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Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Jedi Gunny, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    The AARC (Association of Airspeeder Racers Circuit) is a sling racing (airspeeder) racing circuit that pits the brightest and the best of the airspeeder pilots in the galaxy through a series of challenging races that test physical determination, will, and skills to the max to determine an eventual champion. It was founded in the year 119 ABY.

    The ARJD (Airspeeder Racers Junior Division) is the 'minor league' circuit of the AARC, founded in 124 ABY. Its role is to develop the next generation of talent for the AARC circuit while also providing participatory racers with the opportunity to hone their skills against racers with similar backgrounds who may or may not have prior experience in sling racing circuits. Some racers do not have any sling racing experience in their background, and may also be hobbyists seeking the thrill of the chase.

    This thread is used for league operations and the archiving of league and circuit standings for future reference. Make note that this is not a social thread, and players will be held accountable for what they post in this thread. An OOC thread will be made available to discuss game interactions, but this thread is not the place for OOC commenting.

    Players, please post your current Character Sheet in this thread for ease of use by yourself and for other players.

    AARC Final Standings:

    119 ABY:

    Winner: Koth
    2nd: Fereen
    3rd: McGee
    4th: Highwind
    5th: de Cath
    6th: Dao
    7th: Antilles
    8th: Singh
    9th: Corhan
    10th: Rosko
    11th: Bumpakutt
    12th: Marmar

    120 ABY:

    Winner: Fereen
    2nd: de Cath
    3rd: Highwind
    4th: Bumpakutt
    5th: Koth
    6th: McGee
    7th: Dao
    8th: Marmar
    9th: Antilles
    10th: Singh
    11th: Corhan
    12th: Rosko

    121 ABY:

    Winner: de Cath
    2nd: McGee
    3rd: Koth
    4th: Corhan
    5th: Fereen
    6th: Marmar
    7th: Antilles
    8th: Singh
    9th: Rosko
    10th: Bumpakutt
    11th: Highwind
    12th: Dao (injured in Race 5, missed rest of season)

    122 ABY:

    Winner: Corhan
    2nd: Bumpakutt
    3rd: Fereen
    4th: Marmar
    5th: Highwind
    6th: Singh
    7th: de Cath
    8th: McGee
    9th: Heddy
    10th: Koth
    11th: Antilles
    12th: Wyloo

    123 ABY:

    Winner: Fereen
    2nd: Koth
    3rd: de Cath
    4th: Antilles
    5th: Singh
    6th: Corhan
    7th: Bumpakutt
    8th: Highwind
    9th: Marmar
    10th: Wyloo
    11th: McGee
    12th: Heddy

    124 ABY:

    To Be Determined

    Current AARC Roster
    Current ARJD Roster
  2. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    Current AARC Roster:

    “Madcap” McGee: Human, Male, Coruscant

    Sluggs Fereen: Nosaurian, Male, New Plympto

    “Bumper” Bumpakutt: Weequay, Male, Tatooine

    Lilla Corhan: Wroonian, Female, Wroona

    Marmar: Khil, Female, Belnar

    Lannick Singh: Weequay, Male, Coruscant

    Annubin Koth: Mirialan, Female, Mirial

    Jystill Highwind: Zabrak, Female, Iridonia

    Prennis Antilles: Human (Corellian), Female, Corellia

    Sola de Cath: Female, Cathar, Cathar

    Calvin Heddy: Male, Human (Bakuran), Bakura

    Wyloo: Male, Ortolan, Ortolan

    Completed Races: 'The Dragstrip', Malastare (3 laps)

    1. Corhan
    2. Heddy
    3. de Cath
    4. Wyloo
    5. McGee
    6. Marmar
    7. Singh
    8. Antilles
    9. Bumpakutt
    10. Fereen
    11. Highwind
    12. Koth

    Fondor 4, Fondor (4 laps)

    1. Bumpakutt
    2. Corhan
    3. Highwind
    4. Wyloo
    5. Koth
    6. Fereen
    7. McGee
    8. Antilles
    9. de Cath
    10. Marmar
    11. Heddy
    12. Singh

    Current Standings:

    Corhan: 18 points
    Bumpakutt: 12 points
    Wyloo: 12 points
    Heddy: 9 points
    McGee: 9 points
    Highwind: 8 points
    Antilles: 8 points
    de Cath: 7 points
    Koth: 6 points
    Fereen: 6 points
    Marmar: 5 points
    Singh: 4 points

