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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Winged_Jedi, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. Winged_Jedi

    Winged_Jedi Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 28, 2003
    OOC: Nicely done.

    Grand Cathedral

    With a curl of her lip, Kara pulled Neesa's saber off her belt, ignited the silver blade, and - trusting the Force to guide her aim - threw it at his head.

    The saber twisted and spun in the air for an eternity, and unbidden, memories came to Kara of the Knights she had seen die. First Tieger, the accidental killing. Grissom and Duane, slaughtered twice over in the Forest. Neesa, screaming as she died. Samantha, pushed off the rooftop by her own lover.

    And, finally, the Captain would join his comrades in death.

    Guildenstern's eyes slammed open. It was too late- and the blade sliced his head from his shoulders. Immediately his remaining wing disintegrated into dust, and the scales over his flesh simply melted away. The tattoo he had worn had now vanished, and Kara knew where it had gone. She had felt the touch of the dark upon her back.


    Kara rose to her feet on legs that had been broken only moments before. Now they felt like they were made from durasteel. A low rumbling began to sound, somewhere deep below. Some of the candles began to quiver. Kara knew immediately that it was an earthquake, greater than any she had experienced thus far. She could feel where it was starting, and she could sense how to stop it if she wished. She could hear the cries of the undead for miles in any direction, and knew that she could command them to come or go as she pleased. She could sense the howling of monsters in the mines, and she could feel the snowflies swarming through the Forest. Blackened stone and bloody ruin called to her from every corner of the ancient walls. Nothing moved in Leá Monde without her knowledge.

    It was her City now.

    Tag: Xan

    OOC: And so the journey comes to an end. Post your final post and then I'll put up the Epilogue and Game Summary.
  2. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    :D :cool: [face_devil]

    IC: Kara Dysar

    Grand Cathedral

    Kara rose as if in a dream. She looked down; her legs had been broken, but no longer. In fact, all the cuts and scrapes she had acquired over the last day were gone; it was as if she had never been injured at all in her life.

    And the power ... Kara wanted to laugh. So that was how Sydney had done it. She had not fully understood before, and so his abilities had seemed so unreal, so supernatural. Infuriating, even. "No more games!" she had shouted at him, once - but of course it was a game. How could it not be, when nothing moved or acted or lived in the City without your knowledge - when the City was yours?

    The ground shook; an earthquake. Almost without thinking about it, Kara bent her will in its direction, and it stopped.
    This was wonderful. The City had whispered to her before ... now it was a companion, an extension of her will and being. She couldn't imagine how she had lived without it before.

    The Jedi robes suddenly felt constricting. Kara ripped off the cloak, then twisted around, tugging her collar down to see her back. There it was ... the tattoo. The mark of Leá Monde. She had first seen it on Sydney's back, though she hadn't known what it meant, back then - she had thought it merely a gang tattoo of some sort.
    Kara wanted to laugh at how wrong she had been, but there was no need. What did it matter? She was no longer the person that had made that mistaken assumption - not the lonely Jedi, filling her heart with thrills. Now she belonged, in every way that mattered, to Leá Monde - and the dark city belonged to her.

    TAG: Winged

    And ... we did it! :D
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  3. FollowTheSnowflies

    FollowTheSnowflies Jedi Knight star 1

    Mar 28, 2007
    We certainly did. :D

    Admittedly not in the ludicrously ambitious two month timeframe that I initially stated, but we got there eventually. And now, to the epilogue, and the end of things, with music coming from the [link=]Vagrant Story end credits[/link]...


    [blockquote]A week has passed since the Graylands Incident and the arrival of the Jedi.

    Two days ago, John Hardin was found wandering far outside the limits of Lea Monde. Joshua Bardoba was accompanying him. The child appeared to be uninjured, and after a thorough medical examination he was returned to his father. I recommend an indefinite period of psychological counselling for the boy.

    Hardin is currently in Peacekeeper custody. He has confirmed the deaths of Sydney Losstarot and his followers, and claims the Jedi and the Imperial Knights killed each other. He has yielded little else to interrogators thus far. We do not know why Hardin left the City with the boy. Personally I believe that he chose to betray and abandon his master out of cowardice.

    We have heard nothing from the Jedi or the Imperial Knights, or even the bounty hunter. With Joshua returned safely to the Moff, there is no reason for any of the investigators to remain in the City. Perhaps they are unaware of Hardin?s actions and believe Joshua is still Sydney?s hostage. Or perhaps Hardin?s testimony is accurate, and they have all perished.

    We will wait for contact for a further month. If we have not heard anything by that time, we will close the case.

    John Hardin was executed yesterday morning for his part in several murders. He had not yielded any further information to our interrogators.

    Joshua Bardoba has settled back into normal life. Our psychological evaluation shows surprisingly little damage to the boy. Either he has managed to very powerfully repress what he has seen, or his captors took great pains to avoid causing him trauma. I believe the former is more likely, given the past behaviour of Losstarot and his followers.

    A month has now passed without contact from the Jedi, the Imperial Knights or the bounty hunter. We have recorded that they were killed in action. May they find their peace in the Force.


    - Report from Peacekeeper Callo Merlose

    [blockquote]The news from Valendia has been unsettling.

    The boy has been returned to his father. This is of little relevance. We are aware of Sydney Losstarot?s true relationship to the Bardoba family, and did not expect him to harm his own brother. It seems that Hardin was essentially the boy?s bodyguard.

    The darkside clouds the City, and we are unable to sense whether our investigators are still alive. Several of our best seers claim to have seen Kara Dysar emerging as a lone survivor. The content of these visions have been...disturbing, to say the least. A full report and analysis will follow shortly.

    As for the Imperial Knights, we assume that they are also dead. Our spies in the Imperial Court inform us that the Emperor has been troubled by a discovery made about Captain Guildenstern?s private life, but no more details are forthcoming.

    In several previous meetings we had discussed the possibility that Losstarot and Moff Bardoba were conspiring to pass their powers onto a new heir. If that is the case, then the deaths of all involved would suggest that their plan failed.

    However, if there has been a survivor, then it is possible, even probable, that the powers of the City have been transferred to that person.

    We would recommend that a follow-up investigation is commissioned with a team of at least three Masters. We would further recommend that a watchman is stationed on the planet for the foreseeable future.


    -Jedi Council debrief

    [blockquote]?The body is but a vessel for the soul, a puppet which bends to the
    soul's tyranny. And lo, the body is not eternal, for it must feed on the
    flesh of others, lest it return to the dust from whence it came.
    Therefore must the soul deceive, despise an
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