Lions and Tigers and Padawans, Oh My! (Humor/JA)

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    Okay...this is actually the third incarnation of LTP. The first got eaten by the transfer to Snowboard, which was unfortunate. The second got locked and whilst I know I could ask for an admin to unlock it (as I was actually in the middle of writing the epilogue) I have been subtly tweaking the story here and there to make it fit better with what happens in ANTAR and TLST retrospectively. I'm hoping this will be the final and definitive version.

    I doubt LTP will get many new readers after all this time but (she said hopefully) you can never tell! :) :) :) If anyone does read this, please drop in and give us a wave! :)

    Note: LTP was a round robin. The following people took part in writing the story:


    Healer Leona

    The Musical Jedi

    Dagan Conner

    Jedi Kylenn

    Opi Wan Cannoli


    My grateful thanks to all of them.


    (Post written by Jemmiah)

    "No master, please... not the zoo!"

    As the words left his mouth, Obi-Wan's eye brows climbed to a seemingly impossible height, as if trying to escape from off his face altogether. His master turned to look at him, stifling the slightest of sighs and crossing his arms across his chest to emphasize that the situation was irrevocable. Not that Qui-Gon didn't sympathize with his 21-year-old apprentice; a trip to the zoo with the youngest of the Jedi initiates would not have been high on his own list of must-do things. But there really was no choice...

    "I'm sorry, Obi-Wan, but this is not negotiable. The whole idea for this Padawan/Initiate excursion belongs to Master Yoda, and from experience it's better to bow and do as commanded. Not to mention less painful". Qui-Gon stroked his short beard absently. "For such a small being, that stick of his has a considerably impressive reach."

    One look at Obi-Wan's rapidly paling features told him that his attempt to inject some humor into proceedings had not been well received. The voice became firm once more.

    "You'll just have to grin and bear it, Padawan. You're going with the others from the temple and that is an end to it".

    Qui-Gon walked past his dejected apprentice into their living quarters, seating himself with as serene an expression as he could muster under the trying circumstances. He understood Obi-Wan's dismay. Both of them had more than earned a break from the constant field missions and somewhat tedious diplomatic duties that had become such a large part of their lives. The boy was feeling jaded, and Qui-Gon had promised some down time. But the Council had found a way to intrude on that, too. And neither of them liked it. As Obi-Wan followed his master into the room, Qui-Gon noticed the usual sparkle was completely absent from the his Padawan's eyes, and in it's place was a look of abject terror.

    "But master, I'll die!"

    At this declaration of woe, Qui-Gon failed to keep a smile from appearing on his lips.

    "Don't exaggerate, Obi-Wan".

    "I'm not!" Obi-Wan dropped theatrically to his knees. "Master, don't send me out there, please! You have no idea what it'll be like".

    "It's only the zoo, and it's only a group of children".


    Qui-Gon placed a hand to his broad forehead, trying to concentrate on the living force. Something else was going on here...

    "You like children". He replied calmly.

    "They don't like me!"

    They met each other?s stares in silence for a moment, before Obi-Wan wilted somewhat.

    "I've already got something to do".

    Qui-Gon caught his Padawan's nervous gulp. //Thought as much// he mused secretly. //And I think I know where this is going to go...//

    "I told Jemmy I'd meet her. She's leaving for Corellia tomorrow and I won't see her for the best part of four months..." The voice trailed off as Qui-Gon's expression became tight-lipped.

    Jemmiah Gleshan, the little Corellian waif that had somehow captured the heart of both himself and his apprentice on a dangerous mission some seven years ago. At the age of ten she had returned to Coruscant with them, eventually finding herself a hom
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    I'm happy to see this up Jemm! :D

    Wonderful opening. Poor Obi-Wan! :)
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    A repost/revision! :D Thanks, Jemmiah!
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    A chance to look back again!! :) :) :)

    Always love when the little green troll sneaks up on the big guy and pulls the rug from under him. :D :D :D
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    I had tried reading this on your site but I find it's one of those I prefer I can read in message board format. So you have a new reader that can't wait to read the whole thing.

