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    *Dooku-Darklighter peers about* Hello! :)

    This is my first fan fic. I'm doing it jointly with my friend, Charn. [:D]

    Note: This story is heavily modified form the original to fit TOS and board rules. Enjoy.

    Title: Love In The Shades of Grey
    Author: Dooku-Darklighter & Charn
    Timeframe: pre-Episode I, pre-TPM
    Genre: drama, mush, H/C
    Characters: OCs
    Summary: Can two lost souls trust each other enough to rediscover a reason for living?

    Love In The Shades Of Grey

    Main Characters:

    Darth Varlet/Noxious Vortex: 5-8 (Female Human) Sith; Charn?s OC
    Xylon: 19-23 (Male Human) Dark Jedi; Charn?s OC
    Toru Fireheart: 69-72 (Male Human) Grey Jedi; Dooku?s OC
    Darth Reptilious (Male Noghri) Sith Lord; Shared OC

    Chapter I

    Planet: Parlo, Outer Rim

    A medium-sized planet splashed with swirls of green, grey, and brown grew ever more distinct in the viewport as the sleek beige-toned shuttle descended through layers of thick and ominous dirt-brown clouds. Nearing an unused landing pad, the green twilight of the world?s sky increased the prisoner?s unsettled mood.

    Hearing the soft whine of the breaking thrusters as the vessel touched down, the prisoner felt a mild sliver of curiosity join with his unease. Perhaps, I?ll find out why I was detained then taken into custody with hardly a word.

    The prisoner?s musings were curtailed with the arrival of three droid guards. The leader demanded in an irritated but distinct monotone: ?On you feet, Jedi scum.?

    Complying with strained serenity, the prisoner stood and preceded the security detail down the vessel?s loading ramp and onto moist and muddy terrain. Looking about subtly, the prisoner noted various buildings and factories with environmentally unsafe smokestacks belching thick tendrils of toxins into the air indeterminately. An industrialized swamp. Lovely. The freshly minted arrival groused inwardly.

    Returning his focus to the line of saluting soldiers, the prisoner noted once again their uniform height of 1.81 meters, that all carried heavy blasters, and that they were garbed in identical long blue cloaks and matching headguards.

    Directly behind the Human prisoner of 1.93 meters and fit form were three imposing droid/biological cross-breeds, standing 2.18 meters and carrying electrostaffs.

    Noticing that their prisoner?s keen dark brown gaze was soaking in details, the droid guards roughly propel him the final stretch of their grim journey until they arrive at a large stone-like building. Entering the expensive and dimly lit structure, the only illumination was the flickering of fire-torches set in heavy metallic scones very sporadically along the endless passageway. The droid guards reluctantly guide him to a cell, deep within the cavernous building. The prisoner?s sense of direction being well honed, he knew he was in the southern quadrant of said structure.

    Glaring menacingly at the pathetic prisoner, one of the imposing droid guard whacks the Human solidly in the stomach with his electrostaff causing a brief but notable shock, causing him to collapse unceremoniously to the bone-chillingly cold floor of the darkness-cloaked cell. Working in efficient tandem but with no care as to the prisoner?s discomfort, the droids flip the Human over and strip him of his opalescent Jedi tunics and leggings, light brown cloak, and knee-length black boots. Only permitted the very minute modesty of his boxers, the Jedi prisoner was roughly hoisted up and pinned helplessly as the other guards secured heavy wrist cuffs, effectively immobilizing his hands and chaining him to the cell wall. The droid guards work was executed without a sound and a fair amount of rough treatment. Orders fulfilled, they marched out of the dark cell with only the clank of their steady gait as proof of their retreating presence.

    The once well toned and fit Jedi Knight Toru Fireheart has languished alone within his cell without contact or nourish
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    Wow, a Dooku-Darklighter fic :eek:

    Darth Reptilious (Male Noghri) Sith Lord; Shared OC

    A Noghri Sith!? Awesome! :D

    A medium-sized planet splashed with swirls of green, grey, and brown grew ever more distinct in the viewport as the sleek beige-toned shuttle descended through layers of thick and ominous dirt-brown clouds. Nearing an unused landing pad, the green twilight of the world?s sky increased the prisoner?s unsettled mood.

