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Saga Luke Naberrie, AU (Luke, Sola ,Darred,OCs,Emperor, Vader) updated 9/16/14

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by SatineNaberrie, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. SatineNaberrie

    SatineNaberrie Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 28, 2014
    What would happen if padme's sister raised Luke instead?
    What if Luke was an only child? What if padme was killed in a different way?

    Many of Naboo's citizens were saddened by the death of Padme Naberrie (Known as Amidala to much of the Public).It was said she was killed by a rebel fraction at the ending of the clone wars. What most people did not know, was she was murdered and Palpatine was behind it. The emperor was behind many things the public didn't know. To many people he appeared as a kind leader. Many of the Naboo admired him and where happy to have one of their own as leader of the galaxy.

    Sola Naberrie missed her sister. She had wished she had spent more time with her, but with the clone wars going on she didn't see much of her sister. Padme's family didn't live in the public's eye and they liked it that way. Sola thought it was better that way. Before her sister died she had given birth to a son. She didn't want it to be publically known. The media on Naboo was very respectful of privacy and she was well respected by the people. Afterwards she left saying there was something she had to do and never returned. Sola didn't know exactly what happened ,but suspected something more sinister was behind her death than what the media said. The Naberries were never told the identity of the father, but they suspected it was the jedi Anakin Skywalker. Luke was given the last name Naberrie. Sola loved him and treated him as if he was her own child.


    So this is some back story to the story.
    Some things to know:
    1.Palpatine became aware of the child later on. The Naberries didn't hide the identity of the mother. They didn't see any reason.Palpatine doesn't see him as a threat and leaves them alone.
    2.Obi wan/Vader duel still happened but months later.
    3.Padme never told Anakin she was pregnant. Obi wan and her were in hiding. He told her Anakin was dead and she was a target.
    4. Padme didn't tell her family everything that was going on.
    5.Vader doesn't know he has a son. He doesn't pay attention to what goes on Naboo. I doubt he would even pay much attention to the media or politics unless his master brings it to his attention.

    I would like to given the emperor a first name. What should it be?
  2. SatineNaberrie

    SatineNaberrie Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 28, 2014
    12 years later.

    Sola Naberrie and her Husband Darred Naberrie were happy with their family. (I read Darred decided to keep Naberrie as the family name) Their daughters had grown up and had a successful café in Theed. Their adopted son Luke was still at home. He was a kind boy and did well in school. He was very bright and eager to learn. The boy was soon reaching the age on Naboo when many children started studying for their career choice, but Luke did not know what he wanted to do. He was not into politics like his adopted father Darred Naberrie (who recently started running for senator after a career in designing homes.) He was currently on Theed's city council.

    It was a beautiful morning in Theed. Luke Naberrie woke up to the smell of his aunt's cooking. He washed up and put on his school uniform before heading downstairs to eat. Darred was sitting at the table listening to the news on Holonet. A reporter was talking about "the increased rebel threat" and how the imperial senate decreed new security measures. There were bombings reported on major cities in the core worlds.

    "Good Morning", Sola greeted cheerfully.

    "Morning", Luke replied.

    As they ate breakfast Darred informed them that he would not be coming home this evening ,but would be going on a business trip on short notice.

    After they finished Luke got ready to depart for school.

    "Have a nice day.", Darred called out as he left.

    "You too", Luke replied. "I hope your meeting goes well."

    "As do I" "Hopefully the committee will see reason and not increased taxes."

    "I am sure they will", Sola said as she kissed her husband on the cheek.

    I am new at writing SW fanfiction so this story may start out slow as I get the feel for writing . I am open to suggestions and feedback.
  3. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Hi. What a plausible and interesting scenario. =D= Besides Luke being an only child. [face_thinking] I will follow this closely.


    BTW, you need to choose an era filter-- this one would be under Saga. All you have to do is click on the first Edit and edit the title bar. (That's how you update the chapters, like Chapter one posted on Jan 28.) :)
  4. SatineNaberrie

    SatineNaberrie Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 28, 2014
    On the way to school Luke met up with his best friend Ben Ruel.

    "Hey Luke, I finished the last level on "Dark Planet Rising".

    One of the things they had in common was the enjoyment of Holo-games.

    "I still haven't gotten past the cave battle. Don't tell me what happens", Luke replied.

    "I won't spoil a thing. My father got a new speeder bike. He gave me his older one. Do you want go out on the plains and ride it after school?"

    "Okay", Luke said excitedly. He had wanted to try out a speeder bike for a while, but his family didn't own one. He was really looking forward to that evening.

    His day at school went pretty smooth. He listened to a history and government lecture and did well on a mathematics exam. One of his teacher's (Miss Kyane, the literature instructor) assigned a community service project.)She wanted them to work with a partner and help out in the community and write about it. The Nubians were big on community service and everyone was expect to give service in someway.

    Walking out from their last class Ben asked Luke "What do you want to do for our project?"

    Luke thought for a moment. "I'm not really sure."

    "Nor am I", his friend replied.

    The two parted ways and headed to each other's respective homes.

