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Lit Forum Project: Help with Timetales.

Discussion in 'Literature' started by The Gatherer, Feb 15, 2001.

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  1. masterskywalker

    masterskywalker Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 2, 2001
    Tatooine is a baren and desolate planet. Aside from a small mining town called Anchorhead, the only intelegent inhabitans are the strange Jawas and the murderous Sandpeople. In order to gain a hunting licence needed to leave the city, the party agrees to help Czerka Coorperation get rid of a particularly vicious Tusken tribe, who have killed dozens of miners in the last few months. In order to understand the Sandpeople language, the hero purchases an HK-47 protocall droid from Yuka Laka, a droid vender. The HK droid is quite mysterious saying it would serve it's interests, and restore it's programing to be removed from Yuka's ownership. As soon as he is bought, the droid queries its new owner if he would like the droid to kill something... clearly there's more to this droid than meets the eye.

    With the loyal, but psychotic, driod in tow the hero sets out into the dune sea in search of the Star Map. They assist a broken down sandcrawler crew repel a Tusken assault, and even scare off a group of would be Gammorean pirates. Taking some clothes from the Sandpeople, the group infiltrates the Tusken camp. Using HK as a translator, they try to negotiate for the end of hostilities. This proves impossible when the cheiftan refuses to stop the attacks. The heroes are left with little choice but to kill the cheiftan and his warriors. The party then rescues a group of Jawas being held prisoner in the back, they thank the hero profusely before leaving.

    Back in Anchorhead, the Jawas reward the hero for his help. Before the hero heads out to the Dune Sea, he take the time to help a woman sell an animal skull to help get her family to Coruscant. The hero even gives her 200 more credits than the buyer gave him. The hero also helps a poor sap in the desert, whose wife had him stranded in a death trap.

    With the chieftan's map of the Eastern Dune Sea, the fellowship makes its way into even more dangerous territory. They encounter a Krayt dragon hunter, who agrees to help the heroes get into the dragons cave, in exchange for luring the titanic dragon into a minefield. The heroes do this, luring Banthas just outside the Dragon's cave. The dragon charges out... and is killed by the minefeild. Inside the dragon's cave, the mysterious hero finds yet another Star Map. Mission accomplish the hero head back to the Ebon Hawk, after helping to reunite Bastila with her estranged mother.

    With three Star Maps in their posession, the fellowship departs Tatooine and heads for the water planet Manaan.

    On the Sith flagship Leviathan, Saul informs Darth Malak of Calo Nord's failure. Darth Malak replies that no meer bounty hunter can stand against a Jedi. Malak dispatches his own apprentice, Darth Bandon to capture Bastila and kill her compainions. Bandon's cruelty is evident as he casually kills a man for getting in his way along with two bystanders...
  2. masterskywalker

    masterskywalker Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 2, 2001
    Manaan is something of an oddity in the galaxy, as it is completely neutral in the Sith War. The bargining chip that makes this possible? Kolto, predating Bacta as the galaxy's premire healing agent. It's so valuable that both the Republic and Sith respect Manaan's neutrality... for the moment at least.

    The fellowship arrives on Manaan and explores the surounding city; the only one on the planet's surface. Both Sith and Republic soldiers on the planet are at constantly at each others thoat's for obvious reasons. The mysterious hero contacts the Republic ambassador on Manaan and asks for his help in searching for the Star Map. The ambassador agrees... if the hero will do a service for them. A Republic probe droid recorded key information under the waves, and now it's sitting in the Sith Embassy. The hero agrees to recover the droid in exchange for the Republic's help.

    The mysterious hero also gets a bead on other events happening on Manaan. A Selkath, the natives of Manaan, asks the hero to investigate why the Republic is hiring so many mercenaries. Another asks the hero to find out what happened to some missing Selkath youth. Finally, Jolee Bindo's old friend Sunry has been acused for murder. The hero investigates this case and Sunry is found innocent, dispite the fact that he did kill the Sith. Sunry was having an affair with the woman, but she was in reality a Dark Jedi and Sith spy. When Sunry, who became a Republic legend fighting against Exar Kun, learned of this, he shot the spy on the spot. Through careful legal manuvering, the jury finds Sunry innocent... and the Sith are forced to pay huge reparitions for obstruction of justice.

    The hero and his friends launch a head on assault against the Sith Embassy, gaining entry through the front doors after interogating a Sith Prisoner. Slashing and blasting their way through the Embassy's troops, the heroes not only recover the droid's datatapes, but also uncover a sinister plot. The Sith are recruiting Selkath youth into their ranks to overthrow the Manaan government when the time comes. The hero puts a stop to this by killing the Sith Master inside the Embassy, and convincing the Selkath children to return to the light.

