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Beyond - Legends Legacy of War: Insurrection (LotF AU Trilogy, Action/Adventure/Etc, Starring the usual suspects)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Websinger2, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Websinger2

    Websinger2 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 31, 2010
    Hello all. As the title indicates, this new fic of mine is an AU of the Legacy of the Force series, the first in the trilogy, and one I am very excited to write. Now I just need to get a few little things out of the way.

    First off, I have a huge amount of respect for the original authors of the series and this fic is in no way intended to be any sign of disrespect for their work. It is just a chance for me to create a story, with the same basic building blocks, as I would have envisioned it, including presenting it as a trilogy instead of a 9-book series. A lot of things will be very different, specifically the way in which the war and Jacen's fall play out, different enough to be worth reading but of course built upon the original idea.

    For the record, this first post will encompass the very beginning of the story and will be, at its basics, very similar to the beginning of the actual Betrayal, purely because I find that Aaron Allston did a great job with it and the whole family-dinner event fits perfectly with the opening for the story. So instead of needlessly changing it, it made more sense to just re-write it in my own way, and in no way do I intend to rip-off Allston's work. Of course, it is definitely not a word for word copy, instead my own interpretation of the events, and important details are changed to fit with the changes to the overall story, which will become especially evident in the Jacen/Luke conversation.
    So while pre-Centerpoint will be very similar to the original, straight after that and during the mission to Corellia/Centerpoint things will change drastically. Specifically, this first post will be the one to include the "re-written with own interpretation" chapter, and the second post will be when things become much more different. Just to make that clear for you so you don't read the first chapter and think I'm just going to re-write Betrayal. I hope that's all made sense I'm actually confusing myself a bit with this post.

    So yeah, that's the important notes stuff out of the way :) Now we can move on to the story! Hope you enjoy it, feel free to give any feedback whether positive or negative. Again, enjoy!


    Allana; Chume?da, heir to the Hapan Throne (Human female)
    Aidel Saxan; Five Worlds Prime Minister (Human female)
    Alema Rar; Dark Jedi (Twi?lek female)
    Ben Skywalker; Jedi apprentice (Human male)
    Brisha Syo; Advisor to Chief Sal-Solo (Human female)
    C-3PO; Protocol droid
    Cal Omas; Galactic Alliance Chief of State (Human male)
    Cha Niathal; Galactic Alliance admiral (Mon Calamari female)
    Gilad Pellaeon; Supreme Commander and Imperial Head of State (Human male)
    Han Solo; Captain of the Millennium Falcon (Human male)
    Jacen Solo; Jedi Knight (Human male)
    Jagged Fel; Imperial envoy to the Galactic Alliance (Human male)
    Jaina Solo; Jedi Knight (Human female)
    Lando Calrissian; Entrepreneur (Human male)
    Leia Organa Solo; Jedi Knight, co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon (Human female)
    Lowbacca; Jedi Knight (Wookiee male)
    Luke Skywalker; Jedi Master (Human male)
    Mara Jade Skywalker; Jedi Master (Human female)
    Matric Klauskin; Galactic Alliance admiral (Quarren male)
    Nelani Dinn; Jedi Knight (Mirialan female)
    Penn Ashari; Jedi Knight (Human male)
    R2-D2; Astromech droid
    Tahiri Veila; Jedi Knight (Human female)
    Tesar Sebatyne; Jedi Knight (Barabel male)
    Tenel Ka; Hapan Queen Mother (Human female)
    Thrackan Sal-Solo; Corellia Chief of State (Human male)
    Zekk; Jedi Knight (Human male)


    ?Show me a hero, and I will show you a tragedy.?



    The man moved forwards towards him, floating in the darkness of the night. A blade of red fire was held in his hands, extended from a golden-plated lightsaber that was so familiar and so alien at the same time. The darkness caressed his form like lover?s hands, shrouding his face from view, except for his golden, sulfurous eyes that danced like raging flames in the dark. The figure was terrifying, for he was so sad. Rage and fear poured off him, drove him to >
  2. Websinger2

    Websinger2 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 31, 2010


    It was two days after the dinner, and Han Solo sat in the living chambers on a comfortable sofa, though he was too engrossed in the portable terminal sitting in his lap to care about comfort.

