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    Star Wars: Legacy of the Jedi
    It is a period of reconstruction in the galaxy. In the wake of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, the galaxy has banded together to rebuild together in the GALACTIC ALLIANCE.

    Cracks have begun to emerge, however. Disputes over fleet funding have led to the formation of a defacto alliance: the CONFEDERATION.

    Under the leadership of a hero of the Invasion, JACEN SOLO, and the Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance, the galaxy struggles to hold itself together. . .

    Priority will be given to claims for Jacen and faction leaders

    So, what is this?

    Basically, in a normal RPG, you play as a person. Fred Sunjumper or whomever, you know the idea. In a Grand Strategy RPG, you play as the leader of a polity. Rather then making decisions on what way to attack a Mandalorian, or how to fly your starfighter, you’re going to be making decisions about how to attack Mandalore, or how to deploy fleets.

    Okay, I’ve got a free Tuesday. How does this work?

    Glad you asked, me! These games are a bit of a chimaeric beast, built on the skeletons of RPGs and twisted into something new. You’re going to be playing as the leader of a Star Wars polity, working with other players in your faction. You aren’t all in the same room, however, and talk between players is done in a specific format. For example:

    To: Nas Choka (and tag Choka’s player)
    From: Cal Omas
    Where did you get the recipe for those cookies? The GA would love to instigate a cultural exchange.

    To: Cal Omas (and tag Omas’ player.)
    From: Nas Choka
    SECRET (this tag means that unless you’re Choka or Omas, you can’t see it IC.)

    Blah blah blah

    Finally, if you really want to be secret, you can also do it via PM. I expect to be included in all PMs, then. Here is a good article about GSRPG diplomacy:

    Doing big flavor posts can be pretty fun too, but I’m afraid they don’t have a mechanical impact.

    Unfortunately, you’re going to be going to war. A lot. That’s how people are. To make matters easier, all warships are just amalgamated into Fleets, which are all basically equal to each other. Fleets are replaced at a rate of one per turn per shipyard. You’ll get your shipyards via PM once you write up a claim, as detailed below. Super Star Destroyers and equivalents are handled on a case by case basis, but suffice it to say that they augment a fleet, not replace them. To send out your fleets, you write up a plan, by filling out the following form, and then PM-ing me said plan

    Target: (For example, Kamino)
    Assets: ( For example, two fleets, and a unit of slayers.)
    Tactics: (How you’re going to attack, what strategic points on the planet you’re aiming for, how to handle defenders, any contingencies. I assume your commanders are smart, and they’re never going to be completely helpless.)

    Espionage, archaeology, and Daala style mad science are handled through the same deal – write up a plan, and send it to me. At the end of each turn, I then collect everyone’s plans, and write a series of updates, detailing the results of your plans and the happenings of battles and inside each nation. Those are fun.

    Ultimately, it makes the most sense to just read through a game. I linked one below, and that’s a good one to take a look at.

    But I just want to write about me hanging out with Luke?
    Well, you should probably pick a different game. But, that said, you can just directly role-play with a different character.

    Turns consist of one week – Friday to Friday.
    Pretty straight forward.

    You suck, this is confusing. Point me towards something that I can read to show me you aren’t just pulling this out of your tuchus.
    Sure. This ( ) and this ( ) was a really fun game we played in, along these lines. Glance through the OOC and the IC.

    Well, I’m in. What should I do now?

    Awesome! Post a claim. The available folks that you can claim are listed below. It isn’t exhaustive. If you want to play an OC under the umbrella of an existing faction, I’ll consider it, though claims of the listed folks – Wedge, Rodan, Cal, Jacen, etc – will be prioritized. And they’ll be more fun.

    Character Name:
    Brief Biography: (What do they do, why do they do it, how did they get to their position.)

    That’s it! I’ll reply that you’re in or not. Once you’re accepted, PM me, and I’ll fill you in on any secret assets or stuff that you have. That PM is where I’d expect you to send me your plans.