    The hero is taken prisoner by the Selkath for violating the neutrality laws, but is set free after revealing the Sith plot for the Selkath youth.

    Having done a favor for the Republic, the Republic explains their situation.

    Dispite the neutrality laws on Manaan, the Republic, with support from key government players, have a secret Kolto harvesting facility on the ocean floor. All contact was lost with the research facility, as were the Republic soldiers and mercenaries sent down to investigate. This only happened when the base uncovered some ancient ruins on the ocean floor...

    The hero investigates only to find much of the facility razed. The Selkath have been driven insane by a powerful force and have killed nearly everyone in the station. Finding only a few survivors, the party explores the doomed station in search of clues.

    The hero finally finds the base's head research, and after nearly being killed by them, is told what is happening. A giant Firaxan shark emitted a massive scream when they neared the ruins. This psychic cry drove the Selkath insane, and sent the other sharks into a frenzy.

    The hero exits the facility and makes his way to the Kolto control box on the sea floor, he's able to blow up the machinery that seemed to be driving the sharks mad. The giant shark then allows the hero to pass... leading to yet another Star Map. All seems to be going well for the heroes, but as they leave the facility encounter...

    Darth Bandon, Dark Lord of the Sith.

    Remebering him as the butcher that killed Ulgo, the hero and his compainions charge the Dark Lord and his fellow Dark Jedi. A ferocious battle takes place under the sea. When the dust settles, the hero walks away, leaving behind a dead body that was once a Dark Lord.

    Crisis averted, the hero finishes his business with the Selkath on the planet and departs for Ko
  3. masterskywalker

    masterskywalker Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 2, 2001
    The hero grows even closer to his followers. They become his close friends, and one female Jedi captures his heart.

    Juhani angrily confronts the hero over a key matter. She blames the hero for the destruction of her homeworld... Taris. The hero offers no words, other than he did was was nessicary, and is sorry for Juhani's loss. After the outburst, Juhani finally comes to peace with her inner anger, she again thanks the hero for not giving up on her, and for giving her a chance to prove herself a real Jedi. Just like she dreamed when she was a little girl on Taris...

    Jolee explains his role in the Sith War. When he first met his wife, he sensed she was strong in the force. Against the wisdom of the Council, Jolee trained his wife to become a Jedi. They enjoyed a life of happiness for many years...

    Then tragedy stuck.

    Exar Kun was well known for corrupting Jedi. But his efforts were even more sucessful that previously known. Though he corrupted a small cadre of Jedi using Sith spirits contained in a holocron. Many other Jedi were persuaded to join Exar Kun willingly.

    Jolee's wife was one of these Jedi.

    Jolee, his heart breaking, begged his wife not to go with Exar Kun. But she would not listen. Jolee did not have the strength to kill his own wife, and so she left, and killed many Jedi during the war. The council decided to show mercy to Jolee, saying he had learned wisdom the hard way. They found him innocent of any wrong doing. Jolee was forgiven by the Jedi, but he could never forgive himself for failing his wife.

    He wandered the galaxy in search of peace, his ship fell apart from underneath him though, and he crash landed on Kashyyyk. He decided it was a good place to explore... for the next few decades.

    Canderous tells the hero his exploits working for Davik. Throughout his career in Davik's service he killed doctors, lawyers, criminals, police, men, women and children. He's not proud of all he's done in his life, but he believes by fighting in the hero's service, he will once again find worthy foes. He begins to experience profound regret for some of his past actions...

    HK-47 continues to remain something of a mystery. After some tinkering, the hero unlocks one of HK's memory banks. The robot is actually a highly advanced assassin droid who has killed over 140 people. Shocked the hero asks him how he did it.

    "Oh it was nothing master," the droid bashfully replies, "Most of them never saw it coming."

    At the port on Manaan, Carth met an old friend who told him his son Dustil had survived the destruction of his homeworld, Telos. Carth is overjoyed... until he learns that Dustil has become a Sith. Carth frantically urges the hero to go to Korriban so he can find his son. The hero agrees that they will look for him on Korriban.

    Bastila finally falls to the irresistible charms of the hero. Bastila finally admits she has strong feelings for the hero, and that he is far greater than her, both in power and commitment to the Jedi's ideals. In one of the Ebon Hawk's rooms, they share a tender kiss. Bastila quickly backs away however, saying the kiss was a mistake; that she must remain a true Jedi to defeat Malak. Bastila says that the hero frightens her in someway, but her voice trails off...

