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Story (Lord of the Rings/Narnia Crossover) The Chronicles of the Fellowship

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by RuneEisahn, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. RuneEisahn

    RuneEisahn Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 10, 2008
    The Chronicles of the Fellowship

    This popped into my mind after seeing ?Prince Caspian.? I did write to him first to tell him about this tale and he approved majorly. As you can see, it takes a different tack and as these are the more experienced version of the children, a few new shifts here and there. Seeing as how Lewis and Tolkien were friends and the films are so popular, the pairing fits better than you expect. All comments welcomed.


    Called to a New Land


    There are lands within lands. Worlds within worlds. Worlds between worlds. Worlds where life is much different than the one you know. Lands often considered myth and fantasy but are as real as the world around you. Sometimes, the barriers between these worlds weakens enough to let travelers cross through. Such as with the Penesieves, four children from a land called London who, in the space of a minute in their land, ruled for years as kings and queens of a land called Narnia.

    For a year, they have been home. Well, the home they once knew although in their hearts, Narnia is home as well. But now, the call has come for them. The call of a land in need. The call of a land who desires the aid only these four can give them.

    But as said before, there are many worlds out there and more than one requires champions?


    As her eyes cleared from the rush of wind and light, Lucy Pevensie felt a smile come to her face. One smell was enough to tell her this was no longer London or Earth for that matter. The air was so crisp and clear, the light breeze feeling cool as she looked about her. Her siblings were joining in with similar expressions of wonder and hole on their own faces.

    ?Are we?back?? Edmund asked, pulling the cap off his head. His school uniform seemed out of place now, more even when he had put it on. It was in slightly better shape than Peter?s, which still showed the dirt of the fight he?d gotten into on the platform before the train arrived.

    ?It?s not London, that?s for certain,? Peter stated. He glanced around, his eyes taking in their surroundings. ?It could be Narnia.?

    ?If it is, it seems like winter,? Susan said with a shiver as she looked up, shuffling her school jacket tighter over her, feeling the breeze kick at her exposed legs. ?Oh my.?

    The others joined her, heads craning up to see a huge mountain rising roughly a mile away. Its peak was hundreds of feet overhead with snow atop it. It led off to a pathway near piles of rocks and a clutter of trees. ?That doesn?t look familiar,? Edmund noted.

    Susan looked away from it toward the ground around them and her eyes widened. ?But those do.? She moved toward a large grouping of rocks nearby, the others following her. Four neat piles were laid out before them, each containing a set of clothing and some other items.

    ?My sword!? Peter noted as he looked at his. ?And my old leather armor.?

    Susan held up her bow and quiver of arrows along with a red dress with a leather jerkin. ?It would appear we were expected.?

    ?Aslan,? Lucy smiled as she looked at the vial by her own dress. ?It must have been Aslan who did this!?

    ?Maybe,? Susan said, her lips pursed in doubt. As usual, she was always willing to be a bit more sensible and take all the information in before jumping to any conclusions. ?But something about this just?doesn?t feel right.?

    ?Honestly, Su, you have to be a glass half-empty all the time?? Edmund complained as he hefted his own shield and sword. ?How else could these have come here??

    ?I?m just saying something about this feels wrong.?

    ?We can figure that out later,? Peter said. ?For now, it looks like whoever left these for us wanted us to use them. We might as well oblige.?

    It took a few minutes for the change to be completed. Fortuitously (or perhaps not given how they had arrived here), there was a small cave in the rocks for them to change, placing their old clothes into the small bags they had carried when they had arrived. Edmund and P
  2. snowspeeder_gunner

    snowspeeder_gunner Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 10, 2007

    This is going to be awesome, I can't wait for more. Can I be on the PM list?

    Your characterizations are spot on- Peter especially. Legolas and Gimli are perfect too.

    Keep up the great work!
  3. RuneEisahn

    RuneEisahn Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 10, 2008
    Thanks, heres the second chapter.
  4. RuneEisahn

    RuneEisahn Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 10, 2008
    Meetings and the Mines

    It didn?t take long for the Pensevies to figure out the various characters of their new companions. Aragon was cool and always intent and serious, eyes looking about constantly as if expecting danger at any moment. Boromir was much the same although there seemed a tension between the two men. Legolas appeared only slightly more relaxed, his own eyes alert. Gimli was a gruff fellow that reminded Peter of some of the centaurs they had known in Narnia.