    Nice descriptions =D= Very vivid.

    Glaring menacingly at the pathetic prisoner, one of the imposing droid guard whacks the Human solidly in the stomach with his electrostaff causing a brief but notable shock, causing him to collapse unceremoniously to the bone-chillingly cold floor of the darkness-cloaked cell.

    These droids are a bunch of jerks :p

    The once well toned and fit Jedi Knight Toru Fireheart has languished alone within his cell without contact or nourishment for two and a half days. His once distinguished silver-streaked dark hair was now dirty and itchy. Due to the degree of deprivation he?d been subjected to his ribs were clearly discernible through his tan flesh.
    Toru was hanging limply from blood encrusted wrists due to lack of strength. On the same token, his legs were screaming in protest due to the merciless muscle cramps that had settled within them that he?d been helpless to ease due to lack of focus because of his deplorable situation. His feet were numb as a result of the constant tactile contact with the freezing floor.
    Toru was mumbling weakly in a semi-conscious state.

    You have to wonder what he did to deserve this. Poor guy :(

    The petite child remains motionless before the anguished prisoner a minute before declaring coldly: ?I regret to inform you that your family was killed last night, just after your arrest .? Smirking cruelly, the girl had a very self-satisfied air.

    I don't think I'm going to like this little girl.

    Snapping her fingers, the child declared gleefully: ?Deceased, gone, dust, sliced, dead, you idiot! Serenity?s was slow though. The lightsaber struck her arteries and its searing slashes were agonizingly deliberate and gradual. She was very pretty, Sir. I was a bit jealous but now she's dead, soon to be nothing but skull and bones.?

    She's pure evil! :eek:

    Good start, DD =D= This little girl (Darth Varlet, I'm assuming) is about the most evil character I've ever seen. What a monster! Anyway, I'm looking forward to finding out why this Sith is torturing Toru. What exactly do they want from him?
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    Wow great start! It's so descriptive I can see everything that's happening. I also noticed the Liam Neeson inspiration with "lass".

    I too am going to hate this girl. Evil children annoy me more than evil adults. SHe's also dressed quite provocatively for an 8 year old :p
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    you think I dressed her too provocatively? [face_worried] oh and she's not yet eight, she's five at this time :p

    thanks for reading YK and Ree :D
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    *Bows* Thank you, Yobi. I'm glad you like it. :) Stay tuned! ;)
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    Really enjoyed that first chapter DD and Charn. =D= Love the descriptions as well, the characters really stand out. Love it. PM me when you update.
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    Ree: Really, you think so? :p We actually visualize Jeremy Irons as Toru.

    Furio: Thank you very much![:D]

    Now the next chapter....

    Chapter II:

    Retracting upward smoothly the door opens to reveal the small child that had ventured into the hazy and chilled dungeon previously. The fire-torches? feeble light glinted off her blond hair. It was now secured in a flowing ponytail down her back. She is unaccompanied. Venturing closer to the prisoner nonchalantly, the door seals closed again.

    Voice laced with annoyance, the child asked: ?You awake, Jedi??

    Toru is utterly limp, his arms strained to the extreme and his chin pressed to his chest due to his unconscious state. Studying the specimen before her, the child was fascinated by the ribs that were prominently visible under his papery and taunt skin. Dismissing her fleeting curiosity, the Human child smiles as she saunters up to him.

    Kicking the prisoner in the shin, she summons sharply: ?Time to wake up, Dugg fodder!?

    Grunting in surprised irritation at the rough nudge, Toru semi-rouses. Unconsciousness fights to keep
    its captive under it?s sway.

    Noting that the prisoner required more prodding, the child switches tactics. The girl?s expression
    transforms to the epitome of false surprise as her tone because high and excited as she announces:
    ?Oh, look, your son has come to speak to you.?

