Luke Skywalker Fans Unite!!

Discussion in 'Classic Trilogy' started by Jedi Callie, Mar 28, 2000.

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    The link to the announcements page is at the top of every forum index. Read it, follow it.

    By pulling images off those other servers, you are spiking them and costing them money. Only post images into threads that are from *your* website or from


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    Awwwwww! SWEET!

    My baby brought my lust obsession back up! :D
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    Oh! Go up!
    Howdy all! It's been a looooong time sense I've been to a Lukie fan club, so I thought I'd drop in. :D Luke is my all time fav Star Wars characters (and one of my most fav three characters of all).
    So are we talking about any particular Luke thing or just anything?
    Well I'll see y'all later--


    Luke's the best!!! :D
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