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Before - Legends Love In The Shades of Grey (OC Story)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Cushing's Admirer, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Jedi_MasterSkywalker

    Jedi_MasterSkywalker Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 29, 2010
    I enjoyed these three chapters D-D and Charn. The relationship between Toru and Varlet is tense and I am assuming it will only get more interesting. When can we expect the other Sith Lord?
  2. The_Zeltron

    The_Zeltron Jedi Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2010
    Really liked these chapters, Dooku and Charn.:D Good job!=D= Looking forward to more.[:D]
  3. Cushing's Admirer

    Cushing's Admirer Force Ghost star 7

    Jun 8, 2006
    Furio: Thank you. :)

    JMS: I'm glad. :) Darth Reptilious has a few key points in the story yet. ;) It's currently unknown when he will show up again.

    Zelty: Thanks. [face_blush][:D]

    Chapter VIII


    Varlet is settled in a chair swinging her legs and staring at the rodent-like Chadra-Fan opposite her, focusing on the being?s large ears and bat-like nose the girl is rather unsettled. In turn, the female Chadra-Fan is unnerved and moves off. Varlet giggles to herself.

    Emerging from his meeting, Toru soundlessly approaches his ward. Noting Varlet's rather vacant expression, he asks with concern: ?Are you all right, Darling??

    Varlet looks at him and pouts: ?You were lightyears.?

    Smiling slightly, Toru countered: ?Come now, Spirited One, it was only forty-five minutes. Off we go, we have a long journey back to our ship.?

    Varlet reluctantly starts dragging her feet as she slowly sulks along the busy corridor. Walking alongside his ward as they weave through the foot traffic, Toru glances at her and is unsettled at Varlet?s obvious gloom.

    Varlet continues to drag her feet and is still pouting as she grouses: ?My legs already ache, you just make me miserable! You're mean, you?? The flash of something captures her attention out of the corner of her eye. Intrigued, the blue-eyed girl halts her tirade and moves before the panoramic window.

    Rolling his eyes, Toru replies: "A bit of physical exercise is good for you, Varlet. You need to learn how to do things for yourself rather than relying on Force abilities all the time. You'll come to like being active. Give it a try, hmmm?"

    Now aware that Varlet's attention had been stolen, the Kumazarite joins her at the window, intently studying the endless stream of air traffic in the skylanes. Glancing at his ward, he questioned: ?What is it??

    Varlet?s face grows red with anger. At the same moment, a speeder begins to subside, losing its control. Within a split second, Toru realizes that Varlet is the culprit of the speeder?s troubles.

    The careening speeder?s occupant, a Zabrak, looks stunned then panics while futilely attempting to regain control of his craft.

    Concerned only with preserving life, Toru swiftly withdraws a grappling hook from his utility belt. Casting it expertly, it latched on a groove set within one of the support beams along the ceiling. Once it was taunt he grasps it firmly before taking a Force-aided running leap at the windowpane, shattering it with the impact of his body. Sharp slivers of transparisteel shower him and the ground far below.

    Aided by The Force, Toru soars through the air unerringly toward the distressed pilot and his wildly careening speeder. Landing on the unstable craft with an audible thump, Toru clambers over to the pilot's side as the wind plucks at his tunics and cape. The swift velocity they were traveling, as they continued to plummet like a stone barely missing disaster numerous times as they interrupted the streams of the lower skylanes caused Toru?s hair to flutter freely. Stretching out a hand to the medium-brown skinned Zabrak, Toru shouts above the wind and the protests of the wounded speeder: ?Grab hold!?

    The worried Zabrak is frozen with indecision. Grunting impatiently, Toru instructs, ?If you want to live, grab on, now!?

    At this, the stunned Zabrak responds by obeying the stranger's words. Once the Zabrak was securely straddling his back, Toru pressed the grappling hook's release that then sent the pair hurtling back toward his point of origin at an alarming speed. Just as their boots touched the gleaming floors of the meeting hall's main corridor, the speeder hit a patch of ground devoid of sentients, erupting into a furious ball of flame, twisted and charred metal, and plumes of toxic smoke.

    Studying the shaky Zabrak, Toru inquired softly: ?Are you all right, Sir??

    The Zabrak stammered: ?What? Why? What?s going on??