    The barest spark flickering within, Toru manages to lift his head slightly and open his blurry eyes.

    Squeezing them shut a long moment he then opens them again. Vision still indistinct, he blinks rapidly several moments until tears coalesce in his eyes. Flowing slowly down his cheeks, the moisture cleansed his lenses. Finally able to focus, he addresses the youngling before him in a voice roughened by dryness and emotion. He croaks: ?My heirs are dead. I?m starving, not dense, Lass. Surely, you can do better??

    Grinning, the she-youngling says playfully: ?No. Me only five.?

    Despise himself, Toru found the girl adorable. Rasping quietly, he acknowledged: ?So I see. Such a heavy burden for one so small.?

    Tilting her head as she gazed at him, the blond-haired girl inquired sweetly: ?Are you thirsty??

    Finding the suggestion of a refreshing drink very tempting, Toru started salivating. Voice a harsh croak, he admitted: ?Beyond. My throat is a raw and parched desert.? Blurry gaze growing wary anew, he asks:
    ?What of it??

    Grinning, she summons: ?Guards!?

    The blue armored guards reappear moments later. One holds a capped drink container of water. Wordlessly, he hands it to the diminutive child. Bowing, the guards leave again taking up their posts just outside the dungeon cell.

    Tone deceptively inviting, the girl says: ?Here is water, Sir.?

    Toru's eyes zero in on the precious water. Horrified at how tempted him was by it, Toru turns away, closing his eyes that had betrayed his desire to quench his unbearable thirst. ?I shan't. It's a ploy.?
    Unimpressed by the prisoner?s continued resistance, the child declared coolly: ?You have three choices. 1. It?s poisoned and you?ll die 2. It?s a sample of the horrible muddy marshy waters outside; or it?s pure water to save you from dying so that you might get justice from those who killed your heart.?

    The paternal heart within Toru yearned for forgiveness and justice above anything, so the final option held much appeal. Wary yet interested, Toru asks, ?What would you require so I may drink from the flask??

    Smiling sweetly, the girl answers: ?Nothing, I'm too young to understand bribery.?

    Cracked lips twitching, Toru praises: ?Mercy lives within you still. I shall remember this, Lass.?

    Tilting the flask to his lips, the innocent-looking girl forced a big swig of cold water down his throat. Toru feels something solid and hard catch within his throat.

    Realizing he was in distress, Toru bats at the flask weakly with a hand until it falls to the floor heedlessly. Choking and sputtering helplessly, his chains rattle as he struggles valiantly for breath. A few minutes of struggle pass severely deplet
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    Yeah, I agree with Ree, that is kind of creepy... I didn't notice the ages in the dramatis.

    I don't mean to be a jerk, and this is well-written, but I'm getting kind of distrubed by this story, to be honest. Someone so young doing these things and all the torture... just not my thing. Sorry, DD [:D]
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    I liked it DD. Keep it coming.
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    Yobi: Regarding Varlet's dress, personally, I'm with you and Ree; yet, she's not my character. Since she's Charn's he makes the decisions about her. I also understand completely that the tale is dark and disturbing. It's also not something I enjoy but is needed to get to the heart of the tale: Toru and Varlet's bond which ultimately transforms from hate and suffering to safety and love. Thanks for giving us a try, Wes. [:D]

    Furio: I'm glad you liked it. :)
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    just to echo what DD said, the story needs to be a disturbing tale at first to prove anyone can be redeemed. It has been toned down considerably for online viewing and has had mod approval, that being said the torture aspect won't be as "graphic" as it was in the beginning. And actually becomes a very sweet and likable story.

