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    Revisha looked up into Kir's eyes and saw him smiling.

    "I don't want him resurrected! I've told everyone that already!" Revisha screamed as she left again.

    Revisha couldn't take all this. Revisha had told many times how she felt about it. If he was resurrected Obi-Wan would hate her for she was about to have a relationship with him until Kir came back.

    Revisha just couldn't take it.
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    Strider shook his head, there was a brief moment of silence, then he spoke:

    ?We will be leaving in 48 hours, pack all the provisions you will think you?ll need, I will provide the transportation on this expedition... Revisha may come if she would like too...?
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    ...The Dreaming...

    The Sounds of a Vast Ocean could be Heard as a Soothing Breeze was felt like a lover's sweet and adoring caress. The smell of Green was everywhere mixed in with Fresh Crisp Ozone.
    It was difficult to See Ahead Due to the Soothing Yet Intensely Bright Light.
    It was not painful to look at....just very Bright, yet soothing.
    Brand was not sure what this place was, but he'd never felt so much serenity.
    It seemed that he was floating, and He would not mind it If he floated Forever...He felt so light, So Happy...Free of All Burdens.
    Brand smiled and closed his eyes, Basking in the feeling, when he heard what he thought was voices....no, it was singing, children singing, and the sound moved his soul.

    "The Force is Strong with You my Son."

    Brand's eyes opened immediately to the light.
    He could recognize that voice anywhere.

    "Master...Is that you?"

    A wave of gentle affection washed over him in response.

    "Yes, my son...."

    "Then....am I...."

    "No, my son, you are in no mortal peril, but on your way to speedy recovery, The Force is strong in you."

    Brand felt his own shame well inside him.

    " I wasn't strong enough to avenge you master, i couldn't even beat some crazy Clone."

    "Your focus is clouded by the DarkSide,that's why you could not overcome your enemy, that's why it has taken me so long to contact you my son......let go of anger and hate. I do not need avenging, what i need is for you to come back to the light so i can teach you, So you can be strong."

    An unexplainable joy took hold of Brand.

    "Master, your lightsaber techniques....i'm not worthy...."

    "You are ready my son, return to Coruscant and to Master Strider, return where you belong.They will need you."

    "I will Master....Thank you."

    "And Brand...."

    "Yes, Master....."

    "I'm sorry i never told you how Proud of you I am, and that I love like the son i could never have....I figured you always knew and I needn't say it."

    "...I know, but it's nice to Hear it anyway Master."

    "I will be watching over you and instructing you....May the Force be with you, my son."

    And in a Bright flash, everything vanished.



    Brand sat up and cleared his blurry vision, squinting and shaking his head.
    He apparently was on a cot or small bed.
    He glimpsed around as his eyes adjusted to the light and could make out the medical droid that had just spoken.
    He seemed to be in some sort of infermary.
    He looked down and saw that he had bacta patches where he had been injured.

    "What....where...?" He was still abit dazed.

    your-injuries-have-been-taken-care-off-and-are on-the-mend. Crew-menebers-from-the-Polaris-Star,-found you-a-Jedi-injured-inside-a-cargo-hold. The-captain-brought-you-here-immediately-after-they-landed...you -are-in-Correllia-Starport."

    "I...I must thank him."


    "hmm...yeah, would you get him for me."


    Brand watched the medical droid go. He was feeling much better already.
    Having much to think about, he sat in lotus position upon the bed. He decided to enter a healing trance and meditate on all that had happened until the captain arrived. Soon, he'd be back on Coruscant, but he would be sure to contact the Jedi council first.
    He needed to think of the proper words to say to Master Strider...He owed the Jedi Master an Apology.
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    Okay...Lemme know where to jump in! :D

    Name: Luminara Undulii
    Clone: (yes or no) Yes
    Age:(if you play as a clone you will be 36 years old, they were all hatched at the same time and are all the same age.) 36
    Species: Mirilian
    Gender: Female
    Bio (History): Clone of Old Republic Jedi

    Physical Description
    Eye Color: Violet
    Hair Color: black
    Skin Color: Brown
    Weight: 125
    Height: 5'4"
    Clothing: Brown Jedi robes, blue skirt, black longsleeve shirt, brown headdress.
    Basic Description of all: (Scars, Birthmarks, Tattoos, etc) Has blue tattoos diamonds over hands, and a blue lower lip. a line of tattoos that trails down her chin.

    The Force
    Lightsaber (Single, double, two, etc): Single
    Lightsaber Color: Green
    Rank (Apprentice, Knight, Master, etc): Master

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    OOC: Just jump, and you'll land somewhere. ;)
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    Revisha could hear from the door what Strider was saying. Revisha tried ignoring it and just breathed in, taking in the wind and looking over the landscape of Coruscant. Revisha wondered why they wanted Obi-Wan resurrected so much.

