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"Legacy" TPM AU fanfic

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Rhui Chatar, Sep 10, 1999.

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  1. Jedi Eowyn

    Jedi Eowyn Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 28, 1999

    I know I'm slow between reads....but when I come in here, I'm always hoping for more!!!

    : )
  2. darthcleo

    darthcleo Administrator Emeritus star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 8, 2000
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  3. Rhui Chatar

    Rhui Chatar Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 4, 1999
    Rhayna walked casually from the Alderaan Embassy.  She had suceeded in her task but for some reason did not feel satisfied with the result.

    She a sense of foreboding but couldn't tell if it had to do with the arrangements she had just made with former chancellor Finis Vallorum or if it was concerning other issues.   She didn't have time at present to investigate things further.  Vallorum had given her information concerning certain parties that had been hired rather quickly for some local purpose that he could not obtain information about.  That usually meant having something to do with the new chancellor.  Palpatine had been very thorough in severing all of his old contacts and the new ones were never completely informed concerning the source of their orders.

    She had contacted Durgan to get an update on his findings in the temple and learned that Qui-Gon and Lohane were attemptling to gain access into the older parts of the temple to determine if the changes there did indeed contain the prisoner that the Nafieri had just turned over to the Jedi.  She was going to inform Qui-Gon of her latest accomplishment with Vallorum but sensing that he was preoccupied with something thought it best not to disturb him and to go to him directly. 

    She set out to follow Qui-Gon and Lohane's progress as they made their way into the bowels of the old temple far underground.  The sense of foreboding increased as she got closer to the temple.   She had no sense of what the focal point my be so she contacted Lohane to see if all was well.

    // Lohane, is Qui-Gon well? He seems distracted. //

    // Well enough.  He is trying to remember the ways into the temple from his youth.  He is just concentrating.  I have shared a vision that I had with him.  He seems disturbed by it but has told me nothing. //

    // Qui-Gon, I am coming to join you and Lohane.  Keep searching, I can follow your path.//

    Rhayna stepped up her pace as she crossed the atrium that would take her to the under ground lifts.

    Xanatos sat calmly in his newly decorated confinement.  He had been troubled at first when Darii had activated the force fields behind him. 

    As he had entered the cell he now understood that she could no longer be trusted.  He'd sensed that much.  At least it had bought him some time before he had to deal with the Jedi directly. 

    Perhaps enough time to make good an escape.  Qui-Gon too continued to be in his thoughts although he tried to banish him repeatedly.  Why did he care how the man had died?  He had no love for the man and it was in the past.  
    He should no longer be of concern to him but his feelings forced Xanaos to believe otherwise.  What he had truly wanted was to best his old Master in combat, not assasinate him out of hand.  He hated himself for it, that he still wanted Qui-Gon's approval after all that had happened.  

    If only he could have confronted him, defeated him, shown him he could have been a Jedi if he had truly wanted it, that was what he had wanted.  He wanted Qui-Gon to know that before he died.   As it was his accomplishment left him empty and incomplete somehow,  a feeling that he had wanted to rid himself of by doing the bidding of his new Master but his capture had robbed him of that.  His new Master would except no mistakes.  This lead him to wonder if a rescue was indeed coming as Darii had lead him to believe. 

    He could feel several parties moving but could not tell if they were friend or foe but he would be ready for either should a chance of escape present itself.

    Moving along the darkened corridor Darii hurried to the arranged rondevous point where she would meet the group that was being sent to get Xanatos out of the temple.   She could already hear the footsteps of someone coming in the distance.  She was surprised they had found their way this far in without her to guide them.  She must be seen as defending the temple's detainee so as not to disclose where her real loyalty lay.  

    She would justify her actions by stating that she discovered that
  4. darthcleo

    darthcleo Administrator Emeritus star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 8, 2000
    another test - ignore
  5. Jedi Droid

    Jedi Droid Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 6, 1999
    (And Ninni, whiny girl, can we keep that conversation elsewhere? )/JD
  6. Jedi Eowyn

    Jedi Eowyn Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 28, 1999

    But what a place to leave us!!!!!!!

  7. Rhui Chatar

    Rhui Chatar Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 4, 1999
    on the theory that something is better that nothing....

