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Discussion in 'Santa Cruz, CA' started by DarkLordSid, May 4, 2006.

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  1. DarkLordSid

    DarkLordSid Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 3, 2004
    Best show on TV for me right now, exceptionally well written, but man I really hate how they end each episode with a yanking cliff hanger, drives me NUTS waiting a week for the next installment.

    And the season end is coming up, it's gonna be REALLY intense.

    Still can't believe what happened last night either, talk about your jaw dropping twists. And it ain't over yet...

  2. DarkLordSid

    DarkLordSid Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 3, 2004
    Even though the season is over they are still running teaser ads with links to mysterious deep science sites during re-runs.
    Brilliant, they are really playing to the fans, never seen this kind of dedication to on line fandom or those who really can't get enough.

    Wish other shows would get the clue.

    For those who haven't a clue to what I'm talking about, Lost is basically a show about the confused survivors of a crashed airplane who have landed on an island which seems to constantly not be what it appears to be.

    As the weeks have passed with each episode the storyline appears to be revealing a deeply sinister conspiracy which borders on science fiction. During the commercial breaks a phony ad airs which has links to supplemental information about the Hanso Corporation, a mysterious multi national company with its hands in nearly every sort of obscure but promising research. Every week a different link appears which leads to information on a variety of topics from cloning to advanced experiments in electromagnetism.

    Although it's not necessary to dive into the information, and it tends to raise more questions than it answers, it's unique as it gives deeper involvement into the show and the underlying premises and to some degree suggests where the story arc might be going... or not.

    It mixes modern technology with conspiracy mythology to keep you guessing as to the real purpose of the things happening on the island and relates the fictional characters and corporations to a pseudo real life counterparts. The shadowy "Hanso Corporation" has links to real organizations and actual businesses. One week there were memos showing orders for a certain model of Jeep and links to ads showing specs and features. Another week offered job positions on

    It mixes fantasy and fact in such a intense story that you find yourself feeling like you are actually seeing real events unfold. There have even been interviews with the PR branch of the corporation on late night talk shows that appear to be legitimate interviews about the characters on the show.

    This has been done on a couple of shows before, it even has it's roots in the old Orson Wells "War of the Worlds" broadcast, but nothing of this scope and scale before.

    IMHO, I'm starting to believe that it's the best TV I've ever seen bar none. Better than Trek, better than B5, the writing is brilliant, the characters facinating, the story riviting. The story can be taken at face value for casual watchers or for those who really dig into things you'll see minute details which hint at deeper meaning and future revelations.

    Each hour episode flies past and we race to the computer after to see what the new link will divulge and spend hours mulling over what we saw and the meaning behind it.

    The first season is on DVD and it's currently into rebroadcast of season 2 so it's not too late to catch up if you have time for a marathon. The website also contains some synopsis, but even that does not reveal all the pieces for you.

    I HIGHLY recommend you give it a look, Sci Fi fans will LOVE this show. From genetic and arcane psychological experiments to doomday devices to invisible monsters, this show has it ALL

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