    So, what’s this setting:
    Post NJO, but not stupid, and the Vong didn’t disappear into thing air. Read on to find out.
    Please ask if you have any questions! I hope this makes sense.

    The Factions and Players:


    In the aftermath of the fall of Coruscant, the New Republic died. Political infighting and chaos doomed it’s remains, and something new was forged from its remains. The Galactic Alliance pushed the Yuuzhan Vong off Coruscant, and slew Tsavong Lah. The Galactic Alliance funneled trillions of credits into reconstruction efforts, and helped mop up raiders, pirates, and rogue Peace Brigaders. It’s an unprecedent government – the remainders of the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire working together, Moffs and Jedi fighting side by side.

    It immediately ran into problems. Of course, die-hard Imperials and old Republicans are strongly against working for each other, and a large fraction of the GA opposes the peaceful stance that Omas has taken towards the Yuuzhan Vong. The bigger issue, however, has been the fundamental nature of the Galactic Alliance. Who gets control of assets, of taxes and ships and soldiers?

    The GA has always maintained that it’s the role of the state, of Coruscant (the de jure capitol – the real one is Mon Calamari) to control the powers of the galaxy. Fleets from Commenor, Fondor, Kuat, Corellia, and Dac patrolled the galaxy, keeping the Vong and dissidents in check – fleets not then available to go and defend these worlds. Corellia wanted to be able to defend itself at home, to not have to fund battleships fighting for distant worlds after it had been abandoned during the Invasion. Corellian scientists worked to rebuild the last superweapon in the galaxy, Centerpoint Station, as a deterrent against further threats.

    The GA could not let that stand. A small strike team of Jedi attacked and disabled Centerpoint Station temporarily, setting back the work by years and bringing tensions to a boiling point.

    Thirty Fleets in Six Fleet Groups

    Chief of State Cal Omas:
    An Alderaanian politician, Cal Omas is the first and only Chief of State the Galactic Alliance has ever seen. A moderate reformer, Cal Omas is considered the spiritual successor of Mon Mothma and Ponc Gavrisom, but has been increasingly overshadowed by his military advisors – Pellaeon and Cha Niathal – and a hardline faction of neo-authoritarians, who want to crush the Confederation dissidents once and for all.

    Jacen Solo:
    Jacen Solo is a hero, beloved by the entire galaxy. Jacen was instrumental in defeating the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, and the key backer of the peace provisions of the Treaty of Yuuzhan’tar. After disappearing for years, he reappeared to act as a key mediator in brokering the end of the Chiss-Killik conflicts, and despite eschewing a place in the formal ranks of the Jedi Order has acted as a wise teacher for many, including Grand Master Skywalker’s son.

    Among the few inhabitants of Yuuzhan’tar – and with an uncanny link even for the Yuuzhan Vong with that ruined world’s brain – Jacen has been a rallying point for many with his unorthodox views for a Jedi, views that, despite leaning towards pacifism, have led to his close involvement in Galactic Alliance politics – Jacen led the assault on Centerpoint, and has been key in preventing any of the many flashpoint between the Vong and the GA from boiling over.

    “What is the difference between a flower, and a weed? This is not a riddle. What distinguishes a flower from a weed is only -- and exactly -- this: the choice of the gardener,” he says. “You are born to be a gardener. Remember this: it is not only your right to choose flowers over weeds, it is your responsibility. Which are flowers? Which are weeds? The choice is yours."

    “Who,” he says, “are you? Choose, and act.”

    (He’s also unconsciously torn between a desire for moral purity and a desire to be the goddamn hero, but let’s not dwell on that.)