    For the hobbits, Frodo and Sam seemed friendly while Merry and Pippen struck the group as somewhat childish. Naturally, Lucy got along with them very well. As for Gandalf, he wasn?t as gruff as he first seemed, almost grandfatherly. He reminded the siblings much of Professor Kirke, not talking down to him but seemed very interested in hearing of Narnia and London equally.

    ?Aslan,? he muttered after Peter had told them of the lion. ?Aslan?I have heard that name somewhere?.? He rubbed his chin. ?Hmmm?it sounded familiar, just cannot place it. I?m so bad with names sometimes??

    Edmund brushed that aside as he looked the elder man over. ?So you?re a wizard then? Hmm?.we don?t know too many of those in Narnia?and, no offense, but the ones we have generally are the bad sort.?

    Gandalf made a warm smile. ?I apologize for that. But there are good and bad wizards, just as there are good and bad people.? His face soured. ?And there are those who begin on one side and fall to another.?

    Peter frowned, confused at that but decided not to press it. ?If you?ll pardon my saying, sir, things appear rather?tense with you all.?

    ?It is a dark time for our land, my young friend,? Gandalf said, his face still drawn. ?A time of darkness much of the world is still unaware of but that awareness is spreading. While I cannot go into details, suffice to say that our mission is of utmost importance to the future of this world.?

    Peter and Edmund gave each other looks as if saying ?here we go again.? Behind them, Susan became aware of a pair of eyes burning at her back and turned to glace at Legolas. ?May I help you?? she asked in a tone more biting than she intended.

    ?I was admiring your bow,? the elf said. ?I?ve never seen its type of craftsmanship before.?

    ?It was made in Narnia,? Susan said. ?A gift from?a great man.?

    Legolas nodded. ?I hope you are able to use it well.?

    ?I?ve had no complaints,? she snapped at him. ?But if you press me, I?ll show you how well I can use it on a rather noisy target.? She picked up her pace to walk off.

    Legolas frowned and heard a gruff sound next to him. He looked down to see Gimli chuckling. ?Something funny, dwarf??

    Gimli smirked up at him. ?Simply a relief to know how you elves can be as foolish with the ladies as anyone else.? He chuckled more at the glare Legolas fixed on him.

    In the rear of the company, Lucy was watching Merry and Pippin energetically waving their arms as they tried to explain the ways and lives of hobbits. It was a rather complicated history, particularly when they went into the various family trees that interconnected often. She had to smile at the way the two jabbered on about it with so much life and energy. Sam seemed to roll his eyes at some of their talk while Frodo just smiled.

    ?Now, should you come by the east side of the Shire,? Merry said. ?You?d enjoy some lovely farmlands.?

    ?Excellent selection of carrots and mushrooms there,? Pippin chimed in.

    ?Which you two love stealing,? Sam stated. ?Best be careful, Lucy, these two will talk you into all sorts of trouble before you know it.?

    ?Hey, we?re not that bad!? Merry said.

    ?Yes, you are,? Sam said. ?Right, Mr. Frodo??

    ?I?m staying out of this one,? the other hobbit said. ?I?ve got enough on my head without getting into that.? The man seemed friendly enough but Lucy sensed something about him, a great weight pressing in. That seemed to grow as he rubbed at his chest as if feeling something under that coat of his.

    Up ahead, Peter glanced toward Aragon. ?Jus
  5. Miana Kenobi

    Miana Kenobi Admin Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 5, 2000
    Hi Rune and welcome to NSWFF!

    Could you possible edit your first reply and edit the title so that the fandom is before the title? Thank you!
  6. RuneEisahn

    RuneEisahn Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 10, 2008
    Yep, thanks for it. What do you think of the story?
  7. snowspeeder_gunner

    snowspeeder_gunner Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 10, 2007
    Good job! I can't wait to read more!

    Gimli smirked up at him. ?Simply a relief to know how you elves can be as foolish with the ladies as anyone else.? He chuckled more at the glare Legolas fixed on him.

    [face_laugh] I can definitely see this happening.

    My favorite part was the conversation between Boromir and Edmund- they both had alot to say about their relationships with their brothers, and you did it very well.

    Keep up the great work!
  8. Miana Kenobi

    Miana Kenobi Admin Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 5, 2000
    Sorry I didn't get a chance to read it earlier.

