Beyond - Legends Love Stinks (Luke Skywalker) One-Shot AU

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    Author Note: This plot bunny was totally stolen from something JediMara77 wrote today, but since George owns Star Wars I don't think she can sue me. [face_worried] I hope...



    ?Excuse me Master Skywalker!?

    Luke turned to see two large men in dark suits walking up to him. He had just left a restaurant located at the upper levels of Imperial City when they interrupted his walk back to his sister?s apartment. ?Yes??

    The older man with greying hair and glasses pulled out a badge. ?Master Skywalker, I?m detective Daven and this is detective Stouk.? He motioned over to his partner who was a good four decades his junior. ?We are with the Coruscant Security Force.?

    Luke looked at the two men confused. ?How can I help you??

    The older man gave Luke a disarming smile. ?We would like to bring you to the station and just ask you a few questions about one of your former students.?

    ?Can you tell me who this about?? Luke looked back and forth between the two men.

    The younger man spoke up. ?Master Skywalker, this is a sensitive issue. We would rather not discuss it in public. The Station is only a block away and we promise we will try to make this as quick as possible.?

    ?Okay,? Luke said slowly as he turned and accompanied the two men to the Police station.

    Once there the detectives brought Luke into a small interrogation room for questioning. Luke sat down on a chair in front of the metal table bolted to the floor as the two detectives stood across from him.

    ?Master Skywalker,? Detective Daven began, ?We would like to talk to you about the disappearance of your student Cray Mingla.?

    Luke sat back in his chair in shock. ?Cray died years ago in the destruction of the Eye of Palpatine.?

    Detective Daven nodded his head. ?Yes, we read the reports. Why didn?t you report this to her family??

    Luke?s eyebrows rose in confusion. ?Cray didn?t put down any next of kin when she came to the academy. She told me her parents were dead.?

    ?Her parents are dead, but she had aunts and uncles and a half brother who had been looking for her.?

    Luke lowered his head stunned. ?I?m so sorry, if I knew I would have given them the news personally.?

    ?Uh huh,? the older man said in a disbelieving tone. ?Master Skywalker, when the family hadn?t heard from her in a year they hired a private detective to look for her.? He reached into his inside coat pocket and pulled out a datapad. He pressed a couple buttons and the screen lit up and started a slideshow of holos. ?The detective found Ms. Mingla alive and well and living on Yavin IV with you.?

    Luke looked at the holos and his stomach fell. This was not a conversation he wanted to have.

    ?That?s not Cray. That?s Callista Ming.?

    ?Oh really, the detective happened to collect a used plastic cup Ms. Cray discarded in the trash and ran a DNA analysis. The results show that the person pictured in these holos is Cray Mingla.? Detective Stouk announced.

    The older detective leaned on the desk and glared at Luke. ?Where is she??

    Luke shook his head in disbelief. ?Callista left me months ago. Nobody knows where she?s located.?

    Detective Daven straightened and gave Luke an unflinching gaze. ?Isn?t that convenient.?

    ?Are you trying to tell us that Cray Mingla, one of your students, faked her own death, changed her hair color and name and decided to shack up with her Jedi Master Instructor and now she?s missing??

    Luke shook his head in frustration. ?No Cray Mingla is dead.?

    Detective Daven cocked his head to the side. ?Oh really, I thought you said she was simply missing??

    Luke closed his eyes and ran through a Jedi calming technique. ?No Callista Ming is missing, Cray Mingla is dead.?

    Detective Daven looked at his partner. ?Does any of this make sense to you Stouk??

    The younger detective shook his head. ?No, and neither does the other information the private detective provided us.? He pulled out his own datapad. ?It seems that anybody who dates you Master Skywalker disappears or dies.? He tapped on the data pad. ?I take that back. There was a woman
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    Muahahahahaah. Poor Luke!

    (For those of you interested in the article, go [link=]here[/link].)
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    Oh, Lukey! You have a very complicated love life...[face_laugh]
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    [face_laugh] Oh! Poor Luke. That guy can never win.
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    Jedi_Lover huh?:p

    I like this. It is incredibly difficult for the common folk to understand the ins and outs of Jedihood. It makes complete sense that Luke would get hit with some diffiuclt questions. Great job.
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    Yes, Luke'a love life is very suspicious if seem by this angle, hmmm [face_thinking]

    So that's why he went after Callista! :p
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    Of course, she was not the fiery lover he hoped for. He was secretly glad when she left. He intended on asking Mara out the next time he saw her, but that conversation with the detectives compelled him to search the galaxy for the body snatcher.

    Thanks everybody for reading and for JM77 for the inspiration.
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    [face_laugh] So that explains the long too long delay and the searching for Callista :p

    I like JL's and JM's accounts of L/M in their fics - quicker and to the point, no silly detours and inexplicable infatuations with non-fiery lovers [face_laugh]

    Who aren't Mara. [face_laugh]


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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    Poor Luke. But I'm sure all those women would say it was worth it. [face_mischief]

    Love the explanation for the fervent search for Callie. LMAO!!!!
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