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Calgary Lucasarts Cancels Force Unleashed 3!!!

Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by nobodyfresh, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. nobodyfresh

    nobodyfresh Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 8, 2007
    Lucasarts Cancels Force Unleashed III!!!

    As reported at

    New Lucasarts president Paul Meegan certainly isn't wasting any time. Barely two months into the job and we hear he's already swinging the axe and cancelling high profile sequels.
    If you were wondering why it was strange that Force Unleashed II creative director Haden Blackman would leave mid-project, this may explain things: according to sources at Lucasarts, Meegan has cancelled a third Force Unleashed game that was already in development, and members of Force Unleashed II's team (though we're not sure exactly how many) will be shown the door once that game ships.

    Another unnamed project, due to ship next year, has avoided the axe, but has been "put on hold" while developers have been told to "expect management and reporting changes". Those changes are down to the departure of Blackman, who as work was winding down on Force Unleashed II had been leading development on this secret project.

    These sources say "morale and productivity are at all-time lows" since Meegan took over, with most Lucasarts developers only finding out about Force Unleashed II's cancellation on the PSP by reading it on gaming news sites.

    We've also been told that another sweeping change made by Meegan is that the majority of "external" development of Lucasarts properties is coming to an end, with BioWare's Old Republic MMO to be the last game not developed internally at Lucasarts. That would presumably mean, for example, no more LEGO Star Wars or LEGO Indiana Jones titles after the upcoming LEGO: Clone Wars, as those have all been handled by Traveller's Tales.

    So, yes, if this is all indeed correct, big changes are afoot at the house that Star Wars built. Lots of them bad news for the developers currently there, but looking at the big picture, the silver lining could be that such drastic shake-ups could be exactly what's needed at a publisher and developer that, courtesy of its licenses and history, should be doing a lot better both commercially and critically than it currently is.

    We've contacted Lucasarts for comment, and will update if we hear back.

    Posted on August 19, 2010

  2. PreludeRM

    PreludeRM FanForce CR, & Fanforce Council Calgary, Alberta star 4

    Oct 28, 2002
    This doesn't seem to good for Lucasarts. Seems like they are going back to how they were in the early 90's. Producing horrible star wars games and not caring about what the fans want.
  3. Ky-Wan

    Ky-Wan Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2002
    well I'd like to see how FU 2 does first. Is it a fun game, from the small time I had playing the demo at C5 yes. But I had issues withthe story on the first one too and it looks like there kinda flooding the market with Starkiller and sometimes you don't need three or 4 games to tell a characters story, just one or two because things should still all be answered by the time the films come to pass. Lucas is bad enough at not answering questions so I can't say I'm dissapointed the third one is cancelled but that may just be for now.

    They're probably going to look athow well the second one does and go from there

  4. Jedi_Ranger_007

    Jedi_Ranger_007 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 15, 2004
    FU2 better not end on a cliff-hanger, especially if a FU3 was already planned.
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