    I'm enjoying it very much! I hope Aragorn can deflate some of Peter's ego; it'll be a nice power trip in the meanwhile.

    Can't wait for more! :D

    THRAWNFAN Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 23, 2007
    Very good crossover, I can't wait for the next chapter!
  10. Quigonjecca

    Quigonjecca Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 2, 2007
    I'm really enjoying this story! I think it's an interesting, and somehow appropriate setting for the Pevensies to get stuck in. I can't wait to see where you're going to take this!

    If you have a PM list, will you please add me?
  11. RuneEisahn

    RuneEisahn Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 10, 2008
    A History Lesson


    ?I?m hungry.?

    ?Edmund, if Pippin says that again, hit him.?

    ?With pleasure.?

    Over the course of a few days in utter darkness, even Lucy was feeling on edge and sour in mood. They had come across a few more bodies in their travels through the dark and dank tunnels, indicating a massive battle some time before. Given the number of small-sized corpses, the dwarves had been the losers of the conflict. It added even more gloom to the group as they headed up and down seemingly never-ending sets of tunnels and stairs. Needless to say, Peter?s impatience grew with each hour and the other siblings weren?t far behind him.

    They were currently passing by a large chasm that opened into a central chamber. Scaffolding and various types of mining equipment were strewn about while the chamber appeared to be lit from glittering in the walls. ?What is that?? Lucy asked, trying to break the monotony. ?Gold??

    ?The wealth of Moria is not in gold or jewels,? Gandalf announced from the head of the group. ?But from Mithril.?

    ?Mithril?? Sam said. ?Huh, old Bilbo used to have a shirt made of that. Said it was a gift from the dwarves.?

    ?A kingly gift,? Gimli said, sounding impressed.

    ?Indeed,? Gandalf said. ?I never told him but that shirt alone had more wealth than the whole of the Shire itself.? Frodo rubbed at his chest with some surprise at that.

    Susan could see Peter ready to burst with a question about who this Bilbo was and quickly stepped in to forestall another outburst. ?So were these goblins out for the wealth in the mines??

    ?Perhaps,? the wizard stated. ?Or?perhaps another, more dark purpose.? He was silent again, a habit that was beginning to grate on Susan.

    Lucy felt the need to speak up. ?So?what sort of magic do you do?? She was rather curious as to how magic might be different here then in Narnia.

    ?Old Gandalf has the best fireworks the Shire has ever seen,? Sam stated with pride.

    ?Oh, good,? Susan dryly remarked. ?If we?re down here until Guy Fawke?s Day, we?re set.?

    The wizard chuckled. ?Well, I do have a few other tricks as well.?

    ?I hope you don?t have to use the serious ones,? Lucy said. ?I really don?t like battles. I?ve been in a few and I know how to fight but I?d much rather find a peaceful way to mend things.?

    Gandalf smiled. ?So do I, my young lady. Sadly, that option is not as easily available these days.?

    Silence fell as the group stepped up to a small platform at the top of a set of stairs. Ahead of them were three doorways, each identical to the other. Gandalf paused, looking from one to the other. When he turned, it was with a haunted look on his face. ?I have no memory of this place.?

    ?Oh, you have to be joking,? Susan groaned. ?He?s lost. The great, grand wizard is lost!?

    ?It has been a while,? Gandalf stated as he removed his hat to sit. ?Don?t worry, though. Give me time, it will come to me.?

    Peter rolled his eyes. ?I don?t believe this. We might as well have been following Susan.?

    ?And what?s that supposed to mean?? his sister demanded with outrage.

    ?Nothing personal, Su. It?s just that women have no head for directions.?

    ?That?s because our heads are actually full of useful things,? Lucy said, bringing a laugh from her sister.

    For the next twenty minutes, the group sat, mulling about their situation. Frodo had moved to Gandalf, the two whispering about something the others couldn?t catch. LEgolas was on guard while Gimli sourly smoked on a pipe. The hobbits were talking amongst themselves while the children tried to understand the situation.

    ?I don?t like this.?

    ?Well, what would you like, Peter?? Susan snapped. ?It was your suggestion to go along with them, if you?ll recall.?

    ?I just didn?t expect all this,? he said.

    ?We didn?t either,? Pippin said. ?Me and Merry were running around getting some vegetables when we ran into Frodo and Sam and next thing we know, we?re outrunning Wraiths and helping with the Ring and??

