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NSWRPF Archive Last Stand: All or Nothing

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by TheManinBlack, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. TheManinBlack

    TheManinBlack Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 1, 2007
    The Black Ball sits there in the middle of the dusty white...empty white room of the apartment sparse of everything expect for a few people like you..It almost looks like black hole in the middle of the galaxy, soon to suck everything inside of it?and destroy everything that enters it. You should be glad your seeing it, though. You aren?t but you should be. No matter how much it looks like impending doom, you should recognize it as the opposite

    If you can see the Black Ball, that means you aren?t dead.

    Well at least not anymore. You Died didn?t you. On the subway track, from a heart attack at home, from a drunk driver, from a disease you where being treated for at the hospital, from being pushed off a skyscraper, from being shot, from?from?from?

    But your not dead?why else would you be in this room. ?.with all these people. No, maybe you are, maybe?these people are dead like you?.no. That?s impossible that?s?Why are they three guys dressd in that black body suit?it looks stupid. Everyone else is dressed normal?

    The Black Ball begins emitting ?Shake Your Groove Thing, Baby? While its sides open revealing guns, and on its front a computer screen. On it Text begins to appear

    ?Your Lives Have Just Ended

    How you use your New Lives
    is up entirely to me, idiots?
    Well that?s the theory anyway.

    ?You People will go out and kill this thing now.?

    Welcome to Gantz RPG: The Last Stand based of GANTZ (duh I guess)! You haven?t even need to have heard of GANTZ to play this boys and girls. The Objective is to survive long to get 100 points. You can only do this by killing the Aliens and completing missions. Failure to complete a mission will result in a punishment next mission?if you don?t get killed in one you failed. Once you complete the Objective you win a Prize. Bringing back the dead from Gantz?s data banks or your memories, ending your imprisonment in the game (though some aliens may follow you home?so doing it right away may not be bright),or a super powerful weapon for later in the game.

    Here are your Character Sheets You have 21 points to work with. You must have at least 1 point in every category, and 7 maximum in one category. 2-3 is the average skill level for a talent. While 7 would be the number of skilled professional athlete or genius scientist)
    Character Sheets
    Cause of Death:

    Speed ? (How fast your character can dodge an attack, run, or strike at an enemy)
    Strength (Much damage you deal with a melee weapon, how much you deal with your body, How much you can lift)
    Health-( How much damage you can take before you die)
    Luck - (Bonuses points for other abilities when fighting aliens,)
    Intelligence ? (How well you can use GANTZ weapons, equipment, and accessories abilities (effects out side of the primary damage they deal) . Also factors in unlocking abilities for weapons, and foreseeing enemy attacks and understanding their effects)
    Calmness ?(How much you can take before you lose your cool. You may not run away from an enemy but you could fail to fail to make the drop on him, or strike him correctly for the technique . With it you can think your way clear through even the most desperate situations?not give your self away)


    Gantz Suit - Multiplies a person's strength by 10.
    X-Gun - Light, concealable Weapon. 1 Lock on. 1 of two weapons useable in Stelath mode.
    X-Rifle - Capable of multiple lock-ons. Long Range.
    Y-Gun - 1 lock on. Captures enemies and sends them.
    G-Sword - Extendable Sword. One of two weapons usable in Stealth mode.
    Controller - Provides Area location Map and Stealth Ability
    Monobike - Provides speed, defense, and analyzes enemy points.

    100 point Weaponry

    There is only one monobike, and it is first come first serve. Up to two people can use it at once, one driver, and one gunner.

    The use of any weapon other than the Gantz Sword, X-gun, and hand to hand combat skills in Stealth mod
  2. TheManinBlack

    TheManinBlack Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 1, 2007
    No one's interseted?
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