Beyond - Legends Little Wonders 'Ch 19!' (10/19) ~Jaina/Kyp/Solos/ect.~ ?Its the end." ~ Complete.

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    You can't leave it there!!! :_|

    That was a fantastic post!! You capture these two so well that I feel like I'm watching their conversations take place instead of just reading!

    Please don't make us wait too long for another update! [face_praying]

    Great job! =D=

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    Unusually, he?d had his silvery black hair cut very short. It no longer touched his shoulders. Oddly it worked well making him look smarter, even gentlemanly. Every strand was neatly combed out of his eyes, those gorgeous green eyes which had seen too much and showed very little, unless you looked closely.

    It wasn?t only his hair.

    Rarer still, he was prim and proper with a clean shaven jaw-line, which took ten years off his attractive face. To complete the picture his clothes were close-fitting and immaculate. He was a sharper, more striking, cut of a man.

    Good God woman...make me drool why don't you? =P~

    ?Jay.? The words were spoken softly against her lips, ?Give me a chance. I don?t want to make you happy, I need to. I know I shouldn?t say this but . . . I?m asking you for more.?

    Suddenly the baby stirred vigorously. With Jaina snugly pressed against him, Kyp felt the tiny kicks against his abdomen and smiled,
    ?I think I have a supporter.?

    And now I'm all melty...[face_love]

    ?Alright, alright, I get the message. I'll see you soon,? With great charm Kyp smiled and finished meaningfully, ?sweetheart.?

    That was his last word.

    No no no no nononnonononono! That's a horrible last sentence! :_|

    And the sinister voice! Who's after him? [face_worried]

    Update soon? [face_batting] Please? With cyber cherries on top?


    EDIT: and the dear/sweetheart was awesome. [face_laugh]

    EDIT2: Have I mentioned how much I love this story?
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    Wow, quite the twist of temper into something completely different there and looks like they are inching ever closer together. By the way, would that guy at the end be the one in the shadows watching everything before?
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    I have no idea who was dejected more. Durron or me? :_| How can you just leave it hanging there???

    But dejection aside, that was cute. Intimate and cute! My favorite mushy things! :D

    Awesomeness chapter!

    More soon, please? :)
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    Their fighting and then making up just adds to the realism of the story!

    I love the story so far! And I'm very nervous for Kyp now.

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    Wow ! What an image of Kyp you conjured up in my mind -yummy!! =P~

    I'm all melty and drooly right now!

    And, oh yeah - What! You can't just leave us hanging there !
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    i loved the descriptions in this story! And Kyp and Jaina fighting was really well done. You are doing a great job with this story!
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    Briannakin: Cheers! What mean thing could you possibly mean..? [face_mischief]

    CelseteAntola: Sorry to annoy ya with that last bit hanging? Aww thank you so much that?s a huge compliment, I enjoyed writing the closeness between these two, I really wanted to capture the moment. I apologize for the wait, but another chapter will be up shortly! :) Thanks.

    Ceillean: Well.. I thought Durron needed a bit of a change, to make him handsome and rogued but in a different way.. ;) I take it that you approve? Lol. ? I?m sorry for the last bit, but you won?t be left hanging much longer. ? Glad ya liked the dear/sweetheart touch. ? You have mentioned it before, but thanks again, that means a lot that you enjoy it! [face_blush] A huge cheers Ceillean!
    (Just so ya know? I lurk a lot on your fics, I apologize for not commenting often, but I just wanted ya to know I?m a fan.:p)

    MiralukaJedi: Good to know your liking this. Yeah, that is the same lurky guy from a previous chapter? but he?s not what you should worry about. More soon?[face_batting]

    Goddess_At_Heart: Aww, I?m so sorry, I know cliff hangers are a pain... but you won?t have to wait for much more. Always need mushy-ness I say, so happy to hear you liked it! Yep, more coming? Thanks.

    :D Lol, well .. ?All?s Fair in Love and War? the fighting and the mush. Great to know your enjoying the story, more soon, cheers!

    Kyp is always yummy but I thought I?d twist it a little, glad ya liked it! Sorry for the cliffy.. but more is on the way. Thanks for reading.[face_peace]

    Ah thank you, it?s good to hear you like it, its loads of fun to write. More shortly. Cheers for clicking!

    Thanks to all who read, comment and lurk.

    More soon . . .

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    I somehow missed this update.:oops:

    Kyp is brilliant in this one, I love the way you write him.

    Can't wait for the next bit...
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    Soon? Soon you say? Please define 'soon'...for those who are impatient and expect good stories to materialise out of thin air!

    Can't wait for more!! [face_dancing]
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    Probie: Ah cheers, more Kyp coming shortly![face_peace]

    Sethathoryunet: I know, I know, I'm very sorry for the delay. [face_blush] I appreciate your interest and will update pronto! ;)
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    [face_blush] Forgive me for the delay...

    Hope you enjoy the next chapter.

    (PMs may be late!)