    ?Ring?? Peter frowned. ?What ring??

    ?Oh, t
  12. snowspeeder_gunner

    snowspeeder_gunner Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 10, 2007
    Awesome!! I really like this update.

    ?All right, I think you lost me a few rings ago.?

    [face_laugh] That line was hilarious!

    Keep up the great work!!

    (Also, if you are going to have a PM list, could I be added to it?)

  13. Miana Kenobi

    Miana Kenobi Admin Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 5, 2000
    *bounces* Moria battle!

    Great update! Can't wait for more!
  14. RuneEisahn

    RuneEisahn Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 10, 2008
    Fire Under the Mountain


    Boromir turned to race toward the door. Peter was behind him, calling over his shoulder. ?Lucy, stay back!? He was almost at the door as Boromir looked out then yanked his head back in, barely avoiding the pair of arrows that buried themselves into the wood. The man pushed the door shut and leaned against it as Peter and Aragon came up. ?They have a cave troll,? he announced, sounding more annoyed than worried.

    Cave troll? Peter wondered but had no time to ask questions as Legolas threw him a large axe. Boromir and Aragon had already grabbed some loose spears and used them to brace the door as best they could. ?That won?t hold for long,? Peter said as they backed up. ?Are there any other ways out of here??

    ?It?s a tomb, Peter,? Susan snapped as she pulled her bow out. ?They don?t design them with multiple exits.?

    Peter gave her a sharp glare as he unsheathed his sword. Boromir had pulled his long cloak off to give him more room to maneuver as he got his own sword out. Gandalf had removed a sword from his robes as he glanced at Lucy and the hobbits. ?Stay behind me! Draw your swords!?

    The doors began to buckle as the loud noises of whatever was behind them sounded out, smashing against the barrier. Gimli growled as he climbed onto the stone casket. ?Let them come!? he snarled. ?Let them see there is one dwarf in Moria that still draws breath!?

    ?You just keep on drawing then, Gimli,? Edmund drawled as he hefted his sword up. Boromir gave his blade a twist as he prepared himself, his shield raised. Legolas and Aragon had their bows up and ready as Susan moved between them, her own bow raised without shaking. The two men exchanged a bemused look at each other behind her before turning back to the door.

    The howls were growing louder as swords and axes began to strike the door. Wood splintered under the blows and soon holes began to appear. As soon as they opened, Legolas fired an arrow and was rewarded by an orc?s cry of pain. Aragon fired at another hole and Susan let loose her own arrow. She was reaching for another as Legolas fired his second off, the doors continuing to smash under blows. Susan was just raising her bow back up when the doors crashed aside and a horde of the most hideous creatures she?d ever laid eyes upon rushed in like a wave of locusts.

    Each of them had the same build and characteristics: Black leathery skin, pointed ears, feral features with canine teeth, most bald while some had greasy hair of various types. All were clad in dark brown leather clothing and all carrying long and sharp swords, axes and other weapons, howling as they piled on, at least thirty with more coming in behind them.

    Legolas fired another arrow to strike one orc right through the head. Susan had enough time to fire off another before the wave was on them. Boromir was the first to attack, his shield raised to block an axe, letting out a loud cry as he swung his sword out. Peter was soon joining him, Edmund right behind, the two carving into the orcs around them. Aragon was soon in the fray as well, his own sword swinging, beheading one orc as green blood flowed from the corpse.

    Gandalf lunged forward, his staff smacking two orcs back while his sword plunged into another with much greater speed and strength than one would guess of a man his age. As the orc forces circled around toward them, the hobbits let out a collective yell and charged into the fray. Lucy took a deep breath before joining them, her dagger held high.

    An orc leapt forward, his large sword raised over his head. Squealing, Lucy ducked right between the creature?s legs, rolling on the dusty floor and coming up behind him. The creature turned out, surprised at the move but swinging his blade, Lucy ducking and lunging forward to stab him in the chest. The orc cried out in pain but appeared to be not too wounded by the small blade. Lucy pulled it out, backing up as the orc came forward only to be stopped by an arrow in its heart.

    Lucy glanced up to see Susan on
  15. snowspeeder_gunner

    snowspeeder_gunner Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 10, 2007
    Yaaay good job!

    The battle was really intense, and I can't wait to see what happens in Lorien!!!

    Keep up the great work!
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