    Sola greeted her nephew "How was your day?"

    "It was good. I did well on my mathematics exam. We got assigned a community service project, But I'm not sure what to do."

    "A new hospital will be opening on the north side. Perhaps there is something you could do there" His Aunt told him.

    "I think I'll check it out then. Ben's father gave him his old speeder bike. Can I go out riding of the plains with him?"

    "Yes, but I want you back before dark and be careful.", Sola told him.

    "I will thanks", Luke told her. Her hurried to his room and put his school stuff away and ran to his friends house.

    Idea for Luke's friends name came from a Fanfic series called Force Bond.
  5. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004

    I like the everyday, comfy feel of Luke's home life. Probably at least 50% of that is not having to live on Tatooine in a grueling livelihood of moisture farming. [face_thinking] Sola seems as sweet as Beru was in ANH. LOL Looks like Luke still likes things that go fast. ;)
  6. SatineNaberrie

    SatineNaberrie Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 28, 2014
    Luke and Ben took turns driving the bike and sitting in the back. They went as fast as the bike could, enjoying the thrill of the high speeds.

    "Do you want to head to the old battle site," Ben asked his friend.


    "Maybe we can find stuff from the war" Ben said.

    "I doubt it. It's probably cleaned up or picked over by now", Luke told his friend.

    "I want to check it out anyway."

    The two headed to an old battle site south of Theed. Naboo had escaped much of the damage of the clone wars ,but had been invaded once by General Grievous.

    They came to a spot marked by a memorial marker.

    "Can you believe a battle was fought here? It doesn't look like it", Ben said.

    "I know", Luke agreed. The area looked normal.

    The two boys got off the bike and searched for anything left from the war. While they looked Ben started talking about the clone wars. His father fought in the clone wars but on the separatist side. He had gained a pardon some how after the war. He started talking about the droids the separatist used.

    "It's horrible how the jedi used clones", Ben said. "Breeding people to fight and die like that. It's sick."

    Luke agreed with his friend. "I know." Luke was glad to know his mother disapproved the creation of the clone army, but while she was away from the senate a foolish gungan voted for it in her place. After the war the gungan was removed from office. He wasn't well like by the people of Naboo. Luke thought he was an idiot and wondered why he was ever in a position of power. He heard the gungan had been a general in the Battle of Naboo ten years before the clone wars and many of his people were killed.

    "At least the Separatist used droids" Ben continued.

    "I'm glad the emperor stopped using clones", Luke told him. Unknown to Luke and the public this was untrue. Although the stormtroopers were not clones, Palpatine used clones for other purposes.

    "Me too."

    After a while of searching the two headed back before it got dark.
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  7. SatineNaberrie

    SatineNaberrie Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 28, 2014
    The next day Luke had off from school. Luke and Ben went to the new hospital site to see if they could do anything there for their community service project. The manager of the site informed them they could help setup patient rooms and make the beds. The two friends enjoyed the simple work. This hospital would help refugees from other planets. During lunch break they had talked to some doctors who were to work there about the work they did. The idea of healing people in need interested Luke. The healers had been to many worlds helping out those in need. Luke wanted a job that just wasn't a job, but meaningful, he wanted to help people. His friend Ben wanted to join the Naboo Planetary Security Force. Luke had thought about joining to, but to him the NPSF didn't seem to be in great need more men.

    When he came home his uncle was back.

    "How did it go?", Luke asked his uncle.

    "Well enough. Taxes were not increased. Most of the council was convinced we didn't need a tax increase. After all we do have a surplus of funds." "How did your work at the new hospital go?"

    "It was good." Luke told his aunt and uncle about the healers and things he learned.

    "Do you think that is a career you would like to choose?", Sola asked.

    "Maybe, I would be helping people and that's what I want to do."

    So what do you think so far? I hope to get more use to SW FF writing and be able to post longer stuff.
  8. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Very nice - a compassionate career for Luke seems very much in character.
  9. SatineNaberrie

    SatineNaberrie Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 28, 2014
    The next school day was another beautiful sunny day in Theed.

    Luke sat with his friend Ben and another friend Anja in Galactic studies. They had been studying about the Neimoidans. The Naboo and Neimoidans had a history of violence. Many Neimoidans were cowardly and greedy. The teacher did point out that though that they should not judge every single Neimoidian that way before knowing who they are. He pointed out that people of different species can make their own choices like everybody else.People can decide to be different than the majority. He used Duchess Satine of Mandalore as an example. She was a leader of a planet with a history of violence and wanted to change that.

    Class was about to end when the intercom sounded.

    "May I please have your attention please", the headmaster of the school said.

    Luke had a feeling something bad had happened.

    "There has been a terrorist attack on Imperial Center." There was a pause. "Many lives were lost including our senator's and the body guard's on duty at the time protecting him."

    Luke turned his friend Anja,who looked worried. Her uncle was a body guard of Senator Veruna Bibble.

    After the announcement was over, the students were talking about what happened. They wondered why it had happened. Imperial Center was seen as a place of safety. "I hope my uncle is safe.", Anja said. It looked like tears were going to form in her eyes.