    The Ebon Hawk suddenly jolts out of hyperspace.

    The Sith have found them.

    Pulled out of hyperspace by the Leviathan's gravity wells, the heroes quickly formulate a plan. One of them must avoid Sith capture to rescue the others. After a hasty decision, HK-47 is assigned the task. He shuts down his system so the Sith will consider him junk, and reactivate when the coast is clear.

    Admiral Karath tortures Carth, Bastila and the Hero relentlessly. Carth swears he'll kill Malak. Saul only replies that he's heard all those threats before. The admiral takes special interest in the hero, given his relationship to Lord Malak... Karath then asks the heroes what planet the Jedi Academy is on. The hero can only come up with the lie that the Dantooine Academy is actually on Alderaan...

    The lie doesn't
  4. JoinTheSchwarz

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    Nov 21, 2002
    The hero can only come up with the lie that the Dantooine Academy is actually on Alderaan...

    Hahaha. Nice touch.
  5. masterskywalker

    masterskywalker Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 2, 2001
    In one of the Leviathan's repair bays, an innocent looking protocall droid is dropped off pending repair.

    Appearences can be decieving.

    HK-47 reactivates, slaughtering the Sith technical crew servicing him.

    HK-47, recovering his weapons, continues to advance through the entire deck, killing every soldier that gets in his way. HK-47 then opens the door to the Leviathan's torture chambers, to the enternal thanks of Carth, Bastila and the hero.

    Recovering their equipment, the group sends Canderous to "deal" with the gaurds outside the Ebon Hawk and to ready the ship for take off.

    Carth, Bastila and the hero advance through the Leviathan's upper decks, scything down trooper after trooper. After a vicious confrontation with a phalanx of Dark Jedi, the heroes gain access to the Leviathan's bridge by using spacesuits to circumvent the ship's security. Finally the group confront's Admiral Karath on the bridge of the Leviathan... along with the entire bridge crew.

    Carth rejects Saul's offer of surrender, saying he's had enough of Sith mercy! Karath responds that Malak would have prefered prisioners, but corpses will have to do...

    Two minutes later, stepped over the bodies that litter the bridge, Carth confronts his nemisis. With his dying words, Karath tells his student a little secret about one of his friends. His secret uncovered, the Admiral dies.

    Carth rises from the corpse fuming with rage.

    "Damn you Saul! Why didn't you tell us Bastila?! Carth yells accusingly at the young Jedi. The hero, completely confused, only responds that they should leave the ship ASAP. He gets only a murderous stare from Carth, and a quiet acknowledgement from Bastila...

    The three finally hear Canderous check in, he's killed all the gaurds surrounding the Ebon Hawk and the rest of the group is onboard.

    Fighting their way through ship to the hanger decks, the three young heroes face stiff opposition. Dozens of Sith troopers and Dark Jedi hurl themselves at the heroes. Their effort fail, and they pay the price with their lives. Bastila says they must hurry as she can feel the Dark Lord's prescence entering the Leviathan.

    Entering a gloomy red corridor leading to the gigantic ship's hanger, an airlock door snaps open revealing...

    Darth Malak.

    Carth instinctively raises his blasters and fires on the Dark Lord. His bolts are harmlessly deflected by the Sith Lord's saber and is hurled to the floor by the force.

    The Dark Lord can only stare at the mysterious hero, after a long pause the Dark Lord speaks. He can express only amazement that the hero survived after what he lived through. But a small part of him always knew they would meet again. The hero stammers that he doesn't know what he's talking about.

    A cruel laugh sputters from the Sith's throat, "You mean you still haven't figured it out?"

    With this utterence, the force flows around the hero making him see another force vision. The vision reveals bits of key information from his friends, small slip ups in the act put on by the Jedi council... and Bastila herself. The vision then shows him Darth Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith. The Jedi savior of the Republic who became its most vicious enemy...

    Darth Revan removes his mask reveiling the face...

    Of the mysterious hero...
  6. masterskywalker

    masterskywalker Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 2, 2001
    "NO! I don't believe your Sith lies"! Revan moans as he can bearly find the strength to stand. In his heart though, he knows the words Malak speaks are true.

    The Jedi were weak, Malak responds. When the Jedi boarded Revan's ship, Malak usurped the title of Dark Lord from Revan by firing on his ship. He never dreamed the Council would try to rescue Revan. As Revan lay dying, Bastila used the force to keep him alive forging an inseperable bond between the two.

    His mind reeling from shock of his identity, Revan lashes out against Bastila.

    "You LIED to me Bastila! You're no better than the Sith!