    Seeing that her guardian was distracted, Varlet Force-calls his saber to her, by the time the hilt filled her hand, its red blade shone men
  4. The_Zeltron

    The_Zeltron Jedi Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2010
    Very nice, Charn and Dooku![:D] I'm so glad Toru is giving Varlet the love she needs. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next!:D

    Thanks for the PM, Dooku!:D
  5. Cushing's Admirer

    Cushing's Admirer Force Ghost star 7

    Jun 8, 2006
    Zelty: I am too. :) Here's more:

    Chapter IX

    Returning to the tranquil world of Thardak, Toru was conflicted over the newest hints of his ward?s past that had been revealed. Most disturbing was the fact that Varlet expected to be beaten brutally in response to an overreaction on her part. Thoughts a tangled web of horror, pity, and agitation, the warrior-philosopher accompanied the subdued girl into her chamber within their modest apartment.

    Seeing that the little one pressed her Nexu plushie tightly to her chest as she darted wary glances his way, Toru?s heart ached. Aware his presence was prolonging Varlet?s riled state, Toru stood and walked to the door. Looking over his shoulder at the quiet one, he said: ?I will not deliberately harm you, Darling.?

    Sad and troubled, Toru returned to his room. Settling on the edge of his bed, he contemplated many things long into the night.

    Wide blue eyes watched the still man carefully. His form was motionless but he was speaking. Tone soft but pleading, Toru said many words. Speech dissolving into sobs, his shoulders shook with sorrow.

    Puzzled by the new feeling stirring within her, compelling her to act, Varlet tiptoed soundlessly to the distressed one. Sitting next to him, she hugged his middle. So they remained for a long time.

    Wild Space? One Week Later

    Desirous of showing his charge that there was joy and lightness to be found despite all the unease and turbulence that had thus far cropped up along her journey of adjustment, Toru had told Varlet to pack for a trip?he had a surprise in store.

    En route to their destination, Varlet is seated next to Toru within the bridge of his green-tipped Jedi Starfighter. Face pressed to the far side of the transparent canopy, the girl is absorbed in deep wonder-filled study of the tapestry of gleaming celestial gems that twinkled at her dazzlingly. A particular star garnering her curiosity, Varlet piped up asking: ?What's that one called??

    Tapping a few keys so his display localized and magnified the star in question, Toru supplied happily: ?That blue beauty is Deflin-72915.? Glancing at his passenger, he commented: ?You have quite an eye for aesthetics. I hope you enjoy our excursion to Monadar.?

    Varlet looks pleased with herself as she declares proudly: ?I do have an eye for anaesthetics, don't I??

    Chuckling at the mispronunciation, Toru checked their course. Noting that they were still on schedule, he suggested: ?Meditation would be beneficial prior to arriving at our destination. What?s say you practice a few of the basics I?ve shown you??

    Groaning, Varlet protested: ?But, I hate meditating! It's boring. Besides, I'm enjoying watching the?Ooooh ships!? Attention now focused on the vessels they were nearing the girl forgot her protests.

    They were approaching a small convoy of various freighters, support craft, and a handful of fighter escorts.

    Rubbing her hands together Varlet enthuses gleefully: ?Let?s shoot them!? Varlet grabs the nearest weapons system control stick. Thumb pressing the firing stud, she fires randomly, the fluorescent green laser bolts missing her targets.

    Alarmed, Toru leaps from his chair, grabbing the delicate hand that was randomly firing lethal laser blasts with impunity at the unsuspecting and unobtrusive small freighter that was the tail of the convoy.
    Wrestling briefly, he succeeded in immobilizing the offending appendage through a wrist lock as he cried: ?No! Lives are *not* toys, Lass!?

    Aware that his charge was once again in her 'Power Mode', Toru maintained his wrist lock on the hand he could reach, while allowing himself to fall deeply within the depths of The Force. Simultaneously, he struggled to compensate for the distressed freighters? shot stabilizers, assisting them to not only maintain their stability but speed and trajectory. Toru was also relying on The Force to prevent Varlet's free hand from causing any serious damage via her continued assault o
  6. Sistros

    Sistros Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 24, 2010
    what's interesting is that you write Toru and I write Varlet in words and actions and we are the opposite genders :p

    I know you run by the chapters by me before you post, but I must say you're doing a fantastic job in bringing them to life. :D

    I still find chapter 10 really adorable.

  7. Jedi_MasterSkywalker

    Jedi_MasterSkywalker Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 29, 2010
    The relationship is growing finely and Varlet is thawing which is good to see. Toru's efforts are paying off. Well done again D-D and Charn.
  8. Cushing's Admirer

    Cushing's Admirer Force Ghost star 7

    Jun 8, 2006
    Co-Author: [face_blush] Awww, thank you. Have to say, your ideas are good and bring a bit of spice to the tale as well! :D

    JMS: Thank you. Yes, Toru is making progress at last yet tensions remain. ;)

    Chapter XI

    Lamadakia, Expanse Region

    Reptilious? 1.4 meter tall sinewy frame was shrouded by his generous deep brown hooded cloak. The only think visible was the tip of his grey snout, his strong hands whose fingers end in black razor-sharp claws and the matching and equally menacing black talons that stud each toe. He?s walking with Kordalossk, a greenish-brown scaled Trandoshan that stands 2.1 meters, along an embankment of a vividly volcanic orange-red lava river. Purple lightning ripples brilliantly across the sky behind them.