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    Hi Hannah! :) Glad to have another reader!
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    theres no place like tatooine theres no place like tatooine *tap tap tap*
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    (posted by Healer Leona and Jemmiah)

    In the hanger waiting for the transport to the zoo twenty Jedi initiates ranging in ages of five to eight chattered incessantly among themselves. Their faces radiated the excitement they felt at an excursion away from the Jedi Temple.

    Twenty feet away a group of five Padawans stood silently watching. In contrast, their faces hung with all the gloom of death row inmates.

    Through the door the last of the group arrived.

    Quickly assessing the opposing groups, Qui-Gon led them to the sullen Padawans.

    "Good day, Padawans." he greeted, wondering if he looked as forlorn as they did.

    "Good day, Master Jinn, Master Windu." they responded half-heartedly, bowing their heads in respect.

    "Well, I suppose we should get things underway." Mace straightened, taking charge. A quick glance at Qui-Gon received an affirming nod.

    From the Padawans only unintelligible grumbles could be heard.

    In his peripheral vision Qui-Gon saw Mace roll his eyes and could sympathize. It was going to be far worse on the two adults. Both were Jedi Masters and would have to show the best example here. They didn't have the luxury to indulge themselves in adolescent moods, no matter how they felt.

    "Ok then" Mace clapped his hands, saying a silent prayer, "let's get this over with.

    At that he headed for the children who immediately quieted at the sight of him.

    Qui-Gon followed a few steps behind his friend then stopped. Turing around he looked at the motionless Padawans, his own in particular.

    Cocking his head in expectation, a frown on his face he waited for them to join him.

    A visible shrug of defiance ran through the group as they forced themselves to follow.

    Heaving a heavy sigh, Qui-Gon turned and continued to the transport.

    Boy, wasn't this going to be fun.


    "YIPPEEEEEEEEE! We're going to the zoo! We're going to have lots of fun! YIPEEEEEEE!"

    "If you don't quit saying 'Yippee' in that irritating Corellian accent," a somewhat pretentious young female voice answered the exclamations of joy from her fellow crèche mate, "I'm going to tell the masters on you!"

    Long pause.

    "YEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAH! We're going to the zooooo!" the youngster bounced happily about as he followed the long line of children walking to the transport.

    "Toms, shut up!" The blonde girl grabbed hold of the boy's arm and pulled him back into place. "Why can't you just be normal!"

    "Who wants to be normal?" Toms smirked cheekily up at her, batting fair lids over clear blue eyes. "That's boring! Hey," he declared in a loud voice. "Have you heard this one? A Corellian walked into a bar - OWWW!"

    "Trust it to be a Corellian." The girl sniffed. "And that was feeble."

    "You need to lighten up, Izzy-wizzy!" Toms beamed at her.

    "DON'T call me Izzy!" the girl glowered at him.

    "Why? It's your name."

    "It is NOT my name! My name is Isadora!" she harrumphed at him. "And you are just a?a?Gamorrean pig!"

    Toms stuck out his tongue at her. It wasn't a very mature thing to do but he didn't care. Isadora deserved everything she got for being such a meanie to everyone.

    "A pig walks on four legs and you walk on two,
    But the last pig that I saw looked very like YOU!" Sang Toms in a happy voice.

    "Urgh!" Isadora bellowed before moving up the line to be rid of the annoying initiate. "You are such a pain!"

    Toms shrugged and turned to his friend Kelda, a tall, lanky girl with a serious expression.

    "What did I say?" he wondered, shoving his hands into his pockets.

    "You said she looks like a pig. Maybe that had something to do with it." Kelda replied, not really caring.

    "But she does! Her nose turns up at the end?"

    "Toms, you're going to have to learn some tact." Kelda sighed, tugging her shoulder bag on her arm so that it would sit comfortably.

    "What's that?" the boy frowned. "I thought that's what you pinned flimsy sheets to the walls with."