    "I hope so too", Luke told her. He had met her uncle once and he was nice. He remember he took them out to a lake fishing. He wanted to comfort her. He put his hand on her shoulder.

    "Me too." Ben said solemnly.

    When Luke came home his aunt asked him, "Did you here the news?"

    Luke nodded, "Yes." "I hope Anja's uncle is okay."

    Sola looked sad. "The names of the body guards that died were just announced. Anja's uncle was one of them"

    Tears started forming in Luke's eyes and Sola hugged him. Luke knew Anja was going to be very sad. She had been close to her uncle. "Let's go see her and her family." The Naberries lived a few homes away from Anja's family ( the Fels). Sola was friends with Anja's mother and had gone to school with her brother. She informed him that his uncle wouldn't be home tonight. The council had called a meeting in response to what happened.
  10. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Awww. So Luke's friends are touched by tragedy. [face_thinking] This will result in perhaps larger changes.
  11. SatineNaberrie

    SatineNaberrie Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 28, 2014
    Because of the death Senator Veruna Bibble, a new senator was elected sooner than the original date. Darred Naberrie was Naboo's new senator. Luke and Sola were moving to Imperial Center with Darred. They didn't want to be separated. Darred hoped to archive some good in the senate. Years ago he wouldn't have thought he would run for senate but a friend had convinced him to. Corruption had crept Naboo's leadership in recent years and Darred wanted it to stop.

    The Naberrie family gathered at the hangar in the palace of Theed saying their goodbyes.Last night the neighborhood had a goodbye dinner. Luke said goodbye to his friends before leaving to the palace.

    Darred and Sola hugged their daughters Ryoo and Pooja.

    "We'll try to visit when we can" Darred told them.

    "Maybe we can come see you too", Ryoo told her father.

    "I'd love that" Darred said smiling at her daughter.

    Next, Sola hugged her parents Jobal and Ruwee.

    "Be careful and try to stay safe", Jobal told his daughter and son-in-law. Jobal and Ruwee had some concerns about them going to the capital after what happened and they didn't want a repeat of what happened to their beloved daughter Padme. Darred had informed them security measures had increased.

    Ryoo and Pooja hugged their cousin who was like a brother to them. "How do you feel?", Ryoo asked.

    "I'm still excited ,but I'll miss you two, Grandmother, Grandfather, Ben, and Anja."
    After saying goodbyes to his cousins, his grandparents hugged him and told him to be careful. They had told Luke before that Imperial Center wasn't like Naboo and there were areas with dangerous people.

    After goodbyes were said and done they were off to Imperial Center. Luke would attend a school there. He was told schooling there was different than Naboo's. Children usually choose careers at a later age there. Luke was fine with that. He was eager to experience Imperial Center but at the same time felt odd at leaving Naboo and his friends.
    Its not forever, he thought. Darred's term only lasted 4 years.

    Now Luke will be at Imperial Center I think it will be easier for me to write long chapters with more detail. To me Naboo seems like a peaceful (overall most of the time planet) in the mid-rim where life goes on. I am not really sure how to write everyday life on Naboo and make it interesting. Now Imperial Center aka Corucsant has a lot going on.

    I would like some feedback. Any questions?

    Yes, Palpatine will be in it. For this story I think I'll have his first name Cosinga. The name is the name of his father according to Wookieepia. I don't like that the movies didn't give him a first name. He is a major character.
  12. SatineNaberrie

    SatineNaberrie Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 28, 2014
    Sola dropped her nephew off at school, unlike in Theed school was further away and you couldn't walk there from their apartments. The school was in a district where the imperial elite lived. The children of the imperial elite attended here. Sola had a little concern about Luke coming here, but was told it would be safest for the child of a senator to attend.

    A droid receptionist showed Luke to his first class. The droid led Luke down a white brightly lit hall till they came to the first door on the right. The school looked so different from where he attended at Theed. It looked more technologic than the more natural looking school at Theed. At this school black uniforms were worn.

    The droid entered the door and Luke followed . This was the galactic history classroom. A tall man with grey hair was a the head of the classroom. He turned his head toward them at the sound of the door opening.

    "This is Mr.Naberrie our new student", the droid said in a metallic voice.

    "Welcome Mr.Naberrie, I am professor Conrad", the man said with a friendly looking smile.

    "Hello" Luke said, feeling a little shy.

    "We are just about to study the clone wars. You may choose to sit a any of the empty desk."

    Luke looked around. Many of the students had serious faces on. Some were smiling at him and others looked disinterested. He took a seat at the back near a black haired boy with green eyes.

    "Hello", Luke said the boy.

    "Hi", the boy said shyly.

    There wasn't much time to chat for the teacher or professor as they were called here began to speak.

    After class ended they had 10 minutes to get to their next class which was the next door down. As they were getting ready to leave Luke asked the boy his name.

    "Lux Fel", the boy replied.

    A group of kids went up to them and a blond girl said "who are you?"

