Loyalties of a Padawan (JA fanfic)

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    Rating: PG-13 (some violent scenes)
    Time Period: Eight years before TPM, Obi-Wan is seventeen.
    Spoilers: None
    Summary: Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are sent to help a government in turmoil. They are attacked on arrival. Qui-Gon is taken, Obi-Wan escapes. The rebellion wish to use Qui-Gon as lesson to their ppl not to betray them. Obi-Wan must watch, but eventually takes action.
    Disclaimer: Star Wars and its character all belong to Lucas. No many made.


    The hyperdrive went off line and the image of a sphere began to fill the view port; blue and green, with traces of brown. The captain gracefully piloted the ship into the atmosphere of the systems main planet, aware of the two robed figures standing behind him speaking in whispers.

    ?Master, I sense a disturbance in the Force.? The Padawan said softly. Obi-Wan Kenobi was the Jedi Apprentice to Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn. Obi-Wan was young, having his seventeenth birthday but two months ago. He stood tall in the cockpit of the ship, however he still had to crank his neck to make eye contact with his master.

    ?Your senses are correct, Padawan.? The Master said coolly. ?The disturbance here is great. There has been much suffering in this place.?

    ?And we don?t know anything more of what happened here?? Obi-Wan asked.

    ?All we know is the information which was given to us by the Jedi council.? Qui-Gon replied. This information was not overly abundant. There was a request put though to the Jedi Council for a Jedi to come to the planet of MaraTa to act as a guardian of peace. The only information which was given was that a group of rebels were taking over the planet. In a message from the rebel leader, who's identity was still unknown, stated that they were tired of fighting and wished to reach a settlement. The date for the meeting between the rebel leader and the Prime Minister of MaraTa was set. The Jedi would be sent in to assure that the agreement would not be one sided and that the world would go on living peacefully because of it.

    Although everything seemed to be in correct order Qui-Gon could understand his Padawan's unease. Everything seemed to well in order. This was not normally the case of a planet going though a rebellion. He firmly believed that there was more to this story than they were being told. Qui-Gon?s thoughts were interrupted by the voice of the ship?s captain.

    ?We are receiving a transmission from the ground, sir.? The pilot said respectfully. Qui-Gon only nodded in response and in a matter of a second there was a holographic image of a woman dressed in political robes.

    ?I greet the Jedi warmly.? She said with a slight bow. ?I am Senator Kai-Shia Domia. I have been sent by the Prime Minister to escort you to the capital.?

    Both Jedi bowed, but it was Qui-Gon who answered. ?Thank you Senator.? He said simply.

    Although she was composed she gave a slight smile, ?I look forward to meeting you in person Master Jedi.? She stated, and ended the transmission.

    Obi-Wan shot a questioning glance at his Master. ?I thought we were to go to the capital on our own because it was to dangerous for any of the representatives to be out in the streets?? The Padawan asked confused.

    ?We were.? Qui-Gon said, his suspicion matching that of his Padawan?s. ?This escort which she is providing is unexpected, and her tone does not have the urgency that the situation on the planet calls for. There is something more to this simple escort than she is leading us to believe.?

    ?What should we do, Master?? Obi-Wan asked concerned.

    Qui-Gon smiled at his Apprentice. ?We will be cautious and alert.? He said to the boy. ?We will watch out for each other, my Padawan.?

    Obi-Wan nodded, yet even with the words of his calm master, his unease was not satisfied.


    The Jedi stepped off of the sh
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    Exciting. The tables are turned on the usual Obi-torture. I like it! Post often, Post soon!
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    AGHHHHHHHHAAAA some one kill me the title of the story is



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    Down this is interesting....

    Well Kim-kenobi, you have my attention, please write more!
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    REally good so far, and its great to see qui jin geting his *** kicked for once. Post more asap.

    "never have i seen an angel fly this low"
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    Thank-you every body for the nice replies, but before I go on any further I must make this clear. I am NOT the author of the stories I post here but mearly posting for some wonderful writers. I have started a fanfic but ..... well.... I am not good with details. But I am glad I have the previlage of posting for my favourite authors here. But please everyone don't write back to me as an author because I am NOT (but it would be nice if I could be

    Kim B
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    Part Three

    Cold. That was all Qui-Gon could think of as he slowly began to awaken. Wherever he was, it was as cold as a night on Hoth. His eyes weakly opened and the room he was in began to spin. Although his head was pounding in time with his heartbeat, he shook it in an attempt to gain some clarity. It worked to clear his vision some, but it made his head throb more than it already was.