    "TACT, Toms. Not tacks." Kelda rolled her eyes. "It means you ought to pay attention to what you say about someone or else the
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    Hmm, my one and only feeble post for this thread. :) :) Just couldn't get the courage to continue. I'm sure glad that changed with your next one Jemmy!! :) :)

    LOL!! Toms is such a scamp!! I love that he believes Isadora is sweet on him. 'hell hath no fury like a woman's corns." That'll keep me smiling the rest of the night here at work!!
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    It was by no means feeble, Leona! And we are glad that you're still with us on TLST after all this time, so you can look on that post as 'testing the water', as it were. :)

    "Hell hath no fury like a woman's corns." I remember hearing that when I was small and thinking that was what was said! :)
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    (Written by The Musical Jedi and Jemmiah)

    Qui-Gon and Mace began herding the initiates onto the transport requested by the Council for this endeavor. Glancing back at the Padawans, Qui-Gon started to get annoyed by the way they still were lagging back.

    <Come on> he called to them, <None of us want to be here any more than you do, but we all have to take it in stride. Remember that you?re all setting examples for these initiates. Now move!>

    The group of Padawans herded forward, climbing onto the bus. Qui-Gon turned to Mace. "How are we going to organize this? Group the kids up with a Padawan and you and I take a larger group?"

    Mace grinned. "It?d teach the Padawans some responsibility. How many initiates do we have? 28?"

    "Yes, that?s right; ten five-year-olds, eight six-year olds, seven seven-year-olds, and three eight-year-olds," Qui-Gon replied, taking a quick head count, "plus the five Padawans, sitting sullenly in a corner."

    "And a partridge in a pear tree. You know, what ever happened to good old missions to warring planets and try to get them to have peace with one another?" Mace asked, looking dejected.

    "I don?t know. I just don?t know," Qui-Gon replied. "All I know is that if we ever catch up with our little green friend, I say we take away his stick and make him in charge of their games for an afternoon or three."

    Mace grinned. "Sounds like a plan to me."


    The transport climbed upwards, launching itself effortlessly from the landing pad nearest the temple gardens and up into the cloudless sky, waiting to join one of the many long lines of air traffic above. From below the queues appeared to intersect each other as if part of some bizarre dance, forming pretty patterns amidst the perfect blue backdrop way above the tall buildings and towering skyscrapers. Once waiting in turn, chugging along with speed to rival an inebriated snail, the novelty well and truly wore off?

    So Obi-Wan thought as he reflected on his ill-luck for what seemed like the thousandth time in the space of a single hour, disliking intensely the fact he was stuck in a transport that swarmed with excitable initiates who were ooooohing and ahhhhhing at every vehicle that went past. Had he ever been like that, he wondered bleakly? And when had his sense of wonder disappeared?

    There was an old Corellian saying that bad luck went in threes. Well, Jemmy's leaving for Corellia certainly fitted into that equation. Then there was the added misfortune that he was stuck, squeezed inside an airbus like one amongst a herd of Nerf's going to market! Not exactly the best thing that had happened to him, especially seeing what had occurred the last time he had visited the zoo. Yes, that had been a few years ago now - but the mental scars remained?

    "You're thinking of her again." Tssked the condescendingly amused Jay Abran, who had been forced to squeeze his well-made physique between that of Obi-Wan and the slightly less muscle-bound form of Simeon Cates. "Force, it must be love!"

    "It's not love." Simeon shook his head in disagreement.


    "It's masochism." Ignoring the heat that radiated from Obi-Wan's eyes Simeon continued; "What else can it be when you enjoy getting bits of glass vase removed from your scalp? At least I'm assuming he enjoyed it: let's face it, if he keeps coming back for more he's gotta be a masochist."