    Voice low with a slight rasp, Reptilious says: ?You?re the best in the business, I hear, Bounty Hunter.? Keen black eyes bore into their companion.

    Kordalossk the Trandoshan?s orange eyes shimmer with intensity, as he knew a new hunt was about to commence. Emitting a cackling hiss, he answers smugly: ?I am well thought of by Scorekeeper. When I seek prey it never eludes me.?

    Reptlious flicks his forked tongue out in anticipation before saying: ?Excellent. I want the location of a girl found, your reward will be plentiful.?

    Regarding the mysterious hooded one curiously, Kordalossk inquired: ?Why does a hatchling warrant services of my caliber??

    A flicker of lightning flashes nearer to the slowly advancing pair as Reptilious smiles. ?The girl I seek is the key to power, my friend. She is the most gifted being in The Force that I've ever met. There is a prophecy among the Jedi that says a Chosen One will be born and that the Sith will be destroyed. I won't allow this to happen! Besides, once I have both the girl and the Kaiburr Crystal, I, Reptiliousssss, will be invincccible.? The Noghri hissed with gleeful arrogance.

    Kordalossk hisses as his fangs flash in a toothy grin: ?Do you have any details regarding my prey??

    Reptilious turns to him: ?She was under the protection of a youth named Xylon, because I could not afford to raise and train her myself. If I had, my nemesis would surely have discovered me and sought my end. The girl?s guardian was merely an insignificant boy. I feel they may have plotted against me in secret because she has been taken. Find Xylon and you'll find young Darth Varlet.?

    Growling with bloodlust, Kordalossk enthused: ?A challenging hunt! I shall return to you triumphantly!? Caresses his collection of armaments and weapons fondly with a claw.

    Reptilious looks at the bounty hunter seriously as he commands with an edge of fierceness: ?Don't fail me!?

    The Trandoshan departs swiftly to prepare his vessel for his latest hunt for the glory of Scorekeeper.
  9. Jedi_MasterSkywalker

    Jedi_MasterSkywalker Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 29, 2010
    The plot thickens. Interesting.
  10. Sistros

    Sistros Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 24, 2010
    these pics are to show the visualisation of the lightsaber colors in the following chapter:





    JMS: Thanks for reading :)

  11. Cushing's Admirer

    Cushing's Admirer Force Ghost star 7

    Jun 8, 2006
    Charn: Cool colors. ;)

    JMS: Glad you like it. :)

    Chapter XII

    Thanks to a mixture of persistence, courage, faith, patience, and endurance Toru was beginning to make notable strides in convincing his spirited charge that his overtures of concern and care were sincere. On the same token, the blonde imp was slowly realizing that her male guardian wasn?t a monster but instead a man with his own invisible wounds that was earnestly doing his best to leave his old life behind and provide her a stable home so she could do likewise.

    Though Toru was by far more philosophically and academically inclined as opposed to martially as she herself was, approximately six weeks ago he?d proposed that he begin teaching her saber technique. Since her guardian was as disinclined to war and conflict as she?d ever seen anyone be, this surprised Varlet.

    Her guardian was a serious and skilled swordsman that was now solidly grounded in serenity due to the drastic life changes that had taken place over the last months. For the first time, the child was disinclined to taunt and tease her silvered one. The new found peace about Toru was beautiful. It made her heart flutter because she knew her presence in his life was a major contributor.

    Taking to saber training like a duck to water, Varlet was a very quick study. She became attentive and eager to learn as her saber lessons continued progressing. Despite being very specific and particular regarding her technique, often helping her was stance work, balance, agility, breathing, and execution of moves, her guardian was vigilant to always caution against rashness and anger. Matter of fact, the day he offered to officially teach her the Way of the Saber, Toru had impressed upon her that she wasn?t to use these skills to harm others only to protect others. The distinction was hard for Varlet to grasp, but she was trying.

    Her meditation periods offered her insight and clarity. Through them, she came to believe that Toru was mainly cautioning her against wielding her blades with ill intent. Though the lessons maintained their serious elements pertaining to learning proper methods and mastering restraint and humility, saber training was now a joint activity that elder and youngling enjoyed because it was challenging, active, and fun.

