List of things you didn't like about ROTS

Discussion in 'Revenge of the Sith' started by Jedi_Juice, May 19, 2005.

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  1. Sithlightening Jedi Youngling

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    May 17, 2005
    I dont know if this has been mentioned yet, but one of the bibiggest disappointments was it didnt even mention the mystery of Sifa Dias,. That was just bull ****. Lucas specifically said in the commentary of E2 it would be cleared up.

    Also they didnt clear up what jedi removed the planet from the library. - major plot hole.

    Mentioning Qui Gon at the end was just weak.- either make it relevant or leave it alone.

    Yoda's decision to go into exile - weak.

    Naming the twins - (lol)

    The decision to have 3po's memory wiped could of had more significance - ie,

    Obi wan: 'Wipe the droids memory so as they cant reveal the birth of the twins.' or something.

    Why didnt Palpatine care that he was disfigured for life. He didnt so much as say 'Look at the shape of my face.'

    Anakin turned too quicktoo soon, it should have been more gradual.

    The implication Padme died of a broken heart - terrible

    etc, etc, etc,etc,etc

  2. Dre3030 Jedi Master

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    Thank you for your well thought questions.

    -Honestly I think it boils down to character interaction and emotional responce. I do not feel connected to these characters as I did and still do with the OT.

    -Space battles!!! I love them. But the new movies have left something missing. As I said, no emotion in them, no feeling of being in the heat of the battle. Only a feeling of watching a really good videogame.

    -Saber battles and CGI. TPM had great fight scenes due in part to Mr. Park, but these last two have way too much CGI faces inserts and sped up motion. The OT may have not been perfect, but atleast they were realtime.

    -The plot seems forced upon you, as if you just need to except it to make it work. No real suprises. No real love story.

    -Acting/script. I said this elsewhere. ANH was and INDEPENDENT FILM by most standards and has acceptable flaws. This new films are MAJOR MOTION PICTURES and should be held to those standards.

    Yes there were good scenes and connections to the OT in this film, but not for 2.5 hours.

    -I'll cool off by tomorrow.

    I too will be going back to see the movie again tonight... But here is my thoughts on the duel.

    One fans critique of "The Duel"

    Among the many Star Wars web-sites that I frequent, I've read that Episode III was supposed to reclaim the title as Science-Fiction king. I've been a member of Star Wars Hyperspace and the one aspect of this movie that most people, including myself, looked forward to was "The Duel" between Anakin and Obi-Wan. I had spent countless hours watching every web documentary, reading every bit of spoiler information on the making of the film. This duel, according to everyone involved with the film, was supposed to be the culmination of the end of a friendship between Obi-Wan and Anakin. Web Documentaries said that both stars were practicing for weeks for this duel and that the duel was supposed to last between 10 and 12 minute long. Episode III's duel was going to make up for the lack luster ending of the duel in Episode I and the horrible duel scene Episode II. Finally, Episode III was going to overshadow films like the Matrix?I must admit, I bought into the hype machine? I was willing to forgive my entire past disappointments with the choreography in the first two films because Lucas had seemed to be putting so much time and effort into "The Duel" I mean hey how can you argue with a 10 to 12 minute long lightsaber duel.

    Well I've seen the movie and watched "The Duel"? While Episode III's CGI was the best I've ever seen, Episode III's "The Duel" was sadly "disappointing". First, the duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan wasn't 10 to 12 minutes. The entire duel scene between Yoda and Sideous, Anakin and Obi-Wan was about 7 to 10 minutes. The Duel started out great, with furiously paced lightsaber action but after the first 30 seconds of dueling it was basically Anakin chasing Obi-Wan around Mustafar. With the end of the duel coming about when Anakin attempts to leapt from a raft floating in the lava at Obi-Wan and in one swing of his lightsaber Obi-Wan takes slices off both of Anakin's 'legs and his other arm. What! That's it! That's how "The Duel" ends? What happened to all those reports the Stunt coordinator and Choreographer Nick Gillard was saying "Anakin was more powerful but unsteady on an angled mountain cliff". This statement led me to believe that Anakin was defeated by happenstance. But that didn't happen Obi-Wan basically block everything that Anakin came at him with. If you ask me my opinion of the fighting Choreography, Episode III doesn?t come close to the Matrix. At this point all I can do is pray that Episodes 7, 8, and 9 will be made and that George Lucas will hire the Witchowski Brothers to write and direct them. Then maybe the Witchowski Brothers will hire the Wo Ping choreography team. Sorry Mr. Gillard but your ability to add to a scene threw your choreography is weak. The Phantom Menace was cool except for the ridiculous why Kenobi kills Maul. Attack of
  3. Jedi-Queen Jedi Padawan

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    Feb 16, 2005
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    I didn't think I'd miss QGJ being in the movie, but
    when Yoda talked about him I really did miss him.
    I wish they had of left that part in.