    "Shut up Simeon, please?" Begged Obi-Wan, not knowing how much more he could take without going stark raving mad. He tried to call upon the force, attempting to calm him and control his anxieties, but there was just too much going on all around him. The children, usually so well behaved and diligent when in the care of the crèche masters had suddenly become bouncing coils of spring. From behind him Obi-Wan could feel Qui-Gon's eyes firmly on his shoulder blades. Was he trying to sense the cause of his apparent disquiet? That his thoughts - just as Abran had said - were dwelling upon Jemmy and the fact that he wouldn't see her for months and months?

    Or possibly never again?

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    Oh my. Two unhappy Masters, five sullen Padawans and twenty-eight rambuctious intitiates... all the ingrediants for a great time!! :) :)

    Love how Isadora just hangs on to Obi-Wan...and how satisfied he is at seeing and sensing the trouble of the others!!
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    "Qui-Gon, please, slow down!"

    Master Windu had to raise his voice over the squealing laughter of two six year olds who were running round and round him in circles, one trying to tag the other. He watched as another of them tried to hide under his robe. Did I ever have that much energy, he wondered briefly? And if I did, where did it go?

    "Come on out from there. It's against the temple rules to hide under a Jedi master's cloak, especially when he's in it."

    The children slowed gradually, and the little one came out from his hiding place, staring defiantly.

    "I've never heard of that rule." he stated in disbelief.

    "Would I lie to you?" Windu replied, crouching down to the boy?s level and making a crossing motion over his heart.

    The eyes squinted as the child considered this.

    "Padawan Kenobi says that you are one of the most accomplished fibbers that the Jedi order has ever seen," he quoted word for word, "I heard him say so to Padawan Cates and Padawan Abran in the transport on the way here." The boy scratched his head. "Is that good Master Windu? I thought Jedi's weren't s'posed to fib."

    Windu's mouth dropped open. This was getting interesting.

    "Oh, did he? And what else did Padawan Kenobi have to say?"

    "That if Master Jinn found out that you'd been helping him to sneak off and meet his friend in secret that he'd have both your hides used as temple crash-mats."

    Pride glowed on the little boy?s face. He was one of those annoying kids with perfect recall, and every word, every inflection and rounded vowel was repeated to recreate Obi-Wan's smug tones.

    "Padawan Kenobi has a very big mouth." muttered Master Windu. "He's also irritatingly sure of himself, in which respect he's just like his master."

    Mace glanced over his shoulder to see the man in question enduring in stoic, Jedi fashion a session of hair pulling by little Sabra-Ni Gil, a dark haired youngster with an unfortunate tendency to not fully control her bladder properly. As they had both found out to their cost.

    Words formed in Windu's mind. <Mace> they said, <help me! >

    The master straightened up, sighing. Let's see if this diversion works, he thought.

    "Who's for more Candyfloss?"

    The screaming in the affirmative of eight high pitched voices almost caused Windu not to hear the <More! > from his friend. < Tell me, Mace, have you ever seen eight projectile vomiting kids? It's not a pretty vision. All that pink and green fluffy stuff cannot be good for them, and you want to give them MORE?!>

    <They like it! >

    <You'll regret it; I'm warning you. >

    <Look, just shut up and leave the thinking to me. Weren't you ever a kid? Besides, when they're eating their mouths are full and they can't talk>


    <Good idea>

    <Yes, well. Deviousness is one of my stronger points, or so I've been told already today. >

    <Let's just buy them the stuff. My hair's being pulled out in clumps and the rate this little girl's going I'll soon be resembling you! >

    <Very amusing. >

    The walked over to the vendor, and bought an array of multi-colored and sugary confections. Qui-Gon was still not convinced. To quote his Padawan, he had a very bad feeling about this. Then they made their way to a large ceramic tiled seating area, whilst the children ate and played, staying in the masters line of vision as instructed. Mace sat down, groaning.

    "I'm getting old, Qui." he stated flatly.

    His friend smiled at him. "You ARE old, Mace."

    "And what does that make you?"

    "I have a Padawan to train. Just trying to keep up with Obi-Wan helps me stay in shape." He poked Windu in the tummy. "You're getting flabby, my friend."

