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Star Wars Legacy of the Guardians (Always Accepting New Players)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Bardan_Jusik , Mar 10, 2017.

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    Sep 3, 2006
    IC: Liuna Iotasi
    Smuggler's Den, Kachirho, Kashyyyk

    Ten years was a long time for a lightsaber to be missing. Liuna reached back to run her fingers down her dualsaber, feeling the shape of the metal hilt even through her gloves; this lightsaber wasn't even ten years old. She had still been a Padawan back then, working on her first single-hilted lightsaber, under the careful and secretive watch of the new Jedi Order. Things were different now, she'd replaced one blade with two, she no longer operated in secrecy out of fear of Sith discovery, instead using it as a tool to gain an advantage.

    Kasumi seemed more welcoming to the new one-- Edo. Liuna shrugged slightly to herself, and took stock of what remained. If Kashyyyk's cities weren't built mostly on wood she'd suggest burning the place to destroy any remaining evidence, but the risk of the fire spreading was too great. Destroying the weapons with their lightsabers would be effective, but give away their involvement more than they already had. Perhaps make it look like an accident, set off a low-yield detonator to contain the damage.

    While scanning for something useful, two shots in the now-quiet space nearly brought her lightsaber out once more. Her eyes followed Taab's blaster to the remains of Kla's head, and nodded once. "If anyone sees a detonator, we should blow this place before we leave. It's unlikely anyone will piece together what happened, but I'd rather not risk the--" Liuna cut herself off before she said Guardians of Light out loud, suddenly glancing about the room, higher up than her previous search. Holocams were easy to hide, and she was used to relying on Jinx, her astromech, to detect anything technological. "And keep an eye out for holocams while you're at it. No witnesses, no records, no evidence."

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    IC: Ugem'Bivi, Koji Vansyph
    Smuggler's Den, Kachirho, Kashyyyk

    Bivi kept her eye on the exits as Liuna and the others interviewed Mr. Kla. She didn't want to be caught off guard like that day in the Temple hangar when those...things attacked them. She'll never forget that. The darkness that emanated from those creatures, the unbridled hatred she felt firsthand of the dark side. Bivi's skin crawled at the memory.

    "I am Edo Vilsa, and I wish to be trained in the force by you, to be succinct."

    Koji stepped away from the arms dealer, Liuna also turned her attention elsewhere, presumably to the Miraluka tagalong. This was Taab's friend, he should be the one to deal with him. Not to mention Master Kasumi would be able to help read the man and sniff out any deceit.

    "I spoke out of turn again, didn't I?" Bivi asked the Lorrdian as he approached her, feeling a sense of failure creep up inside.

    "Why do you suppose that?"

    "It wasn't part of the plan. I should have consulted you first."

    Koji placed his hand on the Twi'lek padawan's shoulder, "Be mindful of your feelings, you cling to the past of your people when you should let yourself be free in the Force."

    Bivi looked at her feet, knowing exactly what he was talking about. "Don't dwell on this now, it's time to plan our next move. Are you with us?"

    Looking up again with a face of determination, Bivi answered, "I wouldn't miss -"

    *ZEW ZEW* two blaster bolts zipped through the air behind them, cutting Bivi off mid sentence. The two Jedi quickly turned to see the commotion.

    "No witnesses," the Commander said with steel in his veins.

    Bivi looked at the crumpled body that was the arms dealer. I hope the Commander never calls me his friend if this is how they end up, she thought to herself.

    "If anyone sees a detonator, we should blow this place before we leave. It's unlikely anyone will piece together what happened, but I'd rather not risk the--" Liuna appeared to stop herself, perhaps to clear her throat.

    "And keep an eye out for holocams while you're at it. No witnesses, no records, no evidence."

    "Good idea." Koji replied. "Bivi, check the footlockers opposite the entrance, I'll check the furniture."

