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Before - Legends Letting Their Armor Down (The Old Republic)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by SabyneAmberle, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. SabyneAmberle

    SabyneAmberle Jedi Master star 3

    Sep 16, 2004
    So I split this into a couple parts to avoid overload. I could easily have kept going with this scene, but felt that making readers slog through it wouldn't be fair. So here's the first bit.

    Upon entering the ship's exterior, Ky was struck instantly by the scent in the air. It wasn't an overpowering smell -that would have made her sick almost immediately- but it was sufficient to make her head spin and her eyes water slightly. Subtly, she dabbed at the small tears, lest they fall and streak her makeup. She might not be a fan of all the products that had been caked on her skin, but she wasn't about to ruin the work so soon after it had been done.

    Torian noticed her wiping her eyes and frowned slightly, afraid he had gone overboard with the spices. “Too much?” he asked.

    She shook her head. “Not really,” she replied. “I've just never inhaled air this spicy before. I'm sure I'll be used to it in a minute or two.” She stood still, breathing slowly to allow herself to acclimate to the pungent spice lingering in the air. Eventually, her head stopped spinning and her eyes stopped watering. “There. I feel much better now,” she said.

    “Good.” Torian walked back into the galley, with Ky following closely. Once there, he looked around for something to sit on, then noticed how easily she had solved the issue by simply sitting on the ship's floor. She gave him a shrug and a sweet smile, indicating it had just felt right to her. He laughed softly, finding a small silver tray amidst all of the dishes in a storage compartment. He went to work setting out the dishes and utensils they would need to enjoy the tiingilar to its fullest. He also noticed a small orange bottle sitting by itself; picking it up, he saw it had a note attached to it.

    “'Enjoy this with my compliments. Gault.',” he read. Not sure what else to do with it, he added it to the other items on the tray before bringing it over to where Kybrina was sitting. As he set it down, she looked at everything with eyes widened slightly.

    “It smells really good,” she said. He blushed a bit, he wasn't used to hearing compliments on his cooking. Hell, he wasn't even used to cooking for anyone other than his buddies out in the field. Having a pretty young lady as his company was a new experience for him.

    “Uh, thanks,” he said, feeling a bit awkward. Careful so as not to spill anything on either of them, he handed one steaming bowl to her. He watched her pick up a fork, resisting the urge to laugh as she skimmed a tiny amount from the top of the bowl.

    “No, no, not like that,” he said, taking the bowl and spoon from her surprised grasp. “It's not pirpaak. Can't enjoy good tiingilar if you treat it like it's been poisoned.” He used the utensil to scoop up a slightly larger portion, cupping his hand beneath it to prevent spilling. “Here,” he said. “Like this.”

    “You know I can do this myself, right?” She started to reach to take the fork from his hand. A brisk shake of his head stopped her hand in mid-air, and he leaned a bit closer to bring the fork closer to her mouth.

    “Let me, please. This one time,” he said softly. She dropped her hand and opened her mouth, allowing him to slide the utensil in. When he withdrew it, he watched her expression silently, not sure whether or not she enjoyed it, and unsure how he would react if she hated it. She was sitting with her eyes closed, seemingly sifting through each flavor and spice in that mouthful. After what seemed like an hour to him, she swallowed. Her eyes then opened slowly and he silently braced himself for her complaints.

    Complaints that never came. Instead, she smiled. “That,” she said, “Was easily the spiciest mouthful of food I've eaten in my entire life. I love it. And I'm crazy enough to want more.”

    He smiled, feeling the warmth of his ears reddening slightly. That surprised him, as he wasn't typically prone to blushing. Granted, he wasn't typically prone to being nervous to the point of pacing, either. “Thanks. Take that as a compliment,” he said, taking a mouthful himself. He had missed Mandalorian food; since he had been traveling with Kybrina and the others there wasn't much of an opportunity for him to either cook or find it. So he would savor every bite of this, he promised himself, not knowing when his next opportunity would come.

