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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by loneclonehunter, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. loneclonehunter

    loneclonehunter Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 17, 2007
    The forces of the Horde and the Alliance clash in unending battle, the one evenly matched with the other. Many lives are lost, but a new one always springs to replace the one that is lost. The alliance, the more technologically advanced of the two, has brought machines of war to the battle field the likes of which the horde has never seen. But the horde has proven a worthy opponent by bringing Powerful spell warriors, such as Shaman and Warlocks, onto the battle fields to create chaos and Havoc.

    And you are the future for either side.

    In this Rp, I want you to build a life for any class, be it Tauren, undead, troll, orc, blood elf, human, dwarf, gnome, night elf or Draenei (you may also be Goblin). The rules of classification (i.e. rouge, warrior, etc.) do not apply, you can be anything from a professional blacksmith to an Arch mage fighting in the war. The only thing i want this story to do is bring all of the Characters together (ie Horde to horde, alliance to alliance) so that each story line affects the other.


    No god modeing
    No killing other players without their consent
    Do not play as an existing WOW character, unless it is of your own creation (I.e. no thrall, or Kel'thuzad)
    GM's word is law

    (also, i could use a Co-GM, post if interested)


    Character Sheet

    Assorted other weapons:
    Rank (only if your military): N/A
    Mount Type:
    Job (i.e. black smith, engineer, etc):
    Pet: (if you have one)
    --Armor (if any):

    I want you all to have a great time with this and remember, You make the story, its all in your hands!

  2. loneclonehunter

    loneclonehunter Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 17, 2007
    This is my Character

    Name: Jack "Hawk-eye" Smith
    race: Human
    Age: 36
    Class: Pirate
    Outfit: Regal pirate outfit, (see picture)
    WOC: Flint-lock pistol
    Assorted other weapons: dagger in his left boot, retractable blade around right wrist, Cutlass,
    Faction: Alliance (technically, he trades with and steals from both)
    Rank (only if your military): N/A
    Mount Type: A black-brown ship called "rip tide"
    Job (i.e. black smith, engineer, etc): Captain of the "rip tide's" crew"
    Bio: Not much is known about jacks past, some say his parents were killed when he was a young tike, others say he was born from the very sea itself, but one thing is true, He is Reckless and crazy. He is wanted in many of the alliance and Horde ports alike, though with the war he often goes unnoticed. He is a thief, a smuggler, a captain, but above all else, he is a pirate.
    Pet: (if you have one) N/A
    --Type: N/A
    --Color: N/A
    --Armor (if any): N/A
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