    Darii stopped in front of the cell holding Xanatos and took a defensive stance waiting for Nakai and Obi-Wan to do the same.   She looked down the corridor expecting Xanatos' would be rescuers to emerge.   Nakai watched Darii calmly, then nodded to Obi-Wan and they both flanked Darii and faced the darkened corridor across from them.  The wait was short. 

    Three dark forms emerged and started firing.  There was a flurry of blaster bolts fired and reflected before the three would be attackers took up shelter behind columns standing on either side of the hallway they had just emerged from.  It was just enough distraction for Darii to activate the lock on Xanatos' cell and set him free while Obi-Wan and Nakai were busy deflecting the blaster fire. 

    Xanatos wasted no time in getting out of the cell and dashing off down the corridor to the west.  Darii shouted and Obi-Wan sprinted after him before Nakai had time to stop him as did Darii, leaving Nakai alone to deal with the intruders.  Nakai silently sent to Qui-Gon the particulars of the situation and to watch for Xanatos as he fled.

    The first thing Xanatos did was start looking for a weapon.  He suddenly emerged into the hall where Qui-Gon and Lohane had encountered the first party and found a blaster by the dead body there.  Xanatos then took up a position behind a pillar and waited for his pursuers to come out of the tunnel.  

    Darii had not been able to catch up to Obi-Wan and he was the first to emerge and spotted the still form on the floor.  He immediatlely went into a crouch behind one of the columns and reached out with the force. 
    He could feel Xanatos on the far side of the hall waiting just as he was.  Then Darii came out strolling casually into the open space of the hall.  Obi-Wan looked at her with total incredulity on his face.

    "Go Xan,  I will see that he does not follow you", she called just loud enough for both of them to hear.  Then she flung herself at Obi-Wan, her saber raised for a killing blow.

    Qui-Gon got Nakai's status of conditions and rather that try to get passed the three with blasters that Nakai was holding off, he sent Lohane on ahead and he doubled back to follow Obi-Wan and Darii.  He could hear the clash of sabers ahead and wondered how Xanatos had managed to get a saber during his escape. 

    He emerged to see Obi-Wan's blue saber flicker and fail while blocking a low strike from Darii.  The blow caught him in mid thigh he went down with gasp of pain.  Qui-Gon didn't hesitate to fire at Darii to stop the killing blow she was readying for Obi-wan.   She stopped her swung just in time to deflect the fire back in Qui-Gon's direction narrowly missing him. 

    He was not so quick to fire a second time but instead tossed the blaster into his left hand while he flipped the large pyranth crystal into his right hand from where it hung at his wrist.  He activated it as Durgan had shown him and slowly advanced on Darii.

    Obi-Wan struggled to move to a better vantage point as Qui-Gon tossed the blaster to him as he passed.  Darii saw the move and backed out of Obi-Wan's line of site as Qui-Gon advanced on her.  She was not alarmed but rather curious as to why a Nafieri would be here and lend aid to the fallen Jedi.  What did the man in front of her want.  She reached out to his mind with the force and found nothing but suddenly felt her self thrust back and almost off balance by a powerful force push.  She quickly took her opponent more seriously. 
    Not only was the weapon he was carrying strange but he was a strong Force adept.  Perhaps another Jedi in disguise from Gallia's spy network, that would explain much.  But if that was so, why could she not sense him.  Why was he being so cautious? She could feel no fear coming from him.  Deciding she needed more information about her opponent she launched a flurry of strikes at him to better gauge his skill and use of the strange weapon he carried. Qui-Gon deftly parried each blow and continued to advance slowly
  8. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    Oh, wow! Obi-Wan is injured, Xanatos is loose, and Qui-Gon has been recognised. Zikes! I can't wait for the next post!
  9. Jedi Droid

    Jedi Droid Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 6, 1999
    Wow!!!!.... or something like that... /JD
  10. Sarah

    Sarah Jedi Youngling star 2

    Oct 18, 1999
    Oh my goodness! Poor Qui-Gon! What an ordeal! I can hardly wait for the next installment!
    Thank you so much for writing!
  11. Rhui Chatar

    Rhui Chatar Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 4, 1999
    test... ignore
  12. Celes

    Celes Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 8, 1999
    Just checking and hoping.........
  13. Rhui Chatar

    Rhui Chatar Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 4, 1999

    Rhayna sensed his presence long before she heard him.  He was alone and cautiously approaching her position.  He may have already sensed her presence as well.  She knew it was Xanatos from his Force signature.  She had been the one to plant the memories of Qui-Gon's death in his mind and knew the feel of him.  Durgan had informed her of the situation that had led to Xanatos' escape and that Qui-Gon would be in pursuit.  She knew what would occur when he caught up with Xanatos as she could feel Qui-Gon's state of mind and it was no longer the picture of serenity it had been when she'd first encountered him.  She would have to act quickly to avoid another useless confrontation!

