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Library [Library Thread] Licence to Clone (Star Wars...007 Style)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Dubya_Scott, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    This is the "Library Thread" for the Licence to Clone game over in the RPF. As it clearly states in the Forum Rules, this is NOT a place for discussion and stuff like that. This thread is a place for the GM to store important information regarding the game, and a place for the players to reference that information. So PLEASE do not post things in here. I would hate to see someone get in trouble for not following that simple rule. Now, on to the game info...

    The posts in this thread will be updated as needed.

    [b]>>> General Game Info[/b]

    [u]The game[/u] can be found by following this link: [link=]Licence to Clone[/link]

    [u]Year[/u]: 22 BBY (a few months after [i]Attack of the Clones[/i])

    [u]The plot[/u]: Jedi General Sharkey, involved in the Battle of Nadiem, vanished during his search for a suspected Confederacy stronghold on the planet. High Jedi General Saesee Tiin fails to feel his presence through the Force and fears the worst. But the clone troopers are reporting otherwise, saying he is deep undercover in their operation. With conflicting reports, General Tiin feels the situation is very suspicious and wants to investigate. Unable to spare any of his Generals or clone troopers, due to the fight and evacuation in Threadneedle Canyon, Tiin has requested MI5 investigate the situation.

    [u]People you should know[/u]:

    MI5 Administration:
    1) [b]M[/b] - (Human male) - Head of MI5
    2) [b]Europa Kapanen[/b] - (Human female) - M's Chief of Staff
    3) [b]Digika 2.0[/b] - (Bothan synth-droid) - M's Technical Advisor
    4) [b]MNE-PNE ("Moneypenny")[/b] - (Human replica droid) - M's secretary

    Q'u Branch:
    1) [b]Q'u[/b] - (Human male) - Department Head
    2) [b]R[/b] - (Human male) - Q'u's second-in-command
    2) [b]Susa Gren[/b] - (Human female) - Senior Technician

    Flying Eyeballs:
    1) [b]Chalyssa Sev'ven[/b] - (Human female) - Commander of the Eyeballs
    2) [b]Muc'cib Etan[/b] - (Human male) - MI5 liaison with the Eyeballs
    3) [b]Cuevos[/b] - (Human male) - Communications guy at the space station
    4) [b]Onayim Ekim[/b] - (Human male)

    Galactic Republic:
    1) [b]Driver[/b] - A clone pilot
    2) [b]Ewlla Iillor[/b] - (Human female) - A Lieutenant in the Republic Navy assisting MI5 on Nadiem
    3) [b]Saesee Tiin[/b] - (male Iktotchi) - Jedi Master and High Jedi General overseeing the Battle of Nadiem
    4) [b]Sharkey[/b] - (Human male) - Jedi Master and Jedi General under Saesee Tiin's command

    Sharkey's Clone Squad:
    1) [b]Face-off[/b] - Clone Sergeant
    2) [b]Wrister[/b]
    3) [b]Five-hole[/b]
    4) [b]Goon[/b]
    5) [b]Hat Trick[/b]
    6) [b]Grinder[/b]
    7) [b]Blade[/b]
    8) [b]Shortside[/b]
    9) [b]Toe Drag[/b]

    Other People:
    1) [b]Finn Killifer[/b] - (Human male) - Former official for the Coruscant Customs Bureau
    2) [b]Kino Su[/b] - (Kaminoan male) - A cloner from Kamino who now works with Killifer

    1) [b]MI5[/b] - Secret Galactic Intelligence Service, secret agents
    2) [b]Flying Eyeballs[/b] - Small spy-network designed to aid the Republic
    3) [b]Galactic Republic[/b] - The main ruling government in the galaxy

    [u]Places with which you should be familiar[/u]:

    1) [b]Coruscant[/b] - Part of the Core Worlds, capitol of the Galactic Republic, home of MI5 Headquarters
    2) [b]Nadiem[/b] - Remote planet in the Outer Rim Territories, where Jedi General Sharkey disappeared

    1) [b]Threadneedle Canyon[/b] - A place on Nadiem where most of the fighting occurs
    2) [b]Windsor[/b] - A small town just outside Threadneedle Canyon
    3) [b]hidden cloning facility[/b] - Deep under Nadiem's surface

