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Discussion in 'Winston-Salem, NC' started by VinkFloyd, May 17, 2005.

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    Ok, so, a few days ago, I spammed mail out to all the newstations and newspapers, and 107.5.

    here's a copy of that. it's a bit rough, for some reason, after copying/pasting out of the email i copied to myself, but all the text is there.



    I wanted to send out some information to TV news broadcasters and newspapers in the triad about what's sure to be the best story out there IN the triad for the new Star Wars movie.

    I'm sure everyone is aware that the Palladium in High Point is the newest and best theater in the triad, if not probably all of North Carolina.?This should be huge piece of interest for anyone wanting to cover the story.?Their facility is brand new, clean as a whistle, and the staff is amazing.

    The first 3 people in line will be 3 friends that have been best friends since Highschool, all having graduated in 1995 from West Forsyth.
    We were all born the year the first Star Wars film came out in 1977, 28 years ago.
    We were at The Grande in Greensboro, without question, the BEST theater in the triad at the time, for Episode 2 in 2002.?Dave was officially first in line, and I, Vinnie, was 2nd, with Joel being 3rd.
    Back in 1999 for Episode I, same 3 guys started the line-up in Winston-Salem at the Wynnsong 12.?Officially #1 was Vinnie for that one, Dave at #2, and Joel at #3.
    This time around, we're not gonna put numbers on it.?We're all going to arrive at the exact same time and claim the #1 spot as a group.
    We are officially starting the line up at 8 p.m. on Tuesday night.?This time will be exactly 28 hours before the movie premiere at 12:01 a.m.?This is sentimental because there have been, exactly 28 years between the first film and this final film.?We are going to stay lined up all the way through the movie opening, watch the movie, go get some middle of the night breakfast, then come back to camp until the first 12:30 p.m. showing at the same theater.

    So with that in mind, there will be plenty of opportunity for the news media to broadcast and gather information for stories for about a 40-hour window!
    1) During the entire 28 hour line-up.
    2) Immediate reactions to the film after it ends around 3:00 a.m.
    3) Early morning reaction for around 5-6 a.m. broadcasts.
    4) Additional reaction after the first show.

    We'll have a huge setup including a tv and dvd player, playing all things Star Wars, not limiting ourselves to the official films, but including many spinoffs.?Star Wars board games including Trivial Pursuit, Epic Duels, and Chess.?I'm (probably) going to make some cool star wars chocolates to have there (if time permits!)

    And, of course, we'll have lightsabers.?During the first few hours, we'll work out some nice new choreography which will be fun to repeat constantly in front of the cameras, like we did 3 years ago at The Grande.

    I regret that I'm sending this out today, simply because I'll be out of town through Sunday.?My brother is getting married in Wilmington.?However, if you wish to contact me, I can be reached on my cell phone which is (336) 666-6666


    Ok, my replies to that include the following:

    Just got off the phone with WXII Newschannel 12.
    We'll be doing a live shot at 6:00 p.m. tonight. It'll just be "from the theater" not "from the line" since the line doesn't officially start until 8:00 p.m.
    Then there will be a live shot for the 11:00 p.m. broadcast. Then we'll do stuff at 6 a.m. the next morning. Greensboro News & Record will be there at some point to follow up with the interview we did on the phone yesterday. And I've gotten an e-mail reply back from Jack Murphy with 107.5 allready.
    So that's 1 TV news, 1 print news, and 1 radio station, all confirmed to be covering.

    So, my timetable has moved up slightly, but that's ok. I was just playing some warcraft anyway. So this is my final transmission (probably... ya never know) before the film.

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    I may drive by there after work tonight.

    cool guys, very cool.

    It's just to bad you guys are on the wrong side.

    Long live the Empire!
  3. VinkFloyd Jedi Youngling

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    ok, i'm at a friend's. had to stop by and feed his cat cuz he's in L.A. well, i heard back from wxii. APPARANTLY, some FURNITURE warehouse is on FIRE and THAT'S more IMPORTANT than STAR WARS GEEKS!

    well, i suppose it is.

    anyway, they may not be able to make the 6 o'clock shot, but the 11 is still on. they're gonna call me back to let me know. the fire seems to have traffic patterns all over the city messed up and backed up and whatnot. oh well. not the end of the world. didn't really want to do the first shot solo anyway. dave doesn't get off until 5 and he's bringing joel and i doubt they'd be able to make 6 anyway.

    time to HURRY UP AND WAIT!
  4. spooky-kid Jedi Knight

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    Did they end up showing up at 11:00 ?
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