    Former Racers:

    Mas Rosko: Chagrian, Male, Champala (left to pursue other opportunities, 122)

    Varn Dao: Human, Male, Denon (left due to injuries, 122)
  3. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    ARJD Roster, 124 ABY Season:

    Veloxa Mcear (Female, Human, Chandrila) : galactic-vagabond422

    Jemma Talion (Female, Cathar, Denon) : Jedi Gunny

    Jamie Vehn (Female, Human, Ord Mantell) : Vehn

    Niall Dunross Trieste (Human, Male, Bakura) : Trieste

    Syl Syrgas (Male, Nautolan, Glee Anselm) : BartSimpson_SithLord

    Stamm Hyri-rily (Male, Bothan, Bothawui)

    Hyvey Monn (Male, Chevin, Vinsoth)

    Zala (Female, Kel Dor, Dorin)

    Wi'ker (Male, Noghri, Honoghr)

    Dinga Goa (Female, Sullustan, Sullust)

    Completed Races: 'The Dragstrip' at Malastare (3 laps)

    1. Syrgas
    2. Trieste
    3. Wi'ker
    4. Vehn
    5. Mcear

    6. Monn (DNF)
    7. Hyri-rily (DNF)
    8. Goa (DNF)
    9. Talion (DNF)
    10. Zala (DNF)

    Queen Mother's Challenge, Hapes Prime (4 laps)


    Syrgas (DNF)
    Mcear (DNF)
    Vehn (DNF)

    Marshlands Classic, Pantora City, Pantora (4 laps)


    Monn (DNF)
    Talion (DNF)
    Syrgas (DNF)
    Vehn (DNF)
    Hyri-rily (DNF)

    Blind Man's Peril, Jundland Wastes, Tatooine (3 laps)


    Wi’ker (DNF)
    Syrgas (DNF)
    Monn (DNF)
    Vehn (DNF)

    SoroSuub Championships, SoroSuub Facility, Sullust (5 laps)


    Talion (DNF)
    Vehn (DNF)
    Zala (DNF)
    Trieste (DNF)
    Mcear (DNF)

    Crossroads Classic, “The Crossroads”, Brentaal (4 laps)


    Zala (DNF)
    Trieste (DNF)
    Talion (DNF)
    Wi’ker (DNF)

    Miner Troubles, Crystal City, Christophsis (6 laps)


    Zala (DNF)
    Goa (DNF)
    Mcear (DNF)
    Vehn (DNF)
    Syrgas (DNF)

    Ice, Wind, and Cold, Hoth (3 laps)


    Monn (DNF)
    Goa (DNF)
    Wi’ker (DNF)

    Final Standings:

    1. Mcear: 43 points
    2. Hyri-rily: 42 points
    3. Trieste: 41 points
    4. Wi’ker: 41 points
    5. Talion: 35 points
    6. Monn: 32 points
    7. Syrgas: 31 points
    8. Goa: 30 points
    9. Zala: 24 points
    10. Vehn: 19 points
  4. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    Name: Veloxa Mcear

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Homeworld: Chandrila

    Appearance: 5’7” athletic build large scar running from her brow to her scalp, rather average facial features.

    Skin Color: Fair (Caucasian)

    Hair Color: Dark blonde, cut short to fit under the helmet

    Eye Color: brown

    Clothing: when not racing T-shirt, pants, running shoes. Racing uniform is a green flight suit with required sponsor logos

    Other Attributes:

    Prior Racing Experience: one season in the Junior Galactic Rally Championships

    Racing Habit: aggressive, especially in corners.

    Area of Specialty: Highly technical.

    Biography: Daughter of Rally legend Linoc Mcear, Veloxa seemed to have her father’s gift for driving but, she never got to show him. He died when she was young in an airspeeder crash that took her younger brother as well. As she grew up hearing stories of her father’s speed and recklessness she became enamored with the Rally circuit. Small landspeeders flying down narrow roads at, some would say ridiculous speeds always a hairs breath from a crash, racing the clock. As soon as she was able she joined the Junior Galactic Rally Championships.

    Her name alone was enough to get her through the door but, her talent behind the wheel was unmistakably that of her father. She was second in the standings towards the end of the season until she came around a corner too fast and had a crash of her own. A piece of the speeder broke off and punched through the windshield striking her in the head, cracking her helmet. She suffered a season ending head trauma and her co-driver broke an arm as well as his spine.

