I really enjoy hearing the clones wonder what will happen to them when the war is over and other such quasi-philosophical talk.

    #9: What one word would you want your legacy to be defined as? For example, would you want to be known as the Great, the Powerful, the Wise, etc.

    Immortal or The Wise if Plaugeis didn't already take it lol

    #10: Which TCW episode have you found to be the most relevant to the modern-day world?

    Heroes On Both Sides. I think this would be the closest to real life. In war there are people on both sides who want nothing more than to end the conflict, and others who want nothing more than to perpetuate it.

    #11: What do you want your legacy to be?

    Better than Legacy of the Force ! Honestly in a perfect world I'd be known for making one of the top 10 greatest films of all time. Such a small feat, I know.

    12. Describe one of those films.
    Honestly I don't know yet and I am hesitant to put an original idea on the internet. But it would be sci-fi disguised as regular "main-stream" drama. Imagine your watching one of those Oscar winning boring movies and mid way through its revealed the main character is from another dimension and the narrative moves over to there and its really trippy, cuz the human is in the alien world. His perception is all out of whack. Trust me it'll be good, maybe not top 10 but i'd be happy with top 1000.

    #13: Which narrative cliché do you dislike the most?

    That there always has to be a love story (90% of the time). This is more to do with studios demanding marketability but still...

    #14: Which TCW character(s) are worthy of their own spin-off?

    I don't think any of them would be able to be the main character in their own show. Rex and Cody might have had a chance but as the series has gone on they have done less and less, especially with Cody. Rex at least had the main role of the Umbara Arc

    #15: Which character in TCW has been the most underused?

    Tie between Padme and Mace.
    While Padme is a senator and sortta stuck on Courscant but its a shame we don't get to see more of her and Anakin interacting. Mace on the other hand should be on the battlefront kicking some robut can (yes joke intentional and not funny). Unfortunately he is often just shown stuck in the Jedi Council room. I'm trying to think of the last time we saw him in action, Zillo was around for the Undercover Arc. Can't think of any other.

    #16: Which traits do you like and dislike the most in a person?

    I like (like everyone else) honesty. Also a good sense of humor. If someone can't have a good time they aren't worth the time.

    On the dislike side, I can get along with almost everyone. What I dislike the most is if someone is close-minded. This ranges from politics to the paranormal. I had an ex who said she saw ghosts a lot. I asked what she did and the reply was "i close my eyes and tell myself they don't exist." I was flabbergasted! Obviously if you see them they exist. A big fight ensued as you could imagine.

    #17: Which Star Wars film had the best balance of tone?

    Honestly I think A New Hope has the best balance of everything Star Wars. Comedy, adventure, action shoot-outs, a little philosophy, and tragedy (Alderaan exploding and Obi-wan ghosting) without being depressing. If you think about it some really horrible stuff happens in that film but somehow it doesn't seem very "dark" like ROTS is. ANH isn't my favorite of the series but it is the most balanced.

    #18: Which one battle from ROTS would you like to see played out in TCW? Note: And you have to pick one.

    I want to say Coruscant. I really do. But I know that now matter how cool the animation, the story won't be as good as Labyrinth of Evil imo. So I would choose Kashyyyk. From another front sort of like the Republic comics did but definitely not a retread or retelling of the comic mind you. That battle was sorely under-shown in. ROTS.

    #19: Which planet would you live on in the SW galaxy?

    Definitely Coruscant. I'm totally a city person. That being said I'd want to live in the upper levels of course

    #20: What about LACWAC draws you in?

    20. I initially just came here for spoilers during the year before AOTC, but joined so I could add my $.02 every now and then. When TCW started I started coming here to stay up with it. This forum has been a help with the show because there are times when it does some out there poodoo. And if I didn't know about it months ahead of time I'd have been locked up years ago.

    #21: Bonus Round!!! Write an episode of TCW.

    Oh man. With my films I have the same problem as ol' GL. I come up with good stories and am a good director (or so I'd like to think), but I really stink at writing, especially dialogue. So my basic idea for an episode would involve:
    Tarkin with the Jedi on a mission to a Sep. planet. Tarkin and the other military types would argue for extreme measures to subdue the population, carpet bombing, blowing up a city that has a Sep base but lots of civilians who would die too. Lots of gray moral zones that people seem to love. Basically, I think the show needs to have a growing rift between the Jedi and the GAR, which is growing more Imperial in tactics and policy.
  25. Seerow

    Seerow Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 7, 2011

    1. Applause! Applause!

      This time its host vs host. Akash come on down! Now you know the rules so I'll skip them and go right to the questions.

      1. @AkashKedavra_93, lets talk about your username. It sounds magical. Why did you pick that username?

      @Seerow: I am very obsessed with the Harry Potter universe, my name is Akash, and I was born in 1993. Avada Kedavra for me is a very unique spell, not just because it's more efficient at killing someone than Dick Cheney with a shotgun, but because of its heavy dose of philosophy. It represents the relative ease with which humans can kill one another, it represents the single act that cannot be undone by any other spell, it represents the most bane and base nadir humans can reach.

      Barriss_Coffee said:
      Whoh. Meta interview.​
      That's pretty much a nickname of mine actually. On just about every other forum I'm on my UN starts with Meta.

      AkashKedavra_93 said:
      @Seerow: I am very obsessed with the Harry Potter universe, my name is Akash, and I was born in 1993. Avada Kedavra for me is a very unique spell, not just because it's more efficient at killing someone than Dick Cheney with a shotgun, but because of its heavy dose of philosophy. It represents the relative ease with which humans can kill one another, it represents the single act that cannot be undone by any other spell, it represents the most bane and base nadir humans can reach.​
      That's kinda deep actually. Deeper than Seerow anyways. =b

