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    Next chapter! Hope you enjoy![face_peace]

    Chapter 15
    Stars Burn Anew

    Two weeks on . . .

    Coruscant/ Jaina?s Apartment

    The entrance had been a total mess of twisted metal, blow out cement and broken items. Thankfully the rest of the place was relatively untouched. But the small home carried the stench of smoke. Since the incident the main debris had been cleared and the apartment thoroughly investigated.

    Boxes upon boxes were stacked high in the living room. Kyp placed another small lamp into the final box and then taped the thing shut, ready like the others to be shifted to a new residence. Satisfied, Durron glanced around the bare apartment with a thoughtfully expression.

    After being reunited for only three days, he had tentatively asked Jaina to move in to his place. Neither of them wanted Jaina to come back to her tainted apartment. If someone had managed to get in once who was to say they wouldn?t try again. At least together they could feel more secure.

    His hesitant question had been met with a pleasing smile and breathless ?yes?. He didn?t know how he ever got so lucky; to have the affections of such a beautiful woman was a blessing. She was the one person who truly knew and brought out the best in him.

    ?I think that?s everything.? Jacen spoke quietly as he entered from the kitchen. The younger Solo looked around glumly, leaned against the door frame and crossed his arms with a sigh, ?I still can?t believe they got in and rigged this place. Hopefully the investigation will give us an idea of how -?

    ?They won?t find a trace of evidence, Jacen.? Kyp told him soberly, ?Commos may work with a rough bunch but the truth is they are a very experienced crew of pirates. There will be few leads and little proof to work with here, I can tell you that.?

    There was a grim silence.

    ?You think Commos let you live. He gave you a slim chance. But still . . . a chance.?

    Begrudgingly, Kyp glimpsed at the other man with troubled eyes as he answered,
    ?Now there?s a happy thought . . .?

    ?You said you and he had history.? Jacen persisted valiantly, ?What kind??

    Quirking an uncomfortable smile, Durron replied simply,
    ?The dodgy kind.?

    ?All done?? Asked Jaina in a small voice, ?Can we start moving everything??

    In civilian clothing, she strode into the room and gave a reflective look around her home. Old home. She had many memories here, some happy, others sad, but all important in their own way. Seeing the place empty now hurt more than she thought it would.

    A constant presence of calm, Kyp pulled her into his arms and placed a soft kiss to her temple.
    ?We?ll make a new home.? He whispered meaningfully. With gentle affection he hugged her, giving her a haven to relax in, that helped to ease the bittersweet moment.

    From the side, Jacen watched Durron and his sister closely. It was odd to see this pair together, openly loving towards each other, totally absorbed in one another. Solo scarcely managed to hide his grin when the couple began to unconsciously sway slightly during their embrace.

    With a fake cough, Jacen interrupted,
    ?So, shall we? Or would you rather I leave you two alone? I can wait outside.?

    Rolling both of their eyes, the loved-up couple sighed and answered in unison,
    ?Very funny.?

    Reluctantly Kyp released Jaina and went to grab a box. When Jaina went to follow suit, he Force-levitated the heavy object from her grasp immediately. She scowled at him, completely unimpressed by his over-protective reaction.

    ?Only thinking of you, sweetheart.? He grinned unrepentantly.

    ?I?m not an invalid, Durron.?

    ?Never said you were, Jay.? He answered smoothly, ?But after everything you?ve been through, I think you should take things easy. Don?t you??

    He had a point. And she knew it. But he wasn?t the only one who could make a point.

    ?And what about you, Mr Almost Killed? Shouldn?t you be resting?? She argued with hands on her hips and a stubborn glint in her eyes.

    ?Hey!? Jacen intervened indignantly from the outside />
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    Awwww! [face_love]

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    Nice way to start a new shift in the story.
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    I'm so utterly evaporated. I usually don't do the K/J thingy but you and Celeste can pull me in and make me SQUEEEEE! Out. Loud. Please put me on your PM train. [face_batting]


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    Awww. They are so cute. I loved Jacen's responses.
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    Nadia-Oomia: Aww indeed! :)

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    So here I am going through my seemingly endless collection of music and I find the lovely song "Little Wonders" by Rob Thomas.

    Such a beautiful song. And, obviously, it reminded me of your story.

    And I have goosebumps all over now. :p


    As if knowing his affect on her Durron leaned in close as if to kiss that stern expression right off her face. He hovered just above her and murmured seductively,
    ?Trust me Jaina, I?m very much alive, as you?ll soon find out.?