    I thought Natalie's acting was not so hot.
    My husband thought her acting was "abismal".

    The part where they're kind of surfing over the lava
    made me wonder how in the heck could they not burst
    into flames b/c they were like 3 ft above it.

    The "NOOOO" scream with hands upturned was cheesy
    at best. The beginning of that segment where he is
    destroying things is good.

    I wish the medical droid didn't say Padme has
    lost the will to live. The scene would have played
    better with her just dying due to childbirth

    I wish it had of shown Yoda landing on Dagobah.

    I wish it had of shown Obi-Wan holding Luke in the
    silouette of the sunset instead of the Lars, but it
    wasn't too bad. I wish they had some conversation
    there too.
  4. jedimaster11 Jedi Master

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    Nov 23, 2002
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    Sithlightening: Sifo-dyas was cleared up in Labrynth of Evil. He was murdered by Dooku to prove himself to Sidious in order to become a Sith. He did order the clone army as he had discovered the Sith were returning.

    Everyone mad at the dying because of a broken heart: Can't we just accept that it was the choke that put her out, and the fact that he "broke her heart" kept her from coming out? Emotional stress does cause death during childbirth..Yes, I'm grasping, but everyone's being a little crazy with this post.
  5. Widowlander Jedi Youngling

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    May 15, 2005
    Hmm. the List of things I didn't pains me to say but my #1 dislike was...

    #1 The film itself. (I will expound as I go)

    #2 Lack of proper editing. This reared it's ugly head in the first epic 20mins of the film (which I loved btw and thought was paced well) but after that innitial battle sequence editing became a REAL problem. We were forced to sit through sound alike scenes that pretty much said the same thing over and over, and we were kinda left with a sense of "where is this going?" In the 3rd installment and this being the final SW we will ever see "where is this going?" shouldn't be factor.

    #3 Disjointed characters. I KNOW the SW films aren't there for the acting chops and calabre of line delivery, but when dialogue and scenes are THIS bad, it can take you out of the world. GL has gone on record many times speaking on the affinity of these films with those old saturday morning seriels which had hokey dialogue and over dramatized emotional content. But, ehem, scuse me GL...THIS is 2005 and you're trying to captivate a movie going audience that is mostly jaded to those old school nuances and have pretty much seen EVERYTHING in the book. You GOTTA have better dialogue and more actor friendly scenes for them to sink their teeth into. Characters that we have come to love and respect (mainly Padme' who freaking rocked in the first two films dispite a bit of 'card board easy' acting) became very one dimentional and ultimately vague. Which leads me to my next point.

    #4 BAAAAD Acting. I'm sorry, say what you want about the films. Like them or leave them. But I'm sure EVERYONE who saw this movie had at least 3 moments in the film where they literally wanted to either cringe or just plain laugh out loud with some of the acting choices that were made. I know we don't go and see SW for the acting, but as campy as it was the OT had some at most believable acting in it that kept you focused on something other than the failing storylines of ROTJ. I'd not even list this one had this film not be chalk full of some of the better actors of this generation. Samuel L. Jackson was COMPLETE POO in this film. Almost like he was just phoneing this one in for the home boys and picking up the check. Even Natalie Portman, who I think will win an Academy Award in the next few years, was completely unbarable. Much of this goes back to my #3 and bad writing and character developement so its not ALL the actors fault, but ultimately an actor has to portray something that engages you. I don't think any of them took risks..and as an actor you KNOW when another actor is or isnt taking risks.

    #5 Tragedy Lost. At the end of the film I felt no concern or sadness for Vaders state. He allowed himself to be used, seemed as if he had no real spin or backbone to stand his ground about anything, and was easily willing to chop down these very people he had been walking around and interacting with for the past 13 years of his life. He was creepy from the beginning. We never EVER see him really do any good act of compassion or love. He seemed motivated by his talent and lust for power from the very first scenes in AOTC. We never see any other value to him so that when the innevitable downfall of the Jedi Temple happens there is no "my god anakin what has happened to you?" because...well...nothing really happened him. I believed he had the capacity to do that from the beginning. And even the dual with him and Obi-Wan, this is the man you called "like a father to you" they had been pretty much inseperable for the last 13 years. They've fought in countless adventures (which I'm sure will be chronicled in many of novel to come). Watched each others back. Anakin had saved Obi's life dozens of times, yet when the final lightsaber dual took place, it was gloves off I'M GONNA KILL THIS MAN LIKE HE MEANS NOTHING TO ME. Where was the 'conflict' that we KNOW is inside of him. I would have like, at LEAST one moment during the dual that both of them took notice of what they were really doing. "Here we are, going at each others throats....for
  6. SithMacqdor Jedi Youngling

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    Mar 10, 2002
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    Its silly to be pointing out what you didnt like about the movie. Everything you didnt like about the movie is based on you knowing of a different version being in existence months if not years in advance. Alas some of you have been victim to your own spoils of getting spoilers.