    "My name's Luke Naberrie"

    "Yes, I know that, but I haven't heard of you before.", she went on.

    "I'm from Naboo", Luke told her.

    "What are you doing here?", she asked.

    A boy with brown hair interrupted , "are you the new senator's son?"

    "I'm actually his nephew, but he's like a father to me"

    The blond girl replied "I thought you might have been a charity case like Lux here. He is only here because someone felt sorry for him and paid for him to attend here."

    Luke frowned. "What would it matter if I was?" He had never encountered such snobbery at school on Naboo. Children of different classes went there.

    Before the conversation could continue any further Mr. Conrad interrupted and advised them to get to their next class.

    Luke learned that most the students here put emphasis on social standing. Lux explained that people associated with people of the higher standing. If your father was a Grand Moff for example people would want to be your friend. By the end of the day Luke considered Lux a friend. He was smart, nice, and not a snob. His father was the personal chef of Alderann's senator.
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  13. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Gracious, Lux seems nice, but a couple of the others seem definitely snobbish :p I am totally intrigued by the idea of Luke being an only child :cool: If he meets Leia, that adds a whole new dynamic [face_thinking] Be sure to edit the title bar with the date for updates. Some do it by chapter or by the date posted. :D
  14. SatineNaberrie

    SatineNaberrie Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 28, 2014
    After 3 weeks on Imperial Center, Luke was use to life there, although he preferred Naboo. He was glad he could talk to his friends back on Naboo over the holo-net. Lux was his only friend at school and he was Lux's only friend there.

    The blond girl he met on his first day was named Meredith Gostech. She and her group did not like Luke and thought him beneath her. Her father was the moff of a rich world near Imperial center. The brown haired boy was named Anvil Clovis. Luke had learned the boy was cruel hearted and did not like non-humans. Luke had noticed all the people at his school was human. Luke learned of increasing anti-alien feelings on Imperial center. He hoped it won't be become official imperial policy.

    That afternoon Luke was waiting outside the senate chambers sitting on one the cushioned chairs in the hall. When school had ended Sola called her nephew to tell him Darred was in a Senate meeting and she was out shopping still. Rather than go home Luke decided to go to the Senate chambers and wait. He was curious to see what it looked like inside. It was a short airbus ride to the senate and Sola had given him permission to go. Luke had wanted to go onto one of the waiting balconies were people could go watch what was going but it was crowded.

    It seemed the imperial navy was accused was brutality while fighting rebels on a mid-rim world Luke had never heard of. There were people demanding an investigation. Luke hoped the rumors were not true.

    Darth Vader was at one places he hated most, the Imperial Senate. His master had summoned him. It had been a disaster on Scipio. Information about the massacre of civilians had been leaked out. Darth Sidious was very displeased. There had been a security leak. From investigations he learned of chains of bribes which lead to the security leak. One of the responsible was Rush Clovis, a baron on the planet. Clovis had been in league with separatist during the clone wars but was never punished. His master found him useful. Clovis was in the senate chambers currently. He would not live after today though. Once the emperor knew of what happened he would want him eliminated. He wanted to be the one to kill him. He never did like Clovis. He still hated him after all these years. He would not have him killed publically though, the emperor still wanted to maintain appearances.

    Passing though the halls on the way to the emperor he could hear senators argue. One day he wouldn't hear senators squabble anymore. The emperor had planned on getting rid of the senate, but wanted to wait for the right time. With increasing rebel attacks and more people rebelling, he had a feeling the empire was at a turning point and the galaxy would change.

    Luke was trying to hear the senators when he heard the breathing sound of a respirator. He turned his head and looked in the direction it came from. He saw a tall dark armored figure walking down the hall. Luke knew who this was. The commander of the imperial forces, Darth Vader. He had seen images of him on the holo-net. He turned away looking forward. He didn't want him to think he was staring. The tall man walked past Luke down the hall. Luke turned his head watching him leave. Things might be really bad on Scipio if he is here, Luke thought.
    Luke turned his thoughts to the senate as he hear voices rise. It seemed the argument was escalating.

    I don't ever want to be a senator, Luke thought.

    Half an hour later the meeting ended. When Luke saw his uncle he looked tired.

    "I didn't expect to see you here", Darred said with a smile.

    "I wanted to see what the senate looked like", Luke told him.

    "Do you think things are going to be okay on Scipio?", Luke asked.

    "I don't know yet. I hope so."

    That night Luke had a nightmare. He was walking down the senate hall, when darkness enveloped the place.He heard screams. He looked down and saw dead bodies. The place was full of them and blood. He saw his uncle dead. A hooded figure with yellow eyes appeared in front of him. He turned to run but was blocked by a dark armored figure. He could hear the hissing of a respirator. He turned to the right and saw an open door to the senate chamber and ran to it. He looked down and saw lava at the bottom of the chamber. He turned and the hooded figure was behind him. He wanted to scream but nothing came out. The hooded figure came closer and closer, then luke woke up sweating.
    It's just a dream Luke thought. He tried to sleep but had a hard time.

