Lions and tigers and padawans, oh my!

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    <wiping tears out of eyes>

    Come on! This is now torture since we have to wait for MORE!
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    ?Has anyone seen Master Windu?? Qui-Gon kept has voice controlled and steady. ?Did anyone see where he went??

    His question was met with a host of blank stares.

    ?Fantastic.? Muttered the tall Jedi. ?Just what we need.?
    An-Paj scanned the surrounding area. ?He?s not very far away, I don?t think. At least, that?s what it feels like to me.?
    ?I agree.? Jinn nodded. He looked over to his padawan. ?How is he doing??
    ?Collectively or as individual pieces?? The healer asked. ?I should think he?ll almost be pleased to be back on the ward after today?s little adventure.?
    ?Stupid, stupid Mace!? Qui-Gon hissed. ?Letting a child drive an overcrowded speeder. If there are any medical bills you can send them to him!?
    ?Easy, my friend.? An-Paj replied softly. ?This won?t help your apprentice.? His eyes lit up. ?A Bacta tank is what WILL help your apprentice, and a nice long stay with the healers.? He said it loudly enough for his voice to carry to Obi-Wan. ?They?ve really missed you, my lad.?

    ?I haven?t missed them.? Kenobi moaned.

    ?Now, now.? An-Paj walked over to him, Qui-Gon at his side. ?I hope you?re going to be a little better behaved than you were after you recovered from that incident with the fountain.?
    ?What was this?? Qui-Gon frowned.
    ?Nothing, master.? Obi-Wan hurried to reassure him. ?Really nothing.? He persisted, seeing Qui-Gon?s sceptical look.
    ?Now, don?t be modest. As I recall,? An-Paj turned to Jinn with a smirk growing on his face, ?he asked Jemmiah to fetch him a bed pan. Didn?t he?? He asked the Corellian girl.
    ?Yeah.? She confirmed, nodding in an exaggerated fashion.
    ?So? What was wrong with that?? Qui-Gon wondered.
    ?After a few moments, he threw it at Healer Leona. It hit her on the head?
    ?Padawan!? Jinn scolded.
    ?It gets worse.? An-Paj chortled.
    ?It was full.? Said Jemmiah.

    Qui-Gon glared at Obi-Wan.
    ?She was trying to get a blood sample.? Kenobi whined. ?She was being very persistent.?
    ?The boy was somewhat overwrought. After all, it?s not everyday you get revived by someone wearing only skimpy, see-through underwear. Eh, Jemmiah??
    ?Excuse me?? Jinn folded his arms.
    ?I took my clothes off to keep him warm. It?s not like I thought to myself: I really must see what he looks like in my dress and jacket. I?m not a complete pervert, you know.?
    ?Not a complete one, no.? Muttered Simeon in the background.
    ?It gave the healers something to talk about, I can tell you.? An-Paj smiled sweetly.
    ?I?m not surprised.? Qui-Gon gave her a hard look.
    ?And you know what our conclusion was??
    ?What?? Frowned Jemmiah.
    ?You?d have suited something a little lower cut. In red.?

    She grinned.

    ?They were a present from Ben?? She half giggled and looked up at Qui-Gon. ?Ooops.?

    Jinn transferred his menacing stare to his padawan.

    ?Does that mean the sympathy?s worn off, master?? He guessed.
    ?What do you think?BEN.? His eyes gleamed dangerously.

    Kenobi gulped.
    ?I think my leg hurts.?
    ?Well,? An-Paj said cheerfully, ?the sympathy might have worn off, but if the painkiller does the same, we?ve got plenty more where that came from.? He pretended to look in his bag for another Hypodermic. ?Need some more, Kenobi??
    ?It?s not that bad.? Obi-Wan backtracked.

    Qui-Gon couldn?t believe his padawan?s bad behaviour.

    ?See where your oh, so generous presents have got the two of you now? Don?t think for a moment that you have heard the last of this topic. Either of you. We shall be discussing the whole sorry affair after you?ve had medical attention. I?m really disappointed in you both.? He stalked off with his words of shame and retribution hanging on the air.