      2. I'll indulge you a bit, what are you 10 favorite books and why @AkashKedavra_93?
      1. Harry Potter Series-There is nothing in this world in terms of sheer enjoyment that surpasses the Harry Potter series for me. I was five years old when I first picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone at the Barnes and Noble in Manhattan, intrigued by the what I thought wee random pics painted onto the cover. As soon as I opened that book, my life changed. I had become a Potterhead, true and true, on December 8, 1998. As I grew up and the films began to be released along with the barrage of other memorabilia, my attachment to the series grew. Each and every single character I could relate to, there was something about the way they were written that made me feel like I knew each and every single one of those characters, whether it be Charlie Weasley's weirdness, Harry Potter's feeling of isolation, or Ginny Weasley's secret crush she couldn't express. My favorite character of the series is Hermione Jean Granger and not just because I have had a crush on Emma Watson since I was 7 years old. The way she is treated with scorn, the way it takes sincerity for her to become friends, her insecurities at not being "cool" and included, I have gone through all of that. I was always the kid who rose his hand first in class, the kid who had a bossy tone with others because I was insecure about my own self and not letting anyone in to my nonexistent circle, the kid who had to ultimately stay true to himself no matter what he had to go through. Whenever I felt alone and isolated, especially in junior high and high school, Hermione was always a page away from me. J. K. Rowling inspired me to write; if I hadn't picked up the first book I never would have started thinking of the names I wrote down when I was five that ultimately became my characters. I never would have found the magic words can spin, I never would have been able to tell a story through my own vision. If I am an author today, J. K. Rowling made it happen.
      2. Anna Karenina-There is something incredibly endearing about this book, and it's not just it's length. Anna Karenina is a tale of incredibly passionate love, of such selfless feelings for one another that it makes me despise typical rom-coms even more. It is a tale of beautiful love that is essentially torn apart by the evil fabrics of a hypocritical and chauvinistic society that is rotten to the core and cannot tolerate something as pure as that of Anna and Count Vronsky. That and the philosophies of Konstantin Levin are an absolute delight, making one think far more than most books.
      3. A Song of Ice and Fire-George R. R. Martin's saga is only second to Harry Potter in my opinion. The story is delectably intricate, with the politics and actual war being combined with a delightful balance. The women are incredible in this series, which is why it ranks higher than LOTR. They are underrated by the men and instead of not fighting back, they use this as an advantage to their own machinations of power. there is a degree of severe unpredictability in this saga and that only adds to the sheer enjoyment of it.
      4. A Handmaid's Tale-Anti-feminism is severely terrifying and Margaret Atwood's classic is an eye-opening and shocking narrative of what a world where women are literally sex slaves looks like. There is disgust in every page and the book is a severe warning against those who are fighting against women's rights and warns us that totalitarianism is never as far away as we think it is.
      5. Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus-A classic that has inspired so much pop culture, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is a book that cautions how humans use knowledge. The pursuit of knowledge is not necessarily always a good or bad one, but it is what we do with that knowledge that may be ultimately terrifying.
      6. Lord of the Rings-The way Tolkien writes battles is incredible, I couldn't take my eyes off the book during the Battle of Helm's Deep in The Two Towers. The rings are powerful symbols of power and greed gone wrong, and the constant fascination by many of the characters is at times amusing, sometimes unsettling, and at moments deeply disturbing. Fantasy classic and it will remain an epitome of narrative success.
      7. The Prince-An essential read for anyone interested in politics, Machiavelli's treatise on politics is an essential study to understand how the world functioned during the time before, during, and after the reign of the de Medici's. There is something about the way that Niccolo writes that renders this book so readable even today, perhaps it's the relevance.
      8. Lord of the Flies-An essential look at the degradation of humans. How the "civilized" British schoolchildren crash on a remote island and degenerate into far more savage beings than the "savages" of the day used to describe the people of colored skin is an epitome of the realization that no one is superior than anyone else based purely on ethnicity.
      9. Gypsy Rizka-This riveting and entertaining satire on society and the hypocrisy that rules it, Gypsy Rizka focuses on a Gypsy by the name of Rizka who is scorned by many residents of Greater Dunitsa but nevertheless use her help whenever they need it. Highly entertaining and Rizka is one of the best protagonists of all time.
      10. The Picture of Dorain Gray-Vanity and narcissism are the subjects of a scathing attack by Oscar Wilde and it is a lesson that essentially says that the desire to remain young should not be focused on the outside, but on the inside. One of the darkest looks into humanity's shadier side and is an instant classic.
      @Seerow: Sorry this took a while. :)

      #3. What are your 10 favorite films and where do the Star Wars films fit in @AkashKedavra_93?

      I won't go in as near in-depth on this one lol. I will group them into three sections:
      1. Harry Potter
      2. Black (2005)
      3. Star Wars
      4. Lord of the Rings
      5. The Dark Knight Trilogy
      6. Inception
      7. V for Vendetta
      8. Kal Ho Naa Ho
      9. Black Swan
      10. Moonrise Kingdom

      #4. During which era would you have most liked to live in the Star Wars universe @AkashKedavra_93?

      @Seerow: I would have to say the Rise of the Empire Era to be honest. Despite the turbulence of the Clone Wars, it was an era that was exotic and had the political debate that I find quite intoxicating. I would prefer to be a Jedi like Kota in that era. :)

      AkashKedavra_93 said:
      @Seerow: I would have to say the Rise of the Empire Era to be honest. Despite the turbulence of the Clone Wars, it was an era that was exotic and had the political debate that I find quite intoxicating. I would prefer to be a Jedi like Kota in that era. :)
      Damn, I think I'd rather live in South Park than during the rise of the Empire.

      #4. Are you a bigger fan of the PT or the OT and why is that @AkashKedavra_93?

      @Darth_Foo: #11: What do you want your legacy to be?

      @Seerow: Execution wise I feel that the original trilogy was better. The story flowed well, the characters were relatable, and the blend of humor and darkness flowed well, overall it felt that the story was more connected. The prequels are better concept wise as they portrayed a democracy collapsing due to democratic corruption. The complexity of the politics enthralls me every time I watch them but ultimately they were not as well executed. One way it could have been better was if Anakin started out as a teenager. So execution-wise original and concept-wise prequel.

      Sorry for the delay, it's been a jumpy day.

      #5. @AkashKedavra_93, who are your 10 favorite Star Wars characters. I'll let you include up to 15 if five of them are from TCW.

      In no particular order:
      1. Padmé Amidala
      2. Obi-Wan Kenobi
      3. Yoda
      4. Duchess Satine Kryze
      5. Ahsoka Tano
      6. Leia Organa
      7. Han Solo
      8. Luke Skywalker
      9. Darth Vader
      10. Emperor Palpatine
      11. Riyo Chuchi
      12. Shaak Ti
      13. Chewbacca
      14. R2-D2
      15. C-3PO

      #6. Which of those guys would get out of "The Box" alive @AkashKedavra_93?

      1. Padmé Amidala-killed by Darth Vader
      2. Obi-Wan Kenobi-sacrifices himself
      3. Yoda-wins
      4. Duchess Satine Kryze-is a pacifist so she dies
      5. Ahsoka Tano-defeated by Darth Vader
      6. Leia Organa-killed by Emperor
      7. Han Solo-dies to save Leia
      8. Luke Skywalker-killed by the Emperor
      9. Darth Vader-sacrifices himself
      10. Emperor Palpatine-killed by Darth Vader
      11. Riyo Chuchi-killed by R2 by accident
      12. Shaak Ti-defeated by Emperor
      13. Chewbacca-tries to rip the Emperor's arm out of his socket
      14. R2-D2-short-circuited
      15. C-3PO-killed by Yoda out of sheer irritation

      #7. Does Yoda win the Deathmatch then? OR is it Palpatine who wins @AkashKedavra_93?

      @Seerow: Yoda wins, is this is a separate question though?


      #8. What are you five favorite episodes of TCW and how would you improve them?

      1. Duchess of Mandalore-Perfect
      2. Padawan Lost-The voice of the Trandoshans
      3. Heroes on Both Sides-A bit more talk on Raxus
      4. Trespass-Tone down Chi Cho's tone
      5. Clone Cadets-The belt situation could have been better handled; they have the belt but not the hooks
      6. Overlords-Adult Ahsoka's model could have been slightly improved
      7. Bounty-Action choreography
      8. Rookies-The ending was slightly rushed IMO
      9. Darkness on Umbara-Explanation for the helmets in the beginning
      10. The Deserter-A slight explanation that they weren't Cut's biological children

      #9. Rate the season premiers from your best to worst and explain why you gave them those ratings @AkashKedavra_93.