    Bastila responds that they gave Revan a second chance. The Jedi gave Revan a new identity using the force to find the Star Forge, knowing that only Revan had the pure unbridaled power to stand against his old friend Malak. Bastila did have feelings for the hero, but didn't show them because of the fear of who he once was. Malak laughs at Bastila, saying the will of a Sith Lord is not so easily bent! He rejoicies at the chance to face Revan in single combat and prove once and for all that he is the true Sith Master!

    Malak traps Carth and Bastila in a prison of force energy. The two combatants ignite their sabers... and charge.

    The fighting between the two old friends is devastating. Lightsabers blur as they smash into each other with soul searing speed, their swirling blades creating intricate patterns of light. A might blow from Revan breaks through Malak's gaurd, wounding the Dark Lord. Again, Malak traps Revan in a feild of force energy as Balista charges into the room. Using the force, Bastila frees Revan and lunges at Malak. She throws her saber at the Sith, singing his flesh. Enraged Malak goes after Bastila, the key to wining his war!

    Carth drags Revan to his feet, saying the must escape or Bastila's sacrifice will be in vain.

    His heart breaking, Revan turns his back on the woman he innocently loved, the woman that once saved him from death...

    The Ebon Hawk blasts out of the Leviathan's hanger guns blazing. A small group of Sith fighters give pursuit, but are incinerated by Revan who mans the ship's guns.

    The crew of the Ebon Hawk gathers around Revan and Carth. Angrily Carth spits, "We've got a serious matter we need to discuss everyone. Do you want to tell them or should I?"

    Revan can only stare at each of the beings that he called his friends, his heart breaking, he can only stare at the floor and say,

    "I'll tell them Carth. I'm... I'm Darth Revan."
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    Nov 2, 2001
    Sorry I haven't, "updated" KOTOR's summary. My computer has a strange bug on it, and I haven't been able to kill it yet (Damn Kazaa!). It crashes my computer when I stay online for too long.

    Hopefully, I'll be done with the summary in the next few days.
  8. pat-fett

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    Mar 17, 2001
    I was wondering if any dates can be pinpointed for the events that are mentioned in KOTOR. We know that the game's main story takes place 40 years after The Sith War or, as I like to call it now SW1, which puts it 30 years after TOTJ Redemption. What about other events like The Mandalorian War, The Beggining of The Second Sith War,SW2, and events leading to Revan's fall. As well as other minor side stories like The Great Hunt with Ulic's cousin, your many companions stories. Anyone catch the Yuuzhan Vong sighting BTY, great stuff. I know the stuff about the Infinate Empire has got to be putting you in a tail spin, not to mention the long and most enjoyable origins of the Sand People. If you want I'll go through the game again and piece together some of these minor side stories.

    Also I was thinking about how there are many different ways to play this game and was wondering what you are considering cannon. Naturally I'd assume that the light side would be considered cannon. Then I stoped and thought well if some things like the Kolto being posioned was cannon. Think about it if that happened then that would explain why SW eventually uses Baccta. Also on Korriban there a number of choices up for debate that could very well be cannon or not. I'm just curious how Time Tales is handling the actual game choices of KOTOR.
  9. masterskywalker

    masterskywalker Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 2, 2001
    Ack! I'm back folks! Turns out I caught the blasted blaster worm! Fortunately, a friend of a friend is a computer marvel and managed to save my system! :)

    There are exact dates mentioned in the game. I'll find out ASAP. The game itself takes place over several months of time. There are several places where it's mentioned that "weeks" have passed since a certain event etc.

    The summary continues! Almost there folks, then I just have to edit and submit it. But writing it this way is so much more fun. ;)

    The party responds to the revelation of Darth Revan with shock... and empathy.

    The innocent Mission Vao tells Revan that it doesn't matter who he once was. She does't see a Dark Lord of the Sith, she sees a friend. She owes Revan her life, and will stick by their friend till the end. A statment that Zaalbar repeats.

    Juhani responds with awe... She cannot believe it, her hero, the man whose Jedi rescued her from a life of slavery is standing in front of her. She says she knew there was something wrong when Revan fell to the darkside. The Jedi that saved her could never have truely fallen to the darkside. With Revan as her example, Juhani will find resisting the darkside even easier.

    Meeting the man who bested the Mandalorains is a huge experience for Canderous. He swears alligence to Revan, as any cause taken by such a great warrior is worthy of the Mandalorians. His people have never met anyone as skilled as Revan, before or after the Mandalore War. "How can you even ask if I'll follow you?" Canderous tells him. No matter what, Canderous will stand by Revan to the bitter end.