    “Hey, what's this?” Kybrina reached out and picked up the small bottle, turning it in her hands. “No label or anything, where did it come from?”

    “Gault,” Torian replied after swallowing his own mouthful. “Must have left it while I was changing clothes. No idea what it is, but the note he left said to enjoy it.”

    “Hm.” She normally wouldn't try strange drinks in unmarked bottles like this. However, the spice of the food still burned her mouth slightly, and at this point she would try anything to get rid of that burn. She twisted the cap off, gave the bottle a perfunctory sniff, then took a drink from it.

    Immediately, she clapped a hand over her mouth to prevent her spitting its contents out right then and there. She set the bottle down and stood as quickly as she could manage, making her way into the galley. There, she spat the liquid into the sink, feeling considerable relief from its taste. She then turned on the faucet, grabbing a nearby glass and filling it with water.

    “What the hell is that stuff?” She asked, taking a long drink of water. “It tastes awful! Are you sure Gault wasn't trying to poison us or something?”

    “No clue.” She returned to where they were sitting just in time to watch Torian take a drink from the bottle himself. Almost instantly, he spat it right back into the container, uttering a loud curse in Mando'a once he did.

    “I don't know what that meant, but I agree with the sentiment,” she said, taking the bottle from his hand. She held it up to the light, examining its contents. “It's looks just like any ordinary bottle of wine,” she said. “But its contents are absolutely vile. Gritty, bitter, makes my mouth tingle....”

    She stopped as a thought occurred to her. “Torian,” she said. “You don't think...Gault wouldn't try to use some of 'those' kind of drugs, would he?”

    “Not sure I follow,” Torian replied, feeling his own mouth begin to tingle a bit.

    “Think about it,” she replied, turning and heading back into the galley. “He was very helpful with each of us. He got Mako to go with him and give us some private time. He left what one might think was an ordinary wine bottle with dinner...” she trailed off as she noticed the slight tinge of horror his expression took on. “My thoughts exactly,” she said, setting it aside. “If we didn't need him so badly, I would just as soon chain him to the ship's outer hull and go through hyperspace over him pulling this.”

    “Wouldn't bother. Waste of perfectly good chains,” Torian teased, taking another mouthful of tiingilar.

    “You're right,” she replied, taking a small mouthful herself. “That plus the fact he's proven to be rather useful.” They both sat quietly for a moment before Torian stood up and headed back into the galley.

    “Wait. Just remembered something,” he said. “Something that would go perfectly with tiingilar.” He returned a moment later, carrying a large bottle of a dark beverage Kybrina remembered all too well, along with a glass for himself. “Remember this?”

    Kybrina finished the water she was drinking before holding out her glass. “How could I forget Ne'tra gal?” she asked, letting him fill the glass halfway. “When I was adopted into Mandalore's clan, he and I must have finished a case worth of the stuff. Gave me one hell of a hangover the next morning, I doubt Mako was too pleased at my being so sick.” She took a drink, enjoying the ale's sweet taste and how it washed away the last vestiges of the other bitter flavor.

    “Glad you like it,” he said, taking a long drink from his own glass. “Was saving this bottle for a special occasion. Figured dinner with a lovely lady was special enough.”

    She felt herself blush. “ I such lovely company?” she asked, trying to sound coy.

    He shrugged. “Wouldn't be here if you weren't,” he replied.

    She decided to try being a bit bolder with him. She picked up her fork and scooped up some of her bowl's contents. Leaning forward slightly, she held it out for him, feeling a tingle envelop her chest when he leaned forward and eagerly took it. She laughed softly before taking another mouthful herself.

    “Knew I should have offered to do this sooner,” he said once he had swallowed. “Never thought dinner would be this much fun.”
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  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    :D :D Enjoyed that. LOL Gault's little 'gitf' didn't pan out [face_mischief] but the dinner seems to be going superbly. :)
  3. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    Great exciting update with Ky and Torian together. Dinner and after that:*
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  4. Revanfan1

    Revanfan1 Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 3, 2013
    Loving these updates; Gault and Mako are so sneaky. ;)
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  5. SabyneAmberle

    SabyneAmberle Jedi Master star 3

    Sep 16, 2004
    And next part. This took me a bit to figure out because my initial thoughts painted a much more angsty scene that seemed a better fit for a different story. So in the interest of keeping things light, I changed things a bit.


