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NSWRPF Archive Legacies Never Die Joker's Revenge (A Batman RP)

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by JENNA, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. JENNA

    JENNA Jedi Master star 2

    Jun 19, 2005
    RP summary: The Joker seems to have returned to Gotham with his usual pranks. Batman, having gotten too old for being the city's hero, sends his children out to investigate. And what is found is much more then Bruce could have thought possible...

    Character Sheet

    Alias (if any):

    Characters Needed

    Bruce Wayne
    Barbra Gordon
    Tim Drake
    Harvey Dent
    Joker Henchmen
    Alfred Pennyworth

    My characters' sheet

    Name: Elizabeth Rachel Wayne
    Alias: Batwoman
    Age: 17
    Personality: Loyal, obedient (sometimes), blunt, and just a typical teenage girl
    Parents: Bruce and Rachel Wayne
    Siblings: James Wayne
    Weapons: Batman's weapons
    Misc: has a tendency to get into trouble and not caring about it

    Name: Anna
    Alias (if any): Clown Princess of Crime
    Age: 17
    Personality: just like her father's
    Parents: Joker
    Weapons: Joker gas, venom, stuff given to her by Joker
    Misc: Hates the Batman completely, belives that her father has been made a victim of the "real" bad guy.

    And now onto the rules.

    1. No godmodding
    2. Try to be careful about cursing, don't swear in every sentance.
    3. No bashing characters please
    4. Two characters allowed (Either two original characters or one original and one canon.)
    5. No spamming

    Please sign up guys. I try not to be harsh about rules, but let me know if I am!

    DARTH_GOLLUMSMEAGOL Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 20, 2003
    I am playing the Joker

    GM approved

    Alias (if any):
    Age:middle aged
    Personality: Psychotic Clown
    Weapons: Just about everything, enjoys knives and different chemicals
  3. JENNA

    JENNA Jedi Master star 2

    Jun 19, 2005
    OK, anyone else up for this RP? I'm not trying to be insulting about a certain celebrity's death if that's why you guys aren't signing up, I just wanted to make up something fun. [face_worried]

    Canon Characters
    Bruce Wayne :
    Jim Gordon:
    Barbra Gordon:
    Tim Drake :
    Harvey Dent:
    Joker Henchmen ( 2 or 3 people at the most):
    Alfred Pennyworth :
  4. Tog

    Tog Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 19, 2007
    Gm Approved
    Joker's Henchman
    Name: Robert Clayton
    Alias: Bang
    Age: 19
    Personality: Explosive
    Parents: Kristen Clayton and John Clayton
    Siblings: Liz Clayton
    Weapons: Home-made bombs, RPG (If you ask where him where he got it he'll just laugh at you), Revolver, and a knife.
    Misc: If you can't notice by the weapons he carries, he loves explosives.
  5. loneclonehunter

    loneclonehunter Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 17, 2007
    jokers henchman
    Name: Kade Montey
    Alias (if any): Crank
    Age: 25
    Personality: quiet, layed back, but if need be, deadly
    Parents: Alaina Montey and Marcus Montey
    Weapons: One Katana, kuni, flash bang grenades, two Desert eagles
    Misc: He kind of follows a more ninja/Assassin like life style, but Joker pays better and he prefers him and his attitude to most others
  6. ZebOswalt

    ZebOswalt Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 12, 2008
    Name: Duela Dent
    Alias (if any): I?m not even sure if Duela Dent is her real name. but, neither is she. Mad Maud, Jokers Daughter, Penguin?s daughter, Cat Woman?s daughter, etc. Red hood. Right now she calls herself Green Canary,

    Age: 25
    Personality: Which one?
    Parents: Ah geez who can guess? Right now she clams it?s Dinah Laurel Lance
    & Oliver Queen
    Description: Pretty woman with green hair. And she?s dressed in green, though in a green version of Black Cannery?s costume. Tall, in shape woman. Who smiles waaaaaaaaay to much. But, doesn?t have the over the top smile of her past.

    Weapons: Depends on who she?s pretending to be. Could be guns. An umbrella. Ah could be any thing. Country a really good compound bow. And lots of arrows.