    Thanks to all who click, comment and lurk!:D

    Chapter 11
    Bark Is Worse Than The Bite

    Two weeks later . . .

    Core Worlds/ Near Kuat Space/ On Board Freighter: Herculan X

    Electric humming droned. Boots shuffled in the distance. Metal chains rattled eerily. Deep voices resonated through the metallic corridors, commanding and direct, barking orders.

    ?Move it! . . . I want it clear!?

    Together the noises blended horribly. They tore through Kyp?s skull, painful and grating.

    ?. . . Come on!?

    Disorientated, Durron struggled to focus on what he heard, where he was and what the hell had happened. His mind protested. It was far too fragile to convey memory or sensations. Instead of any type of recognition his head exploded in agony.

    He went to clutch his pounding forehead only to feel the tight clench of steel wrapped around his arms. Muscles tensed as Kyp fought the restraints. They were tight and unyielding. Alarmed, he attempted to move his legs, but they too were bound by shackles.


    Panting, bewildered and hurting, Kyp slowed his breathing striving to remain calm. Using the Force, Durron stretched out searching for information.

    It was a huge strain.

    He could barely feel the room he was trapped in, let alone the rest of the ship. There was great pressure on his senses, holding his Force-touch at bay, virtually rebounding it back to him. The effort left him breathless and his brain burning.

    Wearily, Kyp?s bloodshot eyes flickered.

    He was weak. So drained he could hardly keep his mind conscious. His head lolled, his lungs wheezed and his body ached. He had to wake up fully and deal with this situation.

    His emerald eyes, tinted by blood and bruising, fluttered open.

    ?C-Commos?? His voice was hoarse but full of rage, ?I should have known.?

    Puzzlement fled, instantly replaced with anger.

    A tall well-built man with thick blonde hair, a thick beard, black leather trousers and a worn out jacket to match, sat down opposite him. Cheerfully, the wild rogue grinned. It was cocky, a player?s smile, a winner?s smirk.

    Durron knew that grin and hated it.

    ?Nice to have ya aboard, Durron.?

    Many words and phrases ran through his head, swear words mainly. Yet Kyp refused to give in to temptation. He would not fall for Commos?s arrogance. It would only motivate the conceited man.

    Overly casual, Kyp replied,

    Rich sapphire eyes glared back at him. They were sharp and calculative.

    From previous experience, Durron understood Commos was not someone to trifle with.

    The man was a great survivor. This twisted crook heard and saw all. He could show himself to be rich, poor, adult, childish, confident, shy, strong or weak. All of them were distortions, acts and facades. A shifter of all walks of life, he could be the soul of the party and the shadow lurking in the background.

    Misleadingly handsome and enigmatic, he could manipulate better than any politician.

    Commos De?Los was dangerous because he could trick the best detectives. Bribery, threats and blackmail were his best known friends. A powerful outlaw, he was physically skilled, well connected, insanely wealthy, charismatic and mysterious, definitely an opponent to reckon with. Not even his own mother knew his true persona. Scary thought really.

    ?I must say Kyp,? Nonchalantly, Commos leaned back in his chair and leaned an arm on the covered crate next to him, ?you certainly know how to make an entrance.?

    Recollection hit as Kyp?s dark brows narrowed.

    A week and a half ago, he and an elite GA investigation team had arrived at the inactive freighter. They had managed to board the large vessel but discovered it to be empty. It was like the crew had just got up and left.

    Days went by as the inspection ran its course.

    It took hours to explore every room, office an/>
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    Oh my... =D=

    Well, this was certainly a surprise. Although I have to admit it's kind of neat seeing Kyp on the other side of things. All banged up and shackled.

    Now I'm wondering what he'll have to do to keep Jaina safe. And will Jaina find out? If she does, she'll be pissed beyond belief. :p

    Wonderful update!

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    Awesome update!!! =D=

    Och... poor Kyp, though. This Commos guy has got him in quite a compromising position. [face_worried]

    And yet another evil!cliffie! :p I'm looking forward to the next update!

    Thanks for the PM! :D

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    Yikes! Poor Kyp. Looking forward to more.
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    Can I be put on the pm list? I love this story. More please!
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    Great chapter. Kyp really knows how to get himself into trouble.
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    Oh Durron.... :rolleyes:

    I should have know, he was bound to get himself into something one way or another.

    Very awesome post! :D
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    Just came across this story and I LOVE it! [face_love]

    Though I was expecting a little more fatherly retribution... maybe a nice, calm.. chat...

    Is Jaina going to come free Kyp and kick some ass? :D

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    Just found this story and read it all the way through. I'm really enjoying it - could I be put on your PM list for updates please? :)
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    :eek: This story is taking a more sinister turn. I love it!

    Can't wait for your next post!

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    Awwwww. All the mush went away. Sigh. I'm liking where you are going with this though! =D=
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    Ceillean: I like to roughen-up these characters now and then.. [face_mischief] Bit of action is fun. Haha, Jaina will always have a comment on this situation and yes I think she?ll know exactly when he?s in trouble. Cheers for clicking!