    Leia sat down beside him holding two cups of caf, one of which she handed to Han and he nodded his thanks, before turning his attention back to the terminal screen.
    ?Operation failed. You may be using connection information that is out of date.? Leia read the message on Han?s screen aloud. ?Trying to sort the taxes??

    ?Very funny.? Han replied humorlessly. ?But I?ve been getting this same message over and over again.?

    ?What are you trying to do??

    ?Trying to contact Wedge. I wanted to talk to another Corellian about this whole political mess that Luke was on about. But every way I have of contacting him has brought up the same message.?

    Leia frowned. ?Could be a coincidence??

    ?Could be. Except then I tried to contact an old smuggling acquaintance, Wildis Jiklip?.

    Leia remembered the name. A mathematical genius, Wildis had seemingly ignored her academy-level education to become a smuggler. Since the Vong War, she had retired from the profession, comfortably wealthy after a successful smuggling career, and become a lecturer.

    ?Same result?? Leia surmised.

    ?Exactly. She was meant to be on Coruscant doing a lecture series, but cut her tour short a few days ago. Supposedly an urgent family emergency, but she was no family to speak of.? Han sat back and took a sip of his caf. ?So I sent Wedge a message instead. A simple heads-up-how-are-you type of thing.?


    ?And it got there and I got a reply? but it was delayed by a few hours. Just long enough for someone to intercept and analyze it.?

    ?It could just be the connection.? Leia said, but she knew it wasn?t something so trivial.

    ?I looked around a bit more. Used some old identities, bounced some messages to Corellia via Commenor and a few other worlds. Tried to check in with some old smuggler contacts and found that the GA?s anti-smuggling patrols have intensified around Corellia and some of the worlds that have spoken out in her defense.?

    ?You think there?s something more to this than just some mild harassment.?

    Han nodded. ?But I don?t know how to confirm it. Make the hunch into fact.?

    ?Well, if there is something going on, if the GA is planning something against Corellia, then a number of higher-ups in the Alliance are going to know about it. And any of those with economic interests in Corellia will be working to protect those interests, which gives us a pattern to look for.?

    ?And we do know a good number of higher-ups.? Han said.

    ?What about Luke??

    ?I don?t want to bring him into this.? He hesitated. ?He might be in on it.?

    ?Then for now, let?s just do some research on this, shall we?? Leia said as she retrieved her own porta-terminal from the table and started it up.

    ?Don?t you have some loyalty to the GA that should interfere a bit here?? Han asked.
    ?Technically, but I have a greater loyalty to prevent a war when I can, even if it means bending the rules a bit. And to you of course, with your foolish causes.?

    Han grinned. ?I?ve corrupted you.?



    Over the next couple of hours the two of them gathered as much information as they could in that space of time, with the occasional break for food and drink. They sat on either side of the table, engrossed in the porta-terminals, only stopping to share notes and ideas.

    Han had used old contacts from both his smuggling and military careers and Leia used her position as a long-time diplomat and former Chief of State to call on contacts around Coruscant, all with the excuse of check-ups on behalf of the Jedi Order. Unfortunately, the approval that this excuse was met with hinted that whatever was happening, the Jedi were involved.

    And so far they had confirmed nothing, but what they had found did create an undeniable pattern that offered to support Han?s hunch.

    It was the tiny patterns they needed to look for. There would be nothing as obvious as a direct military order, >
  3. LexiLupin

    LexiLupin Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 27, 2011
    "I have an idea.?


    ?Let?s wait until he shows up. Then we crush him.?

    Luke smiled. ?Okay.?

    Mara- an excellent strategist, I must say. :D

    "So if they?re waiting for us on the other side of the door, where do we go??

    ?We? go another way.?

    Ben- learning his mother's excellent sense of strategy. Ha!

    I absolutely adore Han & Leia's attack planning. Poor Threepio- can never catch a break. :p

    Lowbacca deserved to be regarded as family to the Solos. His cousin and Chewbacca?s son, Lumpawaroo, was supposed to be here, but urgent business on Kashyyyk had called him away for a while.

    Agreed! What the hey, profic?!

    Otherwise he would have gone off to the Jedi Temple, back to whatever tiny chamber they give him, eating bland cafeteria food all on his own??