    Misc: This is not the Dueal Dent killed in count down. This duael dent comes from the anti matter world that Alexander Luther is thought to be the only hero. In truth All villains are heroes their. Though they never win. Her mother is the hero Hag woman. Other wise known as Sofia Falcone. And the hero known as the KGBeast Anatoli Knyazev. Her parents were killed by the villain Owl Man. But, her father taught her what he knew about fighting and his solder skills. So she could use them when she became a super hero like he and her mother. She was razed by the hero?s Joker and Harley Quine. But, they were killed by the Crime Syndicate as well. So The Hero called King Snake was able to get her to safety and razed her teaching her what he knew. Though they are captured by the Crime Syndicate when King Snake is trying to foil one of their crimes. Super Woman beats him down. As good as he is he isn?t an Amazon. The Atom takes Duela and begins to experiment on her. Which warps her mind. Though she is freed when Alexander Luther makes an assault on the crime syndicates base. With the help of the justice Gang. Whom were Bane, Mr. Freeze , Poison Ivy, & Clayface. How ever at this point. Dueals Dent was a grown woman and her mind was gone. She wasn?t sure who she was or what she was.

    But, before she could figure it out the events of infinity Crisis happened. Which threw her out of her own world. It also changed her from Anti matter to regular matter. She found herself in a strange world?our. Ware she forgot who her parents were. And started by thinking the ones who raised her Harly Quine & the Joker were her parents. At some point she thought King Snake & Lynx were her parents. And called herself queen snake. It went like that for a while. She didn?t even know she was on the opposed world. Ware all the heroes she knew were villains. And the evil man in her world that killed her parents. Owl Man was in this world Bat Man. Still, after a while she got it right in her mind. But, now she thinks she is the daughter of Green Arrow & Black Cannery. And was trained in the bow by her real dad KGBeast, how ever she now uses a green companied bow. And fights crime with bows and arrows.
  7. ZebOswalt

    ZebOswalt Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 12, 2008
    Blood Lust

    Real Name: Vlad Tepes

    Identity/Class: Vampire

    Occupation: Count

    Affiliations:His three brides , Gifted Brigade, vampires of the world

    Enemies: Professor Abraham van Helsing, Johnathan Harker, Quincey Morris, Dr.Jack Seward, Lord Arthur Holmwood , King of irons, Regulators, Devi tons of others

    Known Relatives: Vlad (father, deceased); Radu (brother, deceased)

    He looks like:

    Aliases: Vlad the Impaler; Vlad Dracula; Vlad Dracul

    Base of Operations: Originally Transylvania; briefly England
    Personlity: See Namor. Reagal and evil. But, cares him self in a proud way.

    Powers/Abilities: Dracula isn't a vampire, he's THE vampire. He is able to turn into a wolf, a bat, rats, and mist. He controls the weather, particularly storms, he can walk down the side of walls, and he can command the vermin of the Earth. He has supernatural strength and can move so fast that mortal eyes can't even see him. Unlike many vampires, he can easily walk around in daytime, although it makes him blink a lot and his skin itchy. Quincey Morris's knife in his chest. And placed a glass top over his coffin. They then moved into a hidden location. Or he stayed a hidden for a vast century or so. Recently coin artist was able to remove the knife and bring him back. She gave him a fancy sheep or a custom with a titanium plate in front of his chest to block any 18 century boiwe knifes. Oddly no other knife can penetrate his chest. No guns or any conventional weapons can harm him. He Is practically invincible save for the weakness to Bowie knivesAnd also sent him into unconsciousness and Kucaras. Kucaras could be used to slices his throat. The Kucaras can destroy him. He has super huiman strength and can fly.

    History: (Historically speaking): Vlad "the Impaler" is believed to have been born around 1431. His father, also called Vlad, was a military commander with responsibility for guarding the mountain passes from Transylvania into Wallachia from enemy incursion. In that year the senior Vlad was summoned to Nuremberg by Sigismund, the Holy Roman Emperor, to receive a unique honor. He was one of a number of princes and vassals initiated by the Emperor into the Order of the Dragon, an institution, similar to other chivalric orders of the time, modelled on the Order of St George. Created in 1408 by Sigismund and his queen, it required its initiates to defend Christianity and to do battle against its enemies, principally the Turks. As an indication of his pride in the Order, Vlad took on the nickname "Dracul." (The Wallachian word "dracul" was derived from the Latin "draco" meaning "the dragon.") The sobriquet adopted by the younger Vlad was "Dracula", which meant "son of Dracul" or "son of the Dragon".

