Life, Cheese, and the Whole Weird Thang!!

Discussion in 'Santa Cruz, CA' started by GreyJediPathfinder, Mar 12, 2007.

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    Life is good!

    My job is going good, while I'm still a contract worker, and haven't been offered a position with the company yet, I'm getting a LOT of experience that will help me either keep this job or get a different job.

    Damon and I are going to start house-hunting in July. We both have a 30-min drive to work right now, and are planning on finding a house a lot closer to Damon's work at least.

    Unfortunately, we won't be making it out to CIV. Just not enough free funds available right now as we had to buy a second car since our work schedules are very different.

    On the flip side, my Lego collection is growing by leaps and bounds. Damon keeps calling me his 'Lego Master'. What can I say? It keeps me busy, it's something that I highly enjoy, and I'm good at finding those odd pieces needed for the Star Wars sets! And while I don't own the Death Star, an Imp Star, or the other larger sets...yet.... I do have a squadron of droid fighters! My entire front room and dining roon is decorated with Star Wars Legos. So, I'm weird, I never denied that! I fit into the SCFF better this way!!

Thread Status:
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