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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Saintheart, Jun 25, 2007.

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    May 23, 2005
    The Hospital

    And then they were in. "Okay, we're here," said Jason as he locked the door from the inside. "Now what's so damned important?"

    Borachio looked about quickly. There was something wrong with this lab, and it bothered him. A feeling of the unnatural. The angel dismissed it as the presence of the cure. It should not have been created.

    As he looked about the lab, he realized that with Malik here, it couldn't be done. He couldn't simply walk up to the vial, smash it with his cane, and walk out of here. Malik would confront him; that was putting it mildly. Malik would be furious, chances were. Kane would not understand, could not understand, and Jason Carver...

    Yet again the feelings of betrayal tugged at him. He was no better than Iscariot in Hell if he did this. With great difficulty, Borachio pushed these thoughts from his mind, and focused on the task at hand.

    "His serum must be found."

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    Dec 16, 2000
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Everyone, I may not be able to update quite as frequently as I'd like. The reason for this is simply this: my wife's waters broke at 3 a.m. on Saturday morning. The problem is that she's only 27 weeks pregnant, could go into labor at any time, and has been hospitalised as a result -- since the baby hasn't finished growing at this stage and there is a very great danger of permanent damage if there's an infection of any kind. My son or daughter (I don't know which yet) will, if born ahead of time, have to stay in hospital for the better part of the next three months. Both the pregnancy and my child's life will literally be a day-to-day prospect. As such my head's probably not going to be in the best space over the next three months, but I do promise to keep up with this (I'm chewing up Valuable Work Resources to be running these characters/games in any event. ;) ) In the meantime, can I ask people to please have patience and keep us in your prayers. As at this morning, mother and baby are both doing okay.
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    Jan 14, 2007
    OOC: Best of luck with regards to that. I hope everything turns out okay.
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    Oct 12, 2006

    Name: Akan
    Gender: Male
    Age: Immortal

    Personality: Loyal, Inspirational, Purist, Watcher, tries his hardest to avoid combative situations

    Appearance in Celestial Form: Akan has rarely gone into celestial form on Earth for the sheer ripple effect it usually causes. He doesn?t take a humanoid form, but rather one of essence. Akan sees this as the purist form of being an angel and that any other way is to simply appeal to the Human mind. In his eyes, if the Human can?t mentality or physically handle the sight of an angel, then the said angel need not display himself in such a way. In celestial form, he appears as a light brighter than two suns. Even if a Human were to close his eyes, he/she still couldn?t block Akan?s unnaturally bright lucidity. The said Human would have to find multiple ways to block his/her eyes from Akan?s celestial essence. Akan?s voice actually remains the same as his Mortal form. In that it is pleasurably deep and soft. Inside of Akan?s celestial essence of light is a ball of flame, the relative size of a small 4x4 automobile. Inside of the ball of flame are two large dark blue eyes. Though, the ball of flame is actually accompanied by two sets of wings (totally four individually) that flap in strict unison around the circumference of the ball. The individual feathers change from silver to gold over a certain time period as well.

    Appearance in Mortal Form: Akan hates standing out, and looks down on those angels that do so to attract unnecessary attention to themselves. In Mortal form, Akan appears as an average African-American with a toned build and average height. He always appears dressed for the occasion (whatever that may be), and neat. Akan typically is bald, but has a slightly long goatee with a connecting moustache.