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  15. SatineNaberrie

    SatineNaberrie Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 28, 2014
    Following the events on Scipio there was more uprisings and attacks. Much was blamed on alien races. Anti-alien sentiment was growing and people were pushing for anti-alien laws, Darred was against this. He feared that the Empire would start getting worst and it would.
    Luke was in the library at school studying with his friend Lux. They were partners for a history project on the formation of the Empire. While they were discussing the events of the jedi purges, others were discussing politics.

    Meredirth Gostech and her friends at the table behind started to talk about the new policies people were pushing for.

    "It will not be long before those scum are finally put in their place.", Luke heard her say.

    Another said, "My father says that the alien registration law will pass."

    Luke didn't like what he was hearing.

    "They are like animals", Meredirth continued.

    "Maybe after my dog dies I'll get a wookie", Anvil said laughing.

    Luke turned around, "Not all aliens are bad. They're people too."

    "Your opinion was not solicited", She replied.

    "Ignore her", Lux said to his friend.

    Luke turned back to his friend. "I hate how she thinks she is above everyone."

    "I know, me too", Lux agreed.

    Anvil turned to Luke and Lux, "It does take much to be better than you two."

    Luke really didn't like Anvil but chose to ignore him.

    Later that day at the Naberrie residence.

    Darred came hope upset. The alien registration act had passed and non-humans could no longer join the imperial armed forces.

    "That's stupid," Luke said. "It's not fair."

    "It isn't but many people are not seeing reason on the issue. People are being blind by hate and ignorance," Darred said.

    "I didn't think Palpatine would allow this", Sola said. She didn't think the emperor would allow this. She remembered he was present at the celebration over the liberation of Naboo with the Gungans.

    "Perhaps he's changed." Darred replied.

    Darred then changed the subject, "Empire day is coming up and all the senators are expected to attend. Families are allowed to come. Do you two wish to attend?"

    "I'd rather not, but because you are required to I will", she told her husband.

    "Me too", Luke told his uncle.
  16. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Ooh, spooky dream [face_worried] Great debate and discussion about new laws. Yeah, I guess you could say Palpatine changed :p =D=
  17. serendipityaey

    serendipityaey Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 24, 2004
    Very interesting idea! I really like the premise. I might have missed it but where does Obi-Wan end up? I like seeing Sola raise Luke
  18. SatineNaberrie

    SatineNaberrie Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 28, 2014
    Obi-wan is hiding somewhere out in the galaxy. The back story is different than ROTS. Obi-wan didn't sneak on Padme's ship. She had her children on Naboo. He wasn't very involved in her life.
  19. SatineNaberrie

    SatineNaberrie Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 28, 2014
    The imperial palace was filled with people on empire day. There were senators, moffs, military command officers, governors, and other officials at the gathering. Many people were gathered together in small groups engaged in conversation. Darred and his wife along with their nephew were walking around together. Some senators greeted him. Luke felt out of place among the people here. He'd seen some people from his school with their parents.

    A man in a blue robe approached Darred and greeted him. "Ah Senator Naberrie. I trust you are well?"


    "This must be your wife." He looked at Sola.

    "Yes, This is Sola and my nephew Luke."

    "Hello", Luke and Sola both said.

    "A pleasure to meet you", the man said. "I've been wanting to speak with you. Senator Maleck wanted to as well. It shouldn't take long."

    Darred turned his wife and nephew. "I'll meet you later."

    Luke had left the vast imperial ball room to wander the halls. His aunt was busy in conversation with a woman and had given him permission to do so. He was glad to get out of the room and be without all the noise. He didn't feel comfortable around many of the people, especially with the recent events of anti-alien sentiment. The bill that passed was barely passed. It was only by one vote, so one more than half of the senators were for it. Luke didn't understand why exactly it was passed. Darred had thought at one time it would never happen and emperor would never allow it, but he was wrong. The days before empire day, he expressed some regrets about getting into the senate. The galaxy was changing and wasn't what he thought it would be. The empire was heading in a direction he didn't like, but he thought there may be a chance he could make a difference so he decided to remain in his position for now to try and better things. Luke was starting to think that the government would never be perfect. Throughout history, he learned in school, there had been corruption in governments.

    As Luke walked further down a hall he heard some voices.
    When he got closer he was Anvil Clovis with a rodian boy. "You stupid idiot!" he shouted at his servant. "I want this stain off!" Earlier Anvil spilled a drink on his shirt and came out here to have his servant try and get if off. The rodian tried to dap it with a wet cloth, but it wouldn't come off.

    "I'm sorry sir ,but I don't have the stuff here to get it off."

    "I can't go back like this.", Anvil said rudely.

    "Perhaps we can go back..", the rodian was cut off as Anvil struck him, knocking him down.


    Luke didn't like what he was seeing. He didn't think the rodian was deserving of that treatment. "That's not very nice"

    Anvil turned to Luke. "Stay out of this Naberrie!" He gave his servant a kick.

    The rodian whimpered in pain.

    "Stop it!", Luke said rushing to the rodian. "Leave him alone!"

