Beyond - Legends Little Wonders 'Ch 19!' (10/19) ~Jaina/Kyp/Solos/ect.~ ?Its the end." ~ Complete.

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    Jade_eyes: Evelyn is gonna be a heartbreaker for sure!:p I know Durron makes a hot daddy! So happy to hear ya liked it! :) Cheers!

    Hazel: [face_blush] It is very sweet, thanks for clicking!

    LoriLynn: Glad ya liked the name! Lol, no no no its not over just yet.. a few chapters left!;)

    LexiLupin: Lol of course Evelyn had a point to scream at that point.. all attention should be on her of course.[face_laugh] Yep all is well, love mush! [face_batting]

    Chilla: So glad ya enjoyed the baby and mushiness! I know, I hate how Jaina's life has been crap in profic.. but that's what fanfic is for! :D And again, totally agree.. Jacen should not have turned!!! And Jaina should be with someone less cardboard. But oh well .. I can dream. [face_love] Thanks so much! More soon!

    Briannakin: She will indeed be legendary.. Cheers!

    MiralukaJedi: Good to hear ya enjoyed it! :D

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    Well .. its been a long road but it here's .. the last chapter in this little fic. I hope all who clicked, commented and lurked enjoyed this fic as much as I did. I'm going to miss it.

    Without further delay.. Chapter 19: The End.

    A huge thanks to everyone for reading and taking interest! Cheers people! [:D]

    Chapter 19
    A New Family

    Coruscant/ Jedi Temple/ Medical Centre

    With well trained hands, Leia cradled her first grandchild to her chest and watched the child slumber completely at ease. Little Evelyn was so sweet, her rosy cheeks, little mop of brunette hair and tiny clenched fists with the cutest smallest fingers. It had been such a long time since Leia had held a baby. She?d almost forgotten how truly tiny and fragile newborns were. The last youngster of the family had been Ben and he was nearly an adult now.

    Time seemed to be slipping away from them all. It made her feel her age all of a sudden. But getting old was inevitable at the end of the day. And old-age aside; it was really a wonderful delight to welcome a new member to the family. There had been too many battles, so many heartbreaks and not enough joy.

    Now though, there was a reason to celebrate, the family had a fresh rascal to spoil and love.

    Softly Leia planted a sweet kiss to the child?s small forehead and smiled up at her daughter,
    ?She?s so gorgeous. You should have a few more of these, hun.?

    Still resting in bed, Jaina chuckled deeply,
    ?Mum, please, let me recover first. Besides, I don?t want to revisit that pain anytime soon, thank you very much.?

    ?No?? Her mother quirked an amused eyebrow, ?Although, you can?t deny the results are adorable.? She gave a wide grin and added, ?You two make cute babies.?

    ?It?s nice to know I?m good for something.? Kyp whispered jokingly into Jaina?s ear as he sat on the edge of her mattress.

    Laughter shone in her dark hazel eyes as Jaina winked at him, then spoke to her mother,
    ?I think one baby will do for now, mum, so please stop giving me that look.?

    Pouting a little, Leia conceded,
    ?Okay, sweetheart, you win. For now.?

    Over on the other side of the bed, Han shook his head in amusement,
    ?One new baby and she?s demanding a trio or more already.?

    Glimpsing at her husband, Leia?s eyes turned a shade darker and intimately focused as she said,
    ?Well, why not? I?m the grandmother after all, I?m supposed to encourage them. Of course, I want more grandchildren.? Glancing back at the sleeping baby she quietly added, ?We had a trio once ??

    All of them in the room, Han, Jaina, Kyp, knew what she was referring to.

    The lost child, Anakin Solo.

    Something flashed in Leia?s eyes, full of hurt and yet joined with joy. Han?s chest contracted at the sight. He wanted to gather his beloved wife up in arms, to hold her forever, away from everyone, away from the past sorrow. How he wished he could take the heartache away.

    Slowly Solo strolled over to his dearest Leia.