      #1: Clone Cadets/ARC Troopers
      -I loved the discussion on the clones and their individuality between Shaak Ti and Lama Su
      -The development of Domino Squad was well done
      -99 was a welcome addition
      -Shaak Ti's discussion at the balcony was good
      -The raining battle was animated brilliantly
      -Characterization was brilliant
      -Basically Shaak Ti elevated the entire premiere
      #2: Holocron Heist/Cargo of Doom
      -Plot was well-executed
      -Cargo of Doom used its time limit to the full extent
      -Characterization was spot-on
      -The object of the holocron was interesting
      #3: Ambush/Rising Malevolence
      -Yoda was brilliant
      -Battle droids were too much on the humor however
      -Yoda's interaction with the clones was well done
      -The Malevolence was an intriguing weapon
      -Plo Koon was used well
      #4: Water War/Gungan Attack
      -Beautiful animation, second only to that of the Season 3 premiere in my opinion
      -Lightsabers should not work underwater
      -The Prince was annoying, too clichéd and naïve
      -Ackbar should have taken a more active role
      -Gungans were handled well
      -Weak writing and impact overall

      #10. What theme song would you pick for TCW @AkashKedavra_93 and why?

      @Seerow: The theme song I would pick for TCW other than what it is right now would be the original Star Wars track, but the current one seems fitting with the whole Star Wars feel and the techno feel to it.

      #11. Which character would you most like to bring back from the dead and why @AkashKedavra_93?

      @Seerow: I would like to bring back Admiral Trench from Cat and Mouse. He was interesting, calculative, shrewd, and criminally under explored.

      #12. How would you have brought Maul back. You have to do it @AkashKedavra_93?

      @Seerow: I would have had him be rescued on Naboo by Mother Talzin in a flashback, which in my view would jive better with Lotho Minor in general

      #13. What planet in the SW universe would you most like to live on @AkashKedavra_93 and why?

      @Seerow: This is a clichéd answer to be sure, but I definitely would pick Naboo. It has a sophisticated beauty about it that reminds me of the Renaissance and the nature is dazzling. It feels like a world that is in love with the arts and learning and that is the perfect fit for me.

      #14. What occupation would you most like to have in the GFFA @AkashKedavra_93?

      @Seerow: I would love to be a Jedi. The philosophy is intriguing but most of all I am a fanboy when it comes to the lightsaber. That coupled with the ability to use the Force, nothing can beat that.

      #15. How would your survive order 66 as a Jedi @AkashKedavra_93?

      @Seerow: I would go the Rahm Kota route and use my own militia out of distrust for Jango Fett's DNA.

      #16. What tracks from any of the SW soundtracks inspire you the most @AkashKedavra_93?


      The Phantom Menace:
      1. Duel of the Fates
      2. Anakin's Theme
      3. Queen Amidala
      Attack of the Clones:
      1. The Arena
      2. Across the Stars
      3. The Meadow Picnic
      The Clone Wars:
      1. Courtyard Fight
      2. A Galaxy Divided
      3. Escape from the Monastery
      Revenge of the Sith:
      1. Anakin's Betrayal
      2. Padmé's Ruminations
      3. Anakin's Dark Deeds
      A New Hope:
      1. Star Wars
      2. Princess Leia's Theme
      3. Force Theme
      The Empire Strikes Back:
      1. The Imperial March
      2. City in the Clouds
      3. Yoda's Theme
      Return of the Jedi:
      1. The Return of the Jedi
      2. Ewok Celebration
      3. The Forest Battle

      #17. Play any Star Wars Video games? If so which ones @AkashKedavra_93?

      1. Battlefront
      2. Battlefront 2
      3. Lego SW
      4. Lego SW: The Original Saga
      5. Lego SW: The Clone Wars
      6. Lego SW: The Complete Saga
      7. The Old Republic
      8. Knights of the Old Republic
      9. Knights pf the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
      10. Empire at War
      11. The Force Unleashed
      12. The Force Unleashed 2
      13. Republic Heroes
      14. SW: Episode I: The Phantom Menace
      15. SW: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
      16. SW: Episode I: Racer
      17. SW: Jedi Starfighter

      18. What would be the perfect Star Wars video game for you @AkashKedavra_93 ?

      @Seerow: The perfect SW video game for me would be a game in which there was a concise storyline, a lengthy play, difficult yet enjoyable, and with relatable characterizations. And I would love exploring the histories of different planets and a create-your-own addition.

      19. What other TV shows do you enjoy watching @AkashKedavra_93?



      #20. What is it about the LACWAC community that draws you in @AkashKedavra_93?

      @Seerow: It's nice to be a part of a group of people that are fond of Star Wars. I may have disagreements with some members from time to time, but nevertheless I've found some of my best friends here, friends who will listen to my various rants from time to time with calm and attentiveness. LACWAC is a remarkable forum and one that I will continue to be a part of for a long, long time to come.

      Bonus time @AkashKedavra_93, #21. Your mission to write an arc for TCW.

      @Seerow, here is a whole season, I wrote everything except for the Tarkin arc in this spasm of time:

      The Kalee Quintilogy:
      1. Bitthævrian Attack: Qualaas Kiwsi Lara is the chief of the Bitthævrian people on Kalee. A band of his scouts come back with three Bitthævrian warriors dead at hands of the Kaleesh. A seething Qualaas decides to attack the Kaleesh. Near the Jungle of Banthime a fierce battle ensues and the Kaleesh force their enemies to retreat deep into the jungle. Qualaas takes another look at the situation and decides to approach the native enemies of the Kaleesh: the Huks. Qualaas arrives at Bankesmi, the capital of the Huks, who have slowly recovered from the near decimation at the hands of the Kaleesh in the earlier war at the hands of the non-cyborg Grievous. The Huk leader, Si Tansouv, readily agrees, eager to avenge his near annihilation.
      2. On the Edge of Kalee: Si Tansouv contacts the Republic with Mace Windu, speaking of the Battle of Banthime and making it sound as if the Kaleesh were on the move. Mace, wary, nevertheless talks with the Council and they agree to go and defend the Huks and the Bitthævrian against extinction. Mace Windu, Saessee Tiin, and Luminara Unduli are dispatched by the Council to go settle the dispute. The Kaleesh under Qaileev Jauen Magaous meanwhile contact the Separatists and Count Dooku and General Grievous leave for the war torn planet. Both fleets collide above the planet and a fierce space battle ensues. Saessee Tiin takes command of the space forces and Luminara and Mace travel to the surface below.
      3. The Firing Huks: Having no choice but to fight, the Jedi lead the clones towards the towards the Kaleesh capital of Kaleela, fighting the droid army as quickly as they can, trying to make sure that the war stays between the clones and the droids and not the natives. The Huks however use their own weapons and begin firing upon the outlying Kaleesh villages. The Bitthævrian choose to attack with the Huks.
      4. Sacrilege of Abesmi: The war continues to rage down on the surface below. The Huks charge into the battlefield, leading the Kaleesh towards Abesmi, a scared temple site. The Bitthævrian charge from the other side, trapping a horde of Kaleesh warriors on the temple site. They are massacred after a brutal and lengthy fight and then the Huks and the Bitthævrian turn on one another.
      5. Kunbal Offensive: The Kunbal jungle is overrun with carnage as the three sides began to fight. Count Dooku engages Mace Windu as Luminara Unduli engages General Grievous. As Count Dooku fights Master Windu along the jungle’s outlines, Master Unduli duels Grievous and during the duel her lightsaber maneuvers nearly decimate Grievous. Master Unduli cuts Grievous’ limbs but her attack causes him to fall off a jungle cliff. He is found by a group of Kaleesh warriors. Count Dooku escapes from Master Windu and the Jedi retreat into space, leaving behind a burning war.
      The Corellia Duology:
      1. A Smuggler on Corellia: A smuggler named Miya Zakhami is working around the shipyards orbiting the planet of Corellia. She picks up an assignment to smuggle firearms cargo to Jabiim and travels down to the underworld of Corellia to grab her cargo. There instead she finds a mysterious figure who hands her the most dangerous assignment she could have received: murdering the Chancellor, who was going to arrive at Bela Vistal for a Republic conference hosted by the Corellian government. She sets off from the capital.
      2. Smoke on Bela Vistal: On Bela Vistal, Miya is following all of the steps she was given by the figure and she feeds him Paplatine’s activities. She sees him sending a transmission to Count Dooku and immediately sends a message to her benefactor, who is none other than Jedi Master Eeth Koth. He had a suspicion that Palpatine was the Sith Lord and before he could send a transmission to the Jedi Council, he finds himself facing Darth Sidious, lightsaber in hand.
      The Republic Goes Rogue Quadrilogy:
      1. Acclamator Sabotage: The CIS strikes back! The pivotally positioned world of Haui’Mayugthaur was won over by the Republic in one of the bitterest fought campaigns of the war. Jedi Master Sayeinau Akoiya led her personal militia and the clones to a hard-fought victory for the Republic despite her mistrust of Jango Fett’s DNA. But now Mar Tuuk leads a massive Separatist offensive helped by a CIS mole in the Republic’s ship.
      2. Tarkin Rising: Captain Tarkin lands on the glacial city of Thaurmayue, the capital of Haui’Mayugthaur. Immediately he clashes with Master Akoiya, but as she leads an attack on the southern slopes of the city, Tarkin puts his own plans for the planet’s defense into action. Meanwhile Master Akoiya and her personal militia obliterated the CIS land forces that lay north of the equatorial zone.
      3. Nightmares of Haui'Mayugthaur: The Karkarodon Commander Iqov Sanomt is leading the CIS forces. They have managed to secure most of the southern hemisphere, battling fiercely and destroying the Republic tanks. The reports of this have reached Captain Tarkin and he immediately decides to release a deadly bioweapon in the form of toxic incinerator bombs on the unsuspecting Separatist forces, despite the fact that the cities in the CIS path would be destroyed as well – the chief reason Master Akoiya was not willing to use them yet. The Republic bombers take off from the capital Thaurmayue, unaware that Master Akoiya’s forces are reaching the equatorial zone.
      4. Phantoms of Akoiya: The bombers unleash their fury upon the southern zone, burning cities and millions of people in their path. The once lush boreal forest…all the flora and fauna die in quick succession. Master Akoiya reaches the equatorial city of Ba’Neis’Me. Scouts run up to her and inform her of the nearby city of Glamusgix being wiped off the planet by Republic bombers. Master Akoiya orders the scout to take her to the city. She sees the charred remains of what once was a magnificent city lying burnt, its surrounding lands a charred wasteland. Master Akoiya then recalls the words of Count Dooku, who told her of the Republic’s corruption. She immediately contacts Tarkin, but then she sees him executing Sanomt in cold blood, despite his pleas. Master Akoiya meditates amidst the wasteland and makes a major decision: she could not support the Republic anymore.
      The CIS Purge Quadrilogy:
      1. Upasene: Ikotechri is a planet torn by warfare, both sides fighting over its massive fuel reserves. A Republic strike has left the outskirts of the city of Upasene in shambles, filling up the refugee camps set outside. Shiri Kushi, Senator Kerch Kushi’s wife, leads a CIS medical humanitarian delegation to Ikotechri from Raxus. She meets Senator Riyo Chuchi from the Republic and the two set aside their differences to work getting the Ikotechri medical attention.
      2. The Rivers of Ikotechri: The CIS leads a missile strike region into the Upasene region, hitting the refugee camps. Shiri Kushi dies and her last words to Riyo Chuchi are: “Peace will arrive, but make sure the peace lasts, Senator.” Riyo is struck as these are the same words that Obi-Wan had uttered to her over a year before on Orto Plutonia. She realizes more than ever before that there are good and evil people on both sides of the war and she promises to pursue peace no matter what.
      3. Kerch's Charge: On Raxus Senator Kerch Kushi finds out about the strikes and as his wife lay dying he receives a message about her death and her last wish from Senator Chuchi. That added onto the grief on his chest since Mina Bonteri’s death and Kerch decides right then and there to make his wife’s last wish true. After a rousing speech by Count Dooku to the people of Raxus against the Republic, Senator Kushi meets with other Separatist Senators who voted for peace back when Senator Bonteri introduced the bill inHeroes on Both Sides. He goes before the Separatist Congress to deliver an impassioned speech and once again they pass a bill to extend peace negotiations with the Republic. This however, attracts the attention of a very worried Separatist Council…
      4. Raxus Watershed: The Separatist Council convenes on Serenno, worried about the vote. As the leaders squabble amongst themselves, Shu Mai makes a proposition: a purge. Count Dooku disagrees initially, but after Shu Mai presses, reminding him that this Parliament voted twice to stop the war, he relents. Darkness enshrouds Raxus as Dooku’s agents go around Raxus, murdering one senator after the other. The closing shot is of the Parliament building burning in the darkness.
      The Mygeeto Quadrilogy:
      1. Striking Mygeeto: The Republic makes the InterGalactic Banking Clan a key target of the war and strikes at one of their “Axis of Evil” planets: Mygeeto. Jedi Master Eekar Oki leads a strike team along with fellow Masters Aayla Secura and Shaak Ti to break the outer defenses of the planet and of the city of Iguesiou, where the heaviest garrison of the CIS lay.
      2. The Pawns of San: The governor of Iguesiou contacts San Hill fervently, worried that three Jedi were too much for his city to handle. San calms him down and subtly threatens him along with other governors: Mygeeto is too precious for the IGBC to lose. The Jedi blast through the Iguesiou defenses and meanwhile Jedi Masters Eekar Oki and Agen Kolar arrives with Republic air reinforcements, leading the space battle above.
      3. Iguesiou Bombardment: The city of Iguesiou falls under heavy artillery attack from aerial bombardment. The Jedi struggle to overcome the CIS attack but Master Ti breaks the droids defending the citadel tower overlooking the central plaza as Master Kcaj leads the ground assault and Master Secura leads the aerial assault. Admiral Yularen devises a tactic to destroy the CIS capital ships but Master Oki has infiltrated one of the capital ships. As the space battle nears an end and even Master Kolar is worried about their chances, Admiral Yularen decides that he cannot sacrifice any more of his capital ships.
      4. Fires of Yularen: Admiral Yularen decides to order fire on the CIS capital ships. Carnage rages across Mygeeto as the Jedi race to secure the key sector. The city of Iguesiou nears falling and the governor falls to the clones as the CIS capital ships began to fall one by one to Yularen’s brazen decision…
      The Ahsoka/Wolfpack Trilogy:
      1. Corvala Burning: Corvala, the capital of Shili, is under attack. Ahsoka, Jedi Master Plo Koon, Captain Rex and the 501st, and the Wolfpack all come to the city’s defense. The Togrutas fight back bravely against the slavers who had accompanied the Separatists, destroying the slavers’ transports in the process.
      2. The Heart of an Akul: Ahsoka and a young Togruta is taken by one of the slavers deep into the jungle. She fights the slaver off and takes his life, but at that point she is too lost to find her way back. She finds solace in the comfort of the natural prey of the Togruta: an Akul. With darkness closing around them, the two bond and in talks Ahsoka realizes that her family had died in the original CIS attack on Shili. Meanwhile as Master Plo and the Wolfpack fight, Captain Rex goes to search for her, despite an argument between him and Commander Wolffe of where clones’ priorities lie.
      3. Wolfpack Showdown: Ahsoka races out of the city, her companion in hot pursuit. They are discovered by Captain Rex. As they reach the city, they discover a secret CIS compound. She contacts Commander Wolffe but he has strong misgivings about attacking the compound directly without an authorization from Master Plo, who is fighting droids with the city’s militia defenders and clones. They ignore Commander Wolffe and begin their attack. Commander Wolffe, furious, races towards the compound’s coordinates and begins to face off with the Separatists. The compound is destroyed and as the trio walks off, Rex and Ahsoka talking quietly to each other, Wolffe looks angrily at their backs.