    ?Sith, it was only underwear.? Jemmiah complained, ?Doesn?t he wear any??
    ?Not of the see-through variety, no.? Obi-Wan mumbled.
    ?Now there?s a thought.? Grinned Jemmy.

    An-Paj watched the two of them speaking together in hushed tones, and found himself becoming increasingly confused. Occasionally, Kenobi would scrunch his face up with pain, and Jemmiah would quietly reach for his hand and squeeze it gently. It seemed to the healer that the two of them were still very much a coup
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    A bedpan? LOL A full bedpan? ROFLOL
    I've finished reading that post and I'm still laughing.

    Jemmiah your stories are quite the treasure.

    Still laughing.

    BTW- I wonder, do healers get hazard pay?

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    This is absolutely hilarious!
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    Healerleona, I'm sure healers get hazard pay when Obi-Wan is in the infirmary. BTW, EEWWWWWWWW!
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    I certainly think Obi-Wan's healers should get danger money...

    ?This is getting like a third rate holo-thriller!? Jemmiah squealed, placing herself between Master Jinn and the direction of the terrible roar. The move surprised Qui-Gon.
    ?Get back to the others!? He began to gently push her away.
    ?D?you think it?s that snake thing again?? Jemmiah asked. ?I could do without a reintroduction. The last meeting left quite an impression.?

    He shook his head.

    ?No, it?s something different.? Qui-Gon was alert and ready, senses straining to the limit.
    ?What about Master Windu?? Jemmiah?s eyes darted anxiously to into the dark.
    ?Never mind about Master Windu, get back to the others!? Jinn snapped.
    ?Fine. Go ahead and get eaten. I save your life: you throw it away. Seems reasonable.? She moved backwards, still looking over her shoulder. ?I don?t think you should tackle this alone, Master Jinn. I?ve got??
    ?If you?ve got a bad feeling about this, I REALLY don?t want to hear it!? Qui-Gon raised an arm in warning. ?Now for the last time move!?

    ?I think that was the sound of something very big? Simeon gulped.
    ?And very hungry.? Kenobi groaned.
    ?There speaks the voice of experience.? An-Paj muttered. ?I don?t know what that thing was, but I sure wouldn?t want to meet it on a dark night.?

    A dozen eyes fixed themselves upon the healer.

    ?Sorry.? He apologised. ?I forgot where I was.?
    ?The keeper seems to have passed out.? Jay Abran noticed. ?If we could get his gun away from him, perhaps we could use it to tranquillise that?that thing.?
    ?I saw what it did to Master Windu,? Bai rubbed his hands nervously, ?I?d sooner take my chances with it as it is.?
    ?I don?t know.? Kenobi joked weakly, ?I don?t think I?d be scared of a twenty-foot, flower wearing monster that thought it was a duck.?
    ?Healer An-Paj, sir. We have to get the kids away.? Kylenn?s earlier fears came back. ?Start by evacuating everyone we can??
    ?What about me?? Kenobi demanded, biting down the waves of pain.
    ?Sorry, Obi. You?ll just slow us down.? Abran replied.
    ?And whilst it?s munching on you, we can leggit out of here. So you see, your sacrifice won?t have been in vain.? Simeon pointed out in a reasonable tone.
    ?It?s at times like these you find out who your friends are.? Kenobi grimaced.
    ?Survival of the fittest.? Abran shrugged. ? I?m no creature?s dental floss!?

    Mace lay on the ground, looking up.

    The Krayt dragon, towering high above, returned his stare.

    This is NOT good, thought Windu. Not good at all. The last thing he remembered, he was bending over to pick some flowers. He couldn?t even remember why now, except that Depa Billaba?s future happiness depended on it. And then he?d heard this roar?

