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List of things you didn't like about ROTS

Discussion in 'Revenge of the Sith' started by Jedi_Juice, May 19, 2005.

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    DARTH-ICE-C Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 23, 2004
    The first thing that I recall not being favorable of was the voices of the super battle droids. It just didnt seem right.
    Second, was the fast pace of the movie. I know that there was a lot to cover in a small amount of time, but I was actually hurting from being being frozen stiff in my chair and wide eyed not wanting to miss a single frame of film.
    Third, the Obi fighting stance didnt bother me to bad but I couldnt get the self conceived vision of Obi doing the Neo(bring it one wave with his hand) out of my mind.
    Forth and final was Vaders temper tantrum after learning of his wifes death. This should have been a super shocking display of emotional outrage in the movie. After all, wasnt keeping her from dying his #1 reason for his turning. His love for her and fear of losing her is at the heart of his fall. A few crushed/smashed objects and a weak NO0o00OOoOO0o just seamed underplayed.
    The movie overall was GR8. It's STAR WARS after all and I love it all.
  2. rbarcia

    rbarcia Jedi Youngling star 2

    Nov 6, 2002
    Padme dying of a broken heart. What kind of mother does that? I would have preferred her dying from injuries she sustained with Anakin.

    Vader with acting like Frankenstein and screaming like that.

    The plot was rushed due to previous episodes and some key things either got one liners or were not mentioned.

    How does Leia remember her real mother?
  3. JediMaster22

    JediMaster22 Jedi Knight star 8

    Oct 15, 1999
    >I never write posts that long in forums. What the hell is wrong w/ me?<

    All good!!! :D
  4. LeeKenobi

    LeeKenobi Jedi Knight star 6

    Aug 13, 2002
    13. Natalie. Not her fault. Padme is a non character.

    What you expecting, a 9-month-pregnant woman running around with a blaster in hand?
  5. argoldst

    argoldst Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 31, 2002
    For those who are unhappy, read the book. It is what the movie should have been and it also explains a lot more.

    Bottom line is that ROTS should have been made into 2 movies. There was just too much to explain and not enough time. THat is why it feels rushed. But, if you read the book, you can see what the movie should have been like it Lucas wasn't an cutting junkie.
  6. DACK07

    DACK07 Jedi Youngling

    Mar 18, 2005
    I personally loved the film, and thought that the primary flaw from the previous two which was the acting,and dialogue was far better in this one.

    Granted, there were still a few cheesy lines, but it wouldn't be Star Wars without those. This was actually a great film. It was great because it was "different" than anything we've ever seen before in Star Wars.

    Was it Empire or ANH? Probably not, but it echoed the same emotional heaviness of those films. I truely believe this movie only gets better as it is viewed for a 2nd and 3rd time.

    What I find utterly amazing is how so many people claim to be so excited to see this movie, and are sooooo spolied by reading thse boards, that they actually take the fun, and spontaneous enjoyment out of their experience.

    Lets clear something up...THESE MOVIES ARE NOT STRIVING FOR A BEST PICTURE NOMINATION. Nor are the actors expected to give Oscar worthy performances. This is true space opera at its best. I for one, loved every minute, and I grew up on the OT. The PT is set in a different time, and place with different circumstances.

    These boards have been a huge part of my daily routine for a long time(although I only recently registered), but I think it has created a situation where people expect too much of these films.

    Just enjoy them for what they are. Revenge of the Sith is a great movie,(I rank it 3rd al time in the saga behind ESB, and ANH). If we nitpick every aspect of the movie of course it will seem like a letdown.

    During the OT we had nothing to compare them to, because it had never been done before. Now we unfairly compare te PT to the OT. ROTS will be a big success at the box office because people will be compelled to see this move more than once. I know I will.

    The Star Wars spirit is alive and well my friends...why don't we just sit back and enjoy it. This is the last hurrah, so savor every moment.....the saga is complete.
  7. SithIsTheRightSide

    SithIsTheRightSide Jedi Master star 1

    Aug 28, 2001
    Not every movies(even ESB or ANH!) is perfect.