    Chosen Archangel: Gabriel

    Special Abilities: Transparency, Enhanced Speed, Healing

    Bio: Akan has said and done many things since Creation, but none he has held higher than that of his favorite quote? ?educate yourself.? When he was assigned to the archangel Gabriel, he quickly discovered the great importance of knowledge and awareness. Too often do Humans fall for mundane tricks of Satan, his followers, or their own peers who seek to harm them. Akan sees himself as a bringer of enlightenment, and his most proud accomplishments to him is when he enlightens the minds of Humans. Akan has brought the word of God and the hidden knowledge eternal hope to many a Human throughout history. Through the will of God or the leadership of Gabriel, Akan has even made aware the war between good and evil to a select few (meaning hundreds of thousands if you?re talking about the history of all mankind)?but he has NEVER done so on his own accord as it is forbidden. Akan has never been attracted to warfare as some other angels are. In his eyes, fighting the power of Lucifer can better be fought through knowledge and enforcement of that knowledge than by sheer force of will. Akan has played a role in many world events dealing with discovery or arcane, secret, or generally forbidden knowledge. Many of which never see the light of day after it?s told. One event where he played a pivotal role was in the Earthly defeat of the hideous Black Death that is estimated to have wiped out a two-thirds of Europe?s population. Though, unknowing even to historians, the Black Death didn?t mysteriously ?go away,? it was cured by a series of holy scrolls of heavenly knowledge. Given to an enlightened Human, Akan and a few other angels helped to ward off the many demons seeking it?wanting to twist it?s teachings like they do so many other things. Once the cure was created, the scrolls were disintegrated so no one could discover its secrets.
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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Hope everything turns out alright, Saint. I'll be keeping you, your wife, and your child in my thoughts. Hang in there!
  6. Saintheart

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    Dec 16, 2000
    [hl=burlywood]GM OOC:[/hl] Firstly, a short update on other issues ? thanks so much for all the support, folks. My wife?s made it through the first 48 hours fine, baby?s heartbeat is good and steady, s/he?s moving around a lot, and there?s no sign of infection. If that course continues ? and it will be a day-to-day process ? there?s a strong chance of birth without adverse consequences, particularly if we make it past the 30-week mark. We?ve been transferred to a specialist prenatal hospital which seems to do nothing but premature births, and given some of the cases they?ve seen, they don?t see our situation as other than run-of-the-mill ? which I personally find a great relief. It?s tough right now being parted from Michelle at night, and she?s bored out of her brain, but I think we?re going to be all right (touch wood).

    Otherwise, a big welcome to RebellionSoldier! Your start is below, put into one of the other threads?enjoy!

    Morkai: Apologies for that. That means MoonlightsAngel?s Ayda is the only one still in celestial form at this point.

    Everyone else: Same as always. If your thread or character isn?t mentioned, it?s because either you?re in a position to continue without GM intervention at the moment, or because I?m waiting on a tag from someone. Incidentally, I do plan to weave these threads together, so hang in there for some changes? :D

    [hl=burlywood]Book One (cont?d.)[/hl]

    Thread #2: That Old Time Rock and Roll

    MoonlightsAngel, Morkai, Tiborax, SephyCloneNo15, NickLitYouAFlame

    Saint John of Patmos Church,
    London, England

    Mike Suthers walked (truth be told a little unsteadily) over to where Ayda had already talked the girl out of her hiding place underneath a church pew, and asked her to, effectively, ?come back to the real universe?. Under normal circumstances this might have created a likelihood of getting slapped, but in this case the girl?s distress seemed to lessen as she looked querulously at the young man, and then smiled over her tears. Ayda felt the pulse of amusement flutter from the girl?s heart clearly.
    ?I think I stepped out of reality three nights ago,? said the girl, wiping her nose noisily on her sleeve. ?Bloody vampires. I didn?t know they were into that at the club??

    TAG: MoonlightsAngel, Morkai, Tiborax, SephyCloneNo15, NickLitYouAFlame

    Thread #3: One for the Money

    Kartanym, Hammurabi

    London Stock Exchange,
    London, England

    The telepathic message sent by Antonio had the force of a voice thundering inside the heads of the police officers, and it had an effect just as strong: two of the officers seemed to back away for a few moments, looking with obvious fear at the man with the gun; one clapped his hands over his ears, grimacing; and the last let out a shriek of fear and dropped his gun.

    George Tarwell, lying on the ground, had a bolt of fear ripple from his heart as he seemed to make the connection between the event and the strange man who?d thrown him into the room.

    TAG: Kartanym, Hammurabi

    Thread #4: ?I went down to the crossroads??