    You've downloaded deleted scens, read deleted scenes and etc for months end and now have seen the movie.

    People in my theatre that saw the movie and was spoiler free LOVED THE MOVIE and found nothing wrong with ANYTHING. How do I know? I sat between them and I asked many upon leaving the theatre. One movie guy upon hearing the name QuiGon nearly jumped out of his seat and was excited that QuiGon actually lives. Even though he didnt see it in the movie he was "Excited.

    But you couldn't be. Why Because you knew he wasnt going to be in the movie a few weeks a go. But the book and comic book has him there. So there.

    Another reason why bashing this movie is silly is because "Seeing it for a 2nd or 3rd time is going to make it look so better for you and I."

    This movie was kick A$$ in the respects of being SW's.

    Just imagine if the net was invented at the time of ESB? You would have known Vader was Luke's father yrs before the movie release and other spoilers as well. Would have dampened your like for the movie no doubt.

    One should not immediately begin posting tidbits about what they hate about this movie. Especially so soon, when critics and etc are all over this board and will take what u say in its 'genesis' stage and launch it into the Press.

    SW needs to be the movie of the Summer and so on. It rocked a great deal. Many people after seeing this movie where crying, were excited and just loved it. None critiquing as some of you are.

    But then again, they didnt know the spoilers and etc.

    Sorry to say some of you were a victim of being spoiled to much and now are just being un-appreciative.

    Grow up or Be Silent

  7. jedimaster11 Jedi Master

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    Nov 23, 2002
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    SithMacqdor: I AGREE 100%. I didn't even think of anything until I read this damn post!!! And the two things I listed were dissapointment from enjoying the novel.
  8. Vroomfundle Jedi Youngling

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    May 6, 2002
    Just two things -

    The NOOOOOO would have been tolerable if not for the zoom out. Did ANYONE watch that and not think of McBain yelling, "Mendoooooozaaaaa!"

    Padme "knew" the names of her kids because she'd already chosen the names. Um, lots of people do that, you know. "If it's a boy it will be Luke and if it's a girl we'll call her Leia." Hey, two kids? I guess I get to use both names!

    Really, the bigger problem in that scene is the broke heart shtick - we saw Anakin choke her, why not just have her die from that instead of this "medically, she's fine," stuff?

  9. WLDB Jedi Padawan

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    Jan 11, 2004
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    It was rushed I think. The scenes were soo short. Some really good lines were cut out, not to mention Qui Gon.

    I didnt like Grevous. I like Jar Jar better.
  10. argoldst Jedi Youngling

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    Jul 31, 2002
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    That is a really great point and something I really wonder.

    I was spoiled and read the book and was disappointed.

    I really wonder, that if I went in spoiler free, my opinion on the movie would be different.

    I think it would be and that I would probaly love the movie a lot more. All well, I guess that is what I get for chosing the dark side and getting spoiled.

    The only complaints I could have (assuming I was not spolied) would be:

    1)I cannot see how/why R2D2 is like a super robot and yet can do nothing in the OT. It was just a really bad move by GL.

    2)Sidious's voice and personality does not match any of the other films. He was always, cold, cool and collected in a slow deep voice. ROTS his voice sounds like he is going through puberty. All his screaming and over the top acting does not fit his character. Another major blunder.

    When Sidious fried Yoda and says "you have no idea how long I have waited for this my little green friend", THAT is the Sidious we all know. But who was the guy that fought Mace? What was his winning and cracky voice? I could think that maybe he is doing this to have ANakin help him but at this point, he already reveled he was the sith lord and promised him more power. All he did with Mace (if he was faking) was showing that he was a weak little B*tch.

    Change those two things and I think it would have really improved the film (regardless if you were spoiled or not).
  11. SithIsTheRightSide Jedi Master

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    Aug 28, 2001
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    I didnt like Grevious. I like Jar Jar better.