    Rhayna thought to herself, "What did Xanatos want?  He was trying to get free to return to his Master obviously.  As Darii had been involved, perhaps his Master sought this too.  Well then let him serve both his Master and us."  Rhayna quickly formed a plan.  She would let him see her and then stun him with the Force.   Something neither Qui-Gon or any other Jedi would do, although they were perfectly capable but it violated everything that the Jedi believed about themselves.  Rhayna had no such restrictions.  Once he was stunned she would plant a modified Jedi tracer on him, just under his skin, to be activated later by her through a touch of the Force.  She would then plant another memory in his mind of him firing at her and his being stunned by her deflected shot.   When he came to he could then flee to his Master.
    There was a risk that he would attempt to do her harm before he fled but it was small and worth taking. The larger risk was Qui-Gon.

    He was in such a state that he was not answering her through the bond.  He was focused on pursuing his quarry and blocking all else out with the intent of dealing with it later.   He failed to hear Rhayna in his thoughts as he quickly but warily made his way through the dark corridors following his former apprentice.  Suddenly there was blaster fire ahead.  Qui-Gon started to run reaching for his own blaster as he did.  Too late he remembered tossing it to Obi-Wan back in the chamber where he had fought with Darii.  He quickly swung the pyranth into his hand and continued to run toward where he had last heard the shots fired.

    He came into a well lit intersection close to where he had entered the underground temple and found Rhayna lying face down close to the wall.  He instantly reached out through the bond to her as he collapsed to his knees instantly sensing the scene that she had been projecting at Xanatos.  He saw her fall as she fired at Xanatos with her shot missing her target but deflected back at Xanatos from the plasteel of the ceiling.   Qui-Gon's emotions over took him then and he shouted her name and gently turned her to face him.
    Rhayna opened her eyes and fixed him with a stern look.

    // I tried to warn you.   Is he gone now?//  Qui-Gon almost dropped her.

    "Xanatos?, ah, yes..." he said unsure of himself as he looked around. "Are you alright? I felt, no, I saw you struck..."  The confusion was too obvious on his face.

    Rhayna now could feel his mind, could sense his confusion and near panic at seeing her laying there.  She realized he had been too focused to receive her call because he had been straining to sense ahead after Xanatos and had picked up the projection she had broadcast for Xanatos' mind.

    "Qui-Gon, I'm fine," She cast about trying to get a sense of where Xanatos was as she pushed herself off the ground.  "I tried to reach you to tell you what I was doing but you didn't answer.  I didn't have enough time to try again.  I'm sorry to have caused you distress.   Please forgive me."

    Qui-Gon was so relieved he just let himself slump the rest of the way to the floor.   He leaned on his hands and was still for a moment.

    "Darii is dead.  Obi-Wan is hurt." was all he could manage to say.  

    "And Lohane is being detained for questioning.  Durgan has told me.  We should return to the transport.  I've placed a tracer on Xanatos so we will be able to track him." she informed h
  14. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    I have a feeling that this story is not going to end anytime soon and that makes me feel..GREAT! I love this story! Every post leaves me speechless with admiration. Now Qui-Gon has a daughter on the way, Xanatos is still free, Obi-Wan is getting a dangerous appointment...WOW! Please don't make us wait ages for more.
  15. Rhui Chatar

    Rhui Chatar Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 4, 1999
    Well, Jane you're right.... *sigh*
    I had hopes of approaching the end but now Obi-Wan's in a stew and I'll have to get out of it... oh well...
  16. Jedi Droid

    Jedi Droid Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 6, 1999
    The end???? Don't you dare... /JD
  17. Rhui Chatar

    Rhui Chatar Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 4, 1999
    Rhayna had been watching Xanatos.  As she had suspected, he had left the launch area shortly after the next transport had left.  He had then taken a very circuitous route to the Malastarian Embassy as Darii had before Xanatos' escaped.  It puzzled Qui-Gon. 