    For some strange reason, Mace felt that it wasn?t actually him the dragon was after. It regarded him with a condescending curiosity, but Windu was in no mood to test his theory up close. In the back of his head, he heard Qui-Gon.
    < Mace, are you OK?>
    <Aaaggggh?> was all that Windu?s mind could come out with.
    <Aaaggh> He gurgled. This thing was BIG!
    <Are you hurt?>
    <Hold on!>

    ?I don?t want to die!? Bai muttered nervously.
    ?We could draw lots to see who stays behind to help distract it.? Jemmiah suggested by way of a joke.

    To her amazement, everyone took her seriously.

    Jay Abran picked up a series of long stemmed-grasses, breaking off one of them about half way down.
    ?We all pick, so that if it comes down to it, one of us will make the supreme sacrifice and stay behind to fight it along with Master Jinn.? He looked at the others.
    ?Ladies first.? He said, offering the grasses to Kylenn.

    She swallowed. ?That one.? She said curtly, reaching out and pulling out a long stem. The relief on her face was clear to see.
    ?You don?t have to pick.? Obi-Wan scolded Jemmiah as she prepared to select her stem. ?You?re not a padawan.?
    ?I?m just as capable of being eaten as the next person. Oh, maybe not,? she amended, realising that the
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    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Geneva,Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Anyone fancy an Obi-Snack?

    Another classic line. Where do you come up with them?
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    Man, everyone is thinking of Jedi food! (refer to [shameless self promotion] my fanfic, The worst thing a Jedi could go Through...[/shameless self promotion])

    Oh come on, Obi-Wan can't defend himself, let alone his Master! I think we should see An-Paj in the battle don't you? I'm sure Yoda's tight form could take care of the little brats, (Padawan's included)
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    Oh, we'll just have to wait and see how effective Obi-Wan can be without the power of his legs...

    ?I don?t believe it!? Qui-Gon nearly jumped out of his skin.
    ?YOU don?t believe it?? Mace Windu trembled. He never took his eyes from the Krayt Dragon for one moment. Those huge, red-gold eyes seemed to bore into his soul and leave him hypnotised.
    ?It?s?it?s a?? Qui-Gon seemed stuck for words.
    ?It?s a Sithly Krayt Dragon, Qui!? Mace slithered away, backwards, one buttock at a time. ?What do you suggest we do??
    ?I suggest we keep still.?
    ?Great. That?s your master plan??
    ?No. I suggest if we find keeping still is not a practical option then we run like stink!?
    ?I like that one better.? Mace replied, trying to get to his feet. ?Let?s see what it?s like in the application, shall we??

    Qui-Gon nodded. The Dragon licked its lips.

    ?Ready?? He asked Windu.
    ?You betcha.? Mace nodded.
    ?Well, old-timer. Last one out of this zoo is a Siths? breakfast! One?two??
    ?THREE!? Squeaked Mace and turned and ran on his heels before Qui-Gon could finish his countdown.

    ?Something?s not right.? An-Paj murmured. ?I can feel it.?

    His mind was sending him pictures that he didn?t want to receive, that somehow seemed very real and yet he felt couldn?t possibly be right. It felt like an invasion of his brain, and not a welcome one.

    ?An-Paj?? Kenobi looked at him. He?d sensed it, too.
    ?Yes, I know, son. It?s more than a bad feeling this time.?

    Jemmiah shivered. She didn?t need to be force sensitive to know that there was trouble brewing.

    ?Qui-Gon?s in trouble.? An-Paj said instinctively.
    Obi-Wan and Jemmiah exchanged frightened glances.
    ?I?ll go take a look. Jemmiah, you stay here with Kenobi. Bai and Jay, you come with me.?

    Ocen-Bai Talz and Menali-Jay Abran hung back for a moment, then nodded. Fear pressed down upon Jemmiah as she saw the three figures hurriedly making their way to where An-Paj had felt the source of the trouble to be. Light was beginning to filter into the sky, turning the dark blue sky to a brighter shade. The two ghostly figures finally disappeared from sight.

    ?It?s Master Mace! It?s not Qui-Gon?it?s Master Mace!? Kenobi yelled as if in the middle of a nightmare. ?He?s being attacked! You?ve got to help him!?