    - Applause sign here -

    Here is how this works for about the 10th or 20th time now. There are 20 questions. Some about TCW since this is the TV section after all, some about the rest of Star Wars, and some about some other random things. @fistofan1 has until next Monday to get through all the questions. I will tag him to come in and say his stuff and he must tag me in return to keep this moving. If I cause the game to go on longer than next Monday we'll continue (more likely I'll tag Akash in) but if you take longer than a week your turn is over. Folks can feel free to ask their own questions in between my list or at the end when I'll allow a little fine more it. Remember to grill @fistofan1 good. Here we go!

    #1. Well I can't really ask you what your screenname means @fistofan1 but do you really consider yourself Kit Fisto's #1 fan and why?

    1. Well, I wouldn't say I'm actually Fisto's #1 fan, but he's my favorite "background" Jedi and he's easily one of my top 5 favorite characters in SW. As for the why, it's probably because he's a positive-minded, jovial Jedi. He's a good contrast to the serious, doom-and-gloom prequel-era Jedi.

    We'll come back to those favorite SW characters rest assured. =D

    2. What are your 10 favorite films and where do the SW movies fall into this list @fistofan1?


    2. The six Star Wars movies definitely top my Top 10 list. As for the rest of the list, I never really thought about it. (I change my mind about this type of thing so quickly it would be hard to make a permanent list :p ) I like the Jurassic Park movies, the Indiana Jones series and the Christopher Nolan Batman films. I'm also a sucker for any type of comedy.

    Barriss_Coffee said:
    [Fistofans 93 & 55 are probably cursing you right now for taking that SN first.
    [face_laugh] So true...

    #3. @fistofan1, can you list your favorite Star Wars films from favorite to least? And please explain why your giving each that rating.


    Here's my list:

    1) TESB. It just has everything: Humor, emotion, grittiness and action. No other movie even comes close.
    2) ROTJ because it's such a great conclusion the Saga. I could watch the ending battles over and over and never get tired of them.
    3) ROTS because it's so emotional and answers so many questions about the Saga.
    4) TPM. It isn't the best movie out there, but it's fun and I associate a lot of good memories with it.
    5) ANH. It's an excellent movie but it just doesn't quite stand up to the others.
    6) AOTC. Again, it's a great movie but not quite as memorable as the others in my mind.

    #4. @fistofan1, what were your first thoughts after you saw the TCW movie?

    Todd the Jedi said:
    Y'know, anytime I see anyone write "the TCW whatever" I laugh a little since it's kinda saying "I saw the The Clone Wars movie in a theatre".:p
    Lol, damn my short attention span.

    #5. Who are your other 9 favorite Star Wars characters @fistofan1?

    @Seerow In no particular order...

    1) Luke Skywalker
    2) Kit Fisto
    3) Qui-Gon Jinn
    4) Wes Janson
    5) Yoda
    6) Obi-Wan Kenobi
    7) Luminara Unduli
    8) Padme Amidala (In the movies only :p)
    9) Chewbacca
    10) Asajj Ventress

    Nice, added Fisto anyways. That't hardcore.

    #6. If we put all those characters into "The Box" who would survive @fistofan1?

    @Seerow I'm almost tempted to say Padmé considering the fact that she is the galaxy's undefeated Super Senator... but in reality it would probably be Yoda. :cool:

    #7. Who would win if we put them all into a Deathmatch @fistofan1?

    @Seerow Again, Yoda would probably win out. The other characters have no defense against his Muppet-style combat skills. :p

    #8. Which Jedi do you think go the best order 66 scene and why @fistofan1?


    I'd have to go with Aayla Secura. TCW's exploration of her relationship with Bly makes the scene really dramatic.

    #9. What kind of music do you like and who are your favorite artists/bands @fistofan1?


    I really like any kind of music. I change the radio station constantly. Sometimes classic rock, sometimes Top 40, sometimes country. Anyone who knows me knows I love variety. :)

    10. @fistofan1, which of your favorite music tracks do you think would make the perfect theme song for Star Wars?


    I think Viva la Vida by Coldplay would be a good theme song. It fits well with Anakin's story which is the main plotline of the films. It might be difficult to synch the title crawl with that song, though. :p

    11. What are you five favorite episodes of TCW and why do you enjoy them so much?


    1) Destroy Malevolence, because it's such a fun adventure. All of the heroes get together to outwit the bad guys. There's no complex plotline where the balance of the Force is in danger or where witches ressurect Sith Lords. It's simple, fun and satisfying.

    2) Cargo of Doom because it highlights how dangerous the villains of TCW can be when they decide to target the Jedi directly.

    3) Brain Invaders because it explores the beliefs of the Jedi and successfully foreshadows ROTS.

    4) Cat and Mouse because I love space battles, new technology, and references to the Thrawn Trilogy. :)

    5) Mercy Mission because it presents a not-so-positve side of the clones, and because it's an excellent homage to the Droids series from the '80s.

    12. Rate the season premiers of TCW @fistofan1, how would you improve them?


    Season One: I really wouldn't change anything about this season premiere. The theme of the Jedi teaching clones was interesting. It would have been nice if the droid humor was toned down... dramatically... but other than that I enjoyed the episodes. This is probably my second favorite premiere.

    Season Two: Again, I wouldn't change a thing. This is definitely the best premiere for me because of the strong story and the cliffhanger at the end.

    Season 3: This premiere lacked the punch of the previous two but was entertaining. I would definitely delete the Obi-Wan/Grievous fight. That was pretty pointless IMO.

    Season 4: This is my least favorite premiere. Nothing was particularly exciting and the underwater animation was kind of awkward in my opinion. The end of Gungan Attack when the reinforcements arrive was exciting, though.

    #13. Which season is your least favorite? If you could go back in a time machine how would you go back and improved it @fistofan1?