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    GM Update

    IC: Knight Reese/padawan Isabella/Professor "N'Danna" Solo (NPCs)
    About to die...Eventide

    "We're fine. Nobody is dying today! Just wait there, we'll handle this!" Knight Nosrep said with confidence lowering Knight Reese to the ground gently as the ceiling continued to drop down towards them. Professor Solo didn't look entirely convinced but at least he snapped back to reality as the Ongree Jedi took charge of the situation. "Isabella, come here and maintain pressure." The padawan did as she was told, she was scared, the Jedi could sense that, but being given something to do focused her resolve.

    Solo meanwhile was doing his best to avoid being pierced by any of the spikes protruding from the floor or ceiling while also avoiding Knight Bonaventure's lightsaber. That wasn't easy, at least not at first, but soon enough the Jedi had cleared out a safe zone for them all, safe at least until the floor and ceiling would meet in a few minutes. "One thing's for sure, " Solo deadpanned as he forced himself to crouch down along with the others to avoid hitting his head on the incoming stone ceiling. "We're all going to be a lot thinner."

    But the Jedi weren't done. Sensing what had sprung the trap, Knight Bonaventure drove his lightsaber deep into the mechanism, causing to to sieze up and stop. The distance between the floor and ceiling was now just over a meter and a half, but it's advance had been halted. Solo meanwhile had moved to the entrance of the corridor, calling out to Reggie and Big X. "There must be something on that side that will open the doors again." The pair began to loom for it as he turned his attention to Knight Nosrep, Isabella and her master. A tourniquet had been tied around his leg and the Ongree seemed deep in concentration. He had never seen a Jedi use the force to try to heal another, but he assumed that was what was going on. A few moments later Reese's eyelids began to flutter before finally staying open for good. He started to stand but quickly lay back down, his eyes meeting those of Nosrep and Isabella. "Thank you..." he sounded tired, worn out. "I feel terrible." Isabella looked concerned, "but alive," he finished with a short laugh.

    The doorways at either end of the corridor slid open slowly as Big X and Reggie finally found what they were looking for. "Now...shall we press on?" Isabella's demeanor changed from one of worry to one of anticipation, and Solo too looked determined to press on. Even still the professor cared enough to inquire. "Are you sure you can move?" Another scream from down the corridor punctuated his question. "Given the choice of staying here," Knight Reese eyed the ceiling, now slowly moving back to where it should be, high above them, "or going with you, I'd take going with you." He started again to get to his feet, and though he managed he needed the help of the others. "If need be I'll simply lean on Big X here for support." He gave a low laugh though it was clear her was still in pain. Nosrep may have purged his system of the toxins, but his foot had still been skewered. Looking to the other Jedi, and noting padawan Isabella's enthusiasm Solo led them onward, through the corridor.

    It soon opened up onto a balcony overlooking a huge chamber that seemed to glow red from below. Of to either side of the balcony were well worn staircases leading downward. The screams grew louder, and now the Jedi could again hear what they initially thought was the whispers, though they soon became more than that. Murmurs from below, chanting that could be hard by them all. Reese actually breathed a sigh of relief that it hadn't been the return of the infernal whispers but were instead something from the natural rather the supernatural world. But what was making the sounds?

    Slowly and quietly moving to the edge of the balcony Reese was greeted by a terrifying sight.


    The chamber below them was split by a huge, presumably lava filled, chasm. Directly below them, on their knees chanting were scores of the same creatures that had come back with Knight Al'kesh and attacked the Temple of Light. They hadn't noticed the interlopers up on the balcony, so engrossed were they with their chanting, and with what was happening on the other side of the lava filled chasm in front of them. There a shrine of some sort had been constructed, within which lay a glowing pyramidal object slightly larger than a man's fist. "A holocron," Solo whispered to himself with a gleam in his eye. "A sith holocron," Reese clarified with worry.

    The holocron wasn't alone. Several other beings also occupied the shrine side of the chasm. All but one was the same sort of creature as those chanting on the opposite side of the room. That one seemed human from a distance, though it was hard to be sure. He was adorned with the bones and skin of a multitude of beings, including the decaying head tails of a Togruta on his head. He seemed to be leading the creatures in their chanting, which seemed to quicken in pace as the scream sounds from behind the shrine grew louder and louder. "Oh, I don't like the look of this..." Reese whispered quietly through gritted teeth wondering how this situation could get any worse.