    [Jaw drops.........]Grevious compared with Jar Jar? 1st time I hear that anywhere in the galaxy.
  12. SithMacqdor Jedi Youngling

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    Mar 10, 2002
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    Exactly all these people posting what they didnt like about the movie and so soon. not having sene it twice. See it from a spoiler free persons eye, and you'll feel different. **** a Matrix movie, matrix cant even hold a mouse pad and wave it to the series of SW as a whole. Screw a Matrix fight scene. SW is not the Matrix get that through your child like head dude.

    People who saw this movie and knew nothing about spoilers loved it and found no complaints. I mean all movies have complaints, but the way some of you turds are complaining its pathetic.

    It feels rushed? Its destined to feel rushed to some, esp if u never took drama classes. Each movie is a Chapter not its own independant movie.

    When it comes out on DVD and u can watch all of them back to back. Like one big Epic, trust me you'll see what I see now.

    But u cant see it now, because being spoiled for 2 1/2 yrs has clouded your judgement. Seriously.

    A dark robe is waiting for some u, here it is try it on. Fits perfectly.

  13. ORDER13 Jedi Youngling

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    Feb 18, 2005
    1. Overuse of CGI - the landscapes don't look real anymore, they look like CGI. The Tunisian landscape in Episode IV made the audience feel as if they were seeing a far off galaxy a long time ago. Now it just seems like I'm watching a really cool video game. The same problem occurs with the lightsaber duals, they feel rushed. Half the time the combatants look computer generated. There's just no real feel to it.

    2. Padme - she went from being a very strong character in the first two films to being a victim in ROTS.

    3. Order 66 - maybe I missed it in some EU explanation, but a small note to the audience that the clones had been implanted with this order, forcing their betrayal of the Jedi who they'd been fighting with for years or something would have been nice. There just was nothing in the movie to justify why they turned.

    4. The pacing felt crammed. Lucas tried to get too much into the 2 hours or so he had to make the film. George - spring for 3 hours and slow it down. Your fans wouldn't have minded sitting there for the extra 40 minutes or so. I guess Hollywood and theater owners do though.

    5. Anakin's turn - All this time is spent building up to this. Anakin betrays Mace Windu and pledges his loyalty to Palpatine all because he's afraid Padme will die and Palpatine has promised that he can teach Annikan how to bring back the dead. But then as Anakin is kneeling there, Palpatine pretty much says "I don't really know how to bring the dead back, but together, we might figure it out" Are you kidding me?

    6. Franken Vader! The whole scene seemed totally out of character for the Sith Lord of the original trilogy. Granted, he's got twenty years or so to become the bitter, badass Darth that most of us know and love, but that whole "Noooooo" just didn't sit well with me.

    I think my two last points could have been fixed easily:

    As Anakin sits and doubts his betrayal of Windu the Emperor should have just prodded him by saying the Jedi will now come after him and those that he loves, that the Sith are his only means of survival and continue his lie by saying only he can teach him to evade the death that he has seen for Padme. (This would have also helped with his anger towards Obi Wan)

    Then as the movie ends, as Anakin lies on the table, before the Vader helmet is placed on him, he should have asked about Padme. Then the Emperor could have explained that it was Anakin who was the catalyst for the death of Padme and that he didn't really know how to stop death, but only through him will he have the chance to solve it's mystery. The pain coming from the burnt and anquished face of Anakin would have come off better than that of Vader. The helmet could have lowered to a single tear coming off Anakin's face as he realized he betrayed his friends and wife and must now serve this twisted man. Once the helmet lowered, then he could have destroyed the room as the Emperor ordered him to rise and the breathing kicked in with a simple "Yes my master."
  14. Lord_NoONE Jedi Master

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    Dec 17, 2001
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  15. DARTHJOSEPH Jedi Youngling

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    May 11, 2005
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    The only thing I didn't like is the fact that it's all over!
  16. neutralsideforce Jedi Padawan

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    Jan 16, 2005
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    Very short action scenes, kind of a hurry.
  17. Yellowcard Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 25, 2004
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    The scene on Coruscant in Padme's apartment. She is standing on the balcony combing her hair and Anakin is just standing there staring at her. It's a short scene that has no purpose at all and the dialogue exchange seems awkward. This is the scene where Anakin says, "you're beautiful" to Padme. Did anyone else think this scene was unneccasary?
  18. Master_Palpy Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 29, 2004
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    List of things you didn't like about ROTS

    It felt a bit rushed, but I guess that was Lucas' intention. Other than that I think it is very good. I was part of an epic space saga for two hours. I was ripped out of reality for two hours. That's what cinema is for, isn't it?
  19. tee4jc85 Jedi Padawan

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    Jan 20, 2005
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    yellowcard- i totally agree!