    After healing and getting a clean bill of health she tried to get back into the JGRC but, no manufacture would touch her, not after her accident and what happened to her co-driver. After that she fell into a bit of a depression struggling with her actions and not having any release for her emotions she shut down and barely left her family’s farm house on Chandrila. Then one of her father’s friends suggested joining the AARC they were always looking for talent and the Mcear name still has some weight to it. Her mother was worried at first but then saw the light in her daughter’s eyes return again at the prospect of racing again. With help from other retired Rally drivers she put together a team and got a minor sponsorship from ChandrilTech. Now she doesn’t care too much about her standing, she’s just happy to finally race again.

    Ship model: Civilian model V-Wing, unarmed, and lightened, with slightly tweaked engines

    Description: standard V-Wing with a blue and yellow color scheme

    Markings: ChandrilTech logo right behind the cockpit.

    Vehicle Name: Madman

    Pit Crew:

    Pit Leader Name: Marcus Grun Human, male

    Pit Member 1: Ton Macca, Human Male

    Pit Member 2: Bash Lob, Twi’lek, Male

    Pit Member 3: Car Sain, Zygerrian, male

    Insignia: A white ‘X’ shape to the right and a group of four stars to the left
  5. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    Name: Jemma Talion
    Gender: Female
    Species: Cathar
    Homeworld: Denon
    Skin Color: Yellow
    Hair Color: White
    Eye Color: Blue
    Clothing: Wears a black flightsuit during races, with a white helmet that features a prominent red stripe down the middle. When she is not racing, she normally wears a light brown tunic with gray or black slacks.
    Other Attributes: Very intelligent racer who is prone to out-thinking herself when she gets stuck in a jam. When she over-thinks a situation, she tends to fall apart.
    Prior Racing Experience (i.e. are they new to airspeed racing, have they done it for a little while, did they swoop race before, etc.): Amaetur airspeeder racing champion, spent part of a year on a professional circuit before a crash ended her season and forced her to re-think the design of her craft.
    Racing Habit (i.e. aggressive, laid-back, calm, etc.): Somewhat calm, but always calculating
    Area of Specialty (i.e. speed, balanced, technique, etc.): Balanced, but prefers speed

    Jemma Talion has always had a ‘need for speed’. Growing up on Denon, she immediately gravitated towards anything that could get her going fast. She started doing junior racing with small speeders at the age of 6, and went through all the major junior circuits on Denon and in the Core region as she grew up. During secondary schooling, she would occasionally miss class due to races on the other side of the Core, bringing home amateur race titles along with Denon planetary school league championship titles. At one point, she was named the 2nd-ranked racer prospect coming out of Denon.

    In her first season as an amateur racer on a circuit, Jemma took it to her competition and won easily. She supplemented her income by working two jobs, barely paying the bills as she hoped to land a job in one of the pro circuits. It would take another year before one of the circuits would take her on as an amateur champion.

    She participated in four races in the Inner Rim Airspeeder Racers Challenge before crashing in a devastating manner on one of the junior courses on Brentaal. Another racer cut her off and forced her into a crash-landing, but she wasn’t able to keep control of the craft correctly, and the ship partially came apart on impact. Her craft was smashed beyond repair, and she missed the rest of the season with her injuries.

    With medical bills eating up her precious savings, Jemma turned to junkyards to scrounge together another racing craft. She tried various old wrecked frames to build upon, but she finally had to build one herself out of spare parts and anything she could find in the junkyards of the Core. After about a year, she started to test out her new custom-built speeder, but initial tests were not promising. Undeterred, Jemma allied herself with a few of her former amateur racing opponents and built herself a stronger ship, sometimes spending days at a time in a workshop to craft the correct parts to the right specifications. In the process, the ship, her friends later would say, became like her partner; she would look after it, paying attention to every small detail, and in theory it would look after her by giving her a powerful airspeeder to someday dominate the pro circuit. She built parts from scratch and filled in with older scraps until she finally had the design and functionality that she wanted.

    When the call came out for the ARJD, Jemma immediately used what contacts she had to get herself involved in the minor league circuit. She hopes that her work will have paid off enough to land a spot in the AARC, and to someday make a living as a racer.

