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Before - Legends Luminous Beings reposted & continuing MESSAGE JULY22 LINK to sequel inside

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by jodiwent, Nov 17, 2004.

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  1. Healer_Leona

    Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 7, 2000
    The last couople posts had some of my favorite scenes of all time. Ki's confrontation with Obi-Wan in the hall and his subsequent line "It's kind of hard to believe a young man protecting sick children's toys is dealing with the dark side." -- have been parts that have stuck with me for years.
  2. jodiwent

    jodiwent Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    I'm partial to that line myself Leona.


    When all the food was out of the ship, there were a few people
    left. One woman began to cry. Qui-Gon went to look to see of
    there was some food that had been missed.

    "It's all right, there really is another ship arriving soon,"
    Obi-Wan told the woman. "We'll make sure you're the first in
    line." The young Jedi remembered something, he reached into
    his utility belt and pulled out a handful of food capsules
    that he had. "This isn't much, but here, give them to your
    children. It will hold them until the other ship gets here."

    "Thank you young Jedi. My husband is away, and we haven't eaten
    in days," The mother said. "May the Force be with you."

    After that, a boy a few years younger than Obi-Wan approached.
    He, like the woman, was a Madorian the native inhabitant of
    Tarrimier. They were humanoid with a green tint to their skin.
    They had an affinity for plants. It seemed that their skin
    absorbed energy from the sun as well as from food. They needed
    both to survive.

    "Do you have any more food?" The boy asked timidly. "I'm
    alone, no one will help me."

    "We will help you," Obi-Wan said. "Wait here."

    He went over to where Qui-Gon was. "Master, do you have a food
    capsule I can have?"

    "What happened to the ones I gave you on Coruscant?"

    "I gave them to a woman with children, but I need one for that
    boy." Obi-Wan pointed.

    "Here are two," Qui-Gon said. "Take one yourself."

    "I can wait."

    "Don't give that one away, please."

    Obi-Wan nodded, but he still had his stubborn streak. He made
    sure Qui-Gon didn't see him give both capsules to the boy.

    "Real food will be here soon."

    "My name is Wren, thank you Jedi."

    "Wren, my name is Obi-Wan. Can you tell me what happened

    "No one knows. A few months back all the plants just started
    to die."

    "What about the plants on the other side of the planet?"

    "That's nothing that can be eaten."


    The next ship arrived in the morning and true to their word
    the woman with children was the first to get some food; then
    Wren. Once again tensions ran high. There were still some
    people who did not get any, because new people had arrived
    since the night before.

    "We are the ones who could make it here," One man said. "My
    family was too week to come here - - and people will steal any
    food I try to bring back."

    "How far is your town?" Qui-Gon asked.

    "About twelve miles."

    "My apprentice and I will go with anyone who wants to bring
    food back to the people who couldn't get here."

    "Whoa Jedi," a relief worker, who was an uneasy fellow said.
    "You're here to protect us, and this could be a trap."

    "We are here to help these people. Other Jedi arrived on the
    other ship. Now that the food is gone this ship is safe. Go
    back to Coruscant and get resupplied."

    "Yes you're right."

    "Obi-Wan lets go," Qui-Gon called and the padawan followed.
  3. jodiwent

    jodiwent Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    The rain poured down as Ganar flew towards the town. Rivers
    and streams overflowed their banks; the ground became a
    sloppy mess of black mud. As the Jedi had foreseen moments
    before the mountains gave up their soil to the rain; it
    rushed in a great wall of mud towards the town. A group of
    people realized what was happening and ran in the opposite
    direction. The second ship picked up this group.

    Ganar flew on; the Jedi were going to get the slower, weaker
    people; some still asleep in their beds. Ganar called out on
    his ships speakers.

    "Wake up, get to this ship, there is a mud slide headed this
    way. You only have a few minutes, Hurry!"

    People did rush out to the ship. A few hundred packed in.
    Obi-Wan looked over the crowd to see if the people he knew
    were there. He saw a few of them. Not all of them, including
    the man who had given his son his food. Obi-Wan wondered if he
    could walk yet, or if his small son could help him. He was
    about to ask Qui-Gon if he could go get the
    man, when the two Jedi Masters told Ganar they were going to
    see if they could avert the slide away from the town.

    "We only have about ten minutes," Soliqua pointed out. "You'll
    have to take off if were not back."

    "What?" Ganar was surprised.

    "Ten minutes," Qui-Gon echoed. He then looked around for
    Obi-Wan. 'He must be below.' They rushed out to see if there
    was any possibility of making the mud slide less powerful. It
    was dark, but they could sense its approach. There really was
    nothing they could do. By the time they realized it was too late,
    they had just enough time to get back to the ship. They got there
    as Ganar began to take off. Again Qui-Gon looked around
    for Obi-Wan. The sickening realization hit Qui-Gon the same
    time that the wall of mud hit the town.

    'No.' Qui-Gon shook his head. "No, no, no! He's done it
    again," The Master bemoaned.

    "Jinn?" Soliqua questioned. "What's going on?"

    "Obi-Wan, he's not on this ship."

    "What! That means - - "

    Every nightmare scenario was playing in Qui-Gon's mind. 'If
    Obi-Wan's caught in the slide, there's little hope of
    Then he thought, 'on the other hand, that boy's luck
    could hold out one more time.'


    He hadn't planned on being caught in the mud slide, it just
    sort of happened. That was how Obi-Wan would rationalize his
    actions to Qui-Gon if he got out of this. It was a split
    second decision, maybe he could say it was the will of the
    Force, he felt compelled. 'Qui-Gon will never buy that one.'
    He did it because he wanted to, because he COULD do it, a Jedi
    could do it. He could get to the house, get the man out and
    back to the ship in ten minutes.

    Only now that he was being swept along by a river of mud did
    he think of what it would do to Qui-Gon if something happened
    to him. After he had been hit by the speeder, he had told
    himself he wouldn't do anything as reckless again, and yet
    here he was. This time he did not think he would make it. He
  4. jodiwent

    jodiwent Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    It had been a long day, they had all been working hard;
    distributing food, setting up tents, looking for survivors.
    Even thought she was tired Soliqua helped Ganar check over the
    ship. They were both exhausted. Ganar sat on the floor and
    took a drink of water out of the container he had on him.

    "Plenty of water here," he joked, remembering when they were
    on Kessel. He offered the water to Soliqua who took it and sat
    next to Ganar. She took a swig and relaxed. "Aren't you glad
    I'm here."

    "Yes." She smiled. "Fate is strange sometimes."

    "Never thought you'd be seeing a swell guy like me huh?" Ganar
    posed for Soliqua.

    "It's a good thing you make me laugh." She gave him a peck on
    the cheek. "goof ball."

    "Just as long as I'm your goof ball."

    They sat there a while just holding hands and resting. As they
    sat there it happened that Zaize walked by. Soliqua shot up
    like a embarrassed kid, and tried to look Masterly.

    "That's okay Master Soliqua, you two look kinda cute like that."
    Zaize smirked and walked on.

    "Wait," Soliqua called after the girl. "I wanted to talk to
    you for a minute." She told Ganar she'd see him later and
    caught up to Zaize.

    "Me Master Soliquia?" Zai asked.

    "Well I just wanted to let you know, If there was something
    you felt you couldn't talk to Master Mikata about. You could
    talk to me."

    "There's nothing I can't talk to Aji about," The girl said

    "Your sure? You're a young lady now, and there might be things
    you need to talk to another woman about."

    "Master Soliqua?" The girl was turning red now. "Oh, you mean - - um I
    don't think so." The girl was clearly embarrassed. "well thanks
    but - - I don't think - - "

    "Just remember if you need to talk, I'm around." The Jedi
    Master let the poor girl get her composure back and let her
    be. It was clear to her that the girl was no where near ready
    to talk about or act on her feelings.