    On the border of the crossroads

    The wind in the cornfields around them had taken on a distinctly unsettling sound ? it was less muttering and rustling, but now almost a pulsing of the breeze, starting to sound like a chant: Show. Show. Show. Show. And Azylain could feel Nyneve?s anger pulsing in time with the chant, from the centre of the crossroads. Strangely, though, he had the feeling the demon didn?t know Azylain was anything other than a mortal ? the crossroads was amplifying the demon?s emotional state, but the noise also seemed to be masking the angel?s mortal form from detection.

    Something of the bardic angel?s candid honesty must have cut through to William Brown, becau
  7. RebellionSoldier

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    Oct 12, 2006
    [hl=darkblue]IC: Akan - Grand Central Station - New York City[/hl]
    Thread #7: ?I ain? saying she?s a gold digger??

    [blockquote][i]The familiar stench of human urine.[/i] [b]Akan[/b] thought as the world of Earthly existence materialized around him. As if the very world was a massive jigsaw puzzle...each individual piece placed by the hands of God.

    The angel Akan stood silently as his Human eyes-wrapped in tissue and flesh, adjusted to the yellow-toned light of the bathroom. Smells came into focus, as did various sounds and mechanisms of the Human realm. [i]Laughter.[/i] For millenia, that has always been a pleasure to his ears. Though, a child cried in the distance...somewhere outside the bathroom but close by. The muscles in Akan's ears twitched as someone coughed, closer...

    "Oh, excuse me buddy." A short, stocky man came from one of the stalls. Pulling up his pants as he brushed past Akan and through the door without washing his hands.

    [i]I have to get out of this odorous bathroom.[/i]

    Akan stepped out into the main concourse of Grand Central Station. Humans of varying heights, weights, religions, races, and creeds walked to and fro...carrying on their lives. It was at this point that the follower of Gabriel felt the most safe...amoung God's people. It was his duty, his role to open the minds of all of these unknowing and carefree souls. If he didn't, all would be lost. Akan's mind drifted to the words of [b]Gabriel[/b] and his Human target, [b]Peter O?Rourke.[/b]

    [i]"What has this academic mind stumbled upon I wonder? Over the centries, I've studied and read the holy scrolls on many-a-relics...why is Gabriel so interested in THIS one?[/i] Akan had spent years at a time, reading through the innumerable tomes of heavenly knowledge in the Libraries of Gabriel. If Gabriel felt it were necessary to acquire the work on this ancient relic...then it must be for a good reason.

    As Akan headed down an escalator, he heard a soft tune being played nearby. Stepping off, the angel looked around to find its source...finally eyeing a middle-aged man sitting Indian Style in a dirty, unsavory corner. A large wicker basket was placed in front of him, though the hopelessness the Human male felt was ever apparent despite the little bit of pocket change that chingled inside. Walking up silently to the scruffy-looking caucasian man, Akan watched as the begger's eyes rose over his entire body from the feet up and make contact with his soft brown eyes.

    "Nice tune brother of God."

    " a Blues fan?" The poor man's eyes glistened with hope. Hope that Akan would simply spare some change.

    "I've heard many sounds of music in my long lifetime...but none as soulful or grand as the Blues." Akan smiled, though the man had no clue what he was talking about. To him, Akan looked no older than thirty...definently no younger than his mid-twenties.

    "Please young man, spare some change for this old dog down on his luck." The Beggers eyes and facial expression was one of guilt and regret. Whatever happened to put him in this position, he was deeply mournful over.

    "I'll do you one better," Akan produced a single one hundred dollar bill from his pocket and dropped it in the bowl...along with a card, "call the number on that card, a woman will answer, she's a very good friend of mine. Tell her your name and your situation and that Akan the soul man sent you. She'll know what you're talking about."

    "I don't understand." A single tear rushed down his cheek as he smiled.

