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Spring, MO Life After Episode III

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by Nikana-, May 25, 2005.

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  1. Nikana-

    Nikana- Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 13, 2005
    I caught this article on TFN and I didn't know if you all had seen it. We've got a lot to look forward to and lots to do in time to come. Read on:

    Life After Revenge of the Sith

    Posted By Scott on May 16, 2005

    As I walked out of a screening of Revenge of the Sith, I was left with mixed emotions. I was excited to have just seen the final prequel, but I was also sad that it was finally all over. I was left thinking, ?Now what?? And as I thought about it, I realized there?s quite a bit for Star Wars fans to look forward to. So as you walk out of the theater and your eyes adjust to the light again, here are a few things to remind you that the Force will be with you?.always:

    - Revenge of the Sith DVD (Fall 2005) ? Around October or November you can look forward to getting ROTS on DVD. It will have all sorts of deleted scenes on it and all the great ?making of? features we?ve seen in the past. Look for yet another big Burger King promotion to coincide with this.

    - Clone Wars Volume II DVD (Fall 2005?) ? These cartoons lead right into the beginning of Episode III, so it?s likely the DVD will come out at the same time as the ROTS DVD. And with over an hour of animation, it?s like getting a whole other Star Wars movie.

    - Droids and Ewoks Series DVDs (2006?) ? Sure, they already released Droids and Ewoks on DVD, but these weren?t the entire series. LFL hinted that DVDs of the entire series were in the works, but no release date was mentioned. Some time in 2006 might be a logical time to release them.

    - Computer Animated Clone Wars Cartoons (2006?) ? Some time late in 2006 we might be able to expect the first of the new Star Wars TV series we?ve been hearing about. LFL is already gearing up to make them and the production time for the animated show is probably shorter than that of the live action series. Could we expect it in the Fall of next year? And, of course, you can expect a DVD release of the series probably some time a year or so after airing. Let?s not forget toys and merchandise associated with this, too.

    - Celebration 4 / 30th Anniversary (Summer 2007) ? At C3 there was already talk of C4, and it was mentioned that it could be timed with the 30th Anniversary of A New Hope. And for better or worse, there?s a chance Gen Con won?t be hosting it. Where might C4 pop up next?

    - Star Wars Saga DVDs (2007?) ? We all know they?re going to release all six Star Wars movies in one massive DVD package. The question is when will it take place and what will be on it? The 30th Anniversary seems like a likely time to release it. And I?m sure Lucas will tinker with all the films again for this release. Look for all the vintage ?making of? shows as well as other goodies not released before. Start saving pennies now. And will they re-release all six films on the big screen before putting them on DVD?

    - Star Wars Live Action Series (2007?) ? If Lucas starts filming the live action TV series set between ROTS and ANH in late 2006, you can probably expect to see it on TV in the Fall of 2007. And like the prequels, I bet there will be all sorts of spy reports and spoilers leading up to its release. I?ve always found Star Wars to be most exciting when Lucas lets other people play in his universe, so this TV series promises to be one of the most potentially satisfying entries into the world in a long time. With fans like Kevin Smith on board to contribute, Lucas looks like he?s on the right path for this already.

    - Star Wars ? 3-D (Unknown?) ? Lucas has shown a strong commitment towards putting all six Star Wars movies back on the big screen in 3-D, so not only will old fans get to enjoy them in a new way, but young kids will get a chance to seem them the way they were meant to be seen ? on the big screen. I?m sure the 3-D effects will dazzle even jaded Star Wars fans. The only question is how many digital screens will it take to make this worth doing for Lucas? Right now there aren?t enough digital screens and there doesn?t seem to be any sort of big drive to get more out there.

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  2. the_true_sith

    the_true_sith Jedi Youngling

    Aug 15, 2005
    i'm new to this forum thing...
    this IS a forum right? just because its called a board, doesnot mean it stops being a forum, right? i mean... i think.

    anyways, life after ep3:

    all i can say, as a true sith, is that before ep1, we were pariahs, then we became cool bi-colored dudes with double-enders, with ep2 we had a human face, ep3 made us the mean SoBs with the bigger guns!

    what i think as a SW fan:

    before ep1, i really liked SW, really did, not to the point of pretending to be a jedi master (the sith don't do that) or anything. just was a fan who liked that peticular old scifi trilogy.
    (although Star Wars seemed WAAAY too real to be scifi, "scifi" qualifies only for star trek).

    when first viewing ep1, I TRULY CURSED GEORGE LUCAS!!
    The Force was a RELIGION FOR THE JEDI!! A RELIGION!?!?!
    that truly killed the myth, more than the midiclorians!

    ep2: Cursed be that moron who helped with the writing! too much effort to make padme ressemble leia! but people will only remember the special effects...

    ep3: the loop is looped, we can go home now.

    AFTER EP3:
    i wanna go to sleep and dream of the original trilogy only, remember the return of the jedi wher in the same movie there were Ewoks and THE METAL BIKINI (purveyor of many sexual fantasies of my generation).

    The Jedi murdered the Force, George Lucas murdered the fan that i was.

    good night...
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