CT Luke's Knowledge of Yoda in ESB

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    Here is a scene in which Luke first meets Yoda:

    How did Luke get the impression that Yoda was a "great warrior"? He was merely told by Obi-Wan's ghost form that Yoda was a Jedi Master. Did he assume that all Jedi were great warriors?
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    That was the entire point of the dialogue - Luke, being young, brash and reckless, assumed that a Jedi Master must, first and foremost, be a great warrior. It was simply his youthful perception of what made one great - which, of course, Yoda immediately contradicts.

    What little Luke knew about the Jedi was from his conversation with Obi-Wan in SW/ANH, in which there are several references to wars and warriors ("He was the best star pilot in the galaxy, and a cunning warrior"), so it wasn't an unfair assumption to make, but the real point of the exchange, plus Yoda's role and the ongoing training, is that prowess as a warrior is not the be-all and end-all of heroism or true greatness.
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    Probably because the Jedi are called Knights?
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    It's definitely possible that Luke did some research between ANH and ESB. After all, Leia knew about Obi-Wan from her father, so she definitely had some knowledge about the Jedi.

    Remember, ANH was only 19 years after ROTJ. Everyone 30 or older would be old enough to remember the Jedi Order.
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    from learning about the Clone Wars in history class
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    The dialogue was probably also meant to make the audience understand that the Jedi were not all about wars. It's easy for anyone to get the impression that the Jedi use their powers mainly to be great warriors, especially since that's what they're usually forced to be in the movies. It's important to remind us now and then that fighting is a last resort and should only ever be used to defend.
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    I think the idea at the time was that Luke was making an understandable assumption (and acting as an audience surrogate in doing so), but he did have access to people who might have told him about Yoda's fighting skills. There's a mention in Attack of the Clones that Anakin might be as good with a lightsaber as Yoda, with the connotation that it's high praise. Any of the old guys in the Rebellion might memories of Yoda's high reputation -- surely the general public was at least dimly aware of the Republic's top few Jedi. It could even have been Chewbacca, telling Luke offscreen about the time he saw Yoda lop those clones' heads right off like it was nothing. For that matter, it could even have been R2-D2!

    Of course, you'd think someone would have mentioned that Yoda is also one foot tall and green. Maybe Chewie left that part out of the tale just so Yoda could have his little prank on Luke.
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    Luke certainly seemed excited at the notion of Kenobi being in the Clone Wars. He likely assumes that being a Jedi goes hand-in-hand with being a 'cunning warrior'. Some of it also is the idolizing he tries to make of his father before discovering the truth.
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    IIRC, the lines go like this:
    Obi-Wan: "If you spent half as much time practicing saber techniques as you do your wit, you'd rival Master Yoda as a swordsman!"
    Anakin: "I thought I already did!"
    Obi-Wan: "Only in your mind, my very young apprentice."
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    This is an extension of the scene in ANH, when Han mocks Obi-wan and Luke stands up for him, citing that he's a great man. It's pride speaking and Jedi should be more humble.
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    they swing powerfull weapons and have superior powers. of course a young farmer boy calls them warrios instead of monchs.
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    Well lets look at what's said about the Jedi Knights in ANH
    • Luke obviously knows of The Clone Wars, Luke doesn't question Obi Wan as to what a Jedi Knight is (Luke only questions what the Force is). So I would think it's safe to assume that Luke knows that the Jedi fought in the Clone Wars.
    • With Obi Wan handing Luke his Father's Lightsaber and calling it the "weapon of a Jedi Knight". Warriors usually carry weapons.
    • Obi Wan tells Luke that for over a thousand generations the Jedi were the guardians of peace and justice (guardians that had to carry weapons).
    • Obi Wan describes Luke's father as a cunning "warrior"
    The mistakes that Luke makes is judging Yoda by his size. Luke thinks that a silly little green alien couldn't be a Great Warrior or that someone had to be a warrior to be great.
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    In AOTC, the Jedi take up arms and become Generals by default. In ROTS they are fighting from the front line and are the face of the forces of good. Luke is born at this point - it's really not that long ago from his perspective.

    Then in ANH, he witnesses Obi-Wan playing a major role in taking down the Death Star, taking down feared Tatooine characters with ease, and then taking on Darth Vader himself, where he makes a badass boast, then disappears into the Force, leaving Vader looking humiliated. And in ESB he succesfully returns from the dead and keeps up the fight.

    Of course Luke thinks Jedi are warriors!
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