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Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by TheGoodImperial, May 9, 2011.

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  1. TheGoodImperial

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    May 17, 2009


    [u][b]Game Managers[/b][/u]



    [b]Sirak Romar[/b] as [i][b]Bastila Shan [/b] [/i] (Human Jedi Knight)
    [b]Sinrebirth[/b] as [i][b]Atris[/b][/i] (Human Jedi Master) and [i][b]Supreme Chancellor Cressa [/b][/i](Human politician)
    [b]Jedi_padawan_leigh[/b] as [b][i]Shirzan Narr[/i][/b] (Zabrak Soldier)
    [b]TheSithGirly[/b] as [i][b]Xelon Tarn[/b][/i] (Human Jedi Knight) and [b][i]The Mule[/i][/b] (Human Ex-Sith Assassin)
    [b]MyrialofKanz[/b] as [i][b]Myrial of Argazdan[/b][/i] (Argazdan politician/cult-leader)
    [b]tjace[/b] as [i][b]Paladin Halycon[/b][/i] (Corellian Jedi Padawan)
    [b]DarkLordoftheFins[/b] as [i][b]Ion Taris[/b][/i] (Human Pirate Lord) and [i][b]Zariz[/b][/i] (Human Jedi Knight)
    [b]Sarge221[/b] as [i][b]Lyle Sevik[/b][/i] (Human Fringer and Ex-Jedi)
    [b]Jedi TEEgirloo[/b] as [i][b]Ashlae Starchaser[/b][/i] (Human Jedi Padawan)
    [b]CPL_Macja[/b] as [i][b]Alema Vao[/b][/i] (Twi´lek senatorial Aide)
    [b]MitthFisto[/b] as [i][b]The Nameless [/b][/i]
    [b]darthramza[/b] as [i][b]Donvan ?Captain? Vliet[/b][/i] (Freelancer)
    [b]Jedi_Corin_Daan [/b] as [i][b]Marcus Daan[/b][/i] (Human Jedi Knight)
    [b]BobaMatt[/b] as [i][b]Devlesa Avilan[/b][/i] (Ryn Freelancer)
    [b]CrystalFixation[/b] as [i][b]Atton Rand[/b][/i] (Human Scoundrel)
    [b]Maokai[/b] as [i][b]Culain Del Jinn[/b][/i] (Sith Warrior)
    [b]Sir_Draco[/b] as [b][i]Brianna Kae[/i][/b] (Echani Jedi Knight/Ex-Handmaiden)
    [b]Remix11[/b] as [i][b]Cilarn[/b] [/i] (Human Jedi Padawan) and [i][b]Levoc Arris-Tione[/b][/i] (Human Noble)
    [b]Bishomon[/b] as [i][b]Ylyria Skyfire[/b][/i](Human Sith Assassin)
    [b]Winged_Jedi[/b] as [i][b]Bao Dur[/b][/i] (Zabrak Jedi Knight)
    [b]UnknownRogue[/b] as [b][i]Zurin Arctus[/i][/b] (Human Republic Captain)
    [b]judis9198[/b] as [b][i]Corina "Corser" Seer[/i][/b] (Kiffar Former Jedi/Hutt Enforcer)
    [b]Spycoder[/b] as [b] [i]Hannah Coreman [/i] [/b] (Human Senator Daughter)
    [b]Dinkus_Mayhem[/b] as [i] [b] Jonas Tavers [/i] [/b] (Human Bounty Hunter)
    [b]Loocem[/b] as [i][b]Task Ry'los [/i][/b] (Bothan Jedi Knight)
    [b]dockin_bay94[/b] as [b][i]Revelin Thomas [/i][/b] (Human Jedi Knight)

    [u]Guest Star: [/u]
    [b]LordTroepfchen[/b] as [i][b]Jolee Bindo[/b][/i] (Human Jedi Master), as [i][b]Olic[/b][/i] (Human Jedi Master) and [i][b]Lyria of Byblos[/b][/i] (Human Senator of Byblos)

    [b]Inactive player lists (characters under GM guidance, please PM TGI if you want back in): [/b] [/u]
    [color=silver][b]Trimaj[/b] as [i][b]HK-47[/b][/i] (Assassin Droid in the Chancellor´s service - as bodyguard) and [i][b]Mira[/b][/i] (Human Bounty Hunter)
    [b]bluebeast1237[/b] as [i][b]Ens-Valoe Haalo[/b][/i] (Sith Master)
    [b]dreven_Aarkanin[/b] as [i][b]Keth-Omm[/b][/i] (Draethos Jedi Knight)
    [b]Littledawg[/b] as [i][b]Karn Fell[/b][/i] (Human Jedi)
    [b]TypoCelchu[/b] as [i][b]MARK (5AM-0R1)[/b][/i] (Droid Bounty Hunter)
    [b]Penguinator-176[/b] as [i][b]Lazlo Lundi[/b][/i] (Human Independant Infobroker)
  2. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    About characters

    As I said in the Game Thread iself, there are only two limits for characters in The Old Republic: Imagination and canon. Whatever you would like to play, youcan play. I´ll make certain all characters are connected to the rather loose net of stories that evolve. It is a game that portrays an era as much as a specific plot. Therefore every perspective will be of the same value.

