Love is grand. Divorce is a !&*@(

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    I have way too much public access in my rl persona (official website, Twitter, fan-run Facebook page, etc.) and I value my chatroom anonymity in large part due to the raging combative **** I used to be. It's just about keeping my family safe from backlash earned on a SW fansite. I use this place to vent, act ridiculous, and take the piss out of self-important types. I have no problem grabbing some food with anyone tho. I can break teeth if push ever came to shove.

    And, I knew you were in Philly due to my identity theft skillz and hacking abilities. That, or your Black History Month thread...

    Let me know when you're back in town. We'll throw down some food and urinate on pictures of the partisan-autopilot liberals who post on here. :p
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    I hear you. There have been a few times I've regretted being as open as I have been. But then again, I'm not too important so it's been largely ok.

    Oh right. :oops: I was worried I'd facebook-friended you and didn't know it (these things have been known to happen).

    Hahah. Consider it done.
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    Paging Dr Freud ;) [face_peace]
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    I will concede that point. However, single men are a very serious THREAT to any relationship. There are documented cases. They all know what one is capable of.....

    What was I talking about? :p