    "I can treat him however I wish!", Anvil shouted.

    Luke was a little shocked at the boy's behavior. "Just because you can doesn't mean you should." Luke turned to the rodian and asked if he was okay.

    "I'm okay, don't worry about me", the rodian said.

    Anvil was red in the face. He was about to hit the rodian, but Luke stood in his way. "There is no need for violence."

    "Get out of my way!"

    "No", Luke said calmly.

    "What is going on here?", a voice said from behind. It was another boy from school, who was Anvil's friend. His name was Jareck.

    "Naberrie won't mind his own business."

    "I won't stand by and let you hurt him", Luke told the boy.

    "He can do as he pleases to him", Jareck sneered.

    "So get out of my way Naberrie", Anvil sneered at him.

    Luke wouldn't move. He could smell alcohol on the boy's breath.

    When Luke wouldn't move. Anvil shoved the boy. Luke fell backwards on the rodian.The two boys started laughing.

    Luke was getting angry. He got up. "That wasn't funny." He turned to help the rodian up, but was shoved again.

    Luke picked himself up and turned Anvil. "Stop it!"

    Anvil was going to push Luke again, but Luke grabbed his arms and pushed him away.

    "How dare you touch me!" He tried punching Luke, but the boy stepped out of the way and he missed.

    Anvil then turned to the rodian and started attacking him. Luke got behind Anvil and tried pulling him away. Jareck joined in and grabbed Luke from behind and threw him down.

    A fight had begun. Luke was trying to defend the rodian who wasn't fighting from the two boys. He ended up on the floor struggling with Anvil.
    Emperor Cosinga Palpatine was on his was to the celebration with 2 red guards and apprentice Darth Vader. His apprentice didn't like going to functions like these ,but the emperor wanted him present. The group paused. There was noise up ahead around a corner. The two guards were going to check it out, but Palpatine stopped them. He could sense no danger. It sounded like a fight between boys. It surprised the emperor that children of the people would who be in attendance would be fighting.

    The emperor smiled. He wanted to walk in on it and see the scared shocked looks on their faces, he was sure he would see when the boys realized the emperor had come. It would amuse him.
    Luke ended up on top of Anvil pinning him down while Jareck was trying to get him off. He was trying to shake the boy off his back when a voice said "What is going on here?" Luke felt the boy get off his back. He got off Anvil and looked at the source of the voice. It was the emperor. Anvil got up quickly and all four boys were silent.

    "Well?", the emperor asked.

    "He just attacked me, your highness", Anvil told him, pointing at Luke.

    Luke was angry at the boy's lie. He wanted to scream at him calling him a liar, but remained silent.

    The emperor knew the boy was lying. "What is your name?"

    "Anvil Clovis, your highness."

    The emperor turned to Luke. "And you, what is your name?"

    "Luke Naberrie, your highness."

    Ah,Thought the emperor, so this is Vader's son. The emperor knew of Luke, but Vader did not. He didn't know he had a son. He was sure he was the only one alive who knew who the boy's father was.

    When Vader heard the boy's name, his interest grew. Before he was annoyed at this delay. Naberrie was Padme's family name. He started wondering if the boy was relating to her ,but quickly got rid of the thoughts. He didn't want to think of her.

    "Tell me what happened."

    Luke explained what happened to the emperor. Anvil had interrupted. "That's not true!" Jareck was silent.
    The emperor held up his hand. "Silence!" The emperor turned back to Luke and asked him to continue.

    "I believe you boy." Although the emperor hated rodians and could careless about them, he wanted to make a good impression on Luke Naberrie. Even though he had no desire for another sith, he might be a useful ally in the future. He then faked concern for the rodian boy. Inwardly his was disgusted.

    He told Anvil and Jareck to get out of his sight. The rodian boy left with Anvil. He then asked Luke to walk with him.
    Luke was glad the emperor believed him, but wasn't sure what to think of him yet. At first he was scared about what would happen. He had never been in a fight before. His first fight was seen by the emperor himself. He got involved in the situation instead of his guards throwing them out. Luke could tell the other boys were embarrassed. Luke was curious at the emperors reaction to his story. He didn't seem anti-alien at all, so why did those laws pass?, Luke wondered.


    To be continued hopefully.

    Luke and the emperor conversation. Please review.
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    Very much in character for Luke to defend the Rodian and interesting what the Emperor knows about Luke's true paternity while Vader does not. A possible ally for the future. [face_thinking] Now Luke has conflicting impressions of the Emperor and it will be interesting for sure to see which one he winds up believing.
  21. serendipityaey

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    Aw, love Luke standing up for what he believes in! Very troublesome knowing the emperor knows who he is tho. Looking forward to more! I'll have to think of a story for Obi in my head :)
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    As Luke walked next to the emperor he felt odd. He didn't like getting it fights and would have preferred to avoid violence, but he didn't want to watch someone get beat up for no good cause.

    "I commend you on defending the rodian boy, I like someone who takes action.", the emperor told Luke.