    Season Three is my least favorite by far. I I could go back in a time machine I would overhaul the political episodes, replace the awkward dialogue throughout the episodes, make sure Ventress' backstory is closer to the EU version and make the Mortis trilogy a little easier to follow.

    #14. Do your like the Geonosis Arc or the Umbara arc better @fistofan1 and why?


    I like the Geonosis arc better, mainly because of its good use of variety, and because it contains Brain Invaders. Umbara told a great story but it didn't have to last so many episodes IMO.

    15. How would you bring back Maul @fistofan1? You have to bring him back.


    I liked the theory that someone (I don't remember who :() brought up on the old boards where the pit Maul fell down was actually a carbon freezing chamber. Maul would then be preserved until Talzin makes the decision to unfreeze and repair him.

    16. What character would you most like to bring back from the dead if you could @fistofan1 and how would you do it?


    I would have to go with Mace Windu. It would be interesting to see what he thinks of the New Jedi Order and the changes to the Jedi Code post-ROTJ.

    Yeah, Maul's return is questionable even after one has read the book...

    16. Do any characters in The Clone Wars remind you of yourself @fistofan1 and why is that?


    Funny yousa be mentionin' that... you see, I may be a little (a lot [face_shhh]) like Jar Jar. It's not so much that I'm clumsy, it's just that things I do tend to blow up in my face. :p

    #17. What occupation would you most like to have in the GFFA @fistofan1?

    That is probably true IRL. <<;

    18. What other TV shows do you enjoy watching on TV @fistofan1?


    I mainly watch comedy shows, especially The Big Bang Theory. Drama-wise, I like Rookie Blue. When all else fails, I enjoy stand-up comedians on Comedy Central and game shows. (I know, I watch such intelligent and culturally significant programs! :p)

    19. What about the LACWAC Community draws you in @fistofan1 What keeps you here?


    I keep trying to leave but the tractor beams always pull me back in. :(

    Naw, seriously, it's because nobody I know is into SW enough to carry a lengthy conversation. This is a great place to do so. Plus, the community here is pretty awesome in its own right. :)

    lol... ouch.

    #20. How LACWACy are you @fistofan1?

    Despite my generally shy nature I can be incredibly LACWACy at times![face_dancing]

    #21 (Bonus time!). Well @fistofan1 we've reached the end. So write an ending for TCW.


    When Order 66 occurs, Captain Rex decides to save Ahsoka. Ahsoka manages to escape, but Rex is captured by his fellow clones. A public execution for Rex, presided over by Palpatine himself, is held on Coruscant. The Emperor commands Darth Vader to kill his former second-in-command. Just as he is about to do so, Ahsoka appears and engages Vader in a lightsaber duel. She begs her former master to turn back to the light side, to no avail.

    Vader disarms her, and Palpatine commands him to deliver the killing blow. Before he does so, Ahsoka has a vision of the future showing the rebels celebrating the defeat of the Empire on Endor. Vader is so distracted by the smile on Ahsoka's dying face that he fails to notice Rex escaping. The captain then boards a shuttle and blasts away from Coruscant. Just before the credits roll, he sends out a homing beacon and a message that he is looking to recruit other like-minded clones to rebel against the Empire. The episode ends with the narrator from the opening newsreels saying "To be continued in Star Wars: Underworld, coming soon."

    I've put a lot of thought into that ending over the years. :p

    Ladies and gentlement can I have your attention please! Its time for another interview conducted by none other than LACWAC Moderator Spontaneous Maximus herself, Seerow. Me and Akash do these two at a time now, and with pretty color code. Coming in with Kenobi saber blue is the man himself GARTH_MAUL

    A big round of applause please! Garth come on down!

    Here is how this works for about the 10th or 20th time now. There are 20 questions. Some about TCW since this is the TV section after all, some about the rest of Star Wars, and some about some other random things. I will tag Garth to come in and say his stuff and he must tag me in return to keep this moving. Folks can feel free to ask their own questions in between my list or at the end when I'll allow a little time before moving onto my next victim. @AkashKedavra remind us who that will be please. Remember to grill @GARTH_MAUL good... if you dare that is. Here we go!

    #1. What is up with that funky screen name and why do you yell your name at us @GARTH_MAUL? Please explain.

    #1. What is up with that funky screen name and why do you yell your name at us @GARTH_MAUL? Please explain.

    Thanks @Seerow. I always thought it sounded like Sidious says "This is my apprentice...Garth Maul" at the beginning of TPM. There's a little bit of interference in his hologram message and it gets distorted into "Garth". I had a Hallowe'en party one year and this guy actually came dressed basically like the guy in my av and I was blown away because I thought this was a weird little joke that only I noticed. So that was the reason for the choice of name...

    also because I was intrigued by the character of Darth Maul. Shame he didn't stay dead.

    As far as the all-caps, I don't think I'm the only one - IIRC, way back in the day, for some reason the boards at that time (probably just that day, lol) wouldn't accept lowercase letters or spaces between words. :p

    lol... And here I bet alot of people thought your name was Garth...

    #2. Is Halloween your favorite holiday then? If you could dress up in any costume what would it be @GARTH_MAUL?

    I will treat this thread as an Ask Me Anything, reddit style (well, PG-13 version).


    #2. Is Halloween your favorite holiday then? If you could dress up in any costume what would it be @GARTH_MAUL?

    I used to love Hallowe'en, yeah. Loved trick-or-treating and then we had I think something like 7-8 years in a row an annual Hallowe'en house party when we were older. I really appreciate it when people get into the spirit, particularly when they make their own costumes. It is cool to see someone spend a ton of cash on getting a full (SW, whatever) costume, but I think it's even better when people use their own talents and creativity.

    Some day when I have way too much time on my hands, I think I'll make a homemade Ent costume.

    #3. So what are your favorite movies @GARTH_MAUL?

    Some weird mix of Wayne's World, Spaceballs, and The Phantom Menace?!?! [face_love]

    @Seerow#3. So what are your favorite movies @GARTH_MAUL?

    Besides Star Wars, off the top of my head in random order:

    The Thing
    Alien, Aliens
    Raiders of the Lost Ark, Last Crusade
    ST: Wrath of Khan, Voyage Home, Undiscovered Country
    2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, basically all Kubrick
    Cuckoo's Nest
    Rain Man
    Fight Club
    Monty Python & the Holy Grail
    Ace Ventura
    Happy Gilmore
    The Jerk
    The Princess Bride
    Pulp Fiction
    12 Monkeys
    Apocalypse Now
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Batman (1989)
    Die Hard

    God I must be missing some obvious ones here.

    #4. How do you like to watch your shows? Do you have a cool mancave @GARTH_MAUL?

    @Seerow this is a mod-only show apparently. :p

    #4. How do you like to watch your shows? Do you have a cool mancave @GARTH_MAUL?

    Nah, no mancave. Never been a huge video/audiophile guy. I have a 46" Samsung LCD and Blu-Ray and it works well. I was just using some computer speakers/subwoofer for sound, but stopped using that once Ruby came along. I sometimes just watch stuff on the iPad now.

    #5. List the Star Wars movies from least to favorite and why you picked that order @GARTH_MAUL?


    As a kid, it was pretty easily ROTJ-ESB-ANH. I loved Jabba's palace, the space battle and the Throne Room stuff.

    Now the mighty ESB is the clear favorite.