    The time seemed to rush by in a blur for the two of them. Any awkwardness they might have felt prior to dinner was mostly gone, thanks to good food and drink. Instead, there was that ever-growing familiarity between them, which only increased the longer they talked.

    Torian shared more stories of his travels with Corridan and clan Ordo, hearing himself embellish the tales slightly when faced with such an attentive listener. He hadn't quite reached the point where he was telling of how he wrestled a zakkeg bare-handed, but he could see himself start to head that direction. He supposed the flattery of such a rapt listener tended to do that to a person.

    Wanting to keep himself from falling into that trap, he asked her about herself, and she obliged. She told him of growing up on Deralia, the middle child amidst four rambunctious brothers, all of whom eventually grew into hunters themselves. She spoke a bit of her parents, though she seemed a bit evasive when talking about her mother, promising to share more details in the near-future.

    “I've been wondering,” he began. “How did you get those scars on your face?”

    He watched her hand reach up to the left side of her face, stroking the metal along her chin. “I received the scars -and the hardware in my jaw- when I was thirteen. Us three eldest siblings were visiting our grandfather, who was a retired hunter himself. He taught us everything we needed to know about hunting, and never passed up a chance to let us show him our skills.

    On that particular visit, Grandfather asked us to work together and bring him back the biggest beast we could bring down ourselves. He preferred it alive, but dead would suffice if we had no other choice. We eventually tracked down a type of large forest wildcat, cornered it, and drugged it to bring back to him. It took a lot out of us to bring it down, but we were so proud of ourselves.”

    “So, what happened?” Torian asked, refilling his glass of Ne'tra gal.

    “We were within sight of Grandfather's house when the beast woke up. I still don't know how it happened, we had measured out the proper dose of tranquilizer and taken every necessary precaution. But it still woke up. It tore apart two of the guards aiding us with transporting it, then it turned it sights on me. I tried to dodge when it raised its paw to strike, but I lost my footing in the tall grass. Next thing I knew, I felt pain, and the vision in my left eye went hazy. My brother Niel told me I was lucky, that it was just a glancing blow. Had it been a full-force blow, I likely would have been killed. As it was, I don't remember much of anything after that, even though I apparently helped distract the beast long enough for Grandfather to emerge with his blaster rifle and put it down. My next concrete memory was of waking up in Medbay two days later with half my face bandaged and metal hardware in my jaw.”

    “Must have been real bad.”

    “It apparently was. I learned from Niel that the hardware was necessary to replace the bone in my jaw the beast's claws had shattered. I also nearly lost my left eye from the strike. But I didn't let it slow me down, within a week of the accident I was up and ready to hunt again. At least, I was until my mother got wind of what happened.”

    “Was that bad? Thought most mothers would want to support their children.”

    She laughed softly, draining her glass. “My mother is most definitely not like most,” she replied. “She's a beautiful woman, but very set in her own sort of traditional upbringing. She wanted me to be a lady, not a hunter, and that meant learning how to dress and behave like one. She also has a fierce temper; Niel said that he could face down the Emperor himself after having faced down our mother's wrath over this hunt.”

    “Impressive.” Ky smiled as she noticed this drink sat idle in his hand, he was so focused on her.

    “Not so impressive when you're thirteen, high on painkillers, and listening to your mother screech at you about how you'll ever find a good husband with those ugly scars on your face,” she shuddered a bit. “I swear, my ears still ring a little from that tirade.”

    She started to continue, but suddenly felt incredibly self-conscious. Maybe it was the ale, but she normally didn't share this much about herself with others; it was better in her mind to keep people at arm's length lest they get too close. She averted her eyes, focusing on smoothing a hand along the glistening material of her skirt.