    His cloak was gone, his tunic was torn, and he was leaning against an ice-cold wall with chains around his wrists. He now recalled that he had been captured and injected with a drug, which explained his groggy, disillusioned state. Yet, why was he here? He had known there was danger when he arrived but there was no explanation for what had happened. What was to become of him and his Padawan?

    His Padawan...Obi-Wan! Obi-Wan had gotten away. Or had he? Did the guards catch up with him before he had gotten a chance to escape? Qui-Gon hoped that was not the case. Remembering the words of the so-called 'Senator', "Kill the Apprentice, but leave the Master alive." Obi-Wan must have gotten away. Even with the state of mind he was in right now, he would know if his Padawan were dead. No, Obi-Wan was alive, but what would happen if he were to be caught at some time? What would happen then?

    As if hearing all of his unvoiced questions, the door slid open and the 'Senator' strode in, the wind of the closing door caused her hair to blow about her shoulders. She gave him an icy stare along with an equally cold smile.

    Qui-Gon could not stand to face her, due to his lack of strength and the chains that bound his wrists, forcing him to remain where he was on the floor. The best he could manage was to sit as straight as he could against the wall which was causing his back to go numb. Yet, even with this all this against him, he still shot her the gaze of a Jedi, for that is what he was. And no amount of chains could change that fact.

    "Awake at last I see", she said. "Good, our business can begin then."

    "Who are you?" The Jedi asked confidently although it took all his will not to keep his teeth from chattering while he spoke.

    "I have told you before Master Jedi. I am Senator Kai-Shia Domia." she cynically replied.

    "You *are* Senator Kai-Shia Domia, or you *were*?" Qui-Gon stated.

    "If that's the way you wish to look at it then I suppose I *was* Senator of MaraTa. Now I own it." Kai-Shia replied with a smile.

    "You are the leader of a rebel band," Qui-Gon said, coming to that conclusion without the need of being directly informed. "You do not own the planet or the people on it."

    "Oh but you are wrong, my Jedi." She said viscously. "So very wrong." She began to pace the room, coming closer to him with each turn she made.

    "Do you think you are here because it was the request of the Prime Minister? If you do, I am afraid you are mistaken." She paused to bend down and stare into his eyes. "I told him I wished to talk, knowing he would call for Jedi assistance. But it was I who allowed him to send the message to Courscant. I have had control of the transmissions for longer than he thinks. You are here, because I *want* you to be here. You are going to help me show the citizens of this planet what fear truly is. You are here to help my cause."

    "You took me but not my Apprentice. Why?" The Jedi asked.

    "He is young and lacks knowledge, this makes him weak." She stated simply. "People do not fear the weak." She smiled at the Jedi Master.

    "Yet, they do fear the strong. Which is why you were chosen. They have it all wrong in the capital. To strike fear in the hearts of men and women is the way to control them. And when they see I have defeated a Jedi Master, they will know there is no longer any way to stop me. I will be in complete and total control."

    "You believe that controlling people by fear makes you strong." Qui-Gon said to the woman. "But it doesn't. It makes you weak instead."

    Kai-Shia stood up and took a step back. She had a stunned look on her face. With his softened tone, Qui-Gon could see a young girl, a young spoiled girl who ha
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    This story is really good, like all the other you have posted here Kim Kenobi!
    So what happens next? Hurry and post again soon please!
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    Oh boy! Kai-Shai threats have already left my heart pounding and the torture hasn't even begun.

    Great story [b/Katie[/b]

    Thanks for sharing it with us Kim-Kenobi
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    Kim B
    Loyalty of a Padawan

    By Katie

    Part Four

    Obi-Wan could not sit still. He paced his elaborate room tirelessly. Every now and again he would stop at the window and look out across the city. Then he would begin his pacing again.

    He had gotten no sleep. He lay in bed for hours staring at the ceiling. When he just began to doze off visions and words of horror sprang before his eyes and the word "Padawan!" spoken in his Master's voice rang through his mind. The word cut though his mind like a gust of wind, and then died away. He sat up in a start and rushed to the window, sweat streaming down his face.

    Whether his Master was in pain or there was pain soon to come, Obi-Wan could feel it. And there was nothing he could do but wait.

    When the morning hours finally came, those in the capital building began to stir. They had brought him breakfast, which he only picked at. He could not bring himself to eat. All he could do was sit and think. When he grew tiered of sitting he began to walk.