    ROTS was in at #3 for a while, but Anakin's turn, Padme's death, and the ridic dialogue in The Duel just keep it from OT quality. Not to mention the overlong Invisible Hand sequence.


    Eh... sorry about the numbers.

    #6. List your 10 favorite male characters in Star Wars. Why are they your favorites? Actually I'll let you include up to 15 if 5 of them are characters from The Clone Wars @GARTH_MAUL.


    #6. List your 10 favorite male characters in Star Wars. Why are they your favorites? Actually I'll let you include up to 15 if 5 of them are characters from The Clone Wars

    Hmmm never done this.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi is #1.
    Han Solo
    Emperor Palpatine
    Nute Gunray
    Darth Vader
    Jabba the Hutt
    Darth Maul
    ROTJ Luke Skywalker
    Ric Olie

    TCW (assuming original to the show)
    Cad Bane
    That Neimoidian captain from Ryloth whose name I can't remember

    7. Which of those Star Wars characters are you most like @GARTH_MAUL?

    Thanks Akash. Brain was fried after first day back to work.


    7. Which of those Star Wars characters are you most like?

    Heh, this is always a bit of an exercise in either self-flattery or self-mockery. Whether or not it's been subconsciously trying to act like him, or just a coincidence, I'm probably most like Obi-Wan Kenobi on that list. I'm not afraid to crack wise and I've got a dry sense of humor, but overall, I am mostly a "law and order" guy who wants to do things the right way. I also don't mind a drink now and then. ;)

    I'm sure if anything like SW happened IRL, I'd be more like Nute Gunray. :p


    8. @GARTH_MAUL, if we put your favorite characters into "The Box" Which ones would make it out alive?

    8. @Seerow, if we put your favorite characters into "The Box" Which ones would make it out alive?

    Well, it appears that it wouldn't be Kenobi, at least, not without some assistance. ;)

    I'll assume that the way The Box is rigged, you basically have to be Force Sensitive to survive. If there wasn't a need for secrecy in terms of Force powers, I'd say all the listed Force users would make it out. Although you could argue Vader might not.

    #9. If you could give Star Wars a new theme song, would it be @GARTH_MAUL?

    #9. If you could give Star Wars a new theme song, would it be?

    #10. What planet in the SW universe would you most like to live on and why?

    #10. What planet in the SW universe would you most like to live on and why?

    I don't really recall much of the EU stuff that I read long ago so I'll stick with the planets from the films.

    In terms of sheer craziness and being at the heart of things, it would be very interesting to live on Coruscant. That being said, the entire planet is one big city! and I love hiking, mountains, etc, so I probably would go stir-crazy if I couldn't take a jaunt offworld for a while.

    I'll go with Alderaan. Bet there's some good skiing there.

    #11. What profession would you most like to have in the Star Wars Universe @GARTH_MAUL?


    #11. What profession would you most like to have in the Star Wars Universe?

    Jedi Knight is the obvious one. Otherwise, intergalactic courier. :D


    #12. How would you have escaped Order 66 as a Jedi @GARTH_MAUL?

    Seerow said:

    #12. How would you have escaped Order 66 as a Jedi @GARTH_MAUL?

    If Jedi Masters were getting wiped out I wouldn't have time to do much. If I was in the thick of it with the Separatists maybe I'd try to surrender. If I was flying I'd try to fake a crash.

    13# What are your five favorite episodes of TCW and why do you like them @GARTH_MAUL?

    @Seerow. Sorry do you mean S4?

    Sorry, question should say

    13# What are your five favorite episodes of TCW and why do you like them @GARTH_MAUL?

    Seerow said:
    Sorry, question should say

    13# What are your five favorite episodes of TCW and why do you like them?

    I love doing lists, hate doing lists. Five episodes. Okay I'm going to write down the ones I really, really like and then reduce it somehow to 5.

    Ambush - really felt they nailed a great mix of PT and OT Yoda. Never used him in the same way again and I think the show is the worse for it.
    Rookiees - in some ways, so many tropes in this episode, yet they really nailed. A high watermark for the series that has only been equaled on occasion since.
    Cloak of Darkness - Luminara vs. Asajj, Nute Gunray, script by Dini.
    Trespass - I find it hard to pin down why exactly this feels like a true SW episode but it's one of my all-time favorites. And the Jedi don't draw their lightsabers.
    Ryloth trilogy - the first episode Ahsoka actually screws up and I love Mar Tuuk, the second features my boy Obi-Wan and Numa/Waxer/Boil, and the third features Mace Windu kicking ass. Never used him the same way again and I think the show is the worse for it.

    Cargo of Doom - maybe the best Bane episode, and the zero G scene was very well done.
    Weapons Factory - the squeaky Alien Queen almost ruins it, but a very creepy episode and I loved the banter between Our Heroes.
    Brain Invaders - despite the premise, this episode worked very well. Really liked the interplay between Ahsoka and Barriss. They haven't used them in the same way again and...
    Grievous Intrigue - maybe the best Obi-Wan/Grievous episode, and Eeth Koth!
    The Deserter - Cut was a great character. One of the slowest-moving episodes but one of the best.
    Voyage of Temptation - Obi-Wan & Satine and snarky Anakin. One of the best. Oh script by Dini and Gilroy? What?
    Zillo Beast 1 - premise is a trope, obviously, but a fantastic first 5 minutes and some great interplay between Mace, Anakin and Palpatine.

    ARC Troopers - action-packed episode, I thought it was very entertaining.
    Hunt for Ziro - Quinlan Vos! was handled decently and I thought the Sy/Ziro love story was actually fantastic. This could have been a trainwreck.
    Nightsisters - getting into Asajj's backstory is great, and the Witches were mostly cheesy and mysterious and not annoying. Plus blind Dooku FTW.
    Overlords - I give them credit for doing something different, even though I don't agree with what they did. Shame the rest of this trilogy didn't follow suit and shame they didn't use my explanation for Qui-Gon appearing. :p
    Padawan Lost - cool opening and Ahsoka was mostly not annoying. Maybe the best Ahsoka episode we've gotten.

    Darkness on Umbara - brilliant start to this arc.
    Carnage of Krell - despite the fact I don't like what they did with Krell in the end, this was a gripping finale.
    Deception - really enjoyed the start to this arc.
    Friends and Enemies - ditto. The Box I've complained about several times. Crisis on Naboo would have been fantastic if they hadn't let the audience in on the Palpatine switch. Still don't get their logic there.

    Final 5:
    Innocents of Ryloth
    The Deserter
    Voyage of Temptation
    Darkness on Umbara

    14# What was the weakest season premiere @GARTH_MAUL? If you could got back in a time machine and fix it how would you do that?

    Seerow said:
    14# What was the weakest season premiere? If you could got back in a time machine and fix it how would you do that?

    Quick answer is Water War or whatever it was called last year. After finishing S3 on a pretty strong note, this episode brought back all my criticisms from the previous season. Easily the worst of the premieres. Also had already been done by the Genndy series, although you can kind of make the same claim for ARC Troopers being already done in the Dark Horse comics, although in that one, the Mon Calamari were the Seppies. ;)

    If I fixed it, it would be scrapped and replaced with something else completely.

    #15. If you could got back and rewrite and entire season of TCW which would it be and how would you do it @GARTH_MAUL?