    The next day Master Jinn was still concerned that his
    apprentice had not remembered saving the man and his son. He
    did not appear to have a head injury. The only thing Qui-Gon
    could figure was that Obi-Wan had had a flash back or a black
    out at the time. He didn't know which was worse, he never
    thought he'd be wishing his Padawan had a concussion. He kept
    his own fears to himself, mainly because he did believe with
    time Obi-Wan would recover.

    One of his fears was that if it took more time than anyone
    thought, he just might not become a knight. Once again the boy
    was injured as well, his physical training would be delayed.
    Qui-Gon knew there was more to being a Jedi than that, he
    decided to start intensively working on Obi-Wan's other
    skills. The boy showed great potential for manipulation of the
    Force, today he would start showing the apprentice Jedi how to
    create an illusion.

    "And how are you this morning - - " Qui-Gon walked in to find
    Obi-Wan once more on the floor. The young Jedi had again
  5. jodiwent

    jodiwent Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    Senator Foti exited the ship more like a queen entering a
    court than a government official viewing a disaster. She was
    older woman, maybe mid fifties who looked as if you shouldn't
    dare approached uninvited. Of course to a Jedi that meant
    nothing, Qui-Gon strode up to the woman trying not to judge
    her appearance.

    "Senator Foti." He bowed politely. "I need to speak to you."

    "Yes Jedi," Foti said with a haughty tone. "You must be Qui-Gon
    Jinn, I've heard quite a bit of you over the years."

    "We will talk later, now I must see what has happened here."
    At least she seemed concerned. The senator walked around the
    camp flanked by her two guards as if the mud were acid and the
    people lepers. This did not bode well to all of the Jedi. One
    word of kindness would have done so much for these people,
    none came from Foti. The only thing she said was when she was
    back on the ships ramp. "Unfortunate people, it is good that
    the galactic government has resources to hand out."

    All of the Jedi held their tongues, it was especially hard for
    the young ones. Qui-Gon again approached the cold woman.
    "Senator Foti, I need to speak to you."

    "Tomorrow Jedi, tomorrow." She waved her hand dismissively.
    Senator or no, this was not proper. "You will be my guests at
    my home. If your pilot flys you over the other side you can't
    miss it."

    With that Senator Foti disappeared and her ship took off.

    "What a b - - bi - - big hearted woman." Obi-Wan used sarcasm
    to avoid calling the senator something his Master wouldn't
    have liked. "How did someone like that get elected to
    represent these people?"

    "I'd like to know the same thing."


    "Qui-Gon I know Master Windu gave the orders to you," Master
    Soliqua said. "But I think me, Aji, and Young Zai should go as
    well. I do not trust that woman."

    "Nor do I. It would be better to go in numbers."

    "The other Jedi can handle things here for a day."

    "She is right Qui-Gon," Aji added. "We will go with you."

    So Ganar flew once again to the other side of the planet. They
    went much further into the lush green side this time. Rising
    out of the vegetation like something out of a fairy tale was
    the Foti estate. It didn't look quite like a castle but it was
    huge. Qui-Gon had read on the ships info-terminal that at one
    time, a very long time ago, the Foti family had been the
    ruling family of Tarrimier.

    When they gave up the throne it was with the condition that
    this half of the planet would always belong to them. For that
    the Madori people gained their freedom. The freedom to grow
    what ever they wanted instead of what the Foti told them to.
    For hundreds of years the Madori prospered until now. Qui-Gon
    hoped it had not been a plot of senator Foti, but he could not
    help but fear that it was.


    The party of Jedi and pilot were greeted by the Senator, this
    time flanked by servants. Her senatorial guards stayed with
    her ship, they were no fun and couldn't be slighted the way
  6. jodiwent

    jodiwent Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    "Permeant he says," Old Foti squawked when The younger told
    him what Sidere said. "Hard enough to kill one Jedi let alone
    five. We'll just make sure they stay until the elusive Sid
    gets rid of he evidence on his side."

    "You're sure the ship won't be able to fly until tomorrow."

    "Yes, yes the poor little droids have met with an accident."

    "I see."

    As the two Foti plotted they heard a loud crash.

    "You total Oaf!" It was the girl Jedi they heard. "Look what
    you've done"

    "Who are you calling an Oaf." It was the boy. "You big mouthed

    Then there was another crash. The two young Jedi were
    fighting. They could hear the hum and clash of light sabers
    along with more crashes.

    "Those kids will wreck our home." The senator rushed to save
    her valued possessions.

    "Oh yhea, well my Master could whomp your Master in a second."

    Crack! Hiss!

    "In your dreams."

    "Children of the Jedi stop this now!" The flustered woman
    shouted as Obi-wan was now being Force shoved into a large
    vase on a stand. Crash! the priceless antique smashed to the

    "Look what you have done."

    Obi-Wan, ignoring Foti, leapt at his friend once more. The
    two padawans their sabers put away, were now wrestling as the
    frantic Senator tried to stop them. Old Foti stood at the top
    of the stair case looking down on this display, laughing at it

    "So the Jedi aren't so peaceful as rumored," he said. "Of
    course these are only little Jedi."

    "You'd think their Masters would get down here and stop them."

    The Padawans were still having fun faking to be fighting.

    "Their Masters will not stop them."

    "Why do you say that."

    "Because their Masters are off trying to find evidence against
    us. Are you so stupid that you can't see a diversion when it's
    so obvious."

    The Senator's face became so scrunched up it reminded the
    young Jedi of Reeft. The jig was up.

    "Look at the mess you have made! All as a trick! After we have
    been so kind to give you shelter."

    "After you have been so kind to sabotage our ship you mean!"
    Zaize yelled back at her. "Never mind what you've done to the
    people on this planet so you can have your little trinkets."

    "Yes," Obi-Wan added. "You are a paragon of kindness."

    "You little whelps! I'll show you some sabotage."

    The two young Jedi ran and Senator Foti perused. As she ran
    after the young Jedi, old Foti told the servants to find the
    Masters and tell him where they were. The Padawan's were now
    being chased past the ship. Ganar had just found his poor
    droids and was going to tell the Jedi when he saw the senator
    chasing the young ones. He followed the chase.

    "Heay lady," He shouted hoping to distract her. "You better
    watch out those Jedi are some tough kids."

    "Shut up you," She yelled back.

    "What did you do to my droids?"

    "Me, nothing." The strange procession continued to wind on around the
    grounds of the estate.

  7. jodiwent

    jodiwent Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    Obi-Wan and Zaize went back into the darkness of the tunnel
    where the creature was waiting. They walked forward with their
    sabers drawn. When they felt the presence of the dark side,
    they started to chant the mantra that would keep their minds
    clear. Over and over they repeated the simple words in an ancient tongue,
    "the Force is my ally, I walk in light." It was still hard to concentrate. Every step
    they took was a heavy one.

    "I can see it's core," Zaize told Obi-Wan. "Try to see it."

    Obi-Wan, following the instructions the Masters had given,
    looked deep into the creature to find its core, it's weak
    spot. He could see its history as Zaize had before. So many
    dark Jedi had created it. "I see it, we'll strike together."

    The young Jedi made their way avoiding the beast's defenses.
    The thing still hoping to fool the Padawans Made it look like
    their two Masters were right where they had to strike.

    'It's not real,' They both said to themselves continuing to
    chant the mantra. "The Force is my ally, I walk in light." They
    knew that it was not real.

    "Children how can you kill us?" The fake Masters tried to fool
    them again. For a split second Zaize lost her concentration.