    "You will...hopefully one day if God allows it." Akan bowed his head to the man and turned towards the incoming train. Leaving a stunned and hopefilled man in his wake. [i][b]Uriel[/b] hates it when I do the job her angels are supposed to do...but by the Almighty, sometimes I just can't help myself.[/i] The woman he directed the Begger to was an Enlightened Human he had awakened back in neighborhood of Bed-Stuy in the 1960's. She was now in her sixties and owned a church nearby.

    Akan allowed thirty minut>
  8. MoonlightsAngel

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    Sep 13, 2006
    IC: Ayda

    Ayda smiled warmly and closed her eyes, a bright light engulfed her and she was once more the sixteen year old blond girl. Outside a high-pitched bark announced Achan had followed her example.

    Ayda beamed at the girl.

    ?Well? just don?t go all paranoid over it? she said light heartedly ?We?ve got enough old ladies with 28 cats as it is, don?t we??

    Tag: Saint I guess
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    Jun 17, 2007
    OOC: Bless you and your family, Saintheart, and may good fortune be with you.

    IC: Harmon Dean
    The Targee Pass,
    Montana, United States

    Harmon fumbled around with the words that the Angel had spoken to him in his mind. It really was a mess up there, a bunch of ideas and beliefs scrambled around like a house attic that badly needed organizing. Now yet another box of items had been dumped into his attic, and he had no idea what to do with all of it.

    The gift to see into the future? Harmon was aware of theories that did postulate the possibility of such a thing, but he never fully believed them. However, a change in his beliefs may lie on the horizon. But did he dare walk to the end of the earth and see what the horizon had in store for him?

    "If the Lord seeks my assistance..." Harmon began, "then I will do what I must to serve Him."

    Tag: Saintheart
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    Apr 9, 2005
    (ooc: Saint, best of luck with the wife and future kid [face_praying] )

    IC: Azylain
    Just outside the Crossroads

    ?All right, buddy. You say you?re an angel. You prove it. You show me what you can do with this thing. You show me why I can?t pull a good note or a good lick out of this guitar.?

    Azylain stared at the case, carefully undoing the latches. "I'm not used to playing my own instruments." It almost sounded like a resignation, but before Will Brown had the chance to assume so, Azylain did something very dangerous.

    The electric guitar lifted out of the case -which fell to the ground with a thud- and began tuning itself in midair. The strings thrummed every so often as the keys turned, sounding like the angel and the Blues singer were surrounded by invisible amps.

    Will Brown, however, probably noticed more of a change in Azylain, who lost every feature that defined him as a distinct human being. Where moments earlier a young kid from the punk scene stood, an androgynous figure of average height hovered a few inches off the ground. It had no face, no hair, a lipless mouth that appeared only when opened, and eyes that were both multicolored and colorless at the same time.

    The angel had taken celestial form mere yards from a demon's domain, just to prove a point.

    The guitar began plucking a Spanish rhythm as the angel warmed up with a few lines of the Doors' "Spanish Caravan". Then it began plucking out a blues rhythm, and Azylain began singing the Ninety-first Psalm in a Blues style, carefully omitting references to the Lord that would immediately see even angelic composition relegated and disdained as "Christian Blues".

    His voice ranged far below the lowest bass and higher than the highest soprano and everywhere in between all at once. In celestial form, Azylain was even a talented enough singer to provide his own backup vocals.
    [blockquote]Don't fear the terror (of the night)
    No, I said, don't fear the terror (of the night)

    My wings are your refuge (sanc-tu-ary)
    I said my wings are your refuge and my pinions your shield.

    No arrows in your heart. No snare on your foot.
    Ain't no arrows in your heart, and aint no snare 'round your foot.
    Lord ain't one single arrow near your heart, and that snare' stayin' put as you step!

    'Cuz I said my pinions are your refuge,
    And you're safe within my wings, babe.

    The thousands fall around you!
    Hell, ten-thousand fall all around you!
    But the angels and I, we're right at your side. Lord, right at your side! (won't let you stub your little toe!)