    ?While rain poured on his head and sad synthesized music played wherever he went??

    Leia merely smiled back at her husband?s mocking tone. ?Han, he?s her friend. Just a friend.?

    Han scowled, but Leia knew it was in good humor. ?As long as he keeps his eyes off my daughter. A father?s got a right to terrorize young men, you know.?

    ?Yes, dear.?

    ?But he?s a Jedi. And Jedi don?t scare so easily. So I?ll have to bring out my A-game tonight. Maybe get Meewalh and Cakhmaim to rough him up a bit, Noghri-bodyguard-style.?

    [face_laugh] So much love.

    ?If I may offer some advice, young sir? let the Wookiee win.?


    ?Disable a moon-sized installation with only what I can smuggle in??

    At least he doesn't have to rescue a feisty princess... ;)

    ?I?ve always been a fan of the old fashioned way. Your dad and I were superb at the old fashioned way.?

    Zekk?s jaw twitched and Jaina shot him a look before he made an age joke and he reluctantly kept his mouth shut.

    Good Zekk. [face_laugh] I guess he's learning.
    Oh, and trying to imagine Jaina as a blonde- not working so well, LOL

    I am most intrigued- LotF could use some rewriting, haha. ;):p Question though- how does your fic stand on Dark Nest? I notice that you omitted the Jacen/Jaina tension from the family dinner. And you have Jag listed as an Imperial Envoy, suggesting that he is no longer with the Chiss, but also not seeking to restore his family's honor from the whole DN fiasco.

    Anyway, I look forward to more. :)
  4. Websinger2

    Websinger2 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 31, 2010
    Thanks for the kind comments LexiLupin :)

    I am most intrigued- LotF could use some rewriting, haha. Question though- how does your fic stand on Dark Nest? I notice that you omitted the Jacen/Jaina tension from the family dinner. And you have Jag listed as an Imperial Envoy, suggesting that he is no longer with the Chiss, but also not seeking to restore his family's honor from the whole DN fiasco.

    With Jacen and Jaina, admittedly what he did during the DN Crisis was pretty bad, but in my timeline it's been around 6 years since then (notice Ben's increased age, in this timeline DN also happened a year later). 6 years is a long time to hold a grudge, especially for siblings who have been through what they have, so for the moment Jaina has moved past it for the most part, but when Jacen starts his dark path, look for that tension to return as Jaina is reminded by his actions.

    And regarding Jag: this decision stems from Luke making Jag HoS at the end of Invincible. Which was so incredibly random. Now, I love the Fel Dynstasty, Roan and Sia are awesome, so I want to keep that in the fic, but Jag's appointment came out of nowhere and made so very little sense. The whole thing will be explained in more detail when he appears, but to tie in to his later promotion better, he was retrieved by the Imperial Remnant at Tenupe and, after his rejection from the Chiss, was offered a position in the Remnant by Pellaeon. The story will tell the rest ;)

    Only a short update today, but more is in the works. Hope you continue to enjoy!


    In one of the private conference rooms of Coronet?s most extravagant hotel, Five Worlds Prime Minister Aidel Saxan watched as her two guests arrived, quelling the anticipation rising in her chest. Herself a handsome, dark-haired and middle-aged woman with more than considerable political power, her two guests were almost instantly recognizable, despite the efforts they had gone to remain anonymous.

    Her attired in the fashion of a Hapan noblewoman, complete with ornate jewelry and a veil covering the lower half of her face, him dressed in a rough traveler?s tunic complete with raised hood and his face obscured by a - Saxan assumed - fake beard, Han and Leia Solo entered. Despite her own high position in the Corellian government, Saxan suddenly felt surprisingly inferior.

    She quickly pushed the feeling aside and rose to her feet, a polite smile appearing on her features.

    ?Welcome to Coronet.? She greeted her guests as soon as the doors had shut.

    ?Thank you.? Leia Solo replied. ?Before we continue? the room has been checked for recording devices.?

    ?Thoroughly. And cleared, I assure you.?

    ?Good.? Leia said as she removed the veil from her face.

    Beside her, Han Solo pulled back his hood and scratched irritably at the beard, the skin behind it red and flustered. ?Yes, thank you, uh??