    Anyway, to the weak pts.:

    1. Palpy talk to Vader that Padme die cos of him and the 'NOOOOOOOOOO' afterwards.
    Too strange that a Sith Master lies so many times b4 speak a truth at the wrong time.
    This whole scene should be cut or Palpy should lie to him that Obi-1 kill her then Vader shout
    'U will die, old fool.'

    2. No Mon Mothma! No birth of the Rebellion! I hate important scenes being cut!

    3. Yoda speak about Qui-Gon learn the way to talk to him in a force ghost form. This isn't neceesary!
    And seeking the way to eternal life should be left to the Sith!

    4. Space battles way too short.

    5. Count Dooku duel is too short.

    6. Opening crawl! (I don't like when it says 'Wars!')

    Don't get me wrong, I like this film very much. But there is always sth we don't like,
    especially when we are picky [face_devil].
  8. FurryFriend

    FurryFriend Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 14, 2005
    - No discussion of Sifo-Dyas
    - Killed off Dooku too quickly and easily
    - When Palpatine revealed he was the Sith Lord, it should have been a more dramatic
    - How did Princess Leia remember her mom as "beautiful" and "sad" if Padme died after giving birth
    - Discussion about being able to remain alive after death (at the end, with Yoda and Obiwan) needed far more elaboration

    Still, overall, a very fine movie
  9. argoldst

    argoldst Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 31, 2002
    1) Hated Ian's potrayal of Sidious in this film. Way too many "over the top" moments that do not fit the sidious we know in the other films.

    2) WHat is with giving R2D2 all these gadets. What happens that he never uses any of them in the OT? Major Lucas screw up if you ask me.

    3) CGI in the lightsaber duels didn't mesh well and the battles themselves were too fast. You could not even tell exactly what was going on during some points.

    4) No explanation of force ghosts :(
  10. mmayers

    mmayers Jedi Youngling

    May 19, 2005
    Once again, those of you questioning why Leia remembers her mother should go back to page 2 and read my post there. I'm not the type of person to post in forums, so I'd appreciate it if someone would actually read it and let me know what they think of my opinions.
  11. snap-hiss

    snap-hiss Jedi Master star 5

    Aug 23, 2001
    No explanation of force ghosts

    There wasn't? Because I saw one.

  12. Vaders_Yarmulke

    Vaders_Yarmulke Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 11, 2005
    Unfortunately, my evening started off poorly because the ticket I had (purchased online) sent me to the smallest screen in the theater (of 7 12:01 screens). My bad luck. But, what's worse was that in my screen room, the sound was WAY low. You could easily whisper to the person next to you during the opening crawl and space battle, without straining to hear. Just absurdly wrong for a SW flick. Again, not the movie's fault, but my theater will be getting a scathing call.

    To the movie...

    I admit that I was pre-pissed because of the issues mentioned above, plus I was overly tired, so maybe those things played in, but something wasn't clicking with me in this movie. My list is in order of worst/most bothersome to just slightly pesky:

    1.) There was too much action without good supporting score. I have the sound track, and it is awesome, but where was it in this movie! I wanted more.

    2.) The CG was good in some places, and very noticeable in others. I am not a CG fan, so take that as you will, but certain scenes still stood out as "iffy".

    3.) Anakin's turn. There was a nice progression going to his morphing relationship with Palps until the point Palps explained he was a Sith lord. Then, things just started happening without enough motivation. I didn't feel Anakin was truly cast off by the Jedi counsel, rather he was just impatient - yet he advised patience to others through out the movie! When the final turn occured with Mace's death, I liked what was going, especially when Anakin says "What have I done", but then he just blurts out "I'll do anything you ask". Essentially saying "Sure, I'll be a Sith now...ok". If it were more apparent that Obi-wan or the other Jedi really had it in for him, then the turn would seem more acceptable, but that just didn't translate for me.

    4.) The speed of the movie was uneven...sometimes it was brisk, other times it slowed down to a crawl. I was confused by the pacing between all the whiz bang action and the slow, more emotional moments. Maybe I was too tired to concentrate. It will require further viewings.

    5.) I didn't feel the emotional connection to this movie that I had hoped for. The younglings death scene sort of blew by, and the final battle was a bit awkward once they got to the floating platform. Again, the CG hurt things for me here. Once on the lava river bank, when Anakin is dismembered, I was back on board with the scene, but the interlude of goofy jumping around on various balances and crumbling edifices, all admist a river of molten lava...just too much.