    Revisha had gone walking through the streets, thinking to herself of what would happen if he were resurrected. Walking to a familiar diner, she headed in. A friendly face greeted her.

    "Revisha! So good to see you again, looking the same and beautiful as everm" Dexter smiled walking up to her.

    "Hey Dexter," Revisha gave a half smile.

    "Take a seat, it's dead now so just might as well," Dexter said as he held a hand out for her to sit.

    Revisha did. He did as well right after.

    "Why so glum?" he asked as he saw her looking out the window.

    "Is it wrong of me to disagree with everyone with resurrecting Obi-Wan?" Revisha asked.

    Dexter looked at her and didn't know what to think. He was great friends with Obi-Wan.

    "No you're not, but just think of how happy he'd be to see you and everyone else again," Dexter smiled trying to make her feel better.

    Revisha turned and gave another half smile and looked back out.
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    Aled Walked dwn the hall with strider leading him to Aled's study...

    "I think I might have something that can help, but you should tell me more of how this ressuredtion will work."
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    Kite'Ti walked into the small Jedi tent. A male human wearing the Jedi battle armor, that was designed after the armor worn in the great Sith War millions of years ago by Jedi in battle, walked up to Ti.
    "I am Kreg Harrar."
    "I know who you are. All I want to know is is it here?"
    "There is no sign so far, but the Sith are protecting something."
    "I don't need something. I need that book."
    "General, if you could go into the Sith ba-"
    Harrar was cut off by a cold hard glance from Ti "The Republic doesn't know of the Jedi mission, in fact only the Jedi here and Skywalker know of it. If word of this got out-"
    "We could inform the Rebublic"
    "It is too risky. They may pull out, then we would have nothing. I'll think of something, and when I do you will be the first to know."
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    Coruscant, Jedi Temple

    "We've received a message for Master Strider from Corellia.
    It's Brand GrimStar."

    "Master Strider is still within the Temple grounds, I'll forward the Message to his location."

    Holo-message transfered to Master Strider's location.

    Brand Apprears dressed in his clean, yet darkened Jedi robes. His expression is friendly and apologetic.

    "Greetings Master Strider, It is I, Brand GrimStar.....I am truely sorry for all the trouble I have caused you and am ready to accept whatever disciplinary action you deem commensurate to my shamful behavior.
    I am ready to return to the Jedi Temple at your command.
    I am presently in a Corellian Starport administrative facility, and will await your instructions. As you know, the routing data is self-contained within this message.
    I think you should know that during my 'absence' i encountered an adversary who was strong in the Force, and it was not a Sith.
    I have every reason to believe that it was the Jedi Clone of Barriss Offee.
    And i'm affraid she was afflicted with clone madness. I await your instructions Master Strider....and, May the Force be with You."

    End of Transmission.

    [tag: Jedi Daniel,Ktala] ;)
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    Ti's comlink rang. "Yes."
    "Do you have it yet, Ti?"
    "No Master Skywalker, we are not even sure it is here."
    "I see, contact me when you have more information."

    ooc: Ok I've been bored for a while so I went and read the very early parts of Legacy 1. I want some of you to go and read that. It was kinda cool seeing how evil Ti was, how hopelessy love sick Aled was, and how not-dead Obi-Wan was.
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    OOC: Obi-Wan died to much, even though it was only twice. Long story short: I honeslty never intended to return to the Legacy series, next thing I know, I?m the GM for it, go fig.

    IC: Strider read the transmission from GrimStar while Aled was briefly elsewhere attending to other business, he looked around and quickly made his way to his office.

    There, he prepared a reply message:

    This is Jedi master Strider... Late my thoughts have strayed to you, and dark. I am unfortunately very busy attending to other situations... though I would greatly like to meet you. Come to the Jedi Temple, we shall talk about your tidings.

    Strider quickly sent the message, and without any emotion upon his face he walked back to meet Aled.

    ?You asked how I intent to resurrect Obi-Wan you ask?? Strider said towards Aled, ?I myself am unsure... though I know of what way, I will be speaking with one of my superiors, he will know. I also have some other things that just came up to attend with, though I think we can make these coincide with each other.?
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    Revisha had left Dexter's after a few hours and headed through the streets. She tried to think if she was being too stubborn with this Obi-Wan thing or not. Too many thoughts banging through her head.

    "Oh do you want to be alive again Obi-Wan?" Revisha asked as if she were to hear an answer from out of nowhere.

    Wind blowing through her hair, she gazed down at the ring Kir had slipped on her finger. She smiled and started to think that things would be alright with Obi-Wan back to life. Nodding her head, she headed back to her home and had grabbed some things. Running to the Jedi Temple, she was out of breath there as she walked in.