    But get worse it did, soon the source of the screams could be seen as a young human boy was brought out by a quartet of the creatures, screaming and crying, blubbering something that the Jedi were too far away to make out. His fear, his fear though nearly overwhelmed them all. He was terrified beyond belief as a cage was lowered from the ceiling of the Temple. Suspended by a pair of heavy duty chains it was large enough to hold a single being standing upright and as soon as it was in place before the boy, the human with the Togruta head tails slowly locked him in with a set of manacles, all the while chanting louder and louder though the Jedi couldn't make out what was being said. Save for padawan Isabella. She looked enthralled with what was going on, and began to sway from side to side, and began to chant along with the creatures. "A beating Heart requires blood, blood requires sacrifice. A beating Heart requires blood, blood requires sacrifice. A beating Heart requires blood, blood requires sacrifice..."

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    OOC: Still garnering my inspriration from Temple of Doom obviously. :p


    IC: Knight Jacen Troi/Master Elim Rand (NPCs)
    Junk n' Stuff, Port Pixelito, Malastare

    Master Rand looked on concealing his concern at the options Knight Sodi presented them with. Would the Jedi be capable of putting together either of the two craft he had presented to them? If they could, would he be willing to risk one of their lives actually piloting said pod? He shook his head almost imperceptibly in answer to his own unspoken question. The problem was, he didn't much care for the options given to them by Mr. Daheap either, and it seemed Sodi shared that sentiment. Well, the Kage Jedi had volunteered to be their pilot here, Rand would have to trust his judgement.

    "We'll treat the second option Mr. Daheap here showed us as a fallback," he gestured to the Crolute who responded with a wet sounding sigh. "In the meantime I say we start on one of the two the Kage has shown us...though I'm far from a technical expert so I'll let my fellows here decide which one once we get a better look at what we have to work with." Daheap shrugged, and the Jedi could sense it made little difference to him. "There are workshops located throughout the yard that you can use, but make sure you don't take any tools with you." He seemed to puff himself up. "I know every piece of trash and tech in this junkyard," he boasted before threatening them, "and if a single piece is missing when you're done building..."

    "It won't be." Master Decinchi spoke for what seemed like the first time in a long time assuaging the junk dealer's concerns. "Well then...with that, let's get started shall we?" Rand interjected as the other Jedi took their leave of Daheap before making their way to the nearest workshop.

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    OOC: Feel free to begin (and even finish depending on on far you want to post) construction of either pod Mitthy's character presented us with.


    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Smuggler's Den, Kachirho, Kashyyyk

    "If anyone sees a detonator, we should blow this place before we leave." Taab returned the Ghost's (Knight Liuna Iotasi) nod with one of his own at her suggestion. "It's unlikely anyone will piece together what happened, but I'd rather not risk the--" He cocked his head to the side as she looked up and around them. He wondered briefly if she sensed something that he naturally could not, but she kept going. "And keep an eye out for holocams while you're at it. No witnesses, no records, no evidence." He liked the way she thought. So...practical.

    "Good idea." The Mimic (Knight Koji) replied. "Bivi, check the footlockers opposite the entrance, I'll check the furniture." The group spent the next few minutes searching the small office, or what passed for an office and though they found a plethora of weaponry, including a substantial amount of explosives, there was no holo cam to be found anywhere. "I don't think he wanted his transactions recorded, even by himself," Taab shrugged. At least that was one issue solved without issue. Now for the second.

    With the help of the Jedi, Taab spent the next few minutes daisy chaining several thermal detonators together. When they went off they would take most of the building with them. Taking a few moments to admire his handywork Taab sighed. "OK, that should do the trick, everybody out." And with that he activated the first detonator and hurried out of the blast zone.