    Kylenn was on her feet in a flash, heart pounding. ?He?s right! It?s that creature!? She was terrified, but kicked her fear into place with an enormous surge of the force. Her legs were telling her not to move, but her brain urged her into action. She ignited her lightsabre. ?Simeon, you?ll have to go with me.?
    ?He doesn?t know what time of day it is!? Jemmiah shouted at her. ?You can?t take him for back up!?
    ?There isn?t anyone else.? She dragged Simeon by the arm.
    ?Come on, smiler. We?ve got a Jedi master to rescue.?
    ?But?? Jemmiah stammered.
    ?You stay where you are.? Obi-Wan moaned. ?I think you?ve damaged yourself enough in the last twelve hours, don?t you??
    ?Oh, speak!? Jemmy sat beside him. Kylenn and Simeon were already out of sight.


    ?Something?s watching us.?
    ?I don?t feel anything.? Kenobi closed his eyes, and once again felt something brush the edge of his mind. Yes, there WAS something. But what?

    ?Get the kids into the wrecked transport!? Obi-Wan felt a wave of pain from his broken leg.
    ?The top is all caved in!?
    ?The locking system works; that?s all that matters. It probably won?t be small enough to get through the whole in the top. Get going!?
    ?I can?t leave you on your own! I?m NOT doing it.? She began to get frightened.
    ?Don?t make me use a mind trick, Jemmy.? He growled.
    ?You wouldn?t!?
    ?You want to risk it? You?re wasting time! I?ve got Master Yoda to help me.?
    ?Neither of you can walk, Ben!? She screamed.
    ?Stop picking faults in my plan and get moving!?

    The fury in her eyes told Obi-Wan that he hadn?t heard the last of this.

    ?OK, kids. Commander Cripple and the Incapacitated Kid here want us to run as fast as we can back to the transport. Got that??
    ?But it?s all bashed in!? Whimpered the Wookie Initiate.
    ?Tell that to him!? She
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    A Force-sensitive dragon using illusions, how incredibly imaginative.
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    Jemmiah, this is the funniest story!I've just finished reading it. Keep going! You're great!
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    ohhh, DARTH DRAGON! Awesome!
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    I'm going to be naive and say...


    te he he he he he he he he

    Oh using Yoda as a Force projected weapon, now that was funny!
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    ?I am NOT leaving him there. I am NOT! If I so much as turn my back he ends up getting near hacked to death. He can?t take a shower without fate giving him double pleurisy. If he so much as looks at the sky to admire the clouds, you can be sure a big bolt of lightening is waiting to get him. The whole galaxy has an invisible grudge against Ben Kenobi, and he want?s me to play hide-and-seek whilst something nasty makes claims on his body??

    Jemmiah frowned as she waited in the transport. It was full of wide eyed, crying kids. Some of them were ill. Some of them were clinging to her as if she were their only hope of salvation. The temptation to disobey Obi-Wan and leave the kids to it was almost overpowering.

    But she just couldn?t do it.

    She was nearly as scared as they were, but not for herself. For Ben. For Master Jinn. For Yoda and Simeon and Kylenn?heck, even Jay Abran. She wished she was force sensitive, like all the others, so that she could touch their minds and reassure herself that they were safe. A small prayer seemed to form itself in her mind, begging for everyone?s safety.

    Force, I?ll never make fun of Master Jinn again, she thought.

    A laughing voice formed in her mind. ?Don?t make promises you can?t keep.?

    It made her smile inspite of herself. Well, if she HAD to stay here, she may as well do something useful.

    ?Who wants to hear about the time Master Jinn and Master Windu slid down the banister in the temple?? she asked the initiates.

    Yoda was smiling.

    Obi-Wan wasn?t sure if this was a good thing or not. He looked as if he were forming some kind of dastardly plan, then again it could be that his face had frozen in that particular expression. Usually, having an eight hundred-year-old Jedi Master with you in a time of crisis was a considerable comfort, but now Obi-Wan looked upon Yoda as if he were as much use as a giant boulder.

    No, Kenobi thought. That was not fair. He had to believe in Master Yoda, and the force.