    Obi-Wan walked the length of the room more times than he could count. The visions of he and Qui-Gon fighting the guards and Qui-Gon demanding that he leave came to mind again. His Master had known that without Obi-Wan to help him he would have had no way of escaping from the guards. Yet, he told his Padawan to go anyway, while he himself became a prisoner.

    Obi-Wan had obeyed his Master by leaving when he was told to. But was it the right thing to do? The Padawan began to think of loyalty, honor, and trust. He had left his Master because he had asked him to. But should he have gone against his own feelings to keep his pledge of loyalty? These questions repeated themselves over and over in the Apprentice's mind until he thought he could go mad if he got no answers to them.

    He stopped at the window as one of Yoda's teachings suddenly came back to him. "Reflection there must be in times of need." The voice of the old Jedi master echoed inside his mind.

    Obi-Wan did not know what any amount of reflection could do to help his situation or answer his questions. But, he would try. He closed his eyes and centered himself within his mind, bringing the Force around him.



    "Obi-Wan?" His Master asked concerned.

    Obi-Wan was sitting on the couch in their apartment in the Jedi Temple, looking rather troubled. The young Apprentice glanced up at him, but looked back down at his hands again, saying nothing.

    "What's wrong, my young Padawan?" Qui-Gon asked as he sat on a chair across from the boy.

    The newly turned fourteen year old opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came out. However his Master was patient and waited until he was ready.

    "A man on the streets said something to me today that I don't understand", the young Apprentice said softly.

    "Look at me Obi-Wan." His Master said, and Obi-Wan met his eyes. "What did he say?"

    "He said that he felt sorry for me. That he knew that I was an Apprentice to a Jedi and that soon I would not have a thought of my own in my mind because I will have to obey my master." The young Padawan stated as if the man who had said this had stabbed him. "Why would he say that?" he asked puzzled.

    "People don't always understand the ways of the Jedi, Obi-Wan." Said the older Jedi. "They hear what they want to hear, and believe what they want to believe, never bothering to find out the truth." Qui-Gon could tell that his Padawan was still disturbed. "You are your own person Obi-Wan. You are loyal to me, yes. But I am loyal to you as well. Such is the way of the Master-Padawan bond." He comforted.

    "But," Obi-Wan said, with widened eyed. "What if you give me an order and I know in my heart its wrong. What do I do then?", he paused for a moment, then added softly. "I don't want to betray you."

    A soft smile crept up the face of the Jedi Master. "You will know what is right Obi-Wan. If you truly think something is wrong, even if it is something I tell you, you will know what to do." He placed a hand on the boy's shoulder. "But, you must know t
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    I don't say this very often around here , but poor Qui-Gon! I hope Obi-Wan can find a way to rescue him soon! This story is really good, so please keep posting, 'cause I'll keep reading!
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    Awwww poor Qui Gon
    I can't wait to see what happens next
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    About time Qui-Gon got some torture

    <rubbing hands together gleefully> HE he he ha ha ha HAAAAA
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    KIM B

    Part Five

    Obi-Wan kept a safe distance away from the guards but close enough not to lose them. Occasionally one would glance back, but the Padawan brought the Force to bear down on the guard's mind causing him to look away, believing he had seen nothing.

    It took a great deal of time for them to reach their destination on foot, yet the guards did not seem to notice, nor did they notice the people who cowered from them as they passed. They walked as if they had made this journey hundreds of times before, perhaps they had. Either way they were leading him to wherever Qui-Gon was being held, and that was all that Obi-Wan cared about. He did not know what he would do when he got to the command center of the rebels, but he would figure that out later. "The here and now." He continued telling himself over and over.

    Even with his concentration it was impossible for him not to think of the sight he had witnessed only hours before. His Master, held by chains at the wrists while Kai-Shia's minions inflicted him with unimaginable pain, and Obi-Wan had been unable to do anything to stop them. That fact, the look of anguish written on his Master's features, and the wounds on Qui-Gon's body, was enough for the Apprentice to feel his heart slowly cracking into dozens pieces.

    Although Obi-Wan's attention had been focused on his Master, he was aware of the citizens of MaraTa and their emotions. They felt sorry for the Jedi Master and Obi-Wan could sense that they want to help him, but their predominate emotion was fear. They were far too afraid of Kai-Shia to risk helping the man who was being tortured before them. Yet, Obi-Wan also sensed an abundance of anger though their fear. The Padawan could not blame them. Who knew how long the same thing had been happening to their loved ones. But would they become angered enough to revolt against the one who was causing this pain? Obi-Wan couldn't even fathom a guess. Yet, even that did not matter to him at the moment. The only thing that mattered was finding his Master and getting away from this place.