    Babe, my wings are your refuge
    Lord have mercy! My pinions your shield!
    "How was that?" Azylain asked, almost certain he heard a derisive applause coming from Nyneve's direction, but thinking he might still be able to avoid the confrontation, if he and Will made their break for it...right away.

    Tag: Saint
    IC: Mike Suthers[/b]
    [i]St. John's

    ?I think I stepped out of reality three nights ago. Bloody vampires. I didn?t know they were into that at the club??[/i]

    "Well," Mike was almost certain now that his stance was reminiscent of the infamous, fictional Jack Sparrow in one of his many rum-related scenes during the trilogy, "That's part of why I tend to avoid the clubs and frequent the pubs. I find the clubs tend to stick attractions like that onto the price of their refreshments."

    [b]Tag: St. John's[/b]>
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    Dec 16, 2000
    [hl=burlywood]GM OOC:[/hl]

    As for the I'll come back to that in the update.
  12. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005
    OOC: :eek:...=D= Those lyrics inspired me to write music to them, Sephy. Thank you for that!

    Saint - good news is good news! Glad to hear every thing's okay on your home front!
  13. Saintheart

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    Dec 16, 2000
    [hl=burlywood]GM OOC:[/hl]

    Hammurabi, you'll probably like this ...

    Everyone: I've set up a GoogleGroups page for this RPG. The first page is [link=]right here[/link] and details the story so far. I plan to keep this maintained as the RPG progresses so new players can get a handle on it without having to read through the entire thing.

    I also do plan to set up another page within that group on the different players -- the cast of characters, if you will. And I've set the GoogleGroups to "open", so anybody can join the group and edit the pages as they see fit, just as with a wiki.

    I'll see NP about editing the first post to take account of this, but just as a public interest announcement, there it is. :D
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    Jan 26, 2007
    OOC: Sorry for the delay, I completely forgot that it was my turn to post. :oops: And Saint, I'm very happy to hear that things aren't as bad as they could have been. I wish you and your family the best. Oh, and awesome work on that GoogleGroups page.

    Jason Carver
    Queen Elizabeth II Hospital

    Jason's eyes narrowed. "Why?" he demanded. "What do you plan to do?"

    The doctor shifted his body until he was blocking the serum from Borachio. "Angel or not, I need to know what you want with Doctor Eltiades' serum. It could save millions of lives, and if you mean to take it or..."

    TAG: Peng, Winged, Saint
  15. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005
    The Hospital

    Jason was getting suspicious. "Angel or not, I need to know what you want with Doctor Eltiades' serum. It could save millions of lives, and if you mean to take it or..." It could also save millions of sinners and disrupt the balance we uphold... thought Borachio. He dared not glance at Malik, dared not give away his true task.

    All of this and he still did not where the serum was...

    The young doctor's movements gave away the location. He shifted his stance, blocking something from Borachio's view. It had to be there, behind him.

    If this didn't work, he'd have to take it. And he'd have to keep it away from Malik just long enough, long enough to smash it or destroy it.

    "Jason - I'm no enemy. I'm here to help you, and to help mankind. My Archangel has sent me to retrieve the serum to ensure the safety of mankind." Not a lie, not yet - but awfully close. Were Jason to demand who he served, who the Archangel was, they would know the truth.

    Tag: Randy, Winged, Saint
  16. Randy1012

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    Jan 26, 2007
    Jason Carver
    Queen Elizabeth II Hospital

    "What, are you going to hide it away somewhere? Tell us poor mortals to keep preaching that 'faith heals' crap instead? Sorry, old man, but that's not going to happen." Jason steeled himself, sensing that Borachio may try something. He doubted he could really stand up to an angel, but he'd be damned if he was going to let Borachio take the serum without a fight.

    "I thought you were supposed to be on our side?" he said. "Who's this Archangel that would send you to steal a cure to one of our worst illnesses? Lucifer?"

