I.E., CA Last Chance: The Vader Project

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    Just heard about this:

    "This summer, The Vader Project launches the final chapter of its four-year art odyssey. The iconic collection features 100 Darth Vader Helmets re-imagined by today?s most notable artists. Completing its epic world tour, The Vader Project returns to Los Angeles in June for a special ten-day exhibition in Hollywood as a preview to the upcoming Freeman?s Auction in Philadelphia.

    The Los Angeles Preview Exhibition is free to the public with an opening reception on June 11 from 6-10pm. The show will also feature a 200-plus page, full-color, limited edition catalog that is being produced for the auction and is available for pre-order now at www.thevaderproject.com. On June 12, the space will present a catalog signing event with over 20 participating artists in attendance beginning at 2pm on June 12. The Los Angeles Preview Exhibition will be open June 12-20 daily from Noon to 6pm."

    Full details at the website [link=http://www.thevaderproject.com/]http://www.thevaderproject.com/[/link]

    Some of you may have seen it at CIV. It's an awesome exhibit.
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