    At that thought, he realized that they had arrived at their destination. What had once been a grand mansion on the edge of the city, far from the capital building had been converted into Kai-Shia's base. And somewhere in the bowls of that building he would find his Master.

    He hid behind a nearby building and waited for the guards to disband. Once they did and there was no longer a large number of them in one place, he came out from his cover and made his way to the entryway of the base. Two guards who stood with their weapons ready patrolled the door. Obi-Wan sent a wave of the Force to them. 'There is no one there.' He projected into their minds. The guards stood blankly, unaware of the young man who approached them. 'You should open the door.'

    "I should open the door." One guard said as she punched a command into the panel and the door slid open. The Padawan stepped through quickly and made sure he was far enough away from the guards before he released his control from their minds.

    The first corridor was well lit and made it difficult to keep covered. However, it was also lavishly decorated. Kai-Shia apparently had not forgotten the elaborate state of the capital building where she had grown up. It had followed her, she had not completely forgotten her past. Therefore, Obi-Wan made use of the many statues scattered about the halls and any open doors with no one inhabiting the rooms inside.

    The Force led the Padawan further and further down the passage. He turned the corner and left the light behind, entering a hallway darkened and dimly lit. Narrow and cold the walkway was cast in eerie shadows thrown onto the walls by a few glow rods scattered down its length. He came to a metal door at the end of the corridor. The Force was screaming at him now, biding him to go down. He was about to ob
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    Part Six

    Qui-Gon watched as his Padawan slipped into unconsciousness and watched as the hood of their rescuer was removed to reveal the identity of the person beneath it. Long pale hair spilled out of the hood and fell about the waist.

    Crouching by the fallen Apprentice, she checked his pulse and his breathing.

    Only when she was content with what she found did she turn to the battered Jedi Master.

    "He will be all right." The tall woman said, answering the Jedi's unvoiced question. Qui-Gon noticed that her blue eyes seemed to gleam in the darkness.

    "Who are you?" Qui-Gon asked in a tired but determined voice.

    "I am Counselor Noela Tanmhin." She gave her formal name. The Jedi was somewhat stunned to learn that a government representative was behind their rescue. "I must apologize for what has happened to you Master Jinn", she stated remorsefully. "I am sure you have many questions, all which will be answered in time. However, first we must leave this place and get you and your Apprentice to a healer." Counselor Noela motioned for them to follow. Obi-Wan was once again picked up off the ground and his limp form was carried down the dark passage.

    Qui-Gon kept a close eye on his Padawan as they walked. The boy had saved him, even when he had told him not to, even when he warned him of what would happen, and ordered him to go, his Apprentice had saved him. However, Obi-Wan had also gotten himself badly hurt in the process. Now instead of one injured Jedi on the mission, there were two.

    'Obi-Wan,' Qui-Gon thought more to himself than his unconscious Padawan, 'why do you have to be so stubborn!' Another thought crossed his mind at almost the same time, one of Yoda's teachings.

    "Look to yourself you must, when questioning others." Came the words of the old Jedi Master.

    A small faint smile appeared on Qui-Gon's bruised face as he realized his own feelings. He gave an inward sigh and thought to the boy, 'I would have done the same thing for you.' Although Obi-Wan could not hear him.


    "Gone?" Kai-Shia hissed though clenched teeth. "What do you mean he is gone?"

    "He is gone, my Lady." The shaken Captain of the Guards replied.

    "Tortured Jedi do not just disappear from their cells." An angered Kai-Shia shot back. "Report Captain."

    Many things flashed though the Captain's mind as he attempted to speak, the lives of his family, his wife, what would be done to them, in the midst of this he founds his voice. "He escaped with the help of his Apprentice." He said, fearful of angering his leader.

    Kai-Shia stood from her chair and faced the window.

    "So it appears I have underestimated the Apprentice." She said to herself. "A mistake I don't plan on making again. Captain!" She called and the Captain immediately came to attention. "I doubt they got far without aid. The Master was already weakened and from your reports one or both of them very likely might have been shot. Find them, and when you do, throw the Master back into his cell, but bring the Apprentice to me." She said, and the Captain of the guards quickly left the room, gathering his troops as well as his wits. With no one left in the room to hear her, Kai-Shia added, "It's time I met this Obi-Wan Kenobi."