    TAG: Peng, Winged, Saint
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    Dec 16, 2000
    [hl=burlywood]GM OOC:[/hl] Minor note: the GoogleGroups page now has everyone's character sheet stored in it, and the home page is [link=]here[/link] for people to access both players and the story so far. Feel free to edit as you see fit. :D
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    May 23, 2005
    The Hospital

    Jason had gone too far in his anger. Borachio slammed his cane onto the floor. "You have gone too far!" he roared.

    For an old and kindly man, he looked a little a terrifying. Though angels were meant to be shining paragons of all that was good in the world, they weren't above emotion. Anger crept through Borachio. Let it go - he knows not what he says, he thought, trying to reason with himself.

    The anger dimmed and faded as the angel calmed himself. Borachio sighed, as though a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders - things like this had lead to the Fallen.

    He raised his gaze to Jason's, seeking forgiveness. "I-I apologize, Jason Carver. I am not one of the Fallen, like Satan - Lucifer." He felt guilty about his deception. In an instant he resolved to tell the truth.

    "I'm not with Malik and Kane - not exactly. I serve Azrael, the Angel of Death. He ordered me to find that serum, and destroy it." He frowned, and consoled himself with the fact that by telling the truth, he was forgiven. "I am sorry for the trick, but I cannot fail in this task, Jason."

    Tag: Randy, Winged, Saint

  19. Randy1012

    Randy1012 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 26, 2007
    Jason Carver
    Queen Elizabeth II Hospital

    Jason would not have been ashamed to admit that he'd flinched at Borachio's outburst. He was not a cowardly man, but he doubted there were many people out there who could stand up to an angel's wrath.

    He took a step back, blinking, but quickly recovered. "You're crazy if you think I'm going to let you near that serum!" he answered. "Don't you realize what this will mean for humanity?"

    The doctor shook his head at Borachio, utter disgust on his face. He looked over at Malik. "And what about you?" he snapped. "Your friend here says you're not working with him, but how can I believe that? How can I trust either of you after this?"

    TAG: Peng, Winged, Saint
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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Keep up the good work Ben (Peng) & Randy, very curious to see what goes on between Borachio & Jason. :D Just givin' a bit extra fellow player support. :p

    Michelle Nikita IC:
    Location ~George Malley's Apartment, Floor 12, NYC Apartment Building, New York City

    Michelle turned to look at George again as he spoke.

    ?Don?t know what I can do for ye, but c?mon in anyway,? said the old man. ?I was just doing up some papers.?

    Michelle smiled softly and motioned to let Apollo in first, when he entered, she followed in after him. She noticed the poor state of the apartment room and mentally sighed. The poor man, what he had to go through.

    The flowers, dead and practically soon turning into dust, stood where they were. A sad and grim testament to George Malley's situation on many levels.

    "What kind of papers are you working on, George? Perhaps I can help or maybe I'll just give you some time to take a break and for you to relax, depending on its importance," she said to George with a smile.

    Idly she wondered what was taking Apollo a few moments to reply, perhaps thinking of his mission.

    Tag: Apollo, George Malley
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    May 23, 2005
    The Hospital

    "Your friend here says you're not working with him, but how can I believe that? How can I trust either of you after this?" demanded Jason of Malik. Borachio looked at Malik, hoping he'd see his position. There were a thousand things he could say, a thousand things he could do, but Borachio knew of one answer that would almost certainly calm Jason.

    Faith, he thought. Faith is what he has to go on, nothing more. Malik knows this, I know this, and surely, deep down, so must Jason.

    Tag: Winged, Randy, Saint
  22. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    IC: Althing
    St. John?s

    Althing stayed sitting on the pews. His fingers drummed the coarse wood as he listened to the mortals.

    ?That's part of why I tend to avoid the clubs and frequent the pubs. I find the clubs tend to stick attractions like that onto the price of their refreshments.?

    Even in Althing?s state of self pity and mourning he chuckled. Mike was a regular comedian. Glancing at him, he seemed to be posing as a superhero from a human child?s comic. This brought more laughter to Althing. He decided it was time for them to move out.

    ?Sorry to rain on your parade, to quote a mortal, but we have caught the attention of mortal?s and demon?s alike. We need to be somewhere else. Soon as possible too, friends.?