    As if Yoda was reading his thoughts, Obi-Wan caught the glint in the masters? eye, and this time he KNEW that Yoda was smiling after all.

    ?Right.? An-Paj crossed his arms. ?I demand to know what is going on!?
    ?Where?s Master Qui-Gon?? Bai looked frantically. ?I saw him?in my mind. Right here on this spot!?
    ?So did I!? Jay Abran was shaking. ?Maybe it?s got him.?
    ?If anything like that had happened to Master Jinn, we would have felt it.? An-Paj was adamant. ?Something funny?s going on here. My mind is being plagued with confusing pictures. It?s not even real.?
    ?It was very real to me!? Jay Abran deactivated his lightsabre.
    ?Your mind can play tricks on you. It?s all a matter of perception.? An-Paj replied. ?Sometimes the nastiest looking wounds are infact the easiest to heal. I say the whole thing is a waste of time.?
    ?But An-Paj, sir, what about that terrible roar!? Bai trembled.
    ?It?s all an illusion.? The healer decided.
    ?Then what?s that!? Squawked Abran, pointing at a towering, red-gold colored Krayt Dragon some twenty yards away.
    ?Ignore it.? An-Paj said simply, walking towards it. ?It doesn?t exist.? He stopped as he got within feet of the creature. ?Good morning, Mr Krayt Dragon. As illusions go you?re really very impressive.?
    He walked towards and then right through the object of the padawans? terror.

    It disappeared.

    The two young men stared agog. ?It?s not there.? Abran stated.
    ?You?re a very observant young man.? An-Paj smiled. ?I think we could make a healer out of you. Hells teeth, if Simeon can become a healer, anyone can.?
    ?But, sir. How did you know?? Gasped Bai in astonishment.
    ?Instinct. You need a lot of that when you have to rely on your wits to put Kenobi back together again every few weeks. And believe me, my instincts are finely honed as a result.?
    ?It could have been real!? Insisted the shaken Jay Abran. ?It could have killed all of us! Why didn?t you explain??
    ?In my experience it is always better to do first and question later.?
    ?And if you were wrong?? the padawan demanded.
    ?Then neither of us would be around long enou
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    This just keeps getting better...except I really can't see any of them living happily with all this when they get back to the Temple. If it comes to that, I can't actually see Obi-Wan making it back to the Temple alive anyway...
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    ?Jemmiah?? asked Sabra-Ni with her tiny, upturned face and large, solemn eyes staring at the Corellian girl.
    ?Hmm?? Jemmy answered in a flat tone.
    ?If you get married, can I come to your wedding??

    Sith! That was one thing Jemmiah did NOT want to think about right now. The prospect of having to marry that idiotic cousin hung over her head like an invisible axe waiting to fall. The only good thing to come from the whole zoo fiasco was that she had been able to forget her predicament for a little while.

    She prayed Qui-Gon would make good his promise to help her.

    ?I?m hoping it won?t come to that, sweetheart.? She ruffled the dark girls? hair absently.
    ?But why not?? She seemed disappointed. ?Don?t you want to marry padawan Kenobi??

    Jemmiahs? eyes opened very wide.

    ?Marry Obi-Wan? Where did that come from? We?ve never even discussed it.? She frowned. The kid must have seen them together and assumed, like all young kids do, that was the way things were heading.
    ?But I?m sure he?ll want to marry you.? She insisted.

    Isadora snorted in the background.

    ?That?s very nice of you to say, kid.? Jemmiah smiled a faint smile.
    ?And when you have a baby we?ll be able to see it at the crèche.?

    A WHAT!?!

    ?That won?t be for some time.? Jemmiah said with conviction. Kids made her nervous. The fact she?d spent so much of today with a Sith load if them had done nothing to change her mind.
    ?Oh. Don?t you like babies?? Sabra-Ni asked innocently.
    ?Not really, no. They smell and they throw up all over you. And before you know it, you?re speaking baby talk.? She rolled her eyes. ?Forgive me, but Goo-Goo-Goo is not my idea of a stimulating conversation.?
    The little girl placed a reassuring hand on her arm. ?Don?t worry,? she said seriously, ?I?m sure you?ll get used to it.?