    6.) When things wrapped up, it happened very quickly...almost too quickly. I wanted to know more about Yoda's decision to go into seclusion and why he chose to do this at that point in time. I also didn't quite understand when he was in contact with just felt too underdeveloped and needed more explanation. I would have preferred to cut out a few more silly moments of fighting and slow-paced babble between Anakin and Padme, in trade for some scenes about going into hiding and the Qui-gon experiment.

    7.) The murder of all the other jedi, aka order 66, was a little unfulfilling. I liked Ki-Adi-Mundi's death, but the rest were just sort of thrown in. Could have had a little detail on that one.

    8.) Some lines were a little hard to digest, but not all that bad overall.

    9.) Boga was sometimes cool looking, other times fake.

    10.) Sidious' over the top personality was good sometimes, other times a little goofy. Also, his face, just after it gets burnt up, looked like silly puddy. That was weird.

    A few things to note on the positive (aside from the simple fact that it was Star Wars!!!):

    1.) The relationships, dialogue, and comfort level of the actors was much better. I really enjoyed the banter between Obi-wan and Anakin in this film. Good good stuff there. Portman's character was better, but I really did not enjoy her much in the previous films, so it was easy for her to show improvement.

    2.) Some of the special effects were very cool. I think the o
  13. LeeKenobi

    LeeKenobi Jedi Knight star 6

    Aug 13, 2002
    Bottom line is that ROTS should have been made into 2 movies. There was just too much to explain and not enough time. THat is why it feels rushed.

    Cut out TPM, Make AotC Episode I, the fall of Anakin Episode II, and Revenge of the Sith Episode III.

    Also, I have to say--out with Grievous. Have Anakin brutally murder Poggle the Lesser in the first few minutes, while Dooku once again escapes to be hunted on Utapau by Obi-Wan.
  14. JadeLotus

    JadeLotus Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 27, 2005
    1. When did Artoo become a jedi? What was with all the flying and flipping around, it looked awful.

    2. Vader's Noooo!

    3. I liked the end scene with Owen and Beru, but would it have killed them to have a bit of dialogue? Something that clearly shows Owen dislikes Obi-Wan and wants him to stay away? Owen didn't get any lines at all!

    4. I would have liked some background as to why Obi chooses the name 'Ben'.

    5. Certain lines in the "romance" scenes. An especially bad one is he "i'm blinded by my love for you" or whatever it was.

    But overall, I liked it.
  15. wookie012

    wookie012 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 20, 2005
    1. anakin when he said to grevoius your shorter than i thought you would be weak line , what compounded it was obi wan saying don't upset him anakin.
    2.padme on mustafar when obi wan asks her if she is alright. didn't like her squinty eye look . look like she was pretending she was unwell.
    3. didnt like the lizard thing looked fake i wanted it to die made a really annoying noise.
    4. would have liked the film longer i agree with someone who said it was a bit rushed in places. Would have liked more scenes in the temple ,vader rampaging through killing everyone.
    thats it for now .
  16. Texas_Jedi

    Texas_Jedi Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 9, 1999
    I hate to sound like a whiner but here are a few things I didn't like & would change in this film.

    - I'd change ALL the lightsaber duels. I was shocked at how fast the Dooku duel was. Dooku is a powerful Sith, yes Anakin is more powerful but he was killed off WAY TOO FAST.

    - I hated the music of the temple raid. WT* was Lucas & Williams thinking? I was waiting for the imperial march theme

    - The temple raid was to overhyped, it was a big let down, it should have shown Vader killing a few adult Jedi inside

    - GG's voice & the dumb coughing
  17. Falzar

    Falzar Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 29, 2002
    RE: List of things you didn't like about ROTS

    Grevious coughing. WT* was that all about?
  18. olorinrides

    olorinrides Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 17, 2005
    I have to say that I agree with almost EVERYTHING that Jedi_Juice said in his original post.

    Two things I definitely disagreed with were: Jimmy Smits (loved him!) and the Music (loved the nostalgia!).

    I absolutely agree that the juiced up CG laden PT miss the simplicity and beauty of the story in the OT. Oh well.
  19. Death-Vader

    Death-Vader Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 7, 2002
    In no partcular order, things that bugged me.

