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Art Archive Lee Kohse - Star Wars Galaxy 4 sketch cards

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by kohse, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. kohse Artist: -TOPPS

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    Oct 11, 2009
    Some people have asked that I post some of the sketch cards I did for Star Wars so while we wait for more approval of the art I did for Clone Wars Widescreen, here are some cards I did for Galaxy 4. I love the Galaxy sets because you can draw anything SW related pretty much.


    Painted cards:
    [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_fett_0001sm.jpg] [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_slave1.jpg] [image=http://www.kohse.com/jpegs/Mara_jade_sm.jpg] [image=http://www.kohse.com/jpegs/SWG4_vader_sm.jpg] [image=http://www.kohse.com/jpegs/sharad_hett_sm.jpg]

    Pencil/Marker cards:
    [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_09.jpg] [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_04.jpg] [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_12.jpg] [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_15.jpg] [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_16.jpg]
    [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_17.jpg] [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_18.jpg] [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_14.jpg] [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_13.jpg] [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_10.jpg]

    Target Red cards:
    [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_19.jpg] [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_20.jpg] [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_23.jpg] [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_24.jpg] [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_25.jpg]
    [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_28.jpg] [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_27.jpg] [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_26.jpg] [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_21.jpg] [image=http://kohse.com/jpegs/swg4_sheet_22.jpg]
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  3. Black-Dog Jedi Grand Master

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    This is so freakin' cool. =D= Great stuff one and all.
  4. CelseteAntola TF.N Books Staff

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    =D= Wow!

    Really fantastic work!!

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