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    This one is more than a one-poster like "Broken Jedi," but it remains a shorter story than I tend to gravitate towards. Perhaps that will insure completion.

    To answer questions of my other two stories that lurk painfully in purgatory, yes, I have every intention of finishing both of them....when is the great question that plagues me.

    Thanks for reading!


    The Jedi Knight stepped softly off the public transport as the docking clamps fell into place, gently inhaling the sweet scents of Mali-Celesia. Qui-Gon Jinn?s first breath on a new planet spoke volumes more to him that all his preparatory research ever did. Mission briefings told him the brief history, politics, and customs of a people. They told him which animals were dangerous and which plants were poisonous. But that first breath let him see the soul of a planet. His master recently told him that he had come to rely more on his Padawan?s first impressions over much of his own preparation.

    Unconsciously, Qui-Gon reached just behind his right ear for the braid that just a week ago had hung there over his shoulder. Master Dooku had once told him that that small weight was his own hand, always there to reassure him?to remind him that he was never alone.

    Now here he was, the familiar weight and reassurance gone as Qui-Gon took his first steps into the city on his first mission.

    Excitement had quickly given way to disappointment after he had been summoned by the Council two days after his Knighting to receive his first mission?to bring a new initiate to the Temple.

    ?Appropriate, it is,? Master Yoda had said, ?The beginning of a knighthood leading another to their own beginning as a Jedi.?

    Appropriate or not, this type of mission was more suited to a senior Padawan?s first solo mission, not a Knight?s.

    Qui-Gon sighed, bringing himself back to the here and now. He was in a market place now. His hotel should be just at the end of the street. He fidgeted in the foreign clothes he felt it best to wear.

    The research Madame Jocasta Nu had gathered for him told Qui-Gon that Mali-Celesia was entirely self-sufficient with no import and little export. Few natives chose to leave the planet, and immigration was expressly forbidden by penalty of death. In fact, ships from the outside landed only four times a year and each was given three days to conduct their business before the ship was required to leave. Anyone that didn?t make it back to their ship for departure was imprisoned until the next ships landed four standard months later.

    Qui-Gon?s sense of the planet painted a much different picture than the Temple Archives. He sensed a sensual people, taking pleasure in all life could give them. He felt much laughter and contentment. And quite openly affectionate, the Knight arched his eyebrows, observing a couple quite engaged with each other, drawing only approving and knowing smiles from passersby. Indeed, Qui-Gon?s Force sense of the Mali-Celesians was of an adventurous, warm, fun-loving, yet deeply committed people.

    Finding his hotel only confirmed the Jedi?s suspicions. Despite their laws appearing hostile to outsiders, the staff of the lodging seemed to consider their customers as guests of their own families. Qui-Gon was taken to a spacious suite and informed that any missing amenity need only be requested. A quick exploration of the hotel?s rooms comforts yielded two opinions: Mali-Celesians were VERY concerned with their personal pleasure and Qui-Gon Jinn had led a very sheltered life.

    Peeling off his jacket, the Jedi stretched his frame, popping joints that had, on occasion, been pulled out of place. His contact was to meet him at his rooms at sundown, which left him several hours for rest and preparation. Qui-Gon settled comfortably on the couch to gather his thoughts. His research had brought one fact to his attention, there were no Mali-Celesians Jedi at the Temple. In fact, there were no records of any Jedi ever having originated from the planet. The galaxy was vast, wit
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    Hmm... A good start. I'll be waiting for more of this one.
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    Good start! The idea of what Qui-Gon was like as a new knight is really interesting. Keep it up!

    Shameless promotion alert!

    (And if you want, you can read my story and give me your feedback!)
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    Hmmmm, this looks like a keeper. Waiting for more!
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