    Ship model (if applicable, or custom-built): Custom-built using parts taken from various scrapyards to create the initial frame, and took the ship out for technical challenges. As pieces broke, they were replaced meticulously by her and her crew to complete the look and update the rusty old parts into much stronger new ones.
    Description: Something similar in shape to this, but obviously low-powered for a racer.
    Markings (if applicable): Large yellow stripes down the sides of the vehicle.
    Vehicle Name: Sun Rider

    Pit Crew:

    Pit Leader Name: ‘Speedy’ Crannon (Human, Male)
    Pit Member 1: Elzbet Villit (Twi’lek, Female)
    Pit Member 2: Hugo ‘Heavy’ Wizzin (Herglic, Male)
    Pit Member 3: Lira Walles (Human, Female)

    Insignia: A yellow sun that has a small dot on its edge that indicates her craft riding along its surface.


    Winner of 124 Stage 2, Queen Mother's Challenge, Hapes Prime (4 laps, technical)
  6. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    GM Approved!

    The Character Sheet:


    Name: Jamie Vehn
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Ord Mantell
    Appearance: Slender
    Skin Color: Pale
    Hair Color: Blonde/Brown mix
    Eye Color: Green
    Clothing: Racing Jumpsuit and Helmet complete with dark visor.
    Other Attributes: N/A
    Prior Racing Experience (i.e. are they new to airspeed racing, have they done it for a little while, did they swoop race before, etc.): Swoop raced on Ord Mantell.
    Racing Habit (i.e. aggressive, laid-back, calm, etc.): Aggressive
    Area of Specialty (i.e. speed, balanced, technique, etc.): Speed

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away…..

    Before the formation of the Roon Federation.

    Before the hallowed days of Elite League Limmie and the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers.

    Before the dark times of the Neo-Sith War and the heroic actions of one Derek Vehn over Taris.

    There was a family living regular lives on the blue collar world of Ord Mantell. A family with little political aspirations. A family that had wandered for centuries from planet to planet in search of a better life. A family that felt it had finally found a place they could call home.

    In this family there was a young woman with a dream and a vision: to win enough money racing to save her father’s life from a debilitating virus that was slowly killing him.

    This young woman was brave, ambitious, and a bit of a risk taker.

    Her name was Jamie Vehn.

    Ship model (if applicable, or custom-built): Modified
    Shuttle (Unable to obtain space travel or even high atmospheric flight)
    Description (or use an image, if you are so inclined):
    Markings (if applicable): Blue Markings on the dorsal fin, wings, and fuselage.
    Vehicle Name: Iron Lady

    Pit Crew: ‘The Scrappers’

    Pit Leader Name: Alpha (Droid)
    Pit Member 1: Beta (Droid)
    Pit Member 2: Gamma (Droid)
    Pit Member 3: Delta (Droid)


    Having them in the game is great; losing to them is
  7. BartSimpson-SithLord

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    Jan 24, 2002
    Name: Syl Syrgas
    Gender: Male
    Species: Nautolan
    Homeworld: Glee Anselm
    Appearance: Syl stands at 5'9 with an athletic build. He wears his tentacles mostly towards the back but does drape two onto each shoulder. His large spherical black eyes accentuate his strong jawline.
    Skin Color: Bright blue.
    Hair Color: No Hair.
    Eye Color: Black.
    Clothing: Inside his speeder he wears an orange and black flightsuit and helmet that have his sponsorship logos on them. Outside he usually finds time to wear only the finest tailored and fashionable clothes.
    Other Attributes: Aggressive and more than a bit arrogant, Syl has a thirst for life and danger that may well see him dead.
    Prior Racing Experience (i.e. are they new to airspeed racing, have they done it for a little while, did they swoop race before, etc.): New to airspeed racing, and knowing nothing about the inner workings of the craft, Syl does have some racing experience. He has raced in illegal swoop races across the galaxy, preferring the courses. He filmed a holovid about pod racing and, due to having to learn how to pilot, claims he "ran a podrace once".
    Racing Habit (i.e. aggressive, laid-back, calm, etc.): Aggressive. Even when he has no right to be. Reckless. Dangerous. Prone to mistakes in the pursuit of a win.
    Area of Specialty (i.e. speed, balanced, technique, etc.): Speed.
    Biography: Growing up on Glee Anselm, the only thing Syl really wanted was excitement. He didn't care for tradition or anything that told him to stay with his people. He wanted to experience life. This led to his admiration of the land on Glee Anselm and especially with dangerous activities. He quickly grew infamous amongst his people and others as a trouble maker and daredevil. He would constantly push local speederboats and swoops past their limits in order to get a rush.