    "I'm not flabby!"

    "You couldn't keep up when we climbed that hill to the Reptalon enclosure." He finished smugly.

    "I can out-last you any day!"

    "Want to bet on that?"

    Windu looked uncomfortable. "Jedi don't bet."


    He looked into the large field opposite. It contained some rubbery looking, brown scaly creatures of disproportionate size with a single large horn on its nos
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    (Posted by Jemmiah)


    Jemmiah Gleshan sat fidgeting as she waited for the transport to take her to the zoo. Not perhaps the venue she would ordinarily have chosen to say goodbye to her boyfriend.

    Rela and Spider apart, she'd not made too many close friends outside the temple since her arrival several years ago, but that had never bothered her. She'd always been a loner, always having to rely on herself and she just couldn't shake the habit, even after all this time. There was of course her guardian Evla Sovalla, who had taken her in and adopted her as her own, putting her own needs before all others, for which Jemmy had boundless gratitude. She cared for her foster parent very much...but she sometimes felt as if she had never fitted in.

    Not just on Coruscant, but on Corellia and then Nargotria, where Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan had first found her.

    Obi-Wan- he'd been such a good friend to her, understanding her occasional bouts of frustrated temper, the overly high spirits, and the endless pranks. He was so often away on field missions and for her part she missed him very much during her once yearly stay on Corellia with her Uncle. She dug her nails into her hands when she thought that tears were about to spill from her eyes. She was due to embark on that particular journey once more.

    Tomorrow, infact.

    She didn't mind her Uncle. He had been kind and supportive of her once an agreement had been reached regarding her future but there had been an initial period of over a year whilst endeavors were made to locate any living relatives, all fruitless as it happened, in which she had formed a bond of sorts with Evla from the temple crèche, and who had decided to offer her a roof over her head. Qui-Gon Jinn had supported the decision, being loosely speaking the one who had championed her cause in the first place. Even Yoda seemed to have an inexplicable liking for her.

    Her horror could not be expressed in words when her Uncle was eventually located and he and his wife had filed for custody. Qui-Gon had been distraught on Evla's part. The lawyers not unnaturally leaned towards her uncle. Obi-Wan had been her only true source of comfort. A fellow child who could understand a child?s tears.

    Her savior, she grinned at the thought, had been Yoda himself. She never knew what he had said to swing things her way but her Uncle had relented, realizing that it was important that she should have the choice in the direction her future would take. She had chosen Coruscant. But part of the settlement had been an insistence that for three to four months of the year, she spend time with her Uncle and his wife.

    And their three sons.

    The transport shuddered as it continued its journey. She hated public transport, part of the legacy of not liking to get too close to people, and here she was, surrounded by beings with the most raucous voices imaginable... and with the most dubious personal hygiene. Literally trapped. Squashed between two bulky figures whose elbows insisted on digging into her side at all times, forced to listen to their inane conversations. Sith, how she wished the transport would arrive!

    She took a calming breath, trying to remember what Obi-Wan had taught her about stress control. One didn't have to be a Jedi to meditate and think relaxing thoughts. But, Jemmy thought grimly, it probably helped. He'd assisted her with all manner of things. How to bite her tongue in difficult situations. How to be considerate to other beings less well off. In return, she'd taught him all her best Corellian swear words.

    She'd thought it a fair exchange.

    In truth, Jemmiah didn't think Obi-Wan's lessons had done her very much good in the long run. The temper management one had been a disaster. Only two months ago she had smashed him over the head with what she could only describe as a rather mingy looking glass vase.

    Unfortunately Qui-Gon had seen the deed committed. She had apologized on the spot, offering to pay for damages, medic bills, only to be met by stony silence. As Master Jinn had wrapped a towel rou
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    I just adore this story Jemmiah!