    As for Varlets dress sense, this is to show that she believes to be independent and in control of her own life, she doesn't believe she's lost, though clearly she is, perception is different I suppose, some people I have spoken to about it DON'T find her dress to be that bad, :p and the mod who approved it didn't mention anything about it. Oh just to clarify Varlet's my character,

    Thanks Furio :D
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    Looking good, Charn and Dooku![:D] I'm looking forward to seeing more.:D
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    *shivers* Well D-D, you weren't kidding when you said it was dark. I am looking forward to when it turns happy :)
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    Character III:

    Jedi Temple, Alderaan, The Core

    Clothed in a dark brown hooded cloak, Toru approaches the venerated main entrance of the gleaming and majestic temple. It?s spires and pillars were a flawless ivory. Entering the central temple of the Jedi Order in the Core Worlds, his gait was even and measured despite the internal conflict that is roiling within.

    Walking along the sparsely populated but well-illuminated halls, he minutely acknowledges a passing Nautolan Master and his Gran Padawan. Moving on, Toru strolls confidently down to The Archives.

    Entering the expansive chamber that was filled with dozens of tall shelves full of holobooks, data rods, and assorted other informational storage units, Toru soundlessly glides back to the deepest reaches of The Archives. The Room of Scared Knowledge where precious Jedi artifacts and the dozen known holocrons of ancient Jedi whom followed The Old Teachings were stored was his destination. It was protected by a very strong Force-seal.

    On the final approach to the Room of Sacred Knowledge, Toru?s dark gaze darts about suspiciously on watch for any unwelcome or unwitting visitors?especially younglings. Thankfully, no one intruded and he began opening himself to The Force, letting it sing to him and infuse his body and mind; yet, it?s dark tint was like a malignant cancer that had invaded. Hastening his efforts to force the strong seal on the chamber, sweat broke out on his brow. He succeeded in breaching the room, at last.

    Redoubling his ability of Force-stealth that allowed his tampering to remain unnoticed at great personal cost, Toru drew on The Force to grant him increased endurance and speed as he ransacked the chamber of priceless wisdom. Heart at once saddened yet full of vindication, Toru departed the temple like a phantom shadow. He would never return.

    Having received instructions from Lady Varlet just after completing his initial mission, Darth Torment boarded his forest green-tipped two-person Jedi starfighter. With the help of a hyperdrive ring, his journey to Bellassa was greatly shortened so he could report to his Dark Lady.

    Planet: Bellassa

    Varlet is sitting quietly within her opulent personal quarters, gazing through the transparisteel window at the pattern of stars splashed before her in an awesome display of beauty. The nocturnal display of light did little to hold her attention, however. Scowling slightly, she sensed Torment on the approach. Conflict shrouded his heart. Experience had taught her early to be wary of men?especially if their loyalty wasn?t ironclad. Varlet considered her next move as she awaited Torment?s report.

    Berthing his fighter in the hanger, Toru strides purposefully toward Varlet's residence. Semi-leery of the obstinate she-youngling's coming reaction, his cloak billowed around his ankles as he made his way past several security points manned by the blue-armored soldiers before finally reaching his destination.

    Entering her chambers, he kneels on one knee before her whispering: ?It is done, My Lady.?

    Turning casually to face him, Varlet asks pointedly: ?Torment, did you destroy *everything*??

    Swallowing hard, Torment goes pale as he bows deeply saying: ?No, My Lady. I ravaged the Room of Sacred Knowledge so the artifacts and holocrons would be unsalvageable. Otherwise, everything else was

    At this, Varlet's face falls. Eyes spitting hatred as her gaze burned him, she asks: ?Why not??

    Keeping his gaze averted, Torment replied: ?You emphasized that you wished the holocrons destroyed
    due to their irreplaceable nature. Thus, I did as you bade. The Archives were spared because I was
    already uneasy at my mission and concerned that it would turn into a needless bloodbath. The
    younglings and Learners are innocents. They deserve the chance to grow.?

    Sighing in seeming forbearance, Varlet stands up. Staring at him for awhile, she then smiles sweetly at
    him then pouts: ?You're teasing, Darth Torment.?