    Tardalak Bluff, Thardak

    Varlet is donning a 3/4th inch thick solid headband across her forehead. It was bright gold and it has a V-shaped dip above her nose. Blonde tresses tied back in a ponytail, Varlet?s vision was without obstruction. The face paint above her eyes is a stunning Aureolin yellow with white glitter; her under eyes were painted amber with white glitter; and her lips are a luscious cardinal red with silver glitter. Her gauntlets, chest plate, and shin guards were of matching radiant golden tone. Her lamé trousers are liquid gold. Around her waist was a solid belt of gold that had a matching V-shaped dip in its center to that of her headband.

    In contrast, Toru was clothed in much more subdued tones: He was wearing smoke grey tunics and trousers, a simple unadorned leather belt, a royal blue vest, leather gauntlets, and silver shin guards.

    Varlet, sheathed in her armor, was now standing upon the cliff face looking at the spectacular view. The purple twilight that shone within the sky, tinting the clouds with their color was a sight within itself.
    Concluding his centering meditation, the tan-skinned elder joined his daughter near the edge of the cliff face. Toru gazes out at the majestic view in silent reverence. Soon after, he regards Varlet with a doubtful expression and a bemused raised eyebrow as he asks: "Who's this radiant warrior princess before me then, hmmm??

    Looking at Toru with a beaming smile, Varlet announced: ?I'm Darth Pyro!? She puts her hands on her hips.

    Smirking, Toru replies: ?Are you, now? What do you propose to do with me, Miss Pyro??

    Varlet looks at him mischievously before putti
  12. Darth_Furio

    Darth_Furio Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Apr 17, 2008
    I'm all caught up now guys. I really like the soft yet stern hand that Toru has with Varlet. The lightsabre training scene was cute, yet fierce, I liked it. Also I'm very interested in the Dark Lord going after them with the bounty hunter. D-D you write beautifully. :D
  13. Jedi_MasterSkywalker

    Jedi_MasterSkywalker Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 29, 2010
    Toru and Varlet will make a formidable team. Well done again D-D, vivid scene.
  14. Cushing's Admirer

    Cushing's Admirer Force Ghost star 7

    Jun 8, 2006
    Furio: Thank you. :) I agree that Toru and Varlet are making some marked progress. I'm glad you like the mixture of emotional tones, I like to be vivid and have layers. The Dark Lord will figure into the next chap. ;)

    JMS: Thanks.

    The planetary info herein is based on profiles found in The Essential Atlas by Daniel Wallace & Jason Fry.

    Chapter XIII

    Varlet is at her desk within her study room waiting for Toru to arrive. She's excited and prepared for her lesson with a magnetic pad upon which she could write with a specialized stylus.

    Entering the study chamber, Toru is clad in vivid blue tunic and leggings with a simple leather belt cinched around his waist. His feet were bare. Smiling, he sees his daughter waiting at her desk with anticipation. Greeting her, he exclaimed: ?Ah, excited today, good!? Doing a double take, he?s surprised that his progressive-minded pupil doesn?t have a datapad before her.

    Quirking a brow at her, he quipped: ?Representing the fossils of technology today, Darling??

    Proudly commenting, Varlet said: ?My handwriting is beautiful, so I like to use my talents.?

    Flashing a brief smile, Toru comments: ?I see. Well, handwriting is a valuable talent. I am pleased you are continuing to foster your knowledge and application of it.? Moving to the large holoprojector pod recessed within the center of the room, he powered it up. Within seconds, a largely blue planet formed before Varlet?s interested gaze. It was splashed with small pockets of wispy pale grey outlining light green landmasses and accompanied by sporadic white cloud cover.

    Studying the image in wonder, Varlet exclaims: ?That's pretty! What planet??

    ?This is Kamino. It is technically located outside our galaxy. It, along with other fringe stars, forms part of the periphery of the Rishi Maze.?

    Varlet begins taking notes. Looking up at her mentor, she asks: ?So what it's surface like? It looks like one big water world.? She beams.

    Smiling, Toru answers: "Well, now it is. You see, Kamino was once a fairly landlocked world but the melting of it's glaciers during the end of it's last ice age caused massive floods, causing most landmasses to be buried beneath many hundreds of meters of water. The willowy Kaminoans, the native species, enacted drastic measures to ensure adaption to their new environment. They make their homes in floating habitations called stilt cities.?

    Fully engaging, Varlet questioned: ?So, the water is cold??

    "Oddly enough, no. Despite scientifically eliminating many of their perceived flaws, Kaminoans retain their intolerance to high heat and sunlight. They prefer their world's autumn when it?s overcast and constantly drizzling a light rain. This is likely due to their amphibious nature."