    1) [b]MI5 Headquarters[/b] - Home of the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service, on Coruscant

    Space stations/Ships/Vehicles:
    1) [b][i]The Flying Eyeball[/i][/b] - Mobile space station owned by the Flying Eyeballs
    2) [b][i]Warmonger[/i][/b] - An [i]Acclamator II[/i]-class assault ship in the blockade around Nadiem
    3) [b][i]Gunboat Diplomat[/i][/b] - MI5 vessel, a modified CR-20 troop carrier

    [u]Important events[/u]:

    1) [b]Battle of Nadiem[/b] - Republic clone >
  2. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    >>> Character Sheets <<<

    Name: Taspa ?Taz? Shiliya
    Species: Twi?lek
    Gender: Female
    Previous Profession: Stunt pilot (hobby)/Cargo Pilot (former day job)
    Skills: Piloting all kinds of vehicles, good knowledge of various starships and individual parts, droid and flight mechanics, machine repair
    Age: 28
    -Height: 1.7 meters
    -Weight: 62 kg
    -Skin Color: Blue
    -Eye Color: Green
    -Clothing: Wears a well-worn brown flight jacket with various patches sewn into it, flight overalls and black flight boots. The jacket contains all kinds of pockets, used in order to keep small tools and other knickknacks handy in case they prove to be useful on a job, such as a blaster if she needs to go into hostile territory. Also carries a tool belt with various tools for her mechanic work, such as wrenches and hydrospanners. Always wears a pair of flight goggles (when not in use, these sit on her forehead) and a modified baseball cap with engine grease and oil on it from the various repairs she has made to her cargo and stunt craft.
    Accessories: Wears a watch on her right arm, useful when travelling to the far reaches of the galaxy and you need to know your timeline for shipping cargo to a client
    Anything Else: Has a small scar on her right hand, stemming from an accidental gashing of it with a wrench during a routine repair. Has been dealt various bruises, scrapes and cuts over the years from hostile clients and repair work.
    Likes: Flying, Repair work, the occasional alcoholic beverage, podracing and swoop racing, droids (as long as they aren?t rude)
    Dislikes: Flirty men, Controlling employers, rude droids, clients that won?t pay for their cargo shipments, air traffic controllers, traffic, hitchhikers
    Personality: Taspa usually gives off a first impression that she doesn?t really try very hard to complete her objectives. However, once she is in the zone, there is no stopping her from completing what she set out to do. This determination and perseverance earned her a good-paying cargo shipping job, ferrying cargo to places other employees wouldn?t dare go for various reasons. Generally, she is laid-back, friendly and easy-going, willing to down a beer or two and talk about flying for hours on end with anyone who will listen.

    Short Bio: Born in 50 B.B.Y. on Coruscant, Taspa grew up in an environment where flying was extremely important. Her father was a commercial pilot, and was frequently gone on jobs while young Taspa grew up. When he was home, he showed her how to dismantle engines and rebuild them at greater performance levels, as well as basic ship design. At 8, she was able to dismantle an engine by herself and rebuild it, impressing her father with her workmanship and drive to improve. He believed that she was capable of great things in the future, making sure to keep teaching her everything he knew about mechanics.

    At 14, Taspa was able to take on an apprentice job with a local mechanics shop. It was here that she learned more advanced spacecraft rudiments, such as how to find out and fix various problems that many ships came in with. She also learned to work with droids at the workshop, as half of the workforce was made of these mechanical beings. For the next three years, she honed her repair skills by fixing hundreds of crafts, making sure to soak up all kinds of information about ship design as well as frequenting the local cafes to listen to stories of space travelers for hours on end. From these stories, she decided to take up flying, as it would undoubtedly pay much more than her apprenticeship at the workshop. It wasn?t an easy task; her father lost his job with the commercial company, and searched for months on end for a new one. Taspa had to put her flying aspirations on hold while she helped her father search for a job, since there wasn?t enough money to put her through flight school to earn a permit for commercial flight. After a year of searching, her father was finally able to find a job in a factory, which meant that he was away from his family for most of the day while earning low wages. Frustrated by this,>
  3. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    I don't know who drew this poster for one of our previous titles, but it is very, very good!


    Pretty sure I never saw it in the game thread.
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