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Lipsa de reactie a lui Mace Windu

Discussion in 'Romania' started by Ionut_cel_Intelept, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. Ionut_cel_Intelept

    Ionut_cel_Intelept Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 4, 2007
    In Episodul III, cand Mace Windu sta cu sabia deasupra lui Palpatine, Anakin zice "Trebuie sa traiasca. Am nevoie de el". Mace nu are nici o reactie. Si din cauza acelei lipse de reactie da cu mana chiar in lama lui Anakin. Cum poate fi explicata? Greseala de scenariu? Mace era prea concentrat ca sa mai asculte cu atentie (desi era Jedi si trebuia sa fie atent la orice)?
  2. ComicDiva

    ComicDiva Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 27, 2004
    Da cu mana? I distincly remember ca Anakin si-a aprins sabia singur si i-a taiat mana lui Mace Windu. Anyway, a ezitat pentru ca asa TREBUIA, altfel nu avansa povestea in felul in care a avansat. ma indoiesc ca Mace Windu se gandea: "Baaaai... deci stai asa ca baiatul asta spune ceva. Mai bine sa stau linistit sa-l...AGHHHHHH! Mi-ai taiat mana nenorocitule!"

  3. MaraStardreamer

    MaraStardreamer Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 25, 2006
    Eu cred ca Mace pur si simplu nu-l lua in serios pe Anakin si nu prea ii pasa de ce spune acesta. La fel ca atunci cand Anakin a venit cu cele mai bune intentii sa-i spuna ca Palpatine e Sith si el l-a trimis sa stea cuminte si sa lase oamenii mari sa rezolve problema, in loc sa-l implice in actiune. Greseala a fost majora, pentru ca Anakin a avut timp de gandire pentru a lua anumite hotarari. La fel ca si greseala care l-a costat viata.
    Dar vorba Divei, asa trebuia sa se intample.
  4. Milena_Syan

    Milena_Syan Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 27, 2005
    Mie mi se pare ca Mace incerca sa se justifice in fata lui Anakin, si poate in fata propriei sale constiinte.
    Era clar ca Palpatine era periculos, dar nu era "the Jedi way" sa-l omori, in orice caz.
    Doar alti lorzi Sith au fost lasati sa traiasca.
    Daca Mace ar fi fost hotarat sa-l omoare, avea ocazia sa faca asta, de exemplu sa nu spuna "I'm killing him now", ci sa-l atace pur si simplu.

    At some point, I was convinced that leaving Anakin behind in the face-off with Sidious was the biggest mistake.
    But then again, Mace knew he couldn't let the Dark Lord live.
    Maybe he figured that if Anakin was to see a group of Jedi killing a defenseless man - no matter how evil - it would further deteriorate the opinion Anakin had on the Jedi. Which actually happened.

    The fact is Mace didn't know about Padme's iminent death. He didn't know that Anakin wasn't motivated only by his loyalty to the chancellor, but also by his emotional attachment.
    Ultimately, it was the love for Padme and the fear of losing her that Palpatine used as leverage to turn Anakin.

    I mean put yourself in Mace's position: you have a guy in your group that's sworn an oath to a leader you don't trust.
    He comes one day and says: "Man, you know that guy you don't trust...well you're right...he's pure evil."
    Now you know there'll be blood - or cauterized saber wounds, whatever. And you see your guy in doubt. I mean his loyalty wasn't enough to keep him from hiding the truth, so he's not a blind follower.
    ->If you take him with you, the kid's up for some gory scenes which, at the worst, will turn him against you and at best will leave a mark for life. The person he admired, murdered ruthlessly by some fellows that fancy themselves defenders of peace.
    ->If you leave him at home, he might start pondering. But, after all, chances that he'll turn against are small, given that he's already had that opportunity and waved at it as it passed by.
    How now, by the forests of Yavin, are you gonna guess he's got a dying wife at home and the only person that can save her happens to be on your black agenda?

    I'm not saying it was like that, but now that I think about it, it's possible that Mace might have left Anakin behind not because of a lack of trust, but because he wanted to sever Anakin's connection to the chancellor. He wanted to keep him as far away from that Sith as possible, and make the breach started by Anakin himself, a permanent one.
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