    “I think she's wrong.” She froze at those words, and at the gentle fingertips that reached out to lightly trace the scars on her cheek. “They're not unattractive, they show your strength, your courage. Two very attractive traits. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.”

    She smiled, feeling herself blush a bit. She looked up, reaching two tentative fingertips to trace one of the scars on his face. “I've wondered...what are these?” she asked softly. “Are they symbols of some kind?”

    He caught her hand in his, holding it gently. “Yes.” he said. “Symbolic of the past, of my stigma as aru'tal. A reminder of the price my clan has paid for the past, and to remain devoted and honorable for the future.”

    She smiled, looking at their clasped hands. “I think,” she said, rubbing the thumb of her free hand across his other cheek. “I think you've more than proven your honor.”

    “Says you. Not everyone agrees with that,” he replied.

    “Are those people really that important?” she asked. “Because I think anyone who would hold you responsible for your father's choices is a complete idiot.”

    He laughed softly. He really didn't want to discuss the topic of his father, not on an occasion like this. But somehow she always found the right words to make him feel even slightly better. “You're sweet,” he said. “Anyone tell you that?”

    “Once or twice,” she replied. “But I'm only this way toward the right people. Try not to let it get out; after all, I have a reputation to uphold.”

    “I'll keep that in mind.”
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  6. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Sabyne, that was perfect =D= Just the right tone of sharing and getting better acquainted. I like the ease between them. :)
  7. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    A perfect update. Loved to read how Ky got her scars and her reactions to her mother. Torian is great for her.
  8. SabyneAmberle

    SabyneAmberle Jedi Master star 3

    Sep 16, 2004
    So this part was supposed to be the last part. However, I figured I'd add a bit more to the ending, which warranted adding in another portion. So here we go. ^_^

    When dinner finally ended, Ky admitted to herself that she was both surprised and a bit disappointed. She hadn't really wanted it to end, she had enjoyed herself far too much. If she had had her way, she would have continued things for a few more hours, and she doubted Torian would have minded. But the dishes and the glasses were empty, and she could feel the fatigue from earlier start to infringe again. Remembering Gault and Mako might be back soon, she reluctantly told herself they did need to wind things down and clean up.

    She gathered her dishes, only to have him gently take them from her. “Let me,” he said, adding them to the small pile of his own. “Least I can do.”

    “I can help just fine, Torian,” she protested, but her voice seemed rather flat and sleepy to her. She felt her eyelids start to grow heavy, but she fought her sleepiness as best as she could. She couldn't let him see her that weak, could she?

    “It's fine.” He replied with a smile. She did her best to return with a reassuring smile of her own, but with her growing fatigue she was uncertain she was successful. He had barely turned his back and entered the galley before she was considering standing and making her way to her quarters for some sleep. But her head felt heavy, her eyes kept closing on their own, and she began thinking the spot where she was sitting was as good as any to rest on. She fought that impulse, one too many times waking with a sore shoulder and back had taught her that the floor of a ship was not, in fact, a comfortable bed on its own.

    “Tired?” He was quick, she gave him that. Having finished cleaning up, he had exited the galley just in time to see her give her head a brisk shake to ward off drowsiness.

    She nodded. “It's apparently been a very long day,” she replied. She moved to stand, taking the steadying hand he offered.

    “Don't forget, you're also recovering from a pretty rough injury there.” His statement made her remember her arm; she had totally forgotten about it. She glanced down at the bandage, noted its condition. Recovering from any injury was difficult on its own, add in that she could have lost the arm made it even harder.

    Keeping her hand in his, he guided her to Medbay. “Why don't we fix up that dressing?” he asked. “May not be as good at field dressings as Mako, but I've picked up a few tricks.” In her fatigue, all she could really do was let him guide her. Once there, she lay on one of the beds, while he gathered the necessary implements.

    In her fatigued state, she barely remembered him cutting the bandaging from her arm, or unwrapping it. She did, however, remember the sharp pain that jolted through her arm as he cleaned the wound. She sucked her breath in with a hiss, and her arm tensed.