    Vlad was the second of three sons; his brothers were Mircea and Radu. While he was a child, the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund died, and the senior Vlad worked on policies of neutrality with the Turks, feeling it was necessary to do this to protect the interests of Wallachia. The Sultan felt he needed something to ensure Dracul's support, and so demanded Vlad and Radu as hostages, guaranteeing good behaviour. Vlad, probably around eleven at the time, may have spent up to six years under this precarious arrangement. The younger brother Radu, a handsome lad who attracted the attention of the future sultan, fared better than Vlad, a factor that helps explain the bitter hatred and rivalry that developed between the brothers later. Apparently, no serious physical harm came to the boys during these years of captivity, though the psychological impact on Vlad is difficult to assess. They were released in 1448, but Radu remained in Turkey.

    Vlad returned hom to find his father had been assassinated and his older brother buried alive by the nobles of Târgoviste who had supported a rival claimant. Vlad seized power, and according to an early Romanian chronicle, in the spring of 1457, he invited the nobles responsible for the deaths of his father and br
  8. JENNA

    JENNA Jedi Master star 2

    Jun 19, 2005
    Thanks for all the CS, guys! I suppose we can start the RP now, even though we don't have all of the main characters yet. But feel free to start your posts when you're ready. ;)
  9. ZebOswalt

    ZebOswalt Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 12, 2008

    Duela Dent

    ::The Green Cannery found herself in Gothem city. She was dressed how Black Carry dresses herself now. Sans the fishnet. As she carries her bow and arrows. She walks up a flight of stairs in an abandoned building. She finds an empty room on the 17th floor. The room is empty. The window is open. There?s nothing in the room. The fenachure has been removed. The wall sockets are all plugged up. And the walls are a bit cracked. All the factures in the place have been removed. No sink or any thing. She kneels at the window and she looks out the window. As she sees her target her prey a sniper who has been killing people in gothem. He never hit?s the same place twice. Yet word on the street is this is ware he?s going to strike next. They won?t talk to the cops, but a psychotic woman like Duela well her they will talk to. And she threatened to use her canery cry. She didn?t have one, but she had the bow. So why take chances? She saw the man she was looking for. An older man. May have served in Vietnam. He has a breathing device, but he?s not using it. Seems the world as he sees it has done him wrong. Left him to not exist. As he still leaves. Came home to baby killer than watched as made up characters got press. Then just became another fold in humanity. Another ink mark in the book of life. One that is just part of the page the dot at the top of an ?i? And he wanted more. So he went around killing people. He had lost that block most humans have. That part that makes you feel any thing when you kill. Once you kill it?s no longer difficult to kill. Remorse corrodes after you do it to much. It?s a lose. It takes away your humanity. Still, now here he was the cops looking for him the papers know of a killer. Sadly in this day in age he might get a book deal. We?ve already as a society become a victim of our own corroding. The man thought it odd. After all we all know who Dommer is, but does any one know who took him to jail? Not many. Why is it we forget those that do good , but now remember some sick loon? The man didn?t care.

    He now had his chance at fame. As he uped the body count. When he had it high enough He?d let them catch him. As the most dangerous serial killer. He aimed his rifle a 607 sniper rifle. He set the sights precisely for the wind resistance. He was a solder after all. He had been a sniper in the war. He knew how to do it. He aimed at a mother and a child. He knew shooting one of them would really in rage the city. What the news papers and the tv would report on it. As he aims the gun. At the child he sees a triangle arrow goes threw the scope and threw his eye, but it?s an angled shot. So it doesn?t kill him. But, it makes him drop his gun. Then cops bust threw the door an anonymous tip told them ware to find the shooter. And there he was. Joe Marcin. With the very sniper rife that was used in the other killings. He?s arrested and taken to Jail. Duela dent puts up her compound bow and then put away her cell phone. She smiled. After all she had called the cops with it. Shot the arrow to take him down, but made sure he was alive. After all this was Gothem. She knew better than to kill a villain in gothem. She was glad she saw the beat cops down stairs and called them. She then left her room. Not that one can track an arrow. It doesn?t leave a trace. She merely threw on a coat and put her bow in a duffel bag along with a long skirt. The boots well heck people ware green boots. She marly slipped into the crowd. Warring a hat to match. As she just slipped away.::
  10. darth_nemisis

    darth_nemisis Jedi Master star 6

    May 15, 2004
    I am sorry to do this to you, but, according to the [link=]Rules[/link] located at the top of the main page, under rule number 6, Redundancy, there is only one game per franchise. Unfortunately, there is already a Batman RPG located [link=]Here[/link].

    I would suggest either joining that one, waiting for the other thread to close, or PM I_H and see what he has to say. It appears the other Batman game is on the slow side, maybe he will allow this one to be played. Don't quote me on that, because I am not sure.