    ?Excellency.? Leia whispered.

    ?Yes. Your Excellency.?

    Years after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Corellia had been rewarded by the Galactic Alliance with the removal of the appointed governor-general position, opting instead for Corellian-born politicians to be elected to office. Each of the five worlds of the system had their own Chief of State, with Thrackan Sal-Solo for example occupying the position on Corellia, but beyond that they had created the position of Five Worlds Prime Minister. Appointed with the duties of coordinating resources, budgets and policies of the five worlds, Saxan was the first to hold the office, and so she was responsible for representation of the whole system when in negotiations with other multi-planetary bodies.

    ?The pleasure is all mine.? Saxan replied. ?For a meeting with one of Corellia?s most celebrated heroes, an audience is in order at any time or place. Even in secrecy such as this.? She gestured to a pair of seats at the other end of the table, while returning to her own chair.

    ?I?ll get to the straight point, then.? Han said, lowering himself into the proffered seating. ?I think the Galactic Alliance is going to take mil>
  5. LexiLupin

    LexiLupin Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 27, 2011
    Jaina has moved past it for the most part, but when Jacen starts his dark path, look for that tension to return as Jaina is reminded by his actions.

    LOL guess that answers my next question. I was wondering if, in the absence of all that family tension, Jacen would NOT end up being such a megalomaniac-psycho. [face_laugh]

    ?Yes, thank you, uh??

    ?Excellency.? Leia whispered.

    ?Yes. Your Excellency.?

    So typical Han. Even if you would think he'd pay more attention to the political revamping on his HOME planet, if nowhere else in the galaxy. [face_laugh]

    ?Would you be willing to say that publicly?? Saxan asked. ?Such words from a hero of Corellia could greatly assist the movement, perhaps with less chance for violence.?

    ?Sure.? Han replied. ?If you and Thrackan step-down.?

    Don't think that's what Aidel was hoping to hear. :p I think I'd be pretty upset too if Han Solo got snarky with me.

    Well, I look forward to the undoubted conflict to come between Han & Leia and the various Jedi involved... and Thrackan of course.

  6. Websinger2

    Websinger2 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 31, 2010
    Hello, hello. First off, I can only apologize for an inexcusably long absence on these boards, and for leaving these fics hanging. These past few months have been part of a very hectic term at University and writing has unfortunately been forced to take a back seat. However, things have calmed down enough now for the story to continue! Rejoice or cringe, whatever, hopefully this will be back for good and we will see this thing through to completion. Again, I am very sorry for the absence of updates and offer my apology alongside some tasty new things. Enjoy!


    The alarm chimed inside the confines of the helmet and Jacen?s eyes flickered open in response. He found himself in a dark space, hot and humid, the inside of a cargo container almost large enough to fit him and his space suit comfortably. But not quite. He grimaced as he attempted to stretch his stiff limbs, made inevitably awkward by the suit which was insulated with his sweat.

    The pair of Jedi were being smuggled to Centerpoint, hidden in the cargo of a seemingly innocent freighter in a way not dissimilar to the transportation of black market goods. The method of transportation made Jacen think of his father and his days as a smuggler. The current travel had been arranged by one of Mara?s old associates from her time working with Talon Kardde, acquiring the services of a smuggler well versed in the trade, skilled at both his job and at not asking any questions.

    The chime that had woken Jacen from his trance signaled that the freighter?s flight course was on schedule, in time with the other aspects of the mission, which included Jaina and Zekk?s journey and Tahiri and Lowbacca?s reconnaissance. If the alarm was correct, then Jacen?s transport had reached one of the several checkpoints established by his interior computer systems to make sure all parties remained in time.

    Needing to move, Jacen reached out with a heavy hand and located the lever above him. Twisting the mechanism, the lid to the container swung open with a dull groaning and Jacen followed it, clambering out of the crate?s interior. He pulled himself over the edge and carefully lowered himself to the floor beneath, landing with a slight clang.

    The rest of the cargo bay was filled with containers similar to Jacen?s, though varying in size, and was dimly lit to save on power. Glancing around, Jacen spotted Ben?s container not far away and reached for his cousin in the Force. With a quick touch, he confirmed that Ben was still soundly in his trance.