    Just uping this to where it belongs! ;)

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    LOL! I love how Mace and Qui-Gon were sitting on the bench, thinking they should get moving but were too tired to get up. And the conversation between the ladies on the transport was great! So many little details I had forgotten. :D
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    I agree about all the little details Imzadi. It's amazing thinking back to being introduced to these characters who I've grown to know and love.
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    "Yes. Master Cheat and Padawan Junkie they called you two."

    rotfl! [face_laugh] I bow before Jemmiah's superior cheek in dealing with annoying old ladies. 8-}
    more soon...
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    (Posted by The Musical Jedi & Jemmiah)


    Mace Windu glanced around the small initiates massed around his feet. Taking a quick count, the blood in his face began to drain. "Qui-Gon?" he said, glancing around hastily. "We?re missing one."

    Qui-Gon was kneeled on the ground tying a shoelace of a younger boy who kept wiping his nose with the back of his hand. His head shot up to look at his friend?s face, hoping to see mirth in his eyes. "You?re kidding, right?" he said, finishing with the shoelace and producing a handkerchief from a pouch on his utility belt, which he thrust at the boy. The boy took it, looked at it, and then tied it around his head like Qui-Gon?s hair, mimicking him.

    "Sith, no, not at a time like this. We?re missing an initiate," he replied, counting the group for the third time. "I only get seven heads each time I?ve done this."

    "Force. The little green troll is really going to have our hides if we don?t find him," Qui-Gon replied, taking another count for himself. Running a hand through his hair, he turned around, frowning at the little boy who was doing the same. He stopped, blushed a deep red, bowed his head modestly, and proffered the handkerchief back. Qui-Gon didn?t pay attention long enough to notice. "Sith!" he muttered under his breath. "I?ll go look for him. You keep an eye on them and don?t let them out of your sight!"

    Mace shook his head, wondering how he was going to occupy the group. "All right, but you owe me on this."

    Qui-Gon looked back grimly. "If I don?t find the kid, it doesn?t really matter, now does it?" he replied anxiously.

    Settling off into a crowed, Qui-Gon traced the steps that the group had taken back towards the entrance. Suddenly, he caught sight of medium-sized, chestnut-haired girl. Jemmiah? He thought wonderingly to himself. What is she doing here? He saw her glance furtively around, check a chrono hanging on a wall, and then set off determinedly in down one of the paths.

    Suddenly, a small set of hands latched onto his leg. "Daddy!" a high-pitched voice squealed. Looking down in surprise, Qui-Gon saw a young blond-haired, blue-eyed little boy attached to his kneecap. The little boy looked up and paled, fear etched across his face. "You?re not my daddy," he trembled, letting go. Tears began to form at the edge of his eyes, and he rubbed a chubby hand across his face, trying to get rid of them. "Where?s my daddy? He?s gone! He left me! I?m never going to see Mommy or Daddy again!!" the little boy began wailing at the top of his lungs. He cried even harder.

    Feeling terrible about causing such grief, Qui-Gon stooped down until he was eye level with the boy. "I?ll help you find your daddy," he said gently. People began to stare at the oddly dressed man and the screaming little boy.

    He pushed at Qui-Gon and looked angry. "No, you?re not my daddy. Go ?way!!"

    Glancing to his left, Qui-Gon stared at a pair of knee length boots and the dark blue of uniform pants. Looking up, he saw a security guard, tapping his billy club against the palm of one hand.

    "Is there a problem here?" he asked sternly.

    Qui-Gon opened his mouth to speak but never got the chance. "He?s not my daddy!" the little boy wailed again, tears streaming down his checks. "I can?t find my daddy or my mommy!"

    The guard looked humorlessly at the Jedi Master. "And what?s your story?"

    "I?m here with initiates from the Jedi Temple, and one of them got separated from our group. I went looking for him and this little boy grabbed onto my leg, thinking I was his father, then went into hysterics," Qui-Gon replied, looking hopeful. The little boy continued crying noisily.

    "Uh-huh," the guard responded dubiously. "Sir, you need to come with me. I think you and I need to have a little chat about the wrongs of kidnapping innocent children." He produced a pair of arm restraints and put them on the Master?s wrists. "Come with me, son, we?ll find your parents and keep you away from this nasty, mean, old man."