    There was no evidence to link the Malastarians with the Supreme Chancellor although they were known to be in league with the Trade Federation.  She made several inquiries concerning the Malastarian Embassy from contacts that she had worked with in the past but nothing remarkable was brought to light.

    Rhayna brought Qui-Gon some food but he had little interest in it.  He had been down in the cargo deck most of the morning working with the pyranth.  It still made him feel uncomfortable to work with.  He seemed not to be grieving on the surface but she knew that was not the case from several attempts to touch his mind.  He had let her know that he wished to be alone, not unkindly, just politely. 

    "Well Knight Kenobi, I look forward to working with you as well as getting to know you better, .  And in future, don't hesitate to bring your young  apprentice with you.  He will find matters of diplomacy most educational I'm sure."    Palpatine stood and stepped out from behind his desk to give Obi-Wan a formal bow closing the short session that they'd had together discussing what Obi-Wan's new duties would entail as Jedi Liaison to the Chancellery. 

    Obi-Wan returned the bow. "Thank you Chancellor Palpatine.  I will bring Anakin when his training has progressed appropriately.  I do thank you for your help concerning his mother.  I will indeed see if the Council has any additional information regarding her location."

    "Thank you Knight Kenobi and do not hesitate to ask if there is anything that I can do to make you duties less burdensome.  A steady agenda of politics can be oppressive sometimes for one as young as yourself." 
    Palpatine smiled amiably as Obi-Wan left his office.

    Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi walked purposefully as he left the halls of the Chancellery.    He needed to get somewhere quiet to think.  The news that Palpatine had dropped on him weighted heavily.  Anakin's mother was missing. 

    Palpatine had supposedly dispatched Senate envoys to gain her freedom and return with her to Coruscant but she had been sold and her where abouts were not known.  More disturbing was the fact that Palpatine insinuated that it was the work of the Council.  He wanted Obi-Wan to discreetly gather information about it for him, at least that was what he had hinted at and that if his search should fail to produce results other measures would be taken. 

    Obi-Wan had been a student of Qui-Gon Jinn's long enough to be able to recognize a veiled threat when he was confronted with one.  He would take this to Ki-Adi but first he had to see a Nafieri about a flawed stone that he had recently purchased.

    He took a circuitous route to the Nafieri transport, watching his back constantly.    He knew he was being followed but not by whom.  It could be one of Gallia's or it could be the Chancellor's.  He would at least let them know, he knew they were there.

    He arrived at the landing bay and stated his need to speak with the Nafieri Jennar.    The port guards made the request for him and he was allowed access to the bay and given directions as to which pad the transport in question  was located.   When he arrived the ramp was down and Rhayna stood veiled, waiting for him at the entrance to the ship.  Obi-Wan took one look back towards the direction he had come reaching out with the Force to sense for his followers.  They were there but had not gotten passed the port guards.  He quickly ascended the ramp and bowed to Rhayna.

    "I am Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi.  I have business with Jennar concerning crystals."

    "Welcome Knight Kenobi.  Jennar will be glad to see you."  Rhayna bowed and lead Obi-Wan in side.  The ramp came up and her veil came down. "How many followed you?"

    "I'm not sure, but two I think.  And I don't know who they're working with."  Obi-Wan quickly looked
  18. Pushing Up The Daisies

    Pushing Up The Daisies Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 3, 2000
    Whoa hey!

    I just checked this thread just in case i missed a new post and looky here!

    A new post!


    I love this story!
  19. Sarah

    Sarah Jedi Youngling star 2

    Oct 18, 1999
    Phew! My old bookmark went to a page that said "closed" and I was really worried! Glad I found the new pathway.
    This is just the best story, I don't ever want it to end! (I mean that in the nicest way, don't really want it to become a millstone around your neck, Rhui!) But really, there is soooo much still to come, I'm sure: what happens when they unravel the stuff around Palpatine? Yikes! and what happens with Qui-Gon and the 'Nafieri' and his new offspring!? and all the intrugue among the Council, and Xanatos! I can sense that there is still much beneath the surface that has yet to be revealed.
    thanks for writing!
  20. m0rpheus25

    m0rpheus25 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 11, 2000
    Nathan Butler of Prelude to Hope has written a very informative article on writing a script specifically for a Star Wars fan film. If you are in the preproduction stage and are developing that award winning story or if you?re a veteran and already have a script ready, it wouldn?t hurt to read up on what it takes to bring your story to life.