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    OOC: Feel free to fill in the blanks here on how your character's searched and or helped Taab with the explosives. Oh and as an aside, the Jedi would have been able to feel that the building wass in fact unoccupied when the detonators went off. :p


    IC: Adalia Itera/Sjurd Itera (NPCs)
    Clan Itera stronghold, Northern wildlands, Mandalore

    "I feel strange. Wearing this armor feels heavier." Cora paused and her mother understood it wasn't the mass of the beskar that her daughter was referring to. "But it doesn't feel wrong. I feel like I was made for this armor. But all I've learned about my heritage was in books and my file at the Temple. I don't really know what I'm doing." Adalia's stern countenance faltered for a moment as her features softened. "I want you to know that even if you dislike having a Jedi for a daughter. You gave me my best chance."

    Adalia brought her chin down to her chest as she breathed in deeply. "And you must know, that no matter where you are you always have a home here with your clan." She raised her head and met her daughter's eyes. "You may be a jetii, but you are mando'ade first and foremost, and so long as you maintain a life of honor, you always will be." She hugged her daughter, one last time. "Your journey here is done, you should go back to your Temple," she whispered into Cora's ears with tears in her own eyes. She pushed away from her daughter as her father came back into the room. "Your place is there," he said taking his wife's hand. "It always has been."

    Adalia's head snapped towards her husband, and Cora would have clearly been able to sense her sadness and confusion now at the statement. In response Sjurd gave a solemn nod, one that Cora's mother repeated back to him before speaking in a low voice. "When you came back, it made me afraid that I had made a terrible mistake...pushing for you to be handed over to the Jedi." The tears began to flow form her eyes. "But I know now, it was the right thing to do." Cora's father nodded along with her statement. "It was I that...resisted, I felt that your place was here, with your family, your clan, your House." He looked sheepishly at his daughter. "But I relented to your mother's wishes, and not a day has gone by that I didn't regret that decision." There was a new sense from him now, one of pride. "But I am glad to see that I was wrong. I am proud of you Cor'ika (Little Cora), more proud than you can ever know." He too reached out and embraced his daughter now.

    "Ret'urcye mhi," they said together as they pair let their daughter go...

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    IC: Master Noma Runa (NPC--GM restricted use only)
    Tactical Combat Center (TCC), Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    It was not customary any longer for a Jedi to oversee the Tactical Combat Center located deep within the Temple of Light. Oh in past years, with dwindling numbers of qualified personnel it had been necessary, but now with the growth of the Temple Security Forces to oversee the day to day operations of the Temple, it simply wasn't required. So it was that the presence of a pair of Jedi here one of them a master, a master on the Council even, was a unique event. One that he could feel was making the SF troopers manning the consoles more than a little nervous. He glanced to the other Jedi present, a twi'lek padawan by the name of Atela Blen with a look of sorrow in his eyes.

    The Mon Cal Master wished that weren't so, his presence here was due to the unusal circumstances the Guardians of Light currently faced. The Temple had been attacked, one of their own corrupted and now four teams were away, trying to find out the cause behind it all. None of them had contacted the Temple since their arrival at their various points of interest, though Nuna was here, as the Guardian's battlemaster and representatiuve of the Council if they did. He tried sending out soothing waves through the force to calm their nerves.

    He was struck suddenly, by the sense of a familiar presence a moment before the human officer manning the sensor station alerted him. "Master...Jedi," she seemed like she didn't quite know how to address Runa, which put a smile on his Mon Cal features. "A vessel just dropped out of hyperspace midway through the system." Her demeanor was more professional now. "One of our teams?" Runa asked, wondering if that was what led to the sense of familiarity he had just felt.

    "I don't think so sir," The Jedi arched what passed for an eyebrow. "It's not one of our craft, it's an old light freighter." She paused for a moment as she read off the data scrolling across her screen. "VCX-100 type." It was clear the sensor officer wasn't familiar with the type, but the old battlemaster was. Still, it wasn't a vessel the Guardians were currently using. Perhaps one of the off world groups had been forced to find alternate means of transportation.