    CelseteAntola: Aww thanks, you?re too kind. Sorry for the cliffie but I couldn?t resist.. Your welcome for the PM, thanks for watching this fic.

    MiralukaJedi: Yep, poor Durron. Thanks!

    jedikatie26: Of course, I?ll add you to the PMs. Good to hear you?re enjoying this. More coming..

    Briannakin: Cheers. Lol, trouble is Kyp I think.

    Goddess_At_Heart: I know, Durron can drop himself in it a lot.. Thank you! More soon!

    LexiLupin: Aww thank you so much, glad to know you?re liking this story! Haha, I understand.. there?s still time for more Han/Kyp fatherly talks. I can?t really give that away. But you?ll find out shortly in Chapter 12.. Cheers!

    Glad to hear you like it! No probs, you?ll be put on the PM list. Thanks..

    It couldn?t be mush forever. ;) Next chapter coming very soon..

    Sorry, the mush will return though, I promise.

    Cheers to all who read, comment and lurk! Next chapter coming shortly..
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    Here is Chapter 12.. its been fun to write. [face_mischief]

    Hope you enjoy. Comments welcome! [face_peace]

    Chapter 12
    Expect the Unexpected

    A few hours later . . .

    Coruscant/ Jedi Temple

    Secretly anxious, Jaina entered the temple.

    Wearing civilian clothing, casual black trousers with a stretchy top, she walked through the giant building and dreaded the experience.

    People smiled and greeted her as she strolled around. It was pleasant enough. Everyone wanted to stop her, talk about her health, ask about the baby and pat her bump. It was touching and also terribly annoying.

    Eventually, she made it to her uncle?s office. As the door whooshed open two tall brutes stopped her mid stride. The beefy men didn?t move or flinch. They blocked her entry, intimidating with their height and masculine physique.

    Hands on her hips, Jaina glared up at the bodyguards,
    ?Is there any particular reason why you two nerfs are asking to be kicked on your butts??

    ?Jay?? A familiar voice echoed from the end of the room, ?Step aside.?

    Reluctantly, the pair of guards moved.

    Stood by the huge desk was her all-knowing uncle but it wasn?t him who had called off security.

    Dressed regally, in an exquisite dark navy suit, Jagged Fel courteously straightened as she approached. He was the ideal model of a man, not just handsome but incredibly influential and confident in all situations, qualities needed in a leader.

    Jag?s gorgeous jade eyes gleamed, his jaw line was clean shaven and his black hair didn?t have a single strand out of place, the new Imperial leader was a striking sight.

    Upon his dinner jacket the well polished buckles shone in the late evening light. Underneath his smart coat was the purest white shirt, lower his athletic legs were encased in stylish charcoal trousers and to complete the outfit his black shoes were made of the finest leather. He fit the noble democratic society and filled the suit to masculine perfection.

    ?Jaina.? He greeted with a small genuine smile, ?You look even more stunning than I remember.? his gaze skimmed down her figure, in particular, over her baby bump. ?You?re glowing.?

    Gradually, the shock wore off and Jaina found her voice,
    ?Thank you. This is such a surprise ? you look well. What?s the occasion??

    ?I?m here for several summits involving the GA.? His perceptive eyes glanced to Master Skywalker as he added, ?Though my visit today is of a more private nature. I came to discuss Jedi and Imperial relations away from GA ears. I hope we?ll cooperate further in future.?

    Luke Skywalker nodded his agreement,
    ?I?m sure we will, Admiral.?

    Gentlemanly, Jagged shook hands with the Master,
    ?Until next time, Master Skywalker.?

    Turning back to Jaina, Jagged gazed at her sincerely,
    ?Forgive me, but as you can probably tell from my attire, I?m expected elsewhere very shortly. It was nice to see you again.?

    Slowly Jagged walked up to her and offered his hand.

    His observant gaze never wavered from hers. Many things had changed over the years, including their feelings for one another but remnants of those emotions remained beneath the surface. Time had past by and life had moved on. Unfortunately their relationship had dwindled into nothing except mutual admiration and friendship.

    After a second?s pause she took his hand.

    Graciously he brought her hand to his lips and applied the softest kiss upon her skin. It brought back memories, some heart-warming and others painful. Jaina watched his expression, he gave nothing away but she felt the same tug on his soul.

    Bittersweet, he released her delicate fingers and looked into those dark eyes one last time.

    ?Take care, Jaina.? As he placed an innocent kiss on her cheek, he added, ?You?re going to make an amazing mother. I?m very happy for you.?

    ?Goodbye Fel.? She managed to murmur numbly.

    Without another word the Grand Admiral strolled out the office, his two guards followi/>
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    OOOOHHHH NOOOOO! That was just evil!!!!!!! Grrr. I loved the Luke/Jaina moment, but the ending just makes me NEEEEED more!!
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