    "I didn't want to get in a fight, but I didn't want to stand by and let someone get hurt for no good reason, your highness", Luke said.

    "You did well.",Palpatine replied.

    Luke wanted to ask about the recent anti-alien laws, but their was no need for him.

    "I'm sure your wondering about the anti-alien laws recently passed"

    "Yes", Luke admitted.

    "I don't like them either", the emperor said. "But I can't change it."

    "Why not?", Luke asked.

    "I can't overturn the senate all the time. I may be emperor, but the senate still has power, not everything has changed from the old republic."

    Technically the senate did have power. Palpatine would have loved to exercise absolute power when ever he wanted, but feared it was too soon, so he kept the senate. He didn't want a full scale rebellion. When his secret project was done he would be rid of it. The death star was years away from completion though. The emperor was thinking about using the anti-alien law to try get more power by being against it publically, perhaps he could gain support from people and cause people to hate the senate even more. He also had thought about being for it, but today he decided ho would act against it.

    In the past he hadn't thought much about Luke Naberrie. He didn't see him as a threat and still didn't. He knew Vader didn't know about him. He didn't know his wife was ever with child. The emperor was sure he would find out though soon. After seeing the boy he wanted to make a good impression, although he might never ever use him, he wanted to keep his options open just in case.
    When they were about to reach the gathering their conversation ended.

    "This is where we part", the emperor said. "I hope you enjoy the rest of today."

    "Thank you your highness," Luke gave a polite bow.
    Luke hoped the emperor got rid of the anti-alien laws. He never wanted to get into politics. The things about a democracy he didn't like, was the arguments and the fact people could vote for immoral things. Luke wished people would just do the right thing without a government, but knew there would be chaos, because not everyone would do the right thing. With an absolute monarch things could be bad too. If a psychopath ruled the galaxy, he could do terrible things.
    Darth Vader knew there was something about Naberrie. He didn't think the emperor would spend time with him if there wasn't. He was sure the boy was related to Padme, but he didn't think that was why the emperor was interested. He wondered if he was force sensitive.

    Palpatine is a manipulator isn't he. Please review. I am curious to know how many are following this story.
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    Very great job with all of Palpatine's manipulations! That's just how I would imagine him thinking and plotting :)
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    Many people were surprised at the emperor's speech. He had expressed disappointment in the recent laws passed. It was the subject of may discussions afterwards. Darred Naberrie was sure the senate would be called into session early tomorrow. There were senators who now feared losing their positions in the future because of how they voted. Luke told Darred and Sola the events that happened to him. They were surprised. Luke had met the emperor and was in a fight for the first time in his life. The Naberries were peace loving, but they would not want a person hurting someone unjustly without remorse to be allowed to continue the action.The anti-ailen laws were taken away the day after empire day. The ailen senators appladed the emperor for his speech.

    At school Luke no longer heard anti-ailen sentiment.The elite of the empire didn't want to seem to be against the emperor.Many of the empire's elite wanted to be in favour and gain more power and wealth.Their children also put on a show of hyprociy.For the past few days Luke had noticed Anvil and Jareck had given him mean looks.They were angry with him at what had happened on Empire day.

    Galactic History had just ended. The had been studying the changes in government during the Clone Wars. Today the teacher talked about Senator Amidala. Luke had never told anyone at the school about his mother except Lux when they were talking about their families.He was glad of this because he didn't want to attract atttention.His friends and neighbors on Naboo knew of course.His mother had been well loved by the people.He was on his way to lunch with his friend Lux when Anvil came up to him.

    "Hey Luke, I have a history question for you?", Anvil said with a smirk. "How many bastard children did senator Amidala have?Or are you just the only one?"

    Luke had not been excepting that. He was angry. He didn't know Anvil knew he was her son. Although Luke didn't who his father was, he was sure he was not a bastard. He was told his mother had married in secret. Padme told her family she had married ,but didn't reveal the name of her husband for safety.Her family didn't press her to find out more information trusting her judgment. Sola wondered if her sister had made a mistake after her death. Sola suspected that Anakin Skywalker might have been her sister's husband.She meet him once when he came to Naboo with her sister.It would make sense with the secrecy her sister had. Sola had wondered what happened to Anakin.She had heard of his battles on the Holo-net along with General Kenobi.Like many people in the Empire like Sola beleived the Jedi were traitors.She belived they had killed her sister. On Naboo Luke had never dealt with talk like this. The people on Naboo didn't gossip about how Senator Amidala had a son.On Imperial Center things were different. Luke learned that news networks here would Gossip about things like this.

    "My mother was married.", Luke told him angrily.

    "That's not what I heard", Anvil said smirking.

    Luke didn't know where Anvil had gotten his information.

    "And Where did you get your information from?

    "My father."

    "My mother got married in secret and had me, I don't want to talk about this anymore." Luke turned to leave but
    Jareck blocked his way in the hall.

    "Your aunt and uncle probably told you that to make you feel better", the boy sneered.

    "She probably was ashamed to have you", Anvil added.

    "Leave him alone," Lux told the rude boy. He didn't want his friend to go through this. There were students in the hall now watching with interest.