  11. Tog

    Tog Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 19, 2007
    Sorry to inform ya DN, but... This one was started first :D
  12. darth_nemisis

    darth_nemisis Jedi Master star 6

    May 15, 2004
    Well, foolish me. [face_blush] I do apologize, I guess I was misled. Again, my apologies. :)
  13. JENNA

    JENNA Jedi Master star 2

    Jun 19, 2005
    It's quite alright, but thanks for the information. I actually have joined that RP. So... yeah, way ahead of you on that one. ;) But once again thanks.
  14. ZebOswalt

    ZebOswalt Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 12, 2008

    IC: Duela Dent

    ::The Green Cannery was out on patrol. She saw a man with a knife about to attack a woman. Green Cannery fired a few arrows at him. One went threw his hand making him drop the knife. .The next 2 took out his knees. Another his other hand. Then one threw the leg that dug into the concrete. ::

    Man,? What are you?! Your Crazzy?!?

    Duela,? Thanx for noticing. Still, who are you to say what?s crazy? You attacked one who couldn?t or wouldn?t fight back. Why? What does that give you? Noting once a fair fight came in you yell about crazy etc. Well that?s just odd. At any rate, pudden. There are far stranger things in the world. A prez that can?t tell what a recession is. A candate who won?t sere on the bible. People who only speak a few words of Jappanesse, but watch the Animes with sub titles cause they think it?s more authentic! Who wants to read while watching TV? It?s annoying! If you don?t speak Japanese watch the English dubed ones! Porticoes jerks! What?s crazy is people who drive slow in the fast lane. What?s crazy is people who are for abortio9n, but against the death penalty. Kill them or don?t! What?s CrAzy is a Vice Prez who can?t tell the difference from a man or a quail. How can you mistakenly shot some one in the face while quall hunting? Any way you?re the polices problem now.I the The Green Cannery have stoped you! So free your mind and stop trying to kill people! It gets old shoting people wth arrows with mental problems...not that I'm sane or any thing.?

    ::She hits him in the face with her bow knocking him out. His leg still on the ground as he?s bent obver. Since the arrow is still threw his leg. She calls the cops on her temp cell. She'll throw it away later and buy as new temp one. She then goes back on patrol.::


    IC: Blood Lust

    ::Went to Gothem on a plane that flew nights. He had a privet Caban and slept in it for days. He had a new building bought for his needs. And a few ghouls fixing the place up. He also had used a firm to transfer enough money to gothem so he could start a new business there. He flew here set up as a exporter of computer chips. He had a few net works of that. Ans other businesses. As old as he was it was not difficult. He set up a few things. He feed on a flight attendant on the way to gothem. He left her alive. He wanted to leave no trail to him before he got to Gothem. He seduced her then fed on her. As he flew to gothem. He landed there. Then he got off his plane looking at the nights sky in Gothem. He smiled and put on Black mirrored sun glasses. He had on a business suit, but the shirt was a turtal neck. The suit was black, but the shirt was purple. He had a walking stick with him. It was a bit behind the times. Still, he liked it. He walked threw the city. He found a simple homeless man. Some one no one would notice if he disappeared. He followed him into an empty ally. Bvloosd Lusdt had already had his stuff dilivard to hgis hotel suit. As he feed on the man. He killed him. After all this was Gothem. The locals needed something to do. He then set up the man in a Bela Lagossi pose with a black cape on him and fake fangs. With a note that said,? Some times the real thing is more dangerous than the imagination.

    A rose of another name maybe the same. But, no fine wine can be replaced by a wine in the box. No true creature of the night can be replaced by some one playing at Predator.?

    He left no finger print and made sure their were no witnesses. He then flew like a bat to ware he left his car. And had his driver take him home.::

    Tag: Any
  15. loneclonehunter

    loneclonehunter Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 17, 2007
    Crank Jumped from roof top to roof top, the canisters of the unstable gas the joker had asked him to get clanked noisily on his back. He cursed himself for being so stupid as to walk right into the trap that had awaited him in the lab he stole the gas from. He heard a crazy burst of laughter break out in the ally way he had just jumped over. HE back tracked and wall pushed his way to the empty alley. A man with a half painted face stood at the end of the alley.
    "Hello Joker." said Crank.
    "Hello minion." said the twisted clown.
    Crank scowled a deep scowl of pure hatred for the man of which he adressed as boss.
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