    Maintaining his humble place on the floor, Torment reaffirms softly but with certainty: ?I do not, My
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    Another great entry guys. Varlet is Torment's daughter isn't she? [face_thinking] Anyway good job!
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    LJ: Thank you. :)

    Furio: After a fashion. Keep reading. ;)
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    I have enjoyed reading this Miss Dooku-Darklighter. Very well done.
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    Getting even more interesting!=D= Looking forward to the next chapter!
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    JMS: I am honored you think so, Sir. :)

    Zelty: Thank you! :D

    This chap is a brief overview of a few key events so we can move the plot along. This chap was all me with Charn's permission. Hope to have the next one soon. Thanks for reading. [:D]

    Chapter IV

    In the following weeks, Torment?s internal conflict intensified in various fashions. His brief introduction to Lady Varlet?s guardian, Xylon, had only been the beginning. Due to his overconfidence in his abilities, Xylon was very self-assured and nothing seemed to faze the boy. His sarcasm-tinged humor and causal manner, especially around Varlet, did nothing to endear him to the older man. On the other hand, Torment?s gallant yet volatile manner around his ward made Xylon not only wary but jealous.

    After four months of various tests, mental, emotional, and physical in nature, Torment seemed to gain a bit of Lady Varlet?s confidence. First, the tan-skinned Human was a humble yet spirited whip, used to keep her other servants in line. Knowing the ex-Jedi did her bidding with both efficiency and class amused the conniving girl endlessly. Varlet took much perverse joy in sending her officers, guards, and servants on scattered campaigns and missions in an effort to cement more power and influence. It mattered nil if her underlings or the galaxy?s citizens got caught in the crossfire of her elaborate games. Power and control was all her mind craved and the only thing the youngling understood. Thus, her every move was in tune with acquiring more of each.

    Six months into his new existence as Darth Torment, Toru and Xylon had a difference of opinion that would never be equaled. Walking in on a very heated argument between the younger people, Torment instantly withdrew, ignited, and assumed a low guard with his red lightsaber before the tiny child. Despite all the abuse he?d suffered at Varlet?s hands, Torment simply could not tolerate any form of abuse directed at a child regardless of the antics or tantrums of said youth.

    What had followed was an interesting spectacle: A prolonged lightsaber duel that contained no verbal speech, but showcased both men?s greatest strengths and weaknesses. Torment?s flaw was the fact he easily got wrapped up in emotion, thus making him act irrationally causing his timing and execution to be incredibly sloppy and erratic. Yet, his strengths lay in his experience and his understanding of the principles of swordsmanship.

    The youthful Xylon was nearly the exact opposite: The youth had brute strength and force in his every pore, yet, lacked nearly all practical knowledge of saber dueling. Xylon also was cool as a cucumber when it came to meeting and countering his opponent?s fervent and fiery advances and attacks. Even when Torment?s knowledge trumped his cocksure strength, ending the battle with the elder man?s scarlet blade at his throat, the green-eyed boy remained unflappable. Feeling the nearness of the energy blade merely caused Xylon to fix an unimpressed gaze on his opponent while saying dismissively: ?Hey, watch the clothes, Man.?

    Dumbfounded, Torment snarled a final warning at the boy before withdrawing the saber and deactivating it. Staring at the hilt he grasped in his hand, his heart quivered deep within him.

    Now clearly aware that Torment?s fierce protective streak was an exploitable weakness, Varlet soon appointed him as her personal bodyguard. When her conflicted yet amazingly loyal bodyguard and her legal guardian had their spats over her, the blue-eyed child was gleefully amused. Varlet found it utterly hilarious how ease men were to rile.

    During the grueling search through the vast reaches of the Unknown Regions and Wild Space for the greatest talisman of power for Force-sensitives known?the Kaiburr Crystal?Torment?s frequency of visionary dreams increased to nearly a nightly occurrence. Astoundingly, despite all he?d done?harming untold innocents, destroying vast amounts of wisdom from dozens of cultures, breaking subordinates? spirits, and by far the worse offense of all, murdering an
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    That was a character building entry, good work D-D. I'm surprised that varlet let Torment go so easily.
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    I agree with Furio. There is a real element of adding layers to your characters here. I feel there will be more problems for Toru from Varlet. Well deon again Dooku-Darklighter.
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    Furio and JMS: Thank you. :)

    JMS: You're right. There is many issues to be faced yet for Varlet and Toru.

