Looking after little Padme (Ani/Ami) humour/romance

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    Title: Looking after little Padme
    Summery: After the battle of Geonosis Padme begins to act more and more childish
    Rating: G
    Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

    Padme Amidala woke suddenly, not sure why she was awake. The Senator shrugged well while she was up she might as well watch a holovid. Clicking through the channels she finally found what she was looking for-
    Padme climbed out of bed and shuffled to the end, wrapping her arms around her legs, holding a small stuffed teddy bear to her, her large brown eyes that usually reflected sincerity and wisdom held a little girl delight.
    Silently at first she began to clap in time to the music, she could never resist the happy tune.
    This was where her husband Anakin found her an hour later. Anakin thought he was hallucinating when he saw Padme sitting on the edge of the bed, with a small blanket wrapped around her trying vainly to count to twenty.
    "Padme?" he asked slowly as not to startle her, Padme looked at Anakin, confusion marring her face "I canna count to fourteen" she complained holding up her fingers four on one side and three on the other side "I don have fourteen fingers"
    Anakin looked at the holovids then at his wife
    "Padme are you okay?"
    Padme's bottom lip trembled "I don't like this anymore"
    She crossed her arms over her cheast staring at Anakin crossily, then she lit up "You can come play with me" she announced, climbling of the bed and dragging Anakin over to a small cheast, unfortutanly instead of the toys she suspected she found holograms "They no fun" she pouted "Where did all the toys go?"
    Anakin was beginining to have a really bad feeling about this
    "Master!" he yelled at the top of his voice, he really wasn't sure he could handle this.
    "Ani what's the matter-" his master asked but his voice trailed away as he saw Padme trying to braid her hair, looking totally engrossed.
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