    Certain after a sweep of the area in the Force that he was alone, other than Ben, Jacen moved across the cargo bay floor, the ache in his stiff limbs subsiding. While walking, he scanned the air and confirmed that the bay was still pressurized, and so it was safe to remove his helmet.

    With a soft hiss, Jacen pulled the mask from his face and gratefully breathed cooler air. It was a stark relief compared to the humidity of the suit and he took a moment to appreciate the feeling. The suits he and Ben wore were designed with Jedi in mind; they maintained the bare necessities while not being bulky enough to hinder maneuverability, allowing Jacen more or less full access to his abilities while in the suit, especially when the helmet was fully removed. Unfortunately, cooling was a system that was lost in the design.

    Enjoying the freedom of being able to move his arms and legs again, Jacen made his way to the edge of the cargo hold, approaching one of the viewports. Outside, he was greeted to a view of hyperspace. It was a familiar sight to a man such as Jacen, who had spent his the majority of his life travelling from planet to planet. Most times he appreciated the opportunity to have seen so much of the galaxy, though there were occasions where he sometimes felt slightly robbed of a more regular upbringing.

    He found himself thinking of his cousin while he stared out at the streaking stars. Ben had advanced much in his short life, and what else was to be expected from the child of Luke a>
  7. Websinger2

    Websinger2 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 31, 2010


    It was quiet. It would be almost peaceful, if it wasn?t for the fact that they were searching for a planetary assault fleet, which tended to put a bit of pressure on a person.

    From her position, Tahiri could currently see Corellia, the size of her hand against the viewpoint, with two other planets visible beyond. Behind the planet and off in the corner of her view she could see Corell, the system?s star, burning against the surrounding darkness. Next to Corellia she could make out Centerpoint Station, a large artificial blemish on the otherwise incredible natural view.

    Thoughts like that made Tahiri think about the Yuuzhan Vong aspects of her mind and reflect on how many of Riina?s traits she had absorbed seamlessly into her own personality, the two halves of her life existing in perfect symbiosis. Since her time on Zonama Sekot, she had grown to further understand herself, her mind, which was both so alien and so familiar at the same time, and being amongst the Yuuzhan Vong during a time of peace had allowed her to fully explore the effects of her bond.

    She missed Zonama Sekot greatly but the Yuuzhan Vong had adapted to the world with great enthusiasm, the planet representing much that they had been searching for their whole lives, and the planet?s consciousness responding in kind to make them feel at home.

    The Yuuzhan Vong had spent countless time lost in the void between galaxies, and Zonama Sekot had accepted them. It was touching, and after Tahiri had returned to the known galaxy to assist in the Dark Nest Crisis, they had discovered that they no longer needed Tahiri, and she was truly happy for them, despite her own sadness at leaving.

    Now, she had a duty to the peace of the Galaxy and she wouldn?t falter no matter how desperately she wished to return to Zonama Sekot.

    [Picked up anything yet?] Lowbacca?s voice broke her from her thoughts, emitted from the comm unit.

    She glanced to her right to see the Wookiee?s StealthX travelling some distance away, its deep black hull barely visible against the darkness of space.

    ?Sensors are finding nothing on my end.? She replied. ?About time to move on??

    Lowbacca growled an affirmative. [There?s a lot of empty space to hide a fleet, but even still we should have found something by now.]

    ?Maybe there?s nothing to find??

    [Maybe. I have a bad feeling about it all.]

    ?You and me both.? Tahiri agreed, casting her senses out.

    They had explored the majority of the system, passing both Selonia and Drall, and now with Corellia and the twin worlds of Talus and Tralus in view, Tahiri was definitely considering the possibility that the fleet didn?t exist.

    ?Are we on a wild bantha chase?? Tahiri asked, her uncertainty like a ball of ice in her chest.

    [I hope not.]

    ?The only evidence of a fleet comes from accountants and a couple of logistics that don?t make sense. Maybe it?s got nothing to do with a fleet, or maybe it?s just an error in the system. If the Alliance heads in there like this then we might start a war.?

    [That?s why we?re here, to discover whether Admiral Klauskin?s fleet even has a reason to be here.]

    ?But we?re Jedi. I thought we were above this kind of thing.?

    There was a pause. [What do you mean?]