    [face_mischief] I am grinning like a maniac.

    Oh...the ending...

    ?All of this is for you, Jaina.? He kissed her ardently putting his feelings into action before words finally managed to form. In a low seductive tone, full of tenderness he uttered, ?My love. My constant star.?

    Jaina smiled and responded with her heart in her voice,
    ?My love . . . My light in darkness.?


    Little wonders indeed.

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    Ceillean: "Little Wonders" (by Rob Thomas) is the actual song that inspired this fic and of course where I got the title! :D So cool you noticed the link! Thank you for reading and commenting.. [face_blush] You're too kind. More coming soon..;)

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    That was so sweet and romantic[face_love], especially the ending!!!

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    I have finally got some writing done... Sorry for the wait again.. DRL is being a pain..

    Anyways here is the next chapter.. it has a father - son moment (kinda) I hope you enjoy! :)

    Chapter 16
    Father and Father-to-Be

    Six weeks on . . .

    Coruscant/ Kyp & Jaina?s Apartment

    Covered in splatters of dry paint, wearing a tight white shirt and black trousers, Kyp stood looking satisfied at the newly decorated nursery. He and Jaina had talked about the baby?s room for the past few weeks and now it was finally done.

    ?Not bad,? He murmured happily to himself, ?not bad at all.?

    The nursery room?s walls were a soft yellow hue that brought a sense of light and joy to the place. The wardrobes and dressers were set up ready. They were full of the tiniest clothes Kyp had ever seen, not to mention stacks of nappies, bibs, milk bottles and petite towels. Who would have thought something so small would need so much stuff?

    In the corner of the room, by the balcony entrance, was a traditional old wooden rocking chair. It stood there very still, coated in cushions, waiting to be used. Durron could almost picture Jaina there, baby in her arms quietly rocking their daughter gently to sleep.

    The room was nearly complete, except for the cot. The baby?s bed lied in pieces on the floor. Durron was about to get to work on it when he heard the main door whoosh shut suspiciously.


    There was no reply. Kyp spun around to investigate when a familiar face entered.

    ?Sorry to disappoint you, Durron.? Han quirked a smile, ?But I had to escape somewhere.?

    Kyp laughed,
    ?Don?t tell me the famous Solo got kicked out of his own apartment by women??

    ?No kid, it didn?t go down like that.? The greying Solo shrugged casually as he added, ?Let?s just say their oestrogen and my testosterone weren?t good in the same room. So, out numbered four to one, I did the logical thing . . .?

    ?You ran out?? Durron asked with a knowing smirk.

    ?Walked, Durron.? Han explained carefully, ?I walked. I?m getting too slow to count it as running.?

    Together the two men chuckled.

    Earlier today Jaina went to visit her mother. Kyp guessed other family and friends like Tahiri or Iella or Mara had joined the get-together. Poor Han must have had a lot of females to deal with. No wonder he?d made a quick exit.

    ?You know, I never thought I?d see the day when Han Solo couldn?t handle a few women . . . you disappoint me.? Durron joked.

    ?Just you wait, Kyp, you?re gonna be outnumbered in your own home soon enough.?

    With big grins on their faces the pair made their way to the kitchen, Kyp started on making some caf while Han stood admiring the new apartment. The older man seemed impressed by the large holo-screen, the stylish furniture and traditional fireplace.

    After letting out an appreciative whistle, Han said,
    ?I gotta hand it to ya Durron you?ve got good taste.?

    ?You sound shocked.?

    Solo turned to the younger man and spoke meaningfully,
    ?It wouldn?t be the first time you?ve surprise me.?

    ?Yeah, guess so ??

    Oh dear, Kyp thought silently, he had a bad feeling about where this conversation could lead. Outwardly he passed Han a cup of caf and indicated that they take a seat on the sofa. Once settled there was a small silence as they sipped their hot beverages.

    Hit with a sudden thought, Durron frowned at his old friend and questioned,
    ?Hang on, how did you get into this place so easy??

    ?I?m getting slow not stupid. I?ve gotta keep my edge.?

    Faking sincerity, Kyp jested sarcastically,
    ?Yeah, especially with all those women taking over your home, next time you might not be so lucky.?

    ?Very funny.?

    ?I try.?

    ?So,? Casually Han set his mug down on the counter by the couch, ?what are you up to??

    ?I?ve been doing up the nursery for the baby.? Kyp took another sip of his drink, ?It?s only 6 weeks till Jaina?s due date. I want every thing ready.?

    ?I noticed.?

    That made Kyp look at/>
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