    Contemplating what she?d heard, Varlet jots a few more notes down. Returning her attention to her silvered one, she said: ?One last question: What lives beneath the waters?? Grinning at him, the child eagerly awaited his coming words.

    Eyes brightening, Toru was pleased that his daughter had voiced a wildlife-related question. ?One of the only known creatures that live beneath the waves are the massive aquatic mammals called: Aiwhas. They are 2-3 meters tall, 8-10 meters long with a wingspan of 20-30 meters. They are the preferred mounts of Kaminoans when they venture to the surface on sacred pilgrimages to sites on land that contain hints of their origins which the natives highly respect.?

    Eyes widening in shock, Varlet commented: ?They have that whole ocean to themselves?? Growing thoughtful, she finished: ?They must be lonely. What next, Toru??

    The projection of Kamino is replaced by a planet covered in a vivid patchwork of livid reds and fiery oranges pocked by small crescents of bottomless black curving it lower edges. Slithering across its surface were brilliant thin ribbons of electric yellow.

    ?This planet is Mustafar.? Toru announced in introduction.

    Cocking her head curiously, the girl stated: ?That's interesting. Is it a new planet or a dying one??

    ?It is dying, Child. Prematurely
  15. Jedi_MasterSkywalker

    Jedi_MasterSkywalker Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 29, 2010
    That was quite an informative chapter Dooku-Darklighter, thank you. The relationship is most certaintly blossoming.
  16. Darth_Furio

    Darth_Furio Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Apr 17, 2008
    Thanks for geography lesson D-D! :p Good chapter.
  17. Cushing's Admirer

    Cushing's Admirer Force Ghost star 7

    Jun 8, 2006
    JMS: Thank you. :)

    Furio: I liked looking up the planet stuff and it was Charn's idea. :p Thanks. :)

    Chapter XIV:

    Varlet is fast asleep cuddling her Nexu close to her when she stirs unexpectedly. Mumbling: ?No, no, I don't want to-no!? She starts violently and screams in her sleep.

    Sitting bolt upright at the piercing shriek, Toru darts from his room and down the shadowy corridor, his bare feet padding along the cool, smooth surface as he shuffled down two doors before entering his ward?s room. Face crumpling in empathy at the scene unfolding before him, Toru quivers in horror as he watches his spirited one crush her plushie to her chest as though it could fend off the monsters that were stalking her.

    While her waking hours were full of pranks, play, and curiosity?Varlet?s nights were often nightmare-riddled. The occasional one was understandable and semi-easily soothed but over the last fortnight they?d become nightly things, ghastly and horrendous. At times, Toru wondered if it was better to leave the child asleep or to rouse her and face her issues head-on. Determining that he?d let this go on long enough, Toru resolved to get some longstanding questions answered.

    Shuffling alongside Varlet?s bed, he struggled within himself regarding how to awaken her.

    Flailing her arms, the lass dropped the Nexu. ?Master Reptilious, I don't want to watch. Don't kill them!? Kicking out defensively, the girl caused her bed covering to fall in a heap onto the floor.

    Stooping down, the robed man picked up the Nexu plushie and placed it on his ward?s reading chair. Leaning down, Toru summoned softly but commandingly: ?Awaken, Spirited One! Return to me!?

    Varlet, still trapped within disturbed slumber is still trying to flinch from her nightmare: ?Don't kill me! Noooo!?

    Seeing that the child was still in the throes of her bad dreams, Toru shook her shoulder while crying: ?Wake up, Darling! Please, look at me.?

    Awaking suddenly, Varlet sees a mature man regarding her uneasily. Startled, she screams: "Man!" as she lunges at him. Knocking him to the floor, she attacks him with small balled fists and sharp nails. Fog clearing, she blinks dazedly up at her guardian. Relieved that he was present, Varlet hugs him.

    Hugging the petrified girl to him protectively, Toru was silent a long minute. Feeling Varlet's tremors beginning to subside, he strokes her hair soothingly with a hand as he states resignedly: "You cannot endure this, Darling. I can't bear to see you suffer! Tell me who haunts your thoughts so! My only desire is to help you heal, please."

    Looking at him, Varlet?s reply shimmered with child-like defiance: ?No. You can't make me. I don't want to!?

    Voice edged with persistence, Toru ceded: "Very well. I will uncover the identity of the one who stalks the shadowy recesses of your mind, myself." Looking down at the wide-eyed child in his arms, he asks: "Are you all right, now??

    Varlet scans the room for her Nexu. ?Where is my pliushie???

    Smiling gently, Toru pointed at her reading chair: "He's right there, Darling."

