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    Based Off Of: This Role Play Thread is based off of the TV show "Lost". You dont need to have seen this show to play in here its just to show you where I got some of my ideas. Also this game will not play out like the TV show did. This will have a twist to it.

    Real Life; Modern Time

    Short Description: 10 passengers (Thats You) , and a few more passengers are all flying on a plane to the West side of the US. Ironicly the planes flight is disrupted leaving the passengers stranded on an island. Un-known to them the island holds secrets best left alone.

    Character Sheet: (To join this Role Play you must first compleate this character sheet and PM it to me so I can approve it.)

    Job In The Real World:
    Phiscal Appearance: (Weight/tattos/muscle tones/ect.)
    Short Bio:

    I (The GM) will not be a specific character. I will play as un-important characters and guide you through the story.

    -All posts must apply to the TOS which can be found here: [link= ] [/link]
    -I will decide on all arguments you may have
    -Send all complaints to me via PM
    -There can be some romance in here but make sure it applys to the TOS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -All violaters of these rules will be banned.

    Well thats all you need! To join fill out the character sheet and sent it to me via PM. Have fun!!! Once we have all 10 GM approved players I will start the plot and story for you. If you have any questions PM me.
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    Name: Chris(tina) Johnson
    Age: 24
    Job In The Real World: Patrol Officer for the LVPD
    Phiscal Appearance:
    Height- 6ft 4in
    Hair- Short cropped, dark brown
    Eyes- Gray
    Weight- 175 pounds
    Tattoos- Barbed wire encircling her upper left forearm and a red tear under her right eye
    Short Bio: Addie was brought up on the streets of Las Vegas, and learned early on that she needed to get a backbone and a poker face to survive in the city. She joined a gang at 13, and stayed w/ them for 5 years. They were her family for a long time, and under their instruction and orders, she killed over 50 people. Addie got her tattoo of a tear made of blood when she was 17, a year before she killed to gang leader and ran away. She joined the police acadamy at age 18, more as a form of protection from her former brothers than as a wanted carreer. She proved good at her job, and has been on the force for 6 years.
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    Name: Benjamin Smith
    Age: 21
    Job In The Real World: Hairdresser
    Phiscal Appearance: 6ft 2in, 185lbs, He is really big and is built. He has a dragon on his back and his wife's name, Alicia on his left upper arm.
    Short Bio: Born in a poor family.
    Had 2 sisters and 3 brothers.
    Dad ran off with his teacher when he was 10.
    Mum died when he was 12.
    His siblings and him lived by themselves until today. Benjamin is coming back from holiday.
  5. Darth_Walters Jedi Padawan

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    We still need 8 more pll. Any takers???
  6. Eme-ma_Himou Jedi Master

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  7. starwarsbeauty Jedi Master

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    GM Approved

    Name: Sarah Trujillo
    Age: 20
    Job In The Real World: fashion designer
    Phiscal Appearance: Sarah is 5'2" and weighs 104lbs. She has layered auburn hair that ends right below her shoulder. Her eyes are a smokey blue color and she has pale skin.
    Short Bio: Sarah was born to a family with four other girls, but was soon taken away and put into foster care for reasons of abuse and neglect. Sarah was adopted three and a half years later.

    Sarah graduated highschool a semester early at the age of 17 and decided to get a headstart on aqcuiring her bachelor of fine arts degree or fashion design degree at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Orlando, Florida. This meant leaving her home and family in Colorado which was hard for Sarah, but she soon got over this when she started school. She is now a junior and is hoping to rise in the industry.
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    Do you still plan to be in here?
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    I think I want to join. Character sheet sent.
  10. Marna_Veign Jedi Padawan

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    Name: Lynne Hadlock
    Age: 29
    Job In The Real World: Customer Service
    Physcal Appearance:
    Weight: 135-145
    Height: 5'9
    Hair: brown, shoulder length
    Eyes: hazel green
    Skin: caucasion (slightly tan white)
    Scar on the right knee from an incident durring childhood, no tatoos. Wears glasses.