    The Imperial Remnant (Gilad Pellaeon):
    Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, Supreme Commander of the Galactic Alliance Fleet and current leader of the Imperial Remnant ranks among the most important men in the galaxy – something that not even Grand Admiral Thrawn would have foreseen. Pellaeon is a man of contradictions as well -- the leader of an Emperor without an Empire, and an autocrat fighting for a democracy. Against this comes an immense swell of discontent at home and abroad. – Imperials not wanting to spend Imperial money and ships fighting for a New New Republic, old Rebels not wanting to serve under their old foe, and, like elsewhere in the galaxy, anger at the peace extended to the Yuuzhan Vong. Perhaps the time has come to install an Emperor and remove the military’s control?
    Ten Fleets in Two Fleet Groups

    The Hapes Consortium (Queen Mother Tenel Ka):
    Leader of the Hapes Consortium, and, unknown to the galaxy, the mother of Jacen’s child, Tenel Ka is among the closest allies the Galactic Alliance has, despite facing severe internal dissent over the propriety of such a non-Hapan woman ruling the consortium, and the role of Hapes in the galaxy.
    Ten Fleets in Two Fleet Groups

    One fleet, consisting almost entirely of snubfighters

    Grand Master Skywalker:
    The Jedi Order has taken an increased role in the military operations of the Galactic Republic, one that many both in the Jedi and the GA dislike. Peacekeepers, not shocktroopers, are the proper place of the Jedi, they claim. Luke doesn’t necessarily disagree, of course, and in an ideal role that’s what they’d be. But ever since the War, they’ve been needed more and more to put down Vong remnants, diehard Imperials, and angry ar’krai-wanting Bothans and Rodians. And in recent days, that’s more true than ever, and Luke finds himself thinking of wise, peaceful, old Ben Kenobi. . .

    Only weeks old, the Confederation is the first real alternative to the Galactic Alliance in the galaxy after the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion. It’s origin stems in disputes over the disposition of the galaxy after the Invasion, with the GA pushing for peace with the Vong and unified control of fleet elements under Mon Calamari’s aegis. Increased authoritarian tendencies led to the attempted reactivation of Centerpoint, which itself led to a Jedi/GA commando raid, temporarily disabling the weapon.

    The backlash against this was immense, with basically every system with long-standing grudges against the GA and the Jedi coming out of the woodwork. Unified by little more than a desire to see the big GA government taught a lesson, increased local rule, and a dislike for the Vong, the Confederation is still in the baby steps of nation-building – it still needs a Chief of State, a military commander, a foreign policy, and the like.

    Thrackan Sal-Solo:
    The cousin of Han Solo, Thrackan has been a long-time proponent of Corellia first. Corellia doesn’t need to fight for far-flung aliens, Corellia doesn’t need to waste money rescuing far away worlds, and Corellian soldiers and ships should fight for and under Corellians. As such, Thrackan Sal-Solo authorized the reactivation of Centerpoint, only to be attacked by a Jedi-led team. With tensions high, he was joined by many worlds to stand against perceived GA tyranny.

    Wedge Antilles:
    The tentative SComCAF (Supreme Commander of Confederation and Allied Fleets), Antilles was visiting Corellia during the GA-Jedi attack on Centerpoint, and was encouraged – both by a sense of patriotism and several Corellian government officials – to take command of Confederation fleets. But with his daughters and wife still in the GA, Admiral Antilles is torn.
    Five Fleets

    Traest Kre’fey:
    One of the great heroes of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Kre’fey fought at Coruscant, Ebaq 9, Dac, and a thousand other battles, earning a reputation as an intelligent, fearsome commander, and he parlayed that into the position of Chief Minister of Bothan Space. While a long-time foe of Borsk Fey’lya in life, he’s one of his greatest defenders in death, and a strong proponent of the ar’krai – eternal total war – against the Yuuzhan Vong, something the lenient post-war position of the Galactic Alliance has denied him. With the Confederation offering an alternative, and a chance to continue his war, Kre’fey has leapt to the opportunity.
    Five Fleets

    Fyor Rodan:
    One of the early competitors for the position of Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance, Fyor Rodan has led his homeworld of Commenor into the Confederation aegis almost entirely in response to the actions of the Jedi in sabotaging Centerpoint. Long a proponent of greater checks on the Jedi’s power, this blatant action against the sovereignty of a system earned his ire against the Galactic Alliance.
    Five Fleets

    Rodian, Neimoidan, Sullustan, and CSA leaders:
    Two Fleets Each
    A variety of other leaders have rallied to the Confederation: Rodia, outraged by the light treatment the Vong received, Neimoida, seeking to remove itself from both Alliance and Empire, while SoroSuub and the CSA dislike the increased reliance on Dac and Kuat, and them only, for manufacturing.