    Tag: St. John?s
  23. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    GM Approved Second Character! :)

    Name: Hadrel

    Gender: Male

    Age: 234857309309104957649459082339...lost track of immortal time

    Personality: Caring, Loving, Passionate, Protective, & Disgusted at Demons

    Appearance in Celestial Form: Pure-looking, flawless human with a seemingly white aura around him sometimes blinding but not painful....huge wings that can easily surround a group of people (larger than any other angel with wings...the wings can be used for protection as they can withstand some attacks before starting to hurt...could be good to buy some time)

    Appearance in Mortal Form: Eyes are whatever color the person looking at him likes best (even unnatural colored eyes could then be possible) and they seem to radiate and glow softly (humans pass it off usually as a trick of the light or their minds fooling them...poor creatures) Hair is a wild shock of red and long, parted in the front, has a small red goatee as well...though he still gives off the feeling of a older teenager/young adult. Gives the feeling that he looks older than he is (ironically it?s really younger of course). About 5'7" in height and a good (but not muscular) build.

    Clothing: Shirt - Ancient Japanese version of a dark blue Karate Gi (a wrap shirt)(no matching pants); Pants - Simple black jeans, Shoes - Cowboy Boots & Spurs from the 1870's, Extra - Medieval Sword strapped on right hip, Black belt from 1980's that has gold symbols from Ancient Egypt put into it, Long cloak received from Ancient Greece (hides the sword effectively), Sunglasses: [link=]Sunglasses[/link]

    Chosen Archangel: Uriel

    Special Abilities: 1 ?Unto thine body I draweth His will and power of light, sendeth to thine allies, and break upon the unholy bonds of existence?s foes.? Like a Jedi using Battle Meditation, Hadrel can summon courage to himself and his allies, increasing their focus...but break the will of lesser demons to fight (very useful when confronted with only minions) and momentarily break the focus of more powerful enemies.

    2 ?From beautiful redemption, I invoke thou forthcoming bloodshed, to vanquish all thee that would block those who would look toward it. From redemption, doom. And from doom, redemption.? Has the ability to feel all the redemption of time and Earth and soak into him, increasing his power...while in this temporary state, he has been known to, if having just killed a minor foe, appear before the next minor foe and strike again immediately, and keep doing this until he strikes one that does not just simply go down. Though it does not happen often, most of the time it just increases his strength, speed, endurance, and awareness and he must spend the time wisely. [GM will inform if the special bonus happens to be activated.]

    3 ?Friends, bask underneath thine radiant aura; foes touch thee?s mocking enemy. From the greatest defense, comes the greatest offense. Strength from protection.? Able to create a dome of blue light around him and a small group with him, as long as they are close enough. This dome acts like an invincible shield and nothing can break through it until the maximum of five minutes is up and it goes away. Any enemies touching the shield may find whatever touched it: disintegrating. (I suggest no punching it, demons...but please do anyway) Any enemy weapon striking it that is ?blessed? with unholy power, loses its added power.

    Bio: Hadrel is an angel who values both redemption of lost souls and the vanquishing of dark ones. An ironic mix as one who usually holds redemption dear focus only on that and almost to a fault. However, with ones Hadrel deems lost causes (Dark Fallen Angels, Demons and only the worst of humans) he is more prepared to get rid of them than help them.

    Seemingly a mix of a follower to both Uriel & Michael, though he has fully chosen Uriel to be his archangel he looks up to. Though any o
  24. Winged_Jedi

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    Feb 28, 2003
    The Hospital

    Borachio's revelation came as little surprise. Malik sighed, and sat himself down. The decision to reveal themselves to his mortal had not been the best one, and now they sought to explain the workings of the Heavens to him? He would never understand...he could never understand.

    "Doctor," said Malik. "I am an angel of Destiny. I have seen good men killed before they could make a difference, and I have seen countless altruistic plans dashed by evil. I have seen wickedness that you cannot even begin to imagine. But in all of these things, I have seen the workings of destiny...the workings of the great Plan.