    Short Bio: Raised in a small town, Lynne didn't have a very remarkable childhood. The most excitement durring summer was watching the yearly wildfire on a near by mountain (far enough away to never threated her home). Parents divorced while she was in about 7th grade. After graduating high school, Lynne went from fast food to warehouse to warehouse. Durring this time, she fell in love and got married. With a young child and another on the way, she took classes at a local college and got a degree. After the baby was born, she got a job at a call center doing customer service.

    (Just for the sake of the game... ;) ) Lynne was sent off on business for her company and is on the way back home now.

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    GM approved

    ame: Ben Burgiss

    Age: 26

    Job In The Real World: Con Artist

    Phiscal Appearance: Ben is Six fett seven Inches. A fairly lean 205 LBS shoulder length Blonde hair. Haws one Tatoo of a snake on his left shoulder blade.

    Short Bio: Ben spent most of his childhood in foster homes. Contantly shipped from one to the next. He grew up to be a fairly successful Con Artist. He was just on his way to "see" someone when the plane crashed.
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    Name:Zelda Zeppelin
    Job In The Real World:rock star
    Phiscal Appearance:tall(approx.6'0) thin and bony(100lbs.) black shirt with the Lead Singer to 30 seconds to MArs on it. black shoulder length hair in the back, short in the front, right bang hangs down to chin. blood red streaks in hair. black eyeliner and shadow, black eyes, black converse, black pants that drag the ground, the ends are frayed. chains on both sides of pants and spike belts that hand from the waist star of david tattoo on wrist. Draws on arms with black pens, so many detailed drawings are usually seen, unless washed off by elements such as rain.
    Short Bio:born an raised in London, ENgalnd. She became a top star with her band the "Werewolves of London" when she was 17. ever since then they have been making their way to chart tops. Lives comfortably in a mansion in London with her band.

    and the shirt...if you don't know who he is...he's the guy with the long black hair in this pic...

  13. Darth_Walters Jedi Padawan

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    Ok so far we have 4 girls and 2 boys making a total of 6 ppl. Id like there to be an even amout of both genders, if possible. But dont worry no one has to leave. Tell ppl about this thread so we can start soon.
  14. Zelda_Skywalker Jedi Padawan

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    will do!

    wait...I'm the only goth...pooey!
  15. Anime_Fan Jedi Youngling

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    GM APPROVED Thanks Dart_Walters :D

    Name: James Reed
    Age: 24
    Job In The Real World: Construction Worker
    Physical Appearance-
    Attire: Black jeans; black muscle shirt; black hiking boots; black jacket
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 180 lb.
    Hair: A bit past his shoulders; black
    Eyes: Black
    Skin: Caucasian
    Body: Slightly muscular
    Short Bio: James became interested in working in construction since he was young. His father was an architect, and his mother a real estate agent. At the age of eighteen Reed applied for a construction job. He got it and has been working there ever since. Reed was returning from a large construction job
  16. Eme-ma_Himou Jedi Master

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    Believe it or not, GM APPROVED:

    Name: John S. Mill
    Age: 41
    Job In The Real World: Retired?Construction, Business Management
    Physical Aspects
    Attire: Tan Suit
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 174 lb.
    Hair: short blonde
    Eyes: blue-green
    Skin: tanned white
    Body: athletic, an avid swimmer
    Short Bio: Interested in business management, Mill created his own construction company that did business in Northern California, only to be bought out by a British/East Coast company. As opposed to seeing this as a bad thing, Mill rose through the ranks and was a member of the board. He has just recently retired, though it is unknown whether or not he was pressured by the President of the company.

    He is flying back home to his Malibu Estate after a walkabout through Australia.
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    *elevator music*.....are we anywhere near starting this thing?
  18. Darth_Walters Jedi Padawan

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    Sadly no....

    Boys: 4
    Girls: 4
    Total: 8

    :rolleyes:We still need 2 more players
  19. Zelda_Skywalker Jedi Padawan

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    well...can't we just have a different version and just have 8?
  20. Darth_Walters Jedi Padawan

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    hmmmm yes I soppose we can start now.


    -Notice I am not a player. I only fill in for players who are not important like bystanders, ect.

    -This game depends manily on your decisions. One person could change the flow of the game.

    -All complaints or questions belong in PMs not in here.

