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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Darth_Walters, Aug 11, 2006.

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  1. Darth_Walters

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    Feb 15, 2006
    ~Life?s Fate~

    The Year Of Darkness: ^1680

    Hyorn two dash eighty-eight?s breath could be seen in the cold air as he exhaled. It was below thirty degrees, if not for eighty-eight?s pre-programmed loyalty he would not be out here. Like all Hyorns, eighty-eight was forever loyal to Gallath Gears, who was currently the world?s tyrant. Eighty-eight licked his chapped lips as he secured his plasma strap-on gun to his arm. With a whole platoon of Hyorns with full plasma tanks they had no chance. Eighty-eight?s Heads Up Display flashed telling him he was wanted. He looked up and over to his left to see a fellow Hyorn, fifty-six, on another ledge. He shook his head at eighty-eight who in turn gave a five up. Eighty-eight opened up his HUD Comlink. ?We have them in contact, sir.? The comlink crackled as the other responded. ?When they are in plain site jump down and shoot to kill.? Eighty-eight ended the transmission and stood up.


    Six figures can be seen walking down what use to be the main hall of the CORAX Church. A Wizard, an Archer, a Knight, a Hacker, a Mechanic, and a mercenary. Each carrying the weapon or tool of his or her choice. A female voice broke the silence, ?They did this on purpose.? She moved her hand over the smooth surface of her breast plate. ?Where else will the locals be able to worship the Corax?? Another voice spoke up, ?This is a small village, they must be up to something we can?t guess at.? The conversation stopped as they walked out from under the roof and into the main ruin. Without out a sound and without anyone noticing they were surrounded. ?Hyorns, class two? on of the heroes remarked. An elite Hyorn stepped out, ?This rebellion ends now.?

    ~They were the light that shone in the bleak darkness. Did that light go out or did it continue to burn?~


    It is now the year of 1700, and a new generation of heroes has appeared. Gear?s empire has grown much since the Year Of Darkness and the world is now a horrible place to live. Will you strive for peace?

    I would like to welcome you to my RPG, Life?s Fate! I, for now, will be the only GM. First off I want to explain my story. My RP is totally made up, it is not based off of anything. I may though include things that are similar to other franchises. Ok as you can see you will be playing the roles of the heroes, perhaps later in the game I will allow some people to be villains. Now for the Character Sheet:

    ~Character Sheet~

    Nick Name: (If Any)
    Class/rank: (Wizard, soldier, ect. If you would like to be a rebirth of one of the heroes that?s fine.)
    Weapon: (Must comply with your rank or class)
    Skills: (Must comply with your rank or class)
    Body Type:
    Other Info:

    So just PM me those Character Sheets


    1. I, the GM, rule!
    2. Any major changes in plot must be approved by me first
    3. You must be an experienced RPer
    4. Follow the TOS
    5. No GodModding
    6. Only one character per person
    7. Have Fun! And give suggestions!

    Well I hope everyone who wants to join will PM. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to PM me.
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