    T3-M4 bleeps his desire to continue to serve Revan, as any loyal droid would.

    Jolee shocks the entire crew when he reveils he knew the Hero was Darth Revan the whole time! Jolee says he came along with Revan to see his destiny play out. He's not following Revan to judge him, only to help him and offer him guidence.

    Since the entire crew is behind Revan, Carth too grudgingly agrees to continue their mission. He says that Revan is still a threat to the Republic... but he's shown himself a servant of light so far. And with that, Carth accepts Revan. If Revan does fall the the darkside again, Carth hopes he can save Revan... from himself.

    The Sith world of Korriban has changed little over thousands of years. Only a small Czerka corperation outpost and a Sith academy have been recently constructed. The heroes land on this planet of darkness to find the final peice of the Star Map that will led them to Bastila, Malak, and the salvation of the Republic.

    Revan sets to work immediately, he is immediately able to convince a great many prospective students to leave Korriban. Revan begins his search by atempting to become a student of the Sith Academy. He does this easily by killing a gang of overly agressive, and stupid, Sith graduates. From their smoking corpses, Revan takes one of their medalions to Yuthura, second in command of the Academy. Revan then is admited to the Academy.

    Master Uthar is the headmaster of the Academy, inorder to gain acess to the tomb of Naga Sadow, and the last Star Map, Revan must best his fellow students in a competition for prestige.

    Yuthura asks Revan for help in assassinating Uthar, as is the way of the Sith. Revan agrees to this plan, and sets up the two Sith to kill each other. Revan reveils this plan to Uthar, who gives him posion to put in Yuthura's bath. Revan reveils this plan to Yuthura, who then tells Revan to put a posion device in Uthar's room. Revan does both, insuring a swift victory against these pathetic Sith plotters.

    Revan gains a prestige point easily by reciting the Sith code for Uthar from memory.

    "Peace is a lie, there is only passion
    Through passion, I gain strength
    Through strength, I gain power
    Through power, I gain victory
    Through victory, my chains are broken
    The force shall free me"

    Revan continues to gain prestige with frightening speed. He saves a group of runaway academy students from certain death, but convincing Uthar that he killed them. He outwi
  10. pat-fett

    pat-fett Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 17, 2001
    There are exact dates mentioned in the game. I'll find out ASAP. The game itself takes place over several months of time. There are several places where it's mentioned that "weeks" have passed since a certain event etc.

    The only two I can remember is the one about the Rakata and then Jolee I think mentions how long ago something was in one of his tales.

    I have some dates that help to place some events on the timeline though. These come from the Strategy Guide.

    Under Saul Karath's bio It says this... "Admiral Saul Karath, a pivotal figure in the victory over the Mandalorians only five years ago, stunned his peers when he declared the Republic not worthy of his support. So by my estimate that puts the end of the Madalorian Wars at 3,961 BSW4.

    The other important data concerns the Rakata. Their bio reads... "It is estimated that the Rakata civilization ceased to exist nearly 30,000 years ago...." With this I'd say the fall of the Rakata could be anywhere from 35,000-33,956 BSW4

    There is one more time frame given but it's a little difficult to place as well as some other events prior to the date given. In Malak's Bio it says... "For two years,battles raged on the perimeters of Republic space.", that being The Second Sith War. I'll put it into context....

    "Ignoring the dictates of the Jedi Council, the charismatic pair (Revan and Malak) recruited many to their cause, rallying the impulsive youth of the Order with cries of victory and glory. With Revan and Malak at the head of their great fleet, the Republic set forth to drive the invaders back. The Mandalorian Wars were long and Bloody, and many Jedi perished in the struggle. Yet the Republic emerged triumphant, and Revan and Malak were hailed as heroes.

    But the heroes did not leave the war untouched. Something about the Outer Rim words twisted and corrupted them. On Korriban, Revan uncovered the lost secrets of the Sith and became heir to an ancient and evil legacy. Succuming to the lure of the dark side, the fallen Jedi assumed the title of Darth Revan, Lord of the Sith. Malak was choosen the Dark Lord's apprentice, and the great fleet under their control abandoned the Republic and swore fealty to their new Sith masters.

    With their army of followers, Revan and Malak return not as saviors, but as conquerors. For two years,battles raged on the perimeters of Republic space. The Sith gained victory after victory, until the Jedi set a trap for Revan and succeeded in destroying the Dark Lord. But during the chaos of battle, Malak, Revan's apprentice, managed to escape.

    Malak seized the mantle of his fallen Sith Master and proclaimed himself the new Dark Lord, swearing revenge on those who had killed Revan. And the Sith armada comtinued its relentless advance upon the Core Worlds...."