    Chapter V

    In the year that Toru had been away from his beloved home planet, Kumazar, many changes had come into his life. The most devastating of these was without question his widowerhood and being a father without children?due to some unknown being murdering his entire family while he was returning home from a Jedi mission in the Inner Rim. He?d been boarded and taken prisoner by battle droids who were commanded by Sith. Since that stark day, his life has been a mosaic of confusion, heartache, learning, and growth. Due to Creator Above?s persistence, love, mercy, and patience, the conflicted man?s core of faith and peace was slowly mending.

    A proof of this was the unexpected but equally undeniable respect that had cemented from fragile beginnings with Xylon, Lady Varlet?s guardian. As their bond gradually deepened through joint trials, an understanding took root between them.

    In spite of the bond that had been forged, Toru was very aware that the topic he would broach tonight with the normally suave and unflappable youth was likely to shatter Xylon?s cool mask entirely. While the older man hoped to breach the black-haired boy?s emotional defenses?in hopes of impressing upon him how grave the matter at hand was, Toru didn?t relish the emotional fireworks that were likely to result from the forthcoming discussion.

    Praying for guidance silently, the caped warrior?s footfalls echoed distinctly as he traversed the gleaming marble floor en route to a fateful meeting that may well alter the lives of countless sentients across the depths of the galaxy.

    Entering a lavishly accented and exclusive dining establishment, Toru made his way to the private room Xylon had reserved. Both men were amazed that Varlet had appeared utterly unconcerned when the pair had requested a few hours leave. Hoping this was a good sign, Fireheart bowed deeply to Xylon in acknowledgement and greeting before saying with quiet urgency: ?Thank you for meeting me. There is a pressing matter that we must discuss, it cannot be delayed nor be casually addressed.?

    Locking gazes with the boy?s suspicious green eyes, Toru sat in the booth opposite Xylon bracing himself for whatever was to come.

    Noting the grave lines etched into his companion?s features, Xylon smiled roguishly as he teased: ?Would you like a drink? Maybe it would relax that stern look about you for once.?
    Cracking a somber smile, Toru accepted. ?A Novablast would be agreeable.?

    Xylon presses a button and speaks into the mic: ?A whiskey and a Novablast, room 5.?

    A few minutes later, a server droid set the requested beverages before each Human before slinking back to its place in the food preparation area with the soft whirring of servomotors.

    Sipping his Novablast, Toru gathered his thoughts. Putting his glass down again, he steepled his fingers as he began with soft gravity: ?I've been having Force visions with remarkable consistency for awhile now. They focus on Lady Varlet.? Pausing a long moment, he pressed on thus: ?I've come to request guardianship of the girl. Varlet needs stability, patience, and unerring love. Though you've done a decent job with her, she needs more than you can provide her.? Unwavering dark eyes reflect earnestness and determination as the uneasy one studies the other man.

    Xylon drinks the shot of whiskey looking serious, he then breaks into a fit of laughter. Tone causal and disbelieving, the youth countered: ?I dreamt last night that I was a Bantha shepherd that was selling blue milk on Mustafar.? Shrugging dismissively, he continued: ?So you've had a few dreams. Don't take them so seriously! Besides, Noxious is happy where she is.?
    Scowling, thick slivered brows drawn together in mild frustration, Toru warned: ?Don?t dismiss my words, Boy. I?ve never been more serious. These visions are granted of Creator Above and I dare not defy Him again. I caution you against your flippancy.?