    He noted her reaction. “Sorry,” he said. “Too rough. Wanted to make sure it was clean.”

    She smiled sleepily. “It's all right,” she murmured, feeling herself relax as the pain subsided. As he worked to finish cleaning and dressing the wound, she found herself drifting off to sleep.


    He could tell by both her breathing and her posture that she was asleep. She had been drifting off gradually the entire time he was tending to her arm -only waking the one time he was too rough when cleaning the wound- but had finally fallen asleep as he was starting to wrap the new bandage over the dressing.

    As he put things away, Torian paused as he noticed the slight tremor in his hands. Those nerves that had plagued him earlier in the day were returning. Finishing up the task quickly, he turned back to where Kybrina lay sleeping. His observant gaze studied her face, noting how peaceful she looked as she slept. He frowned a bit as he noticed the cosmetics obscuring both her scars and the dusting of freckles across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. In his opinion -though he was unsure how much it mattered- it made her look too perfect, obscured the quirks and imperfections that made her lovely in his eyes.

    She shifted a bit, and he could tell by her expression that she was trying to find a comfortable position. He knew that feeling; for some reason the medbay beds on the ship weren't exactly designed for comfort. He had sat on one while patching himself up after a fight, and while they were decent to relax on for a few minutes to clear one's head, they weren't conducive to sleep.

    He knew waking her up to help her reach a more comfortable bed would be nearly impossible. He recalled the one time he had tried to wake her to tell her something important about a target. Still groggy, she had slept through half the message, then yelled at Gault for a solid minute when he asked her for details a few minutes later. It had not been a pleasant sight, and he really didn't want a repeat performance. Instead, he approached the bed, slid his arms beneath her, and picked her up. Immediately, he was surprised at how light she felt; maybe it was all the armor she typically wore, but he thought she would be much heavier. He could feel the firmness of her body in his arms, knew that her softness was misleading. She was lean, well-muscled, and able to take on just about anyone.

    He was surprised when she suddenly slid her arms around his neck. He hadn't expected that, and his shock was such that he nearly dropped her. Quickly, he regained his bearings and exited the small room, crossing over to the crew quarters. He had thought about taking her up to her private quarters, but decided against it. He hadn't been invited in her private space before, and felt it would be intrusive to assume an invitation just because she was asleep. There was also the matter of the stairs; he always marveled at how a ship as small as the Mantis had so many stairs crammed into it. He was pretty worn-out himself, so the thought of climbing all those stairs while carrying her held no appeal for him.

    Entering the crew quarters, Torian quickly located his bed. He laid her down gently, hearing her soft sigh. He started to straighten up to leave, only to find her arms were still tightly woven around his neck. He gave them a gentle tug, hoping to get them to release, but found they wouldn't. He tried lifting them so he could slip his head out, but failed at that as well.

    Devious little thing, Kybrina. He thought to himself. He wasn't sure if she was still asleep, or only pretending to be. It seemed the only way she would release him was if he joined her. This should have been frustrating for him, but instead he found it amusing. Of course, that could have just as easily been the fatigue talking.

    Mindful of her injured arm, he settled onto the bed next to her. Immediately, he felt her arms relax, sliding to a more comfortable position against his chest. He drew her close, feeling her breath warm the fabric at the front of the shirt. Was it his imagination, or had he heard a soft laugh come from her? At that point, he was far too fatigued to care. He felt his own eyes grow heavy, and he rested his cheek against the top of her head as he drifted off, unaware of the smile that touched her lips.
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  9. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
  10. Revanfan1

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    D'aww. That's so sweet. Don't look at me! :_|
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  11. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Sweet and getting the girl. She is leading him to more sweetness I think[face_dancing]
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  12. SabyneAmberle

    SabyneAmberle Jedi Master star 3

    Sep 16, 2004
    And so I reach the end of this story. I could easily continue it much longer, but it's already 20+ pages in Word, so I feel it needs a good wrap-up. But don't think this will be the last long fic between these two. :D


    “Thank you so much for the suggestion, Gault.” Though the clouds that hung in the sky mostly blotted out the sun, Mako could tell evening was closing in. “I never would have thought to give Sullustan holovids a try before you said something.”