    I am a huge fan of the panakin relationship, and while this scene could have been very touching if not for the weird anakin just...staring at her, and the 'i love you' 'no i love YOU' 'no no i love YOU' it could have worked in a very touching way.

    this scene should have been CUT and they should have kept the first meeting between obiwan and padme, or the delegation of 2000 in it's place

    and where was the scene where they discuss the gender of the baby!? I LOVED that spoiler and thought it so adorable and it was effing cut!
  20. lovelucas Jedi Master

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    Mar 19, 2004
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    saw it twice last night - heading in again today.
    i actually do like RotS - many positives esp the relationship between obiwan and anakin when they are brothers. hayden really really did a nice job/being pulled between two sides who both want something unethical from him. when he's overlooking mustafar on that balcony, one tear. and when he and padme are both gazing across the great divide between them (her apt him in the temple) when anakin makes the decision final - tragic. obiwan, just all the way through - and i loved his mount. lots of great stuff actually. but....i needed two scenes to be in here and i think it could have happened if both the mace/emp and yoda/emp duels were shortened. #1-the seeds of the rebellion forming #2-qui gon and yoda's "coversation" and acknowledgement by yoda of how wrong the jedi creed has been, becoming qui gon's apprentice. really really important. plus if those duels were shortened, the true final duel would be showcased. still - i will see it mutiple times but was so sad after seeing it i had to watch a new hope and then phantom and then clones. IMMEDIATELY
  21. TLONMASTER Jedi Youngling

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    Jun 26, 2004
    1. We shouldn't have been laughing in the first seconds of the movie - what the hell were they thinking with the first "sentence" in the opening crawl being "War!" Of course it's war! Star WARs. Didn't bother me that much, just made the audience laugh a bit.

    2. Palpatine's makeup. Why was it so very cheesy? It looked like a Halloween mask. Even Anakin's burns looked a little cheesy, but that was forgivable. . .Palpatine was AWFUL. He looked fine in 1 and 2, why couldn't they just do it like that?

    3. Nooooo. That was just bad. It's a problem when at what should have been one of the peak moments, the audience laughed.

    All in all though, I cannot complain about anything besides those little gripes. I thought it was excellent, and just kicked so much buttocks. Never look at Vader the same way again after he killed those younglings.
  22. lovelucas Jedi Master

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    and sith - exactly. we came in way way too spoiled. you read the book, you watched the docs. i would say 95% of the folks that were in the theatres when i saw it (2 x) didn't know anything about hyperspace and they were stunned at the ending. sustained applause at the finish. spoiling ourselves was fun but came at a huge price. and i like two things that others seem to have problems with: vader has to be awkward on his first movements - it's a new skin folks and his noooo is what i wanted to hear - the power went into the destuction of things but the vocal was someone who has just lost all hope. so it was perfect. and i liked obiwan's superman stance....he will need to become that to defeat anakin. liked the lizard also-and obiwan's pat on his back for good job. hated to see him in fall into that sinkhole

    did think ian was masterful in the 1st half but over the top once he transformed
  23. paulwheat Jedi Youngling

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    May 1, 2005
    1: After palpatine killed mace some of the worst overacting i have ever seen.
    2: Anakins turn to the darkside he knows that the sith lord is behind the war and belives him when he says that the jedi are the real bad guys not him.
    3: Weak jedi masters that went with mace windu to arrest palpatine whats the point in having so many jedi if most of them are crap.
    4: droid voices.
    5: general grievous coughing.
    6: obi wan and Anakin having heat resistant skin you cant get that close to molten lava.
    7: obi wan letting Anakin burn.
    8: the silent baby handover would you take a baby off a total stranger.
    9: samuel l jackson good actor horribly miscast he seems a bit wooden.
    10: the applause in the senate when they find out that they are no longer in a democracy.
    11: vaders frankenstein impression.
    12: Anakin's slow and deep evil voice when he is talking via hologram after killing the sepratists and then when he sees padme it goes back to normal.
    13 why didnt obi wan just walk down the ramp before fighting Anakin why did he have to stand there with his hands on his hips he looked like superman.
  24. jedimaster11 Jedi Master

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    argoldst: Duh! Lucas couldn't do anything "cool" to R2 in the late '70's!!! How about a little EU acceptance that Anakin made modifications to him, Antilles had him changed back? If GL would have modified him in re-releases, everyone would call for his head on a platter.
  25. Dadrulesathome Jedi Youngling

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    May 10, 2005
    When Padme's hair was down she decided to go to the lava planet

    When she got there she was wearing the doughnuts

    She took the time to do her hair up so nice???
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