    "Don't leave!" she screamed as she ran up the stairs hoping no one left.

    "I'm coming!" she screamed as she was trying to get some breath.
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    "Where did you go?" Kir asked Revisha, "I've been looking all over for you."

    Kir led her to Aled's study, and they began talking about the details of the trip.

    "Once we get there, how will we ressurect him?" Kir said.

    ooc: I can't remember what planet we were supposed to be going to, so could someone please tell me?
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    Strider nodded, and smiled at Revisha?s change of heart, he then slowly said:

    ?We will be leaving in four hours, we will be going to the planet Valgur.... pack things up, get ready. I must talk with my superiors....?

    Strider then hastily left the room.
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    OOC: Greyjedi125: Would love to answer yer TAG, but ya sent the msg to Master Strider only. :p


    Luminara walked through the temple. The temple was now a very diffrent place than what she remembered. And even worse, she is without her padawan. She tries to push that from her mind.

    She decided to head for the council chambers. She had something she would request, if they had no business for her to attend to at the moment.

    She turns, and heads for the Council Chambers.
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    Strider quickly walked down the halls of the temple, he finally reached a small meditation room tucked away in a almost forgotten place of the temple, there he entered... he sat down next to the old Jedi that did not move.

    ?Master.....? Strider said softly, the Jedi murmured as if in a deep sleep, ?I have gotten the support of Obi-Wan?s friends, is that not what you requested of me??

    There was a soft sigh from the old man, then he said in an old and raspy voice.

    ?Yes.......? he breathed in heavily. ?There is much for you to still do..... go now and resurrect Obi-Wan.... the answers are coming, now go.?

    But Strider only sat there, he then said:

    ?But how am I to do it? Resurrect Obi-Wan? I do not know......?

    The old man quickly interrupted: ?Do not question that, you will know when you arrive.... there you will also find it.?

    ?Find what?? Strider said with some skepticism, but he got no answer, he left the room, and quickly made his way down the halls of the Jedi Temple. Then he suddenly bumped into Luminara.

    Tag: Ktala
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    Aled awaited for Strider and the others aboard his old Ovrseain converted cargo holder, the New Falcon. All was calom, a spirit was with the ship, blessing the journey to come.
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    Ti was in the tent with his padwan and Kreg Harrar.
    "Ok, the plan is: I order an all out attack, walkers ground troops, heck even cooks with spoons will work. The battle is not the important part but you," Ti points a finger at Kreg ", will make the Rebublic think so. While we have distracted both the Republic my Padawan will go into the Sith base from the heating system here." An image of the sith base appears floating above the table. "Sam'oht, are you sure you are up to this?"
    "I am Master"
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    Luminara was turning a corner in the hallway, when she ran into Master Strider coming around the opposite way.

    She looked up suddenly, her violet eyes blinked. She had been preoccupied and had not noticed him.

    "Excuse me, Master Strider."

    TAG: Jedi_Daniel
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    Strider looked at Luminara, he then said in a kindly tone of voice: ?Is there anything I can help you with??

    Tag: Ktala
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    Luminara eyed the Jedi Master. She pauses for a second, and then continues.

    "Yes, Master Strider. I was about to seek the Council. I...I wish to know what happened to my old padawan, Barriss Offee. I need to know what happened to her."

    She held her eyes steadly on the Jedi Master.

    "I feel that there is something wrong within the Force. And it has to do with more than just her."

    Tag: Jedi_Daniel
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    Strider looked at Luminara, as if in deep thought... he then cautiously said:

    ?Barriss Offee....... A clone is he not? I did hear something of him.... Though my source is vague, I heard he got clone madness, or has feared to of caught it.?

    Tag: Ktala
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    "SHE...yes, I believe she was...brought back....same as myself. But they did not tell me what happened to her." She replied to Master Strider.

    Luminara eyes slightly got wide. "Clone madness? But how?" Luminara dropped her head as she was in thought. A few seconds later, she replied.

    "Do you know where she was last reported? If that is true, then I need to find her before she can do any damage."

    TAG: Jedi_Daniel
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    Revisha had nodded and listened. She knew that it would be difficult to resurrect Obi-Wan, and it would be worth it. As Revisha and Kir had left Aled's office she turned to look up at him.

    "I was at Dexter's to answer your question," she smiled as she then leaned her head upon his shoulder.

    Tag: Quinn/Kir
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    OOC: SHE [face_laugh] [face_blush]

    IC: ?I don?t know the details, I was informed by a one Brand GrimStar. I belive he is coming to the temple soon, I can arrange a meeting if you like, but I cannot stay, I have much to attend with.?

    Tag: Ktala
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