    Varlet darts to her chair grabbing her prize plushie before crawling back into her bed. Tone steady, she declared bravely: ?I'm ok now.?

    Standing again, Toru leaned down and kissed Varlet's brow. "If you need me, I will come. Rest now, Daughter Mine." Kneeling beside the bed, the robed one bowed his head. Varlet whom was curled on her side, back toward the speaker, secretly smiles at the word.

    Twenty minutes later, Toru?s silent prayer ended and he shuffled back to his own chamber.

    Aware that his ward was absorbed in her planetology lesson, Toru wandered from the kitchen where he?d prepared fresh tea back to his chamber, intent on placing a call to his unlikely and semi-uneasy ally: Xylon Lacos.

    After having a brief and somewhat terse conversation with the lad, the silvered one scrubbed his face wearily, hopeful that soon he?d get the answers he needed s
  18. Sistros

    Sistros Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 24, 2010
    So DD has just read, and informed me, that a character in FOTJ: Backlash, there is a female character in the book that has a pet Nexu,

    Please note: Neither myself or my co-author knew of this fact to just this hour, I myself has never even read an EU novel, and DD gave up reading EU, and the last book she read WAS lEGACY OF THE FORCE: Betrayal, in 2007.

    Just goes to show theres no such thing as an original idea huh? :rolleyes: :p
  19. Cushing's Admirer

    Cushing's Admirer Force Ghost star 7

    Jun 8, 2006
    Chapter XVI

    Jagged Fang?Tharji System

    Pressing a button with a dagger-sharp talon, Kordalossk?s hot orange eyes sparkle with hunt-fever. The
    leathery-skinned Trandoshan had just located his prey on the fifth planet of the system: Thardak. Eager
    to report his progress to his employer, he holo-commed the reclusive Sith Lord.

    The hooded figure responds low and hissingly: ?What is it, Bounty Hunter??

    Clacking his fangs in anticipation, Kordalossk enthused: "I have located the planet my prey is on, Lord Reptilious. I anticipate returning her to you within days. I must locate their lair first. It will be no difficulty."

    Reptilious gives a toothy smile: ?Who is she with??

    ?The hatchling keeps company with an elder of notable years yet his battle-readiness has become lax. I predict he will be an easy kill. The boy you told me of, I know not of him. He is of no importance to me."

    ?You have done well, Bounty Hunter.? The hologram fades.

    Fireheart Apartment, Thardak

    Varlet is fast asleep dreaming of being queen.

    Feeling radiant sunshine warming his face, Toru rouses from slumber. Glancing about, he realizes that
    his spirited one was snuggled into his side. Smiling softly at the image, he gently nudges her shoulder
    summoning in a low, smooth rumble: ?Arise, my spirited one. It's a new day!?

    Varlet awakens. Being greeted by the visage of her silvered one, she smiles at him happily: ?Morning,

    Embracing the child, Toru looks down at her. ?Are you all right, Little One??

    Answering with her trademark passion, Varlet said: ?I had a dream where all the Jedi were wiped out by
    a Sith!? Grinning, she concluded: ??then he made me queen.?

    Ruffling Varlet?s golden locks affectionately, Toru said: ?Dreams pass in time, Little One.? Once standing,
    he continued: ?Go get dressed while I prepare first meal. Then we'll have a leisurely stroll outside.
    Would you like that??

    Grinning, the girl urged: ?Let?s go now.?

    Toru chuckles lightly before answering: ?Hmmmm, you'd like that, wouldn't you, my little imp? No, we
    must follow general societal standards. Besides, you need to eat; it's nearly midday.?

    The girl mumbles something under her breath as she goes to brush her teeth.

    After a quick sonic shower, dressing in fresh tunics, leggings, and boots Toru exits his sleep chamber
    and heads to the modest but comfortable dining room and prepares fresh flatbread, bantha butter,
    eggs, and fruit. Walking to the table, he sets two steaming plates down with a flourish. Hearing his
    ward approaching quietly, Toru enthuses: Come, come! Your food awaits, Ma?am!?

    Glaring down at the plate before her, Varlet raises her eyes to her guardian with the same expression as
    she accused archly: ?I hate eggs! You?re just trying to turn me into a huge walking egg!?

    Sighing softly in disappointment, Toru answers: ?Either eat the fresh food I?ve prepared or fix your own

    Pouting, Varlet protested: ?It?s too much effort!?

    A spark of fire in his gaze that warned that he was having none of Varlet?s cheek, Toru countered
    knowingly: ?Come now, you're very smart and *far* from helpless. I *know* programming a food
    processor isn't beyond you. Well, those are your options, choose one. Neither is that bad.?

