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Luke Skywalker, meet Ben Kenobi (with added scene)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by hyper_drive, Sep 3, 2002.

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  1. hyper_drive

    hyper_drive Jedi Youngling

    Aug 30, 2002
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    "Luke Skywalker, meet Ben Kenobi"

    11 years before Star Wars: A New Hope

    "Luke! Luke!" Beru Lars' shrill cry sounded from the kitchen. Beru
    nervously backed away from the table as the boxy droid continued to
    stomp its way through the kitchen.

    "Gonk! Gonk! Gonk!" it repeated intermittently. Beru shook her head in

    "Luke," she cried out again desperately. "Get this droid out of my
    kitchen right now!"

    "I'll be right there Aunt Beru," a young voice sounded from the distance.

    Soon, a disheveled ten year old with long blond hair arrived at the
    kitchen entrance, wiping some grease off his hands. "Tell Uncle Owen
    I've managed to-" Luke began excitedly, looking at Beru,
    completely oblivious of the menace, when she interrupted him, by
    pointing at the errant power droid.

    "Oh no!" Luke muttered to himself as he watched the droid knock down
    dishes and utensils. "I'd better get a restraining bolt," he said and
    ran out to the garage.

    "Hurry!" cried Aunt Beru.

    Returning instantly, Luke reached into his pockets and running up to the
    droid, fixed the restraining bolt on it. The droid stopped. Beru heaved
    a sigh of relief.

    "What is that power droid doing in my kitchen anyway?" she asked visibly
    upset, as she picked up the fallen utensils.

    "He's got a bad motivator Aunt Beru. He gets confused," replied Luke
    laughing, as he guided the droid out of the kitchen using a remote
    control unit.

    "Well see that he leaves my kitchen alone," said Beru irritably,
    starting the oven again. "Why does your Uncle buy such defective units
    in the first place?"

    "I guess that's what you get from buying droids from jawas," replied
    Luke, leaving through the passageway.

    "He'd better check them thoroughly before he makes a buy next time,"
    she muttered to herself, continuing with her work. Soon, realizing the
    time, she yelled out to Luke once more "And Luke," she cried "It's way
    past your lunch time. Better wash up and be here soon."

    Luke soon reappeared and took his place at the table. Absent-mindedly
    he poured himself some thanta sauce and began his meal, his mind light
    years away.

    Aunt Beru, had her back turned to him and was now deftly transferring
    the bill-dan into the oven tray.

    "You know that droid I was working on?" said Luke. " Guess what...its
    all up and running!"

    Beru didn't reply, but Luke smiled to himself and continued with his

    He stopped for a moment again.

    "Uncle Owen didn't ever think we'd get it to work at all... when is he
    returning from Anchorhead anyway?" he enquired looking eagerly at his

    "Oh, he should be here soon," she said programming the oven settings.

    "Isn't he going to be proud?" asked Luke excitedly.

    "Of course he is sweetie," she replied turning around and settling into
    a seat next to him "but he isn't going to be very pleased to know you
    haven't finished up your lunch," she added noticing the boy was taking
    an inordinately long time over his meal.

    Luke frowned and plodded through his lunch.

    "Oh, I'm calling him Treadwell you know," Luke continued. "He's going
    to be a great help to us on the farm."

    "Is that the droid you were putting together from the scrap those jawas
    dumped on us?" she asked.

    "Yeah!" Luke exclaimed happy to see that she had finally begun to take
    an active part in his conversation.

    "When did Uncle Owen leave anyway?" Luke asked, a hint of irritation in
    his voice.

    "Oh I suppose when you were busy in the garage."

    "I sure hope he's getting me the parts I need for my model T-12, " Luke
    said stirring his meal mechanically.

    "I'm sure he's not going to forget," said Beru as she stood up to pour
    him a glass of blue milk.

    There was perfect silence for a few moments as Luke thoughtfully sipped
    his drink. The silence was in
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