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    Title: Living in the moment
    Author Earlybird-Obi-Wan
    Characters/Pairings: Qui-Gon, OC?s
    Era: Saga 11 years before ANH
    Summary: a visit to a waterfall and Marhin Adin sees a ghost
    Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to George Lucas

    For this challenge you are to write a story where every paragraph (including dialogue) must start with the letter L

    Living in the moment

    Lovely, serene, tranquil and soothing to the senses was the scene. A waterfall was cascading down the rocks into a pool vibrant with colour from the surrounding trees, rocks and flowers. Birds were singing and small insects were scurrying or flying their patterns. Only a soft whimpering and comforting words were a bit out of place. Who was making that whimpering sound? Who was comforting?


    Light shone on the two beings sitting at the edge of the pond. Humanoid they appeared and it was a man and his son. The little baby was still whimpering after crying aloud.

    Little Marhin Adin had seen a ghost and now he was being comforted by his father Kaagi. He was sitting in his fathers lap and supported by the great, strong hands and arms. With tears flowing he was reaching to his father?s long hair.

    ?Little one, shh, Marhin shh, don?t cry. Master Yoda has always told me that we are luminous beings.?

    ?Luminous beings, yes you can say that Kaagi. Qui-Gon sure was a luminous being when he appeared sitting on that rock in the stream? Aaqu Maerhin the great friend of Kaagi said, sitting on a log and he had chuckled softly when he saw Kaagi?s face, a face that sobered when he saw the boy starting to cry.

    Light was playing in his grey and raven-black hair and he stretched his long legs in front of him. And like Kaagi he was barefooted, his boots left at a place where they would stay dry. The three adults had been hiking through the woods ? the third one was Aranella Adin and she had been carrying Marhin wrapped in a soft papoose ? when they found the place just as they remembered it and the two men had remembered their talk to Aranella and her delighted looks when she saw the beauty of the place.

    ?Lovely Aranella, you will find the place just lovely. It is a place I found 3,5 years ago? Kaagi had told his wife only this morning. ?Come and take Marhin along. I will carry the picknick basket and his things.?

    ?Like Obi-Wan and his master.? Aaqu Maerhin had told her ?the master and padawan had discovered the place also and had quite a story to tell about it. Spiders weaving a web, attachments and pathetic creatures, using the Force to climb back and go back to the cabin were among them. And I had sent Jinn and Kenobi for some R and R to that cabin after Qui-Gon came back injured after a mission. No strenuous activities and what were they doing??

    ?Leaping from the top of that waterfall and landing in the pond? Kaagi smiled.

    ?Levitating, they were using Force levitation and Obi-Wan was supporting Qui-Gon. That?s what he told me when he came back. But I agree; they were having strenuous activities.?

    ?Like we are going to do now?? Aranella had asked and the two men had just grinned and taken the supplies with Kaagi telling his wife ?from Ghari?s place it?s not that strenuous.?

    Lifting Marhin in his papoose Aranella had followed them, eager to see the place.

    ?Lovely, oh this place is lovely? Aranella had smiled when she saw the waterfall, heard the birds singing and small insects buzzing. She had found a place to picknick and the two men had after putting down the supplies, shed their boots and had walked to the edge of the pond.

    Long legs had Aaqu first at the pond with Kaagi, carrying Marhin, a second and after refreshing in the water the two had sat down on some rocks. And that had started it.

    ?Look who?s there?? Aaqu had said when he saw Qui-Gon appearing for a new lesson about the Force.?

    Lifting Marhin up Kaagi had turned and heard the welcome from Qui-Gon. And Marhin had seen the ghostly form and started to cry.

    ?Little one, don?t cry? Qui-Gon had tried to soothe the
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    Light and lovely, keeping to the theme. ;)
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    What can I say... perfect...

    Another light moment on a busy day, making me smiley and see there is more to life than stress or the answering of annoying questions from my parents about... things...

    Reading a story of yours that contains a painting like this makes me realize there is the possibility of "Carpe diem!" against all odds.


    Tranquility, serenity and light...

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    A lovely and inspirational work! =D=
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    Thank you[:D]

    Thank you again AzureAngel2@};-

    Thank you so much [face_dancing]
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