    "Hail them..."


    IC: Knight Grersk Duy'leh (NPC)
    Aboard the Vatra, en route to Saridona Prime

    The Bothan Jedi sat cross legged, his eyes closed in the lounge of the old VCX-100 light freighter as he tried to meditate. His mission to Coruscant had been a successful one by some measure, though not as successful as he would have liked. His partial success, or rather his discovery of a previous failure, would neccesitate a return trip sooner rather than later, but that was an issue for the Council to decide. For now all he could do was wait, and meditate. His eyes fluttered open, they were close, his meditations were over for the moment.

    The Knight stood and stretched, taking in his surroundings. He had been dropped off by one the the Temple shuttles for the duration of his assignment, knowing full well that in order to rerun he would have to appropriate other transport, or more mundanely, simply signal for a pickup. Instead though he had been offered a wonderful opportunity, for himself and the Guardians, hence his presence here on this old cargo vessel, the master of which mitigated the failure of his mission and turned it around into something to be celebrated. While on Coruscant he had determined that the owner/operator of the Vatra had been a force adept, and he had gone about convincing her to return to the Temple of Light with him to complete her training. He sensed that she was still reluctant, this Rosana Zorbo, but he felt that being among Jedi would give her the final nudge she needed to continue down her path towards the light. He doubted he would be there to see it though as he still had work to complete back on Coruscant.

    He felt the ship shift slightly beneath his feet as it reverted back to normal space, whether automatically or as a result of the pilot's actions he knew not, and moved forward to the cockpit. the stars outside the transparisteel windscreen were unfamilair to him, but that didn't bother him. He never spent enough time here to get used tho these stars, though he could feel they were in the right place.

    He regarded the female human he had recruited to come back with him as the comm system came alive. "Unidentified freighter," it was a human female's voice. "Identify yourself and state your intentions."

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    OOC: Welcome to the game both SkywalkerShine and Asajj Ventress. We'll start out slow with you both but will work to get the Vatra landed as soon as we can so the two of you can interact a bit before other Jedi start arriving back at the Temple. Any questions feel free to ask me via PM.
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    IC: Knight Cora
    Clan Itera Stronghold, Northern Wildlands, Mandalore

    Cora nearly laughed at the word. Mando'ade. Instead the noise that came out of her throat was a strangled, soft sob as her mother hugged her. I still don't think I'm much of a Mandalorian. Cora hugged her mother back. But it's nice mother thinks so.

    When the hug broke apart Cora smiled slightly. "We'll see each other again." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small pocket communicator. She showed it to her parents. "If you need me, let me know. We're not really supposed to form attachments." Cora admitted with a shrug. "But my Master's that are Mandalorian know that Clan's are a little different." She pocketed it again after telling them her communication number. She hesitated for a moment before her father hugged her. She couldn't really see her mother's expression over her father's broad shoulders, but when she stepped away Cora gave them a small grin and a two fingered salute before she reached the door. And then she was back out into the snow.

    Cora didn't say much when she walked back into their ship, instead sitting heavily in the common area. She put her hands on her closed firsts, staring at the speckled wall. I feel different. I wonder if going back to the Temple is the right decision right now? Cora shook her head. Of course it was. Plus, Cora thought with a small smile, I'll get to see Master Koji again, and finally catch up on my reading in the library.

    As she leaned back Cora let herself lay down on the couch and fell into a restless sleep filled with memories of people she knew and didn't. When Cora finally awoke she was on the ground, her mind filled with her mother's tear filled eyes as an unknown Jedi pulled Cora by the hand. Sitting up, Cora gripped the edge of the couch. I've never had that dream before.

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    Combo with Sarge
    IC: Semajj Nosrep, and Peregrine Bonaventure

    "Careful" The Ongree said as Reese attempted to rise to his feet. "The poison may not be completely gone. And if..." he paused, briefly questioning if he could even accurately call the rough contraption a tourniquet. "this gets too loose, there is no telling what may happen."
    Ideally they should retreat, try and get Reese back to the Temple of Light, back to a real healer.
    But he doubted his friend would be so easily convinced.