    1. General Grievous. He turned out to be as big of a waste as I thought he would. He ate up WAY too much screen time. The audience didn't seem engaged in the character at all.

    2. Sidious's goofiness.

    3. Lava surfing. Damnit the duel was going so well then this part came on and looked like crap and lasted too long. Are we supposed to believe that fricken 1 foot diameter circle that Anakin is on WON'T sink even an inch below the surface at all? Just leave them on the land and it would have been so much better.

    4. The Duel didn't seem as long as they said. I also would have liked more dialogue during the duel. I thought "words were supposed to cut deeper than lightsabers." Obi and Anakin only had one exchange during the duel until the end.

    5. Yoda and Bail showing up at Poliss Massa with no incentive to be there before Obi and no explanation as to where this place is and what they're doing there.

    6. The Jedi posse going down in 2 seconds.

    7. No Imperial March.

    8. "I'll do anything you ask."

    9. Overall the biggest complaint is something that was a result of the way George set up the first two episodes. By leaving SO MUCH story to tell in this episode, the film almost feels too fast-paced, just banging out one plot point to keep the story moving as fast as possible. Scenes feel too short. There is no time for the audience to breathe. There is too much information in too short of a time. There's about ten times the amount of plot points in this film as there were in say Empire. It was inevitable that the film would turn out this way. It's times like this I can only imagine what the prequals would be like if George told more of this story. Looking back who would give a crap if the Gungan Battle weren't in Episode I? Who wouldn't rather see the formation of the rebellion? Who wouldn't rather see the Jedi learn the secret to immortality rather than one frickin line from Yoda?

    As I said this point was inevitable due to the way George set up the story line. It's not really his fault the movie has this fast-paced, no-time-to-breath pacing. That's just what he was left with. And I think he did a pretty darn good job cramming MOST of the important things into the 2 and a quarter hours. I just wish this film were like 3 hours.

    And don't get me wrong I thought the film was brilliant. I could easily list 50 things I thought were tremendous.
  20. Expander_2873

    Expander_2873 Jedi Youngling

    Jan 5, 2004
    1. The movie/story is rushed. There isn't adequate development of the story. (This is my biggest gripe)

    2. What bugs me about Anakin's turn is not so much why he turned, rather its what he immediately does afterwards that bugs me. His reason for turning is plausible and convincing. After the scene with Mace Windu, he "regrets" what he did. He said, "What have I done?" After expressing his uncertainty, he then joins Palpatine and decides to hack a bunch of kids to death. WT*??? It is one thing to join the Sith to save your wife and child, but its another thing to kill children especially when you are expecting a child of your own. I mean, it would make more sense to wipe out the older jedi and then see Anakin allow the children to go free since they are not a threat nor could they be in the future b/c the Empire is now a police state.

    3. The duel was GREAT! But how did Obi Wan slice off Anakin's other arm? They didn't show that. The dialogue during the duel could've been better. Why not have Obi Wan say, "I shoulda known something like this would happen. I warned Qui Gon years ago he should listen to the counsel's warnings about you. Qui Gon shoulda left you on Tatoonie; now I have to clean up his mess... etc etc." N have Anakin say, "I was always more gifted than you; even when I was a Padawan, I knew I was ahead of you.." There was so much potentional for great dialogue during this fight and GL let it go to waste.

    4. Padme dying of a broken heart? Sorry..not convincing. She shoulda died as a result of the force choke.

    5. General Grievous did not look intimidating.

    6. Again, the movie is rushed.

  21. Darth_Turkey

    Darth_Turkey Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 5, 2004
    Threads like these bug me.

    No matter how hard GL tried to make a movie to please everyone, the kids and die hard fans alike, some people will never be happy. He did'nt aim this movie specifically at YOU therefore no one will ever like everything in it.

    You may not like the giant lizard, i thought it was cool, but it's probably there for the kids. You may of wanted longer fights, someone else would of wanted more love sceenes and less carnage . . . Just except that not everything there is for you alone and that something you did'nt like will be someone else favorite bit.