    "To human eyes, the Plan seems cruel and unfathomable. But if there is one thing I know, it is this: good is meant to triumph in the end. It is inevitable. And if- as it seems is destined- my comrade is to destroy the serum, then it is simply another step towards the ultimate victory of good. I know that may be little consolation to you Doctor."

    Malik paused, placing his hands together as if preparing for prayer.

    "All we ask is that you have faith. As a wise man once said: the Lord works in mysterious ways."
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    OOC: You guys are doing great at the hospital. Too bad I'm the one chasing the doctor down.:p

    Streets of London; London, England
    -Angel of Gabriel, Kane

    Kane watched as the Doctor hurried into the cab. Why would he do such a thing? Kane thought to himself, but discovered the reason by looking at his wavering arms and the fact that he was screaming, not to mention the Doctor was already afraid and offended at how Kane had treated him back at the hospital.

    Kane had pratically given the Doctor to the demon.

    He had been messing up from the time they had gotten to the hospital, and now was the time for a change. Kane, standing still, looked up to the sky for guidance for what to do next. Looking up to the heavens, he didn't see Gabriel or Father God coming down, he saw a flock of birds.

    Flock of birds.

    His eyes widened as he discovered what he could do. Giving a look at the cab, Kane looked back to the skys as the birds perched on top of a roof edge. He ran over to the building they were perched on and waved to get their attention as the cab started to pull off.

    "Hey! Hey guys!" He yelled to them. One gave him a look, or more of a glare, and flapped his wings at Kane and Mercucio.

    "What do you want?"

    Kane smiled, "Hi, my name is Kane and I need you guys to help me with something."

    The same bird flapped his wings again and gave a look at his companions, "Yeah, what's in it for us?"

    Kane looked around for something to give them, but found nothing that they would find worthwhile for their services. Looking at the cab growing farther and farther away, Kane started to bounce up and down. "Uh, I don't have anything." Kane shrugged.

    "Oh yeah, then what's that tie around your neck? It would make a mighty good gift for my nest." The bird flapped as Kane quickly took off the tie and gave it to them when they flew down.

    "Ok, here's what I need, you see that cab up there? I need you guys to flock around it and disturb the driver. It would take me too long to get up there, so I need you guys to fly me up there with you."

    One of the birds looked as if they were going to say something, but as Kane levitated off the ground and hovered a few inches above it, the birds quickly got the point as 8 of them latched onto his clothing and started to pull. Kane, not weighing much, was easy to pull as they steadily started to pick up speed. When they got within 10 feet of the cab, Kane gestured for them to let him go, so the Doctor wouldn't catch him in this situation, and flock the car, which they did with what Mercucio thought was joy.

    Kane proceeded to gain ground as the momentum carried him for another feet before he let himself drop to the ground as he started to run after the bird covered car.

    -Streets of London; London, England

    [b]George Malley's Apartment; New York
    [color=red]-Angel of Nephriel[/color], Apollo[/b]

    Apollo ignored the fallen's feeble attmept to contact as George Malley spoke ?Don?t know what I can do for ye, but c?mon in anyway,? his breath running across Apollo's nose, making him wish he was back in the lobby. ?I was just doing up some papers.?

    The fallen gestured for Apollo to step in first. Who was she to "allow" him to do something? But not wanting to make a scene of it, he gently walked through the door and scanned the place quickly with is eyes, getting an observation of everything in the apartment. He could feel the fallen step in behind him, her disgusting disgrace only making the room feel even worse to Apollo.

    "What kind of papers are you working on, George? Perhaps I can help or maybe I'll just give you some time to take a break and for you to relax, depending on its importance," The fallen said as Apollo observed the stack of papers in George Malley's hands.

    Much do it will do him when he's dead. Hopefully' he's writing down apologies to all the people he might have wronged in the past, Apollo thought to himself.

    Apollo's eyes drifted to the open windows. A risk? Maybe, but>
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