    Gault waved off her gratitude. “Stop, you'll make me blush,” he said. “Besides, I couldn't let you leave disappointed, not when we walked all the way into the city to see a holo.”

    Mako nodded, no longer feeling the disappointment she had felt a few hours earlier. All of the times for the vid she had wanted to see -one about a pale glistening man who lived on human blood and the woman who loved him- were sold out. Apparently, it was quite a popular vid among the teenaged populace of Kaas City. Gault had saved the day by suggesting Ekanu, a low-budget monster vid produced by a well-known Sullustan production team.

    “Now that I've watched a Sullustan holovid, I don't know what to think,” she said. “I mean, it was a fun vid. I really liked how they made Ekanu a mutant varactyl; I almost never see those in vids. But the way he destroyed Byllurun looked really cheesy and unbelievable.”

    “But that's why these old Sullustan vids are so fun,” Gault replied. “The low, cheesy budget and the bad Basic dub. They try to make it seem like this monster destroying the capital is such a serious matter, but I always laugh at how their lips keep moving even after they've said their two or three word line in Basic.”

    “Or vice-versa,” Mako added. “Their line is Basic lasts longer than their lip movements.”

    Gault laughed. “Oh, Sullustan holovids. They never cease being entertaining. You know Ekanu is a whole franchise, right? Something like ten or fifteen vids since they made the first one thirty years ago.”

    “Wow, that many?” Mako asked, her eyes widening a bit. “I should look them up on the Holonet, see if I can find the rest of them.”

    “Good. If you find them, let me know. I'd enjoy watching the entire series again.” Gault paused and looked skyward, noting the increased lightning activity. “Seems it's getting a bit late, and the storms are kicking up again. Let's head back to the ship, see how those two are faring.”

    Mako nodded, and they made their way back to the ship. They kept up an easy conversation about whatever topics came to mind, which surprised her given his background and her own initial hesitance upon meeting him. In spite of his scheming and dealing -as well as his moment of cowardice on Taris- Gault had proven a capable fighter and planner who was a good addition to the team. She wasn't sure she would ever be comfortable enough with him to call him a 'friend', but calling him a 'comrade' or 'colleague' would be sufficient enough for her.

    As they entered the ship, Gault paused, a frown creasing his face. “Does it seem rather...quiet to you, Mako?” he asked. She nodded, drawing her blaster as they both looked around the confines of the ship. A soft rustling noise caught Mako's attention, and she turned her head in the direction of the crew quarters. Slowly she approached the doorway, then took a couple careful steps through it into the dim space. The rustling sounds continued, and a flicker of movement in the dim light startled her. She let out a startled yell and pointed the barrel of the blaster in the general direction of the motion. She kept it pointed there until she heard a familiar voice, one edged with mild annoyance.

    “Mako, what the hell do you think you're doing?”

    The lights came on suddenly, causing Mako to flinch until her eyes adapted to the brightness. When she opened them again, she noted Ky braced on one elbow where she was laying. Torian sat up behind her, mimicking the posture, and Mako felt her expression betray her puzzlement. Clearly, they were laying on his bunk, the rumpled sheets showed as much. Yet there was no sign they were doing anything besides laying there....

    “Um, did I miss something?” she asked, her confusion evident in her voice. “Or, am I interrupting something, maybe?”

    “I would bet on the latter, myself.” Gault stood in the doorway, a look of amusement on his face. “You know, Ky. That works a whole lot better with a lot less clothing on.” He laughed a bit as he watched her face redden.

    “ wasn't like that at all,” she protested, sitting up and swinging her legs over the edge of the bunk.