    Unceremoniously, Qui-Gon was hauled to the containment area. S
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    *begins to do the Happy Dance*

    I am sooooooooo happy to see this being reposted! The story that started it all! :D :D :D

    *rubs hands in excitement*

    Can't wait for more! :) :) :)
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    You just have to love it when Obi says *elusive*. Who wouldn't? :D
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    (Posted by Jemmiah)


    "...And this is the Murrit enclosure." the keeper indicated with a general sweep of his arm.

    Mace Windu felt as if he was glowing. Infact, he felt positively radiant. In many ways, this was his greatest triumph since he had gone from Padawan to knight.

    The kids were quiet!

    He'd cracked it! The little horrors were listening attentively to the animal keeper, literally hanging on his every word, excited at the chance to actually mingle with the creatures and see them face to face instead of behind a force barrier. It had taken a little persuasion on Mace's part for the eight strong private party of master and initiates to be allowed into the enclosure itself, but the keeper had taken pity on him and agreed, on condition that everyone was silent and well behaved.

    The keeper had stressed the well-behaved part, Windu had noticed, before fixing him with an "OR ELSE" kind of look. But then again, if you can't trust a Jedi to remain calm and placid in times of chaos, who could you?

    If only Qui-Gon was here to see this wondrous transformation from hellions to little angels in one fell swoop. Mace wondered if his friend had had any luck with locating the little boy, and found himself glancing at his wrist chrono. //I hope he finds him soon,// he thought, hissing through clenched teeth. Yoda would have them dismembered if they didn't. Or worse still, assisting the temple cooks for a month...

    He was brought back to the present by a quite deliberate kick to the shin.

    "You're not listening." the little girl hissed at him. Frowning, as he rubbed his injured leg, Mace tried for appearance sake to look interested. After all, if the kids could stay quiet, he could stay awake.


    It appeared that they were just past the Murrit breeding season, but for as yet unexplained reasons the egg production of the impossibly hairy creatures had been extremely low.

    "It's probably because we had to move them to a larger enclosure earlier in the year." explained the keeper in hushed tones. "Murrit's are very territorial creatures. They don't like a lot of disturbance to their surrounds. We think that by moving them we may have stressed them slightly, hence the low egg production."

    Sabra-Ni held up her hand to ask a question. "Why do they lay eggs? They've got fur."

    The keeper smiled. "That's a good question. Usually, it's birds and reptilian creatures that lay eggs..."

    "And spiders." whispered one of the older girls.

    "Yes." agreed the keeper, slightly annoyed at the interruption.

    "And fish." muttered another girl.

    "Yes, thank you." glared the keeper, with a just-who's-the-expert-here-anyway look about him. "However, this is a prime example of how truly diverse nature is. Murrits are warm blooded, lactating animals that just happened to lay eggs. Nobody knows why."

    "Because eggs go better with toasted bread!" giggled Sabra-Ni.

    Mace recalled Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon's earlier urge to hit their heads off various walls and supporting structures and found that it was all he could do to stop himself from walking over to the nearest tree to do likewise.

    "Why are they so far away?" Kelda Rosset asked in disappointment, pointing to a group of suspicious looking Murrits hovering some forty feet away.

    "Well, because they don't know who you are," the keeper tried to console her gently, "They're used to myself and the other keepers, infact they're quite tame. They're hanging back to see if you're a threat to themselves and the few eggs they've managed to produce."

    As he spoke, one of the male Murrits started to edge its way forward out from the tall grasses where they were congregating. For some reason Mace couldn't fathom, it seemed to have fixed its beady eyes firmly on him...

    The keeper continued cautiously, "Murrits make very protective parents. They have special grips on their feet like suckers, that help to grip hold of their eggs. They secrete a rather foul smelling glue-like substance from glands in their paws that allow them to do this. Once the Murr
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