    Seerow said:
    #15. If you could got back and rewrite and entire season of TCW which would it be and how would you do it ?

    This is a tough one but I'll go with Season 3. I'll write more later tonight.

    I take a look at S3 and it's the weakest, both in terms of quality episodes and the episode order.

    I'll stop myself from actually rewriting the episode and leave it at this:

    I'm taking out almost all the leftover S2 episodes other than Assassin.

    Sphere, Corruption, The Academy, Supply Lines, Evil Plans, and Pursuit of Peace are gone.

    Water War, Gungan Attack, Prisoners, Shadow Warrior, Mercy Mission, and Nomad Droids would be into S3. Those are all S3 production episodes.

    Not a huge improvement on the overall quality but at least overall the episodes would be more Clone Wars-themed.

    #16. If you could bring back any characters from the dead in SW who would it be @GARTH_MAUL?

    Seerow said:
    #16. If you could bring back any characters from the dead in SW who would it be @GARTH_MAUL?

    I don't read enough EU stuff to give a comprehensive answer, so I'll say Mace Windu. If Darth Maul can survive, so can Mace.

    #17. How would you have brough back Darth Maul? You have to bring him back @GARTH_MAUL.

    It's like this question was designed for me!


    You'll recall I made a half-joking poll about how Maul would come back in S3. A very large majority of people did not believe he was literally coming back. For so, so many reasons. Including that it makes the existence of Savage pointless, but this is turning into another Maul rant. I would rather Savage never existed and Ventress found Maul instead, if he has to be alive.

    Otherwise if I have carte-blanche in how to bring him back, I'd prefer one of 3 ways:

    (1) it's a trick by Talzin for some reason and he's not actually coming back;

    (2) Ventress or Savage, if he has to exist, is on mission on Naboo and investigates reports of a presence haunting the Theed Palace. Turns out to be a ghost/shade of Darth Maul. Maul's hatred kept his presence around, but only in the Palace where he was killed. You don't want to make Sith Ghosts as able and powerful as Jedi Ghosts or it makes the line of Kenobi pointless in ANH.

    Maul directs Savage to either (a) break into the Temple library for Jedi research or alternatively a Holocron, although that's a little too close to Holocron Heist. Maybe there's a Jedi monastery somewhere, or (b) Savage has to go to Korriban to find some Sith artifact to free Maul's essence from Theed.

    (3) not fully trusting Sidious, and realizing he was being sent against some top Jedi, Maul clones himself (knowing he may be insane), and uploads his current personality state into a Sith Holocron. He then leaves the body on a Kaminoan outpost somewhere and gives the Holocron to Mother Talzin.

    Nightsisters plays out as in the beginning with Dooku being ordered to kill Ventress, Ventress goes to Dathomir and Talzin helps her revive Maul as part of a revenge ploy. This becomes about revenge for Maul against Sidious and Kenobi, for Ventress against Dooku, and for Talzin to have the Nightsisters supplant the Sith.

    No Savage, no Robo-Maul, less stupid magic.

    I have to admit because of how brutal it is for alot of my victims that Maul question is my favorite.

    #18. Ever played any Star Wars videos games? Which ones are your favorites? @GARTH_MAUL.

    Seerow said:
    I have to admit because of how brutal it is for alot of my victims that Maul question is my favorite.

    #18. Ever played any Star Wars videos games? Which ones are your favorites? @GARTH_MAUL.

    KOTOR is the all-time favorite and probably my favorite SW property other than the OT.

    KOTOR 2 is great too. Jedi Outcast was incredible too. Jedi Academy was okay.

    I have early memories of the original SW arcade game in the 80s and thinking it was out of this world.

    The SNES games I played a bit never really liked them. Recalled them being quite difficult.

    Rogue Squadron was cool; I wasn't a huge PC gamer but what was it, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter that was cool?

    Never really got into the Battlefront games or Republic Commando, as I've never been into shooters.

    TFU was a pretty big disappointment for me. The ROTS game was terrible. Heard good things about Jango Fett: Bounty Hunter but never played it.

    Oh! I lovvvvved Jedi Power Battles (TPM game) for the Dreamcast. Adi Gallia used a reverse grip red saber and I believe PLO Koon had an orange one.

    #19. What would be your idea of the perfect Star Wars video game @GARTH_MAUL?

    Seerow said:
    #19. What would be your idea of the perfect Star Wars video game @GARTH_MAUL?

    Well, when the Wii/Kinect came out, everyone naturally thought we'd get a 1:1 SW lightsabers game that would be awesome...and yet, we were promised Jetpacks and flying cars, so....

    I'd honestly love it if SWTOR was basically a really huge KOTOR3. Or a SW game like Skyrim or Assassin's Creed.

    I wouldn't mind a great Clone Wars PT era game that was an improvement on the Jedi Outcast idea. I don't think we've really had a great game with the PT characters.

    Or just make it like Ninja Gaiden with Jedi, I'd buy that.

    #20. What is your favorite thing about LACWAC @GARTH_MAUL?

    I just created this now, but for me the Four Pillars of LACWAC are :

    1. Creativity
    2. Quality of debate/knowledge of fans
    3. Sense of humor
    4. Generally respectful and civil community.

    #21 (Bonus). Write an ending for TCW @GARTH_MAUL?

    I think people are assuming a couple of things:

    (1) we'll get a definite tie-in to ROTS, possibly including (another) re-telling of the Battle of Coruscant;

    (2) one figures that the fates of Rex and possibly Ahsoka are tied into Order 66.

    If Ahsoka is going to be killed, I'd like her to be killed while she is acting like Anakin and bending the rules in what she is supposed to do on a mission, and while Anakin is off on Naboo or elsewhere on a tryst with Padme.

    Maybe it could actually be Grievous - it might give some motivation for why Anakin so badly wants to go to Utapau in ROTS.

    If she has to live, I'd prefer that she simply leaves the Order prior to Order 66 - I think her being alive makes the lack of mention of Ahsoka more explicable. Maybe she goes off with Lux because she's immature, and the Maker knows Kenobi and Skywalker had their own entanglements in their youth.

    Part of the reason Anakin is such a bad role model is that he can do what he wants more or less with impunity, partially because he's seen as the Chosen One. I wouldn't mind a bitter conversation between them about choices and how Anakin's status hasn't helped against the Sith, etc.

    As far as Rex goes, everyone wants him to live but I think he should be killed by his own troops after Order 66 after a rousing speech about how their fate isn't predetermined and the clones can choose different lives for themselves.

    But that's the only specific O66 stuff I need to see.

    I'd like to see Jedi throwing down their sabers and leaving the war or packing up their Jedi Temple lockers.

    I'd like to see some discussion in the Senate about how most Mid-Rim worlds can no longer function and they have lost regular contact with much of the Outer Rim. Then some shots of riots, etc on a variety of worlds.

    Zoom out to a galactic map that shows the course of the war, the Council arguing, and Palps sitting there with a smirk on his face.

    Congrats to @GARTH_MAUL for completing his interview! Lets this the man a round of applause and let the grill begin. I'll announce the next victim shortly. I don't have my list with me and don't want to get it wrong. x.x;

    Thank God, that's the most I've thought about SW in a long time. A long time.

    Updated interview archive. New interview coming soon.