    “Sure looks like it was,” he replied. “Mako and I can leave you two alone for a bit longer, you know. We can go watch more holovids, or grab a drink, or find some other way to kill a few more hours. You simply need to ask.”

    “That won't be necessary, Gault.” Ky stood slowly, brushing past her other two crew members as she left the room. Torian, his own face slightly red, soon followed suit, leaving Gault and Mako standing confused in the small room.

    “Seems your little gift didn't work, Gault,” Mako teased. “Told you it was a bad idea.”


    After a few moments of searching, Torian found her in the fresher. He watched her cup her hands beneath the faucet, catching some water which she used to wash the cosmetics from her face. She repeated this action several times before she was satisfied; she then shut off the water and gently dried her face with one of the nearby towels.

    “Nice to see your natural face again, Kybrina,” he said, leaning against the door frame casually.

    “It is nice, isn't it?” she asked, folding the towel and hanging it on its hook again. “As lovely as I looked, I didn't look or feel like myself. Cosmetics, jewels, fancy dresses...none of that is my realm of expertise.”

    “Nor mine,” he said. “So what now, Kybrina?” He raised an eyebrow as she began laughing. “What's funny?” he asked. “Something I said?”

    “In a manner of speaking,” she said. “You keep using my full name.”

    “Only name I feel I can call you.” he answered with a shrug.

    “You can call me 'Ky', you know. It won't hurt you.”

    He shook his head. “Tried that once, didn't feel right or sound right. Sounds too clipped and abrupt for someone like you.”

    She watched him via his reflection as she ran her fingers through her hair, restoring it to its usual order. “But, do you know who else calls me 'Kybrina'?” she asked. “My mother. Can you guess who I haven't spoken to in nearly five years?”

    He nodded thoughtfully. “So Kybrina is too loaded for your taste, and Ky is too clipped for mine,” he said. “What about Kybri?” He caught her raised eyebrow in her reflection, so he continued. “Got a nice sound to it, doesn't sound so grating and clipped, but isn't quite as bothersome as your full name.”

    “Kybri...” she repeated the name, and a smile touched her lips. “I like it. Give me enough time, and it'll grow on me.”

    Feeling a bit bolder, she turned back to face him, taking a few steps to close the distance between the two of them. Before he could react, she had slipped her arms around his neck, pulling him to her for a long hug. “In spite of how nervous I was,” she said. “I had a great time today. Dinner was wonderful, the company was even better.”

    He hugged her back in kind. “Couldn't have said it better myself,” he said.

    She pulled back, suddenly feeling slightly awkward. “Thanks, Torian,” she said. “I hope we can do it again soon.” He seemed to feel just as awkward as she did, for he only nodded in response.

    She took a deep breath, knowing she needed to change the subject. “Well,” she said. “Time to get back to business. We've still got one more target on the Blacklist to take out. Shall we head to Hoth and get it over with?”

    “Sure,” he replied. “Another big hunt for dangerous prey. Looking forward to it.”
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  13. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Fantastic wrap =D= :D And Kybri - I like that Tor has his own special name for her. @};- I really enjoyed the tone of the closing post, how they're closer but still golly-gee-shy with one another. Very d'awww. [face_love] I love how you're showing the process of relationship-building. [face_dancing]
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    Jun 3, 2013
    Very sweet. Gault makes me LOL. :p =D=
  15. Findswoman

    Findswoman Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2014
    I enjoyed this, SabyneAmberle. Good job making the relationship-building between Ky(bri) and Torian move at just the right speed to be believable: not yet all-the-way-perfect (heck, just having celebrated my 13th anniversary, I know that even the happiest of marriages is still a work in progress), but still very tender and something they'll both cherish. Good on both characters, too, for not moving too fast and doing things they'll later regret.

    The matchmaking efforts of Mako and Gault were so much fun! They make great foils to the two main "serious" characters. And I loved Madame Ricell and her crew—what a well-oiled machine. That whole scene was delightful. :)

    I'd love to chat more with you sometime about TOR and how you turn the scenarios from that game into stories!
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