    When he was 18 one of his exploits caught the eye of a vacationing holovid talent scout from Coruscant. The man liked Syl's attitude, looks, and abilities and decided made him an offer to leave Glee Anselm and head to Coruscant to become a star. Not even thinking to let his family know, Syl accepted the offer and headed off on what he thought would be his greatest adventure.

    And he was partly correct. The man was right, and Syl quickly became a known actor in the world of action Holovids. People recognized him all over the galaxy and he gained great wealth. However, amidst the life of a star, Syl realized he still had something missing. The thrill just wasn't there. Even when doing his own stunts the danger wasn't present. Too many harnesses and other protections. He didn't feel like he could perish at any moment. That was when he discovered the world of illegal swoop racing and decided to try that out on the side.

    For a time, this was perfect. He could act and still thrill seek. However, one costly accident and he had to promise to his manager to never do that again in exchange for starring in a holovid about Podracing. He still wished one day to return to the world of racing. His true passion being the never ending ballet between life and death as you speed past obstacles.

    Now, 28, Syl heard about the AARC and abruptly fired his manager and 'retired' from acting. Spending a large portion of his fortune, he hired a crew, bought a custom speedboat, and headed off to find that thrill once again. This time legally.

    Ship model (if applicable, or custom-built): Custom ordered amphibious speederboat.
    Description (or use an image, if you are so inclined): This, only without the landing gear. [​IMG]
    Markings (if applicable): MonCal Shipyards logo, various other sponsors.
    Vehicle Name: Salamander

    Pit Crew: "The Flying Fish"

    Pit Leader Name: Oxnak (Male, Ugnaught)
    Pit Member 1: Tallima (Female, Aleena)
    Pit Member 2: Freqas Desno (Male, Xexto)
    Pit Member 3: Jax Trisli (Male, Human)

  8. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    Name: Niall Dunross Trieste
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Bakura
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Skin Color: Fair, but tanned
    Hair Color: Sandy
    Eye Color: Blue
    Clothing: A brown nerfhide jacket is his one trademark
    Other Attributes: Craggy, chiseled face
    Prior Racing Experience: No speeder experience beyond regular driving, but previous experience flying starfighters
    Racing Habit: Aggressive
    Area of Specialty (i.e. speed, balanced, technique, etc.): Needle pusher
    Biography: Airspeeder racing is the second most dangerous thing that Niall Dunross Trieste does. The first is get out of bed, for there is a bounty on Niall’s head.

    Fourteen years ago the youngest son of prominent Fianna Fail politician Daly Trieste was a normal being with a normal job, normal aspirations, and a normal life. Then someone killed his aunt, Saraid Trieste, fourth Taoiseach of the Noble House of Trieste, one of the most prominent and influential political families on Bakura.

    To the surprise of everyone in the family, her will stated that this unremarkable, ordinary, rough-around-the-edges being was now the fifth Taoiseach of the Noble House. It was not an honor Niall sought, but he accepted it for one reason: it gave him control of the family’s fortunes and he could use them to find the beings who killed Aunt Saraid.

    At the end of seven years, he had achieved his vengeance and all those who played a part in Saraid’s death were in their graves. However, those beings had powerful friends. Just when Niall found peace, the first of the bounty hunters looking to collect the reward found him. That being is dead. So are the three others that followed. The most recent attempt on Niall’s life was years ago...but he knows it was not the last. The bounty still stands.

    Even so, has settled down. He is happily married. He adores his children. He has more credits than he could need by virtue of the family holdings. Justice has been done. And yet without the is dull. When Niall heard about the AARC’s formation, he thought that, perhaps, this thrill could satisfy him...

    Ship model: BakurRepulsor Corp (BRC) DB5
    Description: Silver, sleek lines, enclosed--the speeder equivalent of this
    Markings: None
    Vehicle Name: No name, licensed under registration BMT 216A

    Pit Crew: Noble House Racing

    Pit Leader Name: Henley Bloomwood (Human, Female)
    Pit Member 1: Carmerr Alnor (Kurtzen, Male)
    Pit Member 2: “Kit” Renard (Amaran, Female)
    Pit Member 3: Torquemada Chellow (Xexto, Male)

    Insignia: Yellow stag on green field (Not exactly, but sure, let’s go with this)