    Its a movie, not the bible of life. Enjoy it for what it is and try not to disect it the day it comes out.
  22. Death-Vader

    Death-Vader Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 7, 2002
    People who complain about the film being rushed. Read the novel. It contains everything with all of motivations that aren't in the movie. It's a shame George has a strict time limit.
  23. argoldst

    argoldst Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 31, 2002

    I agree to a point. Yes it is his movie but more importantly it is his story.

    For those who read the novel, the book was MUCH better than the movie.

    This means that George's vision was great. He just didn't execute the movie properly.

    I loved the audiobooks. The real problem was that they were like 8 hours and he tried to condense it down to a 2 hour movie. He just cut too much.

    All the gripes here people can live with but then there are things that do not make sense. LIke, what is with R2D2? Why does he not do anything like that in the OT? And Sidious performance, and more importantly, voice, do not match the rest of the epics.

    These I feel, are very legitimate gripes.
  24. TheUnchosenOne

    TheUnchosenOne Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 11, 2001
    5. Also, did I miss this: We don't officially "find out" erased Kamino from the archives. Didn't George in the AOTC commentary say that would be addressed in III?

    OK, I'm done bashing. I enjoyed the movie, overall.

    Great duels.

    Wrenching emotion, especially at the end.

    Cool effects.

    Hey, it's Star Wars. These are gentle complaints.
  25. kalron27

    kalron27 Jedi Youngling

    May 19, 2005
    It?s been 7 years since I posted here (so long I had to create a new account due to my memory loss), but I need to respond after last night.

    My initial reaction was "how am I going to get my $20 and 2.5 hours of my life back"

    I'm sorry but it?s true. And I'm sorry but I need to vent.

    I had high hopes, but to think that this movie even remotely qualifies as somewhat decent is beyond me.

    I think that the initial reviews show how desensitized the general masses have become to the crap we are fed in films nowadays. Really, this movie only looks good when comparing it to the last two (especially EP2). EP1 in some ways was better than this one. But it in no way compares to the originals (even ROtJ). Lucas F'd up bigtime.

    Obi/Ewan are the only light in the film. Palpi was doing well, then lost it in the cheese after showing his true form.

    There was one shot (only one) of Mace walking toward Palpi's chamber, the look on his face was that of Sam M'rF'n Jackson, then poof nothing.

    Lightsaber battles to CGI'd. You could see the sped up editing and face implant. It wasn't believable. Only the Obi/Vader had some promise, but the end (surfing on the lava) was just crap (this was PG13 so we are all adults here, we all know that humans will burn w/ in 10 feet of lava)

    Acting was still bad, wooden and emotionless. I'm tired of people saying "well, it's starwars acting". No it's not, it's crap. Lucas shows once again he has no idea how to direct humans.

    Space battles improved, but too messy and like the acting, emotionless. Felt like watching someone play a flight sim.

    Wookie time was like 10 sec. and that?s it. Ewoks got more screen time.

    VADER'S "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" made me embarrassed to be in the theater. The FrankenVader was just stupid. His turn to the Darkside was not very convincing. There was not enough there to justify him killing kids at the drop of a hat. It was like, I'm happy, I'm confused, I'm evil all in a span of 5 min. MPS young Anni has. Makes no sense.

    And the Jedi Temple massacre, lame. "Super"R2 was cool but causes disconnection from EP4-6. The Yoda/ET goodbye scene was such a rip and not a homage. Gen Grievous was underused, and do we really need another bad guy with respiratory problems, it took away from the end of the film.

    A few goods scenes:

    -When ?The Mask? is placed on for the first time, there is a second of silence then HuuuuFoshhhhh. Nice camera angle here too.

    -Anni burning (yaaaaaaaahooooo) next let?s hope this happens to Lucas before he sells out to TV.

    -Mace getting zapped (brutal)

    -The opening act up until the ship crashing (they just happened to come into the atmosphere heading directly toward a runway, please)

    -Yoda and Anni discussing his thoughts in shadow.

    -Obi's emotional response at the end was the liveliest in the film.

    That, I hate to say, was about it.

    So thanks George Lucas for crapping all over my childhood.
    At least I have taught my son correctly, he's not a fan of the Prequels either.
    Long live OT, forget the rest.

    Thanks for listening, sorry for ranting.
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