    Jemmiah screwed up her face. This was weird.

    ?What names would you pick for a girl?? Kelda Rossett asked, trying to get into the conversation.
    Jemmiah blinked. What an odd question!
    ?I dunno,? she shrugged disinterestedly, ?something instantly recognisable.? She grinned, thinking of all the really horrible names she could inflict on a child of her own. Oh, the power!
    ?Somethin? sickly. Cup-cake, or Butterscotch.? She laughed. ?Could you imagine that! Butterscotch Kenobi!?

    She was beginning to enjoy this game of make believe.

    ?Candyfloss!? suggested Toms, with a silly grin on his face.
    ?What, in honor of today?? She crossed her arms, thinking. ?Treacle pudding!?
    ?Takkini chip? giggled Kelda.
    ?Yeah, that?s a good one.? Jemmiah smirked. ?That?s a real blast.?
    She thought for a moment. ?How about Butterscotch-Cup-cake-Candyfloss-Treacle pudding-Takkini chip Kenobi!? Jemmiah was bent double with laughter. ?Got a certain something, don?t you think??
    ?What would you pick for a boy?? The Wookie wanted to know.
    ?Oh, that?s easy!? Jemmiah nodded. ?I?d call it after Master Windu. Mace-The?Mighty-Murrit-Tamer!?
    ?You can?t have that!? Isadora sulked. ?That?s daft.?
    ?Well?how about Qui-Wan!? She snickered. ?Or my personal fave: Obi-Gon. Get it?? She looked at the puzzled children. ?Then I?d be able to say to the kid: OH, BE GONE!?
    ?Obi-Gon Kenobi!? Toms wiped his nose on his sleeve, reminding Jemmiah pointedly why she never wanted to have children, ?I like that.?
    ?What does your name mean?? Sabra-Ni asked, settling into Jemmiahs? lap, a move that left the teenager more than a little apprehensive. She remembered only too well Qui-Gons? tales of this ones? bladder problems.
    ?Careful of my ribs, if you please. They?ve been through a lot today.?
    ?In answer to your question, my name means ?Fire Storm? in ancient Corellian. Only you say it phonetically.?
    ?What?? Sabra-Ni asked.
    ?How it sounds, not how it?s spelled. J?MY-AAH.?
    ? There?s an old Corellian tale regarding a young lady who shared her name with my good self. She lived in a palace. She was a courtesan.?
    ?A what??
    ?She?er?it was her job to make the King happy.? Jemmiah swallowed, remembering who her audience was.
    ?You mean telling jokes and stuff?? Kelda asked.
    ?Yeah. And stuff would be closer. Nevermind.?
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    Heh, this forum is action-packed compared to that one.
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    This is really good, please keep going. It makes me feel happier after a day of school.
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    ?Feeling of absolute unreality ? and loneliness? - I can hardly choose a better definition, at least today. ?Lions and Tigers?? always has some ?dramatically-philosophical? background, and here is its prime. Yes the story is now more hilarious than ever; jokes are still irresistible, but there is something untouchable here. A Corellian legend with doubtful happy-end, Jemmiah?s reflections produces an astounding effect: the action is frozen. And even merry dialogs seem to be just a part of Jemmiah?s sad thoughts.

    Dear Jemmiah, you?re really wonderful with words! You are playing with them, build whatever you want, you actually can? feel them? Thank you.
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    Jemmiah, this is soo good!!! I love coming and reading the latest post. I laugh so hard and the serious bits work into the rest of it superbly.

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    ?Mater Yoda! NOW!?
    &lt;Patience, padawan&gt; Yoda harrumphed in Obi-Wan?s mind.
    ?Patience? It?s trying to get into the transport! Jemmiah and the initiates?
    &lt;Safe, they are. For the moment&gt;
    &lt;Calm, Obi-Wan. Be calm. Concentrate. &gt;

    Calm, he says, thought Obi-Wan. Easy for him to say. It wasn?t his girlfriend that was about to get devoured by a monster sized Krayt Dragon.