    Nevertheless I assume certain favourite archetypes will be picked by players a lot. I´ll discuss what I epxect to be the classical character types of this era below.

    If you want to play an canon character please check with me, if he is still available and post in your bio what he/she/it has been up to since it´s last canonical appearance. All canon characters are available if they are still alive and have not yet been picked. The exception to this rule will be Revan, The Exile and Nomi and Vima Sunrider, as we know they´re fate will be discussed in future publishments.

    [b]The Republic[/b]

    There are many roles in the vast and endangered Republic. From a soldier to a diplomat, from a pilot to a simple crewman in the Republic fleet, or even a simple citizen . . . every single man or woman is needed in these times to rebuild and restore the Republic to it´s former glory. Their battles, problems, worries and hopes will be what this game will be about in large parts.


    [i]If you want to play a Republic character you got the free choice. Everything is possible. From the High Chancellor to the lowest farmer on an outback planet, I have stories for everyone.

    As a note: Diplomats, usually the guys behind scenes in SW, might work well in these times of peace. [/i]

    [b]The Jedi[/b]

    Few of the Jedi remain. And even fewer have stayed true to their ideals. But after the many years of struggle, those who remained have begun to rebuild the Order. On Coruscant and Dantooine the remaining Jedi Knights have gathered their former brothers and sisters and begun to train a new generation of Jedi.

    But not all Jedi have followed the call to their temples. Some have not heard it at all, as they have fallen too far into the darkness. A few might have followed the force to a different destiny wandering the stars on their own with the force as their only guide and ally.


    [i] If you want to be a Jedi please explain in your Bio if you returned to rebuild the Order or not. To your potential whereabouts I can certainly give you helpful clues if desired. Please note that Jedi Masters are as good as extinct after Katarr and the Dark Wars. If you wanna play one, I want a beliievable explanation why you survived the purges.

    All kinds of stories can evolve around the Jedi in the years after the Sith. And whatever crisis may befall these tims, the Jedi will surely find themselves in the midst of it once more.

    I don´t expect it to be any problem, but I will limit the Jedi (players and NPCs) to two dozens. Canon characters included. [/i]

    [b]The Sith[/b]

    Some remnants of the Darksiders remain and all of them have something in common. They are nowhere as powerful as their predecessors. The Dark Lords are gone. What is now left, were the lesser Sith. Those who were not famous enough to be hunted. But who knows . . . one of those might rise to new power. And lead the Sith into another age of dark ascendancy.


    If you want to play a Sith please keep in mind they are hutned by almost everyone in the galaxy. A Sith might still have limited ressources (like a ship and some troops) but he holds no territory in these days. Most will be on their own. They could make excellent anti-heroes or tragic figures.

    I will limit the number of Sith played in the game, if too many submit sheets f>
  3. TheGoodImperial

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    May 17, 2009
    FAQ for TOR:R

    Questions frequently answered by TheGoodImperial. If the need ever arises I´ll add further explanation

    Can I still submit a character sheet?

    Yes, you can. Actually we are pretty negotiating with a third GM, which means we might got some more slots to fill. So if you wanna play, just send me a PM with your idea and/or character sheet. I am open for everyone. Actually if I wanna know who is an oldbie or newbie, I need to ask my Co-GM. Because I don´t have a clue.
    We will stay open to player submissions after the game started!

    I wanna play with a certain player/character. What can I do?

    Send me a PM, telling me. I´ll try to make it happen within´ the limits of story and logic.

    This is Kotor, but no Sith Lord rules! Can I play the next Revan?

    No, you can´t. Staying true to canon the situation is: The Sith are only what is left over from the last war. And what we certainly know about this time is, there won´t be any major Sith movements until 260 years later. There is no next Revan on TORR. This is not a Jedi vs. Sith game. Although Sith will surely appear and play an important part in our plot. But they won´t be the Empire-building arch-nemesis they usually are.

    Can I play the Sith Emperor or one of the Dark Council?

    No you can´t. The True Sith certainly exist. But they will be almost invisible in our plot, although present. The game is centered in the Republic. Maybe one day ? when we know more about the Sith Empire ? I may revise this decision. For now we limit our game to the Republic-space.

    You told a lot of people you would approve a True Sith, but none has been posted by today. What happened?

    Did I? Have I forgotten to approve one? Or . . . have I approved one?
    Erm . . .
    No comment.