    'Whack!' one of the creatures tentacles knocked her across the
    head. She fell, but as she did she sliced off the appendage
    that had knocked her down. Obi-Wan kept his concentration, and
    backed up to see if his friend was all right. She was okay. and
    back on her feet.

    "You ready?" He asked.

    "Yhea, I just have to remember their not real."

    "They do seem very real."

    Again the two Padawans made their way up to the creatures
    core. Many tentacles waved around them. The fake Masters pleaded
    that they were real, and that they should not strike.

    Then the creature used it's final defense. Inside of their
    heads the young Jedi could here the thing repeating their

    "You'll die here. You're not worthy to be called Jedi. You're
    weak. Your Master is inept, he did not train you well enough
    to defeat me. I know all your secrets. All of them."

    The apprentices did not let the things taunts distract them,
    they repeated the mantra, their minds stayed clear. Both of
    them together cut down the images of their own Masters. As
    soon as they did they saw that they had cut deep into the
    creatures vulnerable core. The creature was wounded but not
    dead; it tried to crush the young Jedi, but they both used the
    Force to push it back. It continued to writhe as its blood
    drained out of it. The young Jedi knew they needed to finish
    it off and make it a clean kill. Even this thing should not
    suffer. They went back and plunged their sabers back into the
    creature and it finally died.

    As it died it released all of the dark energy that had been
    stored in it. This knocked Obi-Wan and Zaize both back to the
    wall that they slammed into. One last time it was trying to
    kill them, but now it was too late, it was destroyed, it would
    bring no harm to another being.


  8. VaderLVR64

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    Feb 5, 2004
    I'm still getting caught up! The Christmas baking has made me crazed and tired, so I'll just say WELL DONE for now!
  9. jodiwent

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    Feb 11, 2000
    I'm just glad to know you're reading VaderLVR64 The cookie baking will comence over here tommorow as well. Pies later. ;) No secret ingedents.

    Speaking of baking - - Now new readers can find out what's in that 'special' cake - -


    Both of the Padawans instinctively dropped their hands to their
    weapons in readiness, the Masters were a little calmer in
    their manner.

    "Arrest a Jedi?" Ganar couldn't help saying. "Isn't that like
    setting fire to a sun?"

    "Jedi are not above the law sir," the officer said. "I assure
    all of you, I have the proper warrants and understand that if
    you wanted to get away, you could do so with out any effort. As
    representatives of the Republic's judicial department I'm sure
    you understand."

    "I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding," Qui-Gon said. "It
    will be cleared up when we get to Coruscant."

    "I also was told that there is a charge of destruction of
    property, but they did not say who that one applied to. Anyone
    want to make things easy and tell us what happened."

    Both Zaize and Obi-Wan started to step forward, but Obi-Wan
    held his hand out in front of his friend to stop her, no need
    for both of them to get into trouble.

    < I have to go with Qui-Gon. You stay here and find out what's
    really going on. >

    At first Zai was taken aback, the only one who she could
    usually hear that clearly in the Force was her Master. She
    did not send back to him, she just nodded that she had heard.

    "I'm the one you want," Obi-Wan confessed. I broke the Senators things."

    Qui-Gon shook his head in disbelief, at least he wouldn't be

    "Then you too will go with us to Coruscant," the officer said.
    "Let's go."

    "This is so stupid!" Zaize couldn't hold back any longer.
    "They didn't do anything! Those people have destroyed a whole
    planet and nothing has happened to them; they're behind this."

    "Miss, it's not my job to do anything about that. My job is to
    bring in who ever the Senate, and the Chancellor I might add, tell
    me to. Someone else may realize as soon as we get there that
    it's a mistake. Gentlemen lets go."

    "Sir, should I disarm the prisoners?" a young officer standing
    behind the one in charge asked.

    "Don't be stupid Lt. Tarkin, do you really think we'd be able


    As soon as the ship taking Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan back to
    Coruscant was gone Zaize lost her composure. She rushed to Aji and
    cried into his cloak.

    "They'll be all right," Aji said. "The Council must have been informed.
    Everything will be straitened out."

    "I know that." The girl cried harder. "That's
    not what I'm crying about." She sniffed back. "I was
    going to be so mean to Obi-Wan, on his birthday no less, and
    he, he had to go and be so noble. The jerk! Now I feel
    like - - "

    She suddenly stopped crying and ran to where she had left the
    six tiny birthday cakes. Ganar had already eaten two,
    including the one with the special ingredient.

    "Don't tell me you ate those."

    "Well they
  10. jodiwent

    jodiwent Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    Thank you for supper."Qui-Gon stood and bowed. "Perhaps it is
    time I and my apprentice returned to our accommodations."

    "If you think that's best," Captain Hariti said. "Good evening

    Obi-Wan stood, bowed, and followed his Master who headed
    back to the quarters they were in. Kenobi thought Jinn had to
    have a plan. He couldn't just be going back to the room; He
    was. Obi-Wan wanted to search the ship. Qui-Gon knew they
    would find nothing.

    "Perhaps," Tarkin said to Hariti. "We should actually put some
    guards on their door?"

    "What fun would that be, there is nothing on this ship to link
    us with Senator Foti or Mr. Sid."

    "What about back on the planet. Why didn't we take the other

    "We're trying to stall them. What better way to stall them
    than by separating them."

    "How better? How about just killing them?"

    "Too obvious Lt., Have some creativity," the captain advised.
    "It should be as large as your ambition young man."


    'Slop' 'Splash' "OWH!" 'Swish' 'Cringe' 'Shiver'.

    "Yu-uck." Zaize winced as she carried out her punishment.
    "This is so gross!"

    No matter how hard she tried the young Jedi could not keep the
    water in the sponge from splashing on her clothes. Her task
    was prolonged by her having to stop when ever someone wanted
    to use the facilities, adding to her embarrassment. Muddy feet
    kept messing up where she had already cleaned.

    'This is never going to be spotless.' Perhaps her Master
    already knew this.

    She became even more discouraged when a sick kid came in,
    did not make it to the right place, and barfed on the floor. At
    that point Zaize knew the sponge and bucket were not going
    to be enough to do the job. She went to find a hose. When she
    returned, she found that the one she had acquired only reached
    from the outside connection to a few feet inside the door.

    Zaize had found a broom as well, she used it to push the
    offending material out the door where she obliterated it with
    the hose. This left more mud at the door. It seemed the harder
    the girl tried to clean it the worse it got. Now her boots
    were soaked, her tunic filthy.

    "What ya' doin'?" Aayounger girl, who had walked in asked.

    "Trying to clean this place."

    "Not doin' such a good job, huh?" The girl, around ten years
    of age, said truthfully without an ounce of sarcasm. "Can I

    "No, I'm being punished," Zaize explained. "Why would you want
    to ?"

    "You're a Jedi, right? The Jedi have helped us so much," the
    Madori girl said. "I guess I'd like to help a Jedi."

    All of Zaize's resentment of her punishment drained away.
    These people had been through so much, her ordeal was nothing
    in comparison.

    "If you want to help, go around the camp and see if there are
    any towels that people are willing to part with. Twenty should
    do it."

    The girl rushed off, but was back in seconds. "I forgot I had
    to go - - "

    Zaize waited outside t
  11. jodiwent

    jodiwent Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    When Qui-Gon awoke, Obi-Wan had fallen asleep. Qui-Gon was
    relieved that the boy had at least gotten some sleep. Even in
    sleep Qui-Gon could see the worry on his Padawan's face. He
    was going to have to do something he hardly ever did - - talk
    about his feelings. If he did not speak up, how could he
    expect Obi-Wan to. They would be landing soon, as much as he
    wanted to let Kenobi sleep, he knew if he didn't clear this up
    now it would only fester.