    Luke wanted to leave so he moved past the boys to head outside. He friend followed.

    "She probably didn't even love you!", Jareck called after him.

    Luke didn't want to eat at the school today.He went to a nearby diner to have lunch.When the school day ended, Luke was happy to get home. Many students had been talking bad about him and looking at him like he had just came out of the trash compactor. He was glad he had one friend at the school who stood by him. Anvil and his friends had same some cruel things.
    After Luke arrived home he told his aunt and uncle what happened. They both were concerned. Darred knew how the media on Imperial Center was. With Luke going to a school where the children of the Imperial Elite went, Darred was sure this would be news and reporters would try and harass the boy.
    The next morning reporters on the Holo-net were talking about the son of Senator Amidala.The Naberries decided Luke would stay home today. Luke was upset at what they were reporting about his mother. Many of the things said were outlandish. They didn't listen long, but wanted an idea of what was being said. People were speculating on who the father was. Some things people said cast a bad light on Padme. Some people love to hear scandals, Sola thought upset at what some were saying. Her sister was famous. Many people had liked her, but there were many more who hated her. Darred had to go to work and so it was just Sola and Luke. Darred was wondering if the boy Luke got in a fight with was responsible.He knew how some of the imperial elite could be with revenge. He learned that after being in the senate a while. He wouldn't be suprised if the children imitated their parents.

    Luke didn't want to go to that school anymore and was discussing his options with Sola. When he was younger he was homeschooled by Sola for elementary education till ten years old. He went to School on Naboo to expand his knowledge and be able to have options for work in the future. Luke wasn't sure what he wanted to do now. He had
    thought about being a doctor before, but still was unsure.

    It had been a long day in the senate for Darred Naberrie. The news had reached the ears of people in the senate. Darred would be glad when this finally died down. He didn't want his nephew to suffer cruel remarks from people and humilation from the media.After his term ended he wanted to go back to Naboo. He tried to ignore the gossip and focus on his work that day. As he was leaving, he was approached by Bail Organa.

    Darth Vader was on his was to see his master after a sucessful mission in hunting down a rebel cell lead by a jedi gone mad.He passed senators talking in groups. He cared little for what senators had to say. He thought of them as parasites. He hated this building.
    Bail Organa and Darred were talking off to the side in hall. Bail had heard the news and had known Padme. They had become friends after a while of knowing each other.

    "I wanted to let you know not everyone belives what the media is saying.", Bail told Darred. " I knew Padme and don't beleive some of the things they are saying."

    "Thank you", Darred told him.He was glad not everyone believed the media on Imperial Center.
    The sith apprentice continue making his way to the throne room when he heard something that caught his interest. As he passed two senators off to the side he heard Padme's name.He had stopped for a moment. He wondered what was meant by "I knew Padme and don't beleive some of the things they are saying." Not wanting to be seen standing in the hall ease dropping he continued on quickly.He had tried to forget about her, but he was curious. He decided to investigate this later.
    Luke's grandparents and cousins had called. They heard what happened and wanted to know how they were doing. Luke and Sola were glad for the call.Ruwee and Jobal were angered at what was said about their daughter as was the rest of the family.
    Some notes: *Anvil Clovis is Rush Clovis's nephew.
    *Not everything in the prequels and Clone Wars shows is considered to have happened.
    *Not all anger leads to the dark side.
    *Force is considered different than in movies.
    *Darred Naberrie didn't have a last name prior to marrying Sola.
    *Nute Gunray is considered to be alive. (I have an idea of him trying to get revenge on the Naberries in the future.)
    *Bail Organa doesn't know about Luke's father or Anakin turning
    *Leia is Bail and Breha's biological daughter. (I don't have plans for her being a major character.)
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    Darth Vader wasn't one who paid much attention to the holo-net news on Imperial Center, but he wanted to know what was being said about Padme. He could have asked his master when he gave his report, but didn't want to. He'd rather find out on his own. He had been unprepared for what he found out. She had a son and he never knew about it. He was sure this boy was his son. He didn't think she would ever had been unfaithful. The last time he saw his wife was before he left for the outer rim sieges with Kenobi. His wife had died not long after the formation of the Empire. The emperor told him she was killed by jedi, but he never mentioned anything about a son. He wasn't sure what to do with this new information. He decided he would not take the boy. He was not a family person and he doubted the emperor would allow him to take an apprentice. He was sure the emperor had uses for the boy, but wasn't sure what they were. He wanted to find out. The thought of the emperor knowing about the boy and him not angered the sith.

    The reports on Padme had stopped, for which the Naberries were very thankful. The emperor had made a statement expressing displeasure at the media on Imperial Center. Reporters were forbidden to harass the Naberries.

    Note: Padme's death is different than in Episode 3. She didn't lose the will to live. She didn't know Anakin became a Sith. Many things in the prequels won't be part of this story. She had been told Anakin was killed and believed it. I don't have plans for going into lots of detail on how she died. The emperor was behind it and blamed jedi.