    Sighing, the girl goes to the processor and forcefully programs blue milk and porridge sweetened lightly
    with dasha glaze.

    Shaking his head, Toru moves off to put away the untouched food. Returning to his place at the table,
    the elder watches Varlet eat in silence.

    Varlet darts a feisty look at him then sticks out her tongue prior to drinking half her blue milk.

    Tone disappointed, Toru informs her: ?After you?re done eating we?re going to have a long meditation
    session, Young Lady. Hopefully, time to reflect will allow you to realize that doing/eating something
    you'd rather not for someone else?s sake isn?t so terrible. I fix you fresh food every day because I *care* Little One. Can you not believe the truth I speak??

    Snapping irritably, Varlet retorted: ?La
  20. Darth_Furio

    Darth_Furio Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Apr 17, 2008
    I'm enjoying the ever developing relationship of Toru and Varlet. I'm also liking the tie in with the Noghri padawan and Darth Reptillious. Love it guys! =D=

    BTW I do read EU and I actually thought the motivation for the Nexu doll came from Allana Solo's nexu cub. Their are parallel's between Varlet and Allana Solo which is probably due to the fact that they are both children that are curious and learning everyday. ;)
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    I am enjoying this Dooku-Darklighter. The Toru-Varlet connection is truly becoming a father-daughter connection that is endearing. The inclusion of the Sith and Bounty hunter are interesting to say the least. Well done.
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    I caught up [face_dancing]
    I really like what you are doing wth Toru and Varlet. Much cuteness :D
    I don't want Xylon to get hurt though [face_worried]
    Great job you two =D=
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    Furio: So glad you're enjoying our tale, Sir. :D Danger lurks for Toru and Varlet and Reptilious is up to something...

    JMS: The bounty hunter will be making an appearance herein...

    LJ: E-sis! You visit us again! [:D] Glad you like it but things are about to get interesting...

    Thanks for reading, guys!

    Chapter XVIII

    Mid afternoon the following day, Toru was meditating in the common room while his daughter was doing
    her planetology lessons in her chamber. Sensing a spike of anxiety mixed with apprehension through The Force, he abandoned his exercise instead attempting to pinpoint the source of the girl?s dread. Though he wanted to go to her, Toru had finally learned that it was better for the child to come to him in her own way and time so she didn?t feel smothered. Hopeful that his spirited one would do just that, he settled back into a comfortable cross-legged position. Calming his thoughts, Toru waited patiently.

    Varlet is memorizing the fish of Naboo?s rivers: ?Faa, Laa, Tee?? She pauses ponderously. Getting up from her crossed legged position, she seeks Toru. Coming before him, she begins hesitantly: ?Uhhm?Dad? Papa??

    Rousing from his light meditation, Toru opens his eyes and asks: ?What is it, Young One?? Brows drawing together, he comments: ?You're unsettled...?

    Standing in the doorway, Varlet states gravely: ?I want to find my mom. I want to ask her why??

    Taken aback at this and somewhat wary, Toru inquires: ?She lives? I know you want answers to questions you shouldn't even be burdened with which I can never provide...yet, I fear that this path may lead you to dark places we've fought hard to overcome. Are you certain??

    Looking at her beloved protector pointedly, the girl reiterated: ?I need to know. Also, my emotions aren't as they once were?I think I know where she is.?

    Standing, Toru comes before Varlet. ?You have indeed matured much and learned many things. Yet, be mindful of your feelings and motivations, Darling. Do not run afoul of the trap I did: calling revenge

    Tone determined, Varlet said simply: ?This is something I have to do, Dad. Please??

    Going quiet a long moment, Toru listened to The Force's whisper. Studying her seriously, he says: ?Give
    me your word that as much as is dependent on you, that we'll stay together on this venture, and we shall go. Yet, something isn't right...foreboding has gripped me.?

    Varlet stays at the door: ?I won't go anywhere, alone.?

    Smiling slightly, Toru nods once: ?We shall go where the Creator leads us. I hope good will come from
    this journey. What of Spitfire??

    Batting her eyes coyly, Varlet smiles as she says easily: ?Xylon will take care of him.?

    Shaking his head, Toru comments: ?How you trust that anooba with your feline is beyond me. He'll be
    lucky to escape unscathed.? Chuckles lightly at the thought.

    Punching him playfully, Varlet said: ?Don?t be mean.? Before giggling.

    Sobering, Toru says: ?Very well. Contact him via holocomm then you must tell me what you feel we have to do to put your concerns to rest.?

    Varlet bows then runs out.

    Returning to her dad, Varlet explains: ?Something is telling me that she is on Anaxes, a particular spot
    in the Sirpar town.?