    Qui-Gon sat on the edge of the bed where Obi-Wan was sleeping.
    He saw something that gave him a little hope. The boy was
    clutching the rock the Master had given him on his birthday
    two years before. Unconsciously Qui-Gon placed his hand over
    the hand and the rock.

    Obi-Wan woke up with a startle. Before he realized where he
    was and who was there a look of panic crossed Obi-Wan's face.
    That look pained Qui-Gon deep inside his being.

    If he had not seen that look, he had been prepared to wake his
    apprentice with some snappy remark like, 'Your mouth fully
    functioning today?'
    He was a wise enough man to know that was
    not the thing to do.

    "It's all right Obi-Wan," he said in a soothing tone. "It's only

    "Are we landing?" Obi-Wan asked after he was really awake.

    "In a short while. I wanted to talk to you before we did."

    "Talk Master?"

    "Yes talk. I was hoping to start this day off on a better note
    than last night. Obi-Wan, I know it was stupid and selfish of
    me to not confide in you yesterday. I hope you can forgive
    your Master for being a creature of habit."

    "Of course Master, it's not every day I hear you admit to
    being stupid, that is a treat in itself."

    "You're sounding like your old self." Qui-Gon could feel a slight
    shutter in Obi-Wan's presence. "What?"

    "Master, I'll never truly be my old self again."

    "Don't say that."

    "No Master, I have to say that because it's true. The old
    Obi-Wan died; The new one may look the same, but it will never
    BE the same."

    "You sound like you're just giving up on yourself."

    "No Master, that's not what I mean. You wanted me to talk, so
    I'm going to talk. Something was taken away from me, something
    I can't explain, but I know it's gone." Obi-Wan saw the
    sadness in his Master's eyes. " You don't need to worry though
    something else has replaced it."

    "I don't know what to say to you about this Obi-Wan. I know
    that part of the blame is mine."

    "No Master, you could not leave your duties; I would never ask
    or expect you too."

    "I don't mean about not going after you right away." The
    Master saw a puzzled look on the Padawan's face. "You never
    would have gone to that ship if I had trusted you. You would
    have never told any one where we were hiding the witness; I
    should have known better. I am supposed to be the Master. If I
    had brought you with me, they could have never taken your
    innocence from you."

    "I will not insult your feelings by denying that I had thought
    that a little, but Master most of the
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    Feb 11, 2000
    Sorry about the wait; holidays.

    Qui-Gon sat patiently in his cell. He meditated, trying to feel
    what was happening. The night before he had dreamed that
    Obi-Wan had been accused of killing someone after the ship
    landed, just who he wasn't sure of. He just hoped that the boy
    had listened to him this time and gotten to the Temple in time
    to have an alibi. Qui-Gon had been allowed to contact the
    Temple when he first arrived, that was when he told Yoda to
    expect Obi-Wan.

    Qui-Gon still could not tell what exactly what was happening.
    The events taking place were shrouded in a cloud of darkness.
    He did not see people playing out the hideous actions, he saw
    it as an image of a wild predator taking down defenseless
    prey, for reasons other than survival. That was what
    was projected out into the Force. If he wanted to see what
    really happened he would have to look deep into the dark side
    of the Force. That he did not want to do, he'd seen enough
    grizzly things in person to want to see it in a vision. He
    knew there was something evil out there, what it really was he
    would never know. At that time no one could imagine that it
    was a Sith.

    A few hours after he had seen the vision, the court officials
    let Master Jinn go free. It seemed that the Foti's had never
    been missing from Tarrimier. It seemed while Master Jinn had
    been locked up Old Foti had had a heart attack and died, and
    Senator Foti had wondered into the lower levels where someone
    had murdered her. They were sure it was not Qui-Gon Jinn.

    "Master Jinn I'm sorry to have to ask you this - - " a security
    chief asked, "Can you account for your apprentice's

    "As a matter of fact, I can," Qui-Gon answered. "I am sure that
    if you contact the Temple they will verify that he has been there
    for sometime now."

    Jinn still didn't know for sure if Obi-Wan had listened to him
    this time.

    "I hope for his sake he got there before the time of the
    Senator's death."

    'So do I,' Qui-Gon thought.

    "I will accompany you to the Temple to speak with the head of
    the Jedi, and the boy on this matter."

    "Of course," Qui-Gon replied and they left for the temple.

    At that same time, at the Senate building word was spreading
    like wild fire about the horrible murder of Senator Foti, as well as
    a rumor that a Jedi apprentice might be involved. Most did not
    believe the rumor, but young Jedi had broken away from the
    Temple and gone on rampages before, of course they were no
    longer Jedi then. There was that one that had become a bounty
    hunter they recalled, something Sing - - Then again in the
    lower levels it need not be an ex-Jedi student to be a killer.

    When Senator Palpatine heard the news he was appropriately
    shocked and appalled, publicly. In his private thoughts he
    liked what it was that they were saying, those that had seen
    the body, it was as if she had been mauled by a wild animal - -
    Yes that was it Maul, that would be a good name for the boy.


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    Accckkk... "No you don't," Obi-Wan said quietly. "For someone who is supposed to be a detective, you see very little." -- I so worry that that statement could be taken entirely the wrong way. I chuckled that Qui-Gon would order his apprentice to enjoy his birthday. [face_laugh] Sad that even on his birthday, Obi-Wan manages to be stuck in trouble. :(

    I'm still here reading and enjoying Jodi! :)

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    Glad you're still here Healer Leona.I know the lurkers are out there too.

    When Qui-Gon caught up to the Padawans he found the Dreslian,
    Reeft, sitting against a wall crying; his friend Garren trying
    to calm him down; and Obi-Wan pacing.

    "Boys I need you to tell me the name of the leader of that
    bunch," The Jedi Master said.

    "Vargis, Master," Obi-Wan answered. "His name is Vargis."

    "You know he does not belong here, he will never become a

    "Are you going to go to our Masters, Master Jinn?" Garen

    "I intend to go to the council."

    "We'll be kicked out for sure," Reeft lamented.

    "No you won't," Qui-Gon reassured. "I do have to ask you two a
    question you may not want to answer. Have you done anything
    that has broken the code of being a Padawan?"

    "No sir we have not," Garen said with no uncertainty in his

    "What gave those boys the idea that you had?"

    "They heard us - - we," Garen got his courage and told the
    Master what the others had heard. "Sir we haven't seen each
    other in almost a year, we were making a promise to each
    other, about when we're older. You see we do have certain
    feelings for each other."

    They both looked at Obi-Wan to see his reaction. It was not as
    bad as they thought it would be.

    Reeft finally spoke, "We both
    want to be knights Master Jinn, we don't want to be thrown
    out - - "

    "You can't be thrown out of the temple for feelings," Qui-Gon
    told the boys. "You do need to have courage to become knights,
    the kind of courage it will take to speak to the council and
    make sure Vargis can not continue to fool his Master. His kind
    of cruelty and hatred are the first step on the path of the
    dark side. If you have not broken the Padawan code, you have
    nothing to fear."

    No one made a sound for a while.

    "We will talk to your Masters later, and go to the council
    tomorrow," Qui-Gon said. "For now I promised to take Obi-Wan
    and his friends out for his birthday. Do you think we should
    keep that promise?"

    As worried as they were, Qui-Gon had put their minds at ease

    "We'll be eating right?" Reeft asked.

    "It's Obi-Wan's birthday of course we'll be eating."

    "Then I think you need to keep that promise," the Dreslian boy
    said wiping his worried tears away.

    "If we are still Obi-Wan's friends," Garen said.

    "Of course you're still my friends. You always will be."
    Obi-Wan made his Master proud again. He knew there was room in
    the order for all kinds of people. "Can we go, I'm starving."