    There was a far off point of light in the darkness he was surrounded in. He knew he must reach the light to return to the surface. Slowly, ever so slowly, he made his way to it. It became brighter and brighter, leaving the darkness behind him. He heard someone calling to him, and he knew he must break free. He pulled toward the light and toward consciousness.

    "Obi-Wan?", came the voice in the haze around him. The image before him was blurred and he couldn't quite make out all of the voices around him for his heart was pounding in his ears. He felt a hand move to his and the voice come to him again. "Padawan?", it said, the voice of his Master. His eyelids opened the rest of the way and the blue-green orbs which lay beneath focused on the older man at his side.

    "Master?" Obi-Wan asked questioningly, Qui-Gon simply nodded. Slowly
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    Kim B

    please feedback after each part
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    KIM B

    Part Seven

    Qui-Gon sensed his attacker hiding in the shadows and quickly turned to face him. The man shot out the same weapon they had used on Qui-Gon before in an attempt to once again stun the Jedi Master. The Jedi would not make the same mistake twice. Although the movement caused pain to his battered form, instead of jumping to the side Qui-Gon tucked and rolled away from the energy claw, the electric wires passing over him by only inches. While still on the ground he ignited his Padawan's lightsaber and cut the cables away from the claw. His attacker watched as the weapon fell useless to the ground.

    The man drew a blaster set for stun; however before he could fire at his target he felt cold metal press against the back of his neck.

    "Drop your weapon." the female voice of Counselor Noela said, pressing her blaster closer to the man's neck as he hesitated; he threw his weapon to the ground. "Are you all right?" she called to Qui-Gon who was slowly rising to his feet.

    The Jedi did not reply as he ran to where Noela held the attacker at bay.

    "What have you done with Obi-Wan?" Qui-Gon asked, almost out of breath. The man simply looked down at the floor beneath his feet, saying nothing.

    The Jedi Master had great amounts of patients, however it was wearing thin. He brought the lightsaber up so that it was level with the man's neck. The fearful eyes of his would be abductor stared at the blue fire.

    "I want to know what happened to my Padawan, as of now you seem to be the person to ask. Where have you taken him?" Qui-Gon said calmly yet allowing force to enter into his voice so the attacker would know his request was not to be taken lightly.

    "No..." the man quivered. "No, you don't understand. You don't know what she'll do to me." he pleaded.

    "Right now *she* is not your concern, we are." Noela countered. "Tell us where the boy is and no harm will come to you."

    "W...we were ordered to come here and recapture the Jedi." he said to them but his gaze never pulled away from the blade of light at his neck.

    "But, this time the Lady Kai-Shia wanted the Apprentice as well. Once we took him a group of us were told to stay and wait for the Master. But at the first sign of trouble the rest took off and left me here." he said the last part bitterly as he was left behind by his fellow soldiers.

    "They took Obi-Wan back to the base then?" Qui-Gon asked. The soldier gave a small nod, not wanting the blue blade to come any closer to him. The Jedi felt despair go through him. Kai-Shia had told him what would be done to his Padawan if he was caught, and she did not seem like the type to go back on her word.

    He looked to Noela, who understood his worry.

    "They'll be gone by now, and they'll be expecting us to try something." she said to him.

    "That can be easily fixed." the Jedi said as he took the comlink from the soldiers belt. "Contact your people and tell them to come back."

    "No!" he said horrified. "No, I can't she'll torture my family! She'll kill them! I can't! Please!" he pleaded.

    "She will do all of what you have said to my Apprentice if you don't help me." Qui-Gon said, the soldier looked up at him confused. "I am not ordering you, I'm asking for your help. Don't let what has happened to so many happen to my Padawan. He has done nothing to you or to Kai-Shia. He does not deserve what will happen to him."

    "You can do this of your own free will, make the right decision." Noela asked softly. "We can protect you."

    "The choice is yours." The Jedi said to the soldier, hoping he would make the right one. The man looked at him for a moment longer, then took his comlink from Qui-Gon who lifted the lightsaber away from his neck.

    The conversation was short. The soldier said that he had the Master and needed help to bring him back to base. The team which had left him would be sent back to offer assistance. Although he was thanked for his help the soldier was taken into custody by Noela's forces to assure that they would not be double-crossed. As he was taken away, the Jedi Master
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    TBC, I hope so, though the last post kinda felt like 'the end'.
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    Lets give Katie a round of applause and please feedback(so she feels appreciated for her work)

    Kim B

    Part 8 - Conclusion

    The wind blew a cool gentle breeze across the now peaceful landscape, a long awaited sense of rightness in the air.