    Walking out to the ship together, the pair board it. After executing his flight list, ignition sequence, and plotting the course, the dark green-tipped Starfighter disappears into the void of space.

    Anaxes, Core Worlds

    Deep in thought, Varlet was silent beside Toru.

    Toru studies his screens and instruments a moment isolating the settlement of Sirpar before beginning the landing decent.

    Settling his vessel within one of the dimly lit Starport?s many empty berths, the wary man noted that the place was deserted except for a couple of shady alien species that regarded the two travelers with mistrusting expressions. Somewhat perplexed, the blond child whispered in an undertone: ?I was born here??

    Disembarking from their vessel, Toru warned under his breath: ?Be alert. Unsavory characters are plentiful under the cloak of darkne
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    Thus concludes Love In The Shades of Grey. Thank you for reading.

    Charn: Well, mate, this is it. The last post of our baby! We did it! :D It was an honor. *Bows*

    Chapter XXIII

    Lamadakia, Expanse Region

    Finally wresting his craft free of the violent cyclonic wind disturbances that ravaged this portion of Lamadakia?s forbidding surface, Toru lands his limping Jedi Starfighter on a flat shelf of black volcanic rock that jutted out from a craggily and imposing peak. Leaping out of his craft, he lands on the unsettled ground, slivers of glass-like translucent rock shifting and crunching beneath his boots as he advanced toward the greater cliff face.

    Toru?s blood was nearly frozen with terror, as he continued to sense his daughter?s immense distress through The Force. Taking up his grappling hook, he swung it with true aim and just the right amount of strength so the device snagged and gripped a jutting spike high above him near the plateau upon which a haunting and disturbing building of grotesque and twisted detail was perched. Hoisting himself up and beginning his arduous ascent of the mountain cliff, he repeated endlessly within himself: Papa?s come to take you home, Precious One. For always. Be strong just a bit longer, Darling. I?m coming.

    Laboriously dragging himself over the lip of the plateau, Toru was slightly winded from exertion and dread, and his arms were strained and sore. Ignoring his discomfort, he stood erect and started walking urgently toward the brooding and dark structure that he knew his spirited one was trapped within. Wind blowing eerily, it snapped his cape loudly as he moved.

    Entering the building, Toru?s footfalls echoed strangely, increasing his feeling of unease. Shifting to a run, he reached deeply within the invisible web of The Force, following its lead he trusted that Creator Above was directing his steps. Within five minutes of entering the structure, Toru was amazed to find himself within a lavishly accented hall. Its walls were studded by a vast array of melee weapons: daggers, swords, and staffs of all variations. The chamber was dimly lit by fire-torches and only two beings besides him were present: A male Noghri dressed in leather battle attire and a terrified girl, pale as a sheet.

    Varlet is crawling away from the Sith very slowly, crying piteously: ?I don't know what I've done, Sir. I?

    Reptilious grabs her by the hair almost snapping her neck, commanding: ?Quiet, Mortal! All this time I thought you were the Chosen One and look at you?you're not even worth a grain of sand on Tatooine!?

    Running toward his baby girl, the caped one was frantic to shield her from any further outpouring of malice originating from his nemesis. Within two steps, the slender warrior?s advance was barred by a shimmering blue energy barrier.

    Dark eyes blazing with fury and immense pain, Toru seethed: "One way or another, I shall not leave this place until our feud is concluded! It ends today, Kalerrimh, even if I must die!" Shifting his gaze to the frightened and ghastly shell that remained of his daughter, Toru urged in a confidant tone: "Courage and love! Remember what you've learned, Spirited One!"

    Reptilious stops a minute sensing Toru's presence. Lifting Varlet by her arm so that she?s dangling, he demands: ?So, tell me, what do you think of Toru??

    Varlet, answering with much pain says: ?Dad? Daddy? I love my daddy.?

    Dropping the blond child without care, Reptilious presses down on her leg exerting such force that a series of sickening cracks resound throughout the chamber as well as in the helpless father?s ears before Reptilious taunted: ?Shame he doesn't love you enough to care.?

    Incensed and horrified at the Noghri?s lies, Toru countered: ?Always with you such spite and contempt for others!? Thoughts a wild frenzy of panic, fear, love, angst, and pity, he pleads: ?Why? Why do you delight in tormenting those I love more than anything save Creator Above? We grew up within the hollowed halls of the Alderaan Temple, together, two lads enraptured by tales of ho
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    Finished it and really enjoyed it D-D and Charn. Toru is like Qui-Gon just a bit more refined IMO. I can see the paternal qualities in Toru. Xylon's death was unfortunate but necessary too. Repitilious had to be stopped. Great job guys. =D=