    "As soon as Garen and Reeft tell their Masters where they are


    The rest of Obi-Wan's birthday was actually fun for him and
    the three other young Jedi. Qui-Gon may have not enjoyed where
    they ate, but he even let loose when he took the Padawans to an
    amusement center where he even joined in some of their antics.
    Most of the games of skill that they played were easy for the
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    Authors note : The next story arc is my FAVORITE.

    When Qui-Gon learned what had happened, he was not surprised. He
    and Obi-Wan would be returning to Tarrimier in the morning. He
    could not resist the urge to looking on his Padawan. Qui-Gon
    went down the few doors to Obi-Wan's chambers, he could sense
    that the boy was sleeping. Not wanting to wake Obi-Wan,
    Qui-Gon quietly opened the door and peeked in.
    Obi-Wan looked peaceful as he lay snuggled up in his own
    covers. It was past midnight now.

    'Obi-Wan has been fifteen for two whole days,' Qui-Gon
    thought. 'In three years he'll have to face the same test.
    What will I do if he doesn't pass it? No I can't think like
    that, Obi-Wan is a good kid; Got to work on that temper like
    Mace said.'

    Qui-Gon wondered, did he really know his Padawan's heart? He
    was sure that Lady Helios thought she knew Vargis'. The Master
    closed his eyes and could see an older version of Obi-Wan. A
    confident, maybe a little cocky, but a wise, caring young man;
    One who may not have understood everything his old Master was
    trying to teach him, but one who was always willing to learn.
    Qui-Gon liked what he saw, one day his boy would be a man, one
    day the Padawan would be a knight.

    Once he was satisfied that all was well with his apprentice,
    Qui-Gon closed the door, went back to his own chambers and
    for the first time in a while slept peacefully.


    In the morning Obi-Wan was happy that he and Qui-Gon were
    going back to Tarrimier. All in all, he was in a good mood. He
    had not yet heard what had happened to Vargis. Figuring that
    it would be back to food capsules when they got to their
    destination, he was going to indulge in one of his favorite
    things, eating.

    The young Jedi had a smile on his face and a lit in his step,
    he was even humming a tune. He did not even notice when he
    passed Lady Helios in the hall. Seeing Qui-Gon's apprentice in
    such a good mood just galled Vargis' Master. The knight knew
    better, but she felt compelled to speak.

    "Pretty self satisfied." A hand clamped down on Obi-Wan's
    shoulder. "Aren't you Kenobi?"

    Obi-Wan quickly turned, knocking off the hand, and looked to
    see who it was. He had a puzzled look on his face.

    "So innocent aren't you?" Helios scowled.

    Obi-Wan bit his bottom lip in a nervous second. "What do you
    mean Mama?"

    "You going to celebrate with your friends?"

    "Celebrate what?"

    "Like your Master hasn't gloated about it to you."

    "Lady Helios, I don't know what your talking about. I was just
    going to get breakfast."

    "And you're not so happy because Vargis has been kicked out of
    the Temple, and is going to end up in the agri-corps."

    Obi-Wan could not hide a slight smirk, but it only lasted a
    second. "I didn't know that. In the council meeting they said
    he wasn't."

    "I hope you're all happy now." The knight walked away.
    "You got what you wanted."

    It was not a matter of what he
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    "I can see one way Scrapper is like you," Qui-Gon said. "He's
    got a great appetite."

    "Are you trying to tell me something Master?"

    Qui-Gon chuckled. "It's a good sign that he does, it gives him
    a better chance of surviving."

    Qui-Gon could see Obi-Wan shiver, then set his face to the
    expression that meant he was determined to do something.

    "Of course he's going to survive."

    "He's been hurt real bad."

    "But he's going to be all right, I'm going to make sure he's
    all right." He continued feeding Scrapper.

    Qui-Gon went to say something like, 'you know that thing do not
    always go the way one plans.' But Aji made a gesture only
    Qui-Gon could see shaking his hands low, shaking his head,
    raising his brows and saying 'no' with his eyes. Then the old
    Master made a head movement off to the side signaling for
    Qui-Gon to follow him a ways away to talk where Obi-Wan could
    not hear them.

    "What are you doing?" Qui-Gon whispered.

    "Heading off a disaster."

    "You don't think I should try and get him to see the reality
    that the animal could die?"

    "He knows that. If you will listen to your old Master, he'll
    tell you; One can't always tell a Padawan everything.
    Somethings they need to find out on their own."

    "And when was it that you didn't tell me what was what?"

    "Never, but I have a feeling about this." Master Mikata went
    on to tell Qui-Gon of how when he was where the animal healers
    had all the other animals, he had seen something. As soon as he
    saw the cub he saw Obi-Wan.

    "So you didn't pick him because of the family resemblance?"

    "You're getting to be quite a wise mouth in your old age."

    "I don't want Obi-Wan to get hurt again, if he gets too
    attached to Scrapper, and then have something happen."

    "Stop Qui-Gon; do you hear yourself? You are listening to your

    "My fears are based in reality."

    "Am I talking to Qui-Gon Jinn? Listen Qui-Gon, listen to what
    the Force is telling you."

    Qui-Gon stopped worrying and listened. * Two who understand each
    other - - *
    the Force whispered, * - - Will free each other. *

    From the look on his face, Aji could tell that Qui-Gon had
    heard the will of the Force. He was not sure what the fate of
    the cub was just yet, either way the lesson was Obi-Wan's,
    not his.

    "While I'm taking advice form my old Master," Qui-Gon started
    again. "What do I do when we're supposed to be helping with
    the plants?"

    "While he has other duties, I'll watch the cub."

    The two Masters went back over to where Obi-Wan was. Scrapper
    had finished the entire bottle, one eye dropper at a time. When
    he was done, he yawned and stretched out on his soul brother's
    lap. He yawned again and let out a burp. Obi-Wan laughed. "What
    a little pig."

    Scrapper didn't mind that Obi-Wan had just called him a pig,
    he licked the boys face making Obi-Wan laughed again. "That


    "Um, Obi-Wan," Master Mikata
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    Zaize had to give the baby grazer one more bottle, and there
    were several nerfs that were waiting for their Master to find
    them. She put some straw out for them. The other wild animals
    weren't as injured as Scrapper, but were being kept until the
    animal healers said they could be let go. They were mostly
    small and furry tree dwellers. The girl Jedi gave them their
    food as well.

    Obi-Wan gave the baby linaxus his bottle of formula as well.
    It would not be too long before he would need something else
    to eat. For now no one was thinking of that, only that they all
    wanted the little critter to live.


    Night was falling, Master Mikata thought it was time to go
    back to the ships. That meant Scrapper had to go back into his
    cage. This time Obi-Wan was too tired and hungry to argue,
    besides that he had an idea of his own that he thought best if
    no one knew about. So the three Jedi returned to Ganar's ship.
    It was another round of food capsules for everyone.

    Everyone had put in a full days work, sleep was what was
    utmost on their minds. Zaize had one more thing on her mind.
    After the fiasco with Ganar and the cake, she had thought of a
    better birthday gift rather than laxative laden sweets. It
    had cost her all the credits she had saved up, but she thought
    it was worth it.

    After everyone was settled into the rooms they had picked out
    while they stayed on Ganar's ship. Zaize knocked on Obi-Wan's
    door, she handed him a package not to well wrapped.

    "What's this?" He asked.

    "A late birthday present."

    The boy could not imagine what it was and opened it. Inside
    was a pair of boots like the ones the camp ladies had made for
    Zaize. She had paid them to make a pair for Obi-Wan too.

    "Their beautiful, and mine just happen to be disgusting right
    now. Thanks."