    ?I hope that your trip home is safer than your stay on our planet.? the tall woman in the simmering green robe half teased.

    ?I assure you it will be quite uneventful.? Qui-gon replied, then added, ?Prime Ministeress Noela.?

    Noela smiled shyly. After the death of Prime Minister Eman-Jep it was voted that Noel should take his place as head of the planet.

    ?The title comes at a great cost.? she said sadly. ?The Prime Minister made quite a few bad choices, but he was a good man. He did not deserve an end such as the one he was met with.?

    ?He gave his life while trying to do the right thing.? The Jedi Master comforted. Obi-wan told them of the late Prime Minister?s attempt to speak to his daughter and save her before the unthinkable happened. ?MaraTa has lost one leader, but it has gained a great one in his place.?

    ?Thank you, Master Jedi.? Noela said with a nod.

    ?Prime Ministeress Noela,? The young Apprentice said quietly as both sets of blue eyes turned to him. He was reluctant to ask the question biting at his tongue, but he had to know, ?what will become of Kai-shia??

    Noela was touched by his hesitance to ask a question that he feared would bring her pain. ?That was something which was discussed for many hours.? Noela told him. ?Many wanted her killed for all of the death and pain she has caused the people and for the destruction of much of our world.? She paused for a moment, the vision of her brother came into mind, it faded and she began again. ?But her life will not come to an end. She is to live out the remainder of it in a prison tower, alone, with the knowledge that she failed, and that all that she had accomplish was lost to her and can never be regained. That knowledge will hurt her more than any torture she could endure.?

    Obi-wan nodded in acceptance to what Noela told him. Although he had been angry at Kai-shia for what she did to his Master, the rage he felt was no longer in him. He decided instead that he felt sorry for her. He felt sorry for a person who was so cold and had such a lust for power that they hurt others for it. Such a person knew no warmth and no goodness in life and never felt love. That was a very lonely way to live and the young Jedi pitied her for it.

    A ship began to appear in the distant sky, coming closer with each passing moment. Noela looked up at its figure in the horizon, then turned to the Jedi and said, ?No more formalities between us, my friends. Qui-gon, Obi-wan, I hope that one day you will return to MaraTa. I assure you it will be under much better circumstances.? She smiled to them warmly.

    ?I hope that day will be not to long coming, Noela.? Qui-gon said to the woman.

    ?Thank you, for all that you did to help us.? The Apprentice put in, realizing he never truly had a chance to thank her for the help she had shown them throughout the mission.

    ?No, Obi-wan. It is I who thank you.? She said as she looked down at the young Jedi. ?I have no doubts that your bravery saved our people and our planet. You and your Master will be remembered for all of time.?

    The ship landed catching their attention. The entrance slid open and a robed figure stepped out and quickly came to stand next to the Jedi and the planets new leader.

    ?It is good to see you alive, my friend.? Mace Windu said while placing a hand lightly on the shoulder of his Jedi friend, aware of the injuries he had sustained.

    ?It is good to see you as well, Mace.? Qui-gon replied.

    ?Prime Ministeress Noela.? Mace said with a bow.

    ?Master Jedi.? Noela said, returning the gesture. As the two briefly talked about some minor points from the Jedi Council, Obi-wan felt the Living Force, which he usually had a difficult time grasping, come to him in a rush. He looked around and understood why. Off in the distance he could see the capital which had been deserted when he
  23. HealerLeona Jedi Padawan

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    Beautiful story Katie, a heartwarming testement to the wonderful world of JA.
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
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    Normally I would post this in a Props forum, but this is where the poeple seem the most knowledgable. I bought the material for my jedi outfits, and got two patterns. There was a post or a website that mentioned they had the patterns for altering Simplicity Pattern #xxxx to add a hood and sleeves to it. I copied and pasted it into a huge word document that I have been adding to everytime I find something important. (Kind of a FAQ for myself in reference to this fan film thing.) But I lost the link, or thread, or website it was on. I just have the text to go off of. Does anyone know what this is? The guy mentions someone named "WiliQueen" in the text, but that is about it. "Help! Please Hellllp" - C3P0
  25. Flamberge Jedi Youngling

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    Found it! sorry everyone. Feel free to lock the thread..
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