    Go to

    Eric "Morpheus" Desormeaux
    TFN FanFilms

    [This message has been edited by m0rpheus25 (edited 04-10-2000).]
  21. Wolverine

    Wolverine Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 17, 1999
    Great reading! I´ve said it a lot of times in this forums. Make a good story for you´re fan films. I´m doing one right now. It´s not easy to make it come to life and it will not become what I would have liked but I´m trying. A tip...Write you´re script and then try to make the special to a minimum. We have deleted two lightsaber duels because they really did´nt do much for the story. And you can often find better ways to bring the story forwards. Just a little tip on writing. And of course....less special effects the less time in front of the computer...
    Force on...
  22. buliwif

    buliwif Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 28, 2000
    Once again, I am impressed... The tutorials on this site are the best!!! I especially like this one... As we all know, it is far too easy to make a film just to showcase original ideas for great f/x shots, but that's not what StarWars is about, natch...
    I feel that the best way to make your film is to first write your script based solely on the story, without even considering f/x... then you can go back and see what tricks you can use to enhance and help move your story along... The magic of StarWars, what really has set it apart from all others, is that it is character driven... Just remember that, and always keep it in mind, and you can't fail!!!
  23. Rhui Chatar

    Rhui Chatar Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 4, 1999

    Obi-Wan Kenobi smiled at Anakin Skywalker as he squatted down in front of him to give him instructions.

    "Anakin, wait here while I speak with the councilor. I shouldn't be to long.   You could pratice your Wind/Sand meditation while you wait and show me how you're coming when I return."

    'Yes Ob-... Master.  I'll work on it.  But do I have to stay here? I could being fixing my saber back in my room."  Anakin asked pleadingly.

    "Yes, you must wait here.  You are to always wait for me when I need you too, Anakin.  It is you duty to me as my Padawan.  I know it's hard at times but you must develop patience.  That is a lesson too you know."  Obi-Wan instructed.

    "Yes, Master." Anakin answered resigned to having to just wait when he could be doing more interesting things.

    Obi-Wan smiled at him and nodded his aproval and then went to the door and announced himself.  The door opened and with one last winkj at Anakin Obi-Wan entered Adi Gallia's chambers.

    "Welcome Knight Kenobi.  Please be at ease.  You wished to speak with me?"  Gallia asked as she stood in front of the tall windows, her arms neatly tucked into her robe sleeves. 

    Obi-Wan thought she looked older that her remembered her from the meetings on Naboo, but it could have just been the light. 
    Obi-Wan bowed deeply before he started.
    "Yes, Master Gallia.  I wanted to discuss an odd request made of me by Chancellor Palpatine.  It seems he may have misunderstood the scope of my duties regarding the Chancellery. 

    "He has asked me to determine if the council has had any dealings concerning Anakin's mother on Tatooine.  I explained that I had no knowledge concerning this and that the council would have informed me if it were anything that they wished to share with him.  He insinuated the it would be in my best interest to seek that knowledge out in any case." Obi-Wan paused waiting for Gallia to digest the information.

    Gallia didn't move but remained in her pose and seemed to looking beyond him, "Do you take his insinuation as a threat?" she asked.

    "Yes, an indirect one perhaps, but most definitely a threat." Obi-Wan said waiting for her to demand an explaination for his conclusion.

    "What harm could the Chancellery inflict on a Jedi Knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi?" she asked coolly.

    "I... I don't really know.  I'm sure he could have me removed from this position but I would not find that disturbing.  He has no access to my history or records, he could have me kidnapped or attacked but not easily."  Obi-Wan sighed as he could not find anything that seemed plausible.

    "It is difficult to threaten one who has no fear.  What do you fear Obi-Wan Kenobi?" she asked as she turned to look out the window.

    Obi-Wan didn't like the direction the conversation was heading.  He wanted to deliver his information and be done with it.  But if Gallia wanted to get philosophical then so be it...

    " I fear... for my Padawan.  I fear I might fail him or misguide him in some way.  I fear for the Order, that hard won trust could be swept away far too easily.  I fear for the future of the Republic."

    Gallia was quiet for sometime.  She finally turned, looked directly in his eyes and said "I have had some of those fears too.  Be cautious Obi-Wan Kenobi.   My fears were used against me.  My fears allowed great sadness to the brought to yourself and the Order.  Guard you Padawan carefully.  Do not underestimate Palpatine.  Know that these are not the first such requests that he had made of his Liaison or the last.  Be mindful.  Give him only what will meet the minimum needs of his request. Keep me informed of any other transgressions on the part of our Chancellor."