    "What no argument of how you can't accept them?"

    "Nope," Obi-Wan said sitting on the floor and trying on the

    "Don't go jumping into any mud puddles with them, right."

    "I don't plan on it."

    "Happy birthday Kenobi." Zaize left knowing Aji would be along
    any time to make sure she did anyway.

    When he was sure everyone was asleep, Obi-Wan put his old
    boots on and slipped out of the ship He made his way back to
    the animal shelter, and released the prisoner. He snuck
    Scrapper into the ship, into his room. That night the baby
    linaxus slept curled up next to Obi-Wan.

    Obi-Wan had not thought out his plan very well because in the
    moaning he and everyone else were awoken to the hungry cries of

    "Meeerrrow!" The little cub swatted at his adoptive parent's
    sleeping face. Then Scrapper kept crying as Obi-Wan slowly
    came back into consciousness. "Megrowl."

    "Yhea, yhea I hear you." Then it dawned on Kenobi everyone
    else heard him too.

    "Obi-Wan?" Qui-Gon questioned from outside of the door. "I
    know that's not you making all that noise," the Master kidded.

    "No Master."

    The Padawan opened the door,
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    "Just what makes you think you can teach a Linaxus to hunt?"
    Qui-Gon Jinn questioned Obi-Wan Kenobi. "When you don't know
    the first thing about it."

    "That's not true Master," Obi-Wan protested. "Sort of - - I know
    how to track."

    "There is more to hunting than tracking. You have to catch
    what you're tracking. You're going to have to teach Scrapper
    how to kill, are you prepared to do that?"

    "If it gives him a chance to be free." The look the apprentice
    gave the Master, one of for longed hope, told Qui-Gon he should
    not argue. Obi-Wan was going to do what he was going to do.
    "Aji can help, his people are great hunters."

    "You know that in four months the crops will be ready to
    harvest, and our mission here will be over."

    "So you're telling me I only have four months to teach
    Scrapper to hunt."

    "Four months, that's it."

    "Then we'll have to go in front of the council again - - "
    Obi-Wan said woefully. "So they can figure out if I got all my
    marbles back, and am fit to go on a real mission."

    "This is a real mission."

    "Yes Master."

    "I wish you would let up on yourself."

    "In four months we'll both be ready Master." The boy ignored
    Qui-Gon's wish.

    "This can't interfere with your other duties."

    "Yes Master."

    "When Scrapper gets too big, which will be soon, he's going to
    have to stay in the new cage the animal healers brought."

    Obi-Wan scrunched his face up but still said, "yes Master."

    "And if it doesn't work, you will not moan and groan about
    Scrapper having to live in captivity."

    Obi-Wan looked at the ground.

    "Will you Padawan?"

    "Yes Master."

    Qui-Gon then changed his tack and asked a question Obi-Wan
    was not thinking of.

    "Why is this so important to you Obi-Wan? Aren't you the one
    who tells me I spend to much time on strays and pathetic
    life forms?"

    Obi-Wan had that determined look in his eyes again. "Scrapper
    is not a pathetic life form, he is a noble being."

    "One worthy of your attentions, I see." Qui-Gon worried about
    Obi-Wan's habit of ranking just how worthy something was. He
    knew the truth was that his Padawan had attached his recovery
    to the recovery of the cub. Scrapper's freedom was Obi-Wan's
    freedom. This could be just what Kenobi needed, or a disaster.
    All the Master could do was wait and let this thing play out.


    Vargis thought a week in the mountains alone was going to be
    easy. He had been on many planets much harsher with his
    Master. He was not far away from the camp when his curiosity
    got him to look at what was in the pack that Tudan had given

    Seven food capsules - -. 'That's it?' Vargis thought to himself.

    A position tracker, in case he got so lost, they could find
    him. A heavy poncho for cold nights. A water container with
    just enough for survival. A lighting tube, and that was it.

    'I'll show you Master Sprout. I'll be just find, think I'm
    going to break, and come
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    "Friends, yhea friends," Obi-Wan covered. He didn't know why
    he had kissed Zaize's hand, just that it felt like the right
    thing to do.

    "Well, uh, I better get back to what I told Master Mikata I
    was doing or he'll be on my case again - - I can't help feeling
    there is something going on with you and Qui-Gon, maybe you
    should talk to him." The girl Padawan disappeared out the door.

    "Easier said than done," Obi-Wan said to Scrapper as he
    scratched behind the cubs ear. "It's a lot easier to talk to you
    than Master Jinn, but Z is right. Qui-Gon doesn't know why I
    yelled and ran off, it's not his fault."

    Obi-Wan thought about what had just happened. "So what did you
    think of that smooth move Scrapper? Think I scared her off
    good? I can't even tell when a girl just wants to be friends.
    Better than nothing I guess. I didn't even know I wanted
    anything more until I kissed her. I guess I better forget
    about that."


    "Believe it or not, that's the problem," Qui-Gon told Aji. "I
    know Obi-Wan is different than I was; and because he's
    different, I've let that boy get closer to me than anyone in a long
    time. He's made me change. None of this would hurt me as much
    if it was anyone but Obi-Wan."

    "The only cure for that kind of hurt is understanding. You can
    not understand if you are here and he is there. Go talk to
    him, don't let him brood."

    "Even if he doesn't want to talk to me?"

    "I feel that he does want to talk to you, desperately, but
    something is stopping him."

    "I have to trust you Master, you always seem to know what is
    in people's hearts."

    "Because I always listen to the voice of the Force."


    Obi-Wan blocked out all of his problems and started play
    wrestle with Scrapper. "Gerrr," he growled at the cub. "I'm
    going to show you how to pounce now, you watch."

    The young Jedi grabbed a pillow and threw it on the floor.
    Scrapper did not want to wait to see what Obi-Wan was going to
    show him. He just went over to the pillow and started chewing
    on it.

    "Scrapper wait, come back here." Obi-Wan pulled Scrapper away
    from the pillow by his hind legs, sliding him on his belly
    along the floor.

    "Sneak up on it, like this." The boy demonstrated on all
    fours, creeping up and then pouncing on the unsuspecting
    pillow. "See? Now you."

    Scrapper may not have understood the words, but he understood
    Obi-Wan. The little linaxus backed up as far as he could,
    putting his back end up, and his front end down. He slid his
    paws back and forth as if revving up, focused on his target.
    The little beast burst forth in an energetic manner and, just
    like his teacher had done, pounced on the pillow.

    Claws and teeth sank into the synthetic victim. Then Obi-Wan
    grabbed the pillow. Scrapper, refusing to let go, went for
    a ride around the room's floor. Kenobi found the whole thing
    humorous and laughed as he pulled the cub around in circles on
    the pillow. It was easy to forget his troubles when he w
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    Feb 11, 2000
    When Vargis awoke it was midday, the sun was now beating down
    on him, drying the mud to his face and clothes. He tried to
    remember what had happened. 'Lighting, I was struck by
    He had not forgotten the visions the Force had sent
    to him, just what had happened before he saw them. He was also
    becoming aware of the fact that it stunk to be alone. There
    was no one who was going to come looking for him. There would
    be no help out there. With the little strength he had, Vargis
    dragged himself back to the outcropping of rocks where he had
    left his pack.

    It was the first time in his life he had even thought about
    what he had done to the other young Jedi at the Temple. The
    thought of it now made him weep. 'What have I done? I thought
    I was following the ways of the Jedi. I heard everything the
    Masters were teaching, yet I never listened.'

    * Listen now. *

    Vargis now knew it was indeed the voice of the Force that had
    been speaking to him. Now he would listen. He sat up in a
    meditative kneel and tried to remember everything he had
    ignored before. He remembered the things that the Masters at
    the Temple had tried to teach him. The things he thought were
    silly, and only the weak needed to follow. He now saw how
    close to the dark side he had been walking.