    -Lets say one player wants to kill another player. To make it fair do it like this: ~Sax slowly stalked up behind Millie and shot the gun right at her head~
    TAG: Walters
    I will then decide if the victim is dead or not. If your player dies I will have a differnt role for you.

    -This game will seem messed up but thats how the show is. Lots of mysteries and irony.

    Role Play Starter Coming Soon
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    Yay we are starting soon!
  22. Darth_Walters Jedi Padawan

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    A male flyer onboard flight B856

    As a lone man walks down the aisle of the front of the plane. "Disgusting people!" the man snarled. In the mans eyes they were all gross pigs unworthy of sitting close to him. Now he was stuck in the far back just because he complained to the pilot. "They can all burn in he-" The mans thought was interupted when he heard piecing rock music.

    The man halted and looked down towards his left to see a young girl who looked like a shadow. "Goth wannabe!" The man mused as he watched the girl fiddle with her MP3 player.

    The man contined down the row musing at the random passangers. He also noticed a tall lean man in a suit. "I wonder if he works."

    A few seats behind that man was a women who appeared to be in her 20s. Looked like a boring type.

    Across from her was a musculer man.

    The man continued down the row passing through the draps into the tail end. He noticed another passenger. A worker most likely. Ble jeans, rather dirty.

    Another tough looking male. Looks as if he was neglected as a child.

    And now a smart looking one. Probibly still in school.

    Most interesting. A cop. Would she be on vacation....

    The man finally got to his seat and sat down. He hated flights.

    TAG: ANYONE (You all have one day to interact with each other. Notice that only the ones in the tail can talk with ppl around them. Same with the ppl in the front.)
  23. Eme-ma_Himou Jedi Master

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    IC: John Mill

    The "man in the suit" opened his laptop and continued to read the email he downloaded before stepping aboard.

    It was from Arthur. Seems like they needed some input on a business talks, they're trying to become partners with some "charity" organization. Another email from Arthur's brother, Charles, wished to congradulate Mill on his decision to retire from the company.

    One whole backstabbing family...

    If it wasn't for Arthur's recent loss (a son dead and a wife caught cheating), John Mill would have given him a piece of his mind.

    But enough of that, Mill thought as he smoothed a hand through his blonde hair, then commencing to put away the laptop.

    That walkabout was just what he needed, enough relaxing and nature to last him a lifetime. Now he wanted to go home and savor the loveliness of his penthouse.

    Just rewards... John Mill had worked his damn tail off through life and these were just rewards. He didn't inherit his position, but worked for it, fought for it. It took him twenty years to get where he was at, and he would have kept going if it wasn't for the Widmore Brothers ousting him out of their damn company.

    They gobble up his company just to lead to this?

    He put aside business thoughts to try to take a nap. His mind just seemed to wander while he was in this state, which explained why he liked it so much.

    TAG: Fusies (affectionate term for people near the front of the plane)

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    IC: Ben
    Location:Tail end of the plane

    Ben wasn't nervous. He had done this a hundred times. He smiled, his shoulder length blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. The briefcase sitting next to him had about $125,000 in it. He flagged down a stuartist for a drink, Uncle Jimmy and Coke. He downed it all at once.

    He scanned over the plane. There was a man in a bussiness suit, doing bussiness on his laptop. There was a tattoed girl, a cop most likely. You didn't get to where Ben is without being ble to smell bacon.

    Then there was the other girl. Dressed very nice. Just a little thing. Oh look, he saet next to her was empty.

    He pulled the sturatist back over and asked her to offer the woman a drink on him.

    Tag: The hot mama in the tail section
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    IC:Zelda Zeppelin

    "who are you calling wannabe you freak? You don't say nothing to me until you know who I truely am!" Her voice was a monotone, and usually it scared most half to death. She finally got her AFI music video working and people all around could hear music that sounded a little like...
    "Hey Miss Murder can I? Hey Miss Murder can..."
    The singer on the screen's haircut was very recognizable. It was the same as hers. She had got the idea from him. Along with the lip ring. but the tongue, eyebrow and crapload of earrings were completely original.

    TAG:freak walking down teh plane.
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