    Tone gentling to
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    Thank you, readers, for the positive comments, but this is a *joint* effort with my friend, Charn. :)

    He came up with one of my favorite bits in Chapter VI. Thanks, Charn. *Huggles you* [:D]

    Enjoy. :)

    Chapter VI


    Varlet is lying on her bed annoyed at the fact that she hasn't found the Kaiburr Crystal. Sensing Toru on approach, the frustrated girl rolls her eyes then rolls over pretending to be asleep.

    Xylon cautiously enters her room and sees her back facing him. The hollow ache in his heart is terrible as he wonders what to tell her. Coughing nervously, Xylon began: ?Noxious? You need to wake up a minute. I, uhh, have news??

    Varlet puts on a deliberately loud snore in an attempt to make him to leave.

    Slightly annoyed at being ignored, Xylon walks up alongside the bed. ?I know you're awake, Noxious?Now, please, listen to me would you??

    Miffed, Varlet deliberately snores even louder while continuing to act as though her guardian wasn?t there.

    Xylon looks at her with a raised eyebrow, tone unimpressed, he chides mildly: ?Seriously Noxy, you're going there??

    Varlet finally deems to face her reluctant visitor, a dark scowl marring her young face. Tone dismissive, Varlet snaps: ?Be quick, I need my nap. I'm only six, and weak.?

    Blue gaze studying Xylon piercingly, Varlet asks with mock concern: ?You've been crying?? Tone demeaning, she went on: ?What is it with you men? Bunch of babies, I tell you.?

    Xylon ignores her comment and looks at her with sorrow. Manner weighed down by remorse, grief, and a tendril of fear, he cautiously plods on: ?Noxious, you know I care about you right? You know that I would do anything for you,? The uncomfortable 20-year-old pauses.

    Varlet grins and nods happily, pleased with herself.

    Lowering his voice to a whisper, Xylon confessed tumultuously: ?I can't look after you anymore, Noxy.?

    Varlet tilts her head in wonderment as she asks: ?What do you mean??

    Xylon rubs his face with his hands in a clear expression of helplessness and exasperation at the situation. Sighing wearily, he stammers: ?I, uhh, you need something I can't give you.?

    Varlet again rolls her eyes. Speaking condescendingly, the girl said: ?Well, I haven't given up on the crystal yet. Although you've failed, I expect it. You're a man after all.?

    Xylon's heart melted at this, he'd been used to her jibes at men and had begun to find her kind of sweet with her taunts. ?Noxious, I'm not talking about the Kaiburr Crystal.?

    Varlet?s expression becomes confused as she protested: But, you've got me everything else I've wanted??

    Xylon closes his eyes as a single crushing thought circles his mind: She's going to hate me. Speaking in a strained voice he says in a rush: ?I can't be your guardian. I'm not emotionally strong enough.?

    Varlet regards Xylon with wounded blue eyes as she accused: ?You're abandoning me,? Bounding off the bed, she stalks toward Xylon as she fumed: ?You're going to take me to the Jedi! They are going to enslave me! ?take all my things??

    Xylon gets off the bed and kneels towards her before grasping her arms. Imploring the girl, he countered:*No!* I'm not abandoning you! I'm here whenever you need me, I just think that Toru??

    Varlet?s eyes widen in shocked dismay as she yelled: ?*TORU???!!!* You're sending me to live with Toru? That's even worse! He no longer accepts me, Xylon. He has a new Master, one that's invisible! I can't go?? she looks at him with vulnerable eyes brimming with tears as she pleaded: ?I don't want to go.?

    Varlet?s devastated expression and tear-stained face was tearing Xylon?s heart in two as her genuine dread and fear pertaining to the coming change in guardianship continued pouring forth from quivering lips. Shakily, Xylon breathed: ?Noxy,? Unable to stand looking at the girl any longer, the youth closes his eyes as he finishes delivering his crippling message: ?He should be here in half an hour to help pack your things. I'm sorry.?

    Varlet looks up at him again with shimmering eyes as she made a final entreaty: "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaase. N
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    Wow guys, that was really good. There is more Jedi in Toru than even he himself thinks. To take in Varlet and all her demons is quite a burden for him. Another great entry. =D=
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