    The ex-Padawan also knew it was too late to go back to being
    what he had been. What was it the Force wanted him to do if
    not be a knight? Instead of asking, he listened.

    * The one in touch with things that grow, can teach you more
    than you think. *

    That was not what Vargis wanted to hear, but he was not about
    to argue with the power that had sent the lightning down on
    him. He knew that when the week was up, he would do what ever
    Master Tudan wanted him to do.

    'Why didn't the Force just let me fall to the dark side? What
    can it see in me?'

    * That is your choice. You have not chosen to turn to the dark
    side. Do not toy with it if you have no intention of turning
    to it. *

    A shiver of fear ran up Vargis' back. Indeed he had never
    intended to turn to the dark side, he feared it too much. Now
    he had to relearn how to embrace the light.


    The Turning point

    - - Has the truth been cast aside?
    Thus it may appear, so
    convincing by demand
    but crouching within the darkness. is the light


    The same afternoon the Jedi Padawan's were back at their
    duties. This not only included helping the agri-corps kids
    with sending the Force to help the plants grow, but helping
    the Madori kids who were still around spread fertilizer

    "This smells so gross," Zaize commented. "What is this stuff?"

    "You don't want to know." Obi-Wan had already heard what it

    "Yes I do. I want to know what I'm walking in." It was a good
    thing they were wearing gloves when she found out what it was.

    Wren told her, "it's mynock droppings."

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    Feb 11, 2000
    Obi-Wan hated the each time he had to put Scrapper in the cage.
    When he could not go with them to do their work, Scrapper
    slept. When Obi-Wan arrived to let him out, the cub was
    more than ready to go. He always greeted the Jedi boy with a
    purr and he rubbed his face against the bars before he was let
    out. The shelter had been set up so that Scrapper didn't know
    that the animals he might eat were on the other side of the
    wall. That was where Zaize and Aji were feeding the other
    critters that had not been let go yet.

    Raw meat always made Obi-Wan a little queazy, but he knew that
    was what predators like the linaxus ate. He couldn't get it
    out of the cooling unit fast enough for his furry friend.

    "Merow!" * Hungry. * Scrapper nudged Obi-Wan as he got the cubs
    food. It seemed that Scrapper was packing away an extra pound
    of meat every four or so days. The cub was now three feet long
    and a foot and a half high. He was getting big. He still
    looked like a huge stuffed toy, but some of his cub spots on
    his hind quarters were beginning to fade.

    "Slow down," Obi-Wan told Scrapper as he snapped up the pieces
    of meat the boy held out for him. "You're going to mistake my
    hand for one of those one time."

    * Scrapper never bite friend. *

    "I hope not." Obi-Wan could feel the strength in the animals
    muscles, even at such a young age if he had wanted to hurt a
    human, Scrapper could have shredded one, or any other sentient
    being for that matter.


    On the other side of the shelter Zaize was feeding the grazer
    she had been taking care of. She wondered why her Master had
    left the ships with her and Obi-Wan. He had not been down to
    the shelter for a while, the two young Jedi had everything
    under control.

    "Master what are you looking for?" the self conscious teen
    finally asked. "I don't think you have to check my feed
    dumping technique."

    "I'm not checking up on your work Padawan, I'm waiting."

    "Waiting for what Master?"

    "Do you have to notice everything?"

    "Yes, someone taught me to be observant."

    "I need to talk to your friend, alone."

    "Not about me?"

    "No, about what he's not telling his Master. He hasn't said
    anything to you has he? Qui-Gon is really worried about it."

    Zaize sighed in relief. "No Master, he hasn't told me
    anything. I still know he's hiding something - - a feeling - -
    Like he wants something and doesn't want it at the same time;
    like he doesn't deserve whatever it is. His feelings have been
    very hard to read lately. They are all over the place."

    "Yes, I'm not surprised."

    "Z!" They could hear Obi-Wan call from the other side. "Are
    you going to go running with us?"

    "I think he's finished feeding Scrapper. I think I have a good
    excuse to show up. Let me talk to him alone."

    "Yes Master."

    Obi-Wan was just about to call out to his friend again when
    her Master showed up.

    "Zaize is still feeding her charges. I want to see how you're
    doing wit
  22. jodiwent

    jodiwent Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn knew what his old Master had told him
    was true. Qui-Gon did not want to look into his heart, he did
    not need to. He knew what was there; something he regretted
    deeply; something that made him feel guilty about what had
    happened to Obi-Wan. It was not just that he had to do his
    duty and wait to rescue his Padawan, there was something else;
    A thought that he had had kept well hidden ever since they
    were on the planet of the Nokeri.

    How could he tell Obi-Wan what he had thought when he first
    knew that the boy had disobeyed him again. He knew he had to;
    he had to tell Kenobi and ask for forgiveness or he would
    never have a clear conscious again. Obi-Wan was not the only
    one who had not been telling the most important person in his
    life everything he should have. So they were even, he guessed.
    In the morning, even if Obi-Wan did not talk to him, Qui-Gon
    would have to tell his apprentice everything. All he could do
    now was wait.

    In the woods it was getting dark. Obi-Wan had already picked
    out a spot for him and Scrapper to sleep. He kind of wished he
    had more than his cloak to keep him warm, then he remembered he
    had Scrapper. His furry friend would keep him warm as he
    slept. From the spot he had chosen Obi-Wan could look down at
    the ships. As the lights went out, he wondered what everyone
    was doing. Were they telling jokes and stories, were there
    other people thinking about the future that night? He thought
    about all the people he knew down there, back at the
    temple, and on Mon Calamari too. Still, the one person who meant
    the most to him was the man who would show him how to be a
    knight, and what it meant to be a man.

    Before he fell asleep, Obi-Wan had made up his mind that no matter
    what, he had to tell Qui-Gon what the dark creature had made
    him think. He also had to be honest about the fact that he was
    not quite so ready to be completely grown up yet. He still had
    the emotions of a boy, so from time to time his Master would
    have to remember that.

    The night would not pass in total peace. Just at the time when
    light can first be seen, before the sun rises above the
    horizon, Obi-Wan was awakened by a cracking sound, and a growl.
    He opened his eyes knowing right away that there was a very
    large animal very near to him and Scrapper. He tried not to
    move fast but he wanted to see the creature who's presence he
    had felt. He peeked around the tree they had slept behind, and
    saw what it was. A bear native to Tarrimier with a
    particularly nasty reputation.

    The bear also saw Obi-Wan, and charged. Instinctively Obi-Wan
    hurled the energy of the Force directly at the bear, who
    looked as if he had just ran into a wall when it hit him.
    Obi-Wan was lucky, that was enough for the bear to want nothing
    to do with the human. Maybe it was best to get back to the
    ships now.

    Scrapper had another idea. As soon as the bear charged he was
    Growling, ready to defend Obi-Wan. When the bear ran off
    Scrapper was right on his tail.

    "No Scrapper wait!" Obi-Wan
  23. jodiwent

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    Feb 11, 2000
    "Come on Kenobi open it up!" Zaize shouted as they hovered
    along the road. "Faster."

    "Hold your bantha's," Obi-Wan shouted back as the breeze
    smacked his face. "You should know better."

    "Oh really?"

    By now they were beyond the rise of land that the camp and the
    ships were on.

    "Yes, you should know better that you have to wait till we're
    out of sight to do that, so stop whining." Obi-Wan floored the
    accelerator and the land speeder hit 90.

    "Woo hoo!" Zaize stood up in the passenger seat, bracing
    herself into the wind. "Faster Kenobi!"