    How will fights be handled in your game?

    The usual way. You post your attack, I post what becomes out of it. Actually sometimes I may give permission to you to slaughter enemies in masses, but if I haven´t said you can do it, just post what your attack/defense will be.

    How will player vs. player be handled in your game?

    This will be done a bit differently. We give everybody stats (only two or three) and when players really fight against players we will have these stats+a six sided dice decide the outcome of attacks. That is fair towards any player and reflects the characters best. Therefore, if you go into a fight and loose the other play actually has the right to end your character. We hope you approach this situation with caution, therefore.

    How close is the contact between GMs?

    Actually SirakRomar and I share a flat right now, as I am looking for a place to live in. Generally assume we are in close contact. I personally will read every post anybody makes. I won´t ask about every plot of Sirak (and our potential third GM though) as I like it to be surprised. Makes a better read for me.

    Will people change from one GM to another?

    Frequently, I suppose. We divide the game into storylines. Four of those we got so far. Characters will naturally follow their own story that might very well bring them to different places and therefore different storylines. When you change the storyline, you fall under the rule of the responsible GM.

    Do I have to read everything?

    No. You only have to read your update. Reading those of the storyline you are involved in is advised, but not necessary. If you wanna get the complete picture you will have to read everything though. Or probably the summaries I will post regulary to allow new players to join.

    How close to canon is this game?

    It was my declared goal form the beginning to stay as close to canon as possible. Even though canon hasn´t told us a lot about this period of time, that leaves us with considerable freedom. Some conflicts like the Kanz disorder are already integrated into our story. Other will be part of future storylines. What happens
  4. TheGoodImperial

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    May 17, 2009
    The Argazdan Redoubt Armada

    The Kanz Praetorian-Class


    The backbone of the Argazdan fleet are the aged but efficient ships the Republic had once provided to secure the planet. The Praetorian-Class needs large crews and are able to house small legions of Via Tan Crusaders. Modified to serve Argazdan´s purposes as an "allrounder" the Redobt possesses over a hundred ships of this line.

    The Argazdan Viatan-Class Battleship


    This design was created by Golias, the son of Myrial to provide Argazdan with powerful ships that could revial the Republic´s most powerful battleships. Fast, armored and heavy weaponed the Viatan-Class is a sophisticated, yet expensive battleship. The location of their construction is held in great secrecy, though the existence of the ships alone seems to be proof that Argazdan has secretly build an own shipyard somewhere in the Kanz-Sector.

    The Eye of the Goddess Myrial-Class Command Ship


    The masterpiece of Golias of Argazdan the Eye of the Goddess is the flagship of the Argazdan fleet. Heavy weaponed and holding four squadrons of fighters, it´s tough armor and powerful shields make it the center of the formation of ship. A rock in the storm of the enemies fire.

    The Siege Platform


    The secret weapon of Myrial, the Siege Platforms are actually forbidden by galactic law. Their only purpose is to subdue planetary defenses through "rains" of torpedoes shot from above into the atmosphere. Heavy weaponed, these ships have little offensive capacities in space combat are usually well guarded by a fleet. Argazdan possesses three of these old platforms. Thier origin is unknown.

    The Argazdan Crusader-Class Fighter


    The Crusader-class fighters are widely considered to be the weak spot of the Argazdan fleet. An outdated design that was iin use at the times of Exar Kun´s Sith they are fast but lightly armored with limited firepower. They are best used in large swarms and thrn capable to pose a threat to smaller units in space combat by their willingness to sacrifice most of their attack swarms to destroy the target.

    Serving on one of these fighters is considered to be an honor, as the pilots are considered to be lliving Myrtyrs of the Goddess Via.


    The Templars of Via


    The priests of Via have become the Myrialites and with this develpment many of them turned their back on the peaceful ways of their Goddess and embraced her hungry side. The need to expand the holy word has become an integrated dogma of the priests. The Templar´s of Via have sowrn to protect the sacred ground of Argazdan and the teachings of their Goddess. Using their trademark [link=]Argazdan energylance[/link] the Templars are experts both in mellee and ranged combat. Their training is rigid and their lives devoted to their holy duty. Few of those have left Argazdan, as they consider themselves to be protectors, allowing the honor to expand their borders to belong to their more blood thirsty brothers of the Via Tan. In these days over 200.000 Templars patrol temples, streets and sacred places on Argazdan.

    It is not unknown that Templars join the Via Tan for tours of duties though, before returning to their duties as guardians.

    The Via Tan Crusaders

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    May 17, 2009
    Coming soon. The Bloody Banner Pirates.
  6. TheGoodImperial

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    May 17, 2009
    Coming Soon The Tion Hegemony Fleet
  7. TheGoodImperial

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    May 17, 2009
    Coming very soon . . . the Summary of Part I - 1 of 2
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