    ?I thought Jedi used to negotiate. Master Organa Solo used to be the Chief of State after all. Surely we should be trying to find peace between the Alliance and the Corellians??

    [It changed during the Vong War.] Lowbacca replied slowly. [We tried peace then and they broke us.]

    ?I know.? Tahiri replied, memories of the agony the Yuuzhan Vong caused to her flooding back.

    [I understand.] The Wookiee continued. [You fear for another war.]

    ?Of course I do. Don?t you??

    [Yes, absolutely. But it is not my place to decide how. I know my view of the galaxy is insufficient to know what is best and that there is much I do not understand.] Lowbacca paused, and even through the comm, Tahiri could hear the loyalty in his words. [That?s why I must trust in Master Skywalker and the Council, and understand that their experience ha>
  8. LexiLupin

    LexiLupin Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 27, 2011
    ?Just shut up and drink like a regular person.?

    ?You mean the non-alcoholic pop you forced me to get??

    [face_laugh] Pop?!? Is Zekk from Ohio? [face_laugh]

    ?Anyway, no alcohol on duty and that?s that.?

    ?You?re no fun anymore.?

    Jaina is CLEARLY not her father's daughter, in this particular circumstance... :p

    For a brief moment, he wondered if, in such a vast and endless galaxy, each planet with such thick and unending history, he would be remembered.

    Yeah Jacen, you'll be remembered, and probably not in a way you were hoping... :oops:

    I was going to ask if Klauskin was as crazy in this AU as he is in the novel- yeah, I'm going to say he is. :p Well, perhaps not AS crazy, it seems that the appearance of his wife's ghost is a new thing here and not a common occurrence. But yeah...

    I'm re-reading Betrayal right now- so going back and scanning the earlier chapters of this to refresh my memory was VERY disconcerting, haha. [face_laugh] Now I'm going to be all confused on what happens in which story. :p

    Quick and random continuity question- how old is Allana?

    Good to have you back and looking forward to more!
  9. Websinger2

    Websinger2 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 31, 2010
    Roughly the same age as she is in canon at this point, a year older or so, so 6 or 7 I think. I've never been good with her exact age, I'll be honest. :p

    Thanks, good to be back!


    ?What?s the matter, sweetheart?? Han asked as he entered the room, seeing Leia sat straight-backed, completely still at the table.

    Since the meeting with Saxan, the pair had relaxed in the lavish hotel room provided whilst considering their next course of action.

    Contrary to his trust, or lack thereof, in politicians, Han could see Saxan?s logic. He hated having anything to do with politics and the like, with that normally being Leia?s territory, but he had a unique perspective on the crisis. With his experience with both Corellia and the Alliance and Leia?s career as a New Republic diplomat, they were perfectly equipped to defuse the situation.

    And yet there was a nagging feeling in the back of his mind, specifically related to Thrackan?s involvement. He had never hated anyone quite as much as his cousin and to see him back in any position of power was unsettling. If Corellia could trust him, then was it even the same Corellia he had grown up loving?

    He sat down opposite Leia and handed her the mug of caf he had just made, taking a sip from his own. ?What is it??

    She broke from her trance and noticed Han?s presence. With a smile of thanks she took the mug in her hands. ?It?s Jacen and Jaina.?

    Han?s heart leapt to his throat. ?They?re in trouble?? He still remembered the moment, the very second, when Anakin had died, when Leia sensed it through the Force. The way she had screamed and sobbed as her heart broke. To this day, every time she sensed the twins or anyone else they cared about, Han?s blood turned to ice with the fear of seeing that same reaction follow.

    ?They?re fine.? She assured him. ?But I can feel them nearby.?

    ?They?re on Corellia??

    ?Jaina at least. Jacen?s a bit further away, but he?s definitely in the system.?

    ?What are they?? Han began to ask, but he realized almost as soon as he?d said it. ?Luke sent them.?

    ?We don?t know that.?

    ?It?s obvious.? Han felt the anger pulling at him, his fists tightening of their own accord. ?They?re here for Centerpoint, to sabotage Corellia?s leverage.?

    ?You know Luke. He would never do anything without being certain it was the right course of action.?

    ?Like after Anakin?? He snapped.