    The fisrt thing I am unclear about is when Revan discovers the Sith tombs and Star Map on Korriban. During or after the Manalorian Wars. My best guess would be towards the end of the war. The other thing that is unclear is how much time between the 2 year period that leads to Revan's fall and the start of the game goes by.

    Here's my theory:

    3,961-3,958 Revan retreats to Korriban sets up a base,later becoming the Sith Academy, Searches and finds the Star Forge, allies with Czerka Corp, who helps create the Korriban outpost Dreshdae*,and builds the Sith fleet up using the Star Forge.

    *The guide says that Czerk Corp's President Pollard Serio built Dreshdea as the company's new head quarters. I'll post more on that bit in a later post

    3,958-3956+ The Second Sith War. I figure this would include the Fall and capture of Revan as well as the events in the game and his ultimate redemption.

    I hope that helps. I'll go through the game again this weekend to help Master pin down more dates. Maybe I'll even focus a little more on the side stories since he has the main story pretty much down. Also the strat. guide has a few more tid bits that might be of interest.

  11. masterskywalker

    masterskywalker Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 2, 2001
    Yeah, there's plenty of stuff I skipped over like Geoharadan assassin sect. They're sort of like Section 31 from Star Trek. They were founded by Xim the Despot, but broke away from him after his death.

    HK-47 reveils the shocking secret of his past to Revan. He is in actuality, a Sith assassin droid, created and programed by Revan to do his bidding. HK-47 is pleased to have his full functionality restored, and happy to resume his work as a killing machine for his true master.

    On Korriban, Canderous meets an old Mandalorian comrade, Jaggi. He's not very happy to see Canderous though. According to Jaggi, Canderous abandoned him and his men to death because of Canderous' glory seeking. Orodo responds that he had no choice, he saw a weakness in the enemy and took advantage of it. Jaggi is by no means satisfied. Taking a quick detour to Tatooine, Canderous and Jaggi face off in a battle for honor. Canderous preveils, but Jaggi's death stirs feelings in him that he has not felt in a long time...

    Loose ends tied up, the Ebon Hawk and her crew set out to complete their mission. They jump to the unknown system, and their destiny.

    The Ebon Hawk comes out of hyperspace and gets their first look at the Star Forge. It's a massive battle station that draws a portion of it's energy from the sun to create an endless armada for the Sith. Indeed, almost the entire Sith fleet is in this system, preparing for a massive attack against the core world. After fighting their way through a Sith fighter squadron, the Ebon Hawk crash lands on the unknown world due to a mysterious dampening feild.

    Revan wastes no time in exploring the planet. No sooner due the heroes step off their ship when they are attacked by strange bipedal creatures. The aliens are of little threat to the heroes though. A group of Duro thank Revan for saving them from the savages. They explain that their ship too, has crashed on this planet along with countless others. Revan quickly locates the source of the dampening feild, but the temple housing it is sheilded. Revan also encounters a group of stranded Madalorian raiders whom he is forced to slay. The fellowship explores the temple area, quickly finding the parts they need to repair the Ebon Hawk. They then meet a tribe of the aliens called the Elders, and they are much more peaceful than the other tribes. Even stranger, the aliens recognize Revan, he was on this planet years ago with Malak.

    The aliens are called the Rakata, and once they had a galaxy spaning Empire far greater than the Republic. And the secret of their sucess was the Star Forge, a factory/battlestation that drawed opon both star power and the living force to fuel itself. The Star Forge is a darkside relic that eventually drove the Rakata to destroy themselves. Now they are reduced to barbarism to survive. They believe that Revan wants to change his ways, but he must finish a test first. Revan must rescue one of the Elder scientists that was captured by the army of "The One". Revan acomplishes this task easily, killing the One, his gaurds and his Rancor warbeasts. With the blessing of the Elders, the Rakata priests begin a cerimony that will lower the forcefeild and allow Revan inside.

    Entering the temple with Jolee and Juhani, the three Jedi encounter fierce resistence. A platoon of Dark Jedi, Sith Alcoytes and war droids away gaurd the complex. The three Jedi advance through the building, slaying foes left and right. Finally, the reach the summit of the temple and find the dampening feild generator gaurded by Dark Malak's new apprentice.

    Bastila Shan.
  12. pat-fett

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    Mar 17, 2001
    They're sort of like Section 31 from Star Trek.