    Somehow, he forced himself to relax.

    His subconscious took over. It was like he was no longer there in the zoo: Master Yoda had disappeared. The screaming initiates were gone; even Jemmiah?s predicament was temporarily banished from the reaches of his mind. He was back in the ?Hell?s Chance? Cantina. They were playing really silly games to help them unwind. Jay Abran was force juggling opened bottles of Corellian Scrumpi. Simeon Cates and Kryztan Harkley were singing some off-key rendition of the classic song ?Summer Knights.? Jemmiah was explaining her latest money making scam to enable her to buy that swoop she?d been eyeing up. And he was doing what he did better than everyone else.


    His impersonations of people and creatures were legendary around the temple. It had come in handy on many an occasion. Like the time he? transmitted a call to Evla?s apartment and pretended to be Qui-Gon inviting Jemmiah to stay over. It had been a joke and Obi-Wan had been really surprised when it had worked.

    He?d been found out later, of course.

    Rancours, Nargots, Farfalaks; he could vocally reproduce them all with incredible accuracy. His talent for mimicry was endless. Draigons and Flipperphants, too.

    And Krayt Dragons.

    He calmed himself down and cleared his mind. His heartbeat slowed down further, and then further still. What he needed to do was find that bigger fish that Qui-Gon was so fond of talking about. Bigger than a Krayt Dragon.

    A Kulbarak.

    Obi-Wan thought of this object of terror and gave it his best shot, projecting the most fearful reptilian screams in the direction of the wrecked transport. A long keening wail interspersed with short, fierce growls. He didn?t know how long he could keep it up for.

    He just hoped Yoda was playing his part.

    ?It?s gone!? Screamed Isadora Lucey in a mixture of terror and delight. ?It?s gone away!?
    ?Didn?t I tell you?? Jemmiah couldn?t hide her relief. ?It must have been that force barrier you created.? She felt as if she?d just run thirty miles, barefoot. ?Well done, you guys. There?s something to be said for all this force stuff after all, huh??

    What bothered Jemmiah was where it had gone. And how it had simply vanished, almost dematerialised. She looked at the youngest of the children, clearly still afraid.
    ?Are you OK?? She asked gently.

    Sabra-Ni hugged her tightly, and Jemmiah squealed in pain.

    ?What did I say about the ribs, kid?? She asked before she passed out, slumped over in the harness.

    ?Great! You?ve killed her!? Toms yelled.
    ?Have not!? Sabra-Ni looked frightened.
    ?Have too!?
    ?Yes you did. She was hurt and you squashed her, and now she?s dead, dead, DEAD!?
    ?And if she is you?ll have killed two people, ?coz the baby will be dead too!? Kelda said.
    ?I didn?t mean to!? Sabra-Ni cried. ?I like Jemmiah.?
    ?Liked. Past tense.? Toms replied. ?And she?ll come back as a Corellian Falcon and..and?PECK YOUR EYES OUT! Because you killed her!? He was adamant.
    ?We?ve already done this, guys.? Isadora had a sudden idea. ?But we all know what the test is to see if she?s alive, don?t we!? She retrieved the brooch pin from her tunic, and arched her eyebrows in truly evil fashion.

    She was going to enjoy this.

    ?Master Yoda, are you SURE your projecting the image of a Kulbarak?? Obi-Wan?s eyes were closed in rigid concentration.

    Yoda said nothing.

    ?I can?t sense anything from the initiates.? Obi-Wan thought after a moment. ?I think it?s disappeared!?
    &lt;Gone, it has. &gt; Yoda confirmed. &lt;With them, it is not&gt;

    ?Thank the force!? Yelled Kenobi.

    He could sense many, many things happening at the same time. His master! His master was approac
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    Do anything, just get the download times down.

    If not, at least provide an estimated download time for each film.
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    It is actually paramount. ?Somehow? ? Just somehow.? Oh, I do like the way it sounds.
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