    ?Especially after Anakin.? Leia replied, her tone level and calm, the voice of a diplomat. ?He would never put Jacen and Jaina in danger if he didn?t have to and wasn?t sure they would be okay.?

    ?I need to talk to him.? Han pushed his chair away from the table and stood up, looking around angrily. ?Threepio!?

    The golden droid shuffled into the room. ?What do you require of me??

    ?Get me a link to Luke.?

    ?Of course.?


    Leia reached to touch Han?s arm, a gesture intended to calm him, and Han let it do so to an extent, but he couldn?t get past his fear for his surviving children. It swelled up like a beast inside of him and he couldn?t just shut it down.

    Threepio fiddled with the comm for a moment before it flickered into life, Luke?s image forming in the space above the device. Han began to speak before he realized it was a recording.

    ?I?m sorry, but neither Mara nor myself are available to talk right now. Please leave a message and we?ll get back to you as soon as possible.?

    ?Luke, it?s Han. We need to talk.?

    He shut the comm off with a curse and felt Leia?s arms wrap around his waist. As always, her touch soothed his worries.

    ?Trust him.? Leia said. ?When has he ever let us down??

    Han sighed and turned to embrace Leia fully. ?I know. But it?s the kids??

    ?They can take care of themselves. If Luke has sent them it?s because he trusts them, like we have to.?

    He kissed her on the forehead. ?Okay.?

    ?But there is one thing we can do.?

    ?Which is??

    ?Talk to Saxan. If the Jedi rea>
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    Websinger2 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 31, 2010
    Short update this time, which I intended to post much earlier but never got a chance to (massive load of assignments at the moment), but expect a larger update in the near future, with much excitement and what not.

    ?Ah, kark it.? Ben grunted as he sprinted away from the energy field, which was quickly gaining speed.

    He paced it down the corridor, using the Force to augment his own speed, though already he was feeling his limbs begin to tire. Too long spent in a container during the journey here, not enough time to adjust from the zero-g approach, tired from deflecting cannon fire; these things would have incapacitated a regular teenager, but Ben was a Jedi.
    That counted for a lot.

    Despite the increasing ache in his legs, Ben pushed himself as hard as he could and finally gained some distance on the energy field. He grinned at his success, confidence flooding him. It was as he turned into the next hallway that the newfound confidence drained in an instant.

    At the other end of the corridor, a second field flickered into existence and was immediately sliding in his direction. Ben felt a shudder of panic ripple through him, but he quickly crushed it.

    Slowing only for a moment, he scanned the doorway for a solution. He considered carving a hole in the floor, but he didn?t have the time or precision to get it right, despite wishing to believe otherwise. Instead, not too far ahead of him, he spotted a single door, though the second energy field was quickly advancing upon it.

    Finally possessing a goal other than just running away, Ben poured his energy into a full sprint. His legs groaned as he pushed his body to its limits in the space of a couple of seconds. It felt as though his chest spontaneously caught fire, but he quelled the feeling, focusing only on that door, only a few meters away but so close to the approaching security field.

    The field touched the edge of the door, but Ben was in motion. He leapt the final meter, throwing himself through the air in frantic desperation. With a loud cry of pain, he crashed bodily into the field but, instead of succumbing to it, he used the impact to fling himself to the side, at the door. With only inches to spare, he passed through the portal and hit the floor.

    He lay there for a long moment, pain throbbing through the left side of his body and his lungs struggling for breath. After a few seconds, when the shock began to subside, he felt laughter bubbling up and escaping from his mouth. It came from the exhilaration, the excitement, of having succeeded, from the adrenaline of the moment.

    He forced himself to his feet, wincing at the soreness he felt. He had bruised his left shoulder and some of his back from the impact, but it was nothing he couldn?t handle. Drawing on the Force to null the pain, Ben considered his next movements.

    Jacen had ordered him to find transportation. Every fiber of his being wanted to run after Jacen, to help him, but he had to restrain himself. They did need a way off the station, but Jacen also needed help. He was going up against the whole station?s security, who clearly knew he and Ben were here already. Surely the two Jedi would be stronger together, otherwise why would security have separated them?

    Making a decision, Ben took off, limping a little at first but quickly finding his footing and broke into a run. He gripped his lightsaber tightly as he ran, ready for anything.