    Obi-Wan gathered himself for the next question he had to ask. It was time he found out if he was really going to be of use to the council or only another decoy for their manipulations.

    He looked Gallia in the eyes and asked, "Master Gallia, if I may ask, has the council any plans regarding Anakin's mother?"
    Gallia held his eyes for longer than Obi -Wan liked but finally as if deciding something for herself, she answered
  24. Pushing Up The Daisies

    Pushing Up The Daisies Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 3, 2000
    Don't mind me, I'm just pushing this one up.
  25. Rhui Chatar

    Rhui Chatar Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 4, 1999
    Thank you P.U.T. Daisies for that vote of confidence- as long as your reading... here's some more.

    Lohane sat impatiently in the Quartermaster's office.  A Knight assigned by the council had brought him and told him to wait.  He had already been 'detained' for 2 days. 

    At least they had allowed him to stay with Obi-Wan and Anakin while Nakai had made pleas for his release, but as an outsider here he was suspect for his involvement in the rescue/escape of Xanatos. 

    This even though he had helped Obi-Wan and Nakai was aquatinted with the council was being cautious after all that had gone on. 
    They had questioned Nakai for countless hours as well concerning the death of Darii.   Durgan as Nakai had come close to losing his patience but had managed to convince them that he had killed Darii while protecting Obi-Wan.  They had never mentioned a second Nafieri so Qui-Gon had gotten away in time.

    Nakai finally arrived at the Quartermaster's office to pick up Lohane and *escort* him back to his transport.  Nakai had been tasked with making apologies to the Nafieri for Lohane's delay and ascertaining if they would still be available as transportation for Nakai when he needed to return to Nar Shadda for his archeological research.

    The two left with Lohane in the lead and Nakai bringing up the rear.
    "Rhayna has asked us to look in on the Malastarian Embassy.  It seems Xanatos has gone to ground there from the trace readings she's been following.  Oddly Darii had business there as well.  We may have to do a more through investigation later."  Nakai said quietly as they walked.

    "How's Qui- .. Jennar?  Things would certainly have been less complicated if he hadn't known who Darii was." Lohane said as he remembered the wave of anguish he had felt from Qui-Gon through the bond.  Lohane had felt little from Qui-Gon since or Rhayna for that matter.  It made him curious but not unusually so.

    Durgan shook is head. "Hmmm, I'm not sorry I told him.  I need to understand these Jedi.   That he has feelings about the incident is a good thing, if you ask me.  Sad yes, but I trust him all the more for his behavior.  Perhaps he will stay with Rhayna after all." Durgan added wistfully.

    They arrived at the Malastar Embassy and watched for sometime.  Lohane decided he needed to take a closer look and went inside with the pretense of looking for dispatches to transport.  He wasn't gone long and when he returned to Nakai he was quite agitated.

    "Xanatos is there and something is in the works.  I had an 'episode' while' I was waiting to speak to the dispatcher.  I will have to show Rhayna.  Let's get back." 

    Nakai followed but didn't miss that they were being watched as they left so the two split up to work their way back to the ship by different routes.

    Lohane arrived back at the ship first and found no one about to greet him and it was very quiet.  He swept his shabba off and reached out with his mind gently to find Rhayna.  She was with Qui-Gon on the main cargo deck, sitting in the corner of their exercise area on the cushions that were placed there for watching and resting between sessions. 

    He smiled to himself and not wanting to intrude went to his quarters to change his clothes.

    Durgan returned shortly thereafter and had no trepidations about intruding at all.   He went right to the cargo hold to update Rhayna and Qui-Gon on events at the temple. 

    "Have all your Jedi council forgotten that they were once warriors or is it that they just like politics all too well?  I haven't been that tested since Urdu 6 and the Siscan deal that Lohane got us into."  Durgan ranted as he entered and found Qui-Gon holding Rhayna affectionately.  He pretended not to notice and continued his rant. 

    "I have nothing against answering questions or evading questions for that matter, but when they  make little or no sense, it's hard to keep still about it.   Your Obi-Wan faired much better than I did.  Even though I was given some consideration for my age being the cause of my abrasive attitude .  Mundi was even enjoying it.  So what news from Obi-W
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