"Location" shooting for new film!

Discussion in 'Seacoast, NH' started by Cephas, Mar 12, 2003.

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    Lucas is going to use sets from two, read it "2"! Two sets from the original trilogy in the new film! The article is below. I'll continue after you've read it:


    Done? Good.
    Okay, there's smart speculation on Dagobah. AFter all, Yoda and other Jedi need to go into hiding after Palpatine destroys the Jedi. (Uh oh, I didn't spoil anything for anyone, did I? :p )

    SO Yoda will flee to Dagobah, ObiWan "Ben" Kenobi will run to Tattoine to keep tabs on Luke after he's delivered to Lars, Ben's brother. Uh...sorry, new history: Anakin's step-brother. (Yeah, that makes sense, thanks, Lucas ya Burk!)

    Hoth is definitely out. Maybe Yavin? Nah, they mention set designs in the article. So Yavin's out. One may guess at Endor if Lucas continues his path down the Dark Side. Bespin? Maybe, be cool to see something on Lando and the extensive reach of Palpatine's. Nah..too out of place in the new trilogy.

    My money is on...The Death Star! There's are dozens of set designs to work from and they mentioned New Hope and Return as films they are working from specifically. Well, the death Star is in those two films. And after the end of Attack of the (Ice Cream) Clones, when we see the plans for the massive force of destruction, it would make sense that we'd see the actual device in the new film. I think there are excellent odds on this.

    Anyone else got thoughts?


    BTW - I managed to find myself the cool Clone Trooper w/Speeder Bike today at Walmart in Amherst. They're very hard to find! He comes with a red speeder bike with new sculptinga nd design - it no longer "blows up". Soft plastic handles make it hard for rider to hold on. Real hose on the sides and a Republic insignia on the side as well! The Trooper himself has armor which actually comes off and is super sweet, except he's stuck in "saddle sore" position, a gimp arm due to his "grenade throwing" feature. Also, his waist doesn't turn, probably due to his "action" feature. His helmet comes off too, making it cool to pose next to my Jango figures. :-D


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    I have seen the Clone Trooper speeder bike as well. Very cool indeed, and will be picking up one myself in the near future. The new line of action figs are trickling out as well. I picked up the Padme from the droid factory scene in Concord, and am currently hunting down the new Vader where he can throw his lightsaber! Cool huh? If anyone sees one of these floating around, please let me know. I'm looking to expand my Vader army :D

    As for the locations in Ep 3 that you were talking about, I'd hate to see a completed Death Star. After all, it's still going to be about 20 yrs before Ep 4, so what would they be waiting for? As you remember, all the check outs for the happy fun ball were made just before they blew up Alderaan. I hope that George remembers that when he's writing the script...
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