    The Proffesor hesitantly concurred. "Are you sure you can move?"
    The human was not to be halted however. "Given the choice of staying here, or going with you, I'd take going with you."
    Semajj nodded, reluctantly choosing not to press the issue any further, as his fellow Jedi leaned on the droid and hobbled forward.

    They shortly came upon a balcony, and the first item that drew Semajj's eye was the pyramid in the center of the room below. A Sith Holocron by all appearances. A dangerous tool, containing dark side knowledge. Though his better instincts prevented him from immediately trying to retrieve it. They had already fallen into one trap, best not to cause another calamity immediately.

    Only a moment later, Semajj registered the chanting from below. With that, he glanced around seeing the grotesque creatures that had attacked them at the temple. And the sacrifice they were preparing.
    We can't very well let that happen. He thought wryly, with a brief glance at Sarge.

    But he doubted there was much they could do without drawing attention their way.
    "I suggest you begin your Retreat now. "
    He spoke in a hushed tone, calling back to his allies, hoping they would get the message.

    "And please take Reese with you. We'll handle this." He specified their injured companion, who he feared might not make it in a prolonged fight, should it come down to it.

    Sarge edged over toward Big X and whispered to the imposing droid in a tone not likely to be overheard by Isabella, who seemed lost in her chanting. "Do me a favor and be ready to grab the girl and drag her out of here. She's not herself right now." Then to Semajj, "I'm not much at TK, but I'll help as much as I can. Let's hope that cage is lighter than it looks."

    His madu activated, shield and both blades, and he sent it spinning across the cavern, chopping at the chain that held the cage and the boy over the chasm of lava. Somehow the boy's screams sounded even more panicked and terrified as the cage dropped. The madu deactivated, shot downward past the cage, and slammed up into the bars, pushing it up, desperately trying to heave it all the way to the Jedi on the balcony.
    In contrast Semajj maintained a calm exterior, reaching both arms out, palms up, with deep breaths as he bade the boy forward.
    He appeared every bit the councilor he was as he worked to save the innocent.
    The Ongree could call his lightsaber to his hand at a moments notice if he had to. But he hoped he wouldn't.
    They had to act fast, by all logic and reason the audience should be briefly stunned that their captive is now free. They had to capitalize on that. Semajj doubted it would last long, and they had to start running the moment the boy reached their balcony.
    May the Force be with us he prayed silently.

    The cage clattered onto the balcony as Sarge lit up his saber and carved it open, deftly slicing away the chains that held the boy. "Remember how the second part of the plan goes? Everybody run!"

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    IC: Rak Avarray
    Junk n' Stuff, Port Pixelito, Malastare

    Rak was quite pleased with himself at the deal, with a little counter offer, being accepted by the junk dealer. The knight sat back looking at the pods presented to him. He was no engineer and had little knowledge of high performance machines. Most of his skill came from working on the Vagabond, an outdated, sluggish transport, a far cry from the highly tuned and complicated racers.

    Rak smiled and put his hands in his pockets. He'd be the first to admit that he had a penchant for borrowing...for an indefinite amount of time. Normally he wouldn't 'borrow' from junkyard but, now that the man put the thought in his would take all of his training not to let his fingers wander.

    As they walked towards the exit out into the yard Rak looked at his hand, in it was a tool, a hydrospanner. He knew how it got there, an old habit of his, to call an object to his hand without thinking about it. Comes in handy when facing other force users, especially ones that are good at probing minds. It was also terrible for his light fingered nature. He could not count the times he'd walked away from a place only to find an item from it in his hand.

    Subtly with the force he returned it to the table and began to help the others put together the junk pod. It would not be pretty it would not be the sleek lines of Erso's craft but, if Shadi was right, they would give it a run for its credits.

    It come together quickly, with the help of several Jedi and someone that knew what they were doing. It was more or less ready to go Rak just had one question.

    "So, who's going to fly this thing?"

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