    Twenty Fleets in Five Fleet Groups
    Supreme Overlord Nas Choka:
    The Yuuzhan Vong are not as quiescent as the galaxy would like them to be. Descending from the edge of the galaxy, they crushed army after army, fleet after fleet, bringing the galaxy to its knees as their gods commanded. On Ithor and Myrkr, Duros and Fondor, the New Republic was defeated. Even mighty Coruscant fell. The names of their victims are numerous. Chief of State Fey’lya, Jedi Knight Anakin Solo, Chewbacca, and billions more, famous and ordinary alike.

    The end of the war was swift, however. Jacen Solo, aided by Grand Master Skywalker, slew Supreme Overlord Shmirra, while his sister and Admiral Ackbar defeated Warmaster Tsavong Lah. A mass popular uprising from the Yuuzhan Vong servant class overthrew much of their leadership, and the arrival of their sacred world Zonama Sekot led to the withdrawal of nearly a quarter of the Yuuzhan Vong from the galaxy.

    That left billions remaining, still. Billions who, unlike those on Zonama Sekot, were not among the Shamed Ones. Billions who demand their new homes, the rewards for warfare and sacrifice against the infidels and heretics of the galaxy. Nas Choka listened, and in the talks over Yuuzhan’tar demanded a place in the galaxy. The Galactic Alliance, bloodied and hurt, traded worlds for peace over the objections of many of its members. If the Yuuzhan Vong could not have their new homeworld, they could have a refuge – one they could show off to the galaxy. And so the site of the death of the son of Leia Organa Solo became Harla’tar.


    Boba Fett has been propped up by MandalMotors as a new Mandalore, using the threat of renewed Mandalorian expansion as a stick to encourage the purchase of new MandalMotors vessel. He has, mostly correctly, been identified as a paper tiger by neighboring worlds.
    One Fleet

    Dathomir: Dathomir was conquered by the Yuuzhan Vong in the invasion, who easily brushed aside the defenders. Jedi Masters Kirana Ti and Streen led a resistance who threw off the Vong, and established a Praxeum after the Treaty of Yuuzhan’tar. With little aid available from the Confederation or the Alliance, Kirana Ti has to tread a narrow course.
    One Fleet

    Chiss Ascendancy: Isolationist once more after the end of the conflict with the Galactic Alliance over the Jedi Killik Joiners, the Chiss claim to be at peace with the hives. The fleets it regularly sends out disagrees.
    Three Fleets

    The Hutts:
    The Hutts were hit hard by the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion, where now-Supreme Overlord Nas Choka smashed their fleets several times, and attempted Vong-forming of several of the throneworlds of the Kajidics. The Vong withdrew after the Treaty of Yuuzhan’tar, and the Hutts looked inwards, rebuilding, smuggling, and trading across the galaxy. Currently, the Hutt leadership is divided approximately into two grand factions. Rorga the Hutt, of the Desilijics, favors the same age-old traditions of the Kajidics, and has reached out to the GA, and even some among the Vong, to open new trade contacts. Dorva the Hutt, of the Besadiis, is his polar opposite. A rare Hutt militarist, he has gathered a broad coalition among the clans to return themselves to their former glory, and has been courted heavily by the Confederation.
    Seven Fleets

    PM me for ship-building details, secret assets, and internal plots. I'll throw up a OOC as well, and please put all non-game questions there.