    "You're nuts, Sit down!" Obi-Wan slowed down the speeder.

    Zaize flopped back down into the seat. "I bet I can get this
    thing to go faster. I'm driving on the way back."

    "Who says?"

    "Me, and you're going to stand up."

    "No I'm not."

    "It's not that hard - - " Something else got the girl Jedi's
    attention. "Look at that." She pointed out a place off the
    road where two large rocks made a narrow passage.

    "A land speeder can't do that."

    "We'll see."

    "I'm not going to let you get behind the controls if you think
    you're going to try and bank a land speeder. Besides that we'll
    dump the load if we do."

    "Then let me show you now."

    Obi-Wan didn't believe she could or would do it, so to prove
    to her that she couldn't do it, he stopped the speeder

    "All right show off." He climbed over to the other side. Zaize
    did not hesitate to get behind the controls.

    "You don't think it can be done?"

    "No, I don't."

    The speeder bucked off towards the rocks that were miles away.
    The speed that Zaize was going at made the distance short. The
    closer they got the more evident it was that the speeder was
    not wide enough to go through.

    "We're gonna be flattened!"

    "No we're not. Hold on tight Kenobi."

    "You ARE nuts! Shut down!"

    Just seconds before they should have hit rocks and jammed the
    speeder in-between, seconds before they should have been thrown
    from the speeder, possibly killed, Zaize used the Force to
    cut all the repulsers on the passenger side. As the petrified
    Obi-Wan held on for dear life he found his face a very short
    distance from the ground rushing past. The speeder banked, and
    they fit where they never should have.

    When he realized what she had done and that they were not
    going to die, he had to be impressed. The once the speeder
    passed out of the narrow way it flattened back out. "Can't be

    "I didn't know that's what you were going to do."

    "Your turn." By now they were back in front of the passage and
    in position to go again. Zaize stopped the speeder.

    "You proved your point."

    "Don't you want to try it?"

    Of course he did. "You are going to get me in trouble one
    day." Obi-Wan climbed over to the controls and repeated the
    same maneuver his friend just had.

    "Yes!" Zaize cheered in approval.

    "You ever fly Aji's ship like tha
  24. jodiwent

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    Feb 11, 2000
    When Zaize got back to the ship she was thinking of nothing
    but what Obi-Wan had said about the mirror, and his laughing
    at her. She was not one to worry about how she looked
    usually, but she knew Kenobi had done something. When she saw
    the huge black smudge across the side of her face, 'Yuck'
    was the first thing that came to mind. She knew what the grease
    and grime off of a star ship had in it besides oil. The first
    things that came to mind was bug guts, and mynock droppings.
    Now they were on her face. At first she was furious, then she
    remembered why Obi-Wan had wiped her face. He was wiping away
    her tears.

    She couldn't stay mad for long, when she thought of it that
    way. They had both pulled enough real pranks on each other for
    her to see, it had been a mistake. She changed her mind again
    when she could not wash off all of the black smudge. "Oh
    great." It was now only a shadow of gray but it could not be
    missed. "Kenobi!" She muttered to herself.

    The other thing on her mind was how she had gotten credit for
    doing something she had only done to conceal what had really
    happened. Zaize was very close to her Master; around him,
    she was not a very good liar.

    "Padawan let's practice some of your telekinetics." She could
    hear Aji calling, "where were you earlier?"

    "Feeding the animals, you know that," She called back from the
    wash room.

    "The entire time?"

    "I helped Kenobi teach Scrapper too," She said when she came

    "That was good of you to help - - " Aji couldn't help miss the
    blotch on his apprentice's face. "Padawan what is wrong with
    your face?"

    "These thing happen."

    "That looks like, like something scraped off of a ship - -
    Obi-Wan didn't do that as a joke because he was being

    "No Master."

    "I thought you two were going to keep your jokes to ones that
    were not so mean."

    "He didn't do it on purpose Master."

    "But he is the one that got that gunk on your face, is he

    "Yes Master but - - "

    "Maybe he needs more punishment duties to keep his mind off of
    practical jokes."

    "No Master, really."

    "It is good of you to defend your friend, but he has to be
    more responsible, like you've been."

    That was it, Zaize, who hardly ever cried, was crying again.

    "What's wrong child?" He asked, wiping her face much like
    Obi-Wan had earlier.

    "You've got it all wrong Aji. Kenobi only did just what you
    did, but he was all dirty from the ship."

    "And why would he have to wipe tears off of your face, what
    did he do that made you cry?"

    "Nothing Master, I was crying because of what I did. Or what
    you think I did, but I only did it for selfish reasons."

    The Cathar's face wrinkled up in confusion. "I have no idea
    what you are talking about."

    "I didn't fix that speeder to help the relief workers out."
    Zaize looked to gage her Master's mood. "I was trying to hide
    it, I did it because I tho
  25. jodiwent

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    Feb 11, 2000
    By the time the two Padawans reached the animal shelter, Zaize
    had given up on catching Obi-Wan. She was still fuming, but
    figured she had started it. All she wanted to do now was feed
    the animals, get her food if it was still edible, and get
    cleaned up. Still for good measure she pounded on the door of
    Scrapper's side of the shelter.

    "I'm going to be waiting for you Kenobi!" Obi-Wan was to busy
    laughing to take her threat seriously. "And I get to eat real

    * Food. * That was all Scraper needed to hear. * Feed me time. *

    Obi-Wan did not delay in getting the bottomless pit his meat.
    He had learned by now not to let the cub out of the cage
    before feeding him. In a few more days he'd need to go get
    more. That gave him an idea about what they could do for
    Master Soliqua. He wasn't about to tell Zaize about it just
    then. He'd wait till she was calmed down first.

    As he walked to the cage to feed Scrapper and realized that all
    the feathers were still on the floor. While Scrapper ate
    Obi-Wan swept. He figured that feathers were bio-degradable,
    so he swept them right out the door. The wind took the mass of
    down up and around to the pen where Zaize was feeding her
    animals. A few of them stuck to her. Slowly she walked back up
    to where the other Padawan was obliviously sweeping.

    "You did that on purpose Kenobi!"

    "Did what on purpose?" He still hadn't seen her.

    "You know what."

    "No, I don't."

    "Well just look."

    Obi-Wan sighed and went out to see what Zaize meant. He saw
    the feathers, he also go a look at something he was sure she
    didn't want him to see. He turned around, she still didn't
    know why.

    "Don't turn your back on me Kenobi."

    "Z, I think you need to go get changed." He avoided looking at
    her again.

    "No kidding genius. I'm filthy and disgusting thanks to you."

    "That's not why." He didn't know if he was lucky or
    embarrassed, he felt a little bit of both. "I can't believe
    you didn't notice."

    "Notice what?"

    He kept his back to her but she could see him silently
    giggling. "I'm sorry Z, really, I had no idea - - "

    "What's so funny? Why do you keep turning around?" She
    maneuvered her way in front of him still clueless. Obi-Wan
    kept averting his eyes. Then he'd look back and laugh. "You
    looked the same way this morning, what is so funny?"

    "I didn't look quite the same as you."

    "Are you going to tell me why your acting all weird?"

    "Um - - Well - - I can kind of - - I can sort of - - " He turned
    red faced and snickered. He had to just come out with it. "Z, I
    can see right through your tunic."

    "WHAT!" "YOU - - "

    Obi-Wan was waiting for the whack he knew he deserved, instead
    Zaize was running back to the ship. He knew one way or another,
    he was going to pay for this one. Somehow he thought, 'it might
    have been worth it.'

    * Play. *

    Scrapper was calling. At least Obi-Wan used some of his brain
    to see if Zaize had finished p
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