    Bearing a mixture of emotions she glanced up at him wistful. Subtly Han inclined his head in understanding. Leaning in close, he murmured warmly, his breath caressing her cheek with his words,
    ?Those we?ve lost will continue in all of us, always, even in Evelyn here ? We made ourselves a great family, sweetheart. It can only get better.?

    Comforted, Leia looked up at the most important man in her life. Wearing a genuine smile Leia tiptoed to give him a most tender loving kiss.

    Jaina and Kyp shared an affectionate gaze and made no move to interrupt the moment.

    As the kiss ended, Leia found herself wrapped up in Han?s strong arms with their newborn grandchild carefully cuddled between them. Lovingly Han swayed them together, enclosing them in his protective warmth.

    ?Hey heartbreaker,? Han mumbled gently to the unconscious child, ?you?re gonna have everyone eating out of your hand, princess, I can see it now.?

    Arching an eyebrow at Jaina, Leia sighed,
    ?Who does that remind/>
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    S_M, Your characterizations have been splendid. In this last chapter, Leia especially was excellent and heart-warmingly done =D=

    K/J were fantab in this closing part: loving and rejoicing.

    Your dialogue is sweet, gentle.

    Eagerly awaiting your next fic project [face_batting]

    Fat huggles!

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    Awwww! Perfect ending. I LOVE seeing grandma Leia with the baby! So cute! Especially the moment with Grandpa Han!

    I too, eagerly await your next fic!
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    Very sweet ending. Good work!
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    Wonderful ending! Makes me a bit sad this story is already over.

    The part between Leia and Han was really touching. I love how gentle their interaction is.
    I agree that Leia's characterization was especially well done. =D=

    And I love how Jaina and Kyp have found peace and happiness. Such a wonderful thing after all their hardships. The way you have written the last part in their apartment was beautiful.

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    Awwwww. It's finished? :(

    Thank you for the read, it has been wonderful [:D]

    I read every chapter eagerly and I thought each one was so cute and sweet :D

    I like how you did every character, I liked how you portrayed them. Thank you so much for entertaining :)
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    I can't believe I forgot to review this! My deepest apologies!

    I loved this chapter (and the story overall)! That little scene with Leia remembering Anakin was almost heartbreaking, but done in a classy way. Kudos!

    You should write a sequel to this! Oh what a great idea! [face_dancing]

    Maybe when Jacen and Tahiri have a baby? [face_love]
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    Jade_eyes: That's a huge compliment thank you so much! [face_blush] Glad ya enjoyed this piece and its ending. Glad ya enjoyed Kyp and Jaina's story, I wanted to end with them being a solid couple looking forward to the future.. Again thanks, I'll see ya on the boards soon! [:D]

    Briannakin:Happy to hear you liked the ending and the sweet Solo grandparent moments. Aww thanks, I'll catch ya on the boards later.


    Chilla:So glad you liked it, tbh I wasn't expecting to end this so soon, but with the baby arriving and K/J solidly together it felt right to leave the story on this happy hopeful note. :) Cheers, so glad you enjoyed Han/Leia in this, I worked hard on the Solos, they're my fav couple in SW and I felt I had to try my best to capture them. Again thank you, I ended it the way I always intended to.. with mush lol. Cheers for reading! [face_peace]

    Nadia-Oomia:I know, I'm sorry its over too, but it was time to close this story. Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed this little story and characters. Cheers for clicking!

    LoriLynn: Thanks for reading and following this story, I'm so happy you liked it. I'm sure a sequel or 2 may show up soon!;) Lol, you're right, Jacen and Tahiri should get working on those kids!

    Thanks for all your comments! See ya online laters! MTFBWYA
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    I thought for sure I have commented on your last chapter. :oops:

    Anyway, this was a truly wonderful conclusion to a great and thrilling story.

    Loved it!

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    Hazel: Ah thanks for commenting, so glad you enjoyed the story and of course its sweet ending. Thanks for reading!:)
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    Awww, that was wonderful, love the baby's name. Is that the end or do we get to see GrampaHan with his new girl? He'll be hooked in a second.
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    Well, I seem to have somehow missed that final chapter before I posted my previous reply.

    What a sweet, sweet, sweet, wonderful ending to a great story. Great job. [face_love]
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