LegoWars - Legec's Revenge (93 min)

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    This is a movie I should of released in May, but things in my life forced me to push the release date forward. I'm proud to finaly present this movie for you:


    Lego Wars - Legec's Revenge

    The film took me about 4 years to complete and is made all by myself. No other person has been involved in the production, which have been somewhat of a secret project. I have kept the movie
    "in stock" for more than half a year, waiting for a good enough moment to release it.


    The movie follows the "minimalistic path" of the old saga. There are VERY few Cgi-animations,
    99 % is made of stop motion, miniatures and greenscreen. Lego sets were built in full-scale and explosions, etc. were made by a combination of stock footage, matte paintings, or models. The laser shots were made in photoshop.

    I simply refuse to use 3D graphics/animations for any of my movies.


    All the voice acting were made by me also, something I still have mixed feelings for. But somehow it works. It's incredible how much you can tweak the voice the way you want it to sound.

    The music is borrowed from Sir John Williams (It's a fan movie after all), but I also made some small segments of own music to fill in some gaps between scenes.

    This is a totally crazy projekt, but I'm glad I really tried and at last managed to pull it off. I almost quit it when I heard about the George Lucas deal with Disney. It knocked me off my feet, literally.


    The Galactic Empire has been decimated since the Death of Emperor Palpatine. The Rebels are trying to form a Republic with a Democratic Government on a planet far far away. However, their process is interrupted when a new mystical Emperor and his apprentice (Legec) starts to rebuild an "Evil Empire". Legec has found out the location of the Government and is sent out on a mission with his Star Destroyer to attack the Planet. He wants to assassinate the Government, to disrupt any process of creating a peaceful community.


    This is however, not the main part of the story. The focus of the story is Legec himself, and his struggle against the Jedi's. Obviously the name "Legec" is a mixture of "Lego" and "Jerec"; Leg-ec.

    The Emperor is dominating the last part of the movie and is a very different Emperor than many perhaps would expect. Very far away from the Ian McDiarmid-villain. Instead, he's very calm but very creepy. He could be your best friend or your worst enemy.

    A combination of Drama, Psychological Thriller, Action and Comedy is what should make these 93 minutes worthy of watching.

    I did my best.

    The movie will be released tomorrow evening (2013-12-30)

    Phew. That's all. I think..

    Questions and suggestions are very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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    looking forward to seeing it
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    What happen? Where's the movie at? Lets get this ball rolling.
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