    LMAO I had that exact same thought when I started that quest.
  13. Nightowl

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    The July-August .doc file is up. The KOTOR stuff hasn't been added (because I wanted to give you a chance to get it all done first, masterskywalker!) but everything else is in there.
  14. The Gatherer

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    Aug 2, 1999
    Great news!
  15. masterskywalker

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    Nov 2, 2001
    The second to last installment! Sorry it took so long guys! ;)

    Revan stares at the woman he loves, knowing full well he may have to kill her. Bastila takes a moment, prior to carrying out her master's will, to explain what happened to her.

    Bastila resisted Malak at first, but after weeks of endless torture, she saw the "truth" of Malak's words. He forced her to acknowledge her anger and pain, and showed her the liberating power of these emotions. The Jedi council used her as a tool, expecting her to do their bidding, but at the same time seeth under constant rebukes for being headstrong. The council was meerly envious of her power and saught to control her, just like they tried to control Revan during the Mandalorian wars.

    After this tense exchange, Bastila seeks to prove herself worthy in Malak's eyes, by killing Revan. Revan, Jolee and Juhani desperately try to convince Bastila she's being decieved by Malak, but to no avail. A furious saber duel ensues between the Jedi and Sith. After being forced back, Bastila asks Revan to reclaim the title of Dark Lord, and to accept her as his apprentice. Revan refuses this temptation outright. After another vicious fight, Bastila flees aboard her new Sith starship.

    Revan, Jolee and Juhani disable the dampening feild around the planet and run back to the Ebon Hawk. Revan explains the situation to his crew, and all agree that they must pursue Bastila and Malak to the Star Forge.

    In the depths of space around the Star Forge, almost the entire Republic fleet drops out of hyperspace and moves to engage the Sith's main task force. A massive battle begins, but no matter how hard they try, the Republic can't break through the Sith's defences. Their every strategy is being checked somehow... Carth sadly informs Admiral Dodonna and Master Vandar (who miraculously survived the assault on Dantooine) of Bastila's fall. Dodonna wants to pull back and regroup, but it's too late. Unless the attack suceeds, the Sith will retain an invincible fortress under their command. One capable of endlessly renewing the Sith warmachine. Hastily, a plan is put together. The Republic will continue their assault as long as possible, keeping the main Sith fleet busy, while the Jedi slip through the battle in their starfighters and land on the Star Forge. There they will stop Bastila from using her Battle Meditation against the Republic, and confront Darth Malak. The crew of the Ebon Hawk volunteers for this suicide mission as well, vowing to see their quest through to the end.

    Many Jedi lose their lives penetrating the Star Forge's outer defences, but enough get through to begin their boarding action. As Revan and company step out into the Star Forge's hanger, they meet the advance elements of the Jedi boarding party. At that instant, a strong force of Dark Jedi moves in to repel the invaders. Revan and his allies make short work of their enemies. The Jedi in the hanger stay behind to defend the hanger, while other Jedi teams push deeper into the fortress. Revan and his friends move deeper into the Star Forge as well.

    Darth Revan is informed by a Sith Master that the Jedi have landed on the Forge. Malak views this as meerly an inconvience, and orders the Star Forge's powerful droid army into action...

    The crew of the Ebon Hawk soon encounter a flood of powerful war droids. Deck by deck, they push on, leaving behind only scrap metal and sparking circuts.

    Malak is informed the droids have failed to defeat the Jedi. Intreiged, he asks why this is so. The frightened Sith replies that the Jedi are being led by Revan...

    Malak smiles, he will once again face his old master. But first he puts into motion a plan to turn the fight in his favor. He orders his elite troopers, Dark Jedi and personal Sith apprentices into action against Revan. Naturally, they won't stop one as powerful as Revan, but they'll slow him down.

    How many?

    All of them.

    Revan presses onward against terrifying resistence. Several times he is nearly killed by the sheer weight of numbers. Undaunted, he and his fr
  16. masterskywalker

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    Nov 2, 2001
    The duel between Jedi and Sith rages across the command center. And yet each time Revan strikes down Bastila, she is re energized by the power of the Star Forge. Revan, still clinging to hope, reaches out to Bastila again and again, trying to find the still faint light within her. Finally, Bastila lies defeated and exhausted. She begs Revan to kill her, knowing what she has done is beyond redemption.

    Revan disagrees.

    Revan lowers his gaurd and asks Bastila to strike him down. Bastila wavers at this request, and finally submits. Revan tells Bastila of his love for her. A feeling that Bastila, finally, returns. Revan asks Bastila to use her Battle Meditation against the Sith, while he continues onward to face his old apprentice. Leaving the command center, Revan hears Bastila say...

    "Go my love, and may the force be with you."

    Outside the Star Forge, the battle against the Sith aramada continues. A Sith fighter wing is torn to peices by the Republic's defence screen.

    On the bridge of the Republic flagship, Admiral Dodonna sees a break in the Sith lines, and orders Red squadron to smash through the hole.

    A malestrom of laser blasts from the Republic fighters obliterate the Sith's fighter screen. As they come around for another pass, Green squadron joins them, increasing the fury of the attack. A spearhead of Republic capital ships joins them, unleashing titanic barrages of energy at the Sith's Destroyers. The Sith armada is thrown into chaos! The Republic fleet pushes onwards towards the Star Forge, leaving only flaming derelicts in their wake.

    Meanwhile, Revan finally catches up to Darth Malak in the heart of the Star Forge. Malak casually dispatches two Jedi Knights him before facing Revan.

    Revan offers Malak a chance to surrender, much to the amusment of the Sith Lord. Malak curses Revan for a fool, saying he only glimpsed the tiniest potential of the Star Forge. It's not just an endless factory, it's in many ways a living creature that feeds on the darkside. Malak leaves the area, locking Revan behind a blast door to face the fury of the Star Forge itself.

    The Star Forge begins to assemble an endless army of droids to kill Revan. Swifty, Revan is outnumbered and outgunned. But he does not dispair, Revan dismantles each of the droid making generators one at a time; he uses the energy of the destroyed droids to make computor spikes for hacking the generators. One by one, the generators fail, and the rest of the droids are easily dispatched.

    The end is near. Revan strides forward to face Malak for the last time. The words between the two freinds are breif. Malak is amazed at Revan's resilience, complementing that he is even stronger than he was as a Dark Lord. Revan swears he will never serve the darkside again! Malak is unimpressed.

    "Savior, conqueror, hero, villian. You are all things Revan, and yet you are nothing. In the end you belong to neither the light nor the darkness, you will forever stand alone."

    The gauntlet has been thrown. Once again, Revan and Malak will fight to the death, and the winner will decide the fate of the galaxy!

    The two fly into battle, sabers striking with unreal power and speed. Inch by inch, Malak gives ground to Revan, until Revan mortally wounds the Dark Lord.

    Malak is unconserned, and reveils his ultimate weapon. Using captured Jedi from Dantooine, and the power of the Star Forge Malak draws the corrupted force essence from the imprisioned Jedi, reenergizing him to full strength. Malak gloats that Revan can never defeat him here, not when he can call opon the strength of all these Jedi! Malak vowes to do the same to Revan; drawing on his strength as he conquers the galaxy!

    Revan acts quickly. He avoids battle with Malak and starts destroying each of the "dead" Jedi. When the Jedi are released from their terrible bondage, he again faces Malak.

    The fighting is terrible, vicious, but... eventually... it ends. And Darth Malak lies dying by his old freind's side.

    "Such is the way of the darkside Malak, all things end in death."

    Malak po
  17. masterskywalker

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    Give me an hour or two to put the whole thing together, check it for errors, and add some finishing touches and I'll PM you the final copy Gatherer.
  18. The Gatherer

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  19. masterskywalker

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    Nov 2, 2001
    I'm rather happy the way it turned out. Gotta keep those writting skills sharp for college somehow. ;)
  20. Valiento

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    Mar 19, 2000
    Remember to use this stuff; [link=]here[/link]
  21. Keeper_of_Swords

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    A great THANK YOU to gatherer and nightowl

    I got into starwars only 5 years ago, and I was lost in the EU

    ...until I find TIMETALES

    so I just buy the books which have to do with the films..novels, visual dictionaries, incredible cross-sections

    and the TIMETALES and OFFICIAL FACTFILES keep me up to date with the EU

    ..I've been following Timetales quite long now, and I admire and respect you folks as much as the creators of the films.

    keep it up....keep the story going.........
  22. Keeper_of_Swords

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    just my humble ideas...

    What about adding on to the Ewoks cartoon stories, making each episode longer

    There are lots of Cartoon databases on the Internet and ther surely is more detailed info about each episode of the Ewok cartoons.
  23. TalonCard

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    As I understand it, the shorter summeries are simply placeholders, taken from an old SW Insider. I believe that one of Nightowl's many ongoing projects is summerizing the cartoon episodes, he's made a good start on the Droids cartoon already.

  24. Keeper_of_Swords

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    Sep 20, 2003

    that's good

    especially for the Ewoks ones.

    ..hey man soon the Clone War cartoons will be all blended into timetales


    ..there are so many